Architects resume example

Architects resume example


If you are frustrated in finding the right help for architect resume, this would be the right help for you. There are a lot of ways that you can use in order to write the resume for architect. However, you would find that it takes time for you to prepare. Therefore, you should start working on the creation of the resume as soon as possible or otherwise you would not be able to finish everything on time before you submit the application for the job.


Compared with the application or other jobs, you would need to emphasize more on the skills that you have regarding architecture. If you have previously participated in some of the design competitions and you have got the awards, you would need to show them in the resume such that you can impress the employers


If you apply for the senior position in the company, you should show that you have the ability to manage teams. When you work as architects in the management level, you would need to lead a team of sub-ordinates such that the whole team can finish a project with quality. Without this type of team collaboration, it would not be easy for you to finish the job well.


Since the design of architecture would usually involve the legal analysis, it would be good if you have a basic legal background. But this is definitely not a prerequisite for the job so you do not need to worry about that anyway.


Architects resume example


Simon Leslie

SDD House,SML Street,CS20102

Telephone number: 220-004-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To obtain a position in the architectural field with administrative leadership


Key skills

–          Strong ability in mathematics, geometry and statistics

–          Good designing skills and color scheme skills

–          Experienced in using different design software

–          Highly technical in taking initiatives to work

–          Good capability in evaluating problems

–          Able to use creative solutions to the problem


Educational background

Master in Architecture, University ofSan Jose



Bachelor of Architecture,UniversityofSan Jose



Work Experience

Architect, AMCM Company

2008 – Present

–          Promoted the firm from architecture perspective and helped to improve the services

–          Ensured the compliance of regulations in the city as well as the law

–          Helped train the staff about new techniques in the field

–          Maintained the efficiency of project

–          Ensured the project budget would not be exceeded



Architect, OMMM Company


–          Visited the sites and helped with the supervision work

–          Coordinated the construction material arrangement in the workplace

–          Reported to managers regarding any special circumstances

–          Prepared reports to clients and managers to explain the ideas

–          Drafted the plan of the building design and discussed with teammates for the final design draft

–          Ensured the project was conducted under the safety standard and also the laws regarding environmental protection



Available upon request


Expected salary


Earliest start day of the work



Special request for the job