Advertising resume example

Advertising resume example


When people work in the advertising field, they usually need to show that they are very capable of doing so. There are a lot of ways that people would like to use for advertising something. Therefore, they would need to be creative in doing the advertising campaigns.


When they come to writing resumes, they would have a little bit confusion. They may not understand the right way to create the resume because they do not know whether they should keep their resume professional or not. If you have this type of doubt, you can try to learn about the necessary steps for writing advertising resume. There would also be the Advertising resume example here for you as the reference.


You should try to make sure that your resume is similar to the traditional one. Some of the people prefer to use creative way to make their resume but this is not necessary in some of the firms. If you have heard that the firm is famous for adopting those new ideas of resume, you may try to switch. But if you do not know whether those advertising firms love the ideas of using extraordinary resume, you are not advised to do so.


Apart from the use of visual aids, there are actually other ways that you can use for proving that you are creative. As long as you can show that you consistently participate in some programs about advertising or creativity, you would be able to get the respect of the employers and the offer for the job


Advertising resume example


Andy Smith

239 SMC Street,MDS City,California

Cell: 330-111-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career goal


To find a challenging position in the advertising field which could widen the knowledge in business world and use creativity to resolve the problems


Key skills


–          In-depth knowledge about graphic design and is able to use various programs to do design

–          Outstanding skills in communicating with others

–          Able to write project reports and explain to the managers regarding the design in the report

–          Able to prioritize work and work efficiently

–          Extensive knowledge about making advertising copy

–          Comprehensive experience in applying different strategies for advertising


Work Experience


Advertising Specialist, SCC Group

2010 – Present


–          Handled tasks related to graphic designs and composed information about new products

–          Handled design and drafting of mass mailing

–          Provided instructions for communication in different areas

–          Handled the work of designing layouts and composing newsletters

–          Assisted the management to handle projects and strategic planning for the advertising campaigns

–          Undertook special projects

–          Communicated with accounting department to discuss the budget spending on the advertising campaign

–          Performed evaluation on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign

–          Coordinated the work of artists, copywriters and researchers in order to develop comprehensive package for advertisement for several advertising campaigns


Educational background


Bachelor of Advertising

UniversityofCalifornia, 2007-2010



Available upon request


Relationship status



Employment status

Full Time


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