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Excellent Online Resources for Job Search

Today, job opportunities are available in plenty. However, getting the right job under the right employer is indeed a challenging task. The job seekers want to explore all available resources to ensure that they never miss any chance to get a suitable job. Apart from the social networking platforms, the best job search sites enable experienced professionals, fresh job seekers and students who are in search of part-time jobs to find out their best opportunities.


These sites enable them to find out a job that suits to them in all aspects from the internet. The best job search sites enable the job seekers to know about thousands of job opportunities that are available in the job market. Though there are thousands of job websites on the internet, the job seekers prefer to have a list of a few selected sites that ensure to provide reliable as well as the latest information regarding job opportunities.


Being one among the best job search sites, Indeed receives the maximum traffic to the website. This job search site will have thousands of new postings every week and every month this job search site manages not less than one billion job searches. This site allows the users to create their profiles and upload their resumes. The site shows job postings aggregated from company pages, associations and various other listings. The search results are so vast that users have to filter them by job, industry, location or initial salary.

The additional features of this job search site are email alerts, numerous job search plugins and mobile app. This website is very simple and is easy to use also. Many employers also use this job search site to identify potential candidates for various positions in their companies by browsing the resumes that are posted on the site.

Linked In

Though Linked In is a popular social networking site for professionals, now it is also one among the best job search sites. This site provides a free advanced tool for job search as well as crowd sourcing. Employers can post job opportunities that are available in their companies on the online job board of this website so that LinkedIn users can apply for those jobs.

The users who are job seekers can create their personalized resume as their profile in which they can highlight their work experience as well as special skills. Users can invite other Linked In users to join their networks. Once a user is connected with another user he can use the network to make more number of valuable contacts and also establish connections with more number of users.


Craigslist is an excellent resource to search for jobs. Those who want to search for jobs at a particular location can search for the same at their preferred location under different job categories like education, hospitality, government and others.



Jobisite is a free USA job board and getting very popular these days . It has some nice features are recruiters and job seekers  to do job posting and job search



Those who prepare a list of the best job search sites cannot afford to omit “Glassdoor” though it is not a traditional job search engine. In this site the user reviews are compiled and aggregated under a star rating out of five. The users can have the information regarding salary, approval ratings of the CEO and employee recommendation levels.


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