C Sharp


C Sharp- a widely used language


C Sharp is basically a programming language that has been widely used by programmers in order to create the best quality programs. This multi-paradigm language was introduced by the world famous company Microsoft in the year 2001, since then it has influenced several other languages and another way of representing this language is C# and it is the more commonly used symbol for it. Initially this language was introduced by its makers within the .Net initiative of theirs, but later on it became a standard and got approved by ECMA and ISO. The language has been designed for Common Language Infrastructure, and launched as a simple, latest, common use, object oriented language and the latest version of the language was launched on the 12th of April, last year.


ECMA has a big name and in its standard list and some of the design goals for C Sharp are that it was intended to be simple, modern, common purpose and object oriented programming language. The language should be able to provide aid to the software engineers for strong type checking, array bounds checking as well as automatic garbage collection, programmer productivity is also really important in this regard. Software components that have been made to suit distributed environments can be made with the aid of this language.


The reference C Sharp compiler is the Microsoft Visual C#, but at the same time there are other types of compilers for the language as well, which often include implementations of CLI as well as the .NET type of libraries till the 2.0version. Overall the language has been a huge success, even though it had not been made as a competitor to the C, C++ or even assembly languages, but still the language is being used widely and people rely on the language for various different kinds of programs.



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