Teaching Assistant Tips

Teaching Assistant Tips

If you’ve been considering getting into teaching assistant work but are unsure where to start, the following tips should help you get on the right track.

1 – Understand The Full Scope Of The Job

If you’re fully up to date on all that a teaching assistant is required to do, as well as how that corresponds to your own experience and personal qualities, you should have a better grasp of what you have to offer in the field. You’ll also be able to find the right part of the sector and make your job hunt considerably more efficient.

Before you consider a serious pursuit of the teaching assistant profession, it’s important to understand how the role of assistants in the classroom can vary. For instance, the needs of the students can differ greatly depending on the grade level. Your potential role will also differ depending on how often you’ll be expected to provide one on one attention versus supporting the class in a general way. There are several different skill sets required of the job, so it’s best to be prepared for as many of these situations as possible.

2 – Pick A Specific Part Of The Sector

It’s best if you decide ahead of time if you want to work for a mainstream or specialist school. The role you will play will obviously vary a lot depending on the environment and nature of the school you’re in. If you’re best suited in a mainstream primary or even secondary school, you should make sure to apply exclusively to schools that fit that description.

Mainstream schools generally seek out those that can provide targeted curriculum support that includes subjects such as English, literature, math, and science. Make sure to illustrate your understanding of these areas in your applications. Specialist schools on the other hand will obviously favor those that only focus on one particular subject, so if you’re especially strong in one as opposed to having a level of general expertise, that might be the way you should go.

3 – Make Sure You Have A Good CV Or Resume

There’s all kinds of information out there detailing how to maximize the effectiveness of your CV or resume. Don’t focus on having a generalized one however; cater your submissions to showcase why you’d be an excellent teacher’s assistant in particular. You can even try crafting individual submissions to be more attractive to the specific location. Here are some good tips.

Previous teaching assistance experience will always give applicants a leg up over others seeking out positions, so be sure to highlight anything that applies. This includes the likes of volunteer work, charities you’ve been a part of, and coaching as well. Even if you only have personal experience that you feel would qualify you, list it. It’s better to put your cards on the table up front. There are some good tips here from Capita Education.

4 – Volunteer Or Work Through An Agency

If you happen to have a fairly sparse CV or resume, you can gain teacher’s assistance experience by electing to volunteer at local schools. There are also agencies that will allow you to do short term supply jobs. There’s a lot to learn through these opportunities, and your time with them will make you significantly more attractive to schools that are looking to hire.

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Incoming search terms:

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Interview with JobsinFortMcMurray


Interview with JobsInFortMcMurray


Jobisite: Can you give me a brief overview of your background and what it is you do in your work?

My background is in marketing and advertising, but my current role puts me in charge of connecting our business with both job seekers and employers in and around Fort McMurray.

We are ultimately looking to create a comprehensive resource for those looking to move to and work in Fort McMurray, and as such, ensuring our content touches on all these different areas is my top priority.


Jobisite: What inspired you to create your job website?

Fort mcmurray remains a very popular destination for job seekers across the globe. In addition to simply seeking out information on available jobs, we wanted to give users a true ‘all in one’ resource that provides current Fort McMurray news, as well as information on lifestyle, recreation, education, and more.


Jobisite: Are you working at the moment and do you blog full time?

As the business development officer for JobsinFortMcMurray.net, my role is to spread the word and connect our website with other organizations whose audience would find benefit in the type of information we provide.

I also assist with some of the online advertising and other marketing initiatives.


Jobisite: What advice would you give to job seekers looking at Fort McMurray?

Moving to Fort McMurray for work is a big step. I think you really need to do your homework, and look beyond just ‘the job’. It’s important for you to understand the Culture in Canada and Northern Alberta, as well as what sorts of educational and recreational opportunities that exist here.

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Thank you for your hard work

Thank you for your hard work


The United States or for that matter anywhere, the workforce appreciate working for companies valuing their employees and also are ready to reward for a well done job. A single person’s behavior or action in appreciation helps in lowering the turnover rates and thereby increases the employee’s retention rates. This translates into an increase in the profitability, may be even for a small percent between 2 and 4%. The simplest is the thank you for your hard work given to an employee by the employer or anyone representing the company as a senior ranking officer.


There is no doubt that the messages of thank you encourage the workforce and keep them motivated towards the company. Here is a list of thank you for your hard work messages to help employers to thank their employees for their dedication and hard work. Here are few effective thank you messages from employers to the employees recognizing their hard work.


  • All bosses can be calm and cool, if they are lucky like me to have efficient employees as you, Thank you.
  • Employees as you represent the essence of professionalism. You people or team has put your best every single day in work, thank you.
  • You are the employees who have become friends, mentors and leaders today, thus offering warm kinship to the company in all forms, Thanks.
  • I am honored to have you as my employee. The projects you handled were a success and it deserves a true appreciation to the entire team. Thank you.
  • Send a thank you note in appreciation if you are out of station and express happiness for the excellent services offered.
  • I am happy and very fortunate to avail services from this team and I heartily thank you all for carrying out and executing this difficult task.
  • But for you, my employees, this task would never have been completed to perfection. I thank you all to make it a big success that I express through this note today and will respect your services timely.


There is a need for the appreciation messages for good work done by the employee. From time to time, small appreciations must be given. These are verbal gestures that motivate and promote the employees morale to a very great extent.


An employer must show appreciation to his employees by sending a thank you message. There are many ways of saying thank you for your hard work. This is not only for the employers to say it to their employees, but also for the team leader or the project manager to say his sub-staff or team. This will keep a motivated spirit alive.


  • I see the hard work put in this recent task and I appreciate everything that you put in this company. In fact, you or the entire team can take a weekend off.
  • Good work on the project completed. Inform the company is happy as the client was very pleased. Thank your employees for the hard work.

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Interview with Radu Balas

Interview with Radu Balas, Amazon bestselling author, web designer Publishing Addict’s Founder


Hello Radu, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an entrepreneur and an author.  I started pretty early in my career as a web designer.  I used to design logos for various websites way back my teenage years.  I was 15 and the internet was just in its early stages so I’d say I’d had the advantage of being one of the first few who have discovered the potentials of the world wide web.  I knew that it will be big, being a visionary that I am.  And so from there I built my career and later on founded my online business.  When not working, I travel, do sports or spend time with my family and friends.


What are your focus areas and why?

Website development, SEO and ROI.  All businesses and authors today know the importance of having your own website because it serves as their home on the web representing their brand.  To get the most out of their websites, SEO still proves to be a great tool to reach their targeted audience.  And, of course, measuring the ROI is of utmost importance to determine that all efforts put into the website and SEO are working to the advantage of the business or the author.


How do you describe “Publishing Addict” in few words?

Publishing Addict is a one-stop-shop providing solutions to all website, SEO and marketing needs.  It’s cost- and time-saving because you don’t need to hire a full-time designer but get the same or greater result for a fraction of the cost.  And we deliver quality with great website design and functionalities.


Where do you think you are making an impact?

In the way things are done.  We make things a lot easier and convenient for authors and businesses.  I’m not a fan of DIY.  Unless you’ve got so much time in your hands, DIY is not advisable for businesses.  We believe more in the “done-for-you” system.  Imagine how much an author can write in a few hours.  The time he spends writing is equivalent to a good amount of financial returns.  Why spend it building your own website when others can do it at a minimal charge, much less than how much you’d lose if you do it yourself?  What we do is we tackle the dirty work for them while they’re busy writing or running their business.


What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?

It’s not easy but it’s fun.  They always say find the job that makes you happy.  For me, the proper way to say it is to have the job that you can love and tolerate most days.  You can’t love it everyday because there are challenges here and there.  My job has its own shares of challenges but I love it, it pays the bills and lets me enjoy many things in life such as traveling and having some nice material possessions.


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

As to where physically, I cannot really say.  I’ve lived in many different cities.  But in the matters of the business, I still see myself running an online business, helping other businesses grow through the world wide web.  I may even have written 2 or 3 books in total, promoting them in different countries.


What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working on “Publishing Addict”?

Getting clients is one but getting repeat clients is really the challenge.  They’re the real source of income because having them keeps the wheels running.  That’s why we never shortchange our service.  Always topnotch, always up to date.


What can you tell to young people who are pursuing their dreams?

Start NOW.  If I had not started when I was 15, the best time for me is now.  No one can tell you it’s too late to start.  And if you fall, get back up and never be afraid to start all over again.  Your path is yours and you can never compare it to anyone else.  Better make good use of what you have, make peace with yourself and your unique talents.  That’s the best way to honor your path.


What are you most excited about at the moment?

I’m excited about catering other types of businesses.  Right now, we’re doing mostly author websites and a few restaurant websites.  We believe that the same system would work for many small to medium enterprises.  I’m also excited for my next trip out of town.  That’s the beauty of having your own business.  I can go on lengthy vacation and have the business create passive income for me.


The last word or final thoughts?

Beer and tennis.  Haha!  Those are the things I enjoy doing with my friends who are also working with me in the business.  Even though a business is a really serious matter, we always have time for beer or pizza or tacos.  We make sure we find time to relax, just taking it easy.

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Interview with TheLGVTrainingCompany

Interview with TheLGVTrainingCompany


The LGV Training Company offers training you need to become a professional Category C or C+E Driver.

They are known for best LGV Training and offers guarantee for a job interview after training with them


So here we got a chance to speak with TheLGVTrainingCompany.


Jobisite : Thanks for your time. Can you tell about TheLGVTrainingCompany.

TheLGVTrainingCompany: We have both HGV and LGV Training proficiency and a vast industry experience, so you can trust us to go the extra mile for you.

We have over 35 of the best training schools nationwide. We have well defined courses and training process.

We have innovative and tailor-made course materials which makes learning fun and our Job Search Service and Recruitment Help Team help you get a job after training


Jobisite : Are there any theory tests and guidance?

TheLGVTrainingCompany: Yes, LGV Training process consists of Hazard Perception and Multiple Choice Theory test.

We supply with a personalized online login to our online Theory Test Revision area which will help to prepare for the test.


Jobisite : How do you offer job search support?

TheLGVTrainingCompany: We help in finding a great job by providing with our 1:1 recruitment service, including a recruitment pack, help with writing a CV and cover letter, weekly updates on suitable vacancies plus tips for the interview.

We also offer Pass Insurance, which guarantees you an extra test attempt should you fail.

On passing the test, we guarantee you an interview.


One can easily get all details from our website : thelgvtrainingcompany.co.uk

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Interview with HgvTrainingCentre

Interview with HgvTrainingCentre


HGV Driver Training Centre is known for delivering the highest standard of HGV training, Driver CPC and HGV jobs.hgvtrainingcentre

Some facts:

  • Silver Associates of the RHA (Road Haulage Association)
  • Members of the FTA (Freight Transport Association)
  • Highest pass rates in the UK
  • RHA Direct Access Course

So, here we got a chance to speak with HgvTrainingCentre


Jobisite : Thanks for your time. Can you tell about HGV Driver Training Centre?

HgvTrainingCentre : HGV Driver Training Centre offers best HGV Driver Training and it has access to the very best HGV training locations throughout the UK.

All of our instructors and vehicles are regularly checked for quality so that the trainee can train with 100% confidence.


Jobisite : What are the courses offered by HgvTrainingCentre?

HgvTrainingCentre : We offer various HGV training courses. Most popular are CAT C1 LICENCE, CAT C1+E LICENCE, CAT C LICENCE and CAT C+E LICENCE


Jobisite : What are the Certificates of Professional Competence (CPC) that are offered.?

HgvTrainingCentre : There are 3 different Certificates of Professional Competence (CPC) that are offered.

Drivers CPCP initial qualification, mainly required if you are under 21 years.

Periodic CPC training, which is to be completed after the Initial Qualification and is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure it’s done.

Operators CPC training, which is required if you operate a goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in weight.


Jobisite : Do you help in recruitment?

HgvTrainingCentre : Yes, one can easily upload their resume in our recruitment site and browse through our vast library of jobs in your area.

They also get useful hints & tips for writing covering letters, interview techniques and much more.


We at HgvTrainingCentre regularly inspected schools and test centers for quality checks.

Anyone can get in touch with us from our website: HgvTrainingCentre for information or quote about HGV Trainings



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Interview with EasyasHGV

Interview with EasyasHGV


Easy As HGV is the UK’s number 1 HGV training & recruitment company and they offer high quality services for both HGV & CPC all over the UK.

This time we got lucky to speak with Easy As HGV.easy as hgv


Jobisite : It is a great opportunity to speak with Easy As HGV. Can you tell us more about Easy As HGV?

Easy As HGV: Thanks, well Easy As HGV offers complete services for HGV Training. We believe in quality and processes and that’s why we are the UK’s number 1 HGV training & Recruitment Company.


Jobisite : How do you help in recruitment?

Easy As HGV: Easy As HGV  is currently working with ManPower, a Global leader in recruitment solutions, who have many jobs available across the UK.

Because of the high standards of driver training Easy As HGV supplies, ManPower are able to GUARANTEE a job interview to anyone who passes with Easy As HGV.


Jobisite : Do you have any quick courses?

Easy As HGV: Yes, we have Fast Track Services also. This is industry-leading 4 day courses and is the perfect way to train

for your new career. It is a good option for people who don’t want to lose valuable time at work or someone wants it on urgent basis.



Jobisite : How much is CPC training cost?

Easy As HGV: It varies as per location and CPC needs. Easy As HGV has been offering CPC driver training since 2008, so we offer the best rates, which means you don’t need to shop around. Best is to visit our website EasyasHGV.co.uk and get best quote for you.


So if you would like to drive Heavy Goods Vehicles or need to brush up on CPC training, just contact EasyasHGV.


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Interview with CPCTraining


Last week we got a chance to meet CPCTraining in Hampshire and they were kind enough to provide some information about their business.

Cpctraining.com has over 45 CPC test centres UK wide and they have a location close to everyone.

CPCtraining.com is part of a well-established, well-respected group of HGV training and CPC training companies that deliver quality HGV & CPC training across the UK.


So some of the questions that we asked:


Jobisite : So what does CPC stands for?

CPCTraining : It is a shortened term for Drivers Certificate Of Professional Competence. It is a legal requirements for any good driver in UK and they need to pass Modules 2 & 4


Jobisite :What are these Modules?

CPCTraining : Modules or Tests are part of getting drivers certificate of Professional Competence. Module 2 is a computerized theory based test and can be taken at DVSA centers.

Module 4 is a practical test which includes securing loads, dolly knots and using ratchet straps, among others.

We provide lot of practical trainings to clear these tests.



Jobisite :Is Drivers CPC mandatory?

CPCTraining : Yes, it comes as a qualification card which is required to carry all the time while driving.

Also employers wants to see this card when you go for any interview.


Jobisite :You also have Periodic CPC. Can you please tell more on these plans?

CPCTraining :  It is required to legally earn money from driving Heavy Goods Vehicles. For this drivers need to complete 35 hours’ Periodic Training and register it with the DVSA by the 5 year deadline date indicated on Driver Qualification Card


CPCTraining  :We have access to over 45 CPC training centers and hundreds of CPC test centers across the UK. Visit our website : CPCTraining.com for more information.


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Interview-Ferah Ana MariaSeceta – founder of Moaryarty.com

Ferah Ana MariaSeceta – founder of Moaryarty.com located in London UK – is a creative & innovative web developer who codes your ideas by building crafted online experiences.


Q: How did you come up with the idea for your business?IMAG3359_1

I have worked as a freelance web designer/web developer for many years and also in-house contract-based for several international awarded magento agencies. I love e-commerce and magento platform and been focusing on this segment. With the expansion of the web technology, internet marketing and promotion, I have decided to build my own web agency and my own team of designers and developers bringing along my own vision into creating web presences. Being a developer myself, I understand easily the workflow as well as the clients needs, therefor translating them into requirements or code is something I can easily handle. Although we work in a very flexible way, using the latest trends, Moaryarty.com is a client-focused agency.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

Q: What is your mission?

My purpose is to create meaningful brands that will inspire passionate followers.

The borderline is where artistry meets strategic thinking which will turn your brand into life and get your followers to take actions. I offer competitive rates, a fast turn around and exceptional quality in order to help business owners who are looking to look professional at an affordable price.

My marketing background gives me a greater understanding of how web design/web development can positively impact businesses by uniquely combine professionalism and a cosmopolitan approach with a culture of responsibility.

Q: What has been your greatest achievement so far?

“Moving from zero to hero” – this is a quote that I really like and it’s quite motivational as it keeps my feet on the ground. I had the opportunity to have several notable accomplishments in my career as I was able to work within really awesome teams and for really high-end customers building custom web solutions.

Q: What’s your best advice for other tech entrepreneurs who are starting a business? 

It is a competitive business so don’t ever think to give up. You are unique and your output will be unique. Work hard but smart and perceive on your path and dreams.

Q: Where can our readers find you online?

Reaching me is quite easy as I am somehow all over the place. The easiest and fastest way is through my web folio (http://moaryarty.com) or by email: [email protected] .

As for social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moaryarty.dev/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/moaryarty_dev

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ferah-ana-maria-seceta-a09a3527?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ana_moaryarty/


Article publié pour la première fois le 17/01/2016

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Interview with Matthew C Martino

Interview with Matthew C Martino


Mathetes Chihwai , better known by his stage name Matthew C Martino is a Zimbabwean English film producer,author and former actor currently residing in United Kingdom.

We met Matthew last week and found him very impressive and we spoke over the course of the afternoon about his work and achievements.

 Jobisite: Thanks Matthew for accepting our request for interview. Can you tell us  about LetsFlyAcademy and your early career life?

 Matthew :I founded Lets Fly Academy : www.letsflyacademy.com .It’s an aviation consultancy and training business based in UK. My  early career started with his self-published book Lets Fly  in 2012 and next year I announced my second book Go For It during a night out in Mayfair.

 Jobisite: You also own a design firm apart from writing. What are the services you provide?

 Matthew : I own app design firm MMD-Tech with over 12 apps in portfolio .You can check out details at  https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/matthew-martino-designs/id552508553 . In MMD-Tech we provide design and mobile app development services.

 Jobisite: Apart from being having many talents, we heard that you are a very helping person.

Matthew : Yes,  I recently founded the MMBF Trust, a charitable foundation that provides sponsorships and grants for aspiring pilots and filmmakers.www.mmbf.co.uk . 64098_614251911936546_659270513_n

 Jobisite: Thanks Matthew for your valuable time.

Matthew : Welcome Jobisite. I hope I answered all your questions. You can find more details about me in wikipedia-http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_C_Martino

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Interview with Ian Filippini

Interview with Ian Filippini  (Exploring Santa Barbara)

Ian Filippini is one of those people who gave up their comfortable life to travel the world. Ian like to explore new cultures, languages , food and people. It was great meeting him while he was exploring Santa Barbara and I got a chance to interview him and ask few questions about his travelling experience.


What do you love the most about travelling?
Ian : Travelling and learning inspires me a lot. Also, it is very interested for me to travel in places where no one knows me and I like to be alone while travelling. I like to interact with local people and try to immerse myself fully into their culture.


What inspired you to start travelling?
Ian :I have many friends who studied in USA/Europe and I always was curious to know about their life style. I loved the stories of their travel and things happening with them while travelling.I was passionate to see many travelers and backpackers travelling for months and
all these things generate lot of interest in me to start travel and I started liking travel from then onwards.


What is ian1031.com all about?
Ian :Travel and dreams. It’s about a journey of self discovery, about living a life of travel, about finding one’s place in the world.
I write to encourage others who want to achieve this kind of lifestyle and explore nice places.


You mentioned about your Santa Barbara travel. Where can we see that information.
Ian :Yes, I have explored Santa Barbara a lot and that’s one of my favorite place. I have visited many nice places, restaurants and tourist attractions there. I started writing about my travel in Santa Barbara in my other blog.
http://ianfilippini.co. Here I have written nice posts about my great experiences in Santa Barbara.


Really nice to hear about your travels and thanks for sharing useful information.
Ian :Its my pleasure. I want to spread the message: travelling is not as hard as you think.



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Interview with Ferah Ana Maria Seceta, founder of Moaryarty Dev

Interview with Ferah Ana Maria Seceta, founder of Moaryarty Dev


Q: Hello Ferah, can you tell us a bit about yourselfIMAG0682_1_1_1

 A: I am a creative & innovative web developer who codes ideas by building crafted online experiences. My purpose is to create meaningful brands that will inspire passionate followers.

The borderline is where artistry meets strategic thinking which will turn your brand into life and get your followers to take actions. I offer competitive rates, a fast turn around and exceptional quality.

My marketing background gives me a greater understanding of how web design can positively impact businesses. I guess once a coder always a coder.


Q: How would you describe “Moaryarty Dev” in under few words?

 A: Moaryarty Dev. is a modern digital agency that uniquely combine professionalism and a cosmopolitan approach with a culture of responsability that has been developed through time. Formed with the specific mission of helping business owners who are looking to look professional at an affordable price. We firmly believe that collaboration is key to the success of every project and we are committed to your success. We will go the extra mile to achieve our goal, which is – Your satisfaction. The first and the foremost objective of this team is to attain 100% client satisfaction. Our work process, methodologies, business terms and communications are designed for complete convenience of our clients.


Q: What are your focus areas and why?

 A: I love e-commerce a lot the segment itself and also building online stores. My favorite platform is magento due to its strength but also its sensitivity. As magento is a really complex platform for e-commerce but also flexible it allows me to add value to it. I enjoy everything that starts with a certain amount of challenge and creativity. Lately, I have expanded to wordpress as well and those are the content management systems I work with as currently they are easy to manage by my not tech savvy clients and also can be expanded to a point that can be limited only by imagination and knowledge.


Q: How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?

 A: Being a developer myself, I understand easily the workflow as well as the clients needs, therefor translating them into requirements or code is something I can easily handle. Although we work in a very flexible way, using the latest trends, Moaryarty.com is a client-focused agency.



Q: Where do you think “Moaryarty Dev” is making an impact?

 A: Moaryarty is meant to be a trend-setter agency with a team of dedicated developers willing to go those extra miles in order to build lasting web presences. It is focusing on quality and not on quantity, on expansion of knowledge and the growth of a community around it. Due to its transparency, flexibility and constant availability we gained a reputation of reliable and trustable web agency.


Q: What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?

 A: I really love my job and my work and me personally I can’t commit to something I don’t believe in and that is why each day is a new excitement. I study a lot to keep myself up-to-date in order to be able to provide my clients the best web solutions for their business, service or product. I enjoy each new client and the discovery process is quite fascinating as it allows me to learn more about people, areas of expertize and their vision and goals while the beauty starts when I start coding them into a web presence.


Q: Design world is always changing, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

 A: Currently, I am enjoying each step of tech changings. Nobody can actually predict where design will be after 5 years but I am absolutely sure that I will be present in the same domain. I am focusing on developing my own products which will be launched soon (#moonlight) as it allows me to transpose better with no restrictions my creativity. I will surely focus more into consultancy, investments and giving back to the community as my knowledge is my responsibility.


Q: And what were some of the biggest challenges you encountered personally?

 A: My biggest challenge is time. Although, I do a lot of planning, organizing and time-management there are so many things to learn, to do and to achieve. Along the way, I had plenty of setbacks but I have also seen them as new opportunities either to evaluate my current or future situation or re-organizing into something/someone stronger. I enjoy challenges a lot, I see them as blessings which will help me grow in a better person/developer.


Q: What are you most excited about at the moment?

 A: Currently, I am working on a very interesting project called workouthere.co.uk which will be launched end of january. It is the UK’s largest fitness comparison website. Specialising in providing a wide range of experts and health centres within the fitness industry, Workout Here is the home of reputable elite fitness professionals, quality gyms, affordable studios, sports and health centres across the UK. Whether it is a rugby coach, football field, gym or physiotherapist, Workout Here has an easy to use platform so that users can find what they are looking for at the click of a button.

Q: A last word or final thoughts?

A: Looking for new challenging opportunities that will make best of my existing skills & experiences and also my personal development but until then enjoying each step at a time making best usage of my time.

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Max Shelton Interview: An Online Marketing Consultant

Max Shelton Interview: An Online Marketing Consultant for the Hair Transplant Industry


Mr Max Shelton, an online and website marketing specialist who works with companies and clinics from the hair transplant industry. Max has been working with international hair loss clinics with online marketing strategy for over 4 years now, and helps clients grow their business in terms of leads and enquires. In this interview we talk to him about how he got to where he is today and the processes that it involved.


Hey Max, first of all are you able to tell our readers a bit more on who you are, where you live, and any other things you like aside from your online marketing business?


Of course no problem! I am nearly 38, I live in Kansas in the USA, I am married with three kids, own a dog, and love hang-gliding as and when I get a chance to do so outside of my busy schedules!


Are you able to tell us why you work with hair transplant clinics as your chosen and specialist industry niche for your online marketing business?


About a decade ago I started to lose my hair. Because of this I spent lots of time trying to find a decent Dorset hair transplant surgeon. It took me ages to find one that I could trust, so I could see that this was probably an issue for many other men, not just me.


I realised that if it was hard for me to find someone I could trust, then I probably wasn’t alone. Because of that I decided to start up an online directory of cosmetic surgeons, but in particular hair transplant clinics.


My new website portal let patients review and rate hair transplant clinics and brought me in contact with one of the United States’ largest and most reputable hair loss clinics.


They actually ended up buying the website from me and asked me if I could start working on their online marketing strategy and plans… and the rest as they say is history!


So can you tell us the type of things that you do for hair transplant clinics who are on your client list and what your job involves?


In the main it’s all about helping them to generate more online business and patient enquiries. So for example that could mean developing them a specific lead generation website or creating Facebook ad campaigns designed to make their phone ring more!


I now have around 5 hair loss and hair restoration clinics that I work for around the globe, and I like to think that I am now regarded as one of the go-to experts when it comes to the hair loss industry and the businesses in that niche.


During a typical day of work, what type of tasks and activities do you have to do?


Well once the kids have been taken off to school it’s straight down into the office with a coffee. The emails get checked, and then I follow a strict project plan where possible. I read a lot of self-help business books by people such as Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone in order to help me plan and execute.


Ultimately the daily aims are all about numbers so if my clients are receiving a steady stream of online enquires from people (both men and women) seeking hair transplant treatments then my job is done. For example, at the moment it’s all about generating more business on the female side as hair loss for women can be a taboo subject – you should see some of the work that Dr Edward Ball of Portsmouth has been doing though, as he has some amazing examples of successful female clients.


2017 is almost upon us, so what do you have planned for your business over the next 12 months or so?


My main focus will be on getting more clients. The UK hair loss market is somewhere I really want to expand into as it’s a growing market which still has loads of more room to grow compared to the North American industry.


My aim is to get more UK hair transplant surgeons onto my client roster, and help them to grow like I have my US clients.


There are some amazing hair transplant surgeons in the UK, and so to work with some of these industry leaders would be a great achievement and something to add to my growing portfolio if possible.


Do you have any hints or tips for people who want to get into online marketing or generate more online business themselves?


For me in the hair loss industry it was important to build up a great reputation. Word of mouth is always good, but also building up a great portfolio of clients, and online footprint. If you do something good don’t be afraid to shout about it online, whether via your own blog, or in interviews such as this one.


And of course, online marketing is changing all of the time so make sure you keep abreast of any changes and new strategies that are happening so you can stay one step ahead of your competition.


Work hard, play hard, and the results will come!




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Interview with James Goldsmith -explained benefits of becoming tutor

Top 3 Benefits Of Becoming A Tutor

Are you in search for a new way to take advantage of your math skills while earning some nice extra income on the side? Do you have a good academic background or prior experience in teaching? If you answered yes to both questions, then becoming a math tutor could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

A young designer smiling while his team has a meeting in the background


We asked James Goldsmith of 11plustutorsinessex.co.uk the following are the top 3 reasons why you may want to tutor as a part time job and a way to boost your career:

  1. Supplement your income.

One of the biggest advantages to becoming a private tutor is that you can earn a lot of extra cash whether you have a full-time job or still studying. Indeed, countless university students turn to tutoring as a way to fund their education while also benefiting from valuable work experience. There are plenty of opportunities to make money as a private tutor, whether you’re already working full-time, looking for a part-time job to kill your empty hours or even considering tutoring to become your full-time career.

What’s more, you benefit from immense flexibility as a private tutor. You can choose to work how little and how often you want. In turn, this gives you better control over how much you earn. This can prove helpful in cases that call for additional money such as when your monthly bills suddenly increase. Tutoring for a few extra hours can help you settle the bills with relative ease.


  1. Get to choose your working hours.

In most jobs, you are forced to work for a set period of time. But when tutoring, your schedule largely depends on your work hours and the availability of your tutees. There’s no need to work 40 hours a week if don’t have to. You can even take a week off if need be. Your schedule depends totally on you. You can have complete control over the amount of work you take. However, many tutors still choose to work several hours as this helps build their rapport and entice more students to hire them.

Most tutoring sessions are set after school hours when it’s term-time. In most cases, students prefer being tutored at home. For this reason, tutoring sessions almost always happen from 3PM onward. This gives you enough time to make adjustments to your schedule if you have other commitments. You may also choose to tutor during the weekends, especially if you have nothing better to do. The demand for tutoring services tends to go down when it’s the holiday season. However, this should deter you from seeking tutoring positions as there are still a lot of parents who look for this service for their kids even when there are no classes.

You may also want to consider becoming an online tutor. This gives you additional flexibility since you won’t be limited to students in the same location as you. Online tutoring eliminates the barriers of location and time zones. You can have the opportunity of tutoring a student from another country. And all you need are your skills, a computer and a stable internet connection.


  1. Utilize your field of expertise.

Many students finish their studies and take a job that may be completely unrelated to their degree. If you are unable to find any job in which you can make use of your subject knowledge, then you may consider becoming a tutor instead. This also presents an excellent opportunity for university students to apply the things they’ve learned from school and avoid forgetting them during long breaks.

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/05/2016

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Interview with Toni Adewunmi founder of nigeriabestjobs.com

Interview with Toni Adewunmi founder of nigeriabestjobs.com


Jobisite:  Can you give me a brief overview of your background and what it is you do in your work?rsz_my_pix

My name is Toni Adewunmi. I’m the Founder of www.nigeriabestjobs.com. I have a background in HR consulting and psychometric exam administration.In the past, I worked in customer service and tax administration at HMRC UK. I also worked at British Council and the Aviation Industry.


Jobisite: What inspired you to create your job website?

The idea of starting a jobsite came up when I was working in HR consulting. I became aware of the problems organizations had getting right candidates for their job openings.I was also aware of candidates having problems getting information about open job opportunities. In those days, organizations relied exclusively on newspaper advertisements while potential candidates relied on information from those papers and word of mouth information from friends and families. I couldn’t understand why many candidates complained about lack of job opportunities while potential employers complained about lack of availability of suitably qualified candidates.I decided that I can do something. That is how the idea of starting Nigeriabestjobs.com came about.

I was inspired by the desire to connect jobs with candidates. Since then, candidates have received job information from our website, mailing list, Twitter and Facebook feeds.


Jobisite: Are you working at the moment and do you blog full time?

Yes, I work at a Multinational Company whilst administering the blog side by side.


Jobisite: What advice would you give to job seekers?

I’ll advice jobseekers to have a positive mindset, be enthusiastic and to never miss an opportunity to learn and update their skills. The CV is the jobseekers’ shop-window;hence, it should be written in such a way that the job-seeker stands out from the competition. Professional certifications do help. They show that you are committed to your career and make you stand out from the competition.
EDX courses are available online, delivered by the best universities in the world and they are free and they issue certificates.

The foregoing might seem intuitive; however, while reviewing and short listing candidates for employers, it became apparent that very few people know how to write CVs and application letters. This, along with interview skills are things that I think should be taught in schools.

Stay current with latest jobs in Nigeria by visiting our site www.nigeriabestjobs.com
You can also follow us on twitter @nigeriabestjobs
Facebook www.facebook.com/nigeriabestjobs

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