5 Mobile Apps to Simplify Your Job Search

  5 Mobile Apps to Simplify Your Job Search

In this hectic generation there is a competition for everything which passes by your life and there are lots of things which come across whether it is related to life, work education and so on. You get many opportunities and you need to understand and make use of such chances.

When it comes to work as it’s a part of your life and without work nothing is possible in this generation. There are different types of works which exist in this world like office work, homework, workouts and many more. For office work, you need a good earning job and looking the job is such a difficult task which goes through the times in everyone’s life. You want to search for a job which suits you and match with your qualifications.


Below are some of the best applications which make you easier to search for your relevant job and live a comfortable life.

®MeroJob.com: This is the amazing application which makes your job search simplifying and easier. The MeroJob.com is the career and education management website portal which is from Nepal. By this app you can find numerous job opportunities in top and reputed companies. All you need to do is to post your resume or Curriculum vitae in the job portal and search for the jobs which suits you best and match your qualifications. You can search jobs in the states beside Nepal.

®Job Compass: This is another app which provides you the quicker search for your desired job. It is the iPhone application which searches the jobs for you within the range of five miles. If you are willing to travel and locate your job then you can search it with the 100 miles and also have more than 2 million lists of the companies with numerous opportunities. This app contains some job categories like engineer, public relations, waitress, human resource managers and many more. It is a free app for the iPhone users which can be downloaded from iTunes.

®Gigwalk: This application is the amazing one which searches a quick and economical job for you. This app is a special for the iPhone and can be downloaded from iTunes at a price of $6. This app contains several groups and committees which allot various jobs to the deserved people. You can also go for the Gigwalk projects where you need to write the reviews for the projects with the help of your Smartphone. This makes really easy and simple to find the job.

® Job Search HireADroid: This is a special application which is used worldwide for the job search using the search engines. You can view about the placement of the jobs in several countries. You can get to the different job search engines like LinkUp, Careerjet.com, Beyond.com, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder and many more. You can also see you recently reviewed jobs in the search history. If you got your deserved job then you can mark it as the favourite of your search engines. It will be an integrated search for your desired job.

® JobMo: This is the magnificent application which can be found in the iPhones and can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play. This app contains millions of job search around the globe which also searches a desired job for you. You can also find the interview tips from the experts which are especially for the job seekers. This app is also applicable for the Android Tablet and iPad. It is a useful application to search for the relevant and desired job.

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