Free Job Posting in Job Boards

Nowadays Job Boards are a Place where most of the Recruiters look for candidates.Job Boards is a website that posts job listings , provides resume search etc.One does not have to wander places looking for a job ,Various job postings can be found on job boards which matches the candidates skills and goals.

Jobisite :

Jobisite is a job portal which offers several features and benefits to the user,such as access to all job postings,posting free job listing,job postings,buy and sell service gigs,post classifieds and many more.

In this Blog lets focus more on how to Post Free Job posting in Jobisite

Step 1:

  1. To post a Free Job posting First Go to the Jobisite Page and click on Recruiters section and choose Post Free Job
  2. Create a Recruiters account
  3. Fill the details in the Form such as title,location,skills etc.


Why Jobisite ?

Jobisite allows user to post free job listings and it allows resume access.It is user friendly,doesn’t require a huge budget like other job boards to post jobs and it also shares jobs to multiple job boards.

Some list of Other Job Boards
  3. ClearanceJobs
  5. Learn4Good

and many more

All of these Mentioned Job Boards perform the same task however when it comes to posting Free Job listings,Jobisite does it better.

Who should use Free Job posting ?

The Recruiters with low budget and who are looking to recruit candidates and doesn’t want to spend money they can always opt for Free Job posting Job boards.

Is it worth using Free Job Posting ?

Using Free Job posting doesn’t involve any disadvantage as there is nothing to loose even when you post a job listing ,though it may not attract as much traffic as premium Job boards however it will still come up with lot of results.

What should I look out for when posting free jobs listing?

When posting a job for free on a job boards it can often cause you to put less effort into writing the job description compared to the effort you would put into an expensive paid job posting. When you post a job opening for free make sure to include all the essential aspects of the role and included detailed instructions on how to apply.

Benefits of Free Job Posting

Nobody disagress that paying a website for posting your job advertisement has some inherent benefits. By paying, you ensure the job goes online on some of the topmost recruitment websites of the world, which is viewed by thousands of job seekers.

However, these websites also offer almost similar benefits to post on free job boards.

Free job posting allows you to advertise the same job on multiple websites. This increases the chances of more qualified candidates viewing your job posting.

Consequently, the number of applications you receive is higher, which results in short-listing, interviewing and hiring from a vast talent pool.

Why Post Free?

MNC’s and Large Companies have huge advertising budgets. Hence, they can easily afford to pay for their job postings.

Startups, small businesses obviously cannot afford to spend their precious funds on advertising vacancies. Hence, you can avail of free job postings offered by severa job boards.


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Best Plans For Recruiters In Job Boards

Choosing the Best plans for Recruiters in Job boards is crucial.Making use of creative recruiting techniques will help in getting your jobs seen by candidates who are looking for a new role. It will also provide with benefits of hiring great candidates faster,maintain consistency and with less effort.

Here at we provide our users with choice of selecting their own plan as they wish.we have three package plans for our recruiters they are as follows

1.Free plan

The free plan is the basic one and it provides the recruiters with the basic features to post their jobs and they have access to only limited Resume.One doesn’t need to pay for this plan you can just create a recruiter account and then sign up and start posting the job and it will go live on our website..


This second package is a recommended plan if the recruiters are serious about their job posting.This provides the access of Premium Hot Listing(unlimited) and the job is seen by more audience.Silver plan has the benefit of Various job boards sharing as the job posted using this plan will be posted to multiple job boards which allows greater audience to access the job.This comes with a Fee of 49$ per Year.


This Package gives the premium lifetime access.the jobs posted will be listed on premium hot listing ,will be shared to multiple job boards ,access to full resume(unlimited) ,support and assistance from our side.


Tips for recruiters while posting Job

1.Writing a Potent Job Description

Writing a potent job description is the main step to attract the right candidates. Describe clearly the requirements,tasks,workplace and benefits of position.this will save the time of going through numerous applications and rejecting  unsuitable applications.

A Potent and Effective Job description should have the following .

  • Usage of  title— use a title which is relevant to your company and which can be easily understood by the industry and people.
  • Giving an Idea about your company— Mentioning about the information of the company and an overview of the business helps in stating why a candidate might be interested in working for it.(ex:goals,achievements,recent awards etc)
  • Qualifications—main a order of priority while specifying the Qualifications needed for the job.First collect the information of what skills,attributes and what kind of a candidate you are looking for,list them all.
  • How to apply—Mention all the Details of what to send(ex:resume,cv,certificates etc) to the Company’s Mail or any address as not forget to mention a dead line.
  • Job Description—State a clear description about the job  and make sure to highlight what makes the position unique and worth applying for.


Step 2: Use the right recruitment tools

Once the Job ad is written, you need to find the right way to promote it. Two factors will determine the best choice: your company’s budget and the type of candidate you are looking for. Remember that using more than one tool increases your exposure.

This is where our online Job boards comes into picture.

  • Online job boards—Job boards are simple and most cost-efficient ways of reaching Job seekers. Because of the large number of jobs available on these websites, it’s important to make sure that your job listing stands out as everyday several job postings will be listed and the one you posted may get lost in the here we can make us of Package plans provided by the .you can always choose the Silver Package or either depending on your company’s budget you can opt for Gold plan which provides Lifetime access for 99$.

Step 3: Go through the Applicants

Once you have used the right recruitment tools and posted a job listing ,the next step is to go through the applicants received.After receiving several applicants and once you’ve selected a list of candidates you feel suitable for the job. This step eliminates the task of going through unnecessary applicants who you feel are not worthy.this will save time noting that you be careful while making the selection.

Here are the ways you can  approach candidates before the interview.

  • E-mail or telephone—you can email them or make a telephone call on the details they have mentioned in their application and you can actually come to know the first impression and this helps in knowing if the candidates are actually interested or not.
  • Conducting Tests—Testing helps in finding the applicants who’s skills matches your ideals,Testing can assess cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, character, work preferences, etc.
  • Ask for their portfolio—.Having a glance at their portfolio helps you in knowing their previous work experience and achievements . Ask candidates to send you their portfolio to get a sense of what they can do.

Step 4: Interviewing the candidates

The interview is the opportunity to confirm the candidates’ qualifications, determine if they meet the job requirements and if they can get along with the job environment.

There are two commonly used types of interview questions:

Behavioral questions

These types of questions help predict future behavior by asking about past experiences. it can help you determine  the person’s self-confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills.It will clearly show how they would react in such behavioral situations.

Situational questions

These questions present the candidate with potential situations they could face on the job. These questions usually start with, “What would you do if…?” or, “How would you…?”


Step 5: Recruiting for the Job

When you have interviewed the candidates and finally selected the one who you feel is right,offer him the job. If necessary, give the candidate a few days to decide. Once they have confirmed, it’s common to send a letter of offer that states in writing what was discussed over the phone.



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Education recruitment

education recruitment

Education recruitment 


It is that kind of a requirement process where people are placed according to the education ability. There are a lot of organizations concerned and those who work hard on this process of recruitment through the proc education recruitments of education, the candidates who apply for jobs also mention their qualification and thereby, the recruitment is done based on this process. This sort of recruitment is not only preferred for jobs, but anybody who wants to do their higher education can simply consult this agency, that helps them clear all their requirements in the process of selecting candidates. Students who want to go abroad and improve their educational degrees go in for this kind of a process. Education Recruitment also consists of many criterions that need to be fulfilled by the candidate before going in for it. This process is helping a lot of them get into their institutions that they really dreamt of, getting into and studying there someday.


Students are sent to the best Universities of their choice in the world and are given a wonderful privilege to utilize them; these agencies mostly take up online tests. They judge students on their aptitude skills and then they send them wherever they deserve to be. Education is the most important aspect in everybody’s life and this is been realized over the years by these agencies and is given due importance of recruiting candidates to meet their dreams of getting a degree in the institution of their own choice. These agencies act as intermediaries that help them reach their desires, with no hesitation by recommending their names to the top most universities of the world. They will have the list of the innumerable agencies that provide a platform for students in higher education and which is the latest kind of choice.


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What is Recruitment

What is Recruitment

Professionally, the idea of recruitment depends on itself. It is very obvious that people need jobs in order to meet up with their daily need while at the same time jobs also need the help of the people to do them. This means that we can define recruitment as the ideal method of searching, attracting, testing and finally choosing the qualified applicant for the job. This is more or less the same as match- making in the bodied business world. The major sources of big and small companies that help to fill up the positions which are in need of applicants in the organizations are the recruitment agencies. These companies contract out the employment activities to the recruitment agencies in order to make it more efficient and effective.

However, the recruitment organization has four types of services such as follows:

–          Employment agencies

–          Recruitment agencies

–          Executive agencies and professional head hunters

–          Niche recruiters

The recruitment agency outsource for the potential candidates that will be suitable for the particular job position which is usually carried out via the advertising method. This advertising method could be online or offline. Some people even use search process through social network such as facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. When this is done, the next thing to do is to go through the list of the possible candidates for this job to see if they are qualify for such position through their requirements before the next process is taken. This could be proved through tests and interviews.

As soon as the qualified candidate is selected for the position via test and interview, the candidate will be contacted and given the job due to his or her performance in the recruitment process. If the candidate accepted the offer, then the work will start base on this particular position. Immediately the candidate is on board, the follow-up process will follow for the candidate to be able to work in the new position more efficiently. This aspect is very crucial because this is how to know the effectiveness of the recruitment agency. They ensure that the selected candidate is able to fulfill his or her responsibility in the position assigned to him or her. This must be highly imperative; otherwise the whole effort of the recruitment agency is meaningless. If the selected candidate is not effective, then we can say that the recruitment agency that presented the candidate to the company is useless.

In the final analyses, the recruitment agency and recruiting for the jobs is very crucial in the recruiting industry. The business matches each other. This kind of idea help to search for the potential candidate and high valuable talented one that can help to fill the job opening in an organization and at the same time be efficient and effective in the position given to him or her. By so doing, it will contribute greatly to the bottom line of the company. With this great work, the recruitment agencies are paid huge amount of money for this great work.

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The essential recruitment strategies

The essential recruitment strategies

In case you secure any job in recruitment, what determines your success is to identify best was of choosing the suitable candidate for a specific job over and again, otherwise referred to as recruitment strategies. For this reason, very solid and confirmed technique is the most essential tool to put in place. If you can nurture this habit, it will soon become so natural that you can just speak to candidates on phone and yet still speak the best of all. You are advised to keep applying the following strategies until you are able to achieve your desire.

–          Check out for the in-house candidates

In fact, this should always be your first step especially when planning to hire a manager in any firm. In this situation, there is every likelihood that one employee is already in acting capacity, ensure that you critically examine his or her suitability before taken further step. In the prose, be reminded that their experience in such role matters to their aggregate work history. Indeed, professionals are of the view that the best hire is always anyone who was once carried out the same job, in same area of business, on exact business situation and for a firm under similar category. In other word, the best option is to go for the person that had occupied that very position before. Meanwhile, you still need to go further to interview and focus on those areas you think the inclusive candidate is lagging behind.

–          Network

Without any doubt, networking is one of the best recruitment strategies for any recruiter that actually worth his or her best. It is ideal that you make contacts with business some other agencies with the understanding that prospective talent will always attract more reputation to your agency. Besides, it also attracts more cash for your organization and increasing prospects for better job or contracts.


Let it be at the back of your mind that the role may not always have the most suitable applicant while aspect of the role is ideal for various applicants. It is even possible that the candidate you are been interviewed for a role will be a perfect match for another position in another organization you are familiar with. It is better to employ lateral thinking about these issues likely to arise and then take a pre-emptive measure toward finding solution. Be bold enough to state a solution different from the expectations of the organization including job share arrangements or extra roles within the firm.

– Be Independent

As a matter of footnote, be independent minded and do a thorough job with your recruitment strategies and you will never lack clients. When you are able to use all these strategies, then the time you use in doing all these will compensate you with the dividends by making sure that you are able to get the top candidate as soon as they emerge without experiencing any problem. This will surely add more beauty and standard to your firm among other organization.

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Are you paying too much for recruitment.

Why not try Jobisite services where your job details are promoted for free and you just pay for the referral money if candidate joins your company. services for Recruiters.
– No upfront cost. Reduces the cost of paying many job boards
– Recruiters can set any amount for referral of job position.
– Virtual Assistance to recruiters.
– Search suitable candidates and submit to recruiters for interviews.
– If selected and candidate joined the company , the Recruiter can pay for referral money.



CONTACT US  for any details.

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Flat fee recruitment

free flat

The old and conservative practices of job selection have just gone by, whereas the new are welcomed by all masses with open arms this is the kind of impact technology has on the people of this era. Most companies recommend the new ways of job selection, as they recruit the right person to the right job. Online aptitude tests are the classic instances of the improvement and the role played by technology in the lives of the candidate’s as well as on the company. This type of job selection done by agencies is termed as flat fee recruitment. These agencies with the help of technical aspect recruit candidates’ online and forward their way of answering questions, their attitude towards work, psychological character to the particular company. If the company feels good and if interested calls the candidate for a face-to-face interview before settling them with the job.


The reciting agencies do charge a certain amount of minimal fees, that every company can really afford for it. The advantage of most of these agencies is that, they do not ask the candidate to pay anything from their pay pocket or their salary. Instead, the company pays these agencies all at once for meeting their needs and thanks them, with the flat fee. It is the best consultant that screens and chooses the best and the right candidate according to their skill and talent to the right job that suits them. Most of the companies who do not want to waste their time on the selection and recruitment process of the candidates simply hire and pay up the agencies that do the whole selection process online from any part of the country. In today’s world, selection is difficult as there are many job seekers’ and less number of jobs. Thus, flat fee recruitment has a great role to play.


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