Don’t Ignore SEO for Dynamic Websites

Well there are many websites/blogs talking about SEO of static websites. I don’t know why these blogs are purely focused  on static websites even though now almost 40-50% applications that are running are dynamic and fetching data from   databases or  any other data source. Now its era of e-commerce and internet technologies and we can not just leave them. SEO techniques are almost same as when   we compare to static websites, but we need to add extra efforts to steps to make then seo friendly

MYTH: Blogs are better as compared to websites in terms of SEO. Many people say that they don’t want a website rather   they want a blog which is more SEO friendly.

Some points to know:

– Blogs have already inbuilt SEO features  whereas you have to do  in dynamic websites by yourself.

– Blogs are easy to manage or easy to add content, it is a pain for websites.

– Blogs will never be as fast as websites. If you have a blog with certain set of images, layout and widgets and    you create similar website , then website will perform better.

In nutshell, blogs are easy to create and manage ,but if you have some one who can work for adding articles or adding   pages , then I will suggest to go for a website

Now lets talk about SEO of dynamic websites.

Dynamic websites: Websites which are created using programming languages like Java, php ,asp and they pull data from   data source and show them in page.

1) Problems in indexing dynamic urls:

In dynamic website the pages are created using some search queries and they pull   data accordingly, say a url is created like: Here the search   engine crawler is not able to read dynamic urls and cannot understand “?city=lincoln&age=20” ,so now that page is not easily indexed.  So here you can make this dynamic url to static url. You can convert this to

Isn’t it good looking url ,it just looks like a tree or directory structure, Search engine will love this. You can do this by properly defining URL rewrites for your uls in .htaccess file. You will get plenty of information in   internet for this conversion.

Case Study :   I was working on a website which is a free job portal in USA ( Now it has jobs,   but no job is indexed by Google.  It has URL’s like you can open this url.   Now I want to make it SEO friendly, I changed my .htaccess file and made it as below .I was still not satisfied and want more optimization, then I added title also in url, so now my URL became SOA Architect Now I am happy and google started indexing my jobs , I got about 100 keywords ranked in 3 month’s time.   That was good. Try playing with .htaccess and you can really make very good links.

2) You can tell Google that which variable in URL they have to ignore. Go to Google webmaster tool, authenticate your  self as owner of website and then go to “site configuration” , select “settings”  and then  “Parameter handling” , there you can define variables which you want  Google to ignore.

3) Do not use SessionID’s in URL’s.

4) You need to have a page (preferably static) which has links to these dynamic urls. Don’t forget to add proper title  tags or these urls. For example : check this webpage –  < a href=” Support Agents with Korean or Mandarin”    target=”_&quot;blank&quot;” title=”job-Customer Support Agents with Korean or Mandarin” >     Customer Support Agents with   Korean or Mandarin< /a>

5) De-index stubs: Website stubs – say you have a shopping cart and there are no products for range “5$-10$” and when someone searches, it   gives no result. These are called website stubs are very annoying to search engines. You need to remove them from getting   indexed and the best way will be to use robots Meta tags or robots.txt file

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Top 8 Myths of Search Engine Optimization

Myth 1: Automated SEO tools are an effective and cheap solution

Do you really believe that there is anything which will let you relax and make lot of money without doing anything. It’s just   like any business where you have to put time and talent effectively. Search engine and many websites know that this is an   automated submission and not a regular one.

Myth 2:  Stuff the Meta Keyword and Alt Tags with keywords

Well search engine looks Meta tags only for reference, they actually do not use them for any ranking. Similarly putting some   description in alt tags is important , but stuffing keywords is highly discouraged. These alt tags are meant for slow speed   connections or in cases where images are not loaded , so showing your stffed keywords will not be beneficial at that time.

Myth 3:  Fill your website with loads of text in small fonts

Well this technique no longer works, search engine are now intelligent enough for these tricks. There are webmasters who   changes the fonts of H1, H2 tags in CSS , but believe me, search engines knows the font style and give preferences   accordingly.  Also be away from invisible texts and links.

Myth 4:  Cloaking is a good idea

A “cloaked” page is a page that shows one thing to the user and another to the search engines.  Again, because the search   engines want valuable content provided to the user, they may devalue or even drop your site altogether if they spot this   technique.

Myth 5:  Don’t hire SEO experts; just let your “web guy” do it

Would you let your accountant create your website? Then why are you letting your web guy to do SEO,  There are many complex strategies and processes involved in doing good SEO which needs lot of experience and knowledge  and I have seen many web guys leading websites to be banned by doing hit and trial methods.

Myth 6: PPC ads help/hurt SEO.

Many people believe that running Google AdWords can affect organic rankings of their site. Some believe it will bring their   site up, some believe it will bring their site down.  PPC ads have nothing to do with SEO and have no influence on organic   rankings.

Myth 7 :  You must update your website frequently.

Some of the highest ranking websites in Google haven’t been updated in years. Frequent updates will probably increase the   search engine crawl rate but won’t help your website rank better. If your site doesn’t need a change, don’t change it. Focus on   quality of pages.

Myth 8 : Your site will be banned if you buy links.

There is no efficient way to figure out whether the link is paid or not. Even if they somehow figure it out, they won’t ban   the entire site. It would be silly to ban entire websites because of few advertisements. Search Engine won’t count those   links.

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Quick Tips for Making Better SEO

Here I’m gonna share some quick tips to make Better SEO . First of all lets get to know what is SEO if you still don’t have an idea\

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.It basically involves the process of getting traffic from results of a search engine be it any Google,Yahoo Etc.. So Better SEO means when ever someone Searches a particular topic then the Page with Better SEO will show up on the First Results link.

So lets quickly get into the process of how to make Better SEO.

Tip 1: Choosing a Domain Name

Domain name is one of the Main aspect which determines how good your SEO is,so choose your Domain Name discretely . Its better to go with a name which is relevant to your content and easy to search and remember.

Tip 2: Keyword

Keyword is the basically the word which most of the users use while searching.So one must focus on the choice of keyword you use for your website in the permalink because that will determine the amount of traffic is generated towards your website.

Tip 3: User Friendly website

This must be kept in mind that most of the search engines prefer User friendly Websites ,So while writing down the content and designing the website make sure your website is easy to use,understand and readability is easy for the User because everyone will prefer a user friendly website over a complex one any day.

Tip 4: Permalink

Permalink is a permanent static hyperlink ,more like an individual link to a specific blog.So a Permalink for this particular blog would look like “10-quick-tips-for-better-seo” the link is separated by hyphens in between the words,Having a keyword included in the permalink would be even better for Search engines to show on top results.

Tip 5: Content

Content plays a major role in determining the SEO results.A page with its own original content is always unique and different from others .Your page will be shown in results as it has original content and not just copy paste from other pages and this would help in attracting loyal followers who Visit again and again for your own content

Tip 6: Integrating Social Sites Sharing

You can generate traffic simply by integrating sharing options on various social sites like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Pinterest etc.Nowadays everyone has access to social sites and these play a major role in sharing information all over the globe so sharing your site or blog can help in generating like minded people who happen to like your content.

Tip 7: Usage of Optimized Images

While using images in blogs or sites make sure to not just upload it with a random generated name instead of that try to name the file relevant to content for example – “SEO.jpg”.Try proving image description and title too so that whenever someone searches for that particular image they can be directed to your page.

Tip 8: Interlinking

Interlinking a page or website with other pages or blogs so as to generate traffic.This is done by interlinking posts,pages,blogs related to your page or website.links of related or relevant pages should be provided.


That’s it here are few quick tips which can help in better Search Engine Optimization(SEO) .Hope it helped.


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Top 10 SEO Best practices

Top 10 SEO Best practices

The SEO process can be applied to increase the targeted traffic on the website and owner’s business status. There are large number of SEO companies in India that give best services to increase your online business and your economy status. Some of the seo best practices along with their explanations are listed below:

  • No doubt, the keywords that you have searched are relevant but they should also be popular with searchers. Despite the popularity of the individual words its best to target two or three phrases. As most of the search engines indexed a number of web pages, competing for a spot on the first or second page of search results will typically be a losing battle.
  • The next thing you should keep in your mind is that your targeted keywords must match with your page title. Moreover, the text in your page title is given more importance by most of the search engine as compared to other text on your web page. Thus, by leading with your keywords that you have chosen efficiently, you can make your page to look more relevant to those keywords in a search.
  • The next thing is that the body content should be of sufficient length and keyword rich. You should include keywords high up in the page, where they will be weighted more and moreover noticed heavily by the search engine.
  • The anchor text that you provide in your web page for pointing to other pages should also contain good keywords. Use good keywords in the anchor text to help the engine better ascertain the theme of the page you are linking to. Your link text must tightly focus on just one keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Employing links from your web page to your secondary pages is also very important. Text link is the better option over ALT attributes for conveying the search engine the context of the page you are looking. If you use graphical navigation buttons then replace it with Keyword rich text links.
  • Making use of CSS replacement technique is also very beneficial. Image replacement is the technique that is used to include CSS in your web page. The text-based replacement is weighted more heavily by the engines than the IMG ALT attribute, so main focus should be done on ALT attribute.
  • The URLs of your web page must be short, simple as well as static-looking. You can also install a server module with the help of which you are able to rewrite the URLs or you can also recode your site.
  • Your web site must contain an optimized internal linking structure. Internal linking structure tells the search engine how important you consider each page of your site. Linking structure of your web site also helps in deciding the page rank of your web site.
  • Your filenames as well as directory names must include the targeted keywords. But avoid using more than a few keywords into a directory or file name as it looks spammy to various search engines.
  • Your web site must contain HTML sitemap or XML sitemap along with the text links. An XML sitemap file provides a list to the search engines of all the URL’s corresponding to the pages and documents that are residing on your web site. HTML sitemaps have been found to be a good spider food as it provides the search engine spiders with a links to key pages to explore and index.

All of the above seo best practices are helpful in optimizing your web site.

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Worthy Tips for Article Submission

Article writing for your website is one amongst the best ways used for promotion of business. Article submission is very much important for the online business. It helps to promote services, and products at very cheap rates. Article writing is even free on some article submission directories. A properly written article can help you drive huge traffic to your website.

article submission

Article submission should be done twice a week on relevant topics only, which must be fresh and original published by you. Article submission is quite easy but before submitting an article you should be aware of the following facts.

1) Before Article submission go through the terms of service or the guidelines. It is very important for your article as you should write down the article as per the terms of service and you should not break down rules. Rule breakage could even result in removal of your article from the article directory. It does not take much of your time to read the terms of service. Check out those rules and write down the article keeping those rules in mind.

2) You should create some products line. Some directories might not allow you to provide product description. And you can even mention details about new products or services. You can add comments like, ”check out similar stories, visit my webpage ”etc. and if you have written a well article people will definitely move onto your webpage. Write about some new stuff, so that you have more and more of visitors.

3) Submit in appropriate categories. Submit your articles in the appropriate categories. Search for the right category and post the article in it. Never place an article in wrong category. Neither there would be more visitors nor might it even get deleted from there.

4) You should opt for manual articles submission. There are various applications available for article submission but some follow a different rule altogether. Some allow for html code and some do not. So, it is better to have manual submission.

5) Gather the proper details of articles directory. You should check out the various details for the article submission directory and not only has that it allowed free submission. Check out its traffic rank, page rank, and even check out if it has got quality traffic or not. Follow all these steps accordingly and see how your articles start providing you the high traffic. even if you are not having enough time then do hire a professional for article submission for your website.

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Tips for getting quality links

Job Resume Posting

quality links

Having high traffic to your website is by getting links from various other relevant sites. But the links should be quality links and those quality links will help you gain a high position in the search engines. And, now we will discuss why the other webmasters should link to your site, in fact what prompts them to link to your site. Consider the following options and work on these areas to have high links to your site.

To have Links to your site, you have to provide Links- When you wish to have links to your site you should also provide links to other sites that wish to have links. And certainly, you will see a huge increase in the number of sites that wish to link to your site.

Have the informative Content for visitors – Write some good content, so that visitor finds it more useful and informative. You can even provide some good links wherefrom they can get some more relevant information. And try to open those pages in new windows, so that the visitors are not supposed to leave your page.

Material for Reference – If your website contains some good reference material, then some other webmasters might provide a link to your website in order to provide useful content to their visitors. So, have the good content. Articles – Write down some good articles and make them available for free publication purposes. So, in a short span of time, you will be having a number of quality links to your site

Affiliate Plans – If you offer some good products or services, it is good to have an affiliate plan to get other people sell your products and that too for you. These salespeople will add links to your site so that they can sell your products and collect their commissions

Link Exchange – Link exchange just for the sole purpose of exchanging links is worst. The traffic from such exchange is very poor and returns few visits. Work on both getting and receiving links, and never indulge in link farms or link exchange.

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Affordable Website Marketing services

internet-marketing services-tips

Affordable Website Marketing services.

Every website needs a good marketing strategy to increase viewers and traffic. It is very important to promote in social media sites also and many are looking for a presence in those sites.


Choose right strategy for your marketing

Again it is important to pick a strategy which suits your business or niche. Your budget also plays an important role in picking this strategy.

Some of the best marketing service gigs in Jobisite

1)write You An internet marketing Plan 

Price: $4 | Duration : 3 days 
I will analyze your website and competition. 
As per your niche, audience, and business, I will write up internet marketing plan for your website…

2) One month professional SEO

 Price: $90 | Duration : 30 days 
I will do one month professional SEO of your website to increase your ranking.If you try it once you will surely buy for next month also after looking at the result.

3) Free Search engine marketing plan
Price: Free | Duration: 4 days
I will analyze your website, keyword, competition and then create
a Search engine marketing plan for your business/website.

4)facebook twitter and google marketing.
Price: $3 | Duration : 3 days
ALL IN ONE.I will promote your website/URL in Facebook in various groups, pages.I will promote your messages via twitter and then in few google pages.

5) free tweet for your service
Price: Free | Duration: 2 days
I will tweet your service/business for free to my 15000 followers

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various search engines

Introducion to various search engines

A search engine is basically a program that searches documents for some specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the list of the documents where the search engine can find those keywords.You can found a variety of search engines on internet.If you want to expand your business then the search engine optimization will allow you to expand the message. SEO basically enhances your Internet image and makes your site more recognizable and important in the eyes of the search engines.You can also find a list of various search engines on the internet.

The website which we have developed should be reliable. The most general question that comes into the minds of the web site owner is how to start his online business. In order to attract various visitors every web site must attain the knowledge of various search engines. Getting into the first three pages is good but only 7 percent of the internet users are able to reach it.

Factors that affect ranking of the search engine

1.Link popularity one of the most important factors that affects various search engines. Good content is always critical. Many search engine algorithms rely on the content to score websites.
2.Constant monitoring is required to check the regular progress of website. Always look into how many pages have been crawled or indexed. Check the types of the search engines listings for your keywords and what steps need to taken to improve those search engine rankings.
3.Link popularity is the factor that affects the ranking of the search engines. The site must have sufficient number of inbound links that means links pointing towards your website. A great number of back links indicate the quality of website according to certain search engine algorithms. But it is the quality of back links that counts in the end.
4.You can also go for the paid listings if expert recommend it to promote the site in shorter period of time.
5.Email marketing is the factor that affects the search engine ranking. You should know some basic questions-Which methods they use and what references they provide. Take care that they do not use those techniques that makes your site get banned by Google.
So it becomes really essential to get the top search engine rankings in order to increase the traffic to the website and generate more queries and increase more online sales and get the desired profits.

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Google Page Rank


Google page rank is one of the important factors in SEO. It is a numeric value assigned by google to a web page. It is a logarithmic system that represents the importance of page. Back link is one of the factor on which it is based. Inbound link is the main thing with which links pointing to your website from another website. For higher PR you have more back links. Google Page Rank of 10 is significantly more beneficial than a link from a page with a Page Rank of 1 or zero. To improve the page ranking is to attract more and more links to a page. Link to the page can come from the site itself or an external site. The link from a site with a PR zero has minor impact rather than the page rank with a PR 10 have more significant impact. Pages with high PR have a better chance of appearing at the top of search engine results pages. Another factor is the total number of outbound links from a single page.

5 Ways To Increase Google Page Rank

1.Join forums, forums are a great way to achieve links to your website. In forum you have to put a link to your website and most forums allowed you to have a signature. Also making sure that the forum is related to your website.

2.Submit to search engine directories. For free links to your website search engine directories are a good way. With this there are great chances at being listed at the top of the google search engine ranking. Remember the more links you have the higher your PR will be.

3.Using an ezine ads will probably be the most beneficial step you can take to increasing your web presence.

4.Creating and publishing articles. Articles are an easy source of generating new traffic. You can include your signature in your article.

5.Links from related websites. Gaining links from related websites can be one of the most frustrating tasks you can attempt.

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Top 8 Reasons-Why We Are Different From Rest of the Companies

Zeustek is a global IT service provider company. We have been consistently delivering the best services to our clients’. We make use of the latest technologies to achieve these goals. We have a successful record of delivering the best to our clients. And thus our customers have a competitive advantage.

The company has established its name in the field of offshore Application Development. Our Application Development model is a result of various inventions and the product thus delivered not only fulfils clients’ requirements, but also clings to global standards of software engineering. We try hard to deliver superior quality and cost effective Web Design development solutions to our clients.

In addition to our Custom website design and development and Online Promotion services, Zeustek provides IT Consultation and SEO Services. Zeustek has a team of experienced professionals, and thus the project failure risk is reduced, and because of the fact the company has build a good reputation in a short span of time. The company delivers cost effective products.

  1. Commitment towards quality and the value of the product or the service is one of the important principles.
  2. We make use of ethical search engine optimization techniques.
  3. All the content generated may be for articles, blogs, press releases etc is manually prepared. We do not make use of automated software’s.
  4. We are having various specialists for various tasks, like we have specialist for link building, article writing etc.
  5. We are having robust local affiliations.
  6. We have an experienced team of professionals, having expertise in internet marketing, social media and much more.
  7. We are having strong affiliations with our professionals in the industry.
  8. You can contact us anytime.

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Top 8 ways to get Traffic without SEO

There are some other ways to get traffic also other than SEO.

Here’s my top 8 ways to promote your website with out relying much on SEO and PPC.

Well this is for those who are   really not interested in SEO and just want fast traffic for short duration. Example you host a website for a season or   for a 3-4 months time, say for elections 2010, cricket world cup 2010. These websites have value for that time period   only and it doesn’t make much sense to spend much on SEO for these websites. Social Media marketing and PPC will be   ideal for these websites.

1. Twitter – Create few twitter accounts and start following many people belonging to similar category or demography. Tweet sensibly and don’t spam. You can get   lot of traffic from twitter.

2. Blogging – You can meet many interesting people by blogging. Start blogging. Write good content and tell about   your website  and try to meet or interact with other bloggers.

3. Youtube – Start using YouTube. Upload your website videos, if your site don’t have, then create some videos by   combining images or use slide show. There are plenty of tools available.

4. Social networks – Join social networks.  Be active in social networks like facebook, orkut , ryze , linked in. You   can get lot of traffic from these social networking websites.

5. Free Ads/Classifieds – Post in free classified websites like craigslist, kijiji . I know there are plenty in   internet for specific demography also.

6. Questions and Answers services – be active in major question and answers services like partnerup , yahoo.

7. Social Bookmarking – Submit your website to all major social bookmarking websites like digg, delicious, reditt .

8. Forums – Participate in discussions, add your valuable inputs and be active in good forums like digitalpoint. You   can keep your website link in your signature

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This post is more about some interesting facts….
did you know
  • Did you know that the Google’s first ever Twitter post (I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.) means “I’m feeling lucky” ?
  • Did you know that  a twillionaire is a twitterer with a million or more followers?
  • Did you know that more than a third of users access Twitter via their mobile phone ?
  • Did you know that executives from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn?
  • Did you know that the average social user has 195 friends?
  • Did you know that the largest number of Facebook users live in North America with 35.4 percent of the continent actively logging on to Facebook every month?
  • Did You know that Social media is more popular than porn?
  • Did you know that Google handles about 1 billion search queries per day, releasing some 200 tons of CO2 per day?
  • Did You know that exchanging links could hurt your site rankings?
Website Security
  • Did you know that not doing a website security check could cost you dearly?
  • Did you know that the fastest-growing form of bank card fraud is “phishing” in which fraudsters set up a fake version of a genuine bank website and then send out thousands or even millions of spam emails driving consumers to the site?
  • Did you know that someone is a victim of a cybercrime every 10 seconds, and it is on the rise?
Mobile Apps
  • Did You Know that the iPhone Retains Cached Keyboard Data For Up To 12 Months?
  • Did you know that  android is better than iPhone in performance?
  • Did you know that the first website of the internet was “” launched in 1992 by Tim Berners-Lee ? It is still active.
  • Did you know that the DNS was created in 1984 and in 1985 top level domains were defined ? The first top level domains were COM, ORG, EDU, GOV, MIL and ccTLD.
Application Programming
  • Did you know that  C# (pronounced C Sharp) was first known as “Cool” ?
  • Did you know that developers write poor PHP code? The proportion of insecure software written in PHP has increased to 34% in 2008.
  • Did you know that Java is still the most popular, reliable and secure programming language?

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Top 8 ways to reduce bounce rate

Always design your website to engage your visitors navigate many pages of your website and not just leave immediately. Also different traffic sources imply different reasons for why visitors might immediately leave your site.

The bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who turn around at the entry page and immediately leave the  site. Such visitors “bounce” out and never see additional pages. “Unique Visitors” Must Die

Given growing bounce rates, we must stop using “unique visitors” as a metric for site success. Site tourists who leave a   site immediately ratchet up the unique visitor count, but don’t contribute long-term value.  Also Search Engine will penalize you if your bounce rate is really high. If your bounce rate is more than 60%, then you   really need to consult SEO professionals.

Few factors that can increase bounce rate

Clicks from social bookmarking websites -When you post  your link in social bookmarking websites like digg, delicious & twitter people will come to your website but generally will leave in few seconds. People arriving through these sources are notoriously fickle and are probably   not in your target audience.

PPC Campaigns will increase hits but think if you have irrelevant content , they will just leave your website soon    Putting too many ads will also increase the bounce rate

Following are the ways to reduce bounce rate of your website.

1. Provide Relevant Content – Provide relevant content to customers.

2. Use Good English – Use simple and good English since small mistakes will make a bad impression and user will tend to leave your website immediately.

3. Have Clear Navigation – Keep a uniform and simple navigation for you website.

4. Provide Ample Content – Provide good amount of content to your visitors.

5. Update Your Content – Update your content frequently so that user will like to come back and see latest and fresh data.

6.  Good Design – A pleasant presentation encourages users to visit the site again and again.

7. Target specific topics -Don’t offer solely too broad low value information and be clear on what you offer.

8. Loading time – On a site whose pages take a long time to appear one is incited neither to continue, nor to return.

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Link building and Link Biating

link building

The Link building refers to SEO strategies in which one way back links to a website are generated. But build links from related websites. By creating links you not only get traffic to your website but also increase the page rankings in SERPs. Article marketing, blogging, forum posting and paid advertising are the best ways to build high traffic to your website. Reciprocal linking is now considered as a deceptive strategy.

The rapid development of one way links is susceptible so it is better to create your links gradually as it is natural back link development.

Organic SEO strategies can be used in a focused way to hasten the marketing advantages. Article marketing – one of the most effective ways to build back links. It is better to make use of article directories that have high traffic rather than submitting the article to directories having less traffic. And never post the articles in article directories that you have already posted in your website. This will create a duplicate content of your website and it will be devalued by the search engines. Blogging, forum posting and paid advertising on releted websites can also prove to be an excellent way to get back links to your website. You can write blogs on your own blog as well as write comments on other people”s blogs that link back to your website. Forums will not allow you to link to your website in the posting itself, but you can use a link to your site as a signature under your post which can be an embedded back link. Placing paid ads on high traffic, relevant and authoritative sites can also help you to get one way links back to your website which will increase the number of visitors as well as the page rank Link baiting is an indirect link building strategy in which you do not directly place the links but encourage others to link back to your site. Link baiting can be achieved by writing informative, interesting articles that others love to link. Write the content that others will find beneficial. Writing or editing informational articles for online encyclopedias can be an effective link baiting technique. Link building and link baiting are the effective search engine optimization strategies as well as traffic building techniques. Optimize your website properly and go for backling and baiting. If you use the techniques wisely, they can increase the positioning of your website on the search engines.

Article publié pour la première fois le 12/01/2012

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Free Site Analysis

Free Site Analysis

If you have a website, then I  want you to answer some of my below questions:

1) Are you getting enough traffic to your website ?

2) Are you getting RIGHT people  to your website and they are getting converted to customers?

3) Are you happy with weekly SEO reports that your SEO team is giving you ?

4) Is your SEO guy marketing your website in Social media networks like facebook, twitter etc?

5) Is your SEO team affordable?

If any of your answer is NO, then you need to revisit your SEO plan or SEO team.

Our SEO experts can create a FREE SEO plan for your website that will help you  in ranking and getting good traffic.

We can also analyse your website for FREE and provide you with SEO suggestions.

Mail us at   [email protected] for FREE SEO report  or FREE  SEO plan for your website.

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Google Position

Google Position


Google is no doubt the most popular search engine in the world. It’s popular because it seems to rank pages so accurately and quickly, time and time again. It also updates its algorithms periodically so that it is up to date with latest trends.

Google has almost 90% of market share in terms of search engines and that’s why all companies mainly focus on Google positions for their website.

Why Google Position matters ?

I ran a small campaign for one of my website and for marketing I used below strategies

  • Bulk Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media (Facebook , twitter , LinkedIn)
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Flyers
  • Cold Calls
  • Free Classifieds (craigslist)

This is the result I have got:

*Bulk Email Marketing   ( 3 people responded after sending 5000 emails . 1 converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $500 )

*SEO ( 24 people came to website , out of which 23 were referred by Google and 1 by Yahoo. 5 converted to customers. Campaign Cost : $400 )

*Social Media [Facebook , twitter , linkedIn]  ( 87 people came to website , out of which none was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $400 )

*Radio Advertisements  ( 7 people came to website , out of which none was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $1000 )

*Flyers   ( 9 people came to website , out of which 1 was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $200 )

*Cold Calls  ( 28 people came to website , out of which 1 was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $650 )

*Free Classifieds [craigslist]  ( 34 people came to website , out of which 1 was converted to customer.Campaign  Cost : $180 )

So definitely Google SEO was the most productive strategy for my campaign that time.

How to increase Google position of your website?

Getting a good Google position is really important .It is not that easy and you will not see results in just few days. It generally takes 2-3 months for getting good ranking for keywords. You have to pay initially for getting the rank but once it is ranked, then you can enjoy for some time and you just need to maintain your position at that time.

Some important steps for having a Good Google Position:

1. Content : Content is the main key. Make sure that you have a quality content and try to avoid duplicate stuff. Try to add more content related to topic and make sure the topic helps both users and search engines.

2. Back Links : You need thousands of backlinks here. People say that you need to focus on quality backlinks and not on quantity. However as per my experience and my research , I believe we need both. You just make sure that links are not coming from banned websites. Low quality links, having no page rank or no traffic can also be vital if you anchor it with your keywords

3. Tags : Make sure that you have a good title tag. Its very crucial to have your top 3 keywords of that page to be  your title tag. The other important tags are H1, bold and anchor.

Questions received last week:

Hi Vinay,  I am in good Google ranking for   many keywords. Now , I want to  redesigned my website and I am just afraid that my Google ranking will go away. Can you  please let me know if I have to take any additional steps.regards


Hello Linda ,

You may see a little shift , may be good or bad as you are changing your website. However please make sure that you consider below points so that you maintain your Google Positions.

  • Keep your Title tag unchanged.
  • Use 301 to all redirects.
  • Try not to change your url structure.
  • If you are adding images, then add alt tags,  and also try to manage or keep same quality content

Thanks, vinay

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Top Most 8 Twitter Tips

TopMost 8 Twitter Tips

Twitter is the new darling of the Internet. This is an effective tool used for the purpose of business promotion. Some tips for using twitter as an effective business marketing tool are as:

  1. Active Participation in the Industry Conversation – The audience and the business competitors are on twitter sharing their experience. And now-a-days it is used for the business promotion at large. So be a part of it. It may be the best social mixer for you. This will help to promote your brand also. People will come to know about your business and brand name. And you can even look out for your competitors. You can monitor your competitors.
  2. Engage with your target audience – Twitter provides you with the facility of interacting with your targeted audience. You have the better opportunity to know your audience completely. You can re-tweet their posts or respond to their posts.
  3. Online Reputation Management – Information on Twitter breaks quickly. The Businesses can use Twitter to monitor their performance. People may tweet about your brand, if they find something negative about your brand. Transparency and honesty can be a good thing with twitter.
  4. Promote your Content – if your company has a corporate blog or various other blogs, you can make use of Twitter to promote your blog content. You can set up a feed to automatically post your blog post URLs directly to Twitter.
  5. Twitter and Mobile – Twitter is a simple tool to use and is limited to 140 characters. You can use twitter on your mobile to send tweets. You can both send and receive updates. Twitter can be a great mobile communication tool and thus it can be a pretty powerful thing.
  6. Promotion Tool– Twitter is used as a promotional tool to announce official endeavors or upcoming online events. Twitter provides the opportunity to promote your products or service and brand to your friends. A quick tweet with the URL can help you in getting additional traffic to your site to help coax the conversion on your site.
  7. Ask Questions Get Answers – You can use Twitter to ask the question and if your friends are remotely interested in the same question, you will receive a response. Someone will answer your question and at least point you in the right direction.
  8. Press Release – Use Twitter to promote your press releases and to communicate company news. Twitter is an information super-highway that can help communicate news quickly.

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Make more customers

Make more customers:
Here I will like to talk about increasing your business revenue.The main focus is only on expanding your business. The main part of expansion of any business lies on number of customers and even quality of your product. People really miss the opportunities to make more  customers. Word of mouth is definitely  the biggest factor to make more customers but again if you don’t provide easy access to information or services they are looking for , you may end up with losing potential clients.

Lets start with making more customers

Step 1 -Web presence : Open your business to a new world of online customers. If you are selling anything or even you have a small business , then start with a website at-least. Do not go crazy for a flashy website, people wants a simple clean look and they want to know about your services. Even if you are not selling anything, provide people with information about your services and contact location. Start with a 4-5 page website which talks about your business, services, offers(if any) and contact information.  You can get a good ,simple and professional website within few hundreds. Check  Zeustek web design if you are looking for very affordable  5-6 page website.

Step 2 -Make more visitors to your website : Now you got a website but no one knows about your website , still it is of not much use. You need people to visit your website. How and why they will visit?

website seo
website seo

Lets talk about How they will visit your website
Search Engine Optimization : Every second thousand of users are searching for services that your provide in search engines. You definitely need to make your website optimized for major search engines. The search engine optimization is not that expensive and it provides you a real boost to your online presence.This will get your website in good ranking in search engine results  when people are searching for your services. Do that at-least for 5-6 months which will cover your basic website optimization and link building.
Social Media Presence : Your customers are there are in social networks, so get benefit of that. Bookmark your website in major social bookmarking website and market your products/services via facebook pages or tweets.

You can consider us for  free site analysis and affordable seo solutions.Our Confidence level- pay us only if you are happy and seeing the results 🙂

Now lets talk about Why customers will visit your website
– Brand: You have to make a good brand name in real and web world. People will search for your brand name also.
– Blog : Write something useful and people will be interested in knowing more about you and your services.
– Offers :
Publish some real good offers or discounts in Internet and people might be searching for your website.

Step 3: Make more customers: One more challenge is to convert these visitors to customers. Now with the help of good search engine optimization , you got people visiting your website, now if they don’t buy or don’t contact you for services, then whats the fun?

Some factors which will be helpful in converting these visitors to customers are :
– Easy access to contact information or call of action.If your page is long and requires scrolling, consider having your call to action button repeated several times on the page. …which reminds us, have you claimed your copy of our “SuperConverters” newsletter yet?
– Describe bnefits of your product and not just product features.
– Minimize your website’s loading  time.
– Show some security verified seals or skill certifications.
– Keep your forms small and simple. Do you really need fax number?

Mobile apps
Mobile apps

Step 4: Make more customers from mobile world : It is a huge opportunity to get more customers via mobile  and the potential is really high after coming of smart phones like iphones and androids. You can provide solutions to users via mobile world. A small example will be making a app to provide free tips to make a pizza and then include a feature to let users buy your pizza from there. You can show your featured products and some new offers/discounts.This is just an example, but many businesses have started focusing on having a good mobile app. You can consider Zeustek if you are looking for affordable iphone or android apps.

Follow these tips and you can really beat your competitors.

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SEO Guide

SEO Guide

seo guide

SEO guide is meant for everyone from seo noobs to seo professionals. You can use this seo guide to optimize your pages so that they rank high in Google search engine. Optimization doesn’t mean that you are doing something for just improving your rank in Google, but it also improves your website in terms of standards and performance.

Let me divide this seo guide into few levels based on priorities:

Level 1 SEO:

* Keyword selection: This is the most important and crucial part of SEO. You can refer Google’s keyword suggestion tool to find best keyword for your website. It should have low competition and high traffic and which your customers might be searching for.

* Your page name or website name: Many times, your website URL will not have your keywords, but that’s fine, you can have your keyword in your page name. (best) , (better)

* Tags: Your keyword has to be in your html title tag. This is very crucial. Apart from title tags, have your keywords in meta tags , image tags and h1/h2 tags.

* Density: It is good if you have 2-5% keyword density. In other words, it is good if you have repetition for your keywords 2-3 times in your web page.

This is all for level 1 or basic of on page SEO. You are in good position after completion of this section.

Now let’s move ahead to next stage.

Level 2 SEO :

* URL improvements : If possible have all static urls and no dynamic urls. For ex: you can convert this dynamic  url (  to static url like

Use the directory structure and you can easily convert these urls to static one using .htaccess file

* Sitemap and robots.txt : create these files and upload in your root folder. Sitemap.xml will tell Google about all urls of the website and robots.txt will tell   Google about which  folders to crawl and which not to crawl. It is also good if you have html sitemap also

* Wtiting SEO content: This is goanna play a big role now. Make sure keywords appear before any ‘fluf’.

Bad SEO Content: I am writing this seo guide to help webmasters.

Good SEO Content: SEO guide is written for webmasters.

This all again depends on your content and make sure that it goes with the flow.

It is good if you have your keyword in starting position as it gives more value.Other ways of giving value to your keywords is highlighting it.

* Inter linking pages: Now you can also link to other pages of your website. Here, you can use keywords for linking.

For example:

content  content   <a href=”page2,html” title=”page2keyword”>page2keyword</a>   content

I will be updating this guide with more advanced SEO Levels soon.

Don’t miss some proven SEO techniques of Zeustek.   Zeustek Technologies is now having a proven track record of getting all of its clients in top ranking position. References by email…

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Top 8 ways to get Fast and Instant Traffic

Top 8 ways to get Fast and Quick Traffic.

This article is for getting quick traffic to your website without SEO. Sometimes, you have clients who want traffic to   their website in a week or 10 days and they are not actually looking for long term traffic or SEO . At that time onpage and   regular offpage optimization will not be an ideal solution.

We can try following ways to get instant traffic

1)search engine submission : Submit to all search engines

2)Local Listing

a)create a free listing for your local business on Google Maps Local Business Center ( and   Yahoo! Local ( That way your business can show up on a map when people do a local search.

b) Don’t forget to put your web address in your Yellow Pages ad.

3) Press Release/Articles – Post few press releases with back links to your website Try prlog. Post few articles with back links to your website .Try ezine.

4)Social Media

a) blogs – create small blogs with similar content. Use  wordpress , blogger

b) social networking sites   – twitter, facebook, linkedin ,ryze

c) social bookmarking sites  -digg, delicious, linkhello, linkpostdirectory ,stumpleupon, reddit,Netscape, Slashdot

d) forums – Try posting links  all related forums

5) Ads/Classified posting – use free ads/classified services. Try regional base  classifieds website also – like for   usa  prefer

6)Questions and Answers services – such as Yahoo Answers attract many people looking for a particular solution, product   or service.

7) Opinion websites – such as

8 ) Blog Commenting

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Know Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization should be done before we write one line of code.So how do we do that?

  • First of all decide what you  want your site to discuss or sell to your customers.
  • Plan how your Web site may appear to your customers (home, about, news, contact, etc).
  • Try to make content for the pages and sections of the site with keywords  in mind which you want to target.
  • Review your page content again. Try to make it  short, sweet, informative and to the point which will help your visitors.

Now  you’ve chosen how your Web site will look , now you have to focus on the site’s development. All a search engines prefer  indexing simple pages, so try not to use flash or any complex dynamic features.

Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing is the process of filling the webpage with keywords so as to get high rankings in the search engine results. Often we see websites stuffing keywords which are irrelevant to their website content but could rank them good in the search engine results.

Try to  blend the keywords in with the content as much as possible. Always remember that having too many keywords can dilute the strength of the keywords you have. Filling pages with keywords can also annoy user , and can harm your site’s ranking. Focus on Create useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.

The Truth About Page Rank
PageRank is all about links. Google always prefers  natural links and will give them more weight if used properly. The more natural links point to your Web page, the higher your page rank will  be. The more links pointing from your page to other pages, the lower your page rank will most likely be. Ideally, you want MORE links pointing to your page than you want pointing out. Bear in mind this works for EACH page, not your whole site or domain. Google doesn’t care about your whole site’s PR (which doesn’t exist).

What about META tags?
It would take your 5-10 minutes at most and are  practically worthless, but they would  remind you what keywords you’re targeting. In the past Search Engines gave some weightage to these but spammers and black-hatters abused these elements so much that the search engines started giving them less weight or totally ignoring them.

The TITLE Element
Keep them short, to the point, and make sure the page title comes first. You can (and should) put your site title afteword, but use a delimiter so people can tell the difference between the page title and the site title.

Now your site’s done, so go out there and promote it. Submit the site to the search engines (preferably by hand, it only takes a couple minutes), include a link to the site in your forum signatures, comment on blogs (leaving a link to your site in the “Your Web site” form input field if it’s related to the blog and not otherwise spammy), submit your website to various directories. Be patient, because SEO is not rocket science, it will take time the key to SEO is to keep on keeping on. Don’t give up. If you keep at it and put in the time, you will be well rewarded for your effort.

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Top 8 Ways for Good Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is considered an excellent method to get one-way links pointing back to your site. The greater number of one-way links to your site the higher rankings for that site. Though it may seem to be simple and easy but it is a powerful tool. Blog comments can really bring good PR juice to your pages.

Blog comment requires the name of the commenter, e-mail id, website URL. Once these fields are entered, then you can post your comment.

Below are some tips mentioned that will help to be a good blog commenter.

1.) Go through the Comment Policy

Blogs do have some “Comment Policy”. Never violate the rules of the comment policy. If you violate the rules, you might be marked as spam and your comment would also not be approved. Read and understand the comment policy first of all.

2.) Read the Blog Post Carefully

Read the blog post, and understand it. Never comment without reading the post. No doubt it will take time, but at the same time, it will provide a good reward. Read the post so that you can be able to join the discussion. Post relevant comments, and never comment on irrelevant things. This can be done only if you have read the blog post carefully.

3.) Avoid Short Phrases Comments

Avoid comments like “Cool Post”, “Nice Post”, “Thanks for the Post” etc. These comments indicate about your unawareness about the blog post. It leaves a bad impression of yours, and also indicates that you are just trying to get the back links to your website. Always post a comment that has relevance to the blog post.

4.) Ask questions

Ask questions, to show that you are listening. Show that you are interested in the blog post and not alone in the link-building.

5.) Be humble

Try to be humble. Even if you know everything about the topic, try to appreciate the skills of the writer, and never offend anyone, by writing, “This is just stupid…” or “You are so wrong…” etc. Tell the blogger about the mistakes in a humble manner.

6.) Comment on Relevant Blogs

Comment on the blog posts that are relevant to your blog or website. This way you will be getting back links from relevant sites that is of great importance in the eyes of search engine.

7.) Make a Comment that is Valuable

Make comments that are useful and help you participate in the discussion. Comment only when you know about the post. Be active. And you should be in the reach.

8.) Comment only when you can contribute to the Post.

Comment for the blog post when you can add up something to the knowledge of the visitors. Your comment once approved will be visible to everyone. So, place a comment that is informative. It should not be the spam, like “cool post”, “nice post” etc. Never try to spam the blog. Write a comment that is related to the post and is valuable to the readers.

By following all of the above mentioned tips you are increasing the chances of approval of your comments and you can get a back link as a reward. So do keep all these points in mind while commenting on blogs.

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Simple SEO

How to do Simple SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to increase the traffic and SEM is the process of getting traffic from PPC, CPC. The difference between the two terms is that SEO is the long term solution along with the long lasting results where as SEM provides the results faster as pay for the service. Investing in SEO is profitable because it could reduce your costs by provide your web site with free traffic from organic searches.

Basically two techniques are used in SEO namely Black Hat and White Hat techniques. Black hat techniques includes many components like hidden text, links in the footer, use of CSS styles. White hat techniques focus on the “how to provide value to the web”.

Some of the useful tips on doing simple seo are listed below:

  • The first thing to be done in Simple SEO is to analyze the website. It involves analyzing the basic things of a web site like internal linking, basic SEO rules for pages, anchor text, file name, image alt property, sub headings, title for the menu pages etc.
  • The second step involves the keyword research. If you want to make your content fresh on web site then it should be based on a list of keywords. Moreover, this list should also contain information about the monthly search volume and competition.
  • After doing the keyword research we must check its relevancy. For example, if your blog is about jobs then it doesn’t necessary means that the keyword “state jobs” is relevant.
  • The next step is to find out the content for the searched keywords. Once you have your keyword list you have to know how to use it in content and how to link between articles.
  • The next step is to provide many links as possible. By providing proper linking, it ensures a complete indexing of your web site by search engine and moreover you can also push forward your content.
  • Competition Ranking is the most important part of a simple seo. You have to know what your competition is doing, how they are targeting your keywords and why they’re ranking better.
  • You should be fast enough to read reports and know how to interpret it, and how to make decisions based on that report.
  • You can also use various tools like Google Alerts, Google Keyword External Tool etc. These tools will help you to pick up the best keywords and stay ahead of the competition by knowing the rising trends.

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Evaluate your SEO team

Evaluate your SEO team

If you have a website, then it is required to have SEO for that website. Any website without proper search engine optimization and social media marketing cannot be much fruitful to your business. There is no other alternative to have a good SEO guy/team working for you to get traffic to your website. Its initial investment but it really pays.

How to find a good SEO team ?

a) Alexa rank: Look at the alexa rank of your SEO provider or company. If team cannot bring traffic to their website, how will they bring to yours? Go to and type your seo team’s website url.  If Alexa traffic rank is greater than 1 million, then its time to ignore that team. Go to next provider.

b) BackLinks: Check the backlinks of your SEO team. Go to for backlinks and type their url. If you get less than 500 backlinks, then its time to ignore that team. Go to next provider.

c) Social Marketing: check their twitter and facebook pages. Go to and seach for “company name facebook” and “company name twitter” and check their influence.  For example : search zeustek facebook or  zeustek twitter and then go to respective fan page or twitter page.

d) References: Ask for references, repeat the same check for the reference client website also.

e) Keyword ranking: Go to and put SEO team’s website url and check their ranking of keywords.

f) Affordable: Do a price comparison from your side. We can also assist you in this regard. Mail us at [email protected] to get general market  price list for SEO services.

What you need to expect from your current SEO team ?

Finally you have selected your SEO team and now its time to evaluate their work.  Few things you need to ask for in your monthly or weekly reports that your SEO team is providing you.

a) Social BookMarking: List of all social bookmarking done for your website with links to verify. Click on few links to verify also. Avoid those teams who just say that we did social bookmarking to many websites or listed websites, but their report is not having links to verify that.

b) Alexa Comparision: Its fine if your alexa traffic rank fluctuates little bit, but make sure that it is increasing overall.

c) Keyword ranking: All the keywords with their last month and current month ranking. Also ask your SEO team the reasons to select those keywords. They can rank you for keywords which no one is search for.

d) Backlinks: All the backlinks should have links to verify, otherwise ignore.

e) Social Media reports: Increased influence of social presence. You can at least look at the number of increased Fans and Followers

f) Articles: Make sure that your team is posting 2-3 articles in good article directories .  g) Onpage Optmization: Check onpage optimization of your website. See if your SEO team has properly optimized your website. You can also get a free SEO report from  us. Mail us at [email protected] and ask for Free on Page SEO report of your website.

We wish you good luck in your online marketing of your website. Feel free to email us at [email protected]  for any question.

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dropped search engine ranking

Ideal Resume

dropped seo ranking

Need not to panic if all of a sudden the ranking in search engines drops. It is important to check out the exact cause of dropped out rankings.

1.) Changes in Website

It is good practice to update the WebPages. Small changes won’t affect the search engines but if the website is redesigned and the website is being optimized for a new key phrase or keyword then the search engines will re-calculate the search engine rankings. So, try to change the website pages with utmost care if you are having a high search engine ranking.

2.) Change in Links to Your Website

All of a sudden change in your linking structure can make your website suspicious. The site rankings won’t drop if you have an old website with grown inbound structure. But if the links are paid one and they disappear then the ranking will drop. Try to have the inbound links as they last longer and then only you will have a high rank in search engine results.

3.) Search Engine Algorithm Changes

The algorithm of search engines keeps on changing. Some algorithms have a major impact on the rankings. Just wait for some days to check if the drop of ranking is temporary. And if not, optimize the WebPages according to the latest search engine algorithm.

4.) Check out the Strategy Your Competitors Follow

Watch out your competitors, their optimization might be better than yours. So, they might be listed in the top results and your ranking drops. Always try to have the better content and best seo for your website in order to be listed at the top.

5.) Never Indulge in Spamming Techniques

Never try to make use of spamming techniques for gaining a high rank in search engines. Search engines do not like spam-cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages and other spamming techniques.

6.) Some Technical Problems

The web server can even be the one reason for the dropped rankings. If the website is down, the search engine won’t be able to access the website. The search engine won’t access the website and thus the low rankings. Ensure that the website is hosted on reliable server.

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8 Face book Tips for Business Promotion

Facebook helps to promote the brand even further. The facebook is a good place to create awareness about your brand and products.

  1. Branding – Facebook is a great resource for generating awareness about a brand. Facebook is becoming popular day by day, and is a good place for building your relationship with you consumers and prospects.
  2. Customer Engagement – You can hold contests or events and engage your customers in that. People will get to know your brand better.
  3. Get Web Traffic – Facebook can act as a portal point for driving traffic to your site. Your facebook profile can now be indexed in the search results.
  4. New Customer Acquisition – With the help of facebook, you can have more and more consumers, you may have not otherwise discovered.
  5. Client Retention – It provides another potential interception point to build the relationship with your consumer.
  6. The Viral Effect – Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Facebook is attracting quite a crowd. So this can be a right place to market your products and the services.
  7. Feedback Mechanism – With facebook you can understand consumer behavior based on the sharing of content and commentary on the social networking site.
  8. Active Participation– Respond to your fans comments, share information, and celebrate achievements. You will surely get noticed and your products too.

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Top 8 Stupefying Ways for Press Release

The press release is the best way to market your business. This is the kind of publicity that can provide new heights to your business. The press release can be written about

  • New products or services.
  • An online survey that you have done.
  • An award for your business.
  • New book or material published.
  • Major sponsorships that you are doing.
  • Famous person who’s endorsing your business.
  • Joint venture with another business.
  • New fund raising event.

This article will provide you the complete details for what should be written and where it has to be submitted to provide you the free publicity for your business, products or services. This article will guide you through getting to know about the press release creation, submission and what important points to be considered for creating an effective press release. Wishing to have great press release, so check it out:

1.) The press release should sound like news and not like a business ad.

Write about the new products and services you are offering.
2.) Submit you press release in good PR press release sites, and that too in appropriate category.

Writing an effective press release is not enough. It should be submitted in appropriate category, to make most out of it.

3.) Keep your press release length fixed.

Be precise in your press release. It should be kept in mind that it is a press release and not an article.
4.) The top of the press release should contain, header, contact information and release date.

The press release has its own format. So write a press release according to that.
5.) Be short and provide double space to lines.

The press release is short, and it should appeal the visitors. It should not explain each end everything minutely. Provide double space to make it look more appealing.
6.) The header should be attractive and should grab the visitor’s attraction easily.

The header of the press release should sound attractive. The fist few sentences should be very catchy, that will attract more and more visitors to your website.

7.) The press release should contain facts

In order to keep a press release effective, it should contain facts, and make sure you wait until you have something with enough substance to issue a release.

8.) There should be no grammatical or spelling mistakes in the press release.

The press release should be proof read many times to assure that it is free from errors.

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About Cloaking

Cloaking is a black hat (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine is different than that delivered to the user”s browser. It can be defined as a technique used to deliver different web pages under different circumstances.

The primary reasons that people go for page cloaking are as:

i) With the help of this technique people create a search engine friendly page for search engine and another page that is attractive and designed well for the visitors. When the search engine visits the site,  it is provided the page designed for it and when the visitors visit the website, the pages that are solely designed for them are presented to them. The human visitors are not able to see the pages that have been designed for the search engines. The pages that are designed for search engines are meant for them only, they may contain over repetition of keywords or key phrases.

ii) SEO code of the pages is hidden from everyone and only search engines are able to index it. Thus the competitors are not able to see the keywords or key phrases. Competitors are not thus able to copy the code.

Implementation Of Page Cloaking:

A cloaking script is installed on the server, which detects who is requesting for a web page- whether a search engine or a human visitor. And when done, the proper web page is supplied accordingly.

Now the question arises how the page cloaking script detects who is visiting the website.

i) The best way is by checking the User-Agent variable. When anyone (human or a search engine spider) requests a page from a site, it reports a User-Agent name to the site. The User-Agent variable of search engine contains the name of the search engine. Thus, cloaking script helps to deliver the page which is optimized properly. And if finds out no search engine name in the User-Agent Variable then it delivers the pages designed for humans.

ii) Another method is a complex one; it makes use of I.P based cloaking. An I.P database is maintained, that contains the I.P addresses of all the major search engines. Each time when a web page is requested, the cloaking script checks out the I.P. address, and if the I.P address is listed in the database, it is detected that the web page is being requested by a search engine. And if the I.P address in not in the database then it refers to the visitor the page designed for visitor. I.P. based cloaking is more reliable and better.

Should Use Page Cloaking or Not?

The search engines do not like the websites that make use of page cloaking mechanisms. Search engines might even get your site banned if the search engines find out that you indulge in page cloaking mechanisms. The reason is that the search engines do not index the same pages that are provided to visitors. They cannot thus deliver the appropriate results to their users. And if they opt for page cloaking people would not visit them or even abandon them.

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8 Effective Ways to get more out of Linkedin

1.) Make your profile attractive and client focused

Create a profile that grabs the attention of the other network connections. And add up new connections to your profile so that you are visible to others whom others wish to hire or to do business with. Completely fill your profile, to stand on the top.

2.) Make the Most of Your Profile

Your profile is the first item that anyone would see. So, make the most of your profile. You can include relevant URL’s in your profile, like instead of writing my blog, you can place keywords. Include an image in your profile.

3.) Build Your Network of Connections

Linkedin works on connections, so build your connections. The most powerful tool is to network connections. The more network connections you have, the more opportunities you have to connect.

4.) Update and Engage Frequently

Try to remain active. The more active you are and more effectively you interact, the more better results you will have. Update your profile with status updates. Participate in forums, and question answers function.

5.) Make Use of LinkedIn Groups

A group is another important feature of LinkedIn. Groups are a beneficial networking tool and they help a lot to expand your network. It takes less time in updation because it’s generated a powerful community that support’s its growth.

6.) Making Use of Recommendations to Attract More Clients

Recommendations are one of the unique features of LinkedIn that makes it appear different from the rest of social media networks. Recommend your peers and they will return the favor

7.) You can improve Your Search Engine Rankings

LinkedIn allows you to make your profile information available for search engines to index. LinkedIn profiles receive a high PageRank in Google, so this is a good way to influence people. You need to create a public profile for being visible.

8.) Promote Your Profile

The final step is to promote your profile. Make your profile public and promote it. Some of common places to have your LinkedIn profile is your email signature, your profile at other places, your articles, etc. have your email id contact over there, so that others can contact you.

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Marketing Tips Free

Top 8 Online Marketing Tips Free

Designing a website alone is not sufficient. To drive the sufficient amount of traffic to website is of major concern. There are various marketing tips to promote the website and get listed in the SERP’s. Know about the best marketing tips free of cost. There are various ways to promote your site, some are free and some are paid.

In this online marketing tips free article, we are going to look at how to promote a site online.

  • Article Marketing

One of the best strategies is article marketing. The articles should be on relevant topics. Article writing is not the only task to do, but the articles have to be submitted in the article directories in relevant categories. The author resource box provided will help you mention about you and your company. The article will work wonders for you. But bear in mind that the article should have the fresh content, and try to be simple with your language.

  • Blogs

The blog is the most efficacious way for business promotion. Make use of the website link in your blog and by doing this high traffic could be generated to your website. Blog writing is an easy way to promote the website, and easily accessible and easy to edit also.

  • Press Release

To tell about the new product launch or new service, press release is used. Writing a good press release and then submitting the press release in various press release sites can prove to be an effective marketing way. But as the press release is provided to media, the press release has to be well written.

  • Link Generation

To generate more traffic, link building is another method that is used. But the links should be from relevant sites, i.e. sites those are related to your business, product or service. Links have to be worthy for more effective results.

  • Forum Marketing

Forums are the discussion boards. There are numerous forums, so choose the relevant one. Be active over there and participate there. You can even place links in the signature box. While commenting or posting anything your signature will also be displayed.

  • Directory Submission

Submit the website to various directories. But choose the appropriate category for directory submission.

  • Offer Some Special Services

Try to provide some free services to those who link to your site. You can even offer free software/application downloads. It will really be a gainful method for your business.

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Can you just rely on Google SEO for traffic

Can you just rely on Google SEO for traffic  &  more ways to get traffic 


There are many SEO consultants and companies who can guarantee to show results within 1-3 months, but what kind of results they are talking about.

  • Get your few keywords to rank high in Google search result.
  • Improved SEO of your website.
  • Created lot of backlinks for your website.

So what is your Return on investment (ROI) after 2-4 months of SEO
-You will have your keywords in good ranking. Only low competition and low traffic keywords will rank in that time frame.
-You stop SEO for few weeks and all your traffic/ranking is gone.

Since we as SEO company were doing the same thing and after various Google updates, we have seen less ROI. One thing that we have to admit that for small businesses and new websites, SEO can not bring immediate traffic, not considering exceptional cases.

This all lead us to modify our strategy to focus on various other marketing strategies and not just SEO. We tried this on some new websites and can see good traffic from beginning
and it retains even if we don’t create so many back links.

You can also do this by your own, you don’t need us or any other SEO company. The main thing is the strategy.

Change your focusDon’t make backlinks. This is where many of SEO guys get confused and they just think of getting high PR and other types of backlinks.

Focus on branding yourself, let people know about you, word of mouth etc.
People spend a lot of time in facebook, twitter , linkedin, foursquare, pinterest, google plus
and many similar website. You will have to spend some time to understand how these sites works and how to build audience from these sites. I will be adding more updates for tips to increase presence in each social site in my next articles.

If you try optimizing yourself to get traffic from social sites, your Google traffic will automatically increase. I tried this rule on various client websites and it worked really well. I want you to try this also. If you want to know more about strategies contact me at [email protected] and i will let you know your strategy based on your websites and business.

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There are nine important elements of on-page website optimization.It include
1) title of page
2) meta data and meta description
3) headings
4) image
5) google crawl date
6) cascading style sheets
7) MOZ rank
8) domain info
9) URL structure


It is one of the most important factor. Title of the page is a text that you can see on the top window of your browser when viewing a web page .Title of your page can be edited in your HTML page.You can make your page impressive by following certain important tips like …
a) Your page title should contain your keywords.
b) Make sure your page title should not be so long , as longer page titles cannot be search by search engines.
c) Try to keep your keyword in the beginning of the page title.
d) If you are a big rand ,include your company name at the end of your page title so that people can search you via brand name.

Meta data is defined as a text which is mainly seen as the description of site in search results. These words mainly attract the attention of visitors.
Metadescription refers to the short summary of the your web page .Meta description is mainly used to provide a small description of the page to the searcher. If meta description is not used in the source code ,then search engine will display any part of content from the page.

Heading refers to text which appears to be larger or more prominent than other texts on your page. In your HTML page you can check it by looking for <h1,h2,h3>tags surrounding it.You should include keywords in your headings.<h1> text is more bigger than <h2>text ,<h2> text is bigger than <h3>. Therefore we only use <h1 > tag for the headings and <h2>,<h3> tag is mainly used for paragraph writting.


Images on web page makes your page more impressive.Some times more picture on your webpage slow down the loading of your page and thus put bad impact on users .Always use ALT text while using image on your page . ALT text is an Html attribute that can add to your picture so that when search engine is not able to read image ,it can replace the image with some associated text, Always use keywords in your image file name that will help you draw some traffic from image searches.

Always make sure google crawl your site more often and this can be done by updating fresh content and publish it in your website.

Search engine extract important content such as keywords from HTML page .CSS define as a style ,how your headings,links and other elements of the text should look.

MOZ rank is a measure that shows how much online authority your site has. Higher MOZ rank is good for your web page. Improvement on your ON-PAGE SEO helps you to improve your rank.

search engine favors that sites that are registered for a long period of time. Long domain registration indicate that this site has lower chance of being spam . Thus try to extend your website registration.

URL refers to your web address of your web page . The URL structure of a website is about how different URL’s connect with each other .Improving your URL structure is one of the most difficult aspect of ON-PAGE website optimization and the fixing of these issues mainly depend on the back end parts of your website such as content management system or programming framework.


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Small businesses not taking advantages of their website

Many small businesses do not take full advantage of their websites.
Are you one of them? Internet marketing is more important for  small businesses as compared to  others.
Local presense is must. With millions of Internet users searching for information on products and services daily, it just doesn’t make sense to ignore the potential profits that could be made through improved search engine placement of your website pages.
You can gain more customers who are searching for your services online. Why loose them?
Reach your customers. If you are a small business owner like pizza house, grocery store or furniture store, you NEED to be in top ranking in Google results when some one searches for your services locally, like “wooden furniture boston”.
We will get you in top rankings.
If you want references or examples of our affordable SEO services results, we can provide whatever you need.We are intentionally a small business like most of our clients and explain what we do and how we do it without buzz words, techno babble or geek speak.We just believe in RESULTS.

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Top 8 Tips for Blog Writing

Top 8 Tips for Blog Writing

To improve your blog posts you need to follow certain steps that will make your blog a
worthy one. Some of the tips for blog writing are mentioned below:
1 . ) Write about the topic that is important to you as well as the readers
Write about the topic that matters to you. The topic has to be such that it is very much
attention grabbing. The writing must communicate some sort of energy to its readers.
People mostly look out for the material that is of use to them. The reader will look out
what’s in for them. The blog has to be a reasonable and worthwhile one.
2.) Keep it sweet and short.
The post should be of 250 words. It has to be short enough. The longer posts are hard
to remember. Provide the best information with the least words, so that the reader
does have a hold of your post.
3.) Good text Layout has to be there
The blog post should be readable enough. Make use of commas, paragraphs, line-
breaks so that the post does appear good. Readability has to be of prime importance.
There has to be a smooth flow throughout your post.
4.) Make use of Keywords and do link often
Make sure that you make use of keywords in your blog post. In this way the search
engines will love your post and rankings will also go high. Linking to other blogs or
websites will also help you gain more visitors. People do not have much time to find
out other blogs. You can help them out by providing certain links.
5.) Be Consistent with your style
Develop a writing style for yourself. People who adore your writing style will love to
read the posts provided by you. And try to provide a post that is warm and accessible.
6.) Make use of a clear headline
The headline provided must contain the whole of the argument. The headline has to
be bold and clear and such that the readers come to know about the blog post from its
7.) Include Lists
Make the use of bullet lists to maximize your post. Bullet lists or numbered lists help
to focus on important points of the blog post. With the lists the format provided gets
easy to understand.
8.) Proof Read your Post
Before publishing your blog post, re-read your blog post to check out that there is no
grammatical or spelling mistake in the post. Cut out the unimportant stuff from the

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SEO Definition

SEO Definition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality of traffic. The process of getting your website to the top of the search engine, this is the basic seo definition. SEO basically makes use of effective keywords, blogs and other related techniques to make the website be ranked higher. But all you need is to just stay away from the bad practices of SEO as they might land you in trouble.

SEO definition – SEO can also be defined as the process of improving web pages with the ultimate goal of generating more services for the website. Once a website has been optimized for effective search engine, it can stay at the top for a long time. Today, a large number of users find websites through search engines. It helps to provide:

  • Increased traffic.
  • Increased ranking.
  • Increases link popularity.
  • Key word research.
  • Website in a top position.
  • Customer satisfaction.

Search Engine Optimization also helps in finding various business opportunities. Today, a large number of people are searching for various local services and the rating of these people has been increasing day by day.

Basically, SEO is divided into two:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

SEO consultants will optimize your site on a set of keywords, so that your site appears at the top of the search engine. When someone is searching for information on the web, they usually visit a search engine and type words that describes what they are looking for. The search engine check its database and return the result pages that meet the users requirement, what they are looking for. These words used by people for searching can be considered as keywords. Thus, keywords play an important role in search engine optimization.

SEO works in a simple way but it is time consuming a bit and requires a lot of patience. The web designer without the knowledge of SEO is not going to work as it won’t help you attract the visitors to the website and you get lower rank. The website has to be properly optimized for the search engines. SEO is the method that just works out for free.

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Reasons for Hiring a SEO Company

Top Most 8 Reasons for Hiring a SEO Company
The most profitable technique to achieve search engine top positioning, is SEO.
SEO brings in the organic traffic and even increases the visibility of an organization among its
target audience. It is considered as the most preferred tool to acquire online sales. Firms
even outsource SEO Services in order to reach customers globally and attain their targets.
If you wish to make sure of your success in the business with the implementation of
internet marketing then you have to hire a SEO company that will take care of it for you.
An SEO company offers you the services of experts.
Zeustek is an affordable SEO company that provides SEO services to its clients all over
the world. Zeustek does aim at providing the best and affordable SEO services. SEO
experts first start by making changes in website content, design and keywords, and then
market the website.
Why Hire Zeustek?

1 . In-Depth Research
Zeustek does the in-depth research before implementation of SEO strategies. Here at
Zeustek, SEO experts will be handling your website, and thus they will research about
your business, competitors, website and the target audience. Then, the team will start up
working on your website.
2. Internet knowledge
A SEO expert should have the proper knowledge about the techniques and strategies to
be applied. At Zeustek, the staff is well-trained and has up-to-date knowledge of the latest
SEO techniques. SEO experts at Zeustek have the knowledge of SEO as they are already
into this field and without wasting any time, they just move into the right direction.
3. Guaranteed Results
Zeustek is an affordable SEO firm that provides guarantee for the results. It will not offer
its services blindly to promote a business without guaranteed results. The company does
its research with the team of experts. If they are not confident about their results they
never send you proposal to boost your site’s online ranking.
4. Firm Deadline
By outsourcing your SEO services to Zeustek, the company will meet your deadlines, and
start the work as per the requirement specified.
5. Implementation of Variety of Resources and Ideas
Outsourcing SEO services to Zeustek will help you to merge different ideas and thoughts
before implementing finally to optimize the website. This is the main advantage that you
direct the project to Zeustek.
6. Reduction in Cost Factor
Zeustek will charge you the nominal rates, rather than charging so high amount. It will
charge you only for one time and will do the optimization along with the maintenance.
You will get the guaranteed results and services with variable resources.You can improve
ranking in the search engine ranking results with the affordable SEO packages provided
at Zeustek.
7. Targeting the Niche Customers
Zeustek will target the right kind of audience for your website. Zeustek knows how to
get the top rankings in the search engines, and how to turn online visitors into customers,
who really are interested in the services that you provide.
8. Dependable SEO Services Providers
The SEO Company Rhode Island is dependable service provider. The SEO
professionals ensure that the contents are fresh and the number of inbound links is also
ideal. Zeustek constantly keeps on exploring advanced techniques in the field of search
engine optimization to help improve your website ranking.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works for Everyone
Social media marketing strategy is the key to introduce your product effectively in the market with fruitful results for your business.
1. Focus on the Network Systems that Meets Best For Your Business
Each social network system has its own pros and cons. Based on the actual and requirements of your company and target viewers, you have to select the most suitable system. Some of the most popular and useful networks are Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
2. Inspiring and useful content
Create interesting material that will describe your company goals with video clips,,infographics etc. publish your posts in several networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ at the same time. Use advanced tools, which help you save your time, efforts and hard work and improve involvement. Cover the entire social publishing process in one system. It is good to plug to an RSS feed also and set up a detailed routine to auto-tweet new material.
3. Monitoring
This is the most valuable part of your social media marketing strategy by which you can recognize businesses for your product.
4. Interact with the customers
Make it sure that you are replying to clients such as those who leave negative reviews on your product try for making them satisfied by fixing the drawbacks outlined by them. If the people are ignored continually, they may go for an alternative. This Social media marketing strategy can be much effective.
5. Track your initiatives to improve your market.
Use Search engines Statistics and Social Media Statistics to focus on the information that perform best.
6. Utilize social media as searching route.
The most recent pattern demonstrates social media is recognized as search route to double the income. Customers go straight to YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest for assistance and opinion of the products or services before deciding to purchase it. Up to 80% of a lot are affected by online reviews and comments of a lot. People are always interested in getting a friendly assistance from individuals whom they can associate. Besides, they get appropriate information regarding the discount rates and offers, which encourage them for making an immediate choice to buy it before the cancellations of the offer or discount.
7. Deal with the latest styles in social media marketing.
Social media marketing is not controlled by the same guidelines of fascination and attention. New networks like Snap-chat and Periscope are changing. When new ones come to play, the old ones are forced to be more advanced with the addition of new features because the guidelines of social media are inclined to change from a chance to time.


There is a good number of strategies in social media marketing. New and immediaive strategies are changing with the growth of technology. The success of any method driven by how well it is applied. It is easier said than done.It needs skills as well as tech assistance team. So, it is recommended that you seek the assistance and assistance of selling organizations well built with experts who can manage your social media marketing efficiently causing in an unmatched surge in income. BOOSTrust in New Shirt is a firm you can trust your social media marketing company with confidence. Outcomes assured cheaply for start-up and small companies.

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SEO Guide (continued)

seo guide
Let’s move to Level 3 of SEO guide. You should have decent knowledge of HTML for this.
Level 3 will work on your content.
* Let’s give a anchor link to your content also. You can create a anchor link to your page with your keyword.
Make sure that you add a css class  to that link which is almost same as the content, so that for user, it doesn’t look different. This is a way to create additional internal anchored link to your post. Just one is enough , don’t overdo.
Sample : content content <a href=”#keyword” title=”keyword”>content</a> content
* The website should perform well. Keep your javascript at the bottom of page, after end of body .Many of designers will do this mistake and they will keep javascript includes in head tag.That is old way of coding.Adding javascript at the bottom will improve page rendering. Another thing you can do is to use image sprites.
* Add a canonical tag, dont exceed 52 characters for title tag , include meta tags for indexing and caching,keep short and descriptive urls.
* Avoid flash
* Avoid links created using javascript
* Avoid frames
I think we are done with onpage optimization now. Now let’s move to off page optimization. This is again very crucial factor in getting good rank. By doing onpage  optimization , you tell Google that you are ready and you deserve  the top position.
By doing off page optimization and backlinking, you kill your competitors and move ahead to top position.
Offpage will be having many more levels.
level 4 :
* Directory Submission: I haven’t seen this working, but anyways, let’s do this also. SUbmit your website to all SEO and same niche related directories.
* Pinging/indexing : Now get your website indexed.Try feedping , ping goat or similar pinging websites and let search engines know about you website. There are also indexing websites.
* Stats Websites : There are tons of stats website which can give you fast backlinks. There are many services which will submit your website to all stats websites.
* Avoid link exchanges.
* Submit your RSS feed to few top RSS directories.
* Submit it to 3-4 social bookmarking websites like twitter, digg, reditt , facebook
You are done with indexing of your website now. Google have indexed your website. If you do above , your pages are indexed.Twitter posts have really great effect, I have seen my posts getting indexed within a hour if you have tweeted.Again it depends on how frequently you update  your content.
I will be updating this blog with higher Levels soon. It will have some new and innovative ideas of getting backlinks. Stay tuned.

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Amazing 8 Viral Marketing Techniques to be Followed

Viral marketing refers to providing free services or products along with your contact information, link, email, etc. The recipients of your free product will pass it to their own clients, visitors and others as a freebie. This is the most effective and quick way of marketing, with no extra charges or extra efforts.

Some popular viral marketing techniques to be followed:

1.) E-books: Share your e-books with your website visitors. Tell the recipients to share the copies of e-book with their contacts.

2.) Free Software: Develop new software and share it with your visitors for free. You can even provide a trial version of your software. Don’t forget to include you contact information for your most popular product with links to your website.

3.) Web Hosting: You can even offer to host small business web sites on your server free of cost. In exchange, you can place your own banner ad at the top of the site.

4.) Templates: Create your own templates that will include your own marketing information. Give them away as free downloads and grant permission for recipients to pass them along to their contacts.

5.) Articles: Write articles about your business, services or products. Include your website and contact information in the byline and grant permission to readers or others to publish as long as they keep the byline in tact. Thus information about your business will spread like a wild fire.

6.) Set up a discussion board: Set up a discussion board on your website with your banner ad attached at the top. You can invite others to link to it.

7.) Free Games: Games carrying your ad or screen savers will work out in an efficient manner. People will e-mail games or graphic to their friends.

8.) Enable visitors to e-mail post cards or greeting cards from your website: Such scripts are not very expensive but you may carve out some real interest and traffic.

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Social marketing Concept

social marketing

Social marketing is an important part of SEO

The social marketing concept basically makes use of various commercial sector marketing concepts and technologies to solve social problems and achieve behavior change. Commercial marketing is the combination of 4 P’s i.e. product, price, promotion and place and is often used by most of the social marketers to achieve social marketing goals.

It is believed that anyone can become social marketer, who knows how to create landing pages in social networking sites, article writing, growing a number of friends, followers.

Social marketing concept is an old and proven marketing concept. The various factors that are required for anyone to become a social marketer is have a certain level of influence to motivate the people, to persuade them to ideas and products they intend to market.

SEO is actually a marketing concept which is derived from the social marketing. Search Engine should also know how to value trust and confidence as important elements in page ranking. When Google announces that it will integrate Facebook page updates in its search results, social networking has become more influential part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and this means that once a social media marketer gets successful in those social media sites then he/she could get into SERPs easily. SEO writers actually create the web content based on mixing and matching keywords. An SEO keyword tool named as Google Adwords make use of real time search results.

Social marketing is an important part of SEO as social marketing is moving behind the popularity of social networking which in turn is the part of SEO. Google Caffeine is in reality an assertion of the influence of social media marketing in SEO. In order to compete with the face book, Google has to make certain improvements in its search advertising model. Google actually needs the growth of quality web content. Moreover, Google will be provided more incentives if it make certain changes in its algorithm.

Visit this site for  social gaming statistics

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Top 8 tips for Using Forums

The forums are the best place to talk about various subjects. You can consider forums as a place of sharing information and socializing. Forums provide an opportunity to express views, share ideas, thoughts or seek opinions from people. Forums are considered as the effective way to advertise your products or services and to drive high traffic to your web site.

There are different websites, and thus various forums. Mostly, Forums are of two types:

  • General forums: Here people can talk about everything.
  • Specialty forums: These forums are related to particular area.

Some tips to use the forums in an effective manner:

1.) Find the relevant forums: You should find forums related to your website, services you are offering or the products you provide. This can be done by searching in to Google.

2.) Read the forum guidelines, terms and conditions properly: Go through the guidelines properly, and read the terms and conditions also. Forum guidelines will tell you about the forum, how it operates, and what will get you banned. For example, some forums are interested in receiving welcome threads and some not.

3.) Join in forums: Join the forums but be sure that the forums where you join must allow signatures to your posts. This is quite simple. You can do this by checking out posted threads. And before registering, you have to agree to their terms and conditions. Once done, you can sign up, and post accordingly. But never add up signature while creating profile.

4.) Set up your signature: After your account has been created, and then you can you’re your profile, and add up your signature. In signature field, you can place backlinks to your site, and make use of keywords for your site.

5) Make Use of the Forum Features: With signature field, you can tell the members about your site. Make comments on posts, and create a thread if you wish to know about something.

6.) Do not promote your website directly: Most forums strictly prohibit direct promotion of a Web site. This can even get you banned from the forum. Do not use any links in your threads, they might not get approved by the moderators.

7.) Don’t Spam: Say no to spamming. Do not post anything you wish and that too in irrelevant categories. Wait for some time before posting, when you are newly registered to a forum. Wait for a week or so, otherwise you will get banned. And first reply to some existing threads.

8.) Always stay professional: Post the threads related to your area. Do not post irrelevant material on the forums.

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Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

One can define Black Hat Search Engine Optimization (Black Hat SEO) as combination of techniques such as sneaky redirects, cloaking and invisible text that are used by SEO persons to get higher rankings in search engines in an unethical manner Black Hat SEO techniques generally break the official SEO rules and regulations. This results in poor user experience. The various ways of doing Black Hat SEO are :—

  • Keyword stuffing : The excess use of key words in in the content is known as Keyword stuffing. In Keyword stuffing same keyword is repeated in the whole content in order to get higher ranks in the search engines.
  • Invisible Text : This technique is used by sites for which ethics are of no use. In this technique the keywords are made of the same color as the background so that search engine spiders can find them but are not visible to the general visitors.
  • Doorway pages : This technique is against the ethical SEO rules. Doorway pages are the pages that are can be seen by the search engine spiders but are invisible to the generally visitors. They are used only to get higher rankings in the search engines by tricking them. It is not a good way because it hurts the visitors who visit to the site to see some quality content but what they see is the keyword stuffed pages.
  • Cloaking : This method is used to cheat the search engines in order to get good ranks ion the search engines. It is done to get good rank for certain keywords. A user identified as search engine is shown a specifically prepared and optimized website with only purpose to rank well for desired keywords. If a user is not a search engine they are presented with the “real” websites content which is often spammy and of lesser quality.                                                                                           Cloaking is also used to trick users to visit websites based on their description in search engines. For example a user searching for a particular product could click on a website in search engine due to its description and title. The site in question will not be the one described in SERP’s. It can be totally different or irrelevant.
  • RSS Spamming : Now a days many people use their RSS freed in comments instead of their blog’s URL. What it does is that if some visitor only wants to visit your blog to see it but due to RSS spamming he has to subscribe to your freed. By doing this their IP can  be black listed from any site in a click.

Black hat SEO is not a good idea. Because Search Engine Spiders can catch you and your site can be banned from various search engine rankings. It may look like a good idea in the initial stages but for the long run it is not good at all. Is Black Hat Unfair? Yes Black Hat is an Unfair mean of practicing SEO because it does not follow the rules and regulations followed by the ethical SEO . Black hat make search engine spiders and general visitors to visit the sites which are having poor content. This gives not a very pleasant experience to the visitors. So Black hat practice should not be used.

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Top 8 viral marketing tips

Viral Marketing

Here is my list of top 8 viral marketing tips.

1) Write Articles for Others to Use in Websites and Newsletters.  You can dramatically increase your visibility when you write articles in your area of expertise and distribute them to   editors as free content for their e-mail newsletters or their websites. Just ask that a link to your website and a   one-line description of what you offer be included with the article. You can use websites like ezinearticles and   goarticles

2) Funny videos are a great method to use for viral marketing because video sharing is so popular today. Funny or   weird videos get shared among friends and posted on blogs and get seen by a lot of eyes. Insert your brand or a link   to your website into the video and you have one good example of viral marketing. Remember that your video needs to be   unique in some way. There is a lot of competition out there and an average video won’t get very much attention.  You can also online presentations or videos using images only. You can also create some good tutorials also.

3) Giving away free eBooks or short reports is another viral marketing example that is pretty popular today. You can   keep your advertisements in free eBooks or reports

4) Posting gossip or rumors can also go viral. This is also called link baiting. The purpose is to create a buzz that   gets people talking about your post and linking to it. All those web hits and back links will be good for your business   as long as you do it right.

5) Create a Customized wallpaper /Screensaver . Create a good custom wallpaper /screen saver and you can keep your   advertisements  somewhere in that wallpaper. Make sure the advertisements is small enough so that users can use it with   comfort without worrying about ads.

6) Use a “Tell a Friend” Script This is a simple form that allows your website visitors to tell other people about your site by sending a simple   email.

7) Participate in Forums Many forum administrators will allow you to add a signature to all your posts.  The more you participate, the more   your link will be displayed throughout the forum pages. Try to participate in user forums that relate to your site’s theme.  If your site is about knitting, then try to find   forums that cater to arts and crafts, etc.

8) Websites like digg,delicious, stumbpleupon, linkhello can provide lot of traffic to your website when they become   viral.

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Increase Site Hits

Increase Site hits

SEO for a Website is Mandatory, NOT Optional. Websites which are listed on top of search engine results are considered to be very trustworthy and also generates more leads, sales, and conversions.

There are many creative ways to increase hits to your website. You can follow the below methods to increase website traffic/hits:

site hits


1) Increase site hits by organic SEO: 

 Organic SEO is definitely the best way to get good site hits.
  – Research your keywords and analyze your competition
  – Optimize all your onpage attributes like Title tag, meta tags ,
      h1-h6 tags and image alt attributes.
  – Create sitemap, robots.txt and set up Google analytics.
  – Start with link building. Submit your website to all related directories.
  – Write articles, press release and blogs to generate back links.
  – Use forums and web2.0 properties to generate anchored back links.
  – Bookmark your website in all good  social bookmarking websites.

2) Increase site hits by optimizing Google places:

You can drive good amount of traffic by listing your website in Google local businesses. To get good ranking in Google maps, follow below tips for optimizing local listing:

  – Complete your information.
  – Keywords included in your company name (don’t SPAM)
  – Website Optimization – use City and State keywords in your Titles and Meta Tags, add your address to your web pages, etc.
  – Submit photos, videos, coupons, payment methods, parking instructions
  – Listings in directories that include local address info.
  – Number of In-Bound Links (IBLs) from local city websites and directories
  – Total number of reviews


3) Increase website hits by social media marketing:

Social media is all about networking and networking in a way that espouses trust among parties and communities involved.
  – Join all major social networking website.
  – Social Media is a two way street, lets not forget that. So participate and by conversing with the community you are creating awareness and   prolonging your buzz
  – Create content that naturally spread socially.
  – Be real and active.

4) Increase website hits by video marketing:

  People spend a lot of time in youtube and facebook where they share lot of videos. So why not get a chance to market your business with these video. Some tips for having videos that will drive huge traffic:
  -Give your video a Catchy Title
  -Make sure that your video clips are relevant and informative
  -Keep Your Videos to five minutes or less
  -Make video sitemap and tag your videos.
  – Offer the Option to Embed Your Video

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Journey to become the most affordable SEO provider

How we became the most affordable  SEO provider?

As a website owner , you must read the facts in this post.
When I started learning the ways to drive traffic,the first lesson I learned got was to :: “Never believe on others.. Find out
I started my first website  and was looking for traffic, and then a guy approached me and said that he will give me 500 visitors daily  and for just few dollars. It looked interesting and I bought, my websites stats showed traffic but no real buying..It was fake traffic. Ahh.  My lesson : Never ever buy website traffic.

Ok.Now after searching a lot in Google, then I found Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. To me it looks interesting. I asked few SEO consultants about doing SEO of my website and everyone said 500$, 1000$ per month and so on.
It is  way high  than my budget. Then I looked into their clients. To my surprise many of them were not having good traffic. I realized its better I haven’t invested there.
Then I started  learning and implementing SEO techniques. It was not that hard though , its time consuming. I started seeing traffic to my website. I was amazed. The best thing was that I was able to get my website in top position for many high competitive keywords. For example:  “affordable seo company“.
That was the start and I streamlined many processes so that it started getting cheaper and cheaper for me. Many SEO companies do not take advantages of reusability in their SEO process and demographic variations.
And today we are able to provide full fledge SEO services at just 150$ per month.
Achievement : Our clients are really happy and they referred our services to their friends. We havent marketed ourself from last 4 months.
Some facts you should know :
On a average, keywords will take  2-3 months in reaching top 5 positions. If it is taking more time, then work on your SEO process.
Make sure that you are getting more WEB 2.0 links.
Open Link wheel is a better than closed link wheel which many of SEO guys aren’t aware of.
And the most important for all website owners: The seo companies get you in good ranking for a keyword, but have you ever checked the competition level and traffic volume of that keyword. This is critical as I have seen many seo companies will get you in good ranking for keywords which no one is searching in google.

Contact us for free consultation for your website traffic.  Ask for  a free website analysis  report ….

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SEO Updates


SEO is the process of optimizing the web page. It is mainly divided into two categories namely on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization consists of all the changes or processes that are done on the webpage, and off-page optimization has al the processes that are done off the web-page. Every day a new SEO process evolves. For the best SEO updates you can check the Affordable SEO Services Company. They provide the best and the latest SEO updates.

SEO Updates

The latest SEO updates are as under:

1.) Making Use of Webmaster Tools

First and foremost seo process step is to have an account with webmaster tools. There are a number of webmaster tools available and these webmaster tools provide many services. These services can help you estimate the website traffic, diagnose problems in your website, track website visitors and much more. Commonly used webmaster tools are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google Analytics is great, but you should verify your website with other webmaster tools as well.

2.) No Canonical URL issues

There should not be any sort of canonical issues with URL. Prefer to choose a URL with www or without www. Otherwise the search engines will treat two URL’s for same page. Ensure that the URL is correct.

3.) Having Site Map for Website

The website must have a sitemap. And it has to be submitted in search engines. Each search engine allows submitting sitemap using webmaster tools. This allows search engines and visitors to locate the website easily.

4.) Robots.txt File

For restricting certain files for getting indexed, you need to make use of robots.txt file.

5.) Local Listings for Website

With almost all of search engines, there is an option for local business also. You can submit your website for local searches also. After submitting in local search engine listings, you need to submit website for local directories also.

These were some of the latest seo updates. You can visit the site and get to know more about these updates and latest seo process.

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Ranking my website

Top 8 Tips for Ranking my Website High in SERP’s

Having a high rank in search engines is the dream of every business. High ranking website means more and more traffic to the site, and thus more and more business.

Do you wish to have a high rank in major search engines then you can have this done in a very easy manner. For ranking my website high, I follow certain tips and I am sharing the tips here.

1.) Keyword Research

The primary focus is Keywords. Choosing the right keywords is really a tough job to do. Right keywords will bring the traffic to your site but wrong keywords will never return any benefits. So, the success of the website lies in targeting right keywords. Once the keyword research is done, the keyword placement is done, which includes the use of keywords in proper places like title, meta tags, content, headings etc.

2.) Fresh Content

The content has to be fresh. The content of the webpage has to be updated as the fresh content is loved by search engines. If the search engine spider never looks for any change in the webpage content, it will create a bad impact and the rankings will go down.

3.) Resonant Keyword Links

Search engine spiders crawl by following links from one page to another by following links from one page to the other, and this way they do index the contents as they go. If the links they crawl include the relevant keywords and key phrases, the search engine heightens its page rankings. Keywords must also be used in the site’s menu navigation. The technique is highly effective, as I used this technique for ranking my website high

4.) Accessible Web Design

Try to keep an accessible web design. A site that takes too much time to load irritates the visitors and even the search engine spiders. There should not be any sort of errors, or redirects. Standard compliant website designs should be used and W3C’s accessibility guidelines should be followed properly while designing websites.

5.) Relevant Incoming Links

The quality of incoming links holds much importance than the quantity of links. Having 5 links from PR-7 sites have more value than 100 links from PR-0 sites.  And moreover try to get relevant links. Search engine checks out for the links that link to your site.

6.) Say No to Keyword Stuffing

It is a good option to make use of keywords in your content, but stuffing your webpage with keywords alone will penalize your site. This keyword stuffing method is mere a trick to get more visits to your site. But avoid this technique.

7.) No use of Black Hat Techniques

The black hat SEO makes use the deceptive methods, the methods search engine restrict to. So, say no to these techniques. These techniques may include automated link spamming, hidden text, publishing copied content, mirror sites etc.

8.) Don’t participate in Link Exchange

Don’t participate in link exchange schemes that are designed to increase your site’s ranking or Page Rank. Avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods as it will affect the rankings of your own website.

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Tips for internet marketing

internet-marketing services-tips



when you are interested in marketing strategies keep in mind that if you are neglecting to market your buissness online, you are missing out the most powerful buissness that leads to an effective marketing of your product or brand. The best way to promote your content online is to make certain strategies ,properly optimize your websites,creating blogs, promoting websites through social media etc. There are certain tips that will help you for internet marketing.

It includes..

1) Create a unique key word

2) Optimize your website

3) Add expressive blogs

4) Make marketing offers

5) Use various social media in order to promote your content

6) marketing through emails

7) Analyse and refine strategies


Keyword is defined as a word that a person is used to gather some information from online topics . People enter their keywords in search engines like google ,yahoo in order to gather information.By using this keyword strategies you can optimize your content so that people find you online and you will drive more and more traffic to your website. It is very difficult to find a proper keyword for your buissness website though there are certain ways which help you to analyse how effective is the keyword so that it will draw the attention of the visitors.

In order to create a unique keyword ,you always think like you are using someone brain inorder to find a product online . Make sure always use small words or phrases about your product in your keyword.In the begning use less competitive keywords for your buissness . There are certain tools(google key word tool) which you can use to find the competitiveness of a keyword and also suggest new ideas for keyword . Always choose keyword that matches well to your buissness.


Once you choose your keywork then your next aim is to be on first page that can be achieved by properly optimizing your website .i.e increase your website chance of ranking with those unique keywords.Search engine optimization(SEO) means to be found on the first few results of search engine.

SEO can be divided into ..



ON- page SEO describe as how well your content is presented to the search engine i.e. how fresh you update your content so that search engines rank them in first few results and you will get more and more traffic to your website.

OFF-PAGE SEO refers to what other sites think about you. There are certain tools that analyze your marketing and provide you score . These tools help you how to increase your marketing strategies.

There are various elements that are important for ON-PAGE optimization, it includes;;

a) Title of the page

b) Meta data and meta description

c) Headings

d) Images

e) MOZ rank

f) domain info

g) Cascading style sheets

h) URL structure

i) google crawl date .

As we know that keyword is very important but it doesnot mean that our page is full of keywords ,so that search engine rank our website in first few results. Therefore always avoid keyword stuffing.


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