Human Resource Assistant cover letter sample

Human Resource Assistant cover letter sample

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name

I write this letter and enclose my resume in response to your post for a Human Resource Assistant. Often the Human Resource Assistant is the first person a candidate or employee encounters either by telephone or in person. I believe it is my responsibility to create a positive first impression.

As the current HR Assistant with xyz industries I undertake activities such as conducting background checks, calling candidates and checking references. My people skills are excellent and allow me engage with a diverse group of individuals. I know I can bring my varied experience to the position of HR Assistant in a beneficial way.

I consider myself to be a dedicated and dependable individual who possesses excellent correspondence and verbal kills. I feel that a relationship with your company would be mutually beneficial, as my education background, HR experience and qualifications would make me a perfect fit for your Human Resource position, and would also allow me to refine my skills in a new working environment.

I would like to thank you for your time and attention, and I hope to have the chance to discuss the opening with you in person.


(Yours name)

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4 Commonly Held Misconceptions About Temporary Staffing

Many people have heard of staffing firms that match up job seekers with companies that are looking to hire. However, although most of us have a basic idea about what these organizations do, we tend to be extremely vague – or dead wrong – regarding the details of what they have to offer.

Here are four commonly held misconceptions about temp agencies, set straight for the record.

1) “Only Deadbeats Work With Staffing Agencies.”

Sometimes it seems that staffers garner a poor reputation because we might consider them a “last resort” after something seemingly negative happens, such as being laid off or having to change paths mid-career.

However, while people do sometimes turn to the assistance of a provisional position during a time of transition, it is totally untrue that this option is for those with a poor work ethic or those who are down on their luck.

In fact, lots of different kinds of educated and hardworking folks have teamed up with these companies to get through a rough financial spot or to simply gain experience in a new field – to great effect!

2) “I’ll Never Land a Permanent Position This Way, So There’s No Point.”

One reason why many people shy away from this valuable resource is because they think they can’t really obtain a permanent appointment in this manner. However, this is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions of them all!

Many jobs that you find with agencies like these are actually temp-to-hire, which means that you are brought on with the intention that HR will make your position permanent if you do a good job. This is actually good in some ways, because it gives both you and the employer time to feel out whether or not you are a good fit for the duties at hand.

Even if you go into a post knowing that it will definitely not be long term, you can still gain tons of experience and make lots of contacts who may lead you to something even better for you.

3) “All the Jobs Available Are For Factory or Office Work.”

This is a very common myth, and it is also untrue. There are lots of different kinds of positions available through these enterprises. For instance, you can check out IT staffing companies that specialize in computer-oriented careers and other tech-based work if you’re interested in jobs in IT. Some companies don’t have a specialization, but do have contacts over an extremely broad spectrum of fields. Engineering, science, oil/gas, education, accounting and medicine are all examples of sectors that have frequently been represented in temp agency job pools.

4) “If I Don’t Want to Stay in My Current Location, These Services Aren’t Useful.”

Bigger IT staffing agencies can have branches all over your region or throughout the whole country, so you may be able to move on to greener pastures and get the employment assistance you need to hit the ground running in a new hometown.

Best of all, if you love your field, chances are you can find a related position through staffing representatives if you are willing to relocate.

While Nora was skeptical of staffing agencies at first, she signed on with one when her job search seemed particularly hopeless. She had an extremely positive experience with her placement service, and was able to secure a permanent job through the connections she made. She knows others can benefit from these sorts of arrangements, too, especially if they’re in a field like IT.

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Fitness Trainer cover letter sample

Fitness Trainer cover letter sample

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name

I would like to take a moment out of your day to briefly introduce myself and to be considered as a potential candidate for the fitness trainer position during the summer months.

I am currently working (part time/ full time) at (name of establishment), but have been looking for a more challenging position over the last (few months). The requirements for the job as listed on (your website) accommodate exactly what I feel possess and can provide as a service to your valued clientele.

I hold a (degree) in (name of degree), have 2 years’ experience working in health clubs as a trainee. I over the last (year) started to diversify and have honed my skills in (nutrition, Pilates etc.). As a result, my skills are varied and are able to cover a variety of specialists needs. I believe it is always best to be well rounded in fitness knowledge. A rounded knowledge allows for a better assessment of the individual and how to better lead the client to their desired fitness target and goals.

I believe that due to my varied knowledge and experience, my fitness and sport guidance would be a positive addition to your already very professional team.

I hope to be able to discuss this further.

Thank you for your time today and I am looking forward to hear from you.


(Your name)  

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Evaluate your SEO team

Evaluate your SEO team

If you have a website, then it is required to have SEO for that website. Any website without proper search engine optimization and social media marketing cannot be much fruitful to your business. There is no other alternative to have a good SEO guy/team working for you to get traffic to your website. Its initial investment but it really pays.

How to find a good SEO team ?

a) Alexa rank: Look at the alexa rank of your SEO provider or company. If team cannot bring traffic to their website, how will they bring to yours? Go to and type your seo team’s website url.  If Alexa traffic rank is greater than 1 million, then its time to ignore that team. Go to next provider.

b) BackLinks: Check the backlinks of your SEO team. Go to for backlinks and type their url. If you get less than 500 backlinks, then its time to ignore that team. Go to next provider.

c) Social Marketing: check their twitter and facebook pages. Go to and seach for “company name facebook” and “company name twitter” and check their influence.  For example : search zeustek facebook or  zeustek twitter and then go to respective fan page or twitter page.

d) References: Ask for references, repeat the same check for the reference client website also.

e) Keyword ranking: Go to and put SEO team’s website url and check their ranking of keywords.

f) Affordable: Do a price comparison from your side. We can also assist you in this regard. Mail us at [email protected] to get general market  price list for SEO services.

What you need to expect from your current SEO team ?

Finally you have selected your SEO team and now its time to evaluate their work.  Few things you need to ask for in your monthly or weekly reports that your SEO team is providing you.

a) Social BookMarking: List of all social bookmarking done for your website with links to verify. Click on few links to verify also. Avoid those teams who just say that we did social bookmarking to many websites or listed websites, but their report is not having links to verify that.

b) Alexa Comparision: Its fine if your alexa traffic rank fluctuates little bit, but make sure that it is increasing overall.

c) Keyword ranking: All the keywords with their last month and current month ranking. Also ask your SEO team the reasons to select those keywords. They can rank you for keywords which no one is search for.

d) Backlinks: All the backlinks should have links to verify, otherwise ignore.

e) Social Media reports: Increased influence of social presence. You can at least look at the number of increased Fans and Followers

f) Articles: Make sure that your team is posting 2-3 articles in good article directories .  g) Onpage Optmization: Check onpage optimization of your website. See if your SEO team has properly optimized your website. You can also get a free SEO report from  us. Mail us at [email protected] and ask for Free on Page SEO report of your website.

We wish you good luck in your online marketing of your website. Feel free to email us at [email protected]  for any question.

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Fitness Trainer Resume Sample

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


  • Over 4 years of experience as a fitness trainer.
  • NASM certified personal trainer.
  • Proven ability to plan routines and observe member for changes and required plan modifications.
  • Hands on experience in teaching proper breathing techniques.
  • Adept at demonstrating use of gymnastics and relevant training aids.


Core Competencies


  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Fitness testing
  • Client’s motivation
  • Needs discovery
  • Anatomy/physiology
  • Customer service
  • Product knowledge
  • Relationship Building




  • Trained a conglomeration of elderly members in physical training activities by devising a plan suitable to age and individual capability.
  • Promoted from assistant apprentice to fitness apprentice in five months following excellence in fitness program development and physical dexterity.


Professional Experience


Fitness apprentice

Xyz fitness club 2010-2014


  • Planned exercise routines based on each member’s individual goals.
  • Assisted members with routines and the use of equipment.
  • Observed patients for fatigue or the needs for changing exercise plan.
  • Taught appropriate breathing techniques.
  • Conducted therapeutic and athletic activities.
  • Maintained and serviced gym equipment.
  • Followed up on member’s progress.
  • Provide members with information apropos nutrition and diet plans.




Miami University, Miami

Bachelors in physical education 2009
Download Fitness Trainer Resume Sample.docx

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Agricultural resume example

Agricultural resume example


While there are a lot of people who do not want to work in the agricultural field, some people still wish to do so. One of the reasons explaining this is that there are a lot of benefits that you can obtain from working in this field.


However, you need to prepare the good Agricultural resume in order to attract the employer and let them give you the chance to serve them. There are several points that you need to keep in mind when you are preparing the resume. For example, you need to take a look at the experience of yourself as well as the willingness for you to work in this field. When you work in the agricultural field, you would need to work in areas like farm occasionally. Therefore, you have to show that you are willing to take this type of working environment or otherwise you would not be regarded as well-prepared for the job.


If you can specify the field that you are good at, you would find that it is easier for you to get the job. There are some job employers who would like to hire a particular field of agricultural personnel. Therefore, you can get their impression if you can show that you belong to one of the professionals in that particular field.


Agricultural resume example



393 SSMC Road

MC, SA 22012

Phone number: 230-122-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



Looking for a good position in the management field in a good agricultural firm


Professional Qualification


Plant manager, CSAM Poultry

2009 – Present


–          Oversaw every aspect of organization about the profit and loss of the organization as well as the budget of it

–          Assisted the management of over 400 employees in a day

–          Implemented the sanitation inspection on the workplace environment

–          Increased the yield of plant by 1%


Assistant plant manager, RIF Poultry



–          Directly handled the production phrases over the company

–          Communicated with different departments of the company to ensure the smooth operation

–          Coordinated with sales department to make sure the cost of production could be covered

–          Maintained high yield and increased the efficiency of production by 10%

–          Communicated with all colleagues to keep them motivated in the work


Production Supervisor, CMM Poultry



–          Maintained the quality control of the company

–          Implemented the sanitation program in the company for increasing productivity

–          Provided regular statistics and reports

–          Informed managers with any new improvements

–          Negotiated with the finance department for budget in improving facilities of the company


Key Skills


–          Able to cope with stress during the working condition

–          Could communicate well with colleagues for the job

–          Well negotiation skills to negotiate with clients

–          Detail-oriented and could spot the mistakes effectively


Educational background


Bachelor of Science,SMMWUniversity



Expected salary



Day of start for the job




Available upon request


Anything special to ask



Any criminal record previously


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Resume sample for lawyer

Resume sample for lawyer

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional summary

Legal competencies


  • Possessing the ability to convincingly present a case in court.
  • Good knowledge of criminal, civil, public, bankruptcy and administrative laws.
  • Understanding of contracts, government regulations, intellectual etc.
  • Knowledge of tax and corporate laws.
  • Experience of supporting vulnerable clients.
  • Knowledge of effective management procedures.




  • Ability to balance priorities and co-ordinate work effectively.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • An aptitude for figures.
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure.
  • Sound judgment
  • Organized and efficient.


Work Experience


(Name of organization)

Lawyer – may 2000-2005


Involved in practicing law by giving authoritative advice to clients and representing them at court

  • Provided accurate, timely and effective legal advice to clients.
  • Attended hearing at court.
  • Presented evidence in court to support clients in legal proceedings.
  • Advised clients on their legal rights and obligations.
  • Congregate and organized evidence on behalf of clients.
  • Giving support, recognition and rewards to junior staff.




Raffles Millennium University


Bachelor’s in legal studies 2000

Download Resume sample for lawyer.docx

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Perfect job application cover letter for Career change

The perfect job application cover letter for Career change

At any point in your professional career, for reasons whatsoever,  you might consider a career change. These are the instances that you need to approach tactically. So far the art of applying for a career changing job is concerned, the job application cover letter is going to play a major role. It is for the reason that your Biodata may not include the experience and skills that are considered necessary for the job, you are applying to. Hence, it is the cover letter that can cover up those shortcoming and trigger interest about you in the recruiter’s mind.  In these instances, you may follow the sample cover letter for career change to form the perfect job application cover letter.



How to write the perfect job application cover letter for career changes?Sample cover letter for job application

Following are the key tips in this regard:

  • Emphasize on the transferable skills that you hold: You need to uphold the skills and competence you hold that will enable you to bridge the gap between your present and future job.
  • Uphold you performance and achievement strongly: a proven performer is expected to taste success in all of his/her endeavors. Hence, uphold your superlative performance and achievements, without sounding too much promotional.
  • Express how much you are passionate for this type of job and the Company: honestly explain the reason that made you to opt for a career change and express that you are passionate for the Company with credible reasons to back your claim.
  • Most importantly, you should express your confidence about meeting the demand of the new job and state the factors that make you the ideal candidate for this job.

While looking for the sample cover letter for career change, you can seek professional assistance from CV writing services. Alternatively, you can opt for the templates that you can personalize as per your needs.

Sample Job application Cover letter for Career change

Candidate’s Name

Candidate’s Address

Candidate’s Phone Number

Candidate’s Email address


Dear Mr/Ms……(last name)

The letter is to express my interest and passion about the profile of XXXX (mention the job profile) as you advertised in XXXX (mention the source). I found the opportunity to be really awarding and I strongly believe that I have got the necessary  qualification, exposure, skill and abilities to be considered for the position.

Although, I am presently serving as XXXXX( your present Job profile) with XXX (your present Employer), I have the necessary skills that will enable me to adopt with this transition, if I am selected to serve your organization in the similar capacity.

In my present job role, I have been consistent with my performance and I have been among those professionals in my organization who have always been appreciated for their commitment and consistency towards the job. Most humbly, I would state that I was conferred with the following awards and recognition that will establish my worthiness for the job you advertised:


(State few of the professional award you won and narrate about your key achievements)


I believe, the term success is the reward a professional earns once he/she is willing to move out of the comfort zone and willing to take new challenges. Needless to say, I am passionate about being a part of your organization and the job you advertised, has always been the profile I had admired.

My Curriculum Viate is attached with this letter. I am eager to appear for a personal round of discussion with you to discuss about my skills and competence and taking a step ahead to the job you have advertised.

Thanking You


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Job Opportunities In Renewables

Job Opportunities In Renewables


Renewable energy is among the few industries where it is possible to really make a difference.  It is a rewarding industry, and it is critical that the world and our country become more sustainable.  A commitment has been made by the government to source 15% of its energy by 2020 from renewable sources.  As a result, by 2015 (based on comments made in 2011), UK contractors will have more than 1.3 million job opportunities.


The following are some of the benefits that come with working as a Renewable Energy Engineer contractor according to TRS Staffing Solutions:


Higher job demand – Renewable Energy is having large sums of money invested into it, and numerous job opportunities and new projects are being created as a result of this.


Higher pay rates – With low supply ratios and high demand, contracting in this sector will make you a very desirable candidate, and provide with greater opportunities for negotiating higher pay rates, which is more than fair since unlike permanent employees, you are not given sick or holiday pay, so you have a higher chance of receiving a high rate of pay.


Experience – As you take on more contracts, the greater your managerial and practical skills will be.  This gives you greater ability to charge a higher daily rate and provide you with a wider selection of projects to choose from.  Those skills also improve your CV, to make you even more appealing to prospective clients.


The opportunity for being your boss – Because you are a specialist within your sector it provides the client contractor relationship with a new spin.


Greater freedom – You will be able to select which contracts you accept and for how long you will work on them.  It is your choice!


Travel – You will have the chance to work and travel all over the world.  For example, you could take on a contract in Dubai and then go to the North Sea for your next project.


Help build a better future – You will have the opportunity for making the future far more sustainable for the next generations whether you happen to work in solar or wind power, hydropower or bio fuels.


Prospects – Many project are unique within the sector, which provides you with the chance to gain invaluable skills that only a few or no other contractor has.


When you contract as a Renewable Energy Engineer an entire new spin is put on the employee, client relationship.  Your role is as an industry expert who comes into the organization to help, which is a great position to be in, and provides you with added credibility as an expert in your field, broadens your experience and helps to increase the daily rate you can earn.


Another benefit that comes with contractor is that you pay less tax compared to permanent employees.  Of course that is expected since as a contractor you are not given holiday pay, sick pay and must manage your own taxes.


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Landscape Architecture Resume

Landscape Architecture Resume

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional summary


  • Extensive experience in handling professional landscape architecture services.
  • Assisted a landscape architect for 4 years, and completed the initial internship.
  • Excellent at managing locational issues, and providing highly customized services as per client specifications and demands.




  • Good interpersonal skills and abilities to administer locational work effectively.
  • Strong analytical and comprehensive abilities to understand, and logically link various aspects of the given work.
  • Outstanding project management and organizational skills.
  • Excellent designing, planning, organizing and supervising skills.


Technical skills


  • Proficient in carrying out XAD operations
  • Excellent at dealing with Microsoft functions.




  • Bachelor’s in ‘landscape Architecture’ from university of Michigan in 2000.
  • Completed Masters in ’Operations and project management’ from the university of Michigan in 2002.
  • Completed a diploma in ‘projects and work management’ from the university of southern California.
  • Completed a training program on ‘Recent Developments and technology management’.


Professional Experience


Landscape Architect

(Name of organization) may 2010-2014


Responsible for management of large scale residential development projects, including several waterfront communities.

  • Member of design team that developed community parks, water access facilities and green space.
  • Assisted municipal engineers in site plan review and ongoing field projects.
  • Created conceptual and final landscape design and drafting personnel.
  • Assisted professional engineers in any landscape design support work for site plan preparation and production.
  • Developed office CADD standards.




  • Affiliation to a social health group, working for effectively designs various plans and institutes for developing necessary health consciousness and good health habits.

Download Landscape Architecture Resume.docx

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dropped search engine ranking

Ideal Resume

dropped seo ranking

Need not to panic if all of a sudden the ranking in search engines drops. It is important to check out the exact cause of dropped out rankings.

1.) Changes in Website

It is good practice to update the WebPages. Small changes won’t affect the search engines but if the website is redesigned and the website is being optimized for a new key phrase or keyword then the search engines will re-calculate the search engine rankings. So, try to change the website pages with utmost care if you are having a high search engine ranking.

2.) Change in Links to Your Website

All of a sudden change in your linking structure can make your website suspicious. The site rankings won’t drop if you have an old website with grown inbound structure. But if the links are paid one and they disappear then the ranking will drop. Try to have the inbound links as they last longer and then only you will have a high rank in search engine results.

3.) Search Engine Algorithm Changes

The algorithm of search engines keeps on changing. Some algorithms have a major impact on the rankings. Just wait for some days to check if the drop of ranking is temporary. And if not, optimize the WebPages according to the latest search engine algorithm.

4.) Check out the Strategy Your Competitors Follow

Watch out your competitors, their optimization might be better than yours. So, they might be listed in the top results and your ranking drops. Always try to have the better content and best seo for your website in order to be listed at the top.

5.) Never Indulge in Spamming Techniques

Never try to make use of spamming techniques for gaining a high rank in search engines. Search engines do not like spam-cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages and other spamming techniques.

6.) Some Technical Problems

The web server can even be the one reason for the dropped rankings. If the website is down, the search engine won’t be able to access the website. The search engine won’t access the website and thus the low rankings. Ensure that the website is hosted on reliable server.

Article publié pour la première fois le 13/01/2012

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Landscape Architect cover letter sample

Landscape Architect cover letter sample

Recipient’s Name

Recipient’s Address



Sender’s Details





Dear Mr. Last Name,

I am writing to express my interest in the Landscape Architect Position you have posted. I hold a Bachelor’s of science in landscape architecture and certified and licensed by the council of Landscape Architectural Registration boards. My attached resume highlights my broad range of experience and qualifications that closely aligns with the position description.

In my current position as Landscape architect at (Name of Organization) I have designed outdoor spaces for numerous clients from concept site plans specifications and cost estimates to selecting appropriate materials and evaluating environmental impact. Using CADD software I usually prepare three designs to present to the client along with future time projections to allow for visualization.

I Consider my-self to be a result -oriented, dependable, and capable worker; who is not easily affected by job stress, and will be a strong asset to our department and organization in a variety of duties. I am certainly receptive to any company training and I am a fast learner in any of the job training situation, if required.

I look forward to a personal interview at your convenience.



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Loan officer Resume sample

Loan officer Resume sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


  • Considerable amount of experience in banking and landing arena with knowledge of residential mortgage lending.
  • Proficient in writing different type of reports.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Adept in managing multitudinous tasks with superb organization skills.
  • Ability to build rapport with customers with different backgrounds.
  • Complete knowledge on pricing and the underwriting procedure in the mortgage industry.


Key skills


  • Making sure that a loan meets the customer’s needs.
  • Determine customer’s eligibility and acceptability for a loan.
  • Able to follow loan protocols.
  • Excellent negotiation and marketing skills.
  • Identifying referrals for new lending opportunities.


Professional Experience


Xyz Mortgage Inc.

Branch Bank loan officer may 2010-may2011


Reviewed customer documents for compliance within company policy


  • Coordinated with REO realtors on the marketing and finance of properties.
  • Assessed and evaluated customer’s financial needs.
  • Co-ordinated all aspects of the mortgage application process.
  • Marketed and promoted the financial mortgage products to the branch teams.
  • Meet deadlines for closing on mortgage loan applications.




Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration 2010s

Amity University, Noida

Download Loan officer Resume sample.docx

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Receptionist cover letter

                                                                                  Receptionist cover letter

Are you looking forward for some receptionist’s cover letters and don’t know how to get them then here is the way to go. A cover letter plays an important role in getting any job and receptionist job is no exceptional to it. A short and well written cover letter can always land you in good receptionist job in any of the reputed organizations.  You can find different types of receptionist cover letters available over online but finding the one suit your need is more important. The good news is that you can download them at free cost thus saving some money that you supposed to spend in getting the absolute cover letter.

A receptionist is the one who works in administrative office and provides supportive service to other staff members. Often people say receptionist is the real attraction of any organization. In most of the cases, ladies are recruited for receptionist job as they look good and attractive. Maintaining professional environment, greeting all types of clients and visitors and answering different phone calls are some of the tasks carried out by any receptionist.

A cover letter can introduce you to the recruiter in a constructive way. Work experience, educational qualifications, interpersonal skills and other major milestones are some of the important things you should include in your cover letter. Make sure that you are writing letter to the respective person of the organization.

Tips for writing receptionist cover letter

  • Content: the content of the cover letter should be supportive and relevant to the job you are applying for. The content should also match with the documents submitted.

  • Format: always follow a proper business format which is resourcefully acceptable as well. Don’t forget to sign in person at the end of the letter.

  • Review: review the cover letter for any grammatical mistakes otherwise it will lead to the rejection.

Receptionists cover letter example

Date: February 18th, 2012

Mr. Johnny Baker

National Associates

New York City, NY 9879

Sub: candidature for the post of Receptionist

Dear Mr. Baker,

I am delighted to reply to your advertisement posted in the New York Times for the position of Receptionist. I feel my experience and skills closely meet you expectations. I am interested in applying for this job at your organization. I possess more than 4 years of experience as receptionist that includes handling of various phone calls, creating the professional environment and managing the professional staff.

In addition to the receptionist experience, I have strong administration, customer service and communication skills. QuickBooks and Microsoft Office are some of the software’s I have excelled in my professional career.  I have completed my administration course from the University of New York in 2007.

I feel my talkative, sociable and courteous nature make me suit for the job mentioned. I am sure I would become an ideal receptionist if given chance. I am looking forward to hear from your side as soon as possible and thanks for the interest shown to me.


Mary James

Ocean wind

657 E St. NW, M: (654)-353 XXXX

Washington DC

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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Cover letter sample for Microbiologist

Cover letter sample for Microbiologist

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name,

I came across your post on for a Microbiologist. I am enclosing my resume and believe once you review my experience and education you will see why I thought this position an ideal for for both of us.

I bring over 15 years of experience in the field to the table.  I have an advanced degree in microbiology and have built on that education in the professional study of microorganism through research analysis and environmental compliance. I have a thorough history as a microbiologist studying the function and structure of organisms finding ways to control and utilize them to the benefit of the industry medicine and agriculture. I have a demonstrated ability to administer the work of biological technicians and set up technical reports, study papers, and recommendations derived from research findings.

I believe I am the best and most qualified candidate for the job. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange an interview to further discuss my qualification. Thank you for your time and consideration.




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8 Face book Tips for Business Promotion

Facebook helps to promote the brand even further. The facebook is a good place to create awareness about your brand and products.

  1. Branding – Facebook is a great resource for generating awareness about a brand. Facebook is becoming popular day by day, and is a good place for building your relationship with you consumers and prospects.
  2. Customer Engagement – You can hold contests or events and engage your customers in that. People will get to know your brand better.
  3. Get Web Traffic – Facebook can act as a portal point for driving traffic to your site. Your facebook profile can now be indexed in the search results.
  4. New Customer Acquisition – With the help of facebook, you can have more and more consumers, you may have not otherwise discovered.
  5. Client Retention – It provides another potential interception point to build the relationship with your consumer.
  6. The Viral Effect – Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Facebook is attracting quite a crowd. So this can be a right place to market your products and the services.
  7. Feedback Mechanism – With facebook you can understand consumer behavior based on the sharing of content and commentary on the social networking site.
  8. Active Participation– Respond to your fans comments, share information, and celebrate achievements. You will surely get noticed and your products too.

Article publié pour la première fois le 03/04/2010

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Paralegal Resume Sample

Paralegal Resume Sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


  • A highly organized efficient and motivated team player who is keen to progress in the legal field.
  • Able to deliver an excellent service to clients and exceed their expectations by having a keen eye for detail and proactive attitude towards every case.
  • Possessing strong business judgment and the ability to bring tasks to completion in a timely manner.
  • Result driven and easily able to manage every client’s expectation by being diplomatic, tactful and always on the lookout for new ideas and solutions.


Core competencies


  • Oral communication skills.
  • Writing skills
  • Organization and planning skills.
  • Research, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Information collection and management
  • Attention to detail
  • Decision-making and judgment
  • Initiative
  • Confidentiality
  • Team work
  • Stress tolerances




Name of organization May 2010 to be present

Senior paralegal


  • Serve as paralegal to managing partner in busy litigation practice.
  • Handle heavy case load and assist with all aspects of the litigation lifecycle from inception through appeal.
  • Draft legal documents including pleadings, interrogatories, jury instructions, voir dire, affidavits, subpoenas and memoranda of law.
  • Assist with trial preparations, manage trial, prepare trial notebooks, perform jury search, and communicate with experts and fact witnesses.
  • Train paralegals on case management software.




West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Bachelor of Arts, Paralegal studies, (year)
Download Paralegal Resume Sample.docx

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Improving Your Efficiency In The Classroom And Out With Flashcards In Education

Flashcards in education are incredibly versatile and can be used not only for a multitude of subjects but for any age. They are a great method of improving your retention while learning new subjects. The repeated utilization of flashcards from a school library or classroom makes them suitable for memorization especially for subjects such as mathematics. It is the perfect technique for improving associated.

Creativity in Flashcards:

Perhaps one the best aspects to flashcards is the inherit creativity. There are popular methods of using flashcards such as writing an equation on one side and the answer on the other, or a word in one language on one side and the corresponding word in another language on the other side. But there is no limit to how they can help. You can write a thought on one side with written bullet points and a corresponding photo or image on the other. Students and teachers can add colors to the cards to make them flashier or to symbolize something. For instance, a particular color on one side may indicate one language or one equation while the answer or result is written in another color.

For students, the biggest benefits to using flashcards include improving memory, association, mathematics, verbal, interaction, cognitive, listening, and more. For parents, the biggest benefits to using flashcards include having the tools to aid children with learning and exam prep. Families of all income levels can incorporate flashcards either by purchasing them or making them at home. If families make the flashcards at home, they reap additional benefits such as family interaction while the cards are being made. And of course using them at home increases family interaction too. For teachers, flashcards in education can help team students up in partners, so that each member can help the other and the students are forced to take turns. They can access the flashcards from a physical location such as the library of flashcards or from a virtual location such as an online centralized location like ProProfs. They also help teacher-directed study and enhanced learning. Teachers can create flashcards utilizing their imaginative teaching methodology and enjoy a creative outlet simultaneously.

There are many places to get flashcards in education. You can buy them in conjunction with particular course books or grade books, or buy them in sets at teaching stores. You can also make them yourself. You don’t have to be artistic to do this. You can copy pictures from clip art on Microsoft Word, or from the internet. The important thing is to ensure all of the photos you use are the same size and that you use different colors for different sets. For example, all math flashcards may be pink while all Language Arts cards may be blue. It is important to use paper that is thick enough that students cannot see through the cards. If you laminate them, they are easier to clean after small hands have played with them and they will last longer. The main advantage to making your own flashcards in education is that you can create sets to match your needs. You can create a set of flashcards to accompany a story book you are reading in class or a graded reader. You can also have students make them. Students can each draw one item from the current week’s vocabulary, for example, and that item can be mounted to the card to create the classroom set. You can test many skills with these cards. To help identification you can reveal a word and then cover the flashcard with another paper and slowly show it. The students then have to guess which card it is.

Sameer Bhatia is founder & CEO of which is a leading provider of online learning tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge. Sameer has a background in technology with a Masters in Computer Science from USC (University Of Southern California) and is an ed-tech industry veteran.

Article publié pour la première fois le 11/11/2013

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Musician Resume Sample

Musician Resume Sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


  • Highly innovative and successful professional with a strong expertise in the art of composing original, thematic music and playing covers for live audience.
  • Master in providing background music for ballets and theatrical performances.
  • Passionate about music with the natural ability to adjust own style to different music.
  • Extensive experience in synchronized singing and instrument playing with musical orchestras.


Areas of Expertise


  • Live music shows
  • Piano
  • Talent sharpening
  • Choir leading
  • Choir/ Band Auditioning
  • Guitar
  • Background mixing
  • Cover singing
  • Gig Booking
  • Drums
  • Thematic composition
  • Solo vocals


Selected Accomplishments


  • Improvised a college based choir performance with 20+ singers and players successfully at a short notice of 2 hrs.
  • Made $15k for charity purposes through a 3 hour concert comprised of live cover and original performances.


Professional Experience


International Arts Theatre, Toledo, Oh

Musician may 2011 to be present


Guitarist, bassist, pianist, and vocalist

  • Compose and digitally record music.
  • Manage performance contracts.
  • Accompany other musician in addition to leading congregational song.


Educational Qualification


Baker university Baldwin city, Kansas   2011

Certification of NASM (National Association of schools of music)


Eastman school of music, Rochester, NY 2008

Bachelor’s in music

Download Musician Resume Sample.docx

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Cover Letter Sample for Artists

Cover Letter Sample for Artists

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name,

As an imaginative and passionate photographer with 3+ year track record of working in many diverse photography projects, I am applying for a photographic position at Vinayak studios. I Believe the Talents are well-matched with my qualifications.

In my previous job, as a freelance worker I have worked on many diverse photography projects, including, fashion, still, event and corporate. Since I do not limit myself to just one genre of photography, my skills are varied, yet focused on both subject and quality of my projects. Once you have been through my profile, you will be able to see the diversity in my photographic content, and how i use my inner creativity to bring subjects alive.

I look forward to meeting you to discuss this opportunity further. I can make myself available based on your schedule and I look forward to your call. Thank you for your time and consideration.





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SEO Article Writing Services

SEO Article Writing Services

Marketing accounting services online can be incredibly effective, as every accounting service can benefit from hundreds of people visiting their website and getting in touch with them every month. Those looking to promote their accounting services should look to do so through search engine optimization, as SEO is the best way to obtain organic search results through high quality webcontent.

What is SEO and How Will it Help My Accounting Firm?

SEO is a number of techniques that website administrators use to attract the attention of users, which in turn attracts the attention of Google. When Google determines that a website should be ranked highly on their search results lists as a site that contains content relevant to the search query, the website’s improved SEO ranking will place it near the top of the list. As anyone searching the Internet knows, the sites near the top of the lists are always the ones that receive the most clicks, and thereby the most traffic. Traffic is always the key to success in any online endeavour, and this is where high quality webcontent and SEO article writing services come in handy.

The way that Google determines how highly a website should be ranked is according to the webcontent of that site, as the rankings increase according to the sites that provide the content which is most relevant to search queries. Any website that wants to increase the amount of traffic it receives should provide high quality content on their websites, and should provide frequent updates to the aforementioned content.

Why SEO Article Writing Services?

Many people around the world find that they have little or no skill with content creation, as they are not accomplished writers nor do they have any desire to spend hours writing. If this is the case, there must be a means of obtaining the quality content, and this is where the SEO article writing services come into play.

These writing services are provided by professional freelance writers who are experts at providing web content that the search engines find interesting. The content provided is rich with the keywords of the website to which they are providing the articles, as keywords have a large role to play in the SEO rankings. The content is of much higher quality than amateur writers are able to provide, and the steady stream of content from professional writers enable website owners to update their sites regularly. This constant uploading of professionally written, keyword rich content is the secret to SEO success and thereby the success of the website itself.

By Paul at MBiz Content
MBiz Content is specialized in premium original webcontent . Our seo article writing services guarantee to meet quality requirements and timeline. The writers have a proven track record of success. MBiz articles are written with SEO in mind and focus on the keywords that will attract customers to your site.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/10/2011

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Cover letter sample for Hardware Engineer

Cover letter sample for Hardware Engineer

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name

I am writing to apply for police officer position currently available at the Massachusetts city. I am passionate to intensify sense of security in the society, accelerate crime scene investigation speed, and reduce emergency call speed time and excel in vigilant and patrolling- thus maximizing the protection of civilian’s lives and property.

Comparing my skills and competencies against your job description, I believe I can definitely make a valuable contribution to the Massachusetts city. I have more than a decade of progressively responsible experience as a police officer with sound reputation of conducting productive missions and enforcing the applicable law and ordinances effectively in violent situations.

My up-to-date knowledge of traffic regulations adds more weight to my candidacy. The enclosed resume reflects the caliber of sound, efficient and law enforcement professional.

I would be highly obliged to you if you would consider me for the aforesaid job position. I eagerly wait for scheduling an interview with you to talk about the position and my qualification. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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Haircuts for Long Hair

If you have long hair, you have to learn the  styles that will suit you better according to your face.  Only the perfect hair cut is the style that will fit to almost everyone. But for other style you have to know the cut that you have to get and the mistake that you have to avoid.

If you have around face, you have to use the hair cut that will make your hair to look leaner and longer while you seem less round. To do this, you have to ensure that you have less volume on your face. You should use the style that will look flattering and stylish, but you have to avoid the blunt cuts, one length. If you want to curly your hair, curly them at the end or at shoulder length but never too near of the head.

If your face is square, the style that you have to use should make your face to seem strong with angular jaw. You can do this better by cutting your hair into layers. You should avoid bob or bang hairstyle.

Oval face, this is the most versatile shape and you can have any hair cut. You can make your long hair wavy or straight. Avoid putting too much volume on the top of your head.

Long face, you have to cut your hair so that it can create the width illusion. If you want to keep long hair and you have long face, you will seem as dragging your face.


Article publié pour la première fois le 07/08/2011

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Police Officer Resume Sample

Police Officer Resume Sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address




Former police officer with 15 years of experience in investigation and preventing crime enforcing public safety and maintaining a visible presence for the prevention of crime looking to use skills to continue to serve and protect the community.


Areas of Expertise


  • Crime Investigations
  • Hazard Discovery
  • Court Documentation
  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Vigilance
  • Criminal detention
  • Witness presentation
  • General security
  • Emergency assistance
  • Report processing
  • Offender identification
  • Communication


Work Experience


Police Officer may 2010-may 2020

City of Los Angeles police department   Los Angeles, California


  • Observed, investigated and apprehended violators of laws and public safety.
  • Took immediate action upon discovering public hazards and illegal activity.
  • Responded to emergency situations and calls.
  • Frequently supported EMS services and fire department in emergencies.
  • Used local traffic laws to direct traffic and pedestrians at designated posts.
  • Issued tickets to violator of Local law.
  • Impound vehicles because of an infringement of a law.
  • Performed impromptu inspections of public establishments to ensure adherence to rules and regulations.
  • Trained in necessary procedure such as first aid.
  • Provide security at community events including open house church functions street fairs and public meetings.




Bachelor’s degree- Criminal science (year of graduation)

Anna University, Chennai


Download Police Officer Resume Sample.docx

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Increase Content on Your Site

5 Ways to Increase the Amount of Content on Your Site

content adding

Web experts often refer to traffic as “web currency”. In simple words, the more traffic you have on your website, the easier it will be for you to reach your objective. Increased traffic does not only indicate the sole objective to earn money; you might also want to spread your ideas and connect with people from various backgrounds.

Implementing a suitable marketing plan to divert more traffic towards your website and blog can be a difficult task if you are not aware of the tricks. There are many ways to do this; however, you will need to be patient and dedicated.

Most importantly, whatever you decide to blog about should be your passion and that must be evident from the quality of content. This will keep the users interested, which will result in increased content, as users will engage easily.

Here are some ways you can adopt to increase content on your web.

1. Update Your Previous Posts: A great and easy way to increase your web content is to revisit the older posts and make necessary additions where required. This will not only increase the amount of content within the post but will also garner new comments and posts from the readers.

2. Facilitate Guest Posts: You can ask your guests for blog posts to increase new content on your website. If you facilitate guest writers to post, they might be able to come up with unique and new content for your business. Sometimes, writing every post on your own can become tiresome and less interesting. In order to keep the posts interesting enough to retain the customer’s attention, unique writing will be able to divert more readers.

3. Brainstorm Your Ideas: This is also a unique way to create content for your blog. Revisit your past posts and see if you can come up with any related topics. You will find numerous things to write upon your previous ideas. In many posts, you will come across some very interesting and exciting material to write about. Here it is all about brainstorming the previous posts to develop some fresh content.

4. Ask The Readers To Submit Questions: You can also ask your readers and subscribers to ask questions. These questions will directly target the information about your business or other related content. This will not only answer the reader who asked for it, but will act as a source of information for the general reader. You may get some interesting answers from other users as well. A collection of new questions and answers can become a viable source of increased content on your website.

5. Hire Writers: If you are no longer available to write for the website or blog, you can hire a writer on your behalf. This should be done when you are busy with other marketing activities and cannot participate regularly. Hiring a writer also gives you an opportunity to maintain focus on other forms of marketing. You must make sure that the writer is an expert and knows the details of your business.

Richard is an ecommerce consultant specialising in Magento platform. Richard is also a regular contributor in tech blogs.

Article publié pour la première fois le 20/12/2011

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Real Estate Agent Resume Sample

Real Estate Agent Resume Sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


  • Accomplished Real Estate sales agent with proven sales track record.
  • Able to generate own business through aggressive prospect and networking.
  • Successful in closing business, working with owners and building management, and developing long term relationships with clients.


Work Experience

Real Estate Agent

Name of organization 2009 to be present


  • Worked under stringent time constraints.
  • Reviewed and executed confidential documents, contracts and disclosures.
  • Demonstrated excellent negotiating skills as well as attention to details needs resulting in 100 percent client satisfaction.
  • Accompanied clients during visits and inspection of desired properties; advised them on value of the property, current market value and trends.
  • Successfully guided home buyers and sellers through the sell and purchase of properties.
  • Accustomed to working in fast paced environments with the ability to think quickly and handle difficult circumstances.
  • Prepared contracts for home purchaser and seller.
  • Ability to consistently generate positive client feedback and build business through referrals.
  • Worked closely with landlords and tenants to determine their goals and needs.



Amity University, Noida 2005

Bachelor of business administration



Download Real Estate Agent Resume Sample.docx

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Top 8 Stupefying Ways for Press Release

The press release is the best way to market your business. This is the kind of publicity that can provide new heights to your business. The press release can be written about

  • New products or services.
  • An online survey that you have done.
  • An award for your business.
  • New book or material published.
  • Major sponsorships that you are doing.
  • Famous person who’s endorsing your business.
  • Joint venture with another business.
  • New fund raising event.

This article will provide you the complete details for what should be written and where it has to be submitted to provide you the free publicity for your business, products or services. This article will guide you through getting to know about the press release creation, submission and what important points to be considered for creating an effective press release. Wishing to have great press release, so check it out:

1.) The press release should sound like news and not like a business ad.

Write about the new products and services you are offering.
2.) Submit you press release in good PR press release sites, and that too in appropriate category.

Writing an effective press release is not enough. It should be submitted in appropriate category, to make most out of it.

3.) Keep your press release length fixed.

Be precise in your press release. It should be kept in mind that it is a press release and not an article.
4.) The top of the press release should contain, header, contact information and release date.

The press release has its own format. So write a press release according to that.
5.) Be short and provide double space to lines.

The press release is short, and it should appeal the visitors. It should not explain each end everything minutely. Provide double space to make it look more appealing.
6.) The header should be attractive and should grab the visitor’s attraction easily.

The header of the press release should sound attractive. The fist few sentences should be very catchy, that will attract more and more visitors to your website.

7.) The press release should contain facts

In order to keep a press release effective, it should contain facts, and make sure you wait until you have something with enough substance to issue a release.

8.) There should be no grammatical or spelling mistakes in the press release.

The press release should be proof read many times to assure that it is free from errors.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/04/2010

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Reporter Resume sample

Reporter Resume sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional summary


  • Highly talented, motivated, determined news reporter with extensive experience in reporting high-tech news.
  • Over 10 years of researching, organizing, and writing editorial scripts for recordings and live on-air performances.
  • Maintain relationship with public officials and business leaders.


Work Experience


News Reporter may 2015-may2016

Name of organization


Thoroughly able to translate a single story, idea and formulate into compelling news stories by researching and congregating facts, writing the story and reporting live during a newscast for thousands of viewers daily.


  • Organized marketing and promotional content for production.
  • Developed and implement pre-production, production, post-production scheduling and budgeting.
  • Maintained excellent working relationships with all members of production team, and coaches and athletes.
  • Used social media to promote stories and special projects.
  • Obtained and analyzed public data on a daily basis.
  • Information culled from a number of sources.
  • Regularly featured in state-wide newscasts.
  • Yield concise and accurate stories on deadline.
  • Leveraged twitter to engage readers in an interactive format.



Stanford University, Stanford, CA

  • Bachelor of arts in journalism

Download Reporter Resume sample.docx

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Physical Properties of Asbestos

Physical Properties of Asbestos
Asbestos is a host of physical properties that make it almost a superstar in the world of industrial chemistry.
Asbestos fibers(Chrysotile) are extremely thin, the unit fiber having an average diameter of approximately 25 nanometers (nm) (0.025 :m).Asbestos fibers used in most industrial applications consist of aggregates of smaller units (fibrils).Diameters of fiber bundles in bulk industrial samples may be in the millimeter range in some cases;
Properties of Asbestos:
  • More tensile strength than steel.
  • High thermal stability.
  • Electrical resistance.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Has no detectable smell or taste.
  • They are all solids that do not move through soil and are insoluble in water.
  • Its color will vary according to type, and metallic composition.
  • Flexible so that it can be spun and woven like cotton.
Engineering Properties of asbestos :
  • Asbestos when added to plaster makes it more resistant to breaking.
  • Asbestos adhering to structural steel insulates it from heat.
  • Asbestos incorporated into textiles makes them less likely to burn.

Article publié pour la première fois le 22/07/2013

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Resume sample for secretary

Resume sample for secretary

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


  • An experienced secretary with a proven track record of successfully administering concurrent projects and meeting deadlines consistently and accurately.
  • A strong administrative background cum excellent computer skills facilitates the provision of complete secretarial support.  
  • A self-motivated worker who is able to communicate effectively.
  • Over 5 years working experience as a secretarial in a fast-paced working environment.
  • Proficient in multiple computer applications with fast, accurate typing skills.
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills utilized in providing full secretarial support.
  • A conscientious worker who is always willing to go to the extra mile.
  • A top performing secretary who is reliable.


Work Experience


Name of organization

Secretary 2003 to be present


  • Prepare and organize paperwork and other materials as needed for meetings, conferences, travel arrangements and expenditure reports.
  • Maintain office scheduling and event calendars.
  • Compose type and distribute meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Set up and handle a colossal amount of incoming email and office filing systems.
  • Collected and coordinated the flow of internal and external information.
  • Manage office equipment and office space.
  • Established the organizational work procedures for tracking staff’s daily tasks.




  • Associate’s degree, including secretary training course.
  • High school diploma  




  • Learned to operate new office technologies as they were launched and implemented.
  • Assumed responsibility of providing new employees with training.
  • Promoted to supervisor of other secretarial/ clerical staff.


Download Resume sample for secretary.docx


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Job search when fired

Job search when fired

You have been, or are about to be fired from your job. What happens when you are unfairly discharged? What do you say in your cover letters in job interviews?

How to handle getting fired

Here is not or say (or do) do when you’re fired: Although, it is painful to get under any situation, there is something you shouldn’t do to make it even more badly situation. Here’s how to make the best of a bad situation by circumventing:


Notice of termination

The majority of Americans are “at-will employees”. This means employer-employee relation can end up for any reason (or no reason) as long as the employee is not being fired for discriminatory reason such as race, gender, or sexual orientation, or is not covered by an employment contract.

For employees being hired at-will means they are able to leave or quit a job at any time or giving no notice at all.

For an employer, for any reason of termination from poor performance to company organize differently to the whims of upper management-is acceptable, so long as they are not defined discriminatory, and the employer is not protected by a contract or union agreement. There is no federal law that requires company to issue any sort of notification of termination.


Termination Checklist

When you have lost your job ‘it’s important to check your compensation due, benefits, reference and unemployment. If you have been fired and laid off and haven’t been informed about benefits, contact the Human resource department at your former employ or manager to request information on the status of your benefits. Your state department of labor may also be able to inform you about what you are entitled to receive.


Termination for cause

For cause termination is when an employee is fired on account of violating the rules by engaging in fraud, embezzlement, theft, willful misconduct, and more, Employers are not required to give any notice of termination in this case, but depending on the employment contract, severance pay or other compensation may still be owed to the employee, despite his or her wrongdoing.


Employee Rights when your job is terminated

Fortunately, employees have certain rights in addition to a final paycheck; employees could be entitled to things like continued health insurance coverage, extended benefits, severance pay, and unemployment compensation. It is important to know exactly what your rights as an employee are when you lose your job.


Article publié pour la première fois le 02/08/2017

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Statistician Resume sample

Statistician Resume sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


  • In-depth knowledge of multivariate calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics.
  • Ability to perform rate-making or reserving analysis.
  • Effective oral and correspondence.
  • Familiar with windows, UNIX, DOS, and other systems.
  • Extensive software knowledge: SAS, SPSS, S-PLUS, JMP, GNU, Minitab.


Work experience


Statistician 2002 -2004

Name of organization


Collaborated with statistical and non-statistical colleague to conduct or participate in development of research/ survey design, Data Acquisition, statistical analysis, and interpretation, and dissemination of results.


  • Used econometrics methods, including hierarchal based statistical models, to create functional specifications for software enhancement of modeling tools and processes.
  • Extracted, manipulated and consolidated large databases with over 4 million records to create analytical datasets.
  • Designed a statistical-based sampling plan based on reducing process variation and controlling key parameters (resulting in potential inspection cost savings up to 90%)
  • Collaborated and provided technical resources and solutions to management, scientists, design agencies, engineering, project management and machinists.
  • Provided oversight to third party contractors, verifying estimates, and sample design.
  • Managed several large nationwide health-related issues.
  • Ensured implementation of proper study design and statistical analysis in accordance with the primary objectives of the research team by consulting on various studies.




University of Mumbai, Ph.D. in statistics 2001

University of Mumbai, MS in mathematics 1996

University of Mumbai, BS in mathematics 1993


Download Statistician Resume sample.docx

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interview strength

Knowing and using your interview strengths


One of the questions you will always expect whenever you are getting ready for an interview will always come in this form. What are your greatest strengths? If you are coming to the interview table for the first time without good preparation and research, this might put you off immediately. But a good answer to this will immediately draw you closer to the job. Interview strengths are mostly hinged on those things you are born or blessed with. Remember, they are not your skills. Skills are those things you have leant in the course of life or you have really developed out of experience. There are two things you are tested about with this question. The first is to know how well you know yourself and the other is to know how you can express your self.


There is no absolute answer to what your strengths are, but you have to search inside and know those things the employer will find very interesting about you and those things that are very important or even needed in the job you are applying.

You can tell them you are a strong and natural leader or you have good sense of initiative.  Your interview strengths can be that you are very creative in any field you find yourself or that you are the type of person who will make sure you take any job you start to a very good conclusion. Your interview strength can be a good deadline beater, quick leaner, problem solver, and conflict resolver. It can also be that you can work with articulation and precision even when you are under pressure.


There is also the act of trying to turn your weaknesses into strengths. This will include telling them you are too helpful, a hard worker that works too hard or even a perfectionist that will always want things done the perfect way even at the first time. Try not to be boastful about this but in a very assertive mood, give it to them in the most precise and humble way.



Article publié pour la première fois le 24/03/2012

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Cover Letter Sample for Statistician

Cover Letter Sample for Statistician

Recipient’s Name

Recipient’s Address



Sender’s Details





Dear Mr. Last Name,

With reference to your job listing posted on your website, I wish to apply for the position of a mathematical statistician within your institute of research. I would like to utilize my expertise in a more challenging environment.

I found myself breaking down all the hurdles in my way and get closer to understanding mathematics, probability and statistical theories and various significant aspects of statistical science such as the decision theory, probability distribution, asymptotic theory, utility functions and the use of algebras, scientific computing and combinatorial.

Upon joining your institution, I promise to make use of my statistical skills coupled with essential transferable skills such as inter-personal communication skills, analytical skills, data interpretation skills and researching skills to aid you in random sampling, randomized experiments and the research and studies conducted by your team.

It will be an honor to be a part of your team and thereby offer my services to assist the functions of your institute. Kindly find details of my academic qualification and my contact details in my resume attached herewith.

Please review my attached resume. I look forward to a personal interview at your convenience.





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Hiring For A Start-up

So, you’ve decided to start a tech company. To avoid the fate that nearly 75% of start-up companies face (failure), you’re going to need much more than ingenuity and hard work. There’s no simple formula to having a successful company, but one angle to your business that you definitely don’t want to mess up right from the start is your employee and partner choices. During the crucial first stages, there are a few rules of thumb that must be kept in mind while choosing who to involve with your company.

How to Choose Your Partner

Getting the right cofounder is essential to having a successful business. Disagreements between partners, whether they’re monetary or visionary in nature, are the main causes of start-up failures. Choosing a partner who compliments your strengths and makes up for your weaknesses is important. For example, if you are an expert in a certain field, make sure your partner isn’t. You don’t’ want to have the same biases as each other.

Choosing Employees

Employees are the foundation of every company. They produce ideas and products, and are the driving force behind every organization. Choosing employees, particularly in the beginning stages of a company, is an important task. Since the cost of employee turnover is so high, it’s best to try to get it right the first time.

Here’s how you don’t choose employees: as a favor, because you’re friends, because you have a shared experience (i.e. you went to the same school). It’s well worth your while to take your time and find someone who’s good for the job, not just because you know them. Key positions include

Chief Technologist. Your company’s technologist is going to have a ton of work cut out for him. Start-ups are one misstep away from failure and success is just around the corner. You want your chief technologist to be smart and incredibly driven toward success, because without his work, you won’t have a product. He should be smarter than you and have the overwhelming motivation to drive the product from concept to creation.

Product Person. You’ll need to hire someone with an intimate knowledge of the market space your product is going to occupy. He needs to know exactly how it’s going to fit, how to make it wanted, and how to make people excited about it. He has to be a realist and a dreamer who will be able to give you advice and assurances about the proper directions to take both the product and the company at different points in time.

Keep Staff to a Minimum

Until you’re at a stable place, you don’t need superfluous workers. You’ll need them later, but not as a startup. Such positions include PR people and finance leads. They’re simply unnecessary at the beginning. You want to be sure you can offer essential staff the best possible wages, equipment and supplies to ensure their success. After a time of moderate success, you can start to expand your staff as needed.

Don’t Over Plan for Growth

If you get to the point where you’re turning away orders because you can’t keep up with demand, that’s the time to start scaling up your systems. In the beginning, it’s foolish to over plan when you don’t even have a single customer.

It’s very easy to find the money to expand later, once you have your company’s foundation properly laid. You should always remember that, although you have the best intentions and are optimistic about the future, it’s a statistical fact that almost three-quarters of start-ups are unsuccessful. You don’t want to lose more money than you, or your investors, have to, if you fail.

Featured images:

Sergeo Kozak is the founder of Edictive, he leads his team of “freedom fighter” employees to win business and support existing clients.

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Surveyor Resume Sample

Surveyor Resume Sample

Your Full Name

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Professional summary


Experienced surveyor fully knowledgeable in the ways ascertains spaces. This area is utilized for engineering making maps construction mining land evaluations and other projects.




  • Comfortable interacting with planners engineers architects land resource officers and other professionals.
  • Exceptional analytical and mechanical skills.
  • Adept at computer aided and actual design solutions including FORTRAN programming.
  • Member of New York State’s state surveyor council professional engineers registering society and registered with the professional engineers association in Indianapolis.
  • Certified by the Orlando technical organization 2002


Work Experience


Name of organization

Land surveyor 2002-2004


Maintained accurate notes, records and sketches to describe and certify work performed.


  • Performed comprehensive field surveys and oversaw the activities of field surveys crews while performing the surveys.
  • Collected land surveys data using GPS system.
  • Prepared survey drawings and description as directed.
  • Provided survey and mailing services to meet client requirements.
  • Attended project meetings, providing input, evaluating, and managing the required field survey work.
  • Calculate height, depths, relative positions, property lines, and other characteristics of terrain.
  • Managed and supervise various projects from the initial stage of planning to final competition for multiple commercial and residential properties.
  • Utilize data analysis and computer software in the support of planning, designing, and establishing property boundaries.
  • Organized crew schedules and field appointments.




Bachelor’s Degree- Land Surveying        2000

The University Of Northern Florida, Florida

Download Surveyor Resume Sample.docx

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Referee Resume Tips

Referee Resume Tips

An umpire or a referee is responsible for declaring the final result of sports. There will always be a need of career as umpires/referees to officiate at the sporting events and make sure that the game played is fair.


The tasks performed in the career as referees/ umpires are:

  • The referee has to reward points, give scoring penalties, and declare the final result.
  • The referee has to keep a track of the event time.
  • The referee has to locate him in such a way that he can be able to see the action in the best way.
  • The referee should scrutinize equipment’s for infringement.
  • The referee should always understand the game pre-requisite and the strategies of that game.
  • If there are any problem, a referee or an umpire always consulates the problem with other empires or even with the coaches and players and even shares information.

Qualifications Required

Qualifications required for a career as a referee is tougher as compared to an athlete because fewer people make their living as sports official as compare to that of an athlete or a player. A good way to get your foot on the door is to take on a part-time job at the lower level i.e. at the high school level.  To make a career as a referee/ umpire you should have your high school diploma because it is required for some professional referring jobs.

Other necessary skills

  • A referee or an umpire has to be an excellent communicator.
  • He/she must be attentive and alert with excellent presence of mind.
  • A career as referee/ umpire must have good vision.
  • Ability to make imperative decisions quickly and at the right time.
  • Knowledge of multiple languages is superfluous as teams might belong to various parts of the world.

Job progress

The career as referee or an umpire can gain progress in the same field. They can turn into coaches and trainees as well. Veteran professionals can establish their own sport academics. Even after retirement, a referee or an umpire can get involved in sports like golf and tennis where only instructions are required.  


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Historian Resume Sample

Historian Resume Sample

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Professional summary


  • Community college instructor with over 15 year’s full time experience
  • Specialty areas include teaching various courses in us history, western civilization, political science and geography as well as serving on hiring and assessment committees.




  • Course planning.
  • Writing syllabi and course outlines.
  • Creative instruction style.
  • Organized and detailed.
  • Personable and approachable.
  • Clear communicator of complex ideas.
  • Experience with instructional design.
  • Strong collaborator.
  • Diverse classroom setting.


Work History



Xyz institute Jan 2014 present


  • Oversaw the completion of Activity Reports and semi-Annual reports.
  • Obtained and organized important chapter documents for the chapter’s future reference.
  • Participated in regional conferences and chapter meetings.
  • Initiated, planned and organized chapter meetings and program.



Xyz institute 2010-2014


  • Oversaw design and distribution of publication materials for highly successful cabinet events.
  • Implemented and assessed the accurate and appropriate content of presentations and events.
  • Recruited, hired, trained, supervised, and evaluated seasonal/ volunteer staff, involving 50 individuals.
  • Conducted primary research and development of programming for diverse audiences.




Master’s Degree in Architectural History, 2008

University of California


Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural History, 2006

University of California


Download Historian Resume Sample.docx

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How To Become A Freelance Writer

So you are wondering how you can become a freelance writer. This is very simple to do. However, you must know that freelance writing will not make you thousands over night. It does take a lot of hard work and discipline to master this field yet in the end it can be very rewarding.

First, you have to decide that you are good at writing and it is something that you can commit to doing almost every day. Besides, the more you work at something the better you will become at it. When deciding you want to become a free lance writer you have to make sure that this is something that is the right fit for you. You may think that it is a good fit for you because it seems easy. However, it is not as easy as it appears. This is because you have to first get your name out there so you can get all the good paying gigs. Then you have to make sure that you can get the work done by the deadlines. So, just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have a set schedule of when you will work.

Second, you have to do some research to find out what sites hire beginners. Also you have to figure out what type of writing it is that you want to do. Some options you may have to choose from would be article writing, content writing and ghost writing. It’s good to do research on all the different types of writing so you can make sure that you are doing something that will motivate you to work every day. There is nothing worst then having to write articles on a topic that you just can’t stand.

Third, you will have to figure out whether you want to become a freelance writer full time or part time. Full time writers only work from home they do not have other jobs to complete outside of writing. Part time writers usually have other jobs they do and only write for extra cash. As mentioned earlier writing is not something that will make you rich but it is something that can produce a profitable amount of income so you can survive.

It is recommended that before making writing your full time job you try it out first to see how much you can make. Some people find that they are not fit for writing. It is not something they can do for a long amount of time everyday in order to build up there portfolio so they can get the better job opportunities.  However, there are some people who find that it is something that they can enjoy and make a good living doing. It just all depends on each person’s expectations from their jobs. If you are looking for a job that will pay off the longer you stick with it then freelance writing may be for you. But, if you are looking for a job that pays you a large amount of money for doing nothing then you may want to go into a different direction.

Victoria Heckstall
Owner and Creator Of  Young Work At Home Moms
Now accepting new clients

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Firefighter Resume Sample

Firefighter Resume Sample

Your Full Name

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Professional Experience


Professional firefighter with five years of functional experience, gained extensive skills in working effectively in emergency situations, competent for the following three major firefighting missions:


  • Fire suppression- performed a variety of firefighting activities to control and eliminate the fire.
  • Human rescue- performs technical work to rescue trapped people, which involve physical activity and operating various rescue equipment.
  • Provide pre-hospital first aid and medical treatment.


Areas of Expertise


  • Hazard identification.
  • Distress minimization.
  • CPR
  • Scenes survey
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Attention to Detail
  • Victim stabilization
  • Immediate rescue
  • Communication




City of Pennsylvania, US

Firefighter jan-2010 present

Perform effectively in high pressure, fast moving situations, to protect lives and property


  • Serve on call 24hrs, 7days a week; participate in training drills and department meetings.
  • Advise the junior firefighters (age 12-18).
  • Provide primary, essential, and Hazardous material class.


City of Oklahoma, US

Volunteer firefighter 2008-2010


Responded to all assigned calls in an appropriate and efficient manner.


  • Worked collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.
  • Host and partake in community oriented activities and events.
  • Actively respond to hundreds of emergency calls a year.
  • Responsible for mentoring and training new firefighters.




St. Peter’s college- Oklahoma city

Associate Degree in fire science – 2008
Download Firefighter Resume Sample.docx

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Affordable SEO Services-Now with discounts

Affordable SEO Plan .. now with discounts

affordable web traffic

Some questions to start with. If any of the answers below is yes, then you can skip this page.

  • Are you getting enough traffic to your website?
  • Are you satisfied with current SEO marketing?
  • Is your website bringing good business for you?

Nowadays everyone is getting online. They are always in Google or Facebook. Small businesses are focusing towards online presence these days.

Some facts you should know:

  • The no-call list killed telemarketing.
  • Your prospects search for your businesses using Google.
  • Yellow Pages and  Newspapers are no more that effective.

You might be losing lot of potential customers. Now its time to get serious about marketing and get yourself in top rankings in search engines.

Now, Why Zeustek  SEO Services?

  • Own servers for link building.
  • Own various marketing/SEO tools.
  • A team of SEO professionals with good experience.
  • Proven strategy.
  • We do not charge in big amounts as other SEO companies are charging.
  • Since we own many tools and servers, its easy and affordable for us.

Content is King and back links are queens in terms of SEO. Quality and quantity back links can easily get you higher rankings in search engines.

Can You expect this from any other SEO Company?
– 500+ Article Submission back links every month.
– 100+ Social Bookmarks back links every month.
– Link wheels and various other ways of link building.

Yes,Its only here that you will get all those benefits of link building and getting higher rank in Google.

Its not $1000 per month,which other companies are charging. Its not even $199 which was our usual price. Its $145 only for customers signing now.

Try SEO Services for 1 Month

Money Back Guarantee

Zeustek  SEO team  has years of experience under their belt and reputable results to back up their claims. Once you sign up for our SEO service, we consider it our responsibility to ensure  good rankings for your website. If you are not happy , please ask for FULL Refund for that month’s SEO Service.

For any questions, just email us at [email protected]

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How Great Innovations Aid Modern Charity Work

You’d be forgiven for thinking that charity work is just about fundraising and getting your hands dirty, supporting people and causes at grass roots level. However, this isn’t the sole purpose of charity work. Ultimately, every charity wants to find a permanent solution to to prevent the problems they are trying to address.

Charities also need innovative people to help research and develop solutions to the problems they are tackling. Many charities will invest some of their funding into research, and in itself, this can be a challenging and hugely rewarding job. Research offers a great career opportunity for an individual who has the skills for the role, coupled with the belief that they can help change the world with their ideas.

How Innovation Helps Charities

The Finding Rover smartphone app is a great example of a great innovation. Finding Rover is an iPhone app which makes use of facial recognition technology to identify and reunite lost dogs with their owners. It is currently only available in the US, but this kind of technologys is readily available and being used all over the world.

Here’s how the Finding Rover app works. Users are encouraged to register their dog in the database and upload a photo to a cloud server. At the same time, users are encouraged to take photos of any dogs they see which look lost and upload their pictures to the app.

Lost your dog? Upload a picture and mark the dog as missing in the app. The software scans the database for faces that match in the area. If a match is found, then the dog can be re-united with its owner.
The Finding Rober app is free to anyone who wants to use it, and it’s more than just a lost and found service. Users can also post tips and tricks as well as share cute photos with other members. That gives Finding Rover a fun, social edge that ensures it won’t be deleted from any phones in the meantime.

Responding to Social Demand

The app relies on developing a strong community of responsible dog owners – hence the social aspect. The more people involved, the better, since the database has to be built by virtual volunteers. Apps like this have the potential to be a powerful tool to help any dog rescue and rehoming charity to reunite lost pets with their owners, providing the charity has the support to build a database. Not only will more dogs be reunited, but the automatic matching algorithm means charity workers are freed up to work on other things.

Facial recognition technology is a new and cutting edge technique which is constantly being developed by IT organisations around the world. This app is a great example of how this type of technology can be used in a unique way to provide a new service to people in distress. Whilst the developers of facial recognition technology may not have imagined that it could be used to rescue dogs, it shows how innovative people can think outside the box and develop a useful new tool.

Featured images:

By Sam Wright

Sam Wright is a writer working with the Third Sector Jobs site.

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Interview with Primo Hiring Solutions

Who are you?

We are a boutique recruitment consultant firm, called Primo Hiring Solutions. Our operations range from fulfilling recruiting needs of MNCs, start-ups and other businesses to human resource management of our client’s work force.

Our aim is to not let companies make wrong hires anymore. We are confident of achieving this goal because of our team’s superior understanding of people and of industry needs. Also, because we keep extending our learning curve.


Where do you live?

We are a placement headhunter located in New Delhi. We work with clients all across the country, helping them find talented employees.


What are you doing?

We find the right employees for our clients’ companies. Our team uses advanced sourcing strategies to find the exact match for a client’s need. Sourcers at Primo know which location to tap to find an exhaustive and all-inclusive list of star candidates. We then conduct interviews and psychological tests to gauge a candidate’s aptitude. Additionally, the recruiters at our team work proactively to understand the culture of each of our client’s company to avoid any misjudgements in shortlisting candidates.

Not just this, we work as understanding mediators between our clients and candidates to ensure smooth communication and also negotiate work contracts.

We are also constantly helping our clients improve their hiring process to make it efficient and candidate friendly.


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Interview Advice You Need to Know

Interview Advice You Need to Know    We mostly think that we are the best at our own especially when we  have to face the interview but most of the succesful job applicants  also take advice from most of the persons and also from internet as   it will add a plus point to their profile. Knowing the basics can   give you the edge you need to land the perfect career.So,it will   be of your benifit if you take advice from someone before an interview.  here is the list of sone good advices.    1.Interview Advice from a CEO  Take some advice from the knoe=wn hiring manager as it is the fact that  Companies are looking for people who have work ethic and can execute a task.   Even graduates from some very fine institutions with great grade point averages   are lacking when it comes to passion and humility.So,must consult a manager or CEO  before going to interview because they will give you advice along with this they   will also give you few tips how to outstand an interview.    2.How Good Is Your First Impression  Make someone as the hiring manager and check what your impressions are.Dressing is   an part of impresion and alnog with this must take care of your accent because might  it will be possible that the hiring manager do not like your accent.A colour combi-  nation is must for the interview.Look out on the internet what type of wear is now   a days running in the fashion.    3.Use Your Creativity  Creative minds always lead the company as all the hiring managers know that a best   leader will always takes the company on a progressive way.Feel free to question the  hiring manager and let him know your creative power and ability to handle the situ-  ations.    4.Watch Your Words  Hiring manager want to check whether you are person of good words or not.In short,  he tries his best to check whether what is added in your resume is correct or not.  Be careful about what you include on your resume.Employers can tell when you use   descriptive words to make yourself seem more qualified than you are because they   have the ability to sort out the wrong one. Let your face to face meeting be more   engaging than your resume because a face to face intercations shows that you are   confident .

Article publié pour la première fois le 13/11/2015

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5 Mobile Apps to Simplify Your Job Search

  5 Mobile Apps to Simplify Your Job Search

In this hectic generation there is a competition for everything which passes by your life and there are lots of things which come across whether it is related to life, work education and so on. You get many opportunities and you need to understand and make use of such chances.

When it comes to work as it’s a part of your life and without work nothing is possible in this generation. There are different types of works which exist in this world like office work, homework, workouts and many more. For office work, you need a good earning job and looking the job is such a difficult task which goes through the times in everyone’s life. You want to search for a job which suits you and match with your qualifications.


Below are some of the best applications which make you easier to search for your relevant job and live a comfortable life.

® This is the amazing application which makes your job search simplifying and easier. The is the career and education management website portal which is from Nepal. By this app you can find numerous job opportunities in top and reputed companies. All you need to do is to post your resume or Curriculum vitae in the job portal and search for the jobs which suits you best and match your qualifications. You can search jobs in the states beside Nepal.

®Job Compass: This is another app which provides you the quicker search for your desired job. It is the iPhone application which searches the jobs for you within the range of five miles. If you are willing to travel and locate your job then you can search it with the 100 miles and also have more than 2 million lists of the companies with numerous opportunities. This app contains some job categories like engineer, public relations, waitress, human resource managers and many more. It is a free app for the iPhone users which can be downloaded from iTunes.

®Gigwalk: This application is the amazing one which searches a quick and economical job for you. This app is a special for the iPhone and can be downloaded from iTunes at a price of $6. This app contains several groups and committees which allot various jobs to the deserved people. You can also go for the Gigwalk projects where you need to write the reviews for the projects with the help of your Smartphone. This makes really easy and simple to find the job.

® Job Search HireADroid: This is a special application which is used worldwide for the job search using the search engines. You can view about the placement of the jobs in several countries. You can get to the different job search engines like LinkUp,,, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder and many more. You can also see you recently reviewed jobs in the search history. If you got your deserved job then you can mark it as the favourite of your search engines. It will be an integrated search for your desired job.

® JobMo: This is the magnificent application which can be found in the iPhones and can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play. This app contains millions of job search around the globe which also searches a desired job for you. You can also find the interview tips from the experts which are especially for the job seekers. This app is also applicable for the Android Tablet and iPad. It is a useful application to search for the relevant and desired job.

About the Author:

This guest post is contributed by Zara,financial guest blogger. At present she is focusing on ppi claims . catch her @financeport

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Web Application

Web application Definition

Any application which runs via internet/intranet and there is data exchange between remote application and  your local machine is called as web application. You can also call it as a software that uses HTTP as its primary communications protocol, and delivers web based information in HTML. Web applications can be either browser based or client based
Browser Based: All the instructions and data is contained in the web page retrieved from a Web site. Web page generally consists of javascript , css, html and flash files which gets executed by the browser
The data for the application may be stored on the Web, locally or in both locations.
Client Based : A client component is downloaded in each session or it remains in user’s local machine and can be used for communicating. So here the web application is running without browser.This is similar to the “client/server” architecture that prevailed in companies before the Internet exploded, except that the server is on the Internet, not the local network.
The main aim  of all web applications is to facilitate the completion of one or more tasks. Unlike visitors to traditional static or content rich websites, users of web applications invariably arrive with specific goals, tasks, and expectations in mind.These applications are more interactive with users.Also, web applications have to support an end-state in a way that content-based sites typically don’t.
Some examples of web applications where you see interaction may be any job portal, banking website ,web mail etc.
Web Application Process

Designing and developing a web application is not that easy and you need to make sure that you follow processes while developing a web application.
If you don’t use a methodic approach, especially in case of a complex project, you run the risk of losing sight of the project, not respecting times of delivery and waste your time for nothing.
There are many processes for making web applications which got evolved gradually as per needs and specific circumstances.
In general, you can identify following 5 main phases for developing a  web application
1. Requirements :
Define the scope and needs of your web application in terms of what your application must do.Point out main features and technical requirements. Make sure that you have clear objective before developing or thinking of a web application.
Also have an estimates about potential traffic and users and choose a good serverside language like Java,Asp or PHP.
2. Design :
This will invlove creating some maps/charts or diagrams where you represent pages or actions with some blocks and show relationship among them. Also, this is perfect time to design application database. Write down all pages of the application and the flow.Also design or note down  some common frameworks or libraries that can you used.
3. Implementation :
Now you have requirements, design, database and you know the serverside language, so you can start implementing the logic.
Try to follow all industry standards and coding ways while writing your code. Follow some good design patterns as applicable.
4. Test :
This is a crucial phase of application development. Many people ignore or give less priority but this tells about the quality of product. Test all functionalities in all browsers and then different environments.
5. Release :
Finally you are ready to release your application! While publishing , make sure that you have a deployment plan. Be prepared for all scenarios in deployment, like reverting back to old application. Always give versions to your releases  and take regular backups. Check our Web Application Development services also.
Questions received last week:

What are web 3.0 applications? Shall I even consider them while making my new app for business?  -Andy

web 3.0 applications  is about openness.You  “open” application programming interfaces (APIs), protocols, data formats, open-source software platforms and open data for other to use.
web 1.0 applications were read only, like static websites and then came web 2.0 applications which are read and write only, means you added interaction with you application,  see blogs, social networks and communities are best example of Web 2.0.
web 3.0 applications provides  read , write and execute and it added more intelligence to your api’s . Some of the Web 3.0 technologies are Web 3.0 technologies Artificial intelligence, Automated reasoning, Cognitive architecture, Distributed computing, Scalable vector graphics ,  Knowledge representation etc. Experts believe that the Web 3.0 technology will cause or make search engines, which are much more smarter than the recent search engines.
Well to about your question regarding considering it for your new application, I will say yes,but again look at the use , traffic and users. If your service deals with huge data and data   from various places/applications, then it is better to go for Web 3.0 and give your users a great experience.


Article publié pour la première fois le 02/11/2010

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top interview questions

Always be ready for these top interview questions


When you attend a job interview, there might be some questions thrown at you that are not among the normal and rampant interview questions you should expect. The way you answer these questions matters a lot because most of them are very intelligent questions that does not have any yes of no answer. Most of them are just to trick you and you should make sure you get them right.


But apart from these questions, there some top interview questions that you must expect whenever you are getting ready for any form of job interview. Most of these questions are meant for beginners while majority are made for people with some work experience.


No matter the category you fall into, there are some top interview questions you should always expect from the interviewers. The interviewer will always ask you to tell him about yourself and here, you should be humble enough to summarize the necessary answer. Don’t be too expository in this and give him information about yourself that are relevant to the job and interview.


You will be asked whether you are happy with your present carrier, your most difficult situation in life, what you think about your present job, why you dislike your present job, why you want to leave your current employer, why you applied for the job, what you can do better than other candidates, what your goals are, your strength and weaknesses, and eventually the salary you are seeking for.


It is good to note that all these top interview questions do not have specific answers and should not be memorized. You answer according to what is obtainable and what they will like to hear from you. On the issue of salary, you should get a clue of what is paid around before going for the interview, so that you don’t make wrong demands.


Article publié pour la première fois le 24/03/2012

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Guest interview with Kool focus

Guest interview with Kool focus

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education etc. ??

Born in Chicago raised in Lansing MI. I’ve been doing music since I was a kid. In the basement recording on tapes. I loved the females in school so I graduated lol. I’m not just in to hip hop, i like all music.

Jobisite: We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

It feel good but I still got a lot to accomplish.

What motivates you to do your best work as a artist ?

Just the love for good music. Hearing other songs that sound good make me want to go harder. & come up with something out cold.

Who are your musical inspirations?

I have naw, just the love for music it self. No matter what type of music it is.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional hip hop artist ?

All I can say is do what you love, go hard and never give up.


What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years.

Just enjoying life & continue making moves.


If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

Any major place Overseas


Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

Go to the gym or to the strip club & just chill.


Are you active on social media? whats the best way to follow you ?

Yea my Twitter and Instagram is Kool Focus but I prefer everybody to connect and follow me from my website that’s Kool with a k & the 1.

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Three Keys To Hiring A Great Data Scientist

Three Keys To Hiring A Great Data Scientist


For a start, don’t let yourself get discouraged: The perfect job candidates are out there. All it takes to find them are a few tweaks in your search and selection process. If you’re ready to take full advantage of the opportunities big data has to offer, just read on for our three keys to picking great data scientists.



1) Have A Clear Understanding Of Your Needs


Before you start spending money or even your valuable time on the search for a data scientist, make sure you understand exactly what you’re seeking to analyze. There are a lot of different professionals working under the umbrella of the term “data scientist.” Do you need help with analyzing data about machines, or data about human behavior?


If your company needs to convert marketing data into actionable intelligence – targeting ads better and building recommendation engines – you’ll be looking for a candidate with a strong grounding in computer science and mathematics. On the other hand, if your goal is to build a narrative out of customer feedback and performance data, candidates trained in the social sciences – sociology, economics, and allied fields – will be most helpful. Data scientists with sociological backgrounds are great at chiseling useful conclusions out off ambiguous data.


By zeroing in on your true needs at the start of your hiring search, you can concentrate your attention on a narrower slate of highly-qualified candidates.


2) Concentrate On Finding The Right Talents; Tech Is Teachable


Your dream field of candidates would all come to your door with extensive programming and computer science skills. They’d be equally adept with analytics tools like Sequel, Python, and R. If you’re willing to become more flexible with regard to easily-trainable tech skills, you can give yourselves a significant leg up on competitors when hiring data scientists.


At this level, the ability to manipulate specific software tools is not nearly as important as the ability to think analytically and manipulate data in imaginative, useful ways. These talents can’t be improved with in-house training. Most good data scientists share a notable ability to translate complex data into simple, actionable conclusions. A candidate who lacks this ability will never be able to outperform one who has it, no matter how familiar the first candidate is with your favorite software tools.


Don’t overlook the mentoring and team-building opportunities you get if you commit to training your data scientists. Good training doesn’t just polish up your new scientists’ technical skills; it also teaches them to be an integrated part of your working team. This post from Harnham may help you.



3) Be Fearless About Looking Outside The Box


Because data scientists are in especially high demand right now, this is the perfect time to consider candidates from unconventional backgrounds. Today leading technology firms secure the services of the best and brightest young candidates straight out of universities. A willingness to look further afield can connect you with many highly-qualified candidates who may currently be working outside the data science field.


Besides enlarging the possibly-anemic pool of talent open to your company, looking outside the box is also a great way to build a more diverse analytical team. Incorporating multiple viewpoints – with professionals of different ages, races, genders, and backgrounds – will lead to a more effective and well-rounded team. The ability to incorporate new perspectives leads directly to more creative problem-solving and an increase in innovation that will serve your organization well in the long term.


You should also be on the lookout for non-traditional educational programs to feed your need for data science professionals. The burgeoning demand for experts in this field has led to many new training opportunities, and selecting candidates from these alternative sources can help you build a dynamic, competitive analytical team.



Because more and more companies are looking for data scientists every day, it can be hard to find recruits with impeccable educational credentials and perfect technical skills. The good news is that neither of these qualities is a true must-have. Any data scientist with the right talents and attitude can become a productive member of your team. Focus on those core values and the peripheral qualities, like technical proficiency, will take care of themselves.


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QA manager resume



Quality Assurance Manager Resume


Quality assurance manager is a very important person of a company. The responsibility of a quality assurance manager is to ensure the better quality of various products. The responsibility of a quality assurance manager is not specific and it depends upon the nature of company. The quality assurance manager is mostly known as quality manager because he is responsible to maintain the quality of products. If you want to become a quality manager then you should keep some things in your mind because it is necessary for you. First of all you should have a bachelor degree in any related technical subject. The value of a technical degree is very important for you because without having any technical degree you cannot apply for the job of quality assurance manager. If you have a technical degree and if you are applying for a quality manager post then it is necessary for you to prepare your resume. A resume is a document that contains all important information related to the candidates. It includes information about academic records and experience records of a candidate. Therefore if you are preparing QA manager resume then you should keep some things in you mind because it is necessary for you. You should include complete address and it is better to provide also your contact information in the resume. It is better to include whole academic records in the resume because it is very necessary for you.


In the carrier profile you must include the experience details. The experience is very important factor and most of the companies always prefer those candidates who have experience of some years. It is beneficial to include management and decision making skills in your resume. If you want to have information about QA manager resume then it is necessary for you to contact with any QA manager.


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Important tips to achieve your career goals

Goals play an important role in achieving your career dreams. These goals helps  you to motivate and to get what you want in your life. If you want to achieve your goal first of all identify them what these goals are, why you are striving for these goals. We all have our aims and targets in life so ,in order to fulfill your dreams here are important   tips to get success or achieve your goals.

1) Proper planning—

First of all identify your plan, whether its long term or short -term plan, then make the strategies and directions to achieve it. Well though plan gives you confidence and try to stick with it. Your confidence will give you good focus.

2) Be simple—

Try to remain calm and be patience towards  your plan. Stick to it and take your time to work hard and make the things better. Face every problem that comes in your way.

3) Work hard—

Always put best in your work. Take time to search for the company or write cver letter for the job application. The more effort you will put , better will be the chance of job openings for you.

4) Accept criticism—

Sometime criticism distract you from your goal but other times it can be valuable and helps you to make you to do work better. Accept criticism and always respond in a positive way.

5) Be passionate—

Find something interesting to achieve  your career  goal. Search the possibilities and do exactly that will help you to achieve your goal.

6) Get informed— 

Search online or consult human resource department about your career . Contact people , friends and relatives to get information as much as you can.

7) Positive attitude—

Always believe in yourself and make honest goals. Stay focus on your plans and try to fulfilltips to achieve goals it. Accept criticism in a positive manner.



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Asbestos Meaning

Asbestos Meaning
The term asbestos is traceable to Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder’s manuscript Natural History, and his use of the term asbestinon, meaning “unquenchable”.
Asbestos is a  mineral fiber that can pollute air or water and cause cancer or asbestosis when inhaled. EPA has banned or severely restricted its use in manufacturing and construction.
Asbestos properties:
  • Asbestos is  fibrous amphibole
  • Asbestos is extremely resistant to fire and heat
  • Asbestos strands can be extracted from the rock and woven and spun much like cotton or other conventional fabrics.
  • Asbestos is an outstanding insulator
  • Asbestos has high tensile strength
  • Asbestos is chemically stable
  • Asbestosis  silicate-mineral fiber that becomes brittle (‘friable’) with age
Asbestos Uses:
  • Asbestos is used for making fireproof articles
  • Asbestos is used in variety of household items.
  • Asbestos is used in industrial applications from ancient times
Asbestos health hazards
  • Asbestos inhaling fibers can cause asbestosis or lung cancer (mesothelioma).
  • Asbestos can pollutes air and water as extremely fine particles that can cause serious illnesses
  • Asbestos causes respiratory disease.

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New Year’s Resolutions for SEO

New Year’s Resolutions for SEO

Changes seo

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. These small promises of change are seldom carried out. However, in SEO, the changes promised are often implemented and those in the biz are made aware of them. 2012 seems to be full of SEO promises that will change the way websites are marketed and ranked. Here is a list of SEO changes we should prepare to see.

Integrating Social Media:

The biggest change in SEO we can expect to see in 2012 is the integration of social media in page ranking. This is what Google Plus was truly about. Links posted with social media that hold longevity will be ranked higher than those posted on a page for link building. Also, the use of social media on a site, for instance, Facebook fans and friends, will increase page rank. Google and other major search engines are going to be turning to human interaction on websites as a metric now that tracking it is now easier.

Quality over Quantity:

In the past, the quantity of posts and links has helped increase page rank and SEO standings. This spawned the link farm sites which led to changes in SEO and how pages are ranked. In 2012 we will see more value toward quality rather than quantity. The quality of content and links will increase the ranking rather than the amount. This is a welcomed change for those who are looking for valuable information rather than a quick post that is placed simply for SEO. This will also allow blogs and websites to concentrate on creating a valuable resource for their readers. Those sites and blogs that have always been proud of the quality of their pages may benefit from those values shortly.

SEO’s will need new tricks:

In the past few years, SEO professionals have used their knowledge and remained successful. However, in 2012 we will see many of these professionals becoming SMOs. Social media optimizing will become a necessity for all SEO professionals. With more social interaction between readers and the site, this is going to play a key role in all page ranking systems. So current SEO professionals will be hitting the books to learn a new skill set to keep themselves marketable to their clients.

Smaller Blogs will be Bigger Business:

In the past couple of years we have seen an increase of smaller individually owned blogs that have become successful. This has led to the change in 2012 where these smaller blogs will erupt in numbers and more people will begin sharing their personal lives online.

Multi-Media Blogging:

In the next year we will see an increase in the use of multi-media in blogs. Audio and video blogging will become more popular as the technology utilized for this has become simpler to use. Even smaller blogs will be turning to audio and video blogging rather than simply posting articles. This will also spark new metric changes to include the use of multi-media in SEO and page ranking. Don’t be surprised when sites that offer video rather than written content begin to increase in ranking faster.

The next year proves to be an exciting and confusing time in the world of SEO. Preparing your blogs and websites early for these changes may prove beneficial. With SEO metrics in constant evolution to keep up with the ever-changing internet, site owners will need to keep up as well. Be sure to catch all the changes as they occur and outfit your SEO strategy accordingly to remain successful.

Author Mark Williams has been in the web design Melbourne, Australia industry for over ten years and loves to share his ideas. As a freelance writer, he is able to bring a fresh perspective on many topics like this one.

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Cerebral Palsy

cerebral palsy



cerebral palsy

It is defined as a term used to describe a group of chronic conditions affecting body movements and muscle coordination. “cerebral” refers to the “ brain”  and “ palsy” to a disorder of movement or posture. If someone has cerebral palsy it means that because of an injury to their brain (cerebral) they are not able to use some of the muscles in their body in the normal way (palsy). Children with cerebral palsy may not be able to walk, talk, eat or play in the same way as most other children do it.  This is mainly caused by damage to one or more specific areas of the brain, occurring during the foetal development or infancy. It can occur before, during or shortly following birth.

Cerebral palsy is neither progressive nor communicable ( able to communicate or transmitted) i.e. you cannot catch it. However it is also not “curable” In the accepted sense, although education, therapy can help the person with cerebral palsy to lead a productive life. It is important to know that cerebral palsy is not a disease, or illness. It doesn’t get worst. It is characterized by inability to fully control motor functions i.e. human motor system refers to many parts of our bodies that work together to enable us to act and move . Fine motor skills are the skills involving the smaller muscles such as in hands and gross motor skills are the skills in larger muscles such as in arms and legs. Therefore, cerebral palsy is a condition in which there has been damage to the areas of brain that control motor functions. Depending upon which area of brain involved or has been damaged people with cerebral palsy experience—–

1) Muscle tightness

2) Involuntary movement i.e. movement that is not under the control of brain.

3)  Disturbance in gait (how an individual walks) and mobility i.e. patient will not able to walk properly .there is imbalance between the nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

4) Abnormal sensation

5) Problem in hearing and speech

6) Seizures




What cause cerebral palsy

The simplest answer to this question is because your child has brain damage. cerebral palsy occurs because of brain injury before,  during or shortly after birth. There are two problems that causes cerebral palsy are

a) failure of the brain to develop properly.

b)  Neurological damage which may be due to

Lack of oxygen

Bleeding in the brain

Toxic injury, poisoning, use of alcohol or drugs by the mother.

Severe jaundice (build up of bilrubin causes yellow colour in infant)

Infection of the nervous system like meningitis i.e. inflammation of the meningis.

The severity of brain damage depends upon the type and timing of the injury. For example In pre mature baby, bleeding into the brain causes extensive damage but longer an unborn child goes without oxygen.


Risk factors for cerebral palsy

Risk factors means that increases the chance of something occurring. The presence of risk factors in cerebral palsy doesn’t means that cerebral palsy will occur nor the absence of risk factors means cerebral  palsy will not occur. If  a risk factor is present, it means parents and health care become more observant of the infant’s development.

Risk factors associated with parents

1)      mother 40 years or older

2)      mother 20 years or younger

3)      father 20 years or younger

Risk factors associated with child

1)      first child , or child born fifth or later in family

2)      one of pair of twins, especially if one twin dies

3)      low birth weight, less than 3.5 pounds

4)      premature infant less than 37 weeks

Other risk factors

1)      Rh or ABO blood incompatibility between infant and mother i.e. when the blood type of foetus , or developing child, differs from the blood type of the mother. This occur if mother type is O and foetus is either B,A, or AB or if mother  is A and foetus is B or AB or if mother is B and foetus is A or AB. When incompatibility occurs mother creates  antibodies to defend against the blood type of infant. These antibodies cross the placenta begin destroying the foetus blood cells and results in development of Jaundice in the foetus and if untreated it develops cerebral palsy.

2) Infection of the mother to virus in early pregnancy.

3)      Attack by micro organisms on central nervous system(CNS) of infant. CNS consist of brain and spinal cord. The brain receive and process signals delivered through spinal cord and then send signals to body. In people with cerebral palsy, this signalling system doesn’t function and the attack by micro organisms on the CNS , affects the signal system and hence to be the risk factor for cerebral palsy in infant.

When more than 1 risk factor can be present at the same time, such as low birth weight and being a twin, such combination further increase the risk of cerebral palsy.         `





Types of cerebral palsy

In order to study different types of cerebral palsy, one must know about muscle tone. Muscle tone refers to the amount of tension to the movement in a muscle. Changes in the muscle tone enables us to move. For example when we bend our arm in order to do brush, we must shorten( increase the muscle tone) our biceps and at the same time lengthening of triceps (decrease the muscle tone). Abnormal muscle tone is the prominent symptom of cerebral palsy. There are mainly different types of cerebral palsy..

a)      Spastic cerebral palsy

b)      Athetoid cerebral palsy

c)      Ataxic cerebral palsy

d)     mixed cerebral palsy


Spastic cerebral palsy(i.e.stiff and difficult movement)

In this children having one or more tight muscles group which limit movements .patients having stiff and jerky movements. These having hard time to move from one position to another and also find difficulty in holding and letting go of objects.


Athetoid cerebral palsy

This type of cerebral palsy  causes damage to cerebellum and basal ganglia(areas of the brain). These are responsible for smooth. voluntary, coordinated and purposeful movement. Damage to these areas causes involuntary, purposeless movements i.e. not under control of brain, especially in face, arms. These involuntary movements often interfere with speaking, feeding , grasping and other skills. These patients have low muscle tone and having problem in maintaining the postures for sitting, and walking.


Ataxic cerebral palsy


This type of cerebral palsy is commonly rare. Children with this palsy affects the sense of balance and having poor coordination and walk with a wide base, placing their feet usually apart. Because of shaky movements (just like tremor which is seen in very old people especially when try to hold a small object). These children take longer time to complete certain tasks such as writing a sentence.


Mixed cerebral palsy

This type of cerebral palsy is mixture of both spastic and athetoid cerebral palsy. These patients show both features of  spastic and athetoid cerebral palsy.





How to diagnose  child with cerebral palsy

When an infant or child with brain damage, a variety of symptoms can lead doctors and parents to suspect something is wrong. Following symptoms can indicate cerebral palsy.

a) Lethargy or lack of alertness i.e. infant is listless and doesn’t move around normally.

b) Irritability

c) Abnormal high pitched cry

d) Trembling of arms and legs

e)  Poor feeding abilities like sucking and swallowing.

f) Abnormal posture, child favour one side of body

g) Abnormal reflexes

h) Seizure

i) Muscle tone changes from low tone to high tone

j) Child may hold his/her hand in tight fist

k)      Presence of asymmetric movement i.e. one side of body move more easily and freely than other side.

l)        Infant feed poorly i.e. tongue push the food out of their mouth forcefully.

m) Child usually appear slower in performing movements like rolling. Sitting up, crawling, walking and talking ( developmental delay)



Doctors use different specialized tests in diagnose cerebral palsy.

Computed tomography

Imaging that determine under developed areas of brain tissue.

Magnetic resonance imaging

Generates picture of brain to determine brain area that may be damaged.

Intelligence testing

Determine child from mental standard point…


Treatment of cerebral palsy

Since cerebral palsy is a group of chronic conditions therefore its treatment plan is classified as…

1)      cerebral palsy treatment with physical therapy.

2)      Cerebral palsy treatment with occupational therapy

3)      Cerebral palsy treatment with speech and language therapy


Cerebral palsy treatment with physical therapy

Stretching, range of motion and strengthening exercises are essential in all children. Neuromuscular facilitation stimulate the CNS to establish normal pattern of movements . These minimize the neurological impairments  and help in healing CNS to recognize . The parents must repeat the exercises with children every day and observe children for improvement.

Conventional exercises consist of active (performed by patient himself) , passive (performed by therapist) range of motion , stretching and strengthening exercises to improve  cardio vascular condition. Stretching exercises should be done to prevent contractures. It should not be done in order to tear muscle fibres and cause pain. Night splints should be used. Sports activities are helpful in decreasing stiffness and contractures by using wheel chair. Balancing training should be beneficial for independent walking.  Strengthening of muscles emphasizing efficient motor functions. When forced to change position for fear of contracture , the  child  needs to use his hands for balance .


Cerebral palsy treatment with occupational therapy

An occupational therapist specializes in improving the development of small muscles of body such as hands,  feet, fingers and toes. They teach daily living skills such as dressing and eating , make proper positioning for the use of wheel chair. They teach child better or easier ways to write , draw, cut with scissors, brush their teeth dress and feed themselves. They help the child to find special equipments to make everyday jobs, a little easier.


Cerebral palsy treatment with speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapist develop better control of jaw and mouth muscles to improve speech and language skills and eating abilities of the children. They create communication methods for the patients who can’t speak . speech therapist work on making their speech clearer or building their language skills by learning new words, learn to  speak in sentences.




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neonatal jaundice

Neonatal jaundice

Jaundice in babies usually occurs because of a normal increase in red blood cell breakdown and the fact that their immature livers are not efficient at removing bilirubin from the bloodstream.Most jaun

dice in newborn babies is a normal event and is not serious. In most cases, this jaundice will disappear after a few days, often without any special treatment. Jaundice in the infant appears first in the face and upper body and progresses downward toward the toes. Premature infants are more likely to develop jaundice than full-term babies.Most babies with jaundice have physiologic jaundice. This is the type of jaundice that is caused because of the natural process of breaking down red blood cells.

what causes jaundice

There are at least two significant processes that predispose normal infants to jaundice:

  • The rate of bilirubin production is higher in infants than adults because their red blood cells have a shorter half-life and turn over more rapidly.
  • Infants have a relatively limited ability to conjugate bilirubin, and conjugation in the liver is necessary for efficient elimination.

Additionally, there are a number of pathologic conditions that can result in neonatal jaundice. It include:

  • Conditions that cause accelerated destruction of red cells, which can occur as a result of immune-mediated hemolysis, certain enzyme deficiencies, or structural abnormalities in red cells.
  • Increased intestinal absorption of bilirubin, which blunts the infant’s ability to eliminate this waste product. Infants that fail to feed well are often deficient in the types of intestinal bacteria that metabolize bilirubin, and in such cases, significant amounts of bilirubin of reabsorbed into blood.
  • Genetic defects in hepatic uptake of bilirubin (e.g. Gilbert’s syndrome) or deficiency in the enzyme necessary for conjugating bilirubin (uridine diphosphate glucuronosyltransferase).
other cause of new born jaundice include Breast milk jaundice. This condition may persist as a prolonged physiological
jaundice or it may appear for-the first time after the first week. It is common in solely breast fed babies and the intensity is maximum between 10-14 days of life. But if bilirubin is > 15 mg/dl at 3 weeks, cessation of breast milk for 48 hours will decrease bilirubin levels dramatically and breast milk can be resumed without any risk of recurrence of jaundice.
Risk factors of jaundice
A simple pneumonic for risk factors of jaundice is JAUNDICE
J – Jaundice within first 24 hrs of life
A – A sibling who was jaundiced as neonate
U – Unrecognized hemolysis
N – Non-optimal sucking/nursing
D – Deficiency of G6PD
I – infection
C – Cephalhematoma /bruising
E – East Asian/North Indian
Symptoms of jaundice
The main symptom is a yellow color of the skin. The yellow color is best seen right after gently pressing a finger onto the skin. The color sometimes begins on the face and then moves down to the chest, belly area, legs, and soles of the feet. sometimes jaundice cause extreme tiredness and poor feeding.
Newborn Jaundice Diagnosis
Before a baby can be treated, a careful examination by a pediatrician is all that is needed. The serum bilirubin level may be checked. A Coombs test checks for antibodies that destroy an infant’s red blood cells. Complete blood count and Reticulocyte count should be done.
Newborn Jaundice Medical Treatment
jaundice is often treated with phototherapy. These lights are able to penetrate a baby’s skin and affect the bilirubin within the child. The light changes bilirubin into lumirubin, which is easily handled by the baby’s body. If phototherapy doesn’t work to reduce a baby’s bilirubin level the baby may be placed on a fiber optic blanket and an additional bank of lights may be added.
When all other treatments have failed to reduce the bilirubin level , then exchange transfusion should be done. In this treatment, the baby’s blood is exchanged with donated blood.
Newborn Jaundice Self-Care at Home
1) Sunlight – Place the child in a well-lit window for 10 minutes twice a day is often all that is needed to help cure mild jaundice. Never place an infant in direct sunlight.
2) photo therapy – If the bilirubin level is too high, the child may need to be placed under a special type of light. This treatment is called phototherapy. such lights can be set up at our home with careful monitoring

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Firefighter cover letter sample

Firefighter cover letter sample

Recipient’s Name

Recipient’s Address



Sender’s Details





Dear Mr. Last Name,

I’d like to express my interest in the firefighter job that you currently have open. As a fully qualified first responder with five years of experience in the field, I believe I would make a great addition to your team at the Bern city fire department.

On paper, I hold a bachelor’s degree in emergency management from the University of Swiss. I’m also certified in EMP, CPR/AET, I have been vetted as federal Red card system member since 2008. I currently hold a class B’s driver’s license and have never been in an accident or received a ticket for anything.

In terms of real-world experience, I’ve been member of my country’s fire department for the past five years. I am qualified to handles fire in both residential and land environments; I am capable of administering tame fire and basic emergency medical care in high-pressure situations.

I think that being a firefighter is one of the most noble career paths anyone can take, and I am proud to serve as fire suppression expert for the past five years. If you’re willing to give a chance, you’ll find me to be a passionate and deeply committed employee.

I would love the chance to sit down with you and discuss my qualification. If I can provide you with any further information on my background qualifications, please let me know.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.



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ASBESTOS: Asbestos is a greeck word meaning “UNQUENCHABLE”.In general if coal is lot of dust and little
fibrosis,asbestos is little dust and lot of fibrosis prolonged exposure for number of years to asbestos dust produces
‘three’ types of severe diseases-‘ASBESTOSIS OF LUNGS,PLEURAL DISEASES and TUMOURS’.
Due to its fibre strength and heat resistant properties,asbestos has been used for a wide range ofmanufactured GOODS,mostly
in building materials like ROOFING SHINGLES,CEILING and FLOOR TILES,paper products and asbestos cement products,
friction products like AUTOMOBILES CLUTCH,BRAKES and TRANSMISSION PARTS,heat resistant fibries,Gaskets and Coatings.

when asbestos containing materials are damaged or disturbed ,then by REPAIRING,REMODELING or DEMOLITION
activities,microscopic fibers become air borne and can be inhaled into lungs, causing significant health problems.
Exposure to people who work in industries that mine or make asbestos products and those living near
industries are more prone to asbestos disorders.

ILL EFFECTS OF ASBESTOS OVER HEALTH: Over exposure to asbestos for more than a decade may produce
‘ASBESTOS OF LUNGS,PLEURAL LESIONS and CERTAIN TUMOURS.The inhaled asbestos fibers are phagocytosed by alveolar macrophages
from where they reach the interstitum.Some of the engulfed dust is transported via lymphatics to the pleura and regional lymph nodes.
The asbestos-laden macrophages release “CHEMOATTRACTANTS”for neutrophills and for more macrophages,thus inciting
cellular reaction around them.these asbestos fibers are coated with glycoprotein and endogenous HAEMOSIDERIN to
produce characterstic ‘BEADED’ or ‘DUMBELL’shaped asbestos bodies.

These asbestos are fibrogenic and results in INTERSTITIAL FIBROSIS.Fibroblastic proliferation may occur
via macrophage derived growth factor such as “INTERLEUKIN-1”.alternatively,fibrosis may occur as a reparative
response to tissue injury by lysosomal enzymes released from macrophages and neutrophills or by toxic free radicals.
A few immunological abnormalities such ‘ANTI NUCLEAR ANTIBODIES’ and ‘RHEUMATOID FACTOR’have been found in cases of
asbestosis but their role in the genesis is not yet clear…

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Australia Job Openings Available for Foreigners

Different Types of Australia Job Openings Available for Foreigners



Australia is a highly developed country that offers plenty of job openings for the local people, as well as the foreigners. There are suitable jobs for the qualified people in all streams and levels. But it is necessary for the job aspirants to know about the availability of Australia job openings at the time of applying.


Varieties of job openings in Australia                            


  • IT jobs – Presently, the competent candidates can apply for the jobs of Web Designers, Graphic Designer, Web Administrator, System Administrator, Support IT Engineer and Project Administrator in several well known IT companies based in Australia. But the candidates need to have proper certifications and work experiences in the respective field.
  • Retail jobs – The aspiring candidates in retail sector can apply for Retail Manager and Retail Store Manager in the leading shopping malls in various cities of Australia, provided they are qualified enough for bagging these jobs.
  • Official jobs – There are many official Australia job openings at the present in different companies of Australia; Office Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Personal Assistant and Accountant being the foremost and most popular among them.
  • Sales jobs – The young fresh graduates interested in sales jobs can apply for fulfilling the positions of Sales Executives, Marketing Officer, Marketing Specialist, Sales and Marketing Manager, Seafood wholesaler, and Technical Sales Executives in the corporate houses of Australia.
  • Hospitality jobs – The people trained for the jobs in hospitality industry now hope to be recruited in various Australia job openings in this sector, as per their competence levels. Presently, there are openings for cooks, baker or pastry makers, Cafe and Restaurant Manager, Cafe Manager and Motel Manager.
  • Various jobs for special trainings – There are many jobs in various organizations of Australia, which need some special expertise and experience on that type of work. The jobs for driver, welder, carpenter, cabinet makers, animal attendant, fleet manager, fire protection technician, dress designer, fitter and turner, small engine mechanic, roof plumber, motor mechanic, boat repairer, concrete steel fixer, tillers and electricians need special vocational training on the specific fields and a few years of experience are preferred in some jobs.
  • Medical professions – The jobs of Medical Administrator and Pharmacist are highly in demand in Australia, besides other Australia job openings in this sector, like the doctors, nurses or medical attendants, according to their specific qualifications obtained in their chosen work fields.


All these jobs are available for the local or foreigner candidates on the certified job portals of Australia, where all the vacant positions of different Australian companies are enlisted. The candidates can check the eligibility criteria required for each job that may suit their specific qualifications and desires, before contacting that consultancy online to apply for the chosen job opening. Finally, the candidates can be recruited successfully to their dream positions, after the interviews held by the respective companies, where their competences are assessed thoroughly. The job portals or the Australian placement consultancies offer a lot of help for the fulfillment of the Australia job openings, to both the recruiters and the candidates.





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Cover Letter With Salary Requirements

cover letter with salary


How To Write A Cover Letter With Salary Requirements

cover letter with salary

The cover letter is a very fundamental document when it comes to making a job application. It is the first point of interaction between you the job seeker and your potential employer. it basically gives a potential employer some basic facts of your capabilities and what you have in store for the company. For that reason, it is necessary for it to have the vital information so as to grab that attention. One likely piece of information that some employers insists on is the salary. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find a cover letter with salary requirements. It is however, not a must that the salary has to be indicated in the cover letter. Nonetheless, if it is demanded for in the post advertised then it becomes essential to include it in a cover letter. This is attributed to the fact that, your application could just be rejected irrespective of your qualifications just because of not including that in the cover letter. It is not an easy task to mention the exact figure as regards salary especially for first time job applicants or those without much experience.


Things To Consider

There are ways in which one can easily go about this. It is without a doubt that money is very important and individuals might be tempted to quote high figures. It is a corporate world hence; one has to exercise some wisdom and logics before quoting any figure as a salary.

What one should do is to carry out some research to be able to determine the salary scale for that particular position. Also take into consideration the size of the company, the duties and the responsibilities outlined.

Another thing that you should also factor in is your experience and qualification.

After settling on a figure it is good idea to always put it in a range. Establish a range that is neither too low nor too high for that particular position. This will mean that you are flexible and always ready to negotiate.

It takes some great steps to become confident enough to be able to quote a salary scale that you believe is within the range of the job applied hence, undertake it with the seriousness it deserve.



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7 Things That You Need Check In Any Government Jobs

7 Things That You Need Check In Any Government Jobs

IT is the great boom in India and has gained great popularity along with the great rush to get recruited in the private sector. Now the government is now opening to the people and giving lots of respect back with perfect job benefits.

After the recent pay commission have launched the payrolls and the pay structure have totally changed and has enhanced the lifestyle of the people with pleasant employment structure.

These Government jobs are more flexible and have given better facilities to the people and this job become more flexible and employee friendly. From the ages it is the great trend to look for the government jobs for the adults and new comers to look for the government jobs known as the sarkari naukri in India.

There are lots of advantages are now getting government jobs of having the state jobs along with the perfect security, great salaries, flexible guidelines, adequate leaves, salary scales, non-hectic schedule and superb job structure.

There are several benefits are now being offered to the people but even they fail to obtain government jobs for number of reasons and for those people who are unable to clear the entrance exam along with numerous occasion for those individual who fail to obtain the job opening on time.

Government jobs are depend on several criteria on job opening and will give the better values to the mankind. Government jobs are not so easy to achieve and requires skills and knowledge along with the field of proficiency.

Jobs in India offer to people through various exams, interviews, merit and other bases which depend on the organization recruitment process.

If anyone is applying for the particular government jobs in his field of proficiency is needs to judge the terms and conditions along with the particular criteria of the company such as:

  • Security of the jobs
  • Environment of the work place
  • Provident fund and gratuities
  • Medical benefits
  • Pension scheme
  • Holidays benefits
  • Free allowances

The 7 important points that anyone will check in any government jobs are

1. The working environment along with the jobs offered by the particular organization undertaken by government is the essential requirement so that the employee’s personality will not be harmed by any kind of incident and accident.

2. All the facilities like provident fund, gratuities, medical benefits, pensions and other benefits must be well approved so that it will give security to the employee and his family member with proper benefits. Even if there is any accident occur in the life of the employee, one of his family member will get the jobs along with the entire benefits to take care of the families.

3· The main facilities that is provided by any government jobs are most of the posts are reserved for the under developed people like SC, ST and OBC and they will get entire benefits along with the proper job facilities. In most of the cases the handicapped and the mentality retarded personality can also avail any of the government jobs with perfect benefits. Identification of the jobs along with the suitable criteria will give optimum advantage to the people to get the perfect status of jobs on which their qualification is based.

4· It is the real fact that to apply the government jobs are very strict and requires proper skills and efficiency that will match the criteria of the people to get the specialized offers along with the specification. There are all kinds of job categories avail to people to apply according to their ability and knowledge. Government jobs is being considered as the most reputed and secured job that will give the lifetime security will all benefits entire the whole life till death. You need to get updated all the time for latest govt job alert and current affairs.

5· The people will start preparing the jobs according to the syllabus and serves to the people with perfect benefits along with the perfect preparation required to seat for the jobs. Most of the people now will take several tuitions and preparation for railway and bank jobs and required great effort to crack the exam and then interviews.

6· Basically most of the government jobs will provide several criteria along with the online application form in order to apply for the jobs requires for the organizations.

7· It has been observed that most of the government jobs will make the perfect selection according to the experience and skills and will not make any unfair treatment to the people.



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advanced physical therapy


What are the advantages of advanced physical therapy?


Physical therapy is not a new field in the world. This field has existed since many years and its roots can be traced back in ancient times however, it is not sure that when it was finally called physical therapy. Today, we have another form of physical therapy and it is called advanced physical therapy. This new ad advanced form is more efficient and result productive as compared to old one and its old techniques. There are so many advantages of this new physical therapy system and it will not be a wrong statement that things have been changed completely in this field now.


There was a time when only humans used to do physiotherapy but today, there are so many machines and devices available in this field. This is the reason why it is called advanced physical therapy as most of the things are done with the help of machines and devices. If you want to do a particular exercise then you can do it with the help of a machine and similarly, you can easily get any kind of massage with the help of massage device. These gadgets have made this field a revolutionary and ever green field.


There are so many advantages that you can get from these new techniques that are now used in physical therapy. Some of the advantages are listed and described in this article. In past, there was no possibility for a patient to get instant attention as he had to wait for his turn. Imagine what would have happened to those people who used to sit and wait in severe physical pain. Anyhow, with the help of advanced physical therapy it is possible now to manage as many patients as possible. These machines and devices are made for the welfare and human being and the best thing about them is that they don’t get tired at all.


With the help of technology getting involved in this field, physical therapy has become a lot cheaper as compared to old times. This is also due to advanced physical therapy and techniques used in it. Now a patient can get these services at a very reasonable price and he will not have to go here and there in search of proper therapy because these machines can take care of everything. However, you can’t rely on these machines completely as well and that is why there is still need of physical therapists that examine a person and suggest a treatment and therapy plan for him


With the help of advanced physical therapy systems, lives have become more easily and happier. Today, there are all those facilities in physical therapy field about which no one would have ever heard. However, all these things are part of past and today we are living in present world where everything is advanced and enhanced. If you want to do anything then you can do it in an advanced way. The best thing about advanced field of physical therapy is that, people will get cured very soon now.



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Software Engineer resume objectives

Software Engineer resume objectives


The job of software engineer is not something easy. It requires people to have the special knowledge about information technology and programming. Therefore, the pay for this job would not be low. This attracts a lot of people to apply for the job.


In order to become an outstanding candidate among all, it would be necessary for people to prepare the right resume. The resume objectives are necessary for candidates to attract the attention of the recruiters.


When you try to write the Software Engineer resume objectives, you probably find that there are several important points for you to remember. There are some examples that you can use as a reference.


–          To work in the junior software engineer post and handle software development projects for the company

–          To achieve career success by starting as a software engineer in a promising company

–          To learn from the software engineer managers and equip myself with the expertise in the software engineering field

–          To serve an organization with passion and knowledge so that the organization would be benefited from me as a software engineer

–          To apply for a job as the software engineer so as to help clients develop useful programs in the long run

–          To start as a software engineer in a good company and hope to be promoted to senior position in 3 years


Since software engineer is something like a specialist position, people always have high expectation on the quality of application received from the applicants. Therefore, you have to make sure that the resume is flawless. In order to do this, you should focus on polishing the self-introduction part and the careers objectives part. The examples above are the sentences found in many good resumes. The information could clearly state the ambition of the applicant as well as the willing to serve the organization. Some people may think that it is not necessary for them to write these sentences.


However, the fact is that these pieces of information would be as useful as your school score or previous work experience. It is because the career objectives section helps the recruiters check whether you have read through the job advertisement carefully. Some people who did not look at the advertisement carefully may write wrong things in the objectives section. For example, a firm may want to hire people to work overseas but some people may say in the objectives section that they want to apply for the software engineer job and work local wholeheartedly. Then, this would be a mismatch between the job requirement and the objectives section written by you in the resume. This will make you lose the chance to have interview.


To conclude, Software Engineer resume objectives are helpful for recruiters check whether you are a careful person. A careful person would be qualified to work as software engineer so this is the reason why the preparation of careers objective section in the resume is important for you to make the recruiters confident that you are the capable person.

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Bell’s palsy or Idiopathic facial paralysis

bell palsy

Bell’s palsy or Idiopathic facial paralysis

bell palsy

It is defined as a paralysis(loss of nerve function or muscle power resulting in an inability to move) or weakness of the muscles of one side of face. Damage to facial nerve that controls the muscles on one side of face causes that side of face to droop means that side become flat, expressionless, taste , tear, saliva may be affected. Several diseases can cause facial paralysis, but if no specific cause can be identified it is bell’s palsy. It is the most common mono neuropathy(disease involving only one  nerve).

It is idiopathic(arising spontaneously or disease of own kind), unilateral(affecting one side of face) facial nerve paralysis. The hallmark of this  condition is rapid onset of partial or complete paralysis oftenly occurs over night. very rarely occur bilaterally (affecting both sides) result in total facial paralysis or weakness. It is thought that an inflammatory condition leads to swelling of facial nerve. The nerve travel through the skull behind the ear. Nerve swelling and compression lead to nerve damage.


Causes of Bell’s palsy

Viral and bacterial infections as well as autoimmune disorders appear to be emerging as the most frequent common threat in the cause of Bell’s palsy


1) herpes simplex virus(HSV-1)


HSV-1 was suggested as cause of Bell’s palsy. Exposure to HSV-1 is common. Most people are exposed during childhood. Kissing between relatives is the most frequent common source of exposure but may also be spread while sharing towels, utensils etc. the virus then enters the dormant state residing  on the nerve tissue. Several triggers activate the  virus. When the virus get activated, inflammation occurs. If inflammation occurs in an area where no room for swelling is to expand the nerve itself become inflamed or inflammation within the canal exerts pressure on the nerve results in compression that prevents the transmission of  signals to the muscles. When muscles are not able to receive signals to contract and relax, muscles become weakened and then paralysed. The triggers that are responsible for the activation of virus before the onset of Bell’s palsy are impaired immunity, stress, lack of sleep, minor illness, physical trauma, upper respiratory infections, auto immune diseases etc.

Other viruses include cytomegalo virus, Epstein-barr virus, rubella and mumps virus are also responsible.



HIV can cause facial paralysis and increase the chance of developing Bell’s palsy.


3) Bacterial trigger


Bacteria from some acute middle ear infection can enter the canal and as with virus bacteria can evoke an inflammatory response and compress the nerve.


4) Other causes

Facial and surgical wounds, trauma due to blunt force, temporal bone fracture, brain-stem injury, cyst and tumours can result in Bell’s palsy. Diabetes and thyroid condition are also associated with Bell’s palsy.


Signs and symptoms of Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is characterized by facial drooping(mouth appears to be flat and expressionless)on the affected half, due to the improper functioning of the facial nerve(7th cranial nerve) which controls the muscles of face. Forehead muscles receive innervation from both sides of brain therefore forehead can still be wrinkled by a patient whose facial palsy is caused by a problem in one hemisphere of brain. inability to close the eye. Smile wrinkle the forehead and whistle. Speech may be mildly slurred.


General symptoms

1)      muscle weakness or paralysis

2)      forehead wrinkle disappear

3)      overall droopy appearance

4)      impossible or difficult to blink

5)      nose run

6)      difficulty in speaking

7)      difficulty in eating and drinking

8)      sound appears to be loud on affected side(hyperacusis)due to the paralysis of stapedius muscle

9)      excess or reduced salivation

10)  diminished or distorted taste

11)  pain in or near the ear

12)  drooling

Eye symptoms


1) eye closure difficult/impossible

2) lack of tears

3) excessive tearing

4) brow drop

5) sensitivity to light

Residual symptoms

1) eye appear smaller

2) blink remain incomplete

3) mouth pulls up and outwards

Treatment of Bell’s palsy

a)      Medication


The first priority in treating Bell’s palsy is to eliminate the source of damage to the nerve. Therefore medication like(prednisone and anti virals) may help to relieve the compression.



b)      Rest


Rest is important. Enough rest to maintain strength and immunity. Food particles can lodge between gums and cheek therefore oral hygiene should be maintained.


c)      for pain

for pain or discomfort moist heat can help. During the earliest days of Bell’s palsy, when the muscles are completely flaccid, moist heat(ease soreness and reduce swelling), massage(provide degree of motion) and stimulation to the muscles(increase circulation) should be given.




Eye/ear care

Take extra care to keep your eye moist. Incase if eyes become dry put eye drops in them. Manually blink your eyes using back of your fingers at regular intervals. If there is history of middle or inner ear problem an ear plug may be used. In the presence of Bell’s phenomenon(eye ball turns upward as we attempt to close the eye).

Then concentrate on looking downward towards the floor.



d)     facial exercises

1)      to relax the cheek(if the side of mouth is pulling up and to the side or cheek feels tight)

in this put your thumb inside your cheek at an angle toward the centre of ear. Grasp the outside of cheek with fingers and pull down and forward. Hold it for minimum 10 seconds upto 30 seconds is good. Shift the position towards the centre and repeat the stretch and hold. Shift still further towards the centre and repeat.

Practice speaking in front of a mirror, repeating words that use M,B,F and P while keeping yours eyelid open., in the beginning, speak softly and slowly.

Stretch muscles of the neck by tilting your head to the side and slightly back, hold it for 10 seconds.

Massage your face(both sides)using from circular motion. Start in centre and work your way out.


2) Other exercises

a) Compress lips together , pucker lips and attempt to whistle.

b) Smile without showing teeth , then smile showing teeth

c) Harden(wrinkle) the chin

d) Try to chew food using both sides of the mouth



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Acute Ischemic Stroke

ACUTE ISCHEMIC STROKE  Stroke is defined as loss of brain function due to disturbance in blood supply to the brain. This can be due to lack of blood flow caused by blockage which may be due to thrombosis, arterial embolism, or a haemorrhage (leakage of blood) As a result, the affected area of the brain is unable to function, which might results in inability to move one or more limbs of the body, inability understand speech, or an inability to see one side i.e. visual disturbance . stroke may cause permanent neurological damage, complications, and death.  Strokes can be classified into two major categories: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes are those that are caused by interruption of the blood supply, while hemorrhagic strokes are the ones which result from rupture of a blood vessel or an abnormal vascular structure. About 87% of strokes are caused by ischemia, and the remainder by hemorrhage.  Ischemic stroke  Strokes can be either ischemic or hemorrhagic. In an ischemic stroke, the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off because blood clot or some form of plaque stops blood supply to brain Blood clots can travel to the brain from another artery (artery-to-artery embolization) or they can come from the heart (cardioemblic stroke).  Ischemic strokes can be caused by a blockage anywhere along the arteries feeding the brain. The blockages can occur for a variety of reasons, including:  The formation of fatty material (atheroma) along the walls of an artery, which reduces blood flow  Breaking off of atheroma from the artery wall. The material can flow with the blood and become stuck in a smaller artery, causing a blockage.  Blood clots that break loose from the heart or one of its valves, known as an embolus. The clot can travel up the arteries of the brain and lodge there, causing an embolic stroke or cerebral embolism. This type of stroke is most common in people who have recently had heart surgery and in people who have defective heart valves or abnormal heart rhythms (especially atrial fibrillation).  Inflammation or an infection that narrows blood vessels that lead to the brain  Consumption of Drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines, which can also narrow the blood vessels  Strokes may also cause swelling in the brain. The pressure that results can damage brain tissue more, making neurologic problems  worse, even if the stroke itself does not enlarge.

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General information’s for those who want to work in USA

photo (4)

In today’s scenario, employment is the most important factor that affects the economy of
a country. However, IT is said to be one of the fastest growing industries all over the world
but USA tops in various sectors including information technology. According to a survey,
U.S is attracting a huge amount of immigrants in a single year. Moreover, USA has been
providing employment in technical and professional services since many years. Well, if you
want to work in usa, and then apply for different types of IT jobs available there.

Working practises in USA

You can find a good moral principle and success in your work, while working in USA. If you
want to work in usa, then you have to follow the USA working practices. Generally, in USA
you have to work for 49 hours in an entire week but in certain industries it can extend up to
60 hours a week. You can get plenty of opportunities in USA by putting an effort and getting
committed to your work. However, holidays are also provided to the employees of USA. You
get 2 weeks of paid holiday in USA but it may also increase to 3 weeks if you are working for
as company since long time.

Finding jobs

Every year many people are immigrated to USA in search of job but it is very difficult to
find jobs in USA. If you want to work in usa, a green card is necessary to attain the legal
permission to work and live in USA. However it is very important to stick to the terms
of your visa and application for admission. There are two types of worker: Temporary
worker (Non-immigrant), by which you can enter US for specific purpose temporarily, and
Permanent worker (Immigrant), where an individual is formally approved to work and live in
USA permanently.

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About Cloaking

Cloaking is a black hat (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine is different than that delivered to the user”s browser. It can be defined as a technique used to deliver different web pages under different circumstances.

The primary reasons that people go for page cloaking are as:

i) With the help of this technique people create a search engine friendly page for search engine and another page that is attractive and designed well for the visitors. When the search engine visits the site,  it is provided the page designed for it and when the visitors visit the website, the pages that are solely designed for them are presented to them. The human visitors are not able to see the pages that have been designed for the search engines. The pages that are designed for search engines are meant for them only, they may contain over repetition of keywords or key phrases.

ii) SEO code of the pages is hidden from everyone and only search engines are able to index it. Thus the competitors are not able to see the keywords or key phrases. Competitors are not thus able to copy the code.

Implementation Of Page Cloaking:

A cloaking script is installed on the server, which detects who is requesting for a web page- whether a search engine or a human visitor. And when done, the proper web page is supplied accordingly.

Now the question arises how the page cloaking script detects who is visiting the website.

i) The best way is by checking the User-Agent variable. When anyone (human or a search engine spider) requests a page from a site, it reports a User-Agent name to the site. The User-Agent variable of search engine contains the name of the search engine. Thus, cloaking script helps to deliver the page which is optimized properly. And if finds out no search engine name in the User-Agent Variable then it delivers the pages designed for humans.

ii) Another method is a complex one; it makes use of I.P based cloaking. An I.P database is maintained, that contains the I.P addresses of all the major search engines. Each time when a web page is requested, the cloaking script checks out the I.P. address, and if the I.P address is listed in the database, it is detected that the web page is being requested by a search engine. And if the I.P address in not in the database then it refers to the visitor the page designed for visitor. I.P. based cloaking is more reliable and better.

Should Use Page Cloaking or Not?

The search engines do not like the websites that make use of page cloaking mechanisms. Search engines might even get your site banned if the search engines find out that you indulge in page cloaking mechanisms. The reason is that the search engines do not index the same pages that are provided to visitors. They cannot thus deliver the appropriate results to their users. And if they opt for page cloaking people would not visit them or even abandon them.

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8 Effective Ways to get more out of Linkedin

1.) Make your profile attractive and client focused

Create a profile that grabs the attention of the other network connections. And add up new connections to your profile so that you are visible to others whom others wish to hire or to do business with. Completely fill your profile, to stand on the top.

2.) Make the Most of Your Profile

Your profile is the first item that anyone would see. So, make the most of your profile. You can include relevant URL’s in your profile, like instead of writing my blog, you can place keywords. Include an image in your profile.

3.) Build Your Network of Connections

Linkedin works on connections, so build your connections. The most powerful tool is to network connections. The more network connections you have, the more opportunities you have to connect.

4.) Update and Engage Frequently

Try to remain active. The more active you are and more effectively you interact, the more better results you will have. Update your profile with status updates. Participate in forums, and question answers function.

5.) Make Use of LinkedIn Groups

A group is another important feature of LinkedIn. Groups are a beneficial networking tool and they help a lot to expand your network. It takes less time in updation because it’s generated a powerful community that support’s its growth.

6.) Making Use of Recommendations to Attract More Clients

Recommendations are one of the unique features of LinkedIn that makes it appear different from the rest of social media networks. Recommend your peers and they will return the favor

7.) You can improve Your Search Engine Rankings

LinkedIn allows you to make your profile information available for search engines to index. LinkedIn profiles receive a high PageRank in Google, so this is a good way to influence people. You need to create a public profile for being visible.

8.) Promote Your Profile

The final step is to promote your profile. Make your profile public and promote it. Some of common places to have your LinkedIn profile is your email signature, your profile at other places, your articles, etc. have your email id contact over there, so that others can contact you.

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how dangerous is asbestos

Health Concerns: How Dangerous Is Asbestos?

Mesothelioma is the answer to the question how dangerous is asbestos. Over 5000 people are leaving with asbestos related illness, and the numbers continue too as more and more people continue to be diagnosed. In order to be able to answer the question how dangerous is asbestos, we have to look at what asbestos is all about. Asbestos is a mineral that can be mined and has a lot of uses.  Asbestos is known to be resistant to heat and fire as such it is used in a number of customer and business products from plastic carpets to brake pads on the vehicles. As mentioned before it is a mineral that is mined serpentine rocks; it usually grows in the form of crystals.

The asbestos thread in this case when ingested leads to formation of lung cancer. The question of how dangerous is asbestos dates as far back as the ancient Greeks culture. Even they were aware of how dangerous is asbestos if ingested. They realized that their slaves who worked in mining the asbestos mineral stared suffering from lung diseases. It is the form of the asbestos threads that is said to be the leading cause of the health risks.  At the far end of an asbestos thread is a hook- like feature that allows it to grab onto tissue of the lungs. Mesothelioma being an answer to the question how dangerous is asbestos is a form of rare cancer that attacks the lungs and it mostly affects people such as textile workers and miners who work with asbestos.

People who work in asbestos mines, mills, shipyards and factories that use asbestos also can be affected with mesothelioma. Mesothelioma also affects individuals who manufacture asbestos insulators. This show how dangerous is asbestos.

There are 3 things that determines how dangerous is asbestos. This is in regard to the likelihood of being infected with the asbestos related lung disease. First is the extent and duration of exposure. This means that the more one is exposed to threads of asbestos, the higher the chances of them being able to experience asbestos health related problems. While there is no level of safety in exposure of asbestos, people who are exposed more frequently and over a long duration of time are more at danger. The second thing that determines how dangerous is asbestos is your age.

Recent studies show that it is mostly children of people who work with asbestos who are affected. The children got the asbestos from the parent who came home with asbestos dust on their clothing. The fibers find it easier to enter the children’s lungs as their immune system is still weak.

The last thing that determines how dangerous is asbestos is after how long one has detected that they are suffering from an asbestos related sickness that they got treatment. If you are able to detect the symptoms earlier, then chances of cure is a bit high. Because every exposure to asbestos raises the body composition of asbestos, it is very necessary to try and reduce your exposure.

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Drafter Resume Sample

Drafter Resume Sample


Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional summary


  • Highly focused and dedicated Design Drafter with a detail-oriented approach and a strong record of professional success.
  • Exceptional multitasker able to juggle a number of projects simultaneously.
  • Excellent and well-evaluated part-time drafting educator at local community college.


Core Qualifications


  • Significant experience in engineering drawing creation.
  • High expertise in CAD drafting technique.
  • Strong proficiency in geometric dimensioning procedures.
  • Outstanding proficiency with MS office applications including Adobe Acrobat and AutoCAD.
  • Superior oral and correspondence skills.




Design Drafter    2008 present

Xyz Industries Inc.


  • Developed detailed engineering drawings representing assemblies and parts.
  • Created hydraulic pneumatic and electric schematics.
  • Developed orthographic projection and sectional part view.
  • Maintained and monitored ECN and drafting logos.
  • Collaborated on new component design with Design Engineers to meet customer requirements.
  • Created field survey reports from field inspections.


Xyz group Inc.    2005-2008   


  • Utilized unit layout to prepare 2D and 2D drawings.
  • Collaborated with design team on layout options.
  • Prepared drafting schedules in consultation with design team.
  • Provided assembly floor support in build phase.
  • Improved design documentation procedures in collaboration with supervisor.
  • Completed and submitted ECN and ECR documents well before deadlines.




Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering 2004

University of California


Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering 2002

University of California



Download Drafter Resume Sample.docx


Article publié pour la première fois le 19/02/2017

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Guest Blogs and Guest Interviews

Guest Blogs and Guest Interviews

We, at Learn Jobisite blog are now offering our premium gig for guest blogs and guest interviews.  The blog started in 2011 and it has good number of followers and traffic.

It’s a chance to get your brand’s voice in front of the eyes of our audience.Plus, it could give your site a boost in terms of search engine optimization.

All posts will be permanent and will have permanent dofollow links.

Our Packages:

You Write   (1 Guest post/Interview)     $10 



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  • Social promotion – 2 days campaign

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You Write   (3 Guest post/Interview)       $25       



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  • You can provide your content. No spam/No adult.
  • 2 Permanent dofollow links/ per article
  • You can provide banners (optional)
  • Not applicable
  • Social promotion – 5 days campaign

 Buy Now using online payments

  • 500-800 Words well researched article
  • 2 Permanent dofollow links/ per article
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  • 3 revisions allowed
  • Social promotion – 5 days campaign

Buy Now using online payments


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Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Join Forces to Fight Phishing

Phishing is one of the most subtle and devious threats to Internet security today. Passwords and digital databases are encrypted and secure. The weak link in the chain is, and always will be, the human involved. While database compromises do happen, and network security is always an issue, social hacking is the easiest way to steal someone’s password.

Phishers most commonly use e-mails designed to look authentic and ask you for your information. These e-mails generally use the templates of legitimate e-mails. World of Warcraft, a bank’s correspondence, your Facebook profile or Google’s homepage are all common targets. They will have legitimate unsubscribe links, valid links to the appropriate pages on the actual site, but they will ask you to click a link to reset your name and password.

The site that link takes you to will look legitimate, but when you put in your name and password, it won’t go to the actual site. Instead, it will be recorded and given to the phisher. This is how your identity is stolen, your passwords recorded and your internet security compromised.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are all primary targets for phishing scams, and they’re tired of dealing with it. It creates hassles for the companies, for the affected users and for other users. Together they’ve decided to take a stand against phishing attacks and try to do something about them. They’re working with a number of banks and security vendors to form a group to fight phishing. They’re calling it the Domain-based Authentication, Reporting and Conformance group, or DMARC.

DMARC’s goal is to create a system where e-mails can be authenticated on both ends, sender and receiver. This way the sender can make sure that they’re sending correspondence to the right person, and the receiver can make sure the e-mails they receive come from who they claim to come from. Phishing attempts and other similar scams can be weeded out and blocked automatically.

The group is working to create a standardized set of policies and a platform that will allow service providers to add security to their e-mail correspondence. This platform would have the added benefit of providing reports to the service provider, to show them what phishing attempts are being used and to learn from them.

Along with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook several other companies are getting in on the game. AOL, Paypal and Yahoo are participating alongside financial firms such as Bank of America and Fidelity. All of these companies lose millions every year to phishing schemes, both directly and indirectly. The loss of consumer confidence and the resulting loss of revenue is astounding.

As phishing schemes grow more and more sophisticated, so too must the security measures put into place to prevent them. The DMARC partnership hopes to provide just such a sophisticated platform to ensure that e-mail correspondence can have the trust it deserves. While currently in a basic draft, the DMARC platform should go a long way towards minimizing identity theft through e-mail and social networks.

White Chalk Road SEO Perth are online marketing professionals dedicated to helping your business succeed online. For online market research, organic search, paid search or social media, contact White Chalk Road.

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Top 8 Reasons for having a Website

Does your business really need a Website?
Normally, the worst reason for doing anything is “because everyone else is…”
So should your business have a website, even if your business is small and sells products or services you don’t think can be sold online? My answer in 2002 is the same as my answer today: Yes, if you have a business, you should have a website. Period. No question. Without a doubt. You really need a website.

Here are my top 8 Reasons for Having a Website. . .

1.) Bear in mind that your potential customers are already on the web searching

for the information.

These days more and more people make use of internet to gather information about the

products or services. Searching for information on the internet makes it easy for them,

and they even do not require any salesman for this. So, the person will definitely look

out for certain websites before finalizing the one. And if your site is one amongst those

certain then you will gain a lot. But if you have no site for your business then how come

you will be able to score. A website now-a-days means a way to attract more visitors

those turn into potential customers.

2.) Website means promotion for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Website is considered a really effective way of promoting business. Even while you

sleep, your website can do marketing for you. With the help of website you can explain

your products, services thoroughly, and it does not limit itself to particular region but

to worldwide. You can respond to queries when you feel. With a website you

increase the visibility of your business and have the opportunity of reaching more and

more people.

3.) Website increases the advertising value

With the help of website you can tell about your products and services. You can explain

in detail each and every aspect. You can place your website in book marking sites, ads/

classifieds, which helps you gain more customers. You can even place your website

address in advertisements, business cards, to draw more customers. Customers prefer

website than any other medium, as it provides the information in a very convenient way.

The customers are not supposed wander here and there for searching the right product or

service and they also don’t feel pressured.

4.) Reaching to customers worldwide without spending extra.

Wish to market your business world wide then internet is the answer, and website for

your business is the right medium. You can open up a world of new opportunities for

yourself that will help you score. You can market your products on a large scale and not

be restricted to a region in particular, as is the case with Yellow Pages. You can take your

products and services across the world.

5.) Save money with the help of website.

If you have website then you will save a lot of money. There will be low printing costs as

much less printed letters and brochures will be required. E-mail is the cheapest way for

communication, so greater saving. Website can market for you for 24 hours a day, and

52 weeks a year, so no extra wages for it. Website can handle the tasks of many persons.

6.) Website acts a powerful sales tool.

Website is a means of exposing your business to market. It helps you to sell your

products to your customers. Now-a-days the people are so much busy in their day-to-day

lives, that they prefer the easiest way to have the best of everything, and for that website

is the most appropriate means of providing the information to the customers at their


7.) Website increases your believability.

Website is the best way to represent your company. You can establish credibility by

providing useful information, and by helping them to make a right move. Your website

needs to a professionally designed website, with quality content, and have up-to-date

information. You can provide the genuine information on the website, and allow people

to contact you.

8.) Customer friendly service

Website can provide friendly service to its clients. As the website is visual, so customers

can have choice to move freely, and choose what they wish to. And many persons can

simultaneously visit the site. But in the case of phone, if a customer is online, then

the other will have to wait for the phone to get disconnected. Even the website has the

information at one place and visitor is not supposed to wait for a long time to know the


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Customer Service Resume

Customer Service Resume


Customer Service Resume 

 Customer Service Resume

Before writing a resume on the customer service, one should find out the qualities found in a customer service representative. It is very essential for effectively presenting you and your stuff in front of a customer whom you are providing your services for sale. If you are not familiar with the features of any subject, you cannot portray yourself for that opportunity of availing the chance. Following are the key qualities of a good customer service representative.


Develop a customer friendly approach:


For attracting your customer, one should behave very smoothly towards a customer response, so that a friendly and humorous environment can be created towards the customer for believing on you and your product. Your gentle attitude bounds the customer for placing order to you.


Expand your definition of service:


Your communication towards your customer should be very clear. A little misunderstanding can lead a miscommunication which results in losing your customer. A fair dealing will create a customer base for you in the future and make your regular customer forever.


Who are your customers?


Proper interaction between you and your customer can only be possible when you are well aware about your customer behavior and nature. You must mold yourself as per the needs and demands of your target customer. If you do not care about his or her mentality, you cannot hit on the required desire of a customer.


Professional qualities in customer service: 


The professional qualities of a customer service are always emphasized for targeting your customer. From different research, it has been concluded that a customer always prefer the services of a customer service representative because now a days, only your service makes you different from others. If your services are not up to the required standard of a target customer, you cannot convince him or her.


Knowledge of the product:   


It is also very important to get a complete knowledge of your product before delivering it to a customer. Any question can be asked by the customer regarding the product. Only having command on all the features of the product you can response your customer questions.


Modern techniques:


As it is said earlier that only your response can make you different from the market because competition is very tough because of globalization. Positive response makes you different and for that, you need to avail all the modern techniques for targeting your customers. You must familiar and have full command on the internet, mobile phones and other technologies for easily connecting with your customer across the globe.


For considering the above features to write a customer service resume, it is also very necessary to spend your time for hearing different views of customers. When you get the theme, you can make your resume as per the required need for a customer attraction. When you are making your resume, you should use the words dedicated, reliable and committed for making attraction in your resume and give a qualitative reply like instead of saying you can handled customer complaints, you should say you can handled 50 complaints daily for satisfying customer needs.


List down your achievements in your previous campaigns for attracting yourself fully fit for the job. By adopting all the above features, you can make your resume different from others and will boldly get the job.






Article publié pour la première fois le 06/01/2013

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Why should I hire you

Why should I hire you?


Interview, this term itself sends butterflies flying into most people’s stomach, yet you cannot miss the interview process without answering questions. There are many common questions, yet why should I hire you is a very common question and the answer varies with each person depending on the situation, qualification, experience and so on.


Common questions

Every interview question offer the hiring person or recruiter information about you. Many interviewers ask these questions:


  • Why you consider being the best candidate for this job?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Why are you considering being a right fit for this job position?
  • What do you bring to this position?


There is a need to be prepared to close a deal and so having answers to these questions really helps. There may be situations when your interviewer does not pose these questions, yet being prepared with answers and considering ways to communicate ensures you clear the interview process successfully.


Why this question is asked most times?


Why should I hire you? This is a question asked in most interviews and this is because they wish to confirm to hire the right candidate for the position. Candidates mostly reach the interview stage with their qualifications and the winning candidate must be suitably qualified to have a stand in a competitive job market.


A company also considers hiring as a risk and recommending a candidate to hire is a personal career risk for each recruiter representative of the company. If the hired candidate performs well, the Mr. Recruiter is seen as brilliant and if the candidate makes a bad show, the Mr. Recruiter appears a dummy and his reputation suffers.


This question of hiring you revolves around you selling yourself to him. You have to convince him of these things such as:

  • You can deliver best results in your work
  • You will fit and be a useful addition to the team
  • You have combination of experience and skills to make you appear outstanding
  • Hiring you will ensure the company profit and it is a smart decision


How to Answer: Why Should I Hire You?


Answering gives you a chance to show your highlights. Ensure to answer with three or four best reason. The reasons must be really strong. Do not keep rattling about yourself.


Use this opportunity to show your impressive strengths and must be the best selling points that are aligned with requirements suitable to the job description. Your main best reasons can be a combination of these:


  • Experience in the same industry and performing certain tasks
  • Soft and Technical skills
  • Awards/accolades for key accomplishments
  • Education /Training


Accomplishments are good bets and when you describe a key accomplishment, demonstrate a perfect competency. If you have strong skills in programming and if you are able to combine with the experience of team leadership, it appears a great package to fit the position of a senior programmer.


Practice to answer this question, but do not memorize any script. Remember, you should appear confident as you deliver the answer about your commitment and abilities.


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Skype interview tips

Skype interview tips

Are you refreshing the Skype inbox for several times? Finally, has it come and you are selected for the Skype interview. Hold on, Skype interview is preferred to a phone now as it shows more about you and if you will fit their team. This means, prepare for the interview, make sure to get it with these Skype interview tips.


No excuses

If it is Skype interview, do not cut excuses to come over phone by saying your internet connection is crappy, or you do not have a Skype account, etc.  If you want, make things work and download Skype and email to your interviewer with your username. If you deny, it is a No to the very first question, so avoid saying no and reply with a yes.


Maintain a professional username

Keep your username professional to avoid making any bad first impression. Keep it simple to read and type.  Do not give an impression of being boring in using your name.


Dress perfectly

Skype interview tips highlight the dressing sense. Just because it is a Skype interview, you cannot sit in your college hoodie; instead wear as you attend an in-person interview.  This gives you also a feel of attending an interview and with the right dress code; the interviewer also has a positive approach towards you.


Consider the location

Everything behind you matters. Ensure to have a neutral, clean background and proper lighting. Do not consider a coffee shop as your internet is strong here or also avoid sitting near a window or in the basements. Also check the location behind you, it should not appear shabby. It is alright if the wall appears plain or has a simple wall piece behind.


Proper headset

Having a proper headset is essential for a Skype interview. If your headset has a talk piece, make use of it.  Your computer easily picks up background noise in a public space. Thus, using a headset helps in hearing clearly with less distraction of the background noises.


Maintain Eye contact

Look at your webcam. It will make you appear present and personable. Ensure to keep your eyes open to the video that is in the bottom corner. Pro-tip: Position your laptop on books stack to set the camera at proper eye-level. It is a flattering angle to maintain proper eye contact.


Handle glitches with charm

You may practice a lot to perfection, yet things go wrong at the right hour. Your interviewer also is aware of such glitches. Thus, if something happens, stay calm and friendly as you troubleshoot. If you wish to hang up the call, do not hesitate to ask and try again. This demonstrates your handling tact during a stressful situation. Do not start crying, begging or cursing the situation. In fact, your well earned situation may turn wrong.

Make a test call before your interview to your friend and ensure your audio and camera are properly working. Ask them about the sound quality and if they are able to see you clearly and about the lighting.


The bottom line is to follow the Skype interview tips and treat it as in-person interview. Give cues of being amiable and that you are a good listener. Also send a thank you note once the interview is complete.

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Dentists interview questions

Dentists interview questions


Answering the Dentists interview questions would be one of the steps that you need to take in order to be hired as dentists in some clinics. Therefore, you need to know the way to answer them.


Question 1: Why do you prefer to work in this clinic?

Usually, you can tell the interviewer that the clinic has good reputation. You can tell them that you are willing to contribute to the growth of a clinic if you think that the clinic is a small one.


Question 2: What are you good at?

This is another way of asking you about the strengths that you have. Therefore, you would need to tell the strength of yourself. You would also need to explain with examples. If you are not able to elaborate your answer with concrete example, you would not be able to please the interviewers because they would not think that you are answering something true at all.


Question 3: What are the skills that you think dentists should have?

There are a lot of skills that dentists have to demonstrate. Therefore, you just need to tell the interviewers one or two that you think are the most important.


Question 4: How long do you need to complete full mouth extraction?

This is a technical question so you need to prepare for the technical answer. Apart from giving the time, you would also need to give the steps.


Question 5: What would you do if you are complained by clients?

Answer: This would need you to demonstrate your communication skills and let the interviewers know that you are able to apply these skills in the real case.


Question 6: Did you make any mistake before?

It would not be appropriate if you answer ‘no’. It is because the interviewers would assume that everybody makes mistake. Therefore, you would need to find some in which you had reflected and learnt from the mistakes.


Question 7: What do you look for in your life?

Apart from working, you would need to find some other things that you are interested in pursuing.


Question 8: Introduce yourself to me

This question is a very typical one and you would usually be given a time limit to do the introduction. Therefore, you need to take the time and tell the most interesting part about yourself instead of mentioning something boring. Otherwise, you would waste the introduction time and you would not be able to grab the chance of working in that clinic.


Question 9: Did you do any personality tests before?

There are some types of personality tests that some organizations would create for people to complete. These tests may help the interviewers know about you in a better way.


Question 10: How long would you stay with us?

Obviously you would not be willing to stick to a clinic for your whole life. Therefore, you can tell the desired time that you would like to work in the field and let them know that you are at least going to stay with them for several years.


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How to negotiate a raise

How to negotiate a raise


Negotiating the contract terms before accepting a job or demanding a salary raise reflects the value of an employee. There is no doubt that asking for a raise is a skill. It is a complicated talk and also intimidating. You have to champion self-worth and that marks the irony that negotiations are never taught in classes. Knowing how to negotiate a raise is important, just like networking, interviewing or knowing the procedure is crucial. Practicing is very essential. Regardless of whether you like or not, you must get comfortable to match the salary and after a period of time consider negotiating a raise. Here are few tips:


Improve chances

Change the mindset and improve your chances to see a bright tomorrow. View the negotiation as a discussion, make it less personal, be friendly and ensure to stay with assertive mindset. Work out things to benefit you and your employer. Thus planning the financial future is important, same as your career.


Know your worth to your employer

Entering a salary negotiation implies good preparation. It is firstly about not getting emotional and considering it a project pitch for the services offered. Most importantly, you must have a good idea of your worth to your employer before knowing how to negotiate a raise. Here are few ways to know your worth:


Do a complete search on similar roles to have a benchmark salary range presently for the role. This is a simple gauge at minimum working for your salary negotiation.


If you start, many times it may appear as though you are planning to leave the present job right now. Yes, it is tedious to negotiate a raise, but it has various benefits such as you improve interview skills, understand the benchmark package you are worth and learn to strengthen the bargaining position. On doing a study and considering your worth, you may achieve that is required and also appear less desperate while negotiating and this is good.


Find out the cost of your replacement and this means how much the company will have to bear, if you leave. These are facts to know the actual hiring cost for someone to replace you. Keep your contributions proof that has set examples of success and pointing this helps in negotiating a raise. The employer also will consider the recruitment cost, training cost, project delays and delivering results time frame cost. When you see, you stand tall at these points, you can ask a raise.


 Never say the number first

A cardinal rule of negotiation is to never say the number first. The number question is sure to pop up. If your efforts reveal the situation for a raise, you may quote a marginal raise on that you are drawing now taking into consideration the market benchmark salary.





Stay silent

Practice to stay silent and remember to control the conversation and if you are silent, the employer will have to fill the silence. Knowing how to negotiate a raise is of immense value and staying silent gives you breathing times.

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Budget Analyst cover Letter

Budget Analyst cover Letter


Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name,

I am writing to express my interest in the Budget Analyst Position you have posted. My attached resume highlights my broad range of experience and qualifications that closely align with the position description.

From analyzing financial reports and systems and performing cost-benefit analyses to forecasting budgets and spearheading complex financial projects, my background has prepared me to excel in this role. With proven success managing corporate funds and resources as well as mentoring and supervising departmental staff, my additional strength in database management and general administration position thrive me to in this challenging position.


Furthermore, I am equipped with a vast knowledge of consolidated of budgets, forecasts and actual results using MS Excel and Access, and enterprise software. Besides, I am able to organize and analyze large volumes of data and perform data reconciliations swiftly.


With my experience in financial analysis and budget development, coupled with my sharp business acumen and my commitment to achieving accurate and timely results, I believe I can swiftly surpass your expectations for this role. I look forward to discussing the position in further detail.


Thank you for your consideration.



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follow up after an interview

How to follow up after an interview


Attended an interview and you believe you nailed it. Did you feel the recruiter was really interested and were you feeling connected to the job and the type of work? Did the recruiter say ‘Stay in touch’? If so, you have almost received a green flag for the job and now it is a couple of weeks and you find nothing is taking place.  Now, here the question is how to follow up after an interview without appearing a pest or look like you are very desperate.


This is a sensitive topic. Many people are certain that the interview went bad and do not wish to make a wrong move with follow up. There is a need to stay steady. There may be reasons for you not being the right candidate, yet you can impress a HR person, a recruiter or a hiring manager with an appropriate follow up.


Keeping that in mind, here are few ways to ease the job search equation.


Ask for the next steps

You always have the option open to ask a recruiter about the next step such as you could follow up. In case the interviewer informs about contacting in a week’s time, for the time being it is ok. Once it crosses nearly 10 days, you must know how to follow up after an interview without being pushy.


“Hi (Recruiters/hiring managers Name)—I hope it has been a great week. You mentioned about finalizing on the Marketing Manager position this week. I am eager to have an update. And if required I will provide any additional information to assist your decision-making process, please keep me informed!”


Thank-You Note

The Thank-you notes do matter. They offer you a great opportunity to follow up. You can send them after the interview immediately. You can make use of the moment and add more value.


Of course, your follow-up email should first be a thank you note. This should be sent without fail in no later than 24 hours of completing the interview. The note should be friendly, brief and conversational, restating your concern in the job and the relevant details you are qualified with. This Thank you note offers great opportunity adding significant information. An example is:


Hi [interviewer name],


Thank you for the interview today. After knowing more about the position from you, I’m truly excited to join your team and assist [creating world-class marketing campaigns, increase revenue, inspire prospective clients, and be an asset, etc.] for [company name].


I believe my past experience will be a suitable fit for your company. However, please keep me posted on the hiring process status. Looking forward to speaking soon with you in person.


Warm regards,

[Your name]

Mobile number


Knowing how to follow up after an interview helps as you may impress the employer of being a great value addition to the company. Do not miss this opportunity to remind them of the reasons for deserving this job. You can relate to something discussed during the interview, showing you are passionate about this job.


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Software Developer Resume Template

Software Developer Resume Template


Grant Avenue san Francisco, California 94108

[email protected]


Professional Summary

A result-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical Senior Software Engineer.

  • Dynamic leader of software development teams offering 11 years of experience managing multi-million dollar, mission-critical projects.
  • Skilled in all phases of the software development lifecycle; expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions and fanatical about quality, usability, security and scalability.


Experienced In-

  • Engineering web development, all layers, from database to services to user interfaces
  • Supporting legacy systems with backups of all cases to/from parallel systems
  • Analysis and design of databases and user interfaces
  • Managing requirements
  • Implementing software development life cycle policies and procedures
  • Managing and supporting multiple projects
  • Highly adaptable in quickly changing technical environments with very strong organizational and analytical skills

Professional Experience

October 2009 to December 2014 Hart worth software and computer – New city land, software Engineer


  • Formulated and implemented plans for the development of large scale web applications.
  • Completed socket programming, clustering and other engineering duties on a daily basis.
  • Prepared and assessed inputs and outputs for system algorithms.


March 2004 to September 2009 Barwin Mechanical- New city land, CA Software engineer


  • Verified and analyzed system algorithms and conducted test to ensure viability.
  • Assisted product development teams in the implementation of working plans and the production of review document.
  • Reviewed code and assessed system for bugs and malfunctions.


July 2000 to February 2004 johnson technical- New Cityland software Engineer


  • Developed and implemented working plans for the formulation of front and back end web applications.
  • Completed code writing duties, reviewed daily code for bugs or errors and conducted weekly system tests.
  • Yield project reports for ongoing working plans and organized work orders.




  • B.S. ( Computer Science ) from ali Jinnah university, in 2005 with cgpa 4.5.



Download :Software Developer Resume Template.docx

Article publié pour la première fois le 22/01/2017

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10 Things Never To Say At Work

10 Things Never To Say At Work

There are some parts of the American language that can attach unwanted labels to your ‘person’ as a manager. These words have the power to limit your career development path. The unfortunate thing is that many of these are taught in motivational and self help seminars.

No Problem

The very fact that you say ‘no problem’ indicates that there was a problem, but you will deal with it. When you are trying to present a competent image the last thing you want to do is bring up the word ‘problem’ in any sense of the word.

Instead of saying ‘no problem’ a better way to address the situation would be to say ‘I have a couple thoughts. Let me find a solution.’ Or, ‘I can get on that right away.’

I’m Sorry

This indicates a sense of incompetence, submission, and ‘un-managerial’ attitude and work ethic. Saying I’m sorry also denotes a sense that you failed, or did not try hard enough. Instead of saying I’m sorry, try to limit your comment to ‘I understand’. Or ‘I will come up with a better way to manage this job.’

I’ll Try

This statement is an outright admission that you feel inferior to the task at hand. It also can include an inherent ‘whine’ or complaint in the statement. Both are death for a manager’s career. We don’t always feel up to the task we are given, and we may resent being asked to do extra work, but we should never let it show.

Instead of saying ‘I’ll Try’ you can affirm that you will take on the job. Saying ‘I’ll Try’ is an emotional word. Instead use a proactive word. A simple ‘yes’ is sufficient. If you have some concerns then don’t keep them to yourself or be vague. Ask if you can give the person a list of your concerns to address before starting the project.

If you really don’t know whether you can do the job then keep a positive attitude. “Sounds Interesting.’ ‘I’m up for a challenge.’ ‘I’d like to be part of this project.’

That’s Not My Job

This can limit your chances of a future promotion faster than any mistake, complaint, or chaos you may cause. There are few things in the manager’s job description that can result in a career crashing downward spiral like this phrase.

This can be a delicate situation. Sometimes we do feel that too much has been placed on our shoulders. Or maybe we are alarmed and feel the job delegated to us is above our pay grade, or worse is doomed to fail and someone is trying to pass the buck.

Part of being a manager is learning how to deal with problems in a way that doesn’t damage our career. Use any situation like this to learn how to deflect career ending problems.

I Can’t

This phrase should never come out of a management candidate’s mouth. When we say ‘I can’t’ our bosses hear ‘I can’t do the job’. Or, ‘Im not able to help you do your job.’ Or, ‘You hired the wrong person.’  There is no way to positively spin this into something positive.

Sometimes you do run into a job that you are not skilled to do. Trying to do your best can be just as devastating as admitting that you cannot do the job. This requires some delicate maneuvering. Can you take a course? Can you ask for some help? Can you request more resources? Asking for help may indicate that you are over your head, without saying ‘I can’t.’


There are few words in the English language that lower the IQ of the whole room like the word ‘get.’ A single word can diminish a manager’s authority. Whether in print, or verbally, eliminate this, and other vague verbs from your vocabulary. These words have a subtle way of undermining your authority.




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Max Shelton Interview: An Online Marketing Consultant

Max Shelton Interview: An Online Marketing Consultant for the Hair Transplant Industry


Mr Max Shelton, an online and website marketing specialist who works with companies and clinics from the hair transplant industry. Max has been working with international hair loss clinics with online marketing strategy for over 4 years now, and helps clients grow their business in terms of leads and enquires. In this interview we talk to him about how he got to where he is today and the processes that it involved.


Hey Max, first of all are you able to tell our readers a bit more on who you are, where you live, and any other things you like aside from your online marketing business?


Of course no problem! I am nearly 38, I live in Kansas in the USA, I am married with three kids, own a dog, and love hang-gliding as and when I get a chance to do so outside of my busy schedules!


Are you able to tell us why you work with hair transplant clinics as your chosen and specialist industry niche for your online marketing business?


About a decade ago I started to lose my hair. Because of this I spent lots of time trying to find a decent Dorset hair transplant surgeon. It took me ages to find one that I could trust, so I could see that this was probably an issue for many other men, not just me.


I realised that if it was hard for me to find someone I could trust, then I probably wasn’t alone. Because of that I decided to start up an online directory of cosmetic surgeons, but in particular hair transplant clinics.


My new website portal let patients review and rate hair transplant clinics and brought me in contact with one of the United States’ largest and most reputable hair loss clinics.


They actually ended up buying the website from me and asked me if I could start working on their online marketing strategy and plans… and the rest as they say is history!


So can you tell us the type of things that you do for hair transplant clinics who are on your client list and what your job involves?


In the main it’s all about helping them to generate more online business and patient enquiries. So for example that could mean developing them a specific lead generation website or creating Facebook ad campaigns designed to make their phone ring more!


I now have around 5 hair loss and hair restoration clinics that I work for around the globe, and I like to think that I am now regarded as one of the go-to experts when it comes to the hair loss industry and the businesses in that niche.


During a typical day of work, what type of tasks and activities do you have to do?


Well once the kids have been taken off to school it’s straight down into the office with a coffee. The emails get checked, and then I follow a strict project plan where possible. I read a lot of self-help business books by people such as Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone in order to help me plan and execute.


Ultimately the daily aims are all about numbers so if my clients are receiving a steady stream of online enquires from people (both men and women) seeking hair transplant treatments then my job is done. For example, at the moment it’s all about generating more business on the female side as hair loss for women can be a taboo subject – you should see some of the work that Dr Edward Ball of Portsmouth has been doing though, as he has some amazing examples of successful female clients.


2017 is almost upon us, so what do you have planned for your business over the next 12 months or so?


My main focus will be on getting more clients. The UK hair loss market is somewhere I really want to expand into as it’s a growing market which still has loads of more room to grow compared to the North American industry.


My aim is to get more UK hair transplant surgeons onto my client roster, and help them to grow like I have my US clients.


There are some amazing hair transplant surgeons in the UK, and so to work with some of these industry leaders would be a great achievement and something to add to my growing portfolio if possible.


Do you have any hints or tips for people who want to get into online marketing or generate more online business themselves?


For me in the hair loss industry it was important to build up a great reputation. Word of mouth is always good, but also building up a great portfolio of clients, and online footprint. If you do something good don’t be afraid to shout about it online, whether via your own blog, or in interviews such as this one.


And of course, online marketing is changing all of the time so make sure you keep abreast of any changes and new strategies that are happening so you can stay one step ahead of your competition.


Work hard, play hard, and the results will come!




Article publié pour la première fois le 30/11/2016

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Career fair tips

Career fair tips


Competition in the job market is high and so considering the career fair pays. Attending a job fair is best than merely sitting at home and waiting to receive a phone call offering job. Career fair is the right place to know if you can make a difference and are your results satisfactory to get a job offer. Following some of the career fair tips is certainly helpful.


  • Carry resume in many copies so that submitting to employers is possible.
  • Before the fair, find the job opportunities. Spend time to understand the background of the organizations participating in the job fair and prepare for specific questions. This helps the representatives in showing interest as you will be having relevant answers.
  • Dress appropriately. This is one of the important career fair tips. Creating impression is crucial, so dress in business casual dress.
  • Come early so that you have enough time. Fairs are highly busy during the lunch hours and the job fairs close promptly.
  • Get to know the companies coming in the job fair and prioritize the employers you may be interested. Hone your approach and practice to be confident while approaching employers. Also remember, there may be very little time and a long queue, so keep with the reality and get prepared for the interview. Ensure to have time on hand so that you do not miss the companies you wish to attend.
  • Stay flexible. The career fair offers summary in brief of the opportunities. Actually, here no employer representative is aware of all the available positions, especially this is common with large organizations. There may be some sudden openings, while some positions may not be available any more. some reps also share their experiences, but if they are not aware of the job details, you may ask for the name who can be of assistance to you.
  • Review the map for the fair. Feel comfortable and walk to the employers where you are interested.
  • Introduce yourself and go with appropriate “career pitch. Say “hello” and say your name. Keep your resume ready to hand over. Be ready to talk with respect to your career interests, academic and extracurricular experiences revealing your strengths and skills.
  • Take down notes and there may be few questions unanswered by the rep at the fair. If this job meets your interests, you may jot down their telephone numbers and names or other people to contact.
  • Ask the representative card, and send a thank-you note. This serves the purpose of having a direct contact, besides sending a thank you note refers to your professional good habit.


Most important career fair tips are to stay energized and upbeat. Make an impression revealing your enthusiasm regarding the work. You may engage the rep of the company in conversation and listen patiently to all that he has to say. You may send a follow-up letter  to the hiring manager and human resources and assure them you can add value to the company.

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Accepting job offer email

Accepting job offer email


Are you looking for a job, have you applied through resume and cover letter and have you attended a job interview. The next is to know is that you have been selected and very soon you can expect an offer letter from them. Once the company sends across an email offering the job, you have to send accepting job offer email in response as a confirmation from your end for accepting the offer.


What Next?

It is a good idea to write acceptance letter when there is a job offer or the moment a job is offered to you and you are willing to join the company for the post assigned. Here the concern is that you must write accepting job offer email with perfection.


Points to consider

  • Firstly, When you should write
  • What should the letter include
  • How should your write the letter


Accepting job offer email should be formal. You may document the important points about job title, benefits and other remuneration. You may document it yourself or get it documented from outside, friends or relatives. This is a one -time requirement to be given while joining a new company. The most important point here is to keep the letter brief and perfectly professional.


 Acceptance letter


On receiving an offer letter there are two choices, your either accept or decline. However, before going ahead with accepting job offer email or a letter, emphasis must be given on crucial points such as:


Money: Prior to signing the job offer letter, one must consider the remuneration. You must confirm if the amount mentioned is the same as discussed during interview. The options are open to you to decline the offer, in case the remuneration does not match. However talk to the employer, ensure your take in salary is enough to meet the industry standards and pay bills.


Other things to take care of include:

  • Benefits
  • Working hours
  • Incentives
  • Leave policies
  • Flexible timings
  • Quitting procedure
  • Personal emergency


Only when all these mentioned above is convincing, you may accept the offer. In case you notice difference of opinion in any point, you may negotiate or decline.




Guideline to Accept Job Offer Email


Accepting job offer email implies it should be in three parts:


  • Gratitude: The email of your job acceptance should reveal gratitude towards the company or organization. Start with thanking for the opportunity given and believing in you and that you are looking forward to be a part of the organization soon.
  • Confirmation: On confirmation, write the acceptance job offer email referring to the position, the date of joining and the discussed salary.
  • Closing: The closing of a job offer acceptance email should be good. This is because it expresses your enthusiasm to take the job. The closing paragraph may be used to add information that the company wants to know as query.


The accepting job offer email should be mailed to the hiring manager or the HR and save a draft for future references.


Accepting job offer email Sample



Subject: – Job Offer Accepted at [Company name]


Message Body:-


“Dear Mr (Name),


As per our discussion, I am pleased to accept the job offer for the position of (Name the position) with you (company name).


I thank you for this offer. I am looking forward to make a positive contribution to the company. I am excited to work.


As discussed, my salary is (amount) per annum. Other benefits included would be health insurance, travel allowances and life insurance.


I will join your company on (date and year). Before that if anything required, please let me know.


Thank you very much.



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Satellite Direct Software

Since the development of information technology is more and more rapid in recent decades, there are a lot of programs which are designed for people to enjoy various services through the internet. It would not be difficult for them to find the information such as satellite direct software in the market in recent years.

Whenever you try to find information related to satellite direct software, you probably would find that there are many people supporting this kind of software. When you want to use these programs to enjoy the television or other entertainments, you should try to understand how to select the programs well so that you can enjoy using them.

First of all, you need to select the right provider of the programs. Some of the programs or software in the market would not be very useful and it is difficult for you to watch many channels when you use those programs or software. Therefore, you need to search online for a list of reliable programs for satellite TV software. Satellite direct software would be one of the reliable programs that you can choose because it is recognized by many users and it uses the advanced technology to process the signals received so as to generate the programs that you really love watching.

You will find that satellite direct software is poplar and there are many companies or individuals which want to simulate the success of it. Therefore, you can find that there are many programs which claim that you can watch television programs overseas after paying for the programs. But they might not be the reliable ones. Therefore, only the satellite direct software should be trusted indeed.

If you are interested in enjoying the services like satellite direct software, you should try to ask the questions in your mind and purchase after you have resolved all the questions. Some people complain about the quality of the software because they did not understand how the software works. Therefore, they would find that there is a gap between their expectation and the reality and they would make the complaint. But this is clearly not something responsible and you should try to avoid doing this because you are wasting your time. Therefore, you are advised to ask the customer support team the questions that you have so that you can have a better understanding while you purchase the services.

When you have any problems related to the operation of the satellite direct software, you should also try to find the help from the customer support team. There are many services that you can use in order to watch the television programs well. Usually, people fail in watching the programs because they cannot identify the right set of configurations. Therefore, the best thing that they can do would be to look for the right configurations through the help from the customer or technical support team.

As long as you try to find the information about satellite direct software and learn before you hire the services, you would not be disappointed and you can use it to have wonderful entertainment.

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Follow up email after application

Follow up email after application

Sending a resume for a job and hearing nothing is certainly disheartening. You need not keep sitting on pins looking for a response. Wait for a week or two, and consider a follow up email after application. Here is a follow-up email


Subject: Following up on [position title] application




Hi [Name of the hiring manager],


I hope everything is going good. I recently applied in your company for the [position title] and wish to check your decision timeline. I understand you are busy, but I am excited to join your esteem company and (state how you can benefit the work position such as bringing in more clients or anything that you will be doing).


Please let me know for any additional information required from me as you move to the hiring process next stage.


Looking forward to hearing from you,


[Your name]


Your mobile number

Email address


Follow up email

Pro Tips

In case even after sending this note, you do not hear anything in a week’s time, follow up again. There is no harm in being pleasantly persistent.


Waiting between a job application and the time of hearing back from them is daunting.  You can always consider writing a follow up email after application and set yourself apart, just do not be pushy.


Writing the Followup Email Tips

  • Give a few days. The general consensus is your follow-up should be done after a week’s or ten days time. This is because there may be many as you, who have applied and sorting the applications to find suitable candidates takes time.
  • Honestly, some hiring managers do not prefer receiving follow up emails. They consider it a tactic to grab attention, while some consider it your passion and enthusiasm making you outstanding from the crowd.
  • Address to the correct person your email to whom you applied for the job. Address him by his name or write as “Dear Hiring Manager”.
  • Maintain perfect greeting and subject line. Do not forget to add “Dear” before the hiring manager’s name. You may start the email body of the letter immediately. Do not become informal and say “Hi” or “Hey”, keep things formal.
  • Keep the subject, “Application Follow-Up for the Position”. If there is some reference number, add it.



Mention the position you applied for. Keep it simple and short. Just start with the date you applied for the position, and that you did not hear from them. You can say like this:


Dear Mr. (Name of the hiring manager),


I applied, last week, for the position (name) you advertised. I have not heard from your Company regarding this position and wish to confirm my application was received.


In one or two sentences, inform the hiring manager your excitement to work in this position and how you will be a proper fit. This reinforces you to be considered for the position.


Please contact me any time for clarifications or materials, looking forward to hearing and thank you for your time.





Your name, phone number

Email address

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Whiplash headache

 Whiplash headache

Whiplash is a non-medical term referred as  injuries to the neck caused by or related to a sudden distortion of the neck associated with extension.  People who experience whiplash develop a chronic headache also known as a cervicogenic headache. In some people this  symptom appear within the first couple of days after the accident and usually pass after a few days to a few weeks. There are a number of  other symptoms related to whiplash – neck pain,  dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue and memory problems . There are a number of people who might walk away feeling very fine even after suffering from a whiplash injury only to experience symptoms on the next day. The headache can start immediately after the incident or can even take some time to develop. There are a number of people who suffer from late whiplash symptoms,  means that the headache can last for months and at times even years.

What causes headache whiplash injuries

When the head is jerked back and forth, there is sudden strain on the neck’s muscles and ligaments.  This might happen during a car accident, repetitive stress to the neck , a sports injury, a punch or something falling on the head.  The shaking of a child is a common cause in children (child abuse). In most cases, the headache whiplash injury will be resolved in the weeks after the original trauma.  However, in a very large minority pain will continue for months.

 Symptoms of headache whiplash

After neck pain, headache  is the second commonest symptom that patients experience. After whiplash injury person feel the pain in the back of their head, or discomfort at their forehead or behind their eyes. The symptoms of this type of headache include pains that travel from the neck and up to the head. Headache after whiplash injury often shows itself for the first time on the morning after the accident. The pain sweeps up from the neck and over the back of the head. Most sufferers find that heat on the back of the neck will ease the headache. Cold makes it worse. Neck movements often aggravate the problem – particularly if the neck is moved towards extension, looking up to the ceiling is often very painful. Patients with whiplash related head pains often also get shoulder pain and touching the big trapezius muscles over the back of the neck and shoulders often provokes pain or spread of symptoms upwards. There are often tender spots or trigger points in these muscles. Women get pains in the head after whiplash injury more often than men. The other problems that can result from a head injury, caused by a whiplash incident, include problem in focusing. People might face problems in shifting their visions from one point to another. This is seen to occur more frequently in people who try to shift their vision more quickly from one point to another. There can also be a delayed tracking movement of the eye and also incidents of blurred vision in just one eye.The symptom can also lead to dizziness and disorientation, in most of the people who suffer from a whiplash injury.

 Treatment of whiplash injury

1)    neck collar is little bit useful but prolonged immobilization of the neck by means of collar leads other problems.

2) other treatment include

Massage; It is helpful in the areas where there is pain, especially in the neck

      Ice and heat therapy:  Using ice is  helpful  early on in the injury (to decrease inflammation), and heat is used more often later on.

     Stretching and physical therapy:   stretching exercises may be benificial.

     Medication:  Sometimes the pain is short term and mild, and  don’t need much more than a few over the counter painkillers.  More severe pain may call for more powerful medication.  Sometimes  injections to numb the pain and avoid muscle spasms should be taken

       Rest:  Resting the injured areas can be important, perhaps bed rest early on.

      Alternative treatments:  some other  treatments  are also helpful. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) with exercise is beneficial. protect head from trauma by using sports equipments, seat belts etc

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Best excuses for missing work

Best excuses for missing work


Work is worship, yet sometimes you wish to take a holiday and miss the work for some particular reason. The reason may be really silly or very essential. Regrettably, most people get only two weeks of vacation in a year. There may be a need to take a holiday, besides the two weeks getting used in the vacation. If so, you have to find some best excuses for missing work.  Here are few excuses that may help you save your sanity and face.


Best excuses


Excuse 1: To begin with best excuses for missing work are light food poisoning and enjoy your outdoors. Light food poisoning is regarded best as there is no physical evidence. To make it look true, the next day, walk slowly, clutch your stomach for your boss to notice you and noticeably eat bland food. Females put on pale foundation and no mascara; this will give a dull look suitable to your answer.

Excuse 2: The next excuse that can be considered is the doctor’s appointment to get you a half-day or even a full-day holiday. If you make the appointment by 3 pm, you may leave by 2.30 and reach by 4 pm to home. Ensure it is a Friday, so that you can recharge with this shortened working day and the subsequent weekend off days.

Excuse 3: Another smart excuse is to inform you are working from home. This gives you an opportunity to work from home. You can save the commuting time and complete your personal work or take some extra rest that is long due.

Excuse 4: Come early for two to three hours and stay for a week or two. Eventually, you may take a day off, you will feel good about the off and your boss will not mind as you were there when there was real work.


Simple excuses

These simple excuses also help in missing work, if you take to smart act. Actually, they are not very smart excuses, but are sometimes helpful taking as best excuses for missing work.


  • Death in the family: This is an excuse and is right only if there is some truth. You should not end killing your family members more than once; this will end up in your employers losing trust in you, regardless of your best work capability.
  • Stuck with Car problem: This excuse sounds agreeable, but state a car problem that confirms your reason to get stuck. Tell the automobile is not moving and the mechanic is trying to sort it out. Makeup something that prevents you legitimately from driving to work and is not really expensive to fix. In case your boss smells foul and asks you for the car maintenance receipts, tell you have a mechanic friend and he obliged you with a free service.
  • Personal emergency: This excuse is really vague, but it also works at rare times. It relates to anything from fatigue to hairdresser appointment. This suits fine with working women.


All said and done, it is best to say your supervisor or boss the real reason, than cutting an excuse. This is because you have to remember the reason for an extended period.

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Jobs and Careers

jobs career

Things to Consider Before Choosing Jobs and Careers

Everybody is looking for stability and security in their life and for this it is important that they choose the right jobs and careers for themselves. If you too are worrying about the career path that you need to choose in your life it is important that before you decide about any particular career make sure that you have taken the decision wisely. Consider few things that will make your choice career


Education is important

There is no doubt that your choice of jobs and careers will depend upon the education that you take. Nowadays you have to invest for taking higher education and thus it is necessary that you choose the right path. If you know what type of career you will get ahead into then you can take such education. Like if you want to be a lawyer then it is necessary that you take degree in law that will help you to be a lawyer. This is true for any other education.


Do not forget your interest

One thing that is most important for choosing any of the different jobs and careers is your interest. The job that you choose will have to done by you regularly and it will be the prime part of your life. Hence, if you do not have interest in it you will find that your life is becoming too hectic. You will be working for something that will not give you satisfaction! Hence, know your interest before you choose any career.


Financial security

It is essential that you also have financial security while you live. Thus, while you choose your career if you overlook it you may face problem in future. Thus, you may have interest in painting but until and unless you have steady income from it you will not have financial security that is most important.



See more

Part Time Jobs  | Resume Search USA  | Sales Jobs  | Search USA Jobs  | State Jobs  | Student Jobs  | Top Pay Jobs  | Top Job Sites  | Work from home  |



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Sports Rehabilitation Training

Sports Rehabilitation Training

Training is very important in any area but such needs to be suitable training. Proper training equips one with the necessary skills and techniques necessary for addressing and solving problems that arise in a particular area. As more sports personalities become health conscious and want to be active for a long time, sports rehabilitation has become very necessary. Contrary to common misconception, rehabilitation in sports is not restricted to treating injured athletes but rather covers prevention of injuries.

Sports rehabilitation training is a very challenging training program that addresses particular health issues relating to athletes. The training program is challenging because of the varied sports disciplines that present different health challenges. In many jurisdictions, rehabilitation training is strictly regulated, with training offered at different levels. Training authorities in different jurisdictions have developed training programs from certificate level to diploma, higher diploma and degree level. Those wishing to receive the training are obligated to meet training entry requirements for admission. In most jurisdictions, those wishing to receive training at degree level must have high qualifications in science subjects.

Te training covers different areas including sports exercises, injury prevention, musculoskeletal screening and postural assessment. These are divided into different training modules that a trainee has to cover in three years for award of a degree. Sports rehabilitation training is not however restricted to the indicated areas. One also receives training in sports nutrition, physiotherapy and biomechanics. At the end of training, a sports rehabilitator is expected to be able to:

  • Help prevent sports injuries in athletes placed under their care by providing education on the safe ways to undertake sports exercises.
  • Diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries in athletes.
  • Apply appropriate rehabilitation techniques in treating injured athletes to enable them recover quickly to return to their sports activities.
  • Uphold and maintain high standards in the course of his/her practice and in particular, dealing with different athletes.

Generally, sports rehabilitators are expected to conduct themselves the way doctors do; treat athletes in confidence and release any details of their injuries with their approval.

Like in other medical training courses, a sports rehabilitator does not go straight into practice upon graduation. A rehabilitator is obligated to practice under the supervision of a recognized and approved orthopedic specialist or consultant. Such placement is usually for one month. A qualified rehabilitator is obligated to practice under different orthopedic specialists before he/she is certified and approved to practice independently. Sports injury clinics, professional sports clubs and private practice are some of the environments qualified rehabilitators are engaged in.

Sports rehabilitation training does end at the degree level. The basic degree training opens up other avenues for additional training. Some sports rehabilitators have proceeded to undertaken further training, qualifying with Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Sports Injury Rehabilitation. Although there are many universities and other higher education training institutions around the world, very few offer rehabilitation in sports as a course. In any case, the universities and other institutions offering the training are mainly in developed countries. As demand for rehabilitation services in sports increases however, things are bound to change and many training institutions will certainly embrace rehabilitation in sports as a training course.


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Questions to ask interviewers

The right questions to ask interviewers


The interview process is never a lopsided proceeding where you are just bombarded with a lot of questions by the interviewers and you answer them and leave. When you succeed in establishing a very good relationship with your interviewers, you will be in a better position to land the job. This might not mean wooing, though the concept of purposeful wooing for a job is not bad anyway. But you might be interested in knowing some other things about the post you are applying for and the firm in question. Questions to ask interviewers will make you access the firm and know whether they will really give you what you want if eventually you work with them.


The questions to ask interviewers will normally come when the interview is coming to the close and should not be used to interrupt the interviewers when the interview is still going on. You should try always to ask questions that you need their answers and the ones you are sure to get the answers. Questions to ask interviewers should not be very rude and intruding and should not evoke bad feelings. Also ask questions that will portray the level of research you have done and the level of knowledge you have about the firm in question. They should not be about salaries, benefits, leaves and vacations. They don’t tell well about you.


Questions to ask interviewers should include, how would you explain the responsibilities that come with this job? Is this position new? What did the person who handled the job before achieve? What is the management style of the firm and is this going to be a team work or for the individual? Will the job involve much travelling and when can I expect to hear from you? These are the most appropriate questions to ask interviewers.


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Marketing Tips Free

Top 8 Online Marketing Tips Free

Designing a website alone is not sufficient. To drive the sufficient amount of traffic to website is of major concern. There are various marketing tips to promote the website and get listed in the SERP’s. Know about the best marketing tips free of cost. There are various ways to promote your site, some are free and some are paid.

In this online marketing tips free article, we are going to look at how to promote a site online.

  • Article Marketing

One of the best strategies is article marketing. The articles should be on relevant topics. Article writing is not the only task to do, but the articles have to be submitted in the article directories in relevant categories. The author resource box provided will help you mention about you and your company. The article will work wonders for you. But bear in mind that the article should have the fresh content, and try to be simple with your language.

  • Blogs

The blog is the most efficacious way for business promotion. Make use of the website link in your blog and by doing this high traffic could be generated to your website. Blog writing is an easy way to promote the website, and easily accessible and easy to edit also.

  • Press Release

To tell about the new product launch or new service, press release is used. Writing a good press release and then submitting the press release in various press release sites can prove to be an effective marketing way. But as the press release is provided to media, the press release has to be well written.

  • Link Generation

To generate more traffic, link building is another method that is used. But the links should be from relevant sites, i.e. sites those are related to your business, product or service. Links have to be worthy for more effective results.

  • Forum Marketing

Forums are the discussion boards. There are numerous forums, so choose the relevant one. Be active over there and participate there. You can even place links in the signature box. While commenting or posting anything your signature will also be displayed.

  • Directory Submission

Submit the website to various directories. But choose the appropriate category for directory submission.

  • Offer Some Special Services

Try to provide some free services to those who link to your site. You can even offer free software/application downloads. It will really be a gainful method for your business.

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Tips For International Students Applying For Jobs In America While Attending School

Many international students decide they want to start their careers in the United States instead of returning to their home country once they graduate. It’s important for international students to understand that the job hunt for them is much different than the job hunt for American citizens.

If you’re an international student applying for a job, the following are a few tips to help you find success.

1. Know the law.

It is illegal for students with a student visa to work off-campus during their first year as a student. If you are in your first year of school, don’t even bother applying for jobs, as you will not be accepted.

Most students with a student visa are usually allowed to stay in the country for one year after graduation as long as they have a job. This is done to provide the student with real-life work experiences. Keep this in mind when applying for jobs as well.

2. Know what’s expected of your employer.

If you want to work in the United States, you will eventually need to possess a work visa. This is something that your employer will need to sign off on to help keep you in the country legally. Make sure that you know what’s expected of your employer and be willing to discuss this with them during your interview or application process. The more educated you are on what they need to do, the more you’re proving your worth.

3. Prove your communication skills.

The biggest reason that American companies don’t hire international students is fear of poor communication skills. Make sure that you do everything you can to become fluent in English. Take English classes or writing classes to help you learn how to speak and write well. Ensure your resume, cover letter and any other written correspondence are written perfectly, and feel free to follow up with a phone call to showcase your English abilities. If you can prove that you’re fluent in English and that there will not be any communication barriers, you’re making yourself look more appealing. (Note: being bilingual is a huge plus when it comes to getting a job, so be sure to note that you can speak another language fluently on your resume.)

4. Have a strong educational background.

Make sure your academics provide the employer with reason to want to hire you. Study hard to do well in school and provide transcripts that prove how well you did in classes. Join groups while in school that will make you stand out and help boost your career, and take on part-time jobs that can help you gain any necessary skills you could use later in your career. The more experienced you can become in your field, the better opportunity you have of being hired.

5. Adhere to American business etiquette.

Certain things are expected of applicants in the American business world, and it’s important that you not only learn, but also implement these factors into your job hunt. Be sure to create a resume with a cover letter to send off to prospective employers. Have these items proofed to ensure grammar and context are correct, and be willing to provide any other documentation that could be necessary, such as portfolios, references or copies of your current student visa.

You should also be sure to dress in business professional attire, keep eye contact with your interviewer, and have a firm handshake. Do your research on the company too to prove that you know what you’re getting into and why you’d want to work for that company.

Featured images:

Carman Navaro is a student adviser helping international students looking to study in the U.S. by translating documents through

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Common Diabetes Myths

Common Diabetes Myths

I recently created a resource for people with diabetes which required me to surf through hundreds of different forums and blogs. In the process of researching and creating content, I saw a handful of statements that sounded humorous. Granted, I did a lot of research on the topic and consider myself quite knowledgeable on the disease, but I realized that others were starting to believe them as facts. Here are the top myths we came across:

  1. Once you have diabetes, you have the disease for life: There is a bit of truth to this in that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that is irreversible. Unfortunately, the body is unable to produce insulin on its own and those with type 1 diabetes will require insulin until a cure is found. However, 95% of those with diabetes have type 2, which is reversible! With a healthy diet and exercise program that promotes weight loss, one can eliminate their dependency on insulin. This will only happen if the diabetic loses a considerable amount of weight, which a doctor and dietitian can help with.
  2. People with diabetes shouldn’t play sports: I saw several people ask whether those with diabetes should play sports and saw several people respond that they shouldn’t for a wide variety of reasons. This is completely not true! People with diabetes can play sports just like everyone else. In fact, playing sports is a great form of exercise which can help with your weight loss goals and make managing the disease easier. There are several famous athletes that have led exceptional careers with diabetes, including:
    • Jay Cutler- Quarterback for the Chicago Bears
    • Wade Wilson- Was an NFL quarterback for 17 years
    • Jerry Stackhouse- Won the NBA championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011
    • Walt Frazier- NBA legend
    • Mark Lowe- current pitcher for the Texas Rangers
    • Jackie Robinson- First African American baseball player and MLB legend
  3. Eating too much sugar causes diabetes- This is simply not true. Eating a diet that is high in sugar and fat can ultimately cause one to be overweight, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. However, there is no direct link between a diet that is high in sugar and developing diabetes.

There are several other rumors that our team saw during the creation of our diabetes guide that frighten us. Some of the answers people posted to questions contained information that was very false and could have serious consequences if readers interpret them to be facts. We hope to help de-bunk these myths so that people have a better understanding of the disease.

Bio: Adam Bruk is an online marketing specialist for When he isn’t busy analyzing retail and fashion trends in diabetic socks for men, he enjoys golfing, cooking, and traveling.



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Amazon – the Future of Shopping?

They say that the high street is dying. In some towns more than 30% of stores lie empty, as shoppers head to out-of-town shopping centres for many purchases, and rely on mail order for things that can wait.

Amazon is doing particularly well at the moment. It started life as a small, American online bookstore, and went on to become a multi-national concern. Today, the site has branches all over the world, and it doesn’t just sell books. You can buy games, toys, and even groceries via Amazon today, and they even have their own electronic device – the Kindle – an e-reader that will presumably secure Amazon’s future even if books go out of style.

Why is Amazon So Successful?

Part of Amazon’s success can be attributed to the fact that they got in ahead of the rush.  Amazon was founded in 1995, during the height of the dot com boom. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, started small, and while many of his competitors shot for rapid growth and mega-bucks, he was happy with slow but sustainable growth. Amazon survived when the dot-com bubble burst, and by then it was firmly entrenched in the minds of the public as the go-to place for hard to find books.

Amazon Make Things Easy

The challenge for any online retailer is persuading people to click for their products, rather than walk into the store. This is one thing that Amazon does really well. Once you’ve bought something from Amazon, buying again is easy thanks to their one-click purchasing tool. You pick the product you want, select the speed of delivery you prefer, and then sit back and relax.

Postage and Packing

Amazon has shipping down to a fine art. Where consumers may be nervous about buying from other online retailers that squeeze books into Jiffy bags that are the wrong size, Amazon has carefully designed cardboard sleeves which will protect most books, and uses cardboard boxes that are lovingly packed for larger orders.

Digital Download

While there will always be a demand for some form of physical product – whether that’s clothes, toys, or food, there’s a growing demand for digital distribution too. Amazon identified this, and has already got a strong digital distribution system for subscribing to premium blogs, downloading MP3s, and downloading ebooks. This ensures that even if we do end up in a future where cardboard boxes and jiffy bags are looked upon as being as quaint as the LP and analogue radio, Amazon will still be relevant.

It’s this forward thinking attitude that has made the company so strong, and so popular. Other retailers sell just one thing, and don’t even do that well. When you see cardboard boxes with the Amazon logo on them, the chances are good that they’ll contain a book – but that’s not the only thing they sell. That box could contain a DVD, a video game, or something completely different.

To the consumer, it doesn’t matter – all that matters is that they paid an acceptable price, and that the product got their safely on time. That is what Amazon does well, and that’s what makes them the future of shopping.

This post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of UK Packaging who can supply Jiffy bags and a great range of cardboard boxes to suit all needs. Crispin writes on business and retail.

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Secure Your Future in Network Engineering

How to Secure Your Future in Network Engineering.

Today, thanks to the rapid growth of technology, computers permeate almost every aspect of our daily lives. Businesses are also growing more and more dependent on data communication networks to manage the flow of their data.

As a result of this, many companies require skilled computer network engineers to build and manage their networks. Network engineers are responsible for setting up and maintaining communications network within an organization to ensure maximum performance for the users of network. A role that’s integral to the growth of any business.

This article is a guide for aspiring network engineers. It provides the career requirements and a step-by-step guide to landing your dream job.

The Career Checklist

The table below summarizes the career requirements of a computer network engineer.

Image credits: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The most recent statistics available show that network engineers receive a median salary that ranges between $ 43,651 to 101,111.

The Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Get A Bachelor’s Degree

Most companies will only require that you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. To give yourself an edge, look for colleges that offer extended programs in computer network engineering.

In addition to this, some institutions have a well-connected internship network that would help your career along.

It would be advisable to take a year off to do a work experience program or apply for entry level network engineering job. The network engineering field hires based on experience and work experience programs would give you a better understanding of the nature of work that awaits you.

  1. Attain A Voluntary Certification

Obtaining technical certifications through voluntary courses would be immensely beneficial. Employers prefer candidates with an industry certificate from leaders like CISCO, Microsoft, or Juniper.

There are also several firms that offer apprenticeship programs; this is a fantastic way to further your career as a network engineer.

Thorough technical knowledge is also desirable, and there are several tools that a network engineer could to pick up.

Start by researching the specific company that you wish to work in. Familiarizing yourself with the tools used by that business makes it much more likely that you’ll be hired.

  1. Knowledge Reigns Supreme

A network engineer needs to ensure that the network infrastructure they’re in charge of is strong and completely airtight. Staggering sums of money depend on the strength and security of these networks.

They could be a small connection between a few offices or a series of globally distributed communication web. Given the potential complexity and importance of the job, it’s imperative to understand how communication networks work.

You should have an understanding of how Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) function. Knowledge of TCP/IP is also essential to becoming successful in this industry.

  1. Build Your Character

Besides technical expertise, companies also look for candidates who possess soft skills that will help them do their job well. If you don’t have these traits that are generally seen in the top network engineers, it’s never too late to pick them up. These are vital if you want to make your mark in this field.

  • Improve Your People Skills – Communication skills are vital in this field. Being able to effectively convey information to various departments, interacting with other technicians, and teaching end-users are all part of this job. Value your interactions with others, as collaborations can lead to better solutions.
  • Develop A Willingness To Learn – Getting a certification and a degree are all steps into the right direction. But, most software engineers stop learning once they get their dream job. Keep going! get the next certification level, attend workshops to explore the field of software engineering, be active in the networking community, and exchange knowledge with your peers.
  • Organization – Start by documenting your work and develop a well-planned system. For example, you can document how a network is configured and everything leading up to the implementation of infrastructure.
  1. Finally, Earn Yourself A Graduate Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers are more inclined towards people with a graduate degree.

An MBA with a focus on information systems is preferable. These programs combine business topics with IT concepts. Or, you can opt for a Master of Science in Computer Networking, which offers classes in wireless networking, telecommunications, design, and internet protocols.

The Changing Role of Software Engineers



The dependency of businesses on good networks and infrastructure is evident. Automation of networks will vastly change the field, requiring them to adapt to stay relevant.

Become a master of your tools and perfect your techniques. This will allow you to identify opportunities and paradigm shifts as they arise. In addition to being a software engineer, you will need to learn software programming. Software skills are invaluable for network engineers.

The path for aspiring network engineers is definitely a challenging one, even with the structure laid out for you in the article. It is however, one of the most rewarding jobs in terms of pay and job enrichment.















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Worst body language mistakes during an interview

If you have an impressive resume and flawless cover letter, fully researched company and good preparation for the interview but not able to keep smile on your face  or forget to make eye contact with your manager, then you will be out of job. During the first few minutes of interview, the candidates can give hundreds of non-verbal expressions to the hiring manager and those expressions make more  impact on recruiters than your words. Therefore proper use of body language during the interview show that you are physically or emotionally engaged  and different from others.

1) Eye contact–

Eye contact is the best way to connect people. That’s why you have to make balance. Sometime when you look too much it seems you are agressive and if you look very little makes you dishonest and have something to hide.  Eye rolling should be avoided. Most of time people roll their eyes when they disagree with someone. You have to maintain your eye contact but not staring at the person.

2) Your posture–

Once you greet with the interviewer, relax your body. Try to find appropriate place for your belongings. Never put your purse on your lap or on table. Sit straight and avoid to touch your face and hairs.

3) Handshake–

Once you are in seat, make eye contact , offer palm to palm handshake. Your handshake can leave employer with impression , depending upon how you do. Soft and firm handshake provides a positive attitude.

4) Avoid tapping–

If you are tapping  your fingers or toes , manager may get the impression that you are not interested in job.

5) Voice–

Try to speak polite, not so fast or slow. If your tone is not good, employer believe that you are over confident  and try to avoid words “um,ah.or like” words as these words show that you are not interested.

Here are some of the ways by which you can figure out those clues and correct them..

a) work with friend– Try to interview with your friend who will tell you what kind of impression you have to give.

b) Practice yourself– Try to videotape yourself and it show you what non-verbal ticks you have  to practice.interview

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Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Do you want to have a great body shape? Many ladies would want to do that. But you can find that there are also many men who would like to have perfect body shape! The definition of perfect body shape varies from men to women. For men, body shape should be perfect only when they have the six pack abs.

But you would find that there are some people who fail to have the abs even though they try their best to work on the exercises. One of the reasons is that they do not know the right way that they should do and they therefore fail to achieve the results that they expect to have.

If you encounter similar difficulties, you can try to find information from the book Truth About Six Pack Abs. As you can read from some of the Truth About Six Pack Abs Reviews, there are a lot of useful tips that you can bear in mind from this book.

For example, you will know the food which can help you equip yourself with the necessary energy while keeping your body shape great. Some of the food would help you build your muscles well so that you can take these foods if you want to have the six pack abs. On the other hand, you will also find that some of the food should be prohibited while you are working hard to train your body. Some people did not know clearly about this and this is the reason why they failed to have a good body shape.

On the other hand, this book would tell you a lot about the right way that you can do in order to have the results in training. There are a lot of people who do exercises but they might not be doing the right exercises to train the particular part of body for the six pack abs. Therefore, you can find that the training of six pack abs mentioned from this book would be quite useful.

Some people think that this book is designed for people who have already got fitness. However, this book is actually designed for all men to do. You will find that thin men can also follow the tips provided by this book and train themselves to become fit men with the six pack abs.

Therefore, you would find that there are a lot of people recommending this book to the others. It is very good for you to buy this book to read because you would find that there are many new ways that you can try to have the training. If you are ladies, you can also buy this book for your men so that your men would have the wonderful six pack abs. Therefore, you can try to find the relevant information online which can help you understand better about this book. You will definitely find the relevant information from Truth About Six Pack Abs Review and understand more about how to work on training.


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Role of Physiotherapy in treating stroke

Stroke may be defined as the abrupt onset of the neurological disorder that may occur due to some vascular cause. It occurs if an area of brain tissue is deprived of its blood

supply, causing brain cells to lose their supply of oxygen. Without oxygen, brain cells can become irreversibly damaged within minutes. Stroke is mainly caused by disruption of blood flow to the brain as a result of blockage or leakage in a blood vessel. The effects of stroke vary depending on the severity of the blockage or leakage.

Stroke commonly causes an arm , leg weakness, facial weakness and speech problems. This may lead to decreased mobility, balance problems and difficulty in performing everyday tasks. Unlike other cells in the body, if brain cells are irreversibly damaged then they are unable to heal themselves. The brain, however is capable of learning new tasks to compensate for the areas that have been damaged and physiotherapy thus encourages the learning and help the body relearn normal movement patterns.

Types of strokes

Stroke is mainly of two types

a) Ischemic stroke

b) Haemorrhagic stroke

Ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke is usually caused by a blockage within an artery. This blockage results in decreased blood flow to an area of brain and therefore the brain cells in that area are damaged due to the lack of oxygen.

Haemorrhagic stroke

It is also called as “brain haemorrhage”. This occurs when blood vessels in the brain ruptures causing bleeding into the area of brain. This causes a build up of pressure and damages the delicate tissues of the brain. Blood flow to the neighbouring brain cells also reduced and these cells get damaged due to lack of oxygen and causes stroke.

Common physical limitations during stroke

the common physical limitations that occur during stroke are as follows;

a) stair climbing

b) bathing

c) walking

d) feeding

e) urinary/faecal incontinence

The brain is however, very adaptable i.e. capable of relearning new tasks and, with physiotherapy recovery can take place. Patients often have recovery in first few months, followed by slower recovery over the following years. With the correct physiotherapy input and advice patient have lots of potential to improve from the condition. Physiotherapy will assist in regaining as much movement and function as possible. Treatment often focuses on sitting, balance, standing, walking, using affected arm/hand, managing any change in the muscle tone , pain or stiffness. After stroke many people experience difficulties in performing tasks that were previously simple. Therefore physiotherapist will advise the patient the use of walking aids like crutches, sticks, splints and supports.

Manual handling training service should be done. This training involves teaching safe therapeutic handling and positioning techniques that will promote normal movement patterns and normal postural alignments of patients. Use of slings and wheel chair can also be taught.


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