Asbestos Meaning

Asbestos Meaning
The term asbestos is traceable to Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder’s manuscript Natural History, and his use of the term asbestinon, meaning “unquenchable”.
Asbestos is a  mineral fiber that can pollute air or water and cause cancer or asbestosis when inhaled. EPA has banned or severely restricted its use in manufacturing and construction.
Asbestos properties:
  • Asbestos is  fibrous amphibole
  • Asbestos is extremely resistant to fire and heat
  • Asbestos strands can be extracted from the rock and woven and spun much like cotton or other conventional fabrics.
  • Asbestos is an outstanding insulator
  • Asbestos has high tensile strength
  • Asbestos is chemically stable
  • Asbestosis  silicate-mineral fiber that becomes brittle (‘friable’) with age
Asbestos Uses:
  • Asbestos is used for making fireproof articles
  • Asbestos is used in variety of household items.
  • Asbestos is used in industrial applications from ancient times
Asbestos health hazards
  • Asbestos inhaling fibers can cause asbestosis or lung cancer (mesothelioma).
  • Asbestos can pollutes air and water as extremely fine particles that can cause serious illnesses
  • Asbestos causes respiratory disease.