find job using linkedin

5 ways to get job by using LinkedIn

We can call LinkedIn as a platform where professionals set up their profile and build connections. Many of the hiring companies used LinkedIn to fill the open position in their company. Therefore it is important to make your LinkedIn profile more powerful so that its worth to review your profile before taking any hiring decision by the recruiters.

Therefore, first of all, we need to know how LinkedIn is different from other social media networking. As we know Facebook is a social networking site which is mainly about your identity and brand, in the form of the personal and business page.While Twitter is mainly about blogging where people generally publish their latest blogs. But LinkedIn is the only channel where you can make contacts with the people and the companies that can hire you. let’s discuss the ways by which LinkedIn help us to get a job.

** Make the attention-seeking LinkedIn profile-

You can do this by following these steps–

– you can customize your public profile URL. Customizing will help you to google search your name easily.
– write detail summary of your career that includes your skills and accomplishments.
– write an online resume.Most of the people only mention their current jobs but try to enlist the jobs that helped you to build your career.
– After your experience mention your education and you have a chance to write about endorsements.You can show your potential to the connections what you can do.
– Try to get more recommendations you can. because they not only reflect on your LinkedIn page but also on the page of recommendation writer and is shared by all his connections.
– Add the link to the websites that show your work and in case if you are dealing in sales you can link to the customers.
– Make connections. whenever you send request always add a personal note as it appears more influential and powerful to others.

** show your presence on Linkedin.

If you want that recruiters hire you through LinkedIn, you need to maintain a visible presence. You can do this by making comments and liking other posts. Try to share the photos, videos and some provocative stories that are related to your interests. If you are a blogger, you can write a blog on your LinkedIn page and share it with your connections. Send congratulation note to your connections on their birthdays, new positions, accomplishments, and job anniversary.

** Search for job openings that match your criteria.

As we know LinkedIn acts as a great platform for suggesting the companies that have job opening according to your skills.

** Join relevant groups

Join relevant groups and follow people who are connected to your career interest.After joining professional groups you can comment on various discussions, share your views which will help you to seek the attention of the recruiters. Make business conversations and share your goals and strategies.

** Follow-up companies

.                      You can take advantage of the LinkedIn where you can follow up the companies you want to do work. With this, you can automatically notify when a company posts some job openings and you can also get updates when someone joins the company or left the company.