Top 8 Android Applications 2010

Top 8 Android Applications 2010

Android applications are not very large as compared to your I phone applications, but there are still enough to be overwhelmed and moreover its applications are growing at an increasing rate.

The platform that is provided by Android is very big that anyone can make their home screen look different a month from now. Some of the best applications that I have found on Android are listed below:

  • Places Directory– With the help of this application, you can easily find the shops and services near your current location. From your restaurants to movie theatre to various medical facilities to taxis, this application is found to be accurate. Moreover, this application is much better than the information you retrieved from your GPS unit or similar information you can get from your I phones.
  • Pandora- This is one of the top Android applications 2010. Pandora basically acts a radio station for internet age. You can simply search by an artist or by song and it will also create a play list of your favorite songs. This application also places an occasional ad between your songs provided the ads should be well localized as well as useful.
  • Google Goggles- This application actually perform visual searches. Though its scope is limited in nature but its quite pretty and cool application. You can take pictures of various things and then this application tries to tell you what they are. One of the coolest features that this application provides is that if you take pictures of text in a foreign language then it will perform the task of translation for you.
  • Gist- Mostly the people scattered their contact lists on various computers or devices or on some online services. So, this application is really helpful for those people as this application bring altogether all the contacts even pull in stuff from the Web to help you stay up to date with your most important contacts. You can also find similar application on I phone.
  • Google Voice- The next top Android application 2010 is Google Voice. Apple rejected the Google voice application from I phone but I find this application really useful. This application provides you a phone number that can make ring to multiple places and moreover you can access all of your voicemail and text messages over the web. Through this application you can also make your mobile number private.
  • FxCamera- The camera provided by Android application has full customization options and also offers some great effects for photos. But the camera software is that part of the Android application which needs major improvement.
  • Astro File Manager- With the help of this application, you can navigate through Android file system. One of the great things about Android is that you have lower access to the system itself. So, this application really helps you.
  • Tricorder- This application converts your Android device into a virtual tricoder. Smart phones are also similar in function like your tricoders. This application also offers information on environment, including your GPS data, wireless data, and various sound measurements.

We created  this list of top Android Applications after looking into various android based directories,  ratings , reviews and downloads.

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iPhone Software Development

iPhone Software Development

Coming of iPhone in mobile field is an era changing phenomenon. It has changed the perception of mobiles from being communication device alone to a compact computer, even replacement of many functions from computers and also capable of managing all sorts of functions that modern PC does.The versatility and publicity of an iPhone describe the story of its huge success in smart phones market.

Apple has opened its SDk for developers to further enhance its third party iphone software development customizations. Iphone software development , along with Android is definitely taking market from other mobile software developments.

Some reasons why many companies are going for iPhone sofwtare dvelopment :
– iPhone Apps works in both iphone and iPad’s .
– Good Market share.
– Good exposure.

iphone software development
iphone software development

iPhone Software development Tools

Some of the tools that can be used for iPhone Software development :
iPhone Dev Center :The main & official source for creating iPhone applications.
PhoneGap: Opensource toolkit having good features for  HTML and Javascripts
iPhoney: Gives a pixel-accurate web browsing environment and really good for  developing web sites for iPhone.
iUI: A very functional iPhone UI library.

Zeustek has well equipped and experienced developers to work on iPhone software Development Project using iMac and simulator. We develop iPhone applications of the following categories.
* Entertainment industry related software
* Sales and Marketing
* Social Networking software
* Travel Booking software
* GPS Tracking software
* Middle Wear Supporter
* Utility software
* Productivity software
* Touch screen application
* Weather related data collection software

If you need experienced professional iPhone software development team to take care of your iPhone software development to integrate with your Business Software, You are at right palace and feel free to Contact Us now!

Questions received last week:

Hi Vinay, Will my  Mac software run on the iPhone?

No, but since iPhone software is developed using the same development tools as Mac software, it’s possible that developers will be able to re-use some of their code to make iPhone versions of their programs. But the entire user-interface layer of the iPhone, dubbed “Cocoa Touch,” is completely different from the Mac’s Cocoa interface layer, owing to the iPhone’s finger-based interface.

regards, vinay

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Android Architecture

Android Architecture

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.

The following diagram shows the major components of the Android operating system.

android architecture
android architecture

The main components of the Android architecture:

1. Applications: These are applications written in Java. Some of basic applications includes an calendar, email client, SMS program, maps, making phone calls, accessing the Web browser, accessing your contacts list and others.

If you are an average user, this is the layer you will us most, rest all layers are used by Google programmers, developers and hardware manufacturers.

2. Application Framework: This is the skeleton or framework which all android developers has to follow. The developers can access all framework APIs an manage phone’s basic functions like resource allocation,  switching between processes or programs, telephone applications,  and keeping track of the phone’s physical location.

The architecture is well designed to simplify the reuse of components. Think of the application framework as a set of basic tools with which a developer can build much more complex tools.

3. Libraries: This layer consists of Android libraries written in C, C++, and used by various system. These libraries tells the device how to handle different kinds of data and  are exposed to Android developers via Android Application framework. Some of these libraries includes  media , graphics, 3d,SQLite,web browser library etc.

The Android runtime layer which includes set of core java libraries and DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine) is also located in same layer.

4. Runtime Android: This layer includes set of base libraries that are required for java libraries.  Every Android application gets its own instance of Dalvik virtual machine. Dalvik has been written so that a device can run multiple VMs efficiently and it executes files in executable (.Dex) optimized for minimum memory.

5. Kernel – Linux: This layer includes Android’s memory management programs, security settings, power management software and several drivers for hardware , file system access, networking and inter-process-communication. The kernel also acts as an abstraction layer between hardware and the rest of the software stack.

Android GUI Architecture

android gui architecture
Android GUI Architecture

Android GUI is single-threaded, event-driven and built on a library of nestable components.

The Android UI framework is organized around the common Model-View-Controller pattern.

The Model : The model represents data or data container. You can see it as a database of pictures on your device. Say, any user wants to hear an audio file, he clicks play button and it triggers an event in your app,  now the app will get data from data store or database and as per input and creates data to be sent back to the user. You can refer this data as Model.

The View: The View is the portion of the application responsible for rendering the display, sending audio to speakers, generating tactile feedback, and so on.

Now as per above example, the view in a hypothetical audio player might contain a component that shows the album cover for the currently playing tune. User will always interact with this layer. User action’s on this layer will trigger events that will go to the application functions.

The Controller: The Controller is the portion of an application that responds to external actions: a keystroke, a screen tap, an incoming call, etc. It is implemented as an event queue. On User’s action, the control is passed over to controller and this will take care of all logic that needs to be done and prepare Model that need to be sent to view layer.

Mobile companies that are using  Android :

Right now the major players in mobile world using Android technology are:

  • HTC
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony Ericson
  • Geeks’Phone
  • Motorola

Visit this site for tcpmp android

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Windows Mobile Apps

Windows Mobile Apps :

Despite the proliferation of iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android-equipped devices,Windows Mobile cell phones are alive and doing well . Still many companies are looking for windows mobile apps and their development. We, zeustek, as an affordable mobile application development team in India gets inquiries for windows mobile app development on regular basis and we know the market will really grow beyond expectations in coming years.

windows mobile apps
windows mobile apps

There are many windows mobile apps  and I have tried to list our some of really good and free windows mobile app you should check:

Google Sync Sync your If you use Google’s Gmail, contacts, or calendar, sync them with your phone.

Skype A very user friendly skype app for talking.

Pandora for Windows Mobile Listen to music, rate songs, and bookmark your favorite artists and songs.

Tic Tac Toe Looking for a simple game to pass time? Play this classic against the computer.

AP Mobile Read international and national news from the Associated Press, plus local coverage from more than 1,200 newspapers.

TwitToday Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging client. With TwitToday, you can control all your twitter activities and tweet from your windows mobile easily.

Google Maps Mobile Google Maps is a free app which lets you determine your current location with or without GPS using Maps.

Windows Mobile Application Development Tools

There is no doubt that the popularity of mobile devices has gone beyond the limit.
You can see everywhere that people are constantly using iPhones, ipad, smartphones, blackberry or some other hi tech mobile devices. Windows Mobile platform is probably one of the most popular mobile platforms nowadays together with Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

The development tools and languages  for windows mobile app development  are very similar to regular embedding and application programming languages.
Some of latest developments tools for windows smartphones:

eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0
SDP functions
Visual Studio .NET
Microsoft SQL Server

Of course, that’s not the complete list of the development tools for Windows Mobile application development but they are probably the best.

Getting your own app for Windows Mobile

Our experience and expertise in windows mobile development makes us deliver you the quality apps for your windows mobile.
Now people have started recognizing us not only in India but across the world as a finest web, mobile and iPhone application developers and android application development team.

So if you are looking for a reliable and long lasting development partner, give us an opportunity to help you meet your marketing or production goals while still keeping a tight rein on your budget.
If you want to know more about windows mobile app development, feel free to contact us and our mobile developers will be glad to help you.

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This post is more about some interesting facts….
did you know
  • Did you know that the Google’s first ever Twitter post (I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.) means “I’m feeling lucky” ?
  • Did you know that  a twillionaire is a twitterer with a million or more followers?
  • Did you know that more than a third of users access Twitter via their mobile phone ?
  • Did you know that executives from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn?
  • Did you know that the average social user has 195 friends?
  • Did you know that the largest number of Facebook users live in North America with 35.4 percent of the continent actively logging on to Facebook every month?
  • Did You know that Social media is more popular than porn?
  • Did you know that Google handles about 1 billion search queries per day, releasing some 200 tons of CO2 per day?
  • Did You know that exchanging links could hurt your site rankings?
Website Security
  • Did you know that not doing a website security check could cost you dearly?
  • Did you know that the fastest-growing form of bank card fraud is “phishing” in which fraudsters set up a fake version of a genuine bank website and then send out thousands or even millions of spam emails driving consumers to the site?
  • Did you know that someone is a victim of a cybercrime every 10 seconds, and it is on the rise?
Mobile Apps
  • Did You Know that the iPhone Retains Cached Keyboard Data For Up To 12 Months?
  • Did you know that  android is better than iPhone in performance?
  • Did you know that the first website of the internet was “” launched in 1992 by Tim Berners-Lee ? It is still active.
  • Did you know that the DNS was created in 1984 and in 1985 top level domains were defined ? The first top level domains were COM, ORG, EDU, GOV, MIL and ccTLD.
Application Programming
  • Did you know that  C# (pronounced C Sharp) was first known as “Cool” ?
  • Did you know that developers write poor PHP code? The proportion of insecure software written in PHP has increased to 34% in 2008.
  • Did you know that Java is still the most popular, reliable and secure programming language?

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How to install Android Applications

Steps to  install Android Applications

Android is the fastest growing mobile platform. One of the basic methods of installing Android applications is by using Android Market. The Android Market is basically a market that club all the applications made for the Android. Various Third party developers can also upload their applications on Android market and any one can download them. Some of the applications are free and for some applications you have to pay some fees.

Installing Android applications is not a difficult task and if you want to install Android applications using Android Market then just go through the following steps:

  • First you have to open the Android Market application given in the Applications menu.
  • Choose any option- Applications, Games or Search or My Downloads based on what you want to do. You will then receive a list of applications to choose from.
  • Searching for any application is also possible. You will then get a list of apps along with their description as well as rating.
  • Now you can click on the application you want and you will get more details of the desired application.
  • If you want to install it, just click on the Install button on the bottom of the screen.
  • In the next screen, it will give you more details about the application including the different functionalities it will need to access.
  • Just click on OK to finish installing the application.

Moreover, if you want to install third party Android applications on your Android phone, read the following guidelines:

  • First you have to copy the APK file you want to install to your phone’s memory card.
  • Next step is to go to Android Market and search for the ApkInstaller application.
  • Select any one of these applications and click on the Install button.
  • After it is installed, open the ApkInstaller.
  • It will show you all the 3rd party APK files stored directly in the root directory of your memory card.
  • Just click on the desired application you want to install
  • Click on OK to finish the installation of Android Application.

Check this site for best google android applications

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Mobile Marketeer – Your strategic mobile tool

Mobile Marketeer

In our endeavor to create innovative ideas that empower today’s mobile workforce with leading edge tools, Zeustek  presents Mobile Marketeer, an innovative application to access critical company information on the fly and effectively communicate with peers. It is a next generation application that boasts of reducing time to information significantly thus enhancing your productivity. It’s a handy application that puts information on to your finger tips.

It’s ease of use features makes key information like Corporate profile; Products & Services; Social Media; Contact-Us etc. easily accessible in a fast paced work environment. See for yourself as We encourage you to try this tool for 7 days absolutely free.


With growing number of smart phone users among the corporate world, Mobile Marketeer is an absolute necessity. This application is gaining popularity among the organizations who value creative use of technology. Our easy to customize functionality offering helps our clients tailor the feature to realise true potential of this tool  thus making it an integral part of their startegic plans. Growing number of our customers includes Aker Solutions, BalanceCO2, eCore to name a few.

Key features include:

  • Company Profiling
  • Integrated audio-video presentation to facilitate spot on demos
  • Sending important information to reach out to target audience is now just a click away
  • Dynamic Communication feature that enables integrated emails
  • Upload on app store within minutes with client company display
  • Compatible with leading smart phones i.e iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Try this tool for free now. mobile-markeeter-contact

Contact us at [email protected] for more information on this product.

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8 Useful iphone applications

8 Useful iPhone applications

Generally, the best iPhone apps tend to consist of some entertaining applications. While there are many more serious applications that are known as the best iPhone apps, they aren’t nearly as popular as the applications that are much more popular because they are that much more useful in everyday life. Listing down are some of the iPhone applications you should install, or at least try using them.
Customize– This is cool application that you can use with your iphone as customize gives you more control over your phone. You can customize your default iphone assets like background, images, alarm icon, Bluetooth icon, sound images, main slider, call slider, calculator background. bar images etc

  • Isplit– This is a very handy tool for the people those who like to go dutch on meals with friends but having problem calculating how much each individual have to pay. So, this application really helps you especially when you are with your friends.
  • ToDolist– Keep your to do list organized, with functions like priority settings, categorizing, etc.
  • Sketches-It gives you an option to sketch and send photo instantly to friends via email. A Sketch allows you to do more than just snapping photos.
  • Lockbox– Lockbox helps you in maintaining important information like account username/password, credit card information etc all behind a password protected screen.
  • Dictionary-It not only contains dictionary, but also a thesaurus. So, wherever you are you can easily find the meaning of everything you want.
  • iDoodle– With iDoodle, you can guile away the hours drawing on your iPhone – circles, polygons, many colors. Designed specifically for the iPhone.
  • iBay– Search eBay on your iPhone.

Instead of the above applications, some of the best features of iphone pc suite are:

  • Download & Upload pics to and from PC and iPhone
    · Camera, calendar, SMS.
  • Photos- works 100% all in full resolution (upload or download)
    · ebook, notes, Call log.
  • SMS Chat- works 100%, send SMS to someone from PC through iPhone
    · Safari, bookmark management, sound themes, backup.
  • Ring tones.

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Make more customers

Make more customers:
Here I will like to talk about increasing your business revenue.The main focus is only on expanding your business. The main part of expansion of any business lies on number of customers and even quality of your product. People really miss the opportunities to make more  customers. Word of mouth is definitely  the biggest factor to make more customers but again if you don’t provide easy access to information or services they are looking for , you may end up with losing potential clients.

Lets start with making more customers

Step 1 -Web presence : Open your business to a new world of online customers. If you are selling anything or even you have a small business , then start with a website at-least. Do not go crazy for a flashy website, people wants a simple clean look and they want to know about your services. Even if you are not selling anything, provide people with information about your services and contact location. Start with a 4-5 page website which talks about your business, services, offers(if any) and contact information.  You can get a good ,simple and professional website within few hundreds. Check  Zeustek web design if you are looking for very affordable  5-6 page website.

Step 2 -Make more visitors to your website : Now you got a website but no one knows about your website , still it is of not much use. You need people to visit your website. How and why they will visit?

website seo
website seo

Lets talk about How they will visit your website
Search Engine Optimization : Every second thousand of users are searching for services that your provide in search engines. You definitely need to make your website optimized for major search engines. The search engine optimization is not that expensive and it provides you a real boost to your online presence.This will get your website in good ranking in search engine results  when people are searching for your services. Do that at-least for 5-6 months which will cover your basic website optimization and link building.
Social Media Presence : Your customers are there are in social networks, so get benefit of that. Bookmark your website in major social bookmarking website and market your products/services via facebook pages or tweets.

You can consider us for  free site analysis and affordable seo solutions.Our Confidence level- pay us only if you are happy and seeing the results 🙂

Now lets talk about Why customers will visit your website
– Brand: You have to make a good brand name in real and web world. People will search for your brand name also.
– Blog : Write something useful and people will be interested in knowing more about you and your services.
– Offers :
Publish some real good offers or discounts in Internet and people might be searching for your website.

Step 3: Make more customers: One more challenge is to convert these visitors to customers. Now with the help of good search engine optimization , you got people visiting your website, now if they don’t buy or don’t contact you for services, then whats the fun?

Some factors which will be helpful in converting these visitors to customers are :
– Easy access to contact information or call of action.If your page is long and requires scrolling, consider having your call to action button repeated several times on the page. …which reminds us, have you claimed your copy of our “SuperConverters” newsletter yet?
– Describe bnefits of your product and not just product features.
– Minimize your website’s loading  time.
– Show some security verified seals or skill certifications.
– Keep your forms small and simple. Do you really need fax number?

Mobile apps
Mobile apps

Step 4: Make more customers from mobile world : It is a huge opportunity to get more customers via mobile  and the potential is really high after coming of smart phones like iphones and androids. You can provide solutions to users via mobile world. A small example will be making a app to provide free tips to make a pizza and then include a feature to let users buy your pizza from there. You can show your featured products and some new offers/discounts.This is just an example, but many businesses have started focusing on having a good mobile app. You can consider Zeustek if you are looking for affordable iphone or android apps.

Follow these tips and you can really beat your competitors.

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Top 8 Useful iphone tips and tricks

8 Useful iphone tips and tricks

The iphones are really simple and easy to use. It has a number of useful features and most of the people are unaware of its usage. Like other phones, the iphone also has the power to keypresses and some combinations that perform cool and specific functions like screenshots and moreover it automatically launches the camera all the way from  home screens.

Listed down some of the useful iphone tips and tricks.

  1. Screenshots– If you want to take the screenshot of your screen then press the Home and Sleep button simultaneously. You will hear a camera shutter sound and then a screenshot will appear in the Saved Photos library of the Photos application.
  2. Create silent ringtones– You can also create a silent ringtone in your iphone if you are a type of person that don’t like to announce that are getting a call. This could be possible with the help of AAC file that has been converted into iphone ringtone.
  3. Home Button Options– This is one of the most convenient feature of the iphone. By double clicking on the iphone, it brings you to the home screen. You will find more handy options if you go the setting applications and then navigate to general and then to home button.
  4. Send Full Resolution Photos Through Email- If you want to send the send full resolution photos via email, open the photo in your iPhone’s camera roll, tap on it and hold until the “Copy” button appears. Copy the photo and then compose a new email. Press and hold somewhere within the content section, let go and the contextual menu will appear. Press Paste to insert your full resolution photo. Sending multiple full resolution photos can also be possible with the iphones, get to the camera roll on your iPhone and hit the “Share” button on the lower left corner.You’ll then be able to select multiple photos. When you’re done, hit “Copy”. Compose a new email and paste in your photos.
  5. 5. Register with your Wi-Fi- Skyhook WPS is the service that can be used via Wi-Fi, whichenables your iPhone and iPod touch to locate where you are if GPS isn’t available.
  6. Scroll to top– This is the most convenient yet hidden feature on the iphone. By tapping the status bar,it will take all the content scroll to the top. It comes in handy in situations like when you’ve scrolled down a long web page or mail message and you quickly need to get back to the top.
  7. Open and Save PDFs in iBooks- The iphone provides you the facility to store your PDF books in your ibooks. It provides an option known as “Quick look” for viewing the pdfs. You can also save these pdf books in ibooks and can easily access and view them
  8. Add Folders to the Dock– It is a very popular feature especially in organizing and accessing the various applications. In using folders, there’s a neat trick that will let you have all your most-used apps on your phone’s home screen.

These above iphone tips and tricks make the iphone more functional than it is documented to be. Let’s hope that there is something new and interesting you can learn from it.

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Top 8 Android Widgets


A widget displays an application’s most important or timely information at a glance, on a user’s Home screen. The standard Android system image includes several examples of widgets, including widgets for Analog Clock, Music, and other applications. Widgets are a feature introduced in Android 1.5. Users will be able to pick the widgets by touching and holding an empty area of the home screen, selecting widgets from the menu and then they can select the widget of their choice.

Basically, Android widgets have three main components:

  • A frame
  • A bounding box
  • Widget graphic controls

Widgets designed to fit visually with other widgets on the Home screen take cues from the other elements on the Home screen for alignment; they also use standard shading effects. Android introduce various kind of widgets. In this article you will come to know about top 8 beautiful widgets.

  • Pandora Widget

Pandora is very helpful to control playback from a home screen widget as well as you can find out information about other related artists. Pandora is also one of the best android widget.

  • Stock Music Widget

This widget is also one of the best android widget; this widget is very useful for the music as well as for android lover. This widget doesn’t display the album art.

  • Pure Grid Calendar Widget

If you have android phone, pure calendar is best widget on you home screen. Almost every feature of the widget can be plucked to your predilection. Pure Grid calendar is also one of the best android widget.

  • Tech Buzz Widget

Tech widget enables you to select their selection of refresh rate, so if you can’t live without significant what’s going on in your favorite kind, this widget is free for you. Android tech widget is also one of the best for android.

  • Slacker Radio Widget

It works as a nice satellite radio alternative. You can use sackler while you are at work with no cell requirement, at home through web.

  • Sticky Memo Widget

. With the help of this widget, you can add sticky notes to your home screen brilliantly, and you can choose from a wide range of sizes. Sticky widget is very helpful just tap the note to edit. This widget is totally free for you. Sticky Memo is also one of the best android widget

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Android versus iphone 3g

Android versus iphone 3g

A smart phone is the one that let you manage your calendar as well as emails. However some people used to carry an iphone while some wish to have an android phone with them. Both have different applications.

Listed down some of the differences between Andriod and iphone 3g

The huge application of the iphone count doesn’t help in certain situations. Apple only just added multitasking to its development community, something programmers have been working with on Android for a couple of years. The iphones doesn’t run widget which is an application that runs on the androids home screen.

Android suffers in other ways. The operating system that is designed in Android is freely available to anyone, so this makes the game designers in particular kind twitchy, especially if they know that the new iphone will only come out once a year, setting a new top bar standard when it does. The Android desktop is on a completely different level from the iPhone desktop. So, if you want to make comparison between them it becomes totally unfair.

Safari is the only browser that we used for the iPhone, and that browser still does not do Flash. However, the Android browser is one of the best browsers on the mobile market. It usually loads pages faster than Safari, has Flash support, and simply does everything a browser should do. Instead of just having icons bearing your phone’s desktop as in the case of iphone the Android phone adds widgets to the desktop.

Android was built with the intention of integrating with Google, but it doesnot integrate with the google in a manner. Want to search Google? Simply click the search button, enter your search string, and you’re off and running. Did I mention Google Voice? Yes, the Android has an app for that.

The concept of the multitasking can be applied in both the phones but the multitasking in android phone is much better than the iphone.

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