Anthropologist cover letter sample

Anthropologist cover letter sample


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Dear Mr. Last Name,

I am writing you in response to your advertisement for an anthropologist for the XYZ Exploration Company. As a well-traveled anthropologist I understand the challenges and problems that constantly face the oil corporation and drilling industry.

In my current capacity as an anthropologist I assist in developing exploration plans to help find new pockets of oil and natural gas. My years of service have given me experience in communicating and presenting ideas to a wide range of managerial figures. I also have an exceptional eye for detail and the strong ability to utilize the latest in computer-based exploration equipment.


It would be an honor to work with a company that shares my vision and I am of the belief that we must talk about this common element. I will be happy to answers any questions you may need to ask about my eligibility for this position.

Thank you for consideration.



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