Android versus iphone 3g

Android versus iphone 3g

A smart phone is the one that let you manage your calendar as well as emails. However some people used to carry an iphone while some wish to have an android phone with them. Both have different applications.

Listed down some of the differences between Andriod and iphone 3g

The huge application of the iphone count doesn’t help in certain situations. Apple only just added multitasking to its development community, something programmers have been working with on Android for a couple of years. The iphones doesn’t run widget which is an application that runs on the androids home screen.

Android suffers in other ways. The operating system that is designed in Android is freely available to anyone, so this makes the game designers in particular kind twitchy, especially if they know that the new iphone will only come out once a year, setting a new top bar standard when it does. The Android desktop is on a completely different level from the iPhone desktop. So, if you want to make comparison between them it becomes totally unfair.

Safari is the only browser that we used for the iPhone, and that browser still does not do Flash. However, the Android browser is one of the best browsers on the mobile market. It usually loads pages faster than Safari, has Flash support, and simply does everything a browser should do. Instead of just having icons bearing your phone’s desktop as in the case of iphone the Android phone adds widgets to the desktop.

Android was built with the intention of integrating with Google, but it doesnot integrate with the google in a manner. Want to search Google? Simply click the search button, enter your search string, and you’re off and running. Did I mention Google Voice? Yes, the Android has an app for that.

The concept of the multitasking can be applied in both the phones but the multitasking in android phone is much better than the iphone.