100 Power Resume Words

100 Power Resume Words    Some times we make resuem to impress the interviewer but was not   able to do so.It is just because of irrelevant data and unapprop-  riate words.Here is the list of some words that you can use while  writing your resume and cover letters.You can also make use of these   words during interview.      Advance  Assigned  Assessed  Absorbed  Accelerated  Attained  Attracted  Announced  Appraised  Budgeted  Bolstered  Balanced  Boosted  Bargained  Benefited  Beneficial  Comply  Critiqued  Closed  Collaborated  Designed  Delegated  Demonstrated  Developed  Detected  Efficient  Enhanced  Excelled  Exceeded  Enriched  Fulfilled  Financed  Forecasted  Formulated  Generated  Guided  Granted  Helped  Hosted  Implemented  Investigated  Increased  Initiated  Influenced  Integrated  Innovated  Instituted  Justified  Listed  Logged  Maintained  Mentored  Measured  Multiplied  Negotiated  Observed  Operated  Obtained  Promoted  Presented  Programmed  Provided  Projected  Qualified  Quantified  Quoted  Recommended  Refine  Revamp  Reacted  Retained  Recovered  Reinstated  Rejected  Sustained  Skilled  Saved  Scheduled  Supported  Secured  Simplified  Screened  Segmented  Streamlined  Strengthened  Triumphed  Troubleshot  Taught  Tutored  Translated  Trained  Uncovered  United  Unified  Updated  Upgraded  Validated  Viewed  Worldwide  Witnessed

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