Looking to Outsource your IT work to an Indian Company ?

Outsource your IT work to an Indian Company

Indian offshore companies are considered a viable outsourcing option today. What they offer is a strategic initiative to cut costs and access to intellectual capital not available in-house. Many entrepreneurs from western countries always look for a   good and  reliable Indian offshore company and this helps them to have an upper edge over their competitors with regards to quality and price.

India has become the leader in offshore contracting services (India owns around 80 percent of this market) because of –

  • A highly trained work force
  • Low labor costs
  • Appreciation for software development disciplines
  • A widespread use of the English language
  • High qualification level

Many new entrepreneurs have various questions in their mind regarding indian offshore companies. Some of them are :

  • How to Outsource IT work to an Indian Company without meeting them?
  • How to find contacts of good Indian companies?
  • How to know if this particular  Indian company is really good?

The type of company that you should be looking for really depends on your business.If you are a starter company or a small business, then probably small or new start ups will be a good option for you. These small Indian companies will work closely with you and help you in building your business and they may be more interested in growing you because it will grow themselves in return. You can find these contacts via various social networks like linkedIn, ryze or you can go for word of mouth also. For small startups , I would recommend Zeustek here, we really take our client’s business very seriously and work very close with them. The best part is flexibility of our business models or the way we partner with starter companies giving them more benefits in terms of pricing and delivery models which really helps them to accelerate their growth.

For very bigger companies, I will recommend to for Indian companies which are in business for about 10+ years ,have more than 100+ clients and very big  infrastructure. Look for companies who have worked with few forture 500+ companies and have their own stocks. Also check their balance sheets of last few years.

Why Outsource to Zeustek?

  • High-quality and cost-effective services.
  • Flexible business models.
  • Best Customer satisfaction.
  • Skilled, talented and experienced professionals.
  • Wide range of services.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Latest software and technologies.

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Make more customers

Make more customers:
Here I will like to talk about increasing your business revenue.The main focus is only on expanding your business. The main part of expansion of any business lies on number of customers and even quality of your product. People really miss the opportunities to make more  customers. Word of mouth is definitely  the biggest factor to make more customers but again if you don’t provide easy access to information or services they are looking for , you may end up with losing potential clients.

Lets start with making more customers

Step 1 -Web presence : Open your business to a new world of online customers. If you are selling anything or even you have a small business , then start with a website at-least. Do not go crazy for a flashy website, people wants a simple clean look and they want to know about your services. Even if you are not selling anything, provide people with information about your services and contact location. Start with a 4-5 page website which talks about your business, services, offers(if any) and contact information.  You can get a good ,simple and professional website within few hundreds. Check  Zeustek web design if you are looking for very affordable  5-6 page website.

Step 2 -Make more visitors to your website : Now you got a website but no one knows about your website , still it is of not much use. You need people to visit your website. How and why they will visit?

website seo
website seo

Lets talk about How they will visit your website
Search Engine Optimization : Every second thousand of users are searching for services that your provide in search engines. You definitely need to make your website optimized for major search engines. The search engine optimization is not that expensive and it provides you a real boost to your online presence.This will get your website in good ranking in search engine results  when people are searching for your services. Do that at-least for 5-6 months which will cover your basic website optimization and link building.
Social Media Presence : Your customers are there are in social networks, so get benefit of that. Bookmark your website in major social bookmarking website and market your products/services via facebook pages or tweets.

You can consider us for  free site analysis and affordable seo solutions.Our Confidence level- pay us only if you are happy and seeing the results 🙂

Now lets talk about Why customers will visit your website
– Brand: You have to make a good brand name in real and web world. People will search for your brand name also.
– Blog : Write something useful and people will be interested in knowing more about you and your services.
– Offers :
Publish some real good offers or discounts in Internet and people might be searching for your website.

Step 3: Make more customers: One more challenge is to convert these visitors to customers. Now with the help of good search engine optimization , you got people visiting your website, now if they don’t buy or don’t contact you for services, then whats the fun?

Some factors which will be helpful in converting these visitors to customers are :
– Easy access to contact information or call of action.If your page is long and requires scrolling, consider having your call to action button repeated several times on the page. …which reminds us, have you claimed your copy of our “SuperConverters” newsletter yet?
– Describe bnefits of your product and not just product features.
– Minimize your website’s loading  time.
– Show some security verified seals or skill certifications.
– Keep your forms small and simple. Do you really need fax number?

Mobile apps
Mobile apps

Step 4: Make more customers from mobile world : It is a huge opportunity to get more customers via mobile  and the potential is really high after coming of smart phones like iphones and androids. You can provide solutions to users via mobile world. A small example will be making a app to provide free tips to make a pizza and then include a feature to let users buy your pizza from there. You can show your featured products and some new offers/discounts.This is just an example, but many businesses have started focusing on having a good mobile app. You can consider Zeustek if you are looking for affordable iphone or android apps.

Follow these tips and you can really beat your competitors.

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The Business Partnership

A partnership company will be more effective if they are created with detailed structure and agreements in place.  If you start a new business with a mismatched or unhelpful partner or the proper agreements in place your business will not be around long.
Here are the basic steps you need to follow in you would like to launch a good business partnership. Experience has taught that these 5 items will provide the business partnership advantages to help your business thrive.
1. You must both be committed to the same goal. Specific business goals for your business.  i.e. a 5 year plan for the business. All your goals should be aligned with those of your partners. If you are both on the same page you will be able to make good decisions, avoid arguments and improve the entire operation more efficiently. These goals should be you and your partners guide to all the important operations and management decisions. For example if the purpose of starting your business is to get annual sales to a certain amount and then sell it all you decisions will be geared toward that end game. But, if your partner is looking to create a long-term career for themselves in this business their decisions will be at odds with yours.
2. You must have an effective means to communicate with your partner honestly.  Effective business partners are close.  They don’t hesitate to communicate with each other in a frank, open manner. This simple action of regular communication will build trust and understanding within the partnership.  Ideally you and your partner should have this relationship and work together in this manner before you go into business together.

3.  It’s important for each of you to specialize. Business partners really work well together if they each have a different specialization within the business that each can manage. This is a vital structure for small businesses but know it requires implicit trust by both partners.  This specialized approach will allow the business better utilization of resources overall. It will also help operational issues and provide increased flexibility.
4.  You must offer support to each other.  It’s easy to undermine your business partner with your employees with a small comment now and then. Obviously this should be avoided as it does not improve the business. Your business relationship with your partner should always be considered your most important business relationship. You should schedule catch up meetings regularly to keep in touch of current personal and business items.
5. The business partnership details must be documented.  This should be item one of setting up the business partnership. Find an attorney to draft a partnership agreement that includes financial plans, management plans and any operational items for which the partners are responsible. Make sure that you include buy out agreements or other exit options that both partners have agreed to in order to sell or close the business.
If you have a good business now adding the right partner can take it to new heights. Take the time to prepare yourself and your new partner for doing business together and your partnership will be a successful one all parties.

Article publié pour la première fois le 15/11/2010

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Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurial skills
Entrepreneurial skills

So now you’ve decided that you want to get out of the corporate rat-race and be your own boss.

As you start planning on how to start your own business, you need to know where you want to see your self after 10 years. Plan for longer terms.

You need to be strong yourself before even thinking of business. Think of all the skills you really need to be a successful entrepreneur. You really need a broad array of entrepreneurial skills to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Some of important entrepreneurial skills that you can start with :

Time Management:

Every minute is valuable. The most important skill any entrepreneur needs is the managing his time. Many first timer entrepreneurs find themselves wasting their time on phone, talking to clients,  filing and developing binders for clients that do not exist, inability to delegate,  poor planning or lack of objectives. Schedule your day and stick to your schedule.

Keep a slotted time for all important calls and meetings. Focus on business plan rather than activities.

Knowledge :

Every entrepreneur needs to have good knowledge of their product and their business. You need to know how your product can help users and how it works. Note down all the points where your product is better than others in market.

Sales and Marketing:

As an entrepreneur, you need to figure out what type is best for your services or products. All entrepreneurs will benefit from sales seminars, books and motivational programs.

Try not to stick with just one sales strategy. As the market keeps on changing, the effect of sales strategy will also change.


As an entrepreneur, knowledge of finance is a must. Track all expenditures and invoices. Track your growth, account for future expenditures and returns on investment.  Keep record of every single penny you are spending and along with time you are putting in.

Know the Numbers:

Do a good research while coming up with prices for your product. Do not jump start with high prices when your product is new. Start with market price  or may be little lower initially till you have a good word of mouth or people start considering you as a brand and wont hesitate in buying your services.


Networking is an important part of marketing and sales. People like to communicate with people and a good entrepreneur needs to have a good network. Making a network is lot easier and cost effective now as it was before with the help of networking sites like linkedIn, ryze and many more.

Article publié pour la première fois le 10/11/2010

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