Architects interview questions

Architects interview questions


If you want to get the job of architect, you need to prepare the answers for some Architects interview questions in advance.


Question 1: Why do you apply for this job?

If you have previously worked as the architects and you have a lot of experiences, you can mention that this field is the field that you are experienced in. You can mention that you love this career and give appropriate explanation if you are new graduate to the field.


Question 2: How long did you work for your last project?

This question is usually a question for people who have worked as architects before. They need to give an appropriate length of time. It should not be too long unless the project is a very large scale one.


Question 3: How would you distinguish yourself from other candidates?

Answer: You should let the interviewers believe that you are the unique one in the work. Therefore, you need to showcase your ability to convince that you can work better than the others.


Question 4: How would you present your project to the others?

You do not need to exactly tell the words that you speak during the presentation. But you have to let your interviewers know that you would follow some sets of procedures to prepare for the work and let them know that you would think carefully before you do the presentation.


Question 5: What is your career goal?

You need to mention the years that you would like to work in this position and the number of years that you would take for promoting to senior levels.


Question 6: Tell me your weakness?

You have to let your interviewer know that you understand your weakness. If you show that you have nothing weak at all, it means that you are too proud of yourself and you would not be able to work in a humble manner and reflect any of your mistakes.


Question 7: How would you balance between spending and creativity?

Some of the architectural projects may bring wonderful designs and building but they may also be expensive. Therefore, it is necessary for you to mention the way that you would do in order to find a balance between these things.


Question 8: Will you give up easily?

Obviously the answer is no. But you need to tell the reason instead of simply saying ‘no’.


Question 9: How would you rate yourself with the score out of 10?

If you give 10, it would be very risky because there would be some questions following this and you may find it difficult to answer those questions. Thus, 7 to 8 with appropriate explanation would be good.


Question 10: How will you improve yourself in the work?

If you rate yourself perfectly in the previous question, you would be speechless in this question. Thus, you are not advised to mention that you are perfect. Otherwise, it would only lead to many troubles for yourself, which are not necessary if you answer well in the previous question.