H-1 B work visa

H-1 B Visa to foreign workers for taking up temporary jobs in the US

The professionals from other countries who have either a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in any one of the specialized fields like IT, medicine, engineering or science or have not less than 12 years working experience or have educational qualification as well as work experience are eligible for the H-1 B work visa which enables them to stay in US and work there legally for a period of three years. The work visa can be renewed for another three years if required.


The H-1 B visa is the primary work permit issued by US to the workers from foreign countries to work in the US. An employer in US can sponsor a professional of a specialty occupation from a foreign country under the H-1 B visa program. These specialty occupations include different fields such as IT, medicine, education, engineering, architecture and various business specialties. Practical experience along with a Bachelor’s degree in the respective field is the minimum requirement for obtaining the H-1 B work visa.apply for H-1 B visa

Conditions pertaining to H-1 B visa

Initially the H-1 B work visa will be issued for staying and working in US for 3 years and it can be renewed for another three years. Once a professional from a foreign country has obtained the H-1 B visa, his spouse and unmarried children who are under the age of 21 years can also apply for the applicable visa with which they can go to US and stay there. However, the spouse of the H-1 B work visa holder is not eligible to work in the US during the stay. The workers from other countries are required to obtain the H-1 B visa prior to their entry into the US.


The workers should also provide the evidence to prove that the purpose of their temporary stay in the US is to take up a temporary job or a short term assignment which is related to their specialized field. The professionals who apply for the H-1 B visa must be already employed under a US employer or should have a job offer from an employer in the US.

Who are eligible for H-1 B visa?

The job for which the professional from a foreign country applies for H-1 B work visa must be one of the specialty occupations like engineering, IT, science, medicine, architecture, etc. The worker should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the same field or relevant work experience of at least 12 years. The worker should also meet certain requirements pertaining to his health and character. Professional nurses who want to stay in US and perform complex tasks or supervise nursing operations are eligible to apply for H-1 B visa. Those who are distinguished fashion models can also apply for H-1 B visa. Professionals from other countries who want to stay in US to provide exceptional services that are related to cooperative research and development projects of the US department of defense are also eligible to apply for H-1 B visa. The worker from a foreign country can stay in US and work legally under H-1 B visa for a maximum period of six years. Those who stay in US and work there under H-1 B visa are entitled to change their employer if a new employer files the petition for their H-1 B visa.



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Free Job Posting in Job Boards

Nowadays Job Boards are a Place where most of the Recruiters look for candidates.Job Boards is a website that posts job listings , provides resume search etc.One does not have to wander places looking for a job ,Various job postings can be found on job boards which matches the candidates skills and goals.

Jobisite :

Jobisite is a job portal which offers several features and benefits to the user,such as access to all job postings,posting free job listing,job postings,buy and sell service gigs,post classifieds and many more.

In this Blog lets focus more on how to Post Free Job posting in Jobisite

Step 1:

  1. To post a Free Job posting First Go to the Jobisite Page and click on Recruiters section and choose Post Free Job
  2. Create a Recruiters account
  3. Fill the details in the Form such as title,location,skills etc.


Why Jobisite ?

Jobisite allows user to post free job listings and it allows resume access.It is user friendly,doesn’t require a huge budget like other job boards to post jobs and it also shares jobs to multiple job boards.

Some list of Other Job Boards
  1. AllRetailJobs.com
  2. Beyond.com
  3. ClearanceJobs
  4. DiversityJobs.com
  5. Learn4Good

and many more

All of these Mentioned Job Boards perform the same task however when it comes to posting Free Job listings,Jobisite does it better.

Who should use Free Job posting ?

The Recruiters with low budget and who are looking to recruit candidates and doesn’t want to spend money they can always opt for Free Job posting Job boards.

Is it worth using Free Job Posting ?

Using Free Job posting doesn’t involve any disadvantage as there is nothing to loose even when you post a job listing ,though it may not attract as much traffic as premium Job boards however it will still come up with lot of results.

What should I look out for when posting free jobs listing?

When posting a job for free on a job boards it can often cause you to put less effort into writing the job description compared to the effort you would put into an expensive paid job posting. When you post a job opening for free make sure to include all the essential aspects of the role and included detailed instructions on how to apply.

Benefits of Free Job Posting

Nobody disagress that paying a website for posting your job advertisement has some inherent benefits. By paying, you ensure the job goes online on some of the topmost recruitment websites of the world, which is viewed by thousands of job seekers.

However, these websites also offer almost similar benefits to post on free job boards.

Free job posting allows you to advertise the same job on multiple websites. This increases the chances of more qualified candidates viewing your job posting.

Consequently, the number of applications you receive is higher, which results in short-listing, interviewing and hiring from a vast talent pool.

Why Post Free?

MNC’s and Large Companies have huge advertising budgets. Hence, they can easily afford to pay for their job postings.

Startups, small businesses obviously cannot afford to spend their precious funds on advertising vacancies. Hence, you can avail of free job postings offered by severa job boards.


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General information’s for those who want to work in USA

photo (4)

In today’s scenario, employment is the most important factor that affects the economy of
a country. However, IT is said to be one of the fastest growing industries all over the world
but USA tops in various sectors including information technology. According to a survey,
U.S is attracting a huge amount of immigrants in a single year. Moreover, USA has been
providing employment in technical and professional services since many years. Well, if you
want to work in usa, and then apply for different types of IT jobs available there.

Working practises in USA

You can find a good moral principle and success in your work, while working in USA. If you
want to work in usa, then you have to follow the USA working practices. Generally, in USA
you have to work for 49 hours in an entire week but in certain industries it can extend up to
60 hours a week. You can get plenty of opportunities in USA by putting an effort and getting
committed to your work. However, holidays are also provided to the employees of USA. You
get 2 weeks of paid holiday in USA but it may also increase to 3 weeks if you are working for
as company since long time.

Finding jobs

Every year many people are immigrated to USA in search of job but it is very difficult to
find jobs in USA. If you want to work in usa, a green card is necessary to attain the legal
permission to work and live in USA. However it is very important to stick to the terms
of your visa and application for admission. There are two types of worker: Temporary
worker (Non-immigrant), by which you can enter US for specific purpose temporarily, and
Permanent worker (Immigrant), where an individual is formally approved to work and live in
USA permanently.

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Apprenticeship is the full time job practice where you learn how to do a certain job and at the same time carrying out the needed chores. During this period, you will be placed under the close and strict supervision of a professional supervisor or coach or better still; a journey worker. The greatest advantage of apprenticeship is that you will be earning income while you are learning. At the period of apprenticeship, you will be able to acquire training by practicing particular and professional classes which are related to your profession. This type of training is just an addition to your normal apprenticeship job responsibilities. This is to prepare you for a big investment.

However, apprenticeships could be the type of training of the ancient form of education that could be found anywhere but will surely offer you high skilled, high paying jobs which gives you opportunity to work anywhere in the planet. More so, Congress has sanctioned the National Apprenticeship Act in 1937 in order to acknowledge the apprenticeship weight so that they can cultivate the highly proficient workers in various lines of work such as government services, manufacturing as well as constructing. Later on, apprenticeships have expanded to higher level such as fire, other emergency connected jobs, safety as well as law enforcement. Presently, there are different professional apprenticeships program and they are in categories. Every state does run and administers their program details and must be accepted by the Federal.

Furthermore, immediately you complete the training as apprentice, you will be given apprentice certificate which is highly recognized nationwide. It is also known as diploma certificate which is very useful and handy in the industries across the nation.


–          Apprenticeships must not be of the weak spirits

–          Apprentice must be always ready to learn anything related to his or her profession.

–          It is a fantastic job learning opportunity.

–          The decision must not be pursued by casual attitude.

–          An apprentice must be able to mull over his or her options and try to make a learning assessment concerning the time and some other obligations before you enter the apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeships give you ability to learn anew of highly skilled job that needed an in-depth, direct and dedicated training exercise. The course action of apprenticeship takes place in this process. It enables you to fill the gap of the training in the administrative places and as well gives you hand-on aid and solid comprehension on how to utilize a particular type of process. This is one of the most effective methods used by individual in order to get new skills in a highly specialized craft work. For example, you do not just become an electrician by start removing cables from the wall or from your remote control vehicle, rather, you need to undergo a specific training so that you will not render your system useless or become electrocuted. This is the major reason why you need to learn before you could become a professional. This is where apprenticeship ship in.


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The Best Advice You Can Hear About Writing a Resume

You might have experienced a lot of struggle and spent crazy time for just making that ‘Perfect’ Resume ,Here are some tips and Advice on how to write a Perfect Resume.

But when do you know that it’s ready to be posted online or sent with a job application?

Almost everyone has an their own opinion on the best format and what to include in a resume. In the end, there are five basic areas to pay attention for getting as close to “perfect” as possible.

1.Simplify the format and content:

Your resume needs to be easily readable – or it will not be read.So don’t make use of any fancy fonts .Choose a font?, such as Arial, Calibri or Helvetica. The font size in the body of the resume should be 11-point or larger. Otherwise, hiring managers will struggle to read it.

Type your name in bold at the top in 14-point or larger font. Don’t forget your contact information.

Headings, such as “Work Experience” and “Education,” should stand out. The headings should be larger font than the text in the body of the resume, preferably 14-point. Bold and capitalize the names of companies, and bold or italicize your job titles to set them off. 

Pay very close attention to grammar and spelling. Remove all “Track Changes” markings. Check the “Review” panel in Microsoft Word to make sure that they are not just hidden from view and can’t show up on someone else’s computer when they open it.

2. Include a career profile:

Your career summary at the top should always be tailored to the posting you’re applying for. It should give the employer a brief dose of information that focuses on what you can bring to the role and company.

3. Build your “Work Experience” and “Education” sections:

If you are currently working, “Education” should go below “Experience.” The only exception would be if you are changing careers and do not have work experience field in the new field. In that case, your “Education” can be above “Work Experience” if it’s directly related to the field you want to enter.

Use reverse chronological order for work experience. Include your company names, very brief descriptions if they’re not well known, locations, dates and your titles.

4. Include other information in separate sections:

Have a separate section for any honors or awards received from work or school. If you graduated more than 10 years ago, only note significant scholarships or honors. Include the name of the award, institution awarding it and year received.

List any noteworthy presentations you’ve given or publications you’ve contributed to or authored.

5. Note additional skills:

List technical skills that are unique or relevant to the job you are applying to. If you know foreign languages, belong to organizations or have done any significant or relevant volunteer work, include that here.Highlighting your relevant experience right off the bat and demonstrating specific examples of your work and its results are good rules of thumb, no matter what type you use. Equally as important are proper grammar, spelling and consistent font and formatting. Take the time to get these elements right because first impressions on paper are more powerful than you might imagine.


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10 Amazing Things You Can Do With A Raspberry Pi

What is Raspberry Pi ?

A Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer originally designed for education, inspired by the 1981 BBC Micro. Creator Eben Upton’s goal was to create a low-cost device that would improve programming skills and hardware understanding at the pre-university level. But thanks to its small size and accessible price, it was quickly adopted by tinkerers, makers, and electronics enthusiasts for projects that require more than a basic microcontroller (such as Arduino devices).The Raspberry Pi is slower than a modern laptop or desktop but is still a complete Linux computer and can provide all the expected abilities that implies, at a low-power consumption level.

What kind of operating system does the Raspberry Pi run?

The Raspberry Pi was designed for the Linux operating system, and many Linux distributions now have a version optimized for the Raspberry Pi.

Two of the most popular options are Raspbian, which is based on the Debian operating system, and Pidora, which is based on the Fedora operating system. For beginners, either of these two work well; which one you choose to use is a matter of personal preference. A good practice might be to go with the one which most closely resembles an operating system you’re familiar with, in either a desktop or server environment.

Amazing things you can do with Raspberry Pi

1.Internet photo frame

It’s easy to build your own digital picture frame using a spare computer monitor: All you need is a Raspberry Pi board and a nice frame.you can find many DIY articles and Videos related to making Internet Photo Frame.i will leave it to you to search for it.

2.HTPC Media Streaming

Building a video player with a Raspberry Pi is easy and useful. You can hook up your Raspberry Pi to a television and play internet video files, or streams.

Building a media centre, or HTPC (home theatre PC) is one of the most rewarding projects a newcomer can complete.

It’s easy to turn a Raspberry Pi into an HTPC, and you can quickly hook it up to your television.

3.Retro Gaming Emulator

Gaming Emulators have always been favorite among people,Using Raspberry pi as a butt kicking console emulator is a popular use for the machines.it can play games from wide variety of consoles right up from play station 1 Era.

Old school Gaming can be done using this and this is surely gonna bring some nostalgic moments back from the Childhood.

4.Pi Desk

The PiDesk, created by Frederick Vandenbosch, is a futuristic take on the traditional workspace powered by a Raspberry Pi B+ board. The lower right corner of its surface features hidden capacitive touch controls, which turn the computer on and raise the monitor up out of the desk.The project is very complicated, but Vandenbosch works you through it step-by-step on his Element 14 blog


5.Motion-Detecting Alarm

A great project for a kid’s room, Jeff Highsmith’s PiLarm is a motion-detecting alarm built from a Raspberry Pi. When an intruder is detected by the passive infrared sensor, the device will give you a few moments to enter a disarm PIN before an audio alarm and warning light go off. A picture is then taken of the intruder and emailed to you.

6.Smart Mirror

Have an old computer monitor that you’re not using? Why not turn it into your own high-tech magic mirror?

Perfecting this one will take some time: The folks at Hacker House built their own wood frame to hold the see-through mirror glass and hide the Raspberry Pi board. But the end result is fantastic — a customizable smart mirror that displays time, temperature, and news headlines.

7.Home Automation

There’s a new product called  PiFacethat’s perfect for home automation. It hooks up to the RPi and allows it to detect switch states from a door sensor, a pressure pad or any number of other switch types.


Build your Own robot using Raspberry pi .Robots are generally quite cool ,obviously aside from the ones that wish to except for the ones that try to kill all of humanity. There are plenty of friendly robots out there.

There are many DIY projects on how to build your own robot using raspberry pi on the Internet

9.A Mini Web Browser

Since your Raspberry Pi is already hooked up to your TV, why not enjoy some big screen surfing? You’ll need a better browser than Midori for this though, so try Chromium. Just drop into a Terminal and type: ‘sudo apt- get install chromium-browser‘, then hit Enter.

10.Electric Chess Board

The art of playing chess is studying the board, seeing things from different angles, and keeping your finger on that piece until you’re absolutely sure you’re not walking into a trap. A computer chess program just doesn’t come close.

Well now, thanks to the Raspberry Pi Zero – plus a touchscreen, a few magnets, some LEDs and some software wizardry – you can play against a computer on a real wooden board.

It uses an open-source chess engine called Stockfish, which allows players to choose the difficulty level – novice to grandmaster – and set the personality of the opponent, as well as register all of the moves.

Each piece has a magnet connected to the bottom, which tracks it from the beginning of the game. The computer responds by lighting an LED under the piece it wishes to move, as well as the square to which it wishes to move it to.

That’s it for today.These were the 10 Amazing things you can do with a Raspberry pi,not just these 10 things there are many more cool things you can do with Raspberry pi testing your imagination skills and Passion.

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Job Boards

The internet has revolutionized the Job-searching process over the last decade, instead of wandering the streets with a stack of CV’s and spending days waiting for the reply, many of us can now apply from the comfort of home sitting on the couch using job boards. The job market has been transformed too, with most companies and recruiters searching online for employees ,many jobs are advertised exclusively online – easy enough to find for the computer literate.

From a candidate’s perspective, a job board is a place to look for a job.  From an employer’s perspective, it’s an advertising and publicity medium.Job boards are user friendly,one can snuggle up in bed with laptop at hand and browse through an ocean of jobs consisting of wide variety of fields of market.Job boards allow users to post their job requirements and based on their requirements available jobs will be shown to them.

Job boards can be excellent resources for finding out which companies are hiring, what kind of jobs are out there, and what industries have a growing amount of job opportunities.You can then gather all this information to strategize your hunt for job, i.e. trying to build up a network in the industry, using social media, continuing research, looking for internships or other ways to get into these companies without going through the job board.Some job boards require you to submit a CV, others might also require you to write a cover letter. To be perfectly honest, not all recruiters will read your covering letter, so you need to make sure you’ve really primed your CV. For starters, although you might not usually do this, you might want to include your career objectives or interests in a small personal statement at the top of your CV. It only needs be a couple of lines, but it should clearly state the areas of work and types of jobs you’re interested in.

Job boardsYou should also optimize your CV for keyword searches, Why ? Well, because recruiters using job boards will use certain terms and keywords in their search to dredge up a list of CV’s from the database. You want to make sure, especially for the industries and job roles you’re interested in, that your CV pops up in their search.

Another trick is to regularly update your CV on job boards. Most recruiters searching job boards for candidates will restrict their search to the latest CV’s that were uploaded on the site, so make sure your CV is amongst them.Of course, it’s not just about someone finding your CV, but seeking out the job opportunities that appeal to you. Admittedly, you probably aren’t going to find your perfect job the first time you visit a job board. However, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can narrow down the deluge of jobs and find ones that really interest you.

First of all, choose a range of job boards to search through. By all means, sign up to the job boards.To find niche job boards in your area of interest, it’s best to look at institutions, societies, associations and industry publications. Most will have a job board of sorts. Compile a spreadsheet of links to online job sources and blitz through them on a regular basis.Big job boards can seem like vast, unfathomable places. And it seems equally hard to pick out the jobs you’re actually interested in from all of the strange specimens you find on there. So how can you find jobs that interest you? First of all, restrict your search geographically; there’s no point looking at job opportunities in other places if you’re pretty sure you want to stay in your residing place.

Secondly, don’t just type in job titles, try skills or keywords too. That way you’ll find a broader range of opportunities, or you might even find a role that you haven’t thought of before, which suits your skills.

Finally, read beyond the job title, look at the company and find out what the job actually involves before you dismiss it. Yes, the job title might sound dull, but reading beyond the title might unearth a potentially interesting job. All in all, you have to be a bit flexible when using job boards.

As soon as you find a list of jobs you want to apply ,don’t fall in the trap of applying for a number of job entries as most of the Companies and Recruiters are looking for people who are passionate about their job and who really want to get the particular job.So avoid applying for many job entries just because you have a lot of options to apply.Filter through the list of jobs and find one suitable job which interests you and apply for it. So,This is how you can make use of job boards to find the right job which suits you. All the Best on your job hunt,Cheers.       contract to hire jobs 

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contract to hire jobs

contract to hire jobs

Advantages and Disadvantages of C2H Jobs

The contract to hire jobs are offered to those who are willing to work for a set period on contract basis and at the end of the contract period the employer will either make him a permanent employment or terminate his service. The C2H arrangement is made by many companies and this option enables the employers to assess the performance of an employee before making him permanent. Moreover, this kind of agreement ensures a trial period for both the employer and employee before making it a permanent affair. During the evaluation period of this agreement, the company can ensure to appoint the best candidate for the position without affecting its initiatives.

The contract to hire jobs will end up as short term contracts if the targets are not fixed properly by the employer or both sides fail to make it a successful contract. Proper and timely interaction between employer and the employee can make the agreement successful. When the contract-to-hire agreement is implemented in the proper way, it will not fail.contract to hire jobs


Benefit to the employee

In contract to hire jobs the employee gets sufficient time to learn about the company, get familiar to its work culture and identify the job responsibilities. The employee also has the opportunity to prove his worth and demonstrate his capabilities. On the basis of his performance during the contract period he can effectively negotiate the salary and other aspects of the job in case the employer considers him for the permanent job.


Disadvantages to employee

The employees who take up contract to hire jobs have no financial or job security. Other than the agreed salary, no benefits will be provided during the contract period and at the end of the contract period if the employer decides to terminate his service he will not be entitled to any severance. At the end of the contract period if the employer decides to send him out the contractor has to again start his job search.


Aspects to be considered by the employer

Prior to offering the contract to hire jobs, the employer has to go through the details regarding the skills, qualification and work experience of the contractor. The employer must ensure that the candidate is fit for the job. The employer should also know about the background as well as career-goals of the contractor and should see to it that the career goals of the candidate match with the job for which he is being considered. The expectations of the employer regarding the performance of the contractor as well as the final results must be made clear to the contractor before he starts working and there should be periodic reviews of performance and progress. During the tenure of the contract the employer should also find out the attitude of the candidate with regard to system access, working overtime and travel.


Decision by the employee

At the end of the contract, in case the employer is satisfied with the performance of the candidate and comes forward to offer him a permanent job, the candidate should check whether the contract-to-hire employees of the company in the past were successful and are able to be in a smooth and comfortable job in the company. If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative and if the employee is convinced that the job offered by the employer is in alignment with his career goals and if it is a stable company, then there will not be any risk for the employee in accepting the job.


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Build your career as an IT professional in USA IT jobs

want IT job in usa

Scope of IT jobs in USA

Information & Technology is one of the world’s leading sectors that have been providing
employment since many years. Well, when the topic comes about IT, then how can
we forget USA, which attracts huge number of immigrants in the field of information
technology in a single year? One can find plenty of opportunities in USA. However, USA
is counted among the top economies in the whole world and leads other countries in
many ways. In usa it jobs, there has been a steep increase in the growth of employment.
Moreover, in the field like Java, Oracle, UNIX, and SAP, you should be an expert.

Finding usa it jobs

The IT market is not only the fastest growing but also the most advanced industries in USA.
There are different types of information technology jobs available in USA but you should
be a professional expert in the respective fields. A developer and programmer role is most
expected in this job. However, analyst jobs and project manager jobs are also in great

How to apply for usa it jobs?

In USA, you require both a resume and a CV. Generally, you will have your qualifications,
education and personal experiences in your one page resume, which will prove your ability
for a particular post. But CV will consist of three pages that will include your complete
statement highlighting the professional, academic activities and qualifications. It is also
necessary that you must present your documents in a personalized covering letter.

Living in the USA

You can rent a house for your accommodation that will apply the normal prices. Well, some
apartments also provide 6months, 3 months and 1 year lease. IN some apartments, you
have to pay the security deposit to the owners and if the apartment is in the same stage as
per the agreement then you will be paid back.

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Job boards- an easy to find jobs

job boardsJob boards

Job boards  have become pretty famous today. With the advancement of the internet,
employers have started posting jobs online. This attracts a large number of people and
candidates. The boards help you to find jobs of different variety and genre. You can apply
according to your preferences. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from. Also a
single company posts for different jobs. So if you are determined to work for a company you
can apply by searching for jobs posted by that company. Also the board gives to the liberty of
applying for jobs on the basis of your location.

Top job boards

You can choose from various job boards  online. The top among them are

Career builder

These above boards help you to get jobs more easily. They offer genuine and authentic jobs
and are very much reliable. You van view your profile manage your details and more. The ability
to go through a wide range of jobs will not only increase your confidence but will also boost
your personality. You can apply to any number of jobs you wish and also sit for any number of
interviews provided you are asked for.

How to apply

Most of the  job boards  have a simple form which is to be filled up. The forms ask for your
name, email id, contact number, location and other stuffs. This information is kept to make sure
you are applying for a particular job. Also they may ask you to upload a resume of your own.
Uploading a resume will ensure more views as mostly the companies which are hiring look for
resumes to go through. A recent photograph may also be asked depending on the type of job
board you are applying for. It is not confirmed that you will get the job the next day but you
surely can view a large number of jobs through the boards.

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Sap Jobs

Tips for Getting a Sap Jobs

Among the various IT jobs Sap jobs are taking its proximity. If you have required skill set and expertise you can start looking for Sap jobs. If you keep on updating your skill you can easily get a good job in the IT field especially in SAP.

The best way to get SAP jobs is to get trained. There are a number of institutes who provide SAP training. There are different modules of SAP and once you decide that which module you want to expertise you can get yourself enrolled as a Sap trainee after completing which you will become SAP professional.

If you are looking for a job in SAP here are certain tips to help you out.

  • First select the module in which you want to get trained. Like there is FICO, Marketing, ABAP, and others. Decide which goes well with your work experience.
  • You also have to decide the mode of training. That is whether you are looking for professional or functional training?
  • There are a number of training institute for SAP. Choose one among them; you can also try out the online ones.
  • Online training is a bit different from class training. However, you can choose any one according to your comfort. Also know that whether the institutes will prepare you for the interviews or not.
  • Practice is the key to success in SAP and hence makes sure that you just do not concentrate on the theory part.
  • After completion of training you will get SAP certification that is most helpful when you start looking for jobs.
  • Join some forum of SAP professionals where you can learn about the different practices of SAP professionals. It will also be helpful when you start giving interviews.
  • During interview use your skill and the training that you have got and with your confidence you can surely land at a great Sap job.



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Are you looking for a Job in America?

People are seen shifting to America in search of jobs, out of which

most comes under IT sectors. Well, in America, you can find plenty of jobs in IT industries

As America is one of the biggest recruiter in IT sectors, it demands good IT candidates

with strong professional skills in technology.

Can you just believe that America attracts a huge amount of immigrants in

the field of information technology in a single year! But it’s not that easy to get a job in

America. In order to work in America, you should be a permanent resident of America,

get a permit to work and have a work visa, which is otherwise known as Employment

Authorization Document.

How to get a job in America?

If you are a non-resident of America, then you have to follow the USA visa regulations in
order to enter to USA. However, on the basis of preference the employment-based visas
are ranked into five categories. Well you should satisfy the following background details
while applying for a job in USA:

• Is your job offered by an American sponsor/employer? Because getting a visa
depends on this.

• The needs that (US citizenship and Immigration Services) USCIS applies on the
sponsoring employers.

However, there are different types of work visas that are available to work in get a
job in USA like exchange work visas, seasonal work visas and temporary work visas.
Even through green cards, you can become a permanent resident of America.

How to get a job in America on the basis of green card?

With the help of green card, you are officially allowed to work and live in America
permanently. You can even apply for the US citizenship after being a permanent us resident.
However, you can get the green card through a self-petition, investment, job offer or special
category. Well, by following all these guidelines, one can move forward for a job in US.jobs in america

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Important telephone interview questions you need to prepare


The interview is the most important part of the employment process. The phone interview
is generally followed to shortlist a group of candidates who have submitted their CVs to
select the final candidates who will get the job. The phone interview is a bit different from
normal interview. Facial expression and body language are cut off and only content of the
reply and voice tone matters. You need to give more importance to the telephone interview

What are the topics to focus on?

Telephone interview helps the employers to get a proper idea about your personality before
they actually talk to you one-on-one. The questions are generally related to the following

About your professional background and qualifications

About the utility that you can provide to the company, the reason why should you be

About your professional weaknesses and strengths

Finally they ask you what you are expecting from the job, professionally as well as

Some of the most frequently asked questions

In an interview you do not need to expect something very strange to be asked. They are just
trying to know you and see how fit you are for their job. A question that has been observed
to be important are:

Tell us something about yourself

It is the question aimed to know your professional background. Try to keep it short
and clean. You may include the positions and responsibilities you had taken.

Your abilities

You need to display your strengths, but do not completely forget your weak points.

Keep the strengths and qualifications in relevance to the job requirement.

What do you know about us

Having knowledge of the company you are applying to, is very essential. Keep a short
note about the company especially their positive effect in the world.

What are you expecting in the future

Mention the financial part in very short part and keep the rest for the professional
achievement you will gain.

 Keep yourself well prepared for the telephone interview questions.

You do not need to prepare your expressions and body language as it will be just on the phone

Do research about the company properly and their job requirement. A wrong answer in

this segment can be treated as flattery.

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Temporary employment

Fields Where One Can Get Temporary Employment

There may be situation that you are looking for a temporary employment as you are not able to take up permanent employment then. Like, suppose you will be getting married soon or will be shifting your location. In such case it is better to get a temporary employment so that you can work for a short period.

Luckily nowadays there is different industry where you can look for temporary employment. Here let’s discuss about them in details.


Sales of any industry offer you temporary jobs. Rather it is one of the fastest growing job areas where you can work temporarily. There are different festivals all over the world and during this time the total number of customers increases. During such time every business requires more workforces to support their customers. Hence, the scope of temporary job increases.

When it comes to sales you may include counter sales, business sales, and door to door sales and so on.

Event Management

Compared to sales event management is quite new. In it a particular event is undertaken by someone and they do the event management of the function. In this job there are different department that are required to make arrangements for any event. In such job employees with service background are needed.

While managing an event smoothly, these event management companies requires person who can handle each event successfully or complete a given task successfully. Thus, this is also a good opportunity for people looking for temporary jobs.

Apart from these there are many seasonal jobs that are floated by the government as well as local business. Someone who is interested in temporary employment can look forward to such opportunities and work for few months or a short period till they get permanent employment or change their location.






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Facts and tips to help with interview questions


To answer a job interview question usually a help with interview questions are necessary. It is
not possible to predict the type of questions you may be asked. You need to be prepared for
any type of question which may be asked by the employer. For this you need to know all about
your employer. The employer may ask tricky questions about the company or yourself or the
job for which you are applying. Make sure to make a list of possible questions which can be
asked and to write an answer for each of the questions. This will help you to be more free with
the questions and will bring you in a better position to answer more questions like this.

How to answer

To answer questions you must be confident and sure. Help with interview questions may be
needed to know how to answer questions. Question related to yourself must be answered with
confidence and with full surety. Try not to use maybe and if in your answers. Also never use
two negative words in your questions. Questions regarding your job positions must be well
informed. Make sure you know all about the job profile. A well researched answer is sure to
get you hired instantly. Questions related to the company must also be well researched. You
must not be vague in your answers. If you don’t know much, end your answer with a positive

When answering

Questions from the employers must be answered at the appropriate time. You must seem
eager but not rush things. Some help with interview questions will make you a master
in answering questions. Research well on the internet so as not to make a blunder while
answering question. You need to be completely honest and truthful while answering your
questions. Answering questions at the right time in a right way will surely make a good
impression on the employer.

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How to build and expand your career network

How to build and expand your career network

The best way to find a new job is  through networking. The main problem for job finder is from where  all these  network contacts come from and how they can be part of that network. The important key factor to build  network is mainly through relationship. The network mainly consist of people  you  have met  personally or through online and build network to meet more people. the network often consist of your friends and family, but you have to expand your circle beyond what you have normally. Some of the techniques for building and expanding career network-


1)      Expand local network or ask your current members for referral—

The best way to expand your network is to simply ask your  friends or  relatives for the contact information of others who seems to be beneficial for you.

Organize small get together for making new career network, impression, contracts or jobs.

2)      Join trade organizations or professional organizations

Try to find out the people who share the same professional intrests and goal. Many organizations arrange meetings or seminars for building your network of contacts.


3)      Using social networking tools-

First of all try to find out which networking sites are commonly used by

your friends, then chat with your colleagues  or friends to share your experiences.

The “ friend of a friend” is strong and successful contact network. Tap into social

network sites like face book , LinkedIn or  twitter and join some groups online to

meet  new people. Take part in discussions events to make contact with new people.


      4) Attend trade or professional meetings-

During company meetings, you will  interact with other new people.

try to make good relations with more experienced members.

5)      Become source of information—

Try to remember people interest  and send them articles on these subjects. This will make you to remain in touch with your contacts or making new contacts.


6)      Contact your former professor or career service office-

This is one of the strongest method that help you in building new and strong network. Make additional contacts with people of same college or university and share experiences with them to make good connections.


7)      Make contact with former colleagues or clients—

When we change our job , we lose our contacts with the former

Co workers or clients. Try to stay in contact with them.


8)      Look out for opportunities—

If you see opportunities that will be good for someone in your career network , let them know that makes good relation  with you




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sponsorship for employment visa

Some Facts about Sponsorship for Employment Visa Status

When you are looking for an employment visa in United States you also have to know about sponsorship for employment visa status. If you are a foreign worker and is looking forward to get United States employment visa then you will require a company sponsor for travelling and working in United States.

By the term sponsorship for employment visa status you mean that a foreign worker gets permission to work in the states as it is sponsored by a company. US employers hire foreign employees for working in specific position. For this they ask for H-1B visa status for each employee.


Why is sponsorship required?

With the help of H-1B visa you can work in US as per their job based criterion set by the U.S. citizenship and Immigration services. As a foreign employee you must have at least bachelor degree or above. There are certain degrees that will give you a good chance of working in US. This is applicable for those positions whose demand is high in United States. Such bachelor degree includes degree in engineering, technologies, accounting and others. The employer sponsors must show that they have requirement of specific talent who are able to work at an expertise level.


Is there any problem associated with Sponsorship?

Once you get sponsorship for employment visa status from an employer you can go to United States and start working over there. Apparently there is no such problem in it, but if the sponsored employer goes out of business then you may have your visa revoked.

In such you may be asked to return to your country as your sponsor is no more running their business. However, there are certain exceptions to it and you can take help of a lawyer there who will suggest you what can be done then.



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Important tips to achieve your career goals

Goals play an important role in achieving your career dreams. These goals helps  you to motivate and to get what you want in your life. If you want to achieve your goal first of all identify them what these goals are, why you are striving for these goals. We all have our aims and targets in life so ,in order to fulfill your dreams here are important   tips to get success or achieve your goals.

1) Proper planning—

First of all identify your plan, whether its long term or short -term plan, then make the strategies and directions to achieve it. Well though plan gives you confidence and try to stick with it. Your confidence will give you good focus.

2) Be simple—

Try to remain calm and be patience towards  your plan. Stick to it and take your time to work hard and make the things better. Face every problem that comes in your way.

3) Work hard—

Always put best in your work. Take time to search for the company or write cver letter for the job application. The more effort you will put , better will be the chance of job openings for you.

4) Accept criticism—

Sometime criticism distract you from your goal but other times it can be valuable and helps you to make you to do work better. Accept criticism and always respond in a positive way.

5) Be passionate—

Find something interesting to achieve  your career  goal. Search the possibilities and do exactly that will help you to achieve your goal.

6) Get informed— 

Search online or consult human resource department about your career . Contact people , friends and relatives to get information as much as you can.

7) Positive attitude—

Always believe in yourself and make honest goals. Stay focus on your plans and try to fulfilltips to achieve goals it. Accept criticism in a positive manner.



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How to negotiate a raise

How to negotiate a raise


Negotiating the contract terms before accepting a job or demanding a salary raise reflects the value of an employee. There is no doubt that asking for a raise is a skill. It is a complicated talk and also intimidating. You have to champion self-worth and that marks the irony that negotiations are never taught in classes. Knowing how to negotiate a raise is important, just like networking, interviewing or knowing the procedure is crucial. Practicing is very essential. Regardless of whether you like or not, you must get comfortable to match the salary and after a period of time consider negotiating a raise. Here are few tips:


Improve chances

Change the mindset and improve your chances to see a bright tomorrow. View the negotiation as a discussion, make it less personal, be friendly and ensure to stay with assertive mindset. Work out things to benefit you and your employer. Thus planning the financial future is important, same as your career.


Know your worth to your employer

Entering a salary negotiation implies good preparation. It is firstly about not getting emotional and considering it a project pitch for the services offered. Most importantly, you must have a good idea of your worth to your employer before knowing how to negotiate a raise. Here are few ways to know your worth:


Do a complete search on similar roles to have a benchmark salary range presently for the role. This is a simple gauge at minimum working for your salary negotiation.


If you start, many times it may appear as though you are planning to leave the present job right now. Yes, it is tedious to negotiate a raise, but it has various benefits such as you improve interview skills, understand the benchmark package you are worth and learn to strengthen the bargaining position. On doing a study and considering your worth, you may achieve that is required and also appear less desperate while negotiating and this is good.


Find out the cost of your replacement and this means how much the company will have to bear, if you leave. These are facts to know the actual hiring cost for someone to replace you. Keep your contributions proof that has set examples of success and pointing this helps in negotiating a raise. The employer also will consider the recruitment cost, training cost, project delays and delivering results time frame cost. When you see, you stand tall at these points, you can ask a raise.


 Never say the number first

A cardinal rule of negotiation is to never say the number first. The number question is sure to pop up. If your efforts reveal the situation for a raise, you may quote a marginal raise on that you are drawing now taking into consideration the market benchmark salary.





Stay silent

Practice to stay silent and remember to control the conversation and if you are silent, the employer will have to fill the silence. Knowing how to negotiate a raise is of immense value and staying silent gives you breathing times.

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Career fair tips

Career fair tips


Competition in the job market is high and so considering the career fair pays. Attending a job fair is best than merely sitting at home and waiting to receive a phone call offering job. Career fair is the right place to know if you can make a difference and are your results satisfactory to get a job offer. Following some of the career fair tips is certainly helpful.


  • Carry resume in many copies so that submitting to employers is possible.
  • Before the fair, find the job opportunities. Spend time to understand the background of the organizations participating in the job fair and prepare for specific questions. This helps the representatives in showing interest as you will be having relevant answers.
  • Dress appropriately. This is one of the important career fair tips. Creating impression is crucial, so dress in business casual dress.
  • Come early so that you have enough time. Fairs are highly busy during the lunch hours and the job fairs close promptly.
  • Get to know the companies coming in the job fair and prioritize the employers you may be interested. Hone your approach and practice to be confident while approaching employers. Also remember, there may be very little time and a long queue, so keep with the reality and get prepared for the interview. Ensure to have time on hand so that you do not miss the companies you wish to attend.
  • Stay flexible. The career fair offers summary in brief of the opportunities. Actually, here no employer representative is aware of all the available positions, especially this is common with large organizations. There may be some sudden openings, while some positions may not be available any more. some reps also share their experiences, but if they are not aware of the job details, you may ask for the name who can be of assistance to you.
  • Review the map for the fair. Feel comfortable and walk to the employers where you are interested.
  • Introduce yourself and go with appropriate “career pitch. Say “hello” and say your name. Keep your resume ready to hand over. Be ready to talk with respect to your career interests, academic and extracurricular experiences revealing your strengths and skills.
  • Take down notes and there may be few questions unanswered by the rep at the fair. If this job meets your interests, you may jot down their telephone numbers and names or other people to contact.
  • Ask the representative card, and send a thank-you note. This serves the purpose of having a direct contact, besides sending a thank you note refers to your professional good habit.


Most important career fair tips are to stay energized and upbeat. Make an impression revealing your enthusiasm regarding the work. You may engage the rep of the company in conversation and listen patiently to all that he has to say. You may send a follow-up letter  to the hiring manager and human resources and assure them you can add value to the company.

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Accepting job offer email

Accepting job offer email


Are you looking for a job, have you applied through resume and cover letter and have you attended a job interview. The next is to know is that you have been selected and very soon you can expect an offer letter from them. Once the company sends across an email offering the job, you have to send accepting job offer email in response as a confirmation from your end for accepting the offer.


What Next?

It is a good idea to write acceptance letter when there is a job offer or the moment a job is offered to you and you are willing to join the company for the post assigned. Here the concern is that you must write accepting job offer email with perfection.


Points to consider

  • Firstly, When you should write
  • What should the letter include
  • How should your write the letter


Accepting job offer email should be formal. You may document the important points about job title, benefits and other remuneration. You may document it yourself or get it documented from outside, friends or relatives. This is a one -time requirement to be given while joining a new company. The most important point here is to keep the letter brief and perfectly professional.


 Acceptance letter


On receiving an offer letter there are two choices, your either accept or decline. However, before going ahead with accepting job offer email or a letter, emphasis must be given on crucial points such as:


Money: Prior to signing the job offer letter, one must consider the remuneration. You must confirm if the amount mentioned is the same as discussed during interview. The options are open to you to decline the offer, in case the remuneration does not match. However talk to the employer, ensure your take in salary is enough to meet the industry standards and pay bills.


Other things to take care of include:

  • Benefits
  • Working hours
  • Incentives
  • Leave policies
  • Flexible timings
  • Quitting procedure
  • Personal emergency


Only when all these mentioned above is convincing, you may accept the offer. In case you notice difference of opinion in any point, you may negotiate or decline.




Guideline to Accept Job Offer Email


Accepting job offer email implies it should be in three parts:


  • Gratitude: The email of your job acceptance should reveal gratitude towards the company or organization. Start with thanking for the opportunity given and believing in you and that you are looking forward to be a part of the organization soon.
  • Confirmation: On confirmation, write the acceptance job offer email referring to the position, the date of joining and the discussed salary.
  • Closing: The closing of a job offer acceptance email should be good. This is because it expresses your enthusiasm to take the job. The closing paragraph may be used to add information that the company wants to know as query.


The accepting job offer email should be mailed to the hiring manager or the HR and save a draft for future references.


Accepting job offer email Sample



Subject: – Job Offer Accepted at [Company name]


Message Body:-


“Dear Mr (Name),


As per our discussion, I am pleased to accept the job offer for the position of (Name the position) with you (company name).


I thank you for this offer. I am looking forward to make a positive contribution to the company. I am excited to work.


As discussed, my salary is (amount) per annum. Other benefits included would be health insurance, travel allowances and life insurance.


I will join your company on (date and year). Before that if anything required, please let me know.


Thank you very much.



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Search for Candidates

search for candidates


Search for Candidates

 search for candidates

Job opening is a very common happening in every organization so every HR member of the organization must know the important facts of hiring good employees and how to seek good employees. Searching good candidate for your job is not an easy task because you have to filter a lot of people and you have to know the real requirements of that job. This is a risky process because judging people is not very easy and you may be thinking of one quality of that person and it is possible that he may be pretending to be like that.


A lot of people need jobs in this world and they sometimes apply for jobs which do not suit their personality and finding out those people from your candidate list is a real work of research and keen observation. You have to look inside the heart and brain of people before hiring them so that you will have only appropriate people for your job.


Detailed job description:


A detailed job description can serve as your first filter of candidates because most of the people want to do the job which suits their capabilities and interests. This will help to filter out people who are not interested in the type of job you are offering. A job name may give them a wrong clue about their responsibilities and even pay scale which can be cleared through job description. A job description should contain every little fact related to the job including all the duties and responsibilities of that person and also the tools and skills necessary for that job. Mentioning the exact pay or pay scale of the employee will also help you to filter out people who are not satisfied with the pay.


Acing behavioral interviews:


Behavioral interviews are a marvelous tool for judging the right candidates for your job. They are considered as a tool to find out the best person for your job and they are used by a lot of employers in hiring process. Candidates are asked questions about their actions and behaviors in some business situations which happened in their past. Theory behind these interviews is that people do not tend to change and they will behave in the same way, to a certain situation, as they behaved in past.


While defining a question in a behavioral interview, you must make sure that all of your stories must be well defined. They must be made in a way that is understandable to other people and they must have a good starting, middle and an end. A lot of other techniques can be used to hire suitable candidates for the job. At the same time, there is the one most important thing to be remembered during hiring and that is different requirements for every job in same company. One job in the same company may require different capabilities from the other. So your hiring procedure must change for every job because you will be judging on different perspectives.


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Information Technology- Start a career in it

information technology career

                                                                              Information technology is a fairly recent field of work. To start your career in it you will have to know various details about it. There are various jobs available in the field today. There are different positions and work for every field of education. You need to be up to date and in sync with the field of work. Also your educational background must be related to information technology. This field has become very popular and many students are opting for this field of education. Before starting your career in this field a well done research is advisable. You must learn what the field offers and what it requires. If you have already chosen the field you must be very well aware of the areas which the job requires.

Steps to follow

To start a career in it you must follow the following steps.

  1. Get to know if you are well skilled in Information Technology. If not then you may not be able to start your career in this field.

  2. Chalk down the list of jobs positions in which you may be interested. This will make your search more specific and narrow down your options.

  3. Choose a job position with which you are familiar and comfortable.

  4. Make contacts with the right people who will be able to help you in your job search process.

  5. You can also search for institutions and education centers who will offer you courses on Information technology.

  6. Keep yourself up to date with latest professional training and certifications

  7. Apply for a job that best suits your profile.


Information technology is a great field and is a good choice to career in it. There are many options open and as the field is fairly new, there are many more advancements yet to come. Prepare yourself and start your career in this field of the job. 

Information Technology- Start a career in it

Information technology is a fairly recent field of work. To start your career in it you will have to know various details about it. There are various jobs available in the field today. There are different positions and work for every field of education. You need to be up to date and in sync with the field of work. Also your educational background must be related to information technology. This field has become very popular and many students are opting for this field of education. Before starting your career in this field a well done research is advisable. You must learn what the field offers and what it requires. If you have already chosen the field you must be very well aware of the areas which the job requires.

Steps to follow

To start a career in it you must follow the following steps.

  1. Get to know if you are well skilled in Information Technology. If not then you may not be able to start your career in this field.

  2. Chalk down the list of jobs positions in which you may be interested. This will make your search more specific and narrow down your options.

  3. Choose a job position with which you are familiar and comfortable.

  4. Make contacts with the right people who will be able to help you in your job search process.

  5. You can also search for institutions and education centers who will offer you courses on Information technology.

  6. Keep yourself up to date with latest professional training and certifications

  7. Apply for a job that best suits your profile.


Information technology is a great field and is a good choice to career in it. There are many options open and as the field is fairly new, there are many more advancements yet to come. Prepare yourself and start your career in this field of the job. 

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How to construct a good customer service resume

customer service resume

                                                A resume is a portrayal of the character of the prospective employee for the employers. The basic impression of the employee is formed from a resume. It is thus quite necessary to construct your resumes in a correct and attractive way. Each sector has their own way of representation of resume and no wonders that customer service resume has their own unique style. But are you worried that you do not have the idea how to write an impressive resume for customer service? They are not worried because this article will make you know about the basic nitty-gritty of resume writing to customer service.

The proper facts

The most basic thing that a resume should have is the flow and easy reading. It should have the contact details of the applicant written in a clear and organized way. The next in the line is to give a clear detail of your educational qualification including the name of the institute, the name of the degree and the score obtained.

If you have any relevant work experience then include that in your customer service resume. The next turn is to write about the key skills you have i.e. those skills which are relevant to the field of customer service. Also another very important part of your resume is the objective there you need to explain your aim and your purpose.

The format

There are no hardcore set rules or formats for any resume. Though the structure varies from industry to industry but the basics are almost similar. However there are a few pointers which make a customer service resume different from others. Firstly try to keep your resume within one page, do not extend it by using unnecessary words. Only apply your extracurricular activities when they are of any relevance to your job application. But most importantly be honest and always provide correct information and data.

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US IT recruiter

US IT recruiter

Challenges Faced By the IT Recruiters

The IT industry in US is booming and that is the reason the demand for US IT recruiter is increasing every day. A company that deals with Information technology requires the best talent pool in their organization so that they are able to complete their assignment fast. In all this the first thing that they require is a recruiter who will recruit employees on their behalf and thus arises the demand for US IT recruiter.

As an US IT recruiter you may face the fowling challenges and must know how you can overcome them.

US IT recruiter

Getting the best talent

Of course it is the primary job of nay recruiter and at the same time it is a challenge too! There are a numerous good candidates in the market but when you need the best one there are certain limitations. It’s not only your company who are looking for the best talent; all the company recruiters are doing the same. So the first challenge that will come your way is to hiring the best talent for your organization.


Matching skill set to criteria

This is another challenge that is faced by the IT recruiter. When a recruiter looks for specific skillset they may not be able to get them in the same location. A candidate with same skill set may be available but they are from another location. Hence, all these have to be managed by the recruiter.


Slow hiring process

An IT recruiter is not only responsible for the whole hiring process. If the overall hiring process is slow then a recruiter may have to lose candidates that they had chosen fit for the organization. It is a challenge as they have to change the system in their own concern which is not possible many times.

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Technical recruiter

Technical Recruiter- To Recruit Technical Personnel

For any company the toughest challenge is to hire and maintain a good workforce. Especially if it comes to technical staff then the challenge sum up because there are so many technical firms out there. Every technical employee is looking for a better opportunity. Moreover while recruiting them it is necessary that the candidates have right technical skill set.

Technical recruiter

With all this the job of a technical recruiter becomes challenging. They need to know what is the expectation of the company as well as they must have the knowledge about the different technical fields their company works at. Apart from that it is duty of the technical recruiter to understand the expectation of the candidate, whether they will work with the organization for long or not.


Role of technical recruiter

Many technical firms have their own technical recruiter to recruit technical personnel for the concern.as an in house technical recruiter one must source candidates for any open position of the company they are working with. They can make the candidates understand the process and check out their back ground. This will make them understand about their job and also understand the candidates. The final output will be that they will be landing up in hiring better candidates.


Apart from filling in the vacant position the recruiter has to build networking with other recruiting agencies so that they have line up of employees who can work on their behalf.


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contract employment

Pros and Cons of Contract Jobs

Nowadays many people opt for contract employment. When jobs are offered on contract basis, it will be only for a fixed period of time. The duration of contract jobs may be a few weeks or few months or for a few years. The majority of job seekers search for job opportunities that are for permanent jobs. When they focus only on permanent jobs they are likely to miss the chances of getting contract employment in various organizations. By hiring skilled workers on contract basis, the companies are also considerably benefited.


They need not spend time and money for selection and training of new employees. The recruiting agencies will provide them the right type of skilled workers who are trained as well as experienced. Once the project is complete, the company can send the contract workers back to the recruiting agencies. Other than paying the agreed wages for the work done the employers need not provide any additional benefits to the employees.


Benefits of contract jobs

Those who take up contract employment have many advantages though the job is only for a fixed period. The workers who are more qualified and are older have more chances of getting the jobs since employers always prefer to appoint more matured as well as experienced people to perform the task. Those who perform exceedingly well in the contract jobs are likely to become the most favorite candidates for the permanent positions in the company which may come up at any time.

Hence contract employment enables the workers to easily get selected for the permanent positions in the company. Once the contract job is over in a particular company, the workers go back to the recruiting agency which will be immediately sending them to another company for taking up a new contract assignment. In this way, not only the workers get regular work but also valuable experience of working in different places and in different working conditions. The work-related expenses of contract workers will be less when compare to that of permanent employees.

Contract employment provides the workers the opportunity to show their performance to a number of employers and also they get work experience in different fields as well as industries. The result achieved by the contract employee is the most important aspect of contract based jobs. Contract workers are immune to rivalry at the work-place and they need not get involved in the politics which is very common in workplaces.


Other aspects to consider

The contract based jobs may not be suitable to all. In contract jobs, one has to work for different employers frequently and as a result in each job the contract employee has to impress a different person. Unless the employer is impressed with the performance, he will not hire the employee for another project in future. Hence, for the contract worker, each job is a test to assess his efficiency and skill. For those who are not prepared to take up this type of challenges, contract job may not be suitable.

Since the contract employees are going to be in the company only for a limited period, the permanent employees may not be willing to consider them as equals and to share information with them.  Contract employees are not entitled to extra benefits like casual leave, vacation pay, allowances and pension.

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Jobsearch online

Job Search Online Tips for Getting Great Suggestions

There are different ways in which you can look for jobs. Jobsearch online is one of them where you can search for an opportunity online. Online there are thousands of opportunities but the problem arises when you do not know how can you get an appropriate job and apply to it. As there are number of opportunities in jobsearch online getting the right job for applying is really tough.


Yes, it is true that if you get to any job search agency they will do the same job for you. They will shortlist those jobs that will be fit for you and narrow down the choice that you will have. However, for all this services you have to pay them charges. Hence, if you want to try yourself you can try out jobsearch online. It may seem a mammoth task at the beginning but once you have mastered the procedure you will find that you are landing at the right job application.


Tips for looking job online

Here are certain tips that will make it easier for you to look for jobs online.

  • There are different job portals that will give you the details about the job vacancies. In different areas different portals work best. So find out the ones that are good at your place and start looking for jobs there.
  • There are certain online portals that specializes for any particular type of jobs say engineering jobs, whereas there are others that caters to every type of job search. Know your requirement first and then choose the job portal.
  • Look for jobs in these portals after specifying your experience and expected salary. You can also customize the job search with any specific location.

Once you specify these you will find that you have land up with the required jobs that will fit your requirement best.




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H-1 B visa sponsorship

Sponsored Visa to stay and work in US

H-1 B visa sponsorship by companies in the US is now very common. Professionals from foreign countries who have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a specialized field like IT, medicine, science or engineering are eligible for the sponsorship. The employees who have obtained the H-1B visa can stay in US and work legally up to three years after which if required the visa can be renewed for another three years. The petition for obtaining H-1 B visa is to be filed by the employer on behalf of the employee.


The company that provides the H-1 B visa sponsorship should first of all file the LCA (Labor Condition Application) with the Department of Labor in the US. By way of filing the LCA the company agrees that by hiring a worker under the H-1 B visa from another country, the workers who are citizens of US will not be affected adversely.apply for H-1 B visa


 Conditions for becoming a sponsor

The company which sponsors H-1 B visa has to agree through the LCA that the hired employee will be paid the prevailing salary for the particular job, the employee will be provided the same benefits that are enjoyed by other workers who are in the same job, the working conditions of other employees will not be affected negatively and there is no labor dispute or stoppage of work at the time of hiring the employee from another country.


The H-1 B visa sponsorship by a company should have the approval from the USCIS after determining that the sponsoring company is established in the proper way and that the company has sufficient cash flow to provide the prevailing wage to the hired employee. While it is easy for large companies to get the approval from USCIS, the startup companies who sponsor for H-1 B visa should furnish sufficient evidence of their income, normally in the form of venture capital. The companies in US can provide H-1 B visa sponsorship only for the professions that come under the category of H-1 B professions. All the major H-1 B professions can be viewed here. The sponsoring US company has to pay the visa processing fees to the USCIS. Because of the various factors that are involved in the H-1 B visa application process no company or H-1 B visa service firm can guarantee the H-1 B job or the H-1 B visa.

There are many service firms that offer professional assistance to the sponsoring companies to get their petition for H-1 B visa approved. These service firms provide tailored assistance according to the preferences and requirements of the individual customers.


Complete Professional Assistance

The customers who require the fastest results from their efforts to secure H-1 B visa sponsorship can opt for Complete Professional Assistance by the H-1 B visa service firms. Those who avail the complete professional assistance will be provided with the service of a personal visa sponsorship counselor as well as a career advisor.

They will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process to obtain the visa sponsorship. The service firm will also provide resume improvement service also to ensure that the customer has a perfect resume thereby improving his chances to get the sponsorship jobs.

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Student Jobs

Advice Before You Start Looking For Student Jobs

While you head to university to get your degree you also look forward to earn something. This income supports you while you are earning and make you feel independent. There are a number of student jobs available in the market, but while you seek them consider the following.


Match your timings firstStudent Jobs

As a student your first consideration should be your studies. You should never neglect it and make sure that you are getting enough knowledge from the course undertaken by you. Hence, while you look for student jobs make sure that the timings suit your study times. You must be regular to your classes. If you cannot attend your classes for doing the job then think twice before you start the job.


Remember that as a student your first preference is completing your studies and thus choose a job that can be done during free hours.


Look for something that adds to experience

When you start looking for student jobs you will find that there are a number of them. You can seek any one of them but you must be careful to choose. This is because if you are an account student then tries to get such job where you learn practical things about accounts. It will help you when you actually start looking for jobs. This experience will be counted then when you appear for your first job interview.

On the other hand if you look for a normal job that pays well you may not show that in your future. So, look for jobs that relates to your field.


Do not over emphasize on money

While working as student, most students forget why they are attending university. When they start earning they feel that they have done something! Its true earning has its own charisma but do not let your income make you feel satisfied. You must be prepared to face the reality that you need to complete the course.




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H-1 B visa companies

Serving the Clients Who Want to Obtain H-1 B Visa

H-1 B visa is a non-immigrant visa which is issued by the US government. When companies in the US employ workers from other countries for short time assignments or temporary jobs, the workers have to obtain the H-1 B visa. The workers who apply for H-1 B visa must have technical qualifications in any one of the specialized fields like IT, medicine, science or engineering. The H-1 B visa is issued only for specialty jobs and the professionals who apply for this non-immigrant visa must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the subject. The H-1 B visa companies help the applicants to apply for the visa and also to fix the dates for the visa interviews in the nearest consulate of US. Once the petition submitted by the worker is approved, the applicant can appear for the H-1 B visa interview.

The H-1 B visa companies offer guidance and assistants to the applicants for attending the interviews. On successful completion of the interview, the H-1 B stamping will be provided on the passport of the worker.


Service with a commitment

The H-1 B visa companies will explain to the applicants the requirements for applying for the H-1 visa. The company staff will ensure that the worker is eligible for H-1 B visa. They will check whether the profile of the applicant matches to each and every requirement of the H-1 B visa application. The company staff will also ensure that the worker is in a specialty occupation and he is already employed by the petitioning US company for a temporary job or a short-term assignment.

The personnel who are employed by the H-1 B visa companies are highly responsible and they will be very friendly as well as cordial to the clients. They assist the clients throughout the documentation work and also give useful tips for completing the visa interviews successfully. All the staff members of these companies will be very supportive and the clients can contact them over the phone or email when they require any information regarding their application for H-1 B visa.


Support throughout the process

The H-1 B visa companies provide all services related to H-1 B visa. Those who have obtained the H-1 B visa can work in the US and stay there along with spouse and children. Once the visa is granted, the worker can collect his passport from the OFC centre within 5 working days. After paying the visa application fee, the staff of the visa company will help the applicants to book online the two appointments for visa interview. The visa companies provide full service to the clients throughout the H-1 B visa process.


They provide the checklist of documents that are required to apply for H-1 B visa and help the clients to complete the application process in the proper way. They will assist the clients to fill up the forms, complete the documentation and file the visa petition. The representatives of the visa companies will follow up with the US consulate and update the clients about the H-1 B visa process. The companies also offer other services including Air Port pick up, accommodation and relocation.




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bank jobs

Banking Sector – the provider of the best job opportunities

The banking sector offers a lot of exciting jobs to those who have different backgrounds. The bank jobs are very attractive today because of the high remuneration package as well as job security. Those who take up a career in the banking industry have very bright prospects for career advancement also. For the employees who are dynamic and highly talented, the banking industry assures ample opportunities for career growth as well as improvement of job profiles.

bank jobs

In the bank jobs one can have a lot of choices as well as varieties and the employee can have a profile that suits to his aptitude and interests. The very wide range of job options offered by the banking sector includes Probationary Officer, IT Specialist, Accounts Manager, Financial Analyst and many more. The career in banking industry is highly challenging and those who are well motivated as well as ambitious can keep on climbing up their career ladder. The bank job is highly stimulating – physically as well as intellectually. Since banking is considered as a very crucial part of the economy of a country, those who are employed by the banking industry have the opportunity to contribute towards the economic growth of the country.

Unique advantages

The bank jobs provide the employees the opportunity to serve the country while working for their own livelihood. Those who work in the banks also have the opportunity to stay and work in different parts of the country and a few among them get the chance to work abroad also. Domestic as well as international travel for different purposes is very common in bank jobs.


The banking sector is known for its very attractive remuneration. Moreover, based on individual merit as well as seniority the bank employees are provided bonuses and various other fringe benefits. Today, the banks expect maximum creativity from the employees. The responsibilities of the banks change rapidly as a result of flourishing of the financial sector. With the introduction of mobile banking as well as internet banking and as a result of globalization gaining momentum, the bank employees are expected to be more and more creative.

Customer oriented

Interaction with customers is a significant part of bank jobs. Providing essential service to customers is the main purpose of banks. Hence the banking industry attaches maximum importance to communication and interaction with customers. By way of regular interaction with customers the bank employees get the opportunity to serve different types of people whose needs as well as lifestyles are also different. This experience helps them to improve their skills as well as gain more confidence.

Bright futures

Another attraction of the jobs in the banking sector is that apart from a lucrative job, the banking industry ensures job satisfaction to the employees. Many people opt for jobs in banks and make it their life long career because of the excellent remuneration, job security and job satisfaction. As a result of growth of economy and the financial sector becoming more vibrant, employment opportunities in the banking sector are going to increase.

Privatization of banking sector will facilitate further improvement of the pay package as well as more chances for career advancement. The students who have their graduation in science, arts or commerce are eligible to apply for jobs in the banking sector.


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Arts jobs

Arts jobs

Career Opportunities in the field of Arts and Culture

In the field of art and culture there are a lot of employment opportunities. Those who have professional qualifications in visual arts, music, dance, crafts, literature, photography, theatre, film, combined arts or interdisciplinary arts are eligible to apply for the arts jobs. Those who are interested to start their career as visual information specialist or exhibits specialists or program analysts can find out adequate job opportunities in museums and art galleries. Graphic art designers and web designers are required by various government departments to maintain the websites of these departments more functional as well as aesthetically beautiful.


Those who are in search of arts jobs are able to find out diverse career opportunities in the large world of arts. There are a lot of temporary job opportunities also in the field of arts. In summer every year, numerous camps are conducted for the development of creative arts. Those who are ready to take up jobs in the camp programs can wait for the announcements regarding appointment of creative arts camp staff and apply for these temporary jobs.Arts jobs


Highly lucrative jobs

Those who have a Bachelors Degree in any one of the arts related subjects like Graphic Design, photography, interior design, Video and Media, Film Production, Radio & TV Production, etc. are eligible to apply for various arts jobs that are highly lucrative and exciting. Lucrative career opportunities await the students who have taken up industrial design, graphic design, studio art or theatre as their major subject for their bachelor’s degree courses in the college.


Those who have their graduation in art can easily advance in their career path and reach the executive positions within a short period. Those who have their bachelor’s degree in media studies can make it to the top positions in the creative services. Those who successfully complete a course in computer programming in addition to the bachelor’s degree in graphic designing can try for hi-tech arts jobs that offer salary in six figures. The most highly paid jobs in the field of arts and culture include the positions such as Senior Fashion Designers, Design Directors and Design Managers.


Career in visual effects animation

The arts degree holders who have expertise in animation as well as multi-media arts can find out exciting arts jobs opportunities in the film industry. After working for some time as animators or other type of artists, these professionals can make their career path in to the field of visual effects.


Whenever special effects are to be inserted into the films, the task will be assigned to the visual effects animators. The visual effects cannot be added to the film during live action shooting. After taking the shots in the studio, the visual effects animators will create various characters through the computer software programs and these characters will be inserted in to the film. The computer created characters will be made to interact with the live action characters. The visual effects make the film more realistic as well as exciting and ensure the success of movies, commercials and TV Shows.


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choosing a career

Never Choose Your Career in Haste

Identifying the career which is the most suitable to you is the first step in choosing a career. Instead of blindly following the opinion of other people one has to do the homework and decide about his career. In case a person chooses a wrong career for him the effort that he puts in his job as well as the time he spends for the same will go waste and he cannot be successful in the career. When a person wants to take up a particular job he should ensure that he has the aptitude for the same so that he will find his job quite interesting and as a result he will be able to perform with full involvement.

choosing a career

Prior to choosing a career, it is very important for an individual to learn about himself or herself. If found necessary one can take the advice of a career development professional in order to choose the right career. There are various tools with which one can know about himself in a better way and ultimately that information will help him to choose the best career for him from the list of different types of careers.

Before choosing you career learn about it in detail

Those who have only limited resources may have to find out cost-effective methods for choosing a career. Regularly visiting the nearest public library is the best way to gather information, learn about different types of career and also to find out various career planning services. If a person is a member of the alumni of the local college or University, he or she can approach the career service cell there which will be providing career counseling free of charges or for very low charges.


Even if one has the aptitude and interest for a particular career, he may find the same unsuitable with regard to various other aspects like nature of the job, future outlook, the additional qualifications or training that are required, etc. Hence in order to ensure perfection in choosing a career, one has to learn in detail about each career in the list of careers prepared by him so that he will be able to take an informed decision. Hasty decisions are likely to be destructive.

Avoid preconceived notions

Unless a person has sufficient information about various aspects of a career, he will not be able to come to the conclusion as to whether in the particular career field he will get job satisfaction or not. One cannot get job satisfaction unless he is able to perform his day-to-day duties with interest and involvement. While choosing a career, one should not be under the influence of preconceived notions. When a person wants to know the pros and cons of a particular career he requires either direct personal experience or thorough research prior to getting into that career. The person should not be under the wrong impression that he knows everything pertaining to that particular career.

When a person has a few options regarding his career, he may try to gather more information about each type of career in the list by talking to people who are presently working in the respective fields or who have working experience in the particular fields. This will enable one to take an informed decision and ultimately he will be choosing the best career for him.


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How to find work

Whenever  you are looking for a job, it requires two main things–understand yourself and understand the job market.Always be sure that you choose your career and ready to find a job. There are several ways by which you can get job easily.



When you start job searching, make sure that your resume is complete. Your resume contain all your information, including who you are and what makes you interested for this job. Be honest, don’t tell lie on your resume. Review your resume 3-5 times for grammatical errors. Use simple language and ensure your name and contact details should be properly displayed.


During interview when the hiring manager starts with questions like “ Tell me about yourself” The answer should be short between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.Don’t stammer while describing yourself. Never try to explain too fast either. So always practice your pitch before going for an interview.


The hiring manager will be interested in your accomplishments or why you want to work for his company and what you will do to become a better employer. For that you attend some conferences that improve your abilities. Try to learn how to operate different machines. Improve your spoken and written communication skills because the working environment consist of different kinds of people so its necessary to posses skills of communication.


During an interview sometimes you might be given a situation and ask what you would do. So, based on your past experiences and using examples try to give the answer. Be honest and confident.


Try to make network with your friends, relatives  contact them and ask them for any opening for which they recommend you. Explain them what type of job you are looking for.


If you are not ready for job, you can work as a volunteer that makes you confident . With that you are not only helping others , but also gain some experience. Highlight your volunteer experience on your resume.


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clerical jobs

The Two Sides of Office Jobs

Those who take up clerical jobs are required to work at a fixed location of the organization and they have to perform the day-to-day duties under the supervision of the officer in charge of the section or department. The entire work will be distributed among a group of employees who are entitled to receive a fixed monthly salary and other benefits as per rules of the organization.


This type of job enables the employees to lead a comfortable life and maintain a decent standard of living. However, various studies and surveys reveal that the clerical jobs have its advantages as well as disadvantages. While considering some of the aspects we find that it is a comfortable and promising job. However, many people are of the opinion that this type of job has many disadvantages also. While some people find that working as a clerk in an office is interesting, comfortable and easy others are of the opinion that in this job one has to face various problem also.

Advantages of office jobs

One of the most interesting aspects of clerical jobs is that it is highly educating in nature. The job provides the incumbents opportunities on daily basis to learn many new things in one’s career as well as life. The individual who takes up the office job becomes a well experienced as well as well behaved person within a few years. The rich experience that people are able to gain from clerical jobs enables them to climb up the ladder and reach higher positions in the organization. Their experience makes them more responsible, trustworthy and knowledgeable. When their knowledge expands they become more creative and become capable of using new methods and techniques to get better results. As a result of acquiring new skills they become capable of accepting new challenges.


The office environment teaches them how to behave in front of other people. They come to know how to build up relationships and also to maintain the relationships. They also learn how to impress other people and with the professional approach they establish their reputation.

Since those who are in clerical jobs have to work according to a fixed time schedule, they quickly acquire the skills for proper time management. They realize the importance of maintaining punctuality. The office environment and the job make them disciplined. The job in the office provides them good exposure to the business carried out by the organization. Since they have to manage important files pertaining to various business transactions, they have the opportunity to learn a lot about the organization, the business and the market. The office staff also has the opportunity to meet many people like vendors, contractors, government officials and other visitors.

Disadvantages of office jobs

Just like all other jobs, the office jobs also have some disadvantages. Hours of work every day at the desk makes a person lazy and may tempt him to have a sedentary lifestyle. Besides straining the eyes, neck and back, the office job can cause obesity also. Those who take up office jobs are required to view the computer screen for hours daily and as a result their eye vision gets affected and ultimately they have to wear specs. Secret rivalry and monotonous way of working may sometimes lead to problems in relationships. Unless it is a large organization, those who are in the office jobs are paid less.

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Applying for H-1 B visa

About Applying for H-1 B visa

H-1 B visa enables non-immigrant foreign professionals in specialized fields to work in US legally. Once the petition is approved the visa will be issued immediately. Until the visa expires the visa holder can stay in US and travel in and out of US. The first step of H-1 B visa process is the submission of H-1 B visa petition. Those who want to submit the visa petition must have an employer or sponsor. The visa applicant submits the petition because he or she wants to stay temporarily in the US to undertake the short-term assignment provided by the employer. The prescribed fees for filing the H-1 B visa application are to be paid by the sponsor or the employer.

apply for H-1 B visa


There are about six steps in the application part of the H-1 B visa process.

Step 1

As the first step of the application part, the US employer has to file the petition on behalf of the professional from abroad who will be undertaking the short-term job offered by the employer. The employment letter issued by the employer should be attached to the visa petition and the employment letter should clearly indicate the exact description of the job, the dates of employment, salary offered by the employer, the requirements of the job and contact information.

Step 2

In the next step, confirmation by the State Employment Security Agency about the prevailing salary as well as the actual salary is to be furnished. This is to ensure that a foreign worker is not drawing a salary below the minimum prevailing salary fixed by the local authority.

Step 3

The third step of the application part of H-1 B visa process consists of filing of the Labor Condition Application – ETA – 9035.

Step 4

As the 4th step of the application part, the petition is prepared and filed at the respective office of USCIS.

Step 5

Applicants who want to speed up the H-1 B visa process can opt for the premium process after paying the additional charges. However the premium processing is not guaranteed.

Step 6

As the final step of the application part of H-1 B visa the applicant may check the status of his petition using his receipt number. The USCIS will update the stats of the petition on its system once the application is filed. Those who want to check the status of their petition may enter their receipt number here.


Immigration services

Those who want to have more information about the H-1 B visa process can contact any reliable immigration firm. There are various immigration companies that are providing trusted as well as efficient service to customers. One can get all details regarding H-1 B application process from these service firms. Those who want to apply for H-1 B visa may ensure to submit their applications at their earliest. Soon after accepting the job offered by the employer in US, the non-immigrant worker can start the process of applying for H-1B visa. The USICS will take 3 – 4 months to process the H-1 B visa petition.



Once the petition for H-1 B visa is approved, the applicant can fix the dates for both interviews online. On successful completion of the interviews, the H-1 B visa stamping will be provided on the passport of the applicant.


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Why You are not getting job offers?

job offersIn today’s market one of the toughest thing is job searching. You can apply for many jobs, but there is no response from the employers. Sometime if you ask the hiring manager why you weren’t selected for the job, you received  some meaningful answers. Therefore before making any decision, have you thought may be something wrong during the interview. well, just sitting in front of the computer and wonder why you are not getting job is not the right way, its time to make some change . Here are some of the changes you have to focus on..

1) Job requirements–

If you think ,most of the time you were rejected because not having extra years of experience or lack of higher degrees, think again. Today companies are going to pick the best candidates  and the candidates that match their requirements get the job easily, therefore you have to meet the single job requirements. But , that doesn’t mean you give up. Ty to find the job that match your skills and apply for that job.

2) Right keywords on your resume–

Most of the time you have very clear resume free of all errors, still you didn’t get the job. The most important thing is to phrase your resume with the right keywords. Try to use some meaningful and impressive words that imply action and sell your experience with your achievements. Make sure your keywords help you to get job.

3) Poor appearance–

During an interview, if you dress your best, arrive on time and fully prepared for the interview but still not get the job. Its just matter of personality .If you don’t look presentable its of no use,  hiring manager won’t like you and you are not going to get the job.

4) High expectation–

We all want to work at our dream job with high level of salary, but we have to do job that’s good enough . Low down your expectations , Be honest ,prepare your mind and broaden your job search results.

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Apply for H-1 B visa

apply for H-1 B visa

H-1 B visa Application Process

When companies in the US want to employ workers from other countries who have qualifications and experience for specialty occupation, the workers are required to obtain H-1 B visa which is a non-immigrant visa issued by the US government. The employers who offer temporary jobs or short-time assignments to eligible and technically qualified professionals in specialized fields like IT, engineering, medicine, science, accounting, etc. have to apply for H-1 B visa with the immigration department in the US. H-1 B visa is a stamping on the passport of the foreign worker and he can use it as the work permit to work in US under the employer who filed the H-1 B petition. H-1 B visa will be issued only for specialty occupations and the worker for whom the visa is sought should have obtained at least a Bachelors Degree in the respective discipline and should have specialized knowledge in the field – theoretically as well as practically. Those who apply for H-1 B visa have to appear for the H-1visa interview in the nearest consulate of the US or in the US embassy, once the petition is approved. Once the H-1 visa interview is completed successfully, the H-1 stamping will be provided on the passport of the worker.

apply for H-1 B visa

Specific requirements

Those who want to apply for H-1 B visa have to meet the following requirements while making their applications:



A digital photograph in square shape is required for applying for H-1 B visa. The dimensions of the photograph must be within the range 600 pixels by 600 pixels – 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels. The image must be in color and also should be in JPEG format. The image file size should not exceed 240 kilobytes.


Form DS 160

One has to fill up the Form DS 160 in order to apply for H-1 B visa. The Form DS 160 can be accessed and filled up at the Dept of State website. The confirmation with a 10-digit bar code will be issued to those who have successfully made the application. The applicants are advised to keep a print out of the confirmation page which will be required for finalizing the visa interview appointment.


Application fee

The H-1 B visa application fee can be paid by way of bank transfer or electronically or by cash at designated bank branches. The appointment for visa interview must be taken within a year from the date of payment of application fee.


Appointment for visa interview

Those who have applied for H-1 B visa have to schedule two appointments for the visa interview. While one of the appointments is with the Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) for presenting biometric information including photograph and fingerprint the second appointment is for the personal visa interview at the Embassy or the Consulate.


Visa interview at the designated US consulate

Those who apply for H-1 B visa should ensure to be present at the consulate on the date and time of the appointment for interview. The following original documents are to be carried while going for the interview:

  1. Passport including old passports, if any
  2. Photograph
  3. Confirmation page of Form DS 160 stamped at the VAC
  4. Application fee receipts
  5. Visa appointment letter
  6. Petition related documents
  7. Supporting documents pertaining to the kind of visa applied for







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Career Choices

Make Quality Career Choices

In most cases, a lot of college students and several other people, despite their years of experience hurriedly or blindly choose just any career. They usually fail to closely examine their personal impressions and knowledge relating to a specific career. As a matter of fact, they are fond of relying on another person’s attitude in one career and thereby fail to actually confirm the actual truth before making career choices. Unfortunately, career planning and their choices are usually arrive at without wide consultation and research of alternatives. The fact remains that a limited view tends to lead to narrow decision making.

In addition, career misconceptions are here and there but it is advisable that every single assumption must be thoroughly tested and objectively looked into base on the available facts and figures of the job. It is highly risky to let non verifiable information be the foundation for making a career choice. In the long run, you may find yourself uninteresting and unfulfilled which is a recipe for disaster.

In addition, many people have left work aspiration as a result of wrong information about the career in question. They merely base their decision on monetary aspect with cross examining what you have been told. This has make so many individuals to lose sight of their suitably dream job. Hence, the following could be helpful to critically examine your career choice before coming up with quality decisions:

–          Put all your assumption under cross examination. It is possibly that you do not have enough information necessary to complement those comments from friend and family. Go for wide research to understand every detail about your career choices. Again, do not fix your mind or be too rigid while searching because you are likely to come across many more exciting prospects.

–          Do not obtain your fact from just one source. In case you are still in school, try to consult your professor or counselor. In addition, explore the internet for more relevant information. Look for anyone who is already in your dream field and fix a short interview with him or her through phone. It may also necessary that you attend job fairs and seek audience with recruiters. Ensure that you follow up on those resources that you have been able to identify in your search.

–          Analyze your career information very critiedly. Do not be emotional or bias as you are considering your research. You may be surprised that your initial thoughts are relevant as you embark on search. Be careful about the origin and competence of where you are getting your career choice information.

–          Do not hesitate to try out your career ideas. Supposing you are still in school, you may try to seek for internship in your dreamed field. Better still; you may opt for a part-time job to have practical experience of what it takes.

Finally, you are advised never to make your career choices purely on sentiment or hearsay facts. This is the only way you can find a fulfilled career.

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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions


Job Descriptions 

 Job Descriptions

Why is job description important? Before answering this, you must know that what exactly is job description? This is a very important thing to mention before any job opening in your company. It is the thing to be mentioned by the recruiter. It describes the major areas of the employee’s position or job. A careful analysis of all the important facts of job must be done before explaining the job description. This analysis will allow the recruiter to understand the needs of a certain job position. These needs will allow him or her to find out the characteristics of a person to be hired for the job. The four basic things to be mentioned in a job description are:


Tasks involved


Methods used to complete those tasks


Purpose of job


Responsibilities of job


Why is job description important?


This will help every potential employee to find out that whether or not he can do this job. Mentioning job description with every job opening will also give you an initial filter of suitable employees. Some of the people will withdraw the thought of applying for this job after finding them different from the person required for the job. Job description is very important for the person who is applying for the job. He can understand the nature of job and requirements after reading this.


Important requirements for a job description:


You must not stick with inflexible job description because this is the property of poor job description. This must be flexible because a flexible job description will inspire you and your employee to try new things and be innovative. This dynamic environment requires every organization to be innovative in every field of its operation. With every little change in information technology and management rules, you have to change yourself, your strategies and the way of working. This shows that a job description must be dynamic, current and functional.


Revising job decryptions:


As mentioned above, a job description must be current, so it should be changed according to the change of organizational and competitive environment and rules. You may have a detailed job description from two years ago but that cannot be used for current perspective because work requirements change every day, with the change of technology so revising the job description is very important. A brand new and improved job description can be designed by this procedure with some addition or removal of responsibilities.


Detailed job description:


A detailed job description must contain following things:


Job Title


Job Objective or Overall Purpose Statement


List of Duties or Tasks Performed


Description of the Relationships and Roles


Job Specifications and Requirements


Job Location


Equipment to be used in the performance of job


Collective Bargaining Agreements


Non-Essential Functions


Salary Range


In the above mentioned requirements non essential functions means all the tasks and functions which are not important to perform for a specific job position. Collective bargaining agreements are in terms of job function.



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Recruitment services

Advantages of Recruitment Services for Getting a Job

When it comes to employ new employees in your organization or getting job yourself there are different ways in which you can fulfill your requirement. For recruitment in your organization you can ask your present employees to refer candidates or go to any recruitment services who will provide you with the skilled candidates.

Similarly if you are a candidate and is looking for a job there is no doubt that going to recruitment services has its own advantage. Let’s explore those

Advantages of hiring with the help of recruitment services

  • The best recruiters in the market have knowledge about the market and they know which company is looking for what type of candidate. So when you give them your profile they can provide you with a better opportunity that is not available online.
  • Recruitment services extend your reach when it comes to job search or candidate search. As they have experience of the job market they also have candidate profiles that are not easily available. Moreover, when you read a candidate profile online you may not be able to judge them totally. The recruitment agency works with them and thus knows where they can look for good candidates.
  • If you are a first time applicant then taking services from these recruiting agencies is best as they can even guide you through the recruitment process. They know how you can present your resume and how to make yourself appreciable at your interview.
  • By getting services from recruitment agencies you can also fix a budget. Depending upon your skill or requirement they will suggest you the total expenditure that will incur for getting the job or getting the right candidate. They are the best resource when you have specific choice.

Thus, next time when you start looking for a job make sure that you reach to any of these services who will provide you with exclusive service.

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Last month I relocated to Melbourne with my husband and son. I like the new place and new people. but as the day passes, I feel boring as my husband goes to the office and I am in the house to take care of my son. As we know it’s difficult to manage on one salary in this expensive city so I decided to do some work. in the very beginning, I don’t  know anything from where I start, then one of my friends called me and I discussed with her about my situation. She told me as I’m on a dependent visa so it’s an opportunity for me to work over here. so, I decided to apply for some part time jobs. I updated my resume and start applying for some jobs like the retail assistant, helper, in coffee shops etc, but after so many trials nothing happened.


Then one day my husband suggested me to try with online marketing, as with that I shall be at home to take care of my daughter and do work at the same time. here is my journey to be as online marketing begins.

Firstly, I had to search some online courses about marketing and SEO so that I gain some knowledge about it.  web facility helped me and through alison.com I can find some small online courses for marketing and how to generate traffic.  After completing my course on diploma in web business and the diploma in social media marketing through Alison I became the certified one.


Despite these courses, I am not ready to do online marketing so I decided to do some more course. then I joined the online course of inbound marketing through HubSpot Academy. its 4-hour course where you learn about inbound marketing methodology how to attract visitors and then convert them into leads and then make them customers and finally converted them into promoters. with the help of this course I understand the basics of inbound marketing and now I am confident that I will start as a consultant in online marketing.


The very first thing I started with BLOGGING.  I tried to write one blog a day. In the beginning, it will take some time for me to write because I don’t know how to write and what thing should be in my mind while writing. therefore, I started to think as a common people, not a blogger. the questions that come to mind as a common people.


1) why I read this blog?

2) Is this blog relevant to me in any manner?

3)  what are the benefits I will gain with this blog?

4) does the blog content give me any knowledge?

All these points keep in my mind I started writing a blog.  As a marketer, I begin with what are the demands of my buyer’s persons and what they like on my blog so that they go to my website and read my blogs. then I understand it’s the CONTENT that will attract the new visitors. so, your blog should be educational. Then I search various sites, forums, discussions to gain some content for my blog. I used pixabay.com for free images. picture my quote is also a great website where you can create your own quote and put them in your blog. I also used infographics, so that I can make good images for my visitors.

I hope you will gain some tips with my learning experience and it will help you in writing a good blog and attract your visitors.



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Myths and misconception about job hunting


To understand myths or misconception about job hunting, first, it’s important to know what job board is? From a candidate’s point of view, a job board is a place where he looks for a job and from an employer’s point of view, it’s a place of advertisement for the job. In other words, it’s a term used to describe the collection of various sites where employers and job seekers connect.  It might be job site, job website or job portal. Therefore, the job board mainly deals with the hiring process.

                   Myths and misconception about job hunting

   1)Job-Seekers Who Change Jobs Very Often are considered by


It is the misconception that job seeker who had multiple jobs with their short stay listed on their resume or changes their company to take multiple moves for gaining experience or skills are recognized by their employers. If you have impressive qualifications and expensive experience it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will get the job. In fact, jobs are often offered who is the better communicator, or who can connect with the interviewer and discuss things with his skills and achievements in a professional manner.


2) A Cover Letter is Not as Important —

                                 A cover letter is a letter where you tell your employer exactly what type of job you are looking for and how you are qualified for the job. In case, if you apply for the job and it does not contain the cover letter it seems to be useless for the employer as he or she does not know what type of job you are looking for?

Therefore, a cover letter should be sent specifically to the company and position you are applying to.


3) Lowering Your Salary Will Make you eligible for the job —

                                 Job seeker never lowers their salary demands, if you do so it will make you appear desperate for the job and will result in losing job offer or if you will get the job, you are not happy with your job because you would feel sad about the salary you deserve. Therefore, whenever apply for a job never bring up salary issues, let the employer raise it.



4) When Times Are Tough, Take the First Job Offer You Get–

If you are out of work for some period, you become desperate for a job, but it does not mean you should accept the first job that comes to you if you know it’s not right for you. If you suffer some financial or emotional consequences, do some freelancing or some temporary work that best fits in the direction you want to move.


 5) Job search through agencies, web postings, and newspapers–

It is believed that the job opportunities advertised on newspapers and the internet only allow you to position yourself in front of a small percentage of opportunities. If you want to maximize your job search leverage your professional network of contacts.


 6) Unemployment is a disadvantage when looking for a new job-

It is a common misconception that it’s easier to get a job if you are already in the job. employers also understand that there are several reasons why you want to be out of the job.

To conclude this, it’s important that we don’t believe in all these myths and misconception, just believe in yourself and stay confident. Always remember the key to success is hard work.


key to success is hardwork













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Tips to find job after relocation

                     Tips to find job after relocation


Moving to another place without a job is not an easy task, but if planned carefully, it can be one of the most exciting and motivating experiences in your life, in addition to that you will become more independent and gain trust in your own abilities. However, this whole process will take some preparation and careful planning to achieve success. Here are some valuable tips to get you started…

Enough money-

The very first step is to ensure that you have some enough money in your account after relocation to live on while looking for employment in new place. Whenever you uproot and move to a city, the costs add up automatically in moving, finding a house or apartment, furniture, storage etc. Therefore, we usually have at least three months of living expenses in the bank before we’d attempt to relocate. So, it’s necessary for you to make a budget for the first few weeks after your move.

Looking for accommodation-

The difficult part about moving to another new place is accommodation, whether you’re buying or renting. Always trying to find a place where the rent is low or you can share your place with some friends or relatives so that it’s under your budget unless most of the money will be spent on rent.



In this digital age, the internet becomes an important part of our life, so access internet services in your apartment where you can use the internet and search for positions from around the world on multiple online job sites without leaving your room. Make a profile on LinkedIn, so that you can connect with hiring companies. Email, conference calls, chat, Skype, Facetime, Twitter etc are thousands of ways to connect with a hiring manager for an interview without meeting in person.

Prepare cover letter and resume-


It is obvious that you are going to be in stressed mode during the first days of arrival. So it’s the best time to write cover letters and customizing your resume to fit the qualifications employers looking for. After some days of hard work and with the help of internet access you’ll probably have a list of prospective employers.

Arrange local number-

The easiest way to get a local employer to pay attention to your application is to ensure you have a local contact phone number.  As it’s worth the extra cost and will come in handy when you are looking for job in new place

Look for some part time jobs –


Expect that you’re looking for a job in which you are interested, it will take time, till then you can look for some part time jobs or find job openings that seem far off from your field. It will help you to earn money for your expenses and you will gain some experience. You can search job through various job seeking websites like jobisite.com, gum tree etc.





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Job Resume Posting

Job Resume Posting


Job Resume Posting 

 Job Resume Posting

In order to get employed successfully, one has to be very careful while seeking for different job posts and applying for them. One has to be pretty sure about his or her area of interest where he or she wants to work in. this is considered to be the most critical part in one’s professional life. Reason why this step is considered to be the most critical is that this is the moment where the whole rest of the life is going to be spent. So, during the posting of the resumes for the various jobs, one has to be confident of the field he or she has decided to work in. opportunities never come again and again. So, if one wants to grab the opportunity at the right time, he or she must be aware of the skills that are required for a given job and match them with their own skills.


Formulate a professional resume:


Before applying for a specific job, people must prepare their resumes according to the job they are applying for. In order to make the first impression everlasting, one has to formulate his or her resume according to the requirement of the employer. People are supposed to highlight the strengths that they govern so that they may be selected for the further processing. Managers do not want to see the resumes that do not hold any logic in them or that are full of the typing or spelling mistakes. It should be understandable and comprehensive making it easy for the employer to get to know about the applicant without spending too much time.


Resume posting rather bombarding:


One has to be very carful while looking for the jobs as misleading resume posting may make it difficult to choose between the real opportunity and a fake artificial one. People are suggested to post their resumes only to the resume banks where their interests, qualifications, experiences, and all other details meet with the requirements for a specific job. Blind bombardment of the resumes to various platforms not only creates problems for the recruiters, but also they bring the image of the applicant down in eyes of the mangers of the large firms. This is always considered to be a professional approach toward resume posting for jobs where areas of interests are being met by a specific post.


A marketing person cannot handle the duties of a finance person so he or she must apply for the marketing jobs instead of applying for the financial management vacancies. Secondly, managers get tired of observing the non-serious and non-professional application for the posts and it wastes their time and energy.


Selection of the appropriate platforms:


Resume is something that contains all the personal information of the individuals and that has to be kept confidential. So people must look for the secure and reliable platforms to post resume on in order to keep their personal and precious information confidential. Moreover, in this way, people can avoid the spam mails as well.



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Special depth incorporated into the interview questions for managers

Special depth incorporated into the interview questions for

Managerial posts are one the most important. A manager keeps your department working
up to its goals and maintains coordination with other departments. Selecting a manager is a
very essential task. Choosing a faulty works man can harm work he is in charge of. A faulty
manager can hamper the work of a whole department. This makes the interviewer give
more importance and make the interview questions for manager different.

What to expect in an interview for managers

The manager is an important post; many tougher attributes are looking for in the candidate.
You can expect the following in your interview:

• Enquire about yourself and your qualifications. In the process do not only mention
your education qualifications but also professional ones and the achievements you
have gained in your field.
• Enquire about your previous job position and reason to quit it. Keep it positive. Do
not give reasons like being sacked, could not handle pressure, etc. even if that is the
• Enquire about difficult situation that you have handled in your managerial career
and how have you been successful.
• Enquire about your about your strengths and criticisms that you have had. You
may also be asked how you have tackled the situation and proved you stand in the
• Most importantly they ask you how you manage your subordinates and peers. How
you keep the work going smoothly. It is to know how you would be dealing with the

managers interview

In some interviews, the interviewers set a difficult situation in front of you and you are

asked to solve it. The situation may vary according to the department for which interview
is being taken. In some cases the interviewer along with the interview letter send an
annual report of the company. On the day of the interview you are supposed to answer the
questions or provide solutions based on the report.

These were the additional things you need to keep care of while going for managerial
interview. Interview questions for managers are more conceptual and work oriented. Keep
calm and confident. Think twice before you offer your answer.

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Jobs on Contract Basis

Jobs on Contract Basis

Contract based jobs are becoming more common these days. When a company starts to offer contract jobs, they save a lot of time by avoiding recruitments for various positions in the organization. By offering contract jobs, companies can make substantial savings of money also since unlike regular employees contract workers need not be provided with additional benefits. Moreover, if the management finds that the person who has taken up the contract job is very efficient, trustworthy and hard working, they can offer him a permanent job in the organization.

All contract based jobs are of fixed durations and once the project or the assigned task is completed the contractor will be relieved of his duties. The contract jobs may last for weeks or for a few months and in a few cases it may take years to complete the contract.

Temporary employment is the most common type of contract job. Normally, staffing agencies help the organizations to fill the temporary vacancies. The staffing agency will always have list of contractors for each type of job and they will call any one from the list whenever there is requirement.


Prospects for permanent employmentJobs on Contract Basis

When a person takes up contract based jobs regularly in an organization and fulfills them on time and also to the satisfaction of the employers, he becomes the ideal choice for a permanent job in the same organization. Many recruiting agencies hire contractors who have specialized skills as well as work experience. These recruiting agencies send the contractors to the organization that offers the job. Once the project is over the contract worker returns to the agency and subsequently he will be sent to another company to take up a new project there.

The recruiting agencies while providing contract based jobs to the workers continuously, serve the client companies by providing experienced and skilled workers on temporary basis whenever required.


Advantage of hiring contract workers

When companies appoint permanent employees, they must be provided with various benefits and also the productivity of long term employees are likely to go down year after year. The companies can avoid this problem by offering contract based jobs. The recruiting agencies evaluate the performance of the contract workers and hence the client companies are assured that the contract workers provided by the recruiting agency will give the best performance and ensure to produce the best results.

The recruiting agencies always maintain updated list of trained and experienced professionals for different types of jobs and they are committed to meet the manpower requirements of their clients at all times. Every time, they provide the client company with new and more experienced contractors who are able to perform the task in the most efficient way.



The freelancers also will take up jobs on contract basis. However, freelancers are different from contract workers. The freelancers are independent professionals who will take up the works in a company on an assignment by assignment basis. Security professionals, writers and advertising professionals take up the jobs as freelancers.

Normally, freelancers are people with particular skills and when a project requires workers who have the particular skill, the freelancers will be hired on contract basis. In this way freelancers are different from temporary employees.

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