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In this world of fierce competition, not all the individuals are able to get their dream jobs. A job seeker sends his or her curriculum vitae to the many companies and waits for feedback. Besides, employers spend countless number of hours scanning piles of CVs to find a perfect candidate for the vacant position. The overall process of analyzing the resumes, short listing the candidates and calling them eats up a lot of time. Due to this the employers are not able to devote their attention towards the core operations of the business. In such a situation, it is important that both the job seekers as well as the employers must contemplate using the efficient services of an employment agency recruitment to find out exactly what they are looking for? However, the main question that pops out here is that how you can benefit by hiring the job recruitment agencies and what are pivotal things you must take into the account to select the best agency?

There are plenty of employment agencies in the market who brag about their superior services and it is vital to select an excellent agency that can leave no stone unturned to help you get the perfect job according to your qualifications and climb the ladder of success. The recruiters generally have all kinds of positions, from mechanic to administration. Some renowned agencies also arrange training for the job seekers so that they can sharpen their skills and grab their dream job in a hassle-free manner.

One of the best ways to make sure you select the renowned agency is to take the useful advice of the family members, friends and relatives. Find out whether they have availed the employment services of an agency before and if yes, then they are satisfied or not. You must search for the agencies online, shortlist three to five companies; contact them to fix up an appointment. By taking this particular step, you can not only get a good information about the credibility of the company, but also make sure the agency you are selecting is not fake. The best agencies have excellent openings with the top-notch companies and also help in improving the resume of a job seeker so that he or she can get the job without any bottlenecks.

Once you have taken a decision to hire an employment agency after a comprehensive research work, then there are some of the prominent points you must consider to increase your chances of getting a dream job:

  • Make sure that the resume you are submitting to the recruitment agencies must not contain any kind of the incorrect or false information. You must tell them in detail about the kind of position, salary and sector you are scouting for. Providing wrong information will only lessen your chances of getting a job according to your needs.


  • You must not have a perception that by taking the services of an employment agency, you can just sit idle in your home and wait for the response from the agency. There is no doubt that you will get a call from when a suitable job opportunity will arise, but it is also important that you must follow up with your agency and inquire about the new openings that matches your qualifications and experience levels.


  • You must ask for some tips from the recruitment agencies for improving the communication skills so that you go on to create a sound impression in front of the interviewer and grab the job offer.  Some of the agencies also provide expert advice on the clothing that should be worn on the day of an interview.

Therefore, it is crystal-clear that selecting the best employment agencies, you can materialize your dream of working in a first-class renowned company and touch the pyramid of success.

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Tips for Turning Facebook into a Profitable Marketing Tool

Tips for Turning Facebook into a Profitable Marketing Tool

Internet has taken several businesses and their outlooks to a whole new level because of the fact that there are so many benefits and advantages involved and associated with it. So taking assistance from social networks for business is a brilliant opportunity because it has multiple ways through which one could encounter getting exposure to their profits. You can get several of the investors to boost up your sales and not just that, the page ranking and search engine optimization are also ruled out with the help of these social networks and their interlinking and communication forms. Websites like Facebook and Twitter these days are probably the best means and examples of social networks for business without a doubt. In this article we will be having a look on how you can use Facebook to market your business.

Facebook these days have created hype among people to be attracted towards the things they want to have or for the things they want to look up online for a very long time. It gives them an ease and comfort to think of things in an easier manner and that too with the interaction of their friends and family at the same time.

Video Sharing

Turning Facebook into a profitable marketing tool is a good idea because there are various forms of marketing forms you can do. Video sharing is one of the things you could do for it and also the written forms of content and information. For the new singers, comedians and several other artists that are probably the best place to be looking out for chances and things which could get done within a short time span. For professional companies they usually get their graphs and several other pictorials to arrange within a suitable parameter of the video and accommodate it with the content they have put up on their websites.

Facebook marketing is really popular as well in terms of social media marketing as well. Being concerned with the email marketing and several other forms of internet marketing you can have anything and everything done in a conventional method.

Facebook Page

Through Facebook applications you can have a page made for your followers, fans and subscribers for everyone to have a look and get to know about your affiliation some more. Targeted ads and products are made for several individuals to notice and take interest in for multiple benefits. Feedbacks and impacts are also included in the things that Facebook could bring to your website.

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One of the most common form of cancer that develops in mesothelial cell lining of many organs and body cavities. This cancer typically attack the thin lining of lungs,abdomen,heart known as mesothelium. Sometime also affect the lining of testicals.In this condition the tissue cells in the lungs or in bronchial tubes divide rapidly and uncontrollably with abnormal characteristics.
  • Exposure to asbestos
  • Smokers
  • Asbestos related diseases
  • Any type of lung disease
Mesothelioma is the rare form of cancer caused by an exposure to ASBESTOS.
Asbestos is a fibrous silicate i.e in its natural form ,A SOFT ROCK.In commercial form it looks like an attic insulation-i.e  A BALL OF THICK FUZZ.
Because of its certain properties like :
HEAT AND CHEMICAL RESISTANT,making it useful for home construction material for insulation as fire-retardant.
Due to its long durability these fibres can be inhaled into the body and will remain for a long period of time and cause a rare form of cancer called MESOTHELIOMA.
In raw form it look like rock fragment and when mixes with other compounds it is used to form building supplies like  insulation,floor tiles,siding,ceiling.
Each mineral is divided into :SERPENTILE and AMPHIBOLE..
Serpentile include chrysotile type of asbestos having layered or curly fibers.
Amphibole include all those forms of asbestos having straight or chain like fibers like amosite,crocidolite.
In addition to this there are some other forms of asbestos- ANTHOPHYLITE,ACTINOLITE,TREMOLITE
1)AMOSITE : these are also called as BROWN ASBESTOS mainly brown or gray in colour having straight amosite fibers made up of iron and magnesium
2)CROCIDOLITE: these are also known to be  BLUE ASBESTOS having blue straight fibers made up of sodium,iron magnesium silicate.this is the most lethal form.
3)TREMOLITE:mostly found in metamorphic rocks.creamy white or dark green in colour used as an ingradient in talcum powder.
4)ANTHOPHYLITE: having chain like appearance formed by breakdown of talc in ultramafic rock. not commonly used.
5)ACTINOLITE: also exist in metamorphic rocks mostly gray white or green in colour having no strong history of industrial or commercial use.
6)CHRYSOTILE:consist of mineral crystallized in serpentile pattern i.e crystals are formed in sheets.mostly white or greenish in colour. the curly fibers
are made up of magnesium silicate.
In this the tissue cells of lungs and respiratory organs begin to divide abnormally.it is mainly of 2 types:
small cell and non small cell.
1)PLEURAL:this is the most common type occurs 75% and mainly affects the lining of lung pleura.
2)PERITONIAL:mainly affects abdominal peritoneum that covers abdominal cavity and abdominal organs.
3)PERICARDIAL:occurs in pericardial membrane that covers the heart.
4)TESTICULAR:affects the lining of testicle i.e tunica vaginalis.
THE symptoms commonly occurs between 20-50 years of age.the common symptoms are :
Certain theories should be given in this case:
Firstly asbestos causes irritation and inflammation of mesothelial cells results in irreversible scarring,cellular damage and cancer.
Secondly asbestos causes production of free radicals and these molecules damage DNA cause cells to mutate and become cancerous.
This disease is very difficult to diagnose as it is very similar to other diseases and conditions.therefore first step is to take-
2) MRI
4) PET-SCANS to examine chest and abdomen
Biopsy confirms mesothelioma.in this there is removal of small amount of tissue to be examined.it can be done during a procedure called THORACOSCOPY.
Surgery is most commonly used.It include pleurectomy.in this part of pleura is removed.extra pleural pneumenctomy.In this there is removal of lung,pleura,pericardium and good portion of diaphragm.Incase if patient have associated pleural effusion then pleurodesis i.e fluid can be drained should be done,in some cases radiation therapy i.e high energy beams of radiations is used to shrink tumors and also damage cancer cell DNA so that it will not be able to multiply.

Sometime radiation therapy should be given along with surgery and chemotherapy this is called as trimodality therapy.


Why Your CV Just Isn’t Cutting It


When you are looking for a job, your CV or resume is the window through which employers can look at you in order to determine whether you are appropriate for the role. They have nothing else to go on other than the words on the page and so, unless they are well-crafted and advertise you in a good light, you don’t stand a chance of being successful.

In the current climate, any job opening is going to attract multiple applications and therefore there is going to be keen competition for any role you apply for. Can you really afford to be making mistakes on your CV in such a competitive environment? After all, this is only the first hurdle and any busy employer will not be willing to consider anyone who has made a glaring error straight from the off.

So what are the most common reasons for a CV ending up in the bin without even so much as a second glance?

Spelling/ Grammar Errors –

Even if the actual job you are applying for will never require you to write anything; employers want to know that you have an excellent grasp on language. Therefore a spelling or grammar mistake anywhere in your CV is going to have them reaching for the bin faster than you can say ‘I am writing to apply for the position of…’ These mistakes do happen to the best of us but modern spell checking capabilities and the fact that you should really check and double check your application before sending it means these are unforgivable.

Too Long Or Too Short –

There are no set rules for the length of a CV but ideally it should be kept to one page. Any longer and the person reading it will be reluctant to read the whole thing and may end up not reading any of it. Anything shorter than a page will also be cause for concern as it shows a lack of experience and will look empty compared to others. If you have too many previous jobs to fit them all on one page then consider only including the relevant or important ones. You can always talk about the others when asked at the interview.

A Poor Cover Letter –

A lot of applicants will be so worried about their CV that they forget to put just as much effort into the cover letter. 77% of employers have stated that they didn’t even look at a CV which was preceded by a bad covering letter and so neglecting this part of the application could put you in the bad books from the start. Common mistakes include failing to find a suitable addressee for the letter, writing in a generic way which shows you haven’t tailored your application to the specific job role and even forgetting to attach the CV to the email.

Being Too Honest –

Don’t get me wrong, honesty is a great trait to have but there are times when it may be detrimental for you to be completely open. For example, if you left your last job because you hated it and didn’t get on with your boss then there is no need to mention this in your application for a new job. Never mention why you left your previous job unless you are asked at the interview stage. Doing this could highlight the fact that you could be a problem employee and this will raise alarm bells with the employer. Another example of being too honest is over selling yourself in your CV.

It is natural to have a few lines about what sort of person you are and why you would be a great choice for the role, but this is not a space in which you can blow your own trumpet. If you think you’re great then that’s fine but tone it down a bit so that you don’t come across as cocky or arrogant.

Writing a CV is by no means easy and so if you are struggling to create one that really makes an impact with potential employers then there are many places you can turn to for help. Recruitment agencies, like this, will be able to give you some great pointers and there are also many online resources that can help you with this.




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Chris Mayhew did a lot of work on his CV when he was out of work and it ultimately paid off. He would recommend that anyone on the lookout for a new job uses a helpful recruitment agency such as Ashley Associates.

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Symptoms of Autism

symptoms of autism

symptoms of autism                                                                          No two people with autism will have exactly same symptoms, but all people with  autism have some common  symptoms. There is significant problem in  developing non verbal communication skills such as facial expressions, body posture, eye to eye  gazing etc. Child feel fail to establish friendship with children of same age. There is lack of interest in sharing enjoyment, interests or achievements with other people. There is also lack of empathy. Autistic patients finds difficulty in understanding other person’s feeling like pain etc.

There is lack of awareness of feeling and emotions such as laughing , crying etc. These patients remain aloof and find difficulty in interacting with other people. There is repetitive body movements ( hand flapping) , abnormal posture ( toe walking) . Behavioral symptoms like extreme under activity or over activity is common. Self- injurious behavior is present. They have no apparent fear of  dangerous situation. Sometime there is lack or delay in talk. About 40% people never  speak. There is also problem to start conversation and find difficulty in continuing a conversation. There is repetitive use of language  and repeat words again and again, they heard previously called as ECHOLALIA. Autistic patients mainly  focus on pieces of toys such as wheels of car rather than playing with entire toy. They have need for sameness and routines , means these child always insist on driving same route everyday to school.

Symptoms during childhood—

Symptoms of autism mainly noticed by their parents or caregivers during the first 3 years. Autism is present at birth i.e it is congenital, but the signs of disorder or diagnosis during infancy is very difficult. During childhood, toddler does not interested in playing games or find difficulty  to talk. Sometime  they begin to talk  same as that of normal child but later on lost their language  skills. There is also hearing problem. Sometime it seems that the child is deaf but other time it appears that they hear distant sounds.

Symptoms during teen years—

During teen years, the behavior of child changes. Many teens gain their skills but still lack  their ability  to understand others. During teen years, they are of higher  risk of developing problems like depression, anxiety and epilepsy .

Symptoms in adults—

With autism , an adult can live their independent life,depends on their intelligence and  ability  to communicate . Some adults need assistance  as  some of them  are not able to speak, hear etc.



How to install Android Applications

Steps to  install Android Applications

Android is the fastest growing mobile platform. One of the basic methods of installing Android applications is by using Android Market. The Android Market is basically a market that club all the applications made for the Android. Various Third party developers can also upload their applications on Android market and any one can download them. Some of the applications are free and for some applications you have to pay some fees.

Installing Android applications is not a difficult task and if you want to install Android applications using Android Market then just go through the following steps:

  • First you have to open the Android Market application given in the Applications menu.
  • Choose any option- Applications, Games or Search or My Downloads based on what you want to do. You will then receive a list of applications to choose from.
  • Searching for any application is also possible. You will then get a list of apps along with their description as well as rating.
  • Now you can click on the application you want and you will get more details of the desired application.
  • If you want to install it, just click on the Install button on the bottom of the screen.
  • In the next screen, it will give you more details about the application including the different functionalities it will need to access.
  • Just click on OK to finish installing the application.

Moreover, if you want to install third party Android applications on your Android phone, read the following guidelines:

  • First you have to copy the APK file you want to install to your phone’s memory card.
  • Next step is to go to Android Market and search for the ApkInstaller application.
  • Select any one of these applications and click on the Install button.
  • After it is installed, open the ApkInstaller.
  • It will show you all the 3rd party APK files stored directly in the root directory of your memory card.
  • Just click on the desired application you want to install
  • Click on OK to finish the installation of Android Application.

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Worst body language mistakes during an interview


If you have an impressive resume and flawless cover letter, fully researched company and good preparation for the interview but not able to keep smile on your face  or forget to make eye contact with your manager, then you will be out of job. During the first few minutes of interview, the candidates can give hundreds of non-verbal expressions to the hiring manager and those expressions make more  impact on recruiters than your words. Therefore proper use of body language during the interview show that you are physically or emotionally engaged  and different from others.

1) Eye contact–

Eye contact is the best way to connect people. That’s why you have to make balance. Sometime when you look too much it seems you are agressive and if you look very little makes you dishonest and have something to hide.  Eye rolling should be avoided. Most of time people roll their eyes when they disagree with someone. You have to maintain your eye contact but not staring at the person.

2) Your posture–

Once you greet with the interviewer, relax your body. Try to find appropriate place for your belongings. Never put your purse on your lap or on table. Sit straight and avoid to touch your face and hairs.

3) Handshake–

Once you are in seat, make eye contact , offer palm to palm handshake. Your handshake can leave employer with impression , depending upon how you do. Soft and firm handshake provides a positive attitude.

4) Avoid tapping–

If you are tapping  your fingers or toes , manager may get the impression that you are not interested in job.

5) Voice–

Try to speak polite, not so fast or slow. If your tone is not good, employer believe that you are over confident  and try to avoid words “um,ah.or like” words as these words show that you are not interested.

Here are some of the ways by which you can figure out those clues and correct them..

a) work with friend– Try to interview with your friend who will tell you what kind of impression you have to give.

b) Practice yourself– Try to videotape yourself and it show you what non-verbal ticks you have  to practice.interview

Role of Physiotherapy in treating stroke

Stroke may be defined as the abrupt onset of the neurological disorder that may occur due to some vascular cause. It occurs if an area of brain tissue is deprived of its blood

supply, causing brain cells to lose their supply of oxygen. Without oxygen, brain cells can become irreversibly damaged within minutes. Stroke is mainly caused by disruption of blood flow to the brain as a result of blockage or leakage in a blood vessel. The effects of stroke vary depending on the severity of the blockage or leakage.

Stroke commonly causes an arm , leg weakness, facial weakness and speech problems. This may lead to decreased mobility, balance problems and difficulty in performing everyday tasks. Unlike other cells in the body, if brain cells are irreversibly damaged then they are unable to heal themselves. The brain, however is capable of learning new tasks to compensate for the areas that have been damaged and physiotherapy thus encourages the learning and help the body relearn normal movement patterns.

Types of strokes

Stroke is mainly of two types

a) Ischemic stroke

b) Haemorrhagic stroke

Ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke is usually caused by a blockage within an artery. This blockage results in decreased blood flow to an area of brain and therefore the brain cells in that area are damaged due to the lack of oxygen.

Haemorrhagic stroke

It is also called as “brain haemorrhage”. This occurs when blood vessels in the brain ruptures causing bleeding into the area of brain. This causes a build up of pressure and damages the delicate tissues of the brain. Blood flow to the neighbouring brain cells also reduced and these cells get damaged due to lack of oxygen and causes stroke.

Common physical limitations during stroke

the common physical limitations that occur during stroke are as follows;

a) stair climbing

b) bathing

c) walking

d) feeding

e) urinary/faecal incontinence

The brain is however, very adaptable i.e. capable of relearning new tasks and, with physiotherapy recovery can take place. Patients often have recovery in first few months, followed by slower recovery over the following years. With the correct physiotherapy input and advice patient have lots of potential to improve from the condition. Physiotherapy will assist in regaining as much movement and function as possible. Treatment often focuses on sitting, balance, standing, walking, using affected arm/hand, managing any change in the muscle tone , pain or stiffness. After stroke many people experience difficulties in performing tasks that were previously simple. Therefore physiotherapist will advise the patient the use of walking aids like crutches, sticks, splints and supports.

Manual handling training service should be done. This training involves teaching safe therapeutic handling and positioning techniques that will promote normal movement patterns and normal postural alignments of patients. Use of slings and wheel chair can also be taught.


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Chemical formula of asbestos

Chemical formula of asbestos:
Many people have questioned regarding chemical formula for asbestos.
Asbestos is composed of minerals, known since antiquity, with long, thin fibrous crystals. It is not an element.
well it depends on the type:
Chrysotile,(white in color) , CAS No. 12001-29-5, is obtained from serpentinite rocks which are common throughout the world. Its idealized chemical formula is Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4.
Amosite, (brown in color) ,CAS No. 12172-73-5, is a trade name for the amphiboles belonging to the cummingtonite-grunerite solid solution series, commonly from Africa, named as an acronym from Asbestos Mines of South Africa. One formula given for amosite is Fe7Si8O22(OH)2.
Crocidolite, (blue in color) ,CAS No. 12001-28-4 is an amphibole found primarily in southern Africa, but also in Australia. It is the fibrous form of the amphibole riebeckite. One formula given for crocidolite is Na2Fe2+3Fe3+2Si8O22(OH)2.
Check this nice article on class action asbestos.

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Creative cover letter

                                 Creative cover letter

In  competitive environment , it is important to differentiate yourself from rest and great cover letter will do that. When you heard for a job, before you respond always look at your cover letter. If its form letter, don’t send it. You can differentiate yourself through well- written, clear, concise cover letter. Your cover letter should attract the attention of the recruiters. Here are some of rules for writing good and creative cover letter…..

1)  Adress your letter to the appropriate individual. Before send, confirm, person’s name, title of the job. if you are not able to get information , adress it to the ” Dear Hiring Manager”. don’t use “Sir or Madam”.

2) Always start strong  with powerful paragraph and explain how you heard about the job position  and why  you are intrested for this job.

3) Next, you are going to describe your skills and experiences. You should  touch on what you  have done  and what makes you such a dynamic candidate and  right fit for the job.

                           In this paragraph you can also explain something unusual. For example gaps in your career or lage number of moves in very short time period. You can also give your volunteer experience here that will be helpful for the job.

4) Put yourself in the  position of recruiter and then prepare your cover letter. Your letter should be clear  and direct with good sentence. Mistakes will give negative impressions . Try to write how much you know about the organisation. If someone refers you begin your letter with that.

5) Don’t complain about your present  position if you are unemployed. Never offer salary requirements. If salary is requestwd in an Ad, then you will be comfortable with a competitive salary for the position.

6) Your cover letter should be good. There should be enough space so that letters doesnot look crowded.

7) Always close your letter by outlining your next steps and ask them them that you will contact them to follow up.

Jaundice in Adults

Talking about jaundice, the question that one needs to ask is that what  is pathological jaundice? What is the link between jaundice in newborn babies and adults based on the bilirubin levels in the blood? In the newly born, jaundice is not harmful mostly and is classified as neonatal type. Regarding pathological jaundice, whether it is in newborns or adults, this is a condition that poses a risk to health and sometimes it may be harmful. In the neonatal jaundice, it takes few days for liver to adjust and work properly after birth. Until the liver adjusts, the bilirubin is not removed effectively, so, it builds up in the body and causes symptoms like yellowish tone of skin and yellow eyes.

If one suffers from the pathological jaundice, then this condition can follow through his entire life. In this condition, bilirubin level is not being handled correctly and it builds up in the body. This condition can result due to blood transfusion incompatibilities, viral infections, Hepatitis, blood diseases, genetic disorders, infections, blocked bile duct and drug and medications. The link between jaundice and every age group is the excessive level of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is pigment produced in body by liver when red blood cells are recycled. The normal level of the bilirubin in blood is one milligram per deciliter (1mg/dl) but if it exceeds this amount the one may see yellowing of skin and eyes. Unlike neonatal type of jaundice, pathological jaundice will take time to get better.

The link between neonatal type of jaundice and pathological jaundice is that there is something wrong with the body in handling the bilirubin and body cannot effectively remove it due to some disease or any underlying condition. Conditions like Hepatitis and damage to liver by virus are life threatening conditions. If the cause of jaundice occurs in childhood and cannot be corrected, then it follows the person in the adulthood as well.


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Choose wisely for future from the top paying careers

Choose wisely for future from the top paying careers

Moto of study:


We all study so hard for a good career so that we can spend the rest of our life peacefully. After completing our study choosing career is the most important decision of our lives. A bad career can ruin the whole life and also a good decision of career can change the life completely. Top paying careers need creativity and intelligence combined with hard work and dedication. It also needs some advanced degrees and training experiences.


While choosing the career option, one should know the top paying careers of the world. But one should not jump into it without knowing or loving it properly. Moreover the demands of the top careers also changes according to the nation’s population, people’s need, changes of the environment etc.


Careers always in demand:


There are some top paying careers which are always in demands. People can choose these without hesitating. Some of these are – Office, careers healthcare, technology, creative jobs, sales etc.



Top careers of the world:


There are number of top paying careers in several fields. We have to choose them very carefully. Some top careers in different fields are as follows-


In business and management: there are several top careers in business and management like chief executive officer, marketing manager, sales manager, industrial organizational psychologist, financial manager, human resource manager and so on.


In computers, mathematics and Sciences: the top paying careers in these fields are natural sciences manager, computer systems manager, computer hardware engineer, mathematician, software developer etc.


In architecture and engineering: In this field the top options are petroleum engineer, architectural manager, nuclear engineer, aerospace engineer, chemical engineer, electronics engineer, civil engineer etc.


In healthcare: The top careers in healthcare are surgeon, anesthesiologist, and oral surgeon. Orthodontist, psychiatrist etc.


In other industries: There are several options in other industries also like lawyer, pilot, political scientists, economist, sales engineer, education administrator and so on.


Top five career option:


All want top paying careers options. It’s completely your decision which you choose. The top 5 career options are-


Chief executive officer (CEO) – They are the highest paid employers in any company. The job is very satisfying and challenging. One can also get a huge bonus at the end of each year.


Judges: these are the fastest growing jobs considered nowadays. They can manage a good savings at the end of each year.


Pharmacists: It is one of the most top paying careers. They mainly prepare the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription and dispense it to the patients.


Surgeon: This is also a good career option and more importantly it is always in demand.


Internists: they deal mainly with internal medicine. They work on different non surgical treatment of the disease of the internal organs.



Hottest jobs of 2012:


Now as the world is changing and its needs are also changing. In present time, some jobs are highly in demand. The top paying careers of recent year are- database administrator, medical assistant, pharmacist, software developer, registered nurse etc.


Top paying careers need much more requirements than other options. Any individual who has just started their career will find themselves in the upper bracket after some work experiences and acquiring some higher degrees.

interview strength

Knowing and using your interview strengths


One of the questions you will always expect whenever you are getting ready for an interview will always come in this form. What are your greatest strengths? If you are coming to the interview table for the first time without good preparation and research, this might put you off immediately. But a good answer to this will immediately draw you closer to the job. Interview strengths are mostly hinged on those things you are born or blessed with. Remember, they are not your skills. Skills are those things you have leant in the course of life or you have really developed out of experience. There are two things you are tested about with this question. The first is to know how well you know yourself and the other is to know how you can express your self.


There is no absolute answer to what your strengths are, but you have to search inside and know those things the employer will find very interesting about you and those things that are very important or even needed in the job you are applying.

You can tell them you are a strong and natural leader or you have good sense of initiative.  Your interview strengths can be that you are very creative in any field you find yourself or that you are the type of person who will make sure you take any job you start to a very good conclusion. Your interview strength can be a good deadline beater, quick leaner, problem solver, and conflict resolver. It can also be that you can work with articulation and precision even when you are under pressure.


There is also the act of trying to turn your weaknesses into strengths. This will include telling them you are too helpful, a hard worker that works too hard or even a perfectionist that will always want things done the perfect way even at the first time. Try not to be boastful about this but in a very assertive mood, give it to them in the most precise and humble way.



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Wrist Splints as good as a cast for Children

This post send by Lucie Crouch

Wrist fractures are the most common injuries in children, and frequent trips to the A&E department of the local hospital. The arm is treated with a cast which stays on for normally four to six weeks, then a follow up with the orthopaedic surgeon. But this has been the standard treatment for so long it has only recently been questioned with the use of an alternate remedy- thewrist splint.

A study randomised and controlled with 100 children aged five to twelve years old, half with wrist fractures (distal radius) were treated with splints and half treated with a cast. The splint group could only remove it to wash, and like the others had to keep it on for the rest of the trial duration. After six weeks, each participant was assessed by a physiotherapist who did not know which treatment they had received.

Dr. Kathy Boutis, Staff Physician and Associate Scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) explains that:

\\\"Our results support the growing body of evidence that promote splinting as a suitable alternative to casting for specific distal radius fractures”.

As well as patient and parental satisfaction with the splint being much higher, 68% of children with casts say they’d much rather have had a splint, and only 12% would rather have the cast.

\\\"There were no differences in maintaining fracture stability, complications, and the splint was shown to be superior in terms of family preferences.

\\\"Inherent benefits of a pre-fabricated splint include easier hygiene, eliminating discomfort and anxiety associated with cast saw use, and easy application and removal. Thus, evidence from this research combined with the advantages of the splint advocate for this device in the treatment of these fracture cases\\\".

Another benefit of the splint is that it allows the wrist to move a little more, so muscle wastage and weakening is reduced so after treatment the patient is able to resume normal tasks at a higher rate.

Lucie writes on behalf ofPhysio-Med, leaders in physiotherapy equipment, with a wide range of stock for any business or home.

Graphic Designers cover letter

                                                                            Graphic Designers cover letter

When you are applying for any graphic designer job there is a need to send the cover letter to the employer stating your full attention. The cover should focus on the relevant job opening. Irrespective of whether you are fresher or experienced it is always good to go with cover letter. When writing cover letter you need to consider lot of things into your account with experience and skills being the major factors. It should be professional and well written. A graphic design cover letter provides enough space to express your personal attributes.

Graphic designer cover letters does not require graphics

Some times graphic designers misunderstand the need of cover letter and they make it more colorful by adding some graphics which is their regular work. The actual fact is you do not need any graphics while writing the cover letter. It should be as simple as possible. Here you are trying to create the good impression by mentioning your skills and experience and not the graphics. If you are a graphic designer and looking forward for some big boost then by writing cover letter you can win an edge over others especially while competing.

A typical graphic designer cover letter contains 3 to 4 paragraphs. It is divided into Introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction contains position you are applying for along with other job details. The body should include skills, relevant experience and qualification information. Conclusion includes action request and thank you note.

A graphic designer cover letter should directly and clearly illustrate why you are best and how you can make a difference. This also increases the chance of getting interview call from recruiter. A great cover letter first grabs the reader’s attention and stands out from the rest. All the information mentioned in the cover letter should be correct and up-to-date.

Graphic Designers cover letter example

Dear Mr. Messy,

I saw your ad posted in the local newspaper for the post of Graphic Designer. I am looking forward for the same job opportunity. I feel my skills and qualifications would definitely become an asset for your organization.

I possess more than 4 years of experience in page layout techniques, visual arts, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress and typography. After reviewing my resume you will come to know the contributions that I have made to my present organization.

I take this opportunity to introduce my self the best for the position you have stated as my skills and experience matches with your requirement exactly. I hope to become the part of your organization in the coming days. If you are interested in discussing further about the same then you can contact me through the address mentioned.

Some of my sample works are attached with the resume. I am eagerly awaiting your response. Thanks for the interest shown to me.


David H. Hussey

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Questions to ask interviewers

The right questions to ask interviewers


The interview process is never a lopsided proceeding where you are just bombarded with a lot of questions by the interviewers and you answer them and leave. When you succeed in establishing a very good relationship with your interviewers, you will be in a better position to land the job. This might not mean wooing, though the concept of purposeful wooing for a job is not bad anyway. But you might be interested in knowing some other things about the post you are applying for and the firm in question. Questions to ask interviewers will make you access the firm and know whether they will really give you what you want if eventually you work with them.


The questions to ask interviewers will normally come when the interview is coming to the close and should not be used to interrupt the interviewers when the interview is still going on. You should try always to ask questions that you need their answers and the ones you are sure to get the answers. Questions to ask interviewers should not be very rude and intruding and should not evoke bad feelings. Also ask questions that will portray the level of research you have done and the level of knowledge you have about the firm in question. They should not be about salaries, benefits, leaves and vacations. They don’t tell well about you.


Questions to ask interviewers should include, how would you explain the responsibilities that come with this job? Is this position new? What did the person who handled the job before achieve? What is the management style of the firm and is this going to be a team work or for the individual? Will the job involve much travelling and when can I expect to hear from you? These are the most appropriate questions to ask interviewers.






The term recruitment has been a part of every nation or to be specific every individual since ancient times. With the evolution of humankind, the process of recruitment has been a part of our lives.  When it comes to gain knowledge about the process of recruitment, the first and foremost task that one has to know about is the definition of recruitment to be simple, the term recruitment May be defined a process for a hiring or identifying among the best qualified faces to perform certain jobs for the hirer (or employer) and to get paid instead of their performance. The term that co-relates the recruitment is Employment. These two terms go hand in hand, as they mean almost similar. Employment defines the status of the people being recruited in some or the other organizations. Like if it is said that a country’s employment status is 80%, it means that out of every 100 people of the country’s population 80 peoples are being recruited in some or the other organization based in the concerned country.


Recruitment creates a pool of specialized employees that carry their perfect existence when it comes to perform various jobs that they are expert in. well the recruitment may be classified as few types like –


Casual or contingent recruitment: – This type is a form of temporary recruitment where the employee is paid based on the piece of work performed by them.


Full time recruitment: – When recruited under this type, the employee has to work for 8 hours at least and have to follow all the regulations of the concern they are working under.


Part time recruitment: – This type of recruitment enables a few hours of job to be performed by the employee recruited under this category.


Self-Employment: – This type allows one to work for their own profit and earn their living. For instance a business man is a self-employed man


Employed on wage basis: – this type recruits works that have a fixed wage pay based on their work load


Temporary recruitment: – This type includes recruitment of the employees where job security lacks. They are employed for certain period of time and are then sacked later on


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interview techniques and questions

The importance of interview techniques and questions


Practice has always led to perfection in everything we do in life. When you are out there in need of job, you will be factual to recognize that there are lots of people with the same or even better qualifications than you who are seeking the same job with you. This makes it possible that some employers are confused sometimes on the people to pick and the ones to discard. The only veritable tool used for this selection is interview and you have to learn and perfect the interview techniques and questions you will use to beat the people involved.


When we come to the issue of interview techniques and questions, one is for you while the other is for the interviewers, but you have to be very conversant with the two. You are to develop the techniques of getting the best interview while the interviewer develops the most difficult and intelligent questions for you.


Interview techniques are those things that you develop on your own. The first one is attending as many interviews as possible. This will greatly develop your interviewing skills and composure. You have to also map out methods of telling your story to the interviewers in a very nice way. They are always trying to know your skills and relevance to the job in question and if you develop wonderful and confident interview techniques and question answering modes, you would have passed more than half of the interview.


What makes you get a job is not necessarily what you say in the interview arena, but the way and manner you tell your story. Interview techniques and questions are so intertwined that all your techniques are geared towards answering questions in the best possible way.  You don’t just rush into an interview, you should always prepare well.


Asbestos Ban

asbesScientists at the Collegium Ramazzini in Modena, Italy have repeated calls for a total ban on all asbestos across the globe. Writing in the International Journal of Environment and Health, the Collegium points out that just 52 nations have banned asbestos but a large number still use, import and export asbestos and asbestos-containing products.
Health problems attributed to asbestos include
Asbestosis – A lung disease first found in textile workers,asbestosis is a scarring of the lung tissue from an acid produced by the body’s attempt to dissolve the fibers. The scarring may eventually become so severe that the lungs can no longer function. The latency period (meaning the time it takes for the disease to develop) is often 10–20 years.
  • Mesothelioma
  • Cancer
  • Diffuse pleural thickening
At least 125 million people around the world are today exposed to asbestos through their work with about 20 to 40% of adult men reporting past occupations that may have exposed them to the risk of mesothelioma, asbestos, and lung cancer due to asbestos
Asbestos was banned from commercial use in the 1970’s after it was declared a hazardous air pollutant. Friable asbestos products were banned immediately while non-friable products would be phased out gradually while replacements for asbestos products were developed.In 1996, the EPA lifted the total ban on asbestos allowing it to be used to a limited degree in non-friable products.[Non friable products are those which cannot be reduced to powder by hand pressure]


Worldwide, 60 countries (including those in the European Union) have banned the use of asbestos, in whole or in part.Some examples follow.

A nationwide ban on importing and using all forms of asbestos took effect on 31 December 2003. Reflecting the ban, the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) revised asbestos-related material to promote a consistent approach to controlling exposure to workplace asbestos and to introduce best-practice health and safety measures for asbestos management, control and removal. The ban does not cover asbestos materials or products already in use at the time the ban was implemented.

Although Australia has only a third of the UK’s population, its asbestos disease fatalities approximate Britain’s of more than 3,000 people per year.

The São Paulo State law 12.684/07 prohibits the use of any product which utilizes asbestos, this legislation having been formally upheld by the Brazilian Supremo Tribunal Federal.

The only asbestos mines still operating in Canada are in the Province of Quebec. They were owned by American and British Corporations until the Quebec government expropriated (for example) Asbestos Corporation Limited in 1981 from its American parent, General Dynamics. In the early 1990s all remaining mines and mills were sold by Quebec to the private sector . Quebec exports 95 percent of its chrysotile production, mostly to Asian and other poor countries.In 1999 the government of Canada went before the World Trade Organization to challenge, unsuccessfully, the ban on asbestos in France.

France banned the use of asbestos in 1997, and the WTO upheld France’s right to the ban in 2000. In addition, France has called for a worldwide ban.

On 21 January 2011, Indian Supreme court refused to ban Asbestos in India. This judgment was passed down for case filed by a NGO on 2004. In spite of all health hazards, Asbestos continues to be used in India widely without any restriction.

Italy fully banned the use of asbestos in 1992 and set up a comprehensive plan for asbestos decontamination in industry and housing.

Japan did not fully ban asbestos until 2004, and so its government has been held responsible for related diseases.

In 1984 the import of raw amphibole (blue and brown) asbestos into New Zealand was banned. In 2002 the import of chrysotile (white) asbestos was banned.



Check this site for asbestos class action lawsuit




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Pharmacists resume objectives

Pharmacists resume objectives


Whenever you try to find a job, you would need to prepare a resume. There could hardly be an exemption indeed. Therefore, you should understand clearly about the jobs of pharmacists that you are applying for and write a good resume to impress the recruiters. If you do not know the way to make the good resume, there would be tips here for you to prepare.


One of the most important sections in the resume that you have to include would probably be the resume objective section. In this section, you would introduce yourself and you would explain the motivation behind your application. This is the key thing that the recruiters would look at. When you work as pharmacists, you actually have acquired certain types of qualification. Therefore, every applicant should have obtained those qualifications and there is not a chance for recruiters to distinguish between these applicants by simply looking at the qualification or work experience. Therefore, they would prefer to look at the resume objectives first.


They would use this to distinguish the good applicants from the bad ones. If you have prepared well for the application and if you really treasure the position of the job, you would not make mistakes in introducing yourself and the job that you are running for in the resume objectives section. If you are lazy and you do simple copy and paste work when you write the resume, you may show that you are applying for the position which actually does not exist in the company.


Here are some examples of the resume objectives that you can consider using.


–          To run for the position of pharmacists in a research firm which is willing to take up new challenges in the medical field

–          To apply for the job of senior pharmacists and lead a team of aspiring pharmacists in an international firm

–          To apply for the position in an international medical firm and work as a pharmacists to help with the development of new drugs

–          To use the expertise to work as pharmacists in a local hospital which is willing to take care of patients well


One of the hints that you can find from the examples mentioned above is that there would be ways for you to show the job that you are applying for. If recruiters know that you have written the job title wrongly, they would doubt whether you have prepared well for job application. If you choose not to include the job title in the application resume objectives, the recruiters would again doubt whether you really know the position that you are applying for. Therefore, you have to make sure that you state the name of the job that you are applying for clearly in that part. Otherwise, it would not be easy for you to impress the recruiters.


In conclusion, Pharmacists resume objectives could be prepared easily if you know the rule of the game. Therefore, you should not give up in writing the good objectives for the resume.



Asbestos floor tiles removal

Asbestos floor tiles removal

There are documentation showing how dangerous asbestos is, as a result of that, many home owners are looking for a way to remove asbestos floors or ceilings. Removing asbestos floor tiles is not as easy as it sounds. For one to be able to successfully remove the asbestos floor tiles, you ought to have enough knowledge regarding what you are planning to remove. It is for this reason that this article is meant to guide you on how to go about it. In order to be able to remove the asbestos floor tiles, you first have to know what it is. It is a silicate material that is toxic and it occurs all by itself. This means it is not manufactured. It is attributed to be fire proof and as such is resistant to electricity, heat and cold. Its strength quality has made it favorable to many house builders and building material manufacturers. It is also used in the textile industry to manufacture fire proof apron that is used by fire fighters. Asbestos has also been said to be a health hazard if inhaled over a long period of time. One can develop lung cancer, if the asbestos thread finds its way into your lung tissues. Long exposure to asbestos can also lead to one contracting asbestosis, which makes the victim have difficulty in breathing.  It is for this single reason that asbestos should be avoided hence; you should never install asbestos floor tiles in your house or even office. After being able to understand what asbestos is and how it is used. The next time is to know how to remove asbestos floor tiles.

The first step in asbestos floor tiles removal is to ensure if the tile is in non friable condition. This means that you should be keen to note if the asbestos material can transcend into the air. If it is can then it is said to be in a friable state and at that point, you might inhale it and in the end it will cause damage to your lungs. Before you begin with the procedure of removing asbestos floor tiles, you should ensure that you have worn a protective mask such as a safety goggle. Then as you remove it, make sure that you are removing the tiles in small pieces. The reason for this is to prevent the tiles from crumbling and changing to a friable nature.  As such you should not use equipment such as hammer, or grinder as it will fully crush the asbestos floor tiles. If you feel you cannot be able to remove the asbestos floor tiles without making it in a friable state, then it is advised that you consult the services of a professional. There are licensed contractors for asbestos who are fully equipped with the knowledge and are well sufficient in removing and disposing the asbestos floor tiles in a safe manner. Most of the time the asbestos expert will come with a plastic material which will be used to store the asbestos floor tiles so as to avoid making it airborne. If you feel you want to remove asbestos or suspect that you have installed asbestos floor tiles, you should be quick in consulting an expert to help you remove it.

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Learn Ways to Improve Your Exam Grades with Easy Revision Tips


Learn Ways to Improve Your Exam Grades with Easy Revision Tips

Many students must have started their preparation for their approaching final examinations. It is the time of the year when students gear up their learning to cover the entire syllabus for getting good grades. Not only for people who are in schools or colleges but for every person who are preparing for some competitive exams, studying and revising can become nerve-racking and involves many sleepless nights just to go through the entire learning material. It is the period of nervousness and tensions before the exams arrive, and people try to learn faster than their normal speed. No doubt, it is important to start the exam preparation to get good results but you can make this activity easy and smooth with some effective techniques and revision tips so that you can avoid the stressful atmosphere.


Revision can make a big Difference!

Remember, try to follow one technique that comfort your learning speed and don’t rush to learn. If you will able to develop your own technique for revision then it help you cover your course systematically. You can easily become aware of different revision techniques for various types of learners that too depending on the type of subject which people want  to revise. Last minute revision if done systematically with proper guidelines then it will reduce much confusion during examination period for lots of students.


Tips to Do Effective Revision

Here are some simple but effective revision tips that will teach you how to take a sensible approach to exam revision study. Firstly, students must try o develop the habit of reading, writing short notes and then spend time to memorize them. If they will write the notes in the form of short abbreviations or lines from the main notes it will help them to revise before exams quickly without wasting a lot of time to read lengthy notes. Even students can make list of keywords for the main topics or write them in the forms of diagrams which is the most effective way to revise the entire syllabus. If possible you can revise with the company of your friends or colleagues then it will prove helpful as you can exchange your ideas, build strong understanding by asking questions from each other to clear doubts or acquire more clarity. You can make some flash or revision cards related to different topics because it will allow you to add details about the particular topics in your study material.


Always Do Planning of Timing and strategy   

Before planning to set revision regime, one must try to classify the topics or subjects that are more difficult and needs time to understand as compare to others. Difficult subjects require careful planning and revision tips to establish guidelines, make decisions and solve problems. If you give more concentration, time and efforts to troubled subjects with specific details of topics, then it will build your confidence to attempt those exams. With proper calculation of revision time schedule and tips gives you clear understanding about the topics, subjects or areas of study. The topics which less complicated or do not require a lot more learning can be taken later on. So good luck for your exam and try to develop best revision plan to make revision activity an interesting one and also do take care of your health by adopting healthy diet plan. It will help to increase your learning and getting through the exam period in an effective manner.


-A guest Post

Resume skills list

What must be in your resume skills list?


The resume skills list is one of the greatest job landing tools you should never joke with. Why I believe that this, coupled with the cover letter is even more important than the interview is that they are the avenues that will give the firm some very good impression about you before you are invited for the interview. If you make a mess of the resume and cover letter, you will not even be shortlisted for the interview.


The main thing that a firm looks for in your resume is not your personal data because you can be anybody and it does not matter to them. The things that are searched for in your resume are your qualifications and skills. And this is contained in the resume skills list. These skills should be listed according to how relevant they are to the job you are applying for. Don’t ever write things that are not related to what you are applying for. It will be off point. The resume skills list should be written in good format and should incorporate things like time, business and people management. They should also include interpersonal, business, and verbal communication skills. Strategic and creative thinking skills are also necessary.


Resume skills list should contain organizational, effective, listening and decision-making skills. Problem solving, negotiating, coaching and teamwork skills will also be very relevant to your applications. The resume skills list will also include risk taking, quick thinking, analytical and effective study skills. Sales ability, resourcefulness, reliability, multitasking and even customer service skills should all be listed.


Skills of determination in all situations, ethics, diplomacy and even the common patience are all very good skills that can impress and land you the job. Always list them only when you possess them. But remember. Only list these when they are relevant to the job you seek.


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Accountants cover letter example


Accountants cover letter example



The key to successful cover letters is to really grab the attention of a recruiter, and captivate him or her to read your entire ‘story’. That’s right – a cover letter is not just any letter, it is your chance to ‘sell’ your story to recruiters and explain why you should be the chosen candidate for the position. More specifically, accountants need to fully detail all the knowledge, training and expertise they have gained through formal education and professional work experience. Anything that you feel would add value and be relevant to the organization in terms of your former work experience should be mentioned in your cover letter. All this information is necessary in order to justify why you would be an ideal candidate for the position.

Consequently, you should detail all your tasks and accomplishments in specific roles, which will help recruiters gain a better understanding about your professional work experience. This could include day-to-day tasks in addition to strategic decision-making skills if applicable. Furthermore, accountants need to be backed by a solid academic background of accounting. Accounting is a field that requires both a qualification in accounting as well as broad practical hands-on experience. Educational background not only includes a bachelor’s degree, but also an outline of postgraduate certifications such as CPA, CMA and the like.


Another key element that needs to be expressed is the candidate’s passion for the field of accounting. And this needs to be highlighted and implicit throughout the cover letter. On another note, a statement on the candidate’s key achievements in accounting will definitely be a plus, and will help set the candidate apart from the rest.



In addition, it is always recommended to conduct some research on the recruiting firm in order to highlight how the candidate’s skills, qualifications and work ethic will match those of the company, and why he or she believes that they will be a perfect match for the company. Therefore, some knowledge about the company will definitely be an added advantage, and will reflect the candidate’s commitment and genuine interest in the firm.



Sample of a cover letter: 


Dear Sir/Madam,


It gives me great pleasure to apply for the Senior Accountant position at your esteemed organization, which is considered one of the world’s leading accounting firms. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies with a concentration in Accounting, and have received my CPA and CMA degrees shortly after. These qualifications have provided me with the necessary tools to tap into a successful career in accounting.

I have worked for more than 8 years in a multinational accounting and auditing firm as a Senior Accountant. This role has enabled me to learn a great deal about global accounting principles, perform a multitude of practices that have contributed to the company’s growth and prosperity in the region. Furthermore, I have achieved several milestones that I am proud of, including advising several departments on how they could utilize their resources more efficiently to achieve cost savings. My efforts have proven to be worthwhile, and have resulted in the company consistently achieving more than 20% cost reductions annually.

I feel that I have the loyalty, drive, passion, experience and knowledge to capitalize on the opportunities your reputable organization has to offer. Going through the requirements of the Senior Accountant position enabled me to gain a clearer picture of how my education and qualifications are suited for this position.


Please find attached my resume which details my achievements and work experience over the past 10 years. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my application.


Yours Faithfully,




Athletes resume example

Athletes resume example


When you want to write good resume to get good job, you would find that it takes time. Resume writing requires people to write in a specific way to fit the job. In other words, you would need to tailor-make the job application resume such that you can demonstrate the features required for the job.


For people who are applying for the athletes industry, there are many jobs that they can apply. For example, they can apply as the coach of the certain sports team. They can also work as the supervisor for a particular team instead of a coach. Therefore, it is all about the position that you apply in the industry. If you can choose the right position and tailor-make the application resume to the position, you would usually have a higher chance of getting the job in the end.


Apart from the skills that you have technically, you should demonstrate that you have the ability to motivate the teams to work hard and achieve the good result in the work. If the team is able to work under pressure with your motivation, the chance for the team to be successful would usually be higher. When you are writing the experience of your previous employment, you can always include this type of information there such that the employers would have more faith on you.


Athletes resume example


Fred Champion

Address:20 CM Road, AD 33023

Phone Number: 203-503-XXXX

Email: mmvl@mvs.com




To take up the role of the athletic coach and to train the people who are interested in playing sports and to treat sports at their future career


Key skills


–          Good physical skills

–          Experienced in different forms of sports, including ball games, dancing, etc

–          Highly efficient in communicating with players and other people

–          Able to report to the management continuously to ensure the quality of coaching

–          Able to review the work and adjust right strategies to train the athletes

–          Able to organize training sessions


Work Experience

Athletic Coach, MMC Sports Club

2008 – Present

–          Provided coaching for enthusiasts of sports such that they could participate in different types of sports events

–          Conducted the exercises for warm up and provided sessions to help the players develop physical strength

–          Motivate players to join the competitions and guide them through the competitions


Athletic Coach, MWO Sports Club

2006 – 2008

–          Handled the department of athletics in the organization

–          Trained the athletes and helped them perform simple sports like running and throwing

–          Coached the players to keep their toughness in games

–          Maintained the well-being of the sports equipment in the company


Educational Qualification

–          Diploma of Sports Management,SMCCollege




–          Won the National Athletic Meet in 2004

–          Participated in various sports team from 2000 to 2004 and won several team awards during that period of time



Carmen Milan



Telephone number: 230-110-XXXX

Email: maksd@maca.com


Expected salary



Earliest start date of work




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Cover letter example for housekeeper


                    Cover letter example for housekeeper


Working people needs a housekeeper who can maintain their house. If anyone lives single he/she requires a housekeeper who can take care of his/her home, wash their clothes, and cook food for them. All these things are necessary for working people. To manage office and home together becomes difficult and it can affect the work. Overloading of work can spoil the health. So to reduce the stress one always likes to divide work. Housekeeper not only helps in work but also maintain the home. For the family, if father and mother both are working, on that time they feel the need of housekeeper who can take care of their children, can give them food time to time. A lady housekeeper is better than man housekeeper as lady is having more ability to manage the work and taking care of children. But if one is not getting the lady housekeeper they can keep man housekeeper as they are also skilled in this field. Before keeping housekeeper all the background profile should be known by family. So that it should not risky to leave children or home in the hand of any stranger. It is more preferable to keep only those housekeepers; you get with your close reference.


Dear sir/madam,


I am Jennie smith. After seeing your requirement in newspaper I thought that I can manage this work. I am having 5 years experience in this field. I did work in offices, large companies and number of houses. As per this job profile I can do cooking can make different regions food can wash clothes .dusting, washing utensils will be the part of my job. In my job also vacuuming, cleaning basins and toilets included. To do cleaning of floor, windows, and doors regularly will be my work. I used to give value to things in homes it is my duty to take care of your valuable things, like I will not let the children scratch on the wall, take care of crystal and breakable things.’ .I will use the utensils with proper care so that any scratch will not occur. I will take care of your children as I am also a mother. My timing of job will depend upon your preferences. I am punctual and I give value to time as it is very precious for everyone. You can set the time according to your requirement can come in morning after 7 0’clock and before 8 P.M I will return to my home. Weekly I will take only one leave, which will be on Sundays. If there will be nay health related problems or any complex situations I will take 2 leave more leaving Sundays’ will try to give full attention to your children so there is no worry about them. If you want to know my job background then you can check my references and check them as per your satisfaction. I am sure that you will get a positive reply from those. If you are looking for a hardworking, trustworthy and honest housekeeper then you can contact me anytime.


Thank you for giving your precious time.


Truly yours


Jennie smith


Job Interview Preparation

Job Interview Preparation

To get a perfect job is not an easy task most especially in this period when jobs are highly competitive in the market place. But if you are able to go through thorough research for job vacancies and find out the job requirement, you will discover that to write a resume for this required post as well as the interview to be called for could be a serious battle. This one is apart, let alone how you will scale through in the interview. This shows that you have to go through serious preparation for you to have a successful interview. This is very crucial so that your effort will not be in vain.

Be reminded that you only have one shot which the employer is looking for; this is the major reason why you need to perform excellently in your resume writing, cover letter as well as in the interview. Before you could be able to reach the level where you will be called for an interview, it implies that you must have performed greatly in your resume writing and you have the particular thing that the employer must have been looking for.

In order to prepare yourself for job interview, there are some important steps you need to take which can lead you to safe landing:

–          Make sure you study the skills as well as the entire job role which you are applying for

For instance, if the position of accountant is need, do not just see it as ordinary accountant position, but see it as a position that depends on team work and needs admin responsibilities and capability to apply a particular program. Also, think of the skill that you possess whether it matches the employer’s demand for this particular offer. In case it matches, then it will make the employer see you as a valuable person to hire for such position.

–          Try to know more about the company

Ensure that you have more understanding and some facts about the company that you are applying to. Make a thorough research on their years of existence in such business and know their competitors. Get to know the reason why they need to employ you or some other staff in other positions in the company. All these enquiries will give you ability to show them your seriousness concerning your work in that a particular company. Make sure you do not just drill about any job anyhow.

–          Prepare your mind for any questions and answers that may come your way

There are many job interview questions and answers that could come your way when you are exercising your job interview preparation. Try to go through those questions and address them as long as they are related to your skills which the company required. Try as much as you can to practicalize the questions and answers before you live your house for interview. This will help you a lot.

–          Make sure your interview outfit is well set before the time

Get your interview attire set before the interview hour. Avoid shirt stain on your back or skirt ripped at the seams. Use suitable attire for your interview that matches your skills.


With all the above steps, you can feel relaxed and have a pleasant interview.


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Architects cover letter example


Architects cover letter example



When preparing a cover letter for an architectural position, it is crucial to acknowledge that technical experience and expertise, coupled with a positive attitude and personality traits, is what could get you a potential position with your employer of choice. Your cover letter is your means of communicating your technical experience, outlining your key clients and employers you have worked for, and highlighting your key achievements.



In the world of architecture, knowledge and practical experience using architectural software, including Auto CAD, is definitely a plus. An explanation of major projects will most definitely add to your resume. On another note, in order to satisfy clients’ needs, architects need to be patient, courteous, friendly and attentive. Therefore, these traits need to be showcased and exemplified in your cover letter. Examples of satisfied clients, demanding clients and challenging projects that you have handled seamlessly will enhance your credibility.



As with many fields, employers need to sense a candidate’s passion for architecture, and their ambitions for the future of both their careers and the company’s goals and objectives. An explanation of the links between your skills and qualifications and the needs and requirements of the recruiter will make it easier for the company to determine why you would be suitable for the position. Moreover, it is important for recruiters to get a sense of your academic qualifications and how they have assisted you in gaining knowledge in the field of architecture, and how you aim to use your education and work experience in order to contribute to the employers’ goals for growth and success.



Finally, it is of utmost important for recruiters to sense that you have some knowledge about the position and the company’s profile, and that you have conducted some research about the organization to determine what gap you would need to fill in. Highlighting all this information in your cover letter in an articulate and persuasive manner will surely take you to the top of the shortlisted candidates for any architectural position.



Sample of a cover letter: 



Dear Sir/Madam,



It gives me great pleasure to apply for the Senior Architect position at your esteemed organization. I am a passionate and eager architect with more than 7 years experience in the field, characterized by several successful projects with various clients. These projects ranged from hospitals and universities, to major hotels and touristic villages. I hold a master’s degree in architecture from one of the world’s leading architectural schools.



I was privileged enough to work for a number of leading global architectural firms, and have served as a Senior Architect in my previous role. My work experience, coupled with an expertise in a number of software programs including but not limited to Auto CAD, Adobe applications and computer graphics software, have enabled me to excel in my career and showcase outstanding artistic and computing skills. More importantly, I have worked for demanding clients and have been able to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure. Furthermore, I have an eye for detail and possess sound decision-making skills that have enabled me to satisfy all the clients and employers that I have worked for. Other key attributes that I consider to be key determinants of my successful career are my patience and communication skills.



I feel that I have the creativity, loyalty and drive to take on the Senior Architect role available at your reputable organization. Attached is my resume, which demonstrates my skills and experience in architecture. I look forward to hearing from you to proceed with my application, and to be able to contribute to the growth and prosperity of your organization.



Yours Faithfully,








careers in sports: adventure sports career

How to make careers in sports: adventure sports career



If you are one of those people who believe a life living on the edge is worth more than any thing and if you want to spend your hours with a rendezvous with the nature itself then adventure sports may be your forte. Thus you must choose for careers in sports and that too adventure sports career is the best option. The most important perk that is associated with this type of career is that you get to be close to the exhilarating adventures and also make money for your living. Therefore not only you enjoy but also you can transform your hobby to a profession that is very rewarding.


Booming sector of job


Tourism in the adventure section is a very booming sector thus careers in sports are also very booming as a result. There are several sections of the media like the national geographic and the animal planet, discovery as well as AXN which have planned to give incentives and special offers to those people who plan to have a vacation of adventure rather than their normal vacation. Thus there is an increased influx of people as tourists and thus demand of the professionals has increased and also the availability of the jobs is more.


Eligibility for the job


To have careers in sports, even in adventure sports the basic form of education is enough. There are no restrictions on the subjects chosen what so ever till the graduation at the school level. However preference is given to those candidates that have a bachelor’s degree. Also the eligibility criteria have a strict requirement of the right age.


Thus the candidate must be of 16 to 40. But the physical fitness is the primary and the most important eligibility criterion. Proficiency in swimming is the mandatory requirement for those who opt for sports careers associated with swimming. Also the candidate should know any foreign language so that they can converse easily with the tourist.


Personality trait requirement


Personality is another important aspect that is crucial to choosing careers in sports. Going for the adventure sports require a certain type of grit and adventurous attitude since this type of sports have an unusual and exciting activities. Also there is the requirement of a risky mentality and a risk taking ability.


The candidate should also have the ability to work in risky terrain and possess team spirit and high commitment capability and responsibility as well. The candidate should also have a first hand knowledge of awareness and conservation, first aid, map and compass interpreting capabilities and camp management ability. A talent in sports and mental toughness is a necessesity that is must in this type of careers.


Prospects and places to study


Careers in sports are available in excursion agencies, leisure camps, athletic clubs, holiday resorts, sports centers etc. with enough experience you can also set up your own sports agency. Professionals who have a thorough training can also work for tourism department of the government as well.


There are several institutions that offer adventure sports courses. The basic teaching module includes technical skill pedagogy I swimming, trekking, caving, canoeing, rowing, water surfing etc.


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iPhone Apps for Fitness

5 iPhone Apps for Fitness – A Great Way to Go

A good lifestyle calls for controlled practices that impact your life extensively, and you come to the conclusion that permanent good health forebodes a happy life to come. Come New Year, we make great resolves, but this slows down and almost wavers towards the year end, until some new motivation perks us up. Your health should be your priority, and you would be stead fast in holding on to the fitness and diet regimes that you vowed to follow continuously, regardless of every extraneous condition that might come into your way of implementing your decisions. Do not imagine, for the moment, that only the obese are liable to experience problems of the heart. Slim you may be, but sitting for 15 hours a day will certainly enhance your candidature for heart problems. Doubtless, making promises are easier than practicing them and it is here that the 5 iPhone Apps for fitness demonstrate their utility in encouraging you to practice your diet / exercise regimes with aplomb.

They are popular and easy to follow, supported as they are with step to step instructions.

1. Lose It! By FitNow

Ideally, design as weight loss app this one is freely downloadable from the web without having to go through several formalities. This app helps to create and maintain a database of your food intake and go on to assess the calorie intake of the user. You have a provision to invite a friend and keep the account interactive, or you could keep it private, meant only for you. Some of the phones that can download these apps are the iPod touch, iOS 3.0 and iPad.

2. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is another iPhone apps, with an extremely user friendly interface, founded on GPS technology to track your fitness regime. Notwithstanding if you are cycling, walking, running or undergoing other activities, the RunKeeper keeps recording your activities. Even your work on a treadmill is monitored by this app, which is ingratiated with the Social Networks, in order to enable you to project your budding muscles to your friends who share their pages with you. Similar to the RunKeeper you have another GPS based apps called Endomondo Sports Tracker to follow up like running, cycling, kayaking and skiing. An audio feedback and your friends being able to your activities are two great features of this app.

3. Nike Apps

Supported by the brand image of Nike, the Nike training club has an extremely fast download of the old 85 exercise routines along with the fresh 25. With a personal trainer to boot, this site app is a favorite among celebrities and practically lives up to its expectations.

4. Fooducate

This is an extremely interesting apps as it easily scans the bar-coding of the food packets you find in the shops and reveal details of the ingredients used and even advises you which other products could be better. This apps has a very authentic and dependable database because it has been compiled by expert dietitians and loving parents who know exactly which food is best for us.

5. The Eatery

This application chases and records your pattern of eating by taking photographs before every meal and storing it as a record for posterity. Interestingly, you can invite some selected friends to partake in these apps and provide you meaningful feedbacks and ratings for your food habits.

We hope that the 5 iPhone Apps for fitness given above will play a major role in bringing orderliness into your life.

Kevin Pritchard is a freelance writer that likes to write on everything related to android and technology in general. He is also a contributor to clickdiscounts voucher codes where you can get some useful tips when it comes to saving money on your purchases.

Agricultural resume example

Agricultural resume example


While there are a lot of people who do not want to work in the agricultural field, some people still wish to do so. One of the reasons explaining this is that there are a lot of benefits that you can obtain from working in this field.


However, you need to prepare the good Agricultural resume in order to attract the employer and let them give you the chance to serve them. There are several points that you need to keep in mind when you are preparing the resume. For example, you need to take a look at the experience of yourself as well as the willingness for you to work in this field. When you work in the agricultural field, you would need to work in areas like farm occasionally. Therefore, you have to show that you are willing to take this type of working environment or otherwise you would not be regarded as well-prepared for the job.


If you can specify the field that you are good at, you would find that it is easier for you to get the job. There are some job employers who would like to hire a particular field of agricultural personnel. Therefore, you can get their impression if you can show that you belong to one of the professionals in that particular field.


Agricultural resume example



393 SSMC Road

MC, SA 22012

Phone number: 230-122-XXXX

Email: sdnm2@fmsa.com



Looking for a good position in the management field in a good agricultural firm


Professional Qualification


Plant manager, CSAM Poultry

2009 – Present


–          Oversaw every aspect of organization about the profit and loss of the organization as well as the budget of it

–          Assisted the management of over 400 employees in a day

–          Implemented the sanitation inspection on the workplace environment

–          Increased the yield of plant by 1%


Assistant plant manager, RIF Poultry



–          Directly handled the production phrases over the company

–          Communicated with different departments of the company to ensure the smooth operation

–          Coordinated with sales department to make sure the cost of production could be covered

–          Maintained high yield and increased the efficiency of production by 10%

–          Communicated with all colleagues to keep them motivated in the work


Production Supervisor, CMM Poultry



–          Maintained the quality control of the company

–          Implemented the sanitation program in the company for increasing productivity

–          Provided regular statistics and reports

–          Informed managers with any new improvements

–          Negotiated with the finance department for budget in improving facilities of the company


Key Skills


–          Able to cope with stress during the working condition

–          Could communicate well with colleagues for the job

–          Well negotiation skills to negotiate with clients

–          Detail-oriented and could spot the mistakes effectively


Educational background


Bachelor of Science,SMMWUniversity



Expected salary



Day of start for the job




Available upon request


Anything special to ask



Any criminal record previously


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Lawyers resume example

Lawyers resume example


A lawyer is always regarded as somebody who is important to the justice of the society. Although there are a lot of negative comments on the functions of lawyers in the market, there are generally a lot of people who trust the work performed by the lawyers. Therefore, people who want to work in the lawyer field would need to tell the others that they are the professional guys. When lawyers try to apply for a job in a firm, they would need to pass their resume to the recruiters to take a look.


In many of the cases, the recruiters would be lawyers as well. Therefore, it is very important for the applicants to make sure that the words mentioned in the resume are true and fair. If not, the recruiters would usually spot the mistakes or the misleading parts and this would make you lose the chance to get the job. This may seem to be something very trivial but some of the applicants just fail to do this. They would try to use some misleading or unclear information to fool the recruiters but they would fail in doing so because the recruiters are never stupid.


If you think that it is difficult to create a resume for a lawyer, you can read the Lawyers resume example below. There would be comprehensive information for you to understand the way that the resume of lawyer would look like and this can help you create the one for your own and have a higher chance of being selected for the next round of recruitment, which is usually the interview session.


If you are required to write expected salary for the job, you should try to search for the relevant information before you put down a number. It is because many of the firms would have a standard regarding the salary of lawyers. If you are the experienced ones, you may choose to put down a large number there.


Lawyers resume example


Lillian Fuller

239 DSM Drive

AS 23010

Cell: 767-560-XXXX

Email: fas32@sme.com


Career Goal

To obtain a position as a lawyer in a firm which has the determination to grow and develop well together with the lawyers in the future


Professional license

State Bar ofCalifornia

State Bar ofIllinois

Federal District Court–California


Previous Employment

Junior Associate, Law Office of D.D. and O.

Attorney, SD Attorney


Awards and Honors

Excellent Student Bar Award, 2010

Award for Free Speech, Speech Association of Barrister, 2008

Constitutional Law Research Award, 2008


Teaching achievements

–          Guided a team of law students to perform legal research for different criminal cases and assisted them to finish the report and papers for the evaluation

–          Conducted teaching session in some law lectures

–          Was invited as the guest speaker for some law lectures


Summary of skills

–          Able to communicate with clients efficiently

–          Experienced in research for constitutional law as well as criminal law

–          Able to work in the tort field and also the family law field


what to wear to interview

Do you know what to wear to interview?


The office and work place prescribes and abides by the act of dressing with codes.  They will always like their prospective workers to show them that they understand this and are always ready to queue into the dress style.


When considering what to wear to interview, you should be aware of the fact that the first impression you make to the interviewers is very important to the success and failure you will expect. This first impression is given by your dress code even when you are very far from the office in question. What to wear to interview should completely be dependent on the job role you are applying for and the dress code of the firm. You should also consider what your interviewer will wear.


A two piece suite with dark colors will be good for men. Never combine pants and jackets of different colors. White or sky blue long sleeved shirts with matching solid striped ties and belts that are very conservative will do. Wear black or navy blue shoes that are well polished with the lightest forms of perfume that will smell fresh and clean. Don’t go for the heavy ones. Trim you facial hair and make sure you shave well. Do not wear heavy jewelries except your wrist watches, cufflinks and wedding bands. No tattoos at all.


Women should wear a two piece suite of dark grey, brown or black with matching shirts or blouse. Your skirt should get to the knee to allow you sit and stand. Consider conservative and non heeled shoes. Apply less makeup and good manicure with light perfume. Avoid heavy jewelries. Even if you are going to the companies that will not necessarily allow you to wear suite. You still need to look very nice and sharp. If you get what to wear to interview right, you have passed more than half of the interview.



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Engineers resume example

Engineers resume example

 Working as the engineer is always regarded as a stable job. People might not earn a large amount of money and become the billionaire when they work as the engineer. However, they would usually be able to earn the stable income throughout the years because the industry of engineer would not have a lot of ups and downs. In other words, it would not be easy for people to be unemployed once they have entered the industry for the job.


But in order to get the job, people would have to spend the time to write good resume for that. They need to understand that there are a lot of applicants for the job and it would be important if they can have impressive resume for the job.


No matter whether you are the chemical engineer or the mechanical engineer, you would need to demonstrate that you are capable of your own expertise. Therefore, you need to focus on mentioning the information about your expertise field. This would impress the employers and make them think that you are the right person that they should choose.


If you want to make the good and unique resume, you can start by reading the Engineers resume examples available in the market. From information like the Engineers resume example below, you would understand the basic items that should be prepared in the resume. This would help you prepare for the resume for the later time.


Engineers resume example


Paul Johnson

CMA Drive,AXM City,AS31023

Cell Number: 042-120-XXXX

Email: dnak23@asdl.com


Career Objective

To achieve the position as the chemical engineer for a company that is passionate in gaining success in the respective field


Key skills

–          Could work in tight schedule and finish the projects before deadline without sacrificing quality of work

–          Able to spot the mistakes made by others and make appropriate suggestion for improvements

–          Could communicate with others well for the betterment of the project

–          Is able to find creative solution to the problems

–          Is willing to learn from mistakes and willing to learn from others

–          Detail-oriented and is able to spot out mistakes in the projects

–          Dedicated to serve the organization with good prospect

–          Good time management in working and is able to handle multiple projects at the same period of time


Work Experience

Chemical engineer, CMLA Inc.

2005- Present

–          Investigated into the feasibility of several pilot projects on medicine development

–          Participated in the study of effect of some drugs on human body

–          Assisted the design of several drugs in human treatments

–          Communicated with a team of colleagues to ensure the progress of the project

–          Reported the situation of the project progress to management level continuously

–          Asked for clarification for project information before the launch of it and followed the clarification to improve the project progress

–          Kept the development projects within the budget


Educational Background

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering,CAMLUniversity




Asbestos Mine

Asbestos Mine
Asbestos was first mined in Vermont in 1899 on Belvidere Mountain.  Chrysotile deposits of ultramafic rock were quarried in the Mt. Belvidere mines located in Eden and Lowell, Vermont.
How asbestos is mined :
Asbestos is mined by the open pit method in most countries where the top layers of the sediment are removed and the minerals taken out. Layer after layer of rock will be blasted away until the asbestos is exposed and then harvested with machinery. Asbestos comes in different forms and is a waxy almost greasy mineral that is relatively soft. It is very brittle and easily fractures into many pieces that are stringy.
At the heart of the current controversy is the Mine Jeffrey, the world’s largest asbestos mine and the last of several exhausted asbestos pits clustered in Quebec’s Eastern Township area. From this region, for more than a century, has come almost 90 percent of the world’s commercial asbestos.
According to the United States Geological Survey statistics, asbestos production is led by Russia, which in the year 2000 alone mined 752,000 tons of asbestos. China was next with a little under half that total with Canada at 320,000 tons. Brazil came in fourth in terms of asbestos tonnage with 209,000 and Kazakhstan fifth at 179,000 tons. After Zimbabwe’s 152,000 tons asbestos production drops off significantly with countries, such as Greece, India, South Africa, and the United States mining less than 32,000 tons.
Most asbestos mines have been closed down. But wherever asbestos was extracted from the earth or processed in nearby plants, the fibers remain in dust, in the soil, blown by the wind, posing a hazard to local residents. All those sites need to be cleaned up and the asbestos safely disposed of.

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Front Desk Assistant resume example

Front Desk Assistant resume example


When you apply for the job as front desk assistant, you need to look at the requirement that employers would usually have. In the normal case, they would want to find somebody who is able to communicate with clients well. They also want to have somebody who can have basic computer skills. In addition, they would prefer to have the good people who can arrange answers for clients or guests logically. Therefore, there are a lot of things that people would have to indicate in the Front Desk Assistant resume example.


Usually, people are required to submit the resume before they can have the meeting. Some people wonder whether it should consist of a photo. However, it is not advised for people to attach a photo to the resume because it may lead to the worries about racial discrimination in countries like theUS. Thus, it would be necessary for people to spend time to prepare the words in the resume rather than taking a nice photo for it.


As the Front Desk Assistant would need to sit and work for a long period of time, you would need to let your employers have the confident that you are self-disciplined. If you always leave your position, guests would find nobody in the front desk and they would need to go around by themselves. In this case, the impression of the whole company would be ruined as the company would be viewed as unprofessional. In the following Front Desk Assistant resume example, you would know the way that you should do to package yourself in the resume.


Front Desk Assistant resume example


Fred KS

SNDK Street,SNKD Road,

New York,

Cell: 230-304-XXXX

Email: ernsl@dnfskl.com


Career Profile:


To find a position as front desk associate in which I could demonstrate my skills and handle the administrative tasks efficiently


Professional Strengths


–          Possess good time management skills, was not late for the position

–          Able to use creative thinking to resolve conflicts and problems

–          Self-disciplined and can handle tasks quickly

–          Experienced knowledge of using computer, telephone system and other IT equipment

–          Able to communicate with guests in a warm manner and maintain courtesy

–          Comprehensive knowledge about the work of front desk assistant


Education background


2007- 2009 Diploma of Business Administration,NNKSchool


Work Experience


Front Desk Assistant, ATD Health Consultant

2010 – 2011

–          Managed multiple lines of telephone system

–          Collected payment from clients by sending and delivering invoices

–          Performed maintenance of the office and helped with clearing some old stocks

–          Assisted the office manager to perform housekeeping in the office

–          Advertised the services to clients with questions

–          Arranged meetings for managers with clients


Front Desk Assistant, ASS Corporation

2009 – 2010

–          Prepared reports and assisted managers to do presentation for the reports

–          Updated calendar in the system to ensure that emails would not be missed

–          Sorted mails in the office and distributed them to the managers

–          Drafted correspondence

–          Answered multiple lines of phones

–          Scanned files and filed the documents to different folders


Comedy that Entertains your Readers

Writing Comedy that Entertains your Readers – and the Search Engines

Face it, a lot of people use the internet because they are bored.  There is plenty of scope for getting traffic out of providing funny content people can read or look at instead of working, and this can be a great way to build up a following for yourself as a writer, or for your blog (where you can then slyly sell them stuff, if you’re kind of cynical like I am).  Whether the purpose of your site is comedy, or you just want to write some funny articles to liven up your affiliate site and make it more appealing, it is important to keep SEO in mind and find a balance between appealing to the search engines without ruining your jokes.

Topical Humour

An easy way to do this is to write some topical humour.  Whether this is the whole theme of your article, or just a joke slipped in to a piece on whatever subject you usually blog about, look for things happening in the news, entertainment, sport and of course, the world of celebrity for inspiration.  You can then use a keyword that is temporarily trending, like the name of whichever celebrity just went out with no underwear on or got a DUI, to drive traffic to your site (which may be more about selling fitness equipment than celebrity gossip, but everybody knows that a lot of people who like celebrity gossip are fat, so you’re still hitting a ripe audience).

Sliding some jokes about current topics of interest, especially if they are a bit controversial, not only entertains your readers and lets you pick up passing traffic from searches that wouldn’t normally relate to what you do, but also tells the reader that your content is up to date.


If you can’t easily fit keywords into what you are producing, either because it ruins the flow of your comedy, or because you are using image based or video comedy like cartoon strips, memes, or YouTube videos, then you can use tags to help search engines identify what your content relates to.  Treat tags as you would any other SEO, and make sure they really are relevant and describe the kind of content you have.

Social Media

More than any other kind of content, comedy is really easy to promote through social media.  People share and re-post the things that make them laugh more than anything else, so if you have some funny content, using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ to get it in front of everyone you know can hopefully start a cycle where it will get forwarded on, shared, linked to, and found in Twitter searches as well as Google ones.  This not only brings you in more traffic from people who see the posts, but also helps your search engine rankings as it creates backlinks, and shows Google that your page is being talked about as well as looked at.


If you’re not someone who is good at coming up with humorous content, you can still get yourself in front of the  almost endless audience of procrastinators out there by hiring someone who is to write for you.  Think of the blogs you find funny – in some cases you can hire those writers to work for you, but alternatively, you at least have a model for what you are trying to achieve to help you explain what you want to any potential freelancers you are talking to.

Comedy is one of the hardest forms of content to write so if you are having trouble you might want to look for a company that offers copywriting services.  Apple Copywriting is a great company to turn to in your hour of need.

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Software Engineer resume example

Software Engineer resume example


Whenever you want to work as the engineer, you would find that there are a lot of ways for you to go actually. Therefore, you would need to find the right set of resume and apply for the right job.


With the help of Software Engineer resume examples, you would usually be able to prepare the right resume for the job of software engineer. You would find that there are several important points that you need to prepare for the job.


First of all, you should tell the reader of the resume about any of the experiences that you have related to software development. If you have worked before, you probably have got some impressive projects. These impressive projects would help you a lot in letting the employers believe that you can work well.


Apart from this, you should tell them the computer skills that you have. If you know some of the program languages, you can try to list them in the resume.


However, you are not advised to make everything technical in the resume. It is because some of the companies would ask the human resources department staff to view the resume instead of asking the managers of the software engineering department. In other words, some of the jargons or technical terms may not be understood by your readers. Then, you may not have the chance to get into the interview because you may not be able to impress those human resource people.


Software Engineer resume example


John Samson

S32 SSD Street

Boston,MA, 2393

Phone number: 233-120-XXXX

Email: snm32j@gmkals.com



An result-oriented software engineer with god knowledge about the applications in the industry, and is interested in working in a software firm with good prospect such that the software engineering plans could be executed well



–          Knowledge of techniques and procedures required for software engineering

–          Good at using different languages for different projects

–          Comprehensive skills to communicate with others and present ideas to the others

–          Good at organizing different works together

–          Able to start different projects at the same time

–          Familiar with the hardware in the industry and use the right software to fit the hardware


Technical skills

–          Language: Java, HTML, Java Script, XML, Pascal, C++, C

–          Software: WhiteBox Deep Cover, Continuous Version Control System, Dash-o-Pro, Visual Café, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Rational Rose

–          Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Linux

–         Hardwar: Disk Arrays, Peripherals, Memory cards, NCR 5000


Educational Qualification


Bachelor of Computer Engineering,University of Boston

2009 – 2011



Certificated Software Engineer in Boston


Work Experience

Junior Software Engineer, SDNMC Company

2011 – Present

–          Designed and developed software using scientific approach

–          Handled the responsibility of developing user tests on the system

–          Coordinated with the manager to evaluate the effectiveness of the system

–          Identified the bugs from the software and make necessary adjustments

–          Provided the direction for program development in the software field and matched with the feasibility testing in the hardware view

Google Position

Google Position


Google is no doubt the most popular search engine in the world. It’s popular because it seems to rank pages so accurately and quickly, time and time again. It also updates its algorithms periodically so that it is up to date with latest trends.

Google has almost 90% of market share in terms of search engines and that’s why all companies mainly focus on Google positions for their website.

Why Google Position matters ?

I ran a small campaign for one of my website and for marketing I used below strategies

  • Bulk Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media (Facebook , twitter , LinkedIn)
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Flyers
  • Cold Calls
  • Free Classifieds (craigslist)

This is the result I have got:

*Bulk Email Marketing   ( 3 people responded after sending 5000 emails . 1 converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $500 )

*SEO ( 24 people came to website , out of which 23 were referred by Google and 1 by Yahoo. 5 converted to customers. Campaign Cost : $400 )

*Social Media [Facebook , twitter , linkedIn]  ( 87 people came to website , out of which none was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $400 )

*Radio Advertisements  ( 7 people came to website , out of which none was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $1000 )

*Flyers   ( 9 people came to website , out of which 1 was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $200 )

*Cold Calls  ( 28 people came to website , out of which 1 was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $650 )

*Free Classifieds [craigslist]  ( 34 people came to website , out of which 1 was converted to customer.Campaign  Cost : $180 )

So definitely Google SEO was the most productive strategy for my campaign that time.

How to increase Google position of your website?

Getting a good Google position is really important .It is not that easy and you will not see results in just few days. It generally takes 2-3 months for getting good ranking for keywords. You have to pay initially for getting the rank but once it is ranked, then you can enjoy for some time and you just need to maintain your position at that time.

Some important steps for having a Good Google Position:

1. Content : Content is the main key. Make sure that you have a quality content and try to avoid duplicate stuff. Try to add more content related to topic and make sure the topic helps both users and search engines.

2. Back Links : You need thousands of backlinks here. People say that you need to focus on quality backlinks and not on quantity. However as per my experience and my research , I believe we need both. You just make sure that links are not coming from banned websites. Low quality links, having no page rank or no traffic can also be vital if you anchor it with your keywords

3. Tags : Make sure that you have a good title tag. Its very crucial to have your top 3 keywords of that page to be  your title tag. The other important tags are H1, bold and anchor.

Questions received last week:

Hi Vinay,  I am in good Google ranking for   many keywords. Now , I want to  redesigned my website and I am just afraid that my Google ranking will go away. Can you  please let me know if I have to take any additional steps.regards


Hello Linda ,

You may see a little shift , may be good or bad as you are changing your website. However please make sure that you consider below points so that you maintain your Google Positions.

  • Keep your Title tag unchanged.
  • Use 301 to all redirects.
  • Try not to change your url structure.
  • If you are adding images, then add alt tags,  and also try to manage or keep same quality content

Thanks, vinay

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Data Entry interview questions

Data Entry interview questions


There are so many things that you need to prepare if you want to successfully be hired as the data entry staff. Therefore, you need to learn the information related to the way that you can answer the Data Entry interview questions well.


Question 1: What is your weakness?

If you pay attention to the question, you would know that you are expected to answer one question instead of more. Therefore, you have to find one weakness that you can justify. You may need to cite examples about the way that the weakness hurt your life. You are also expected to give suggestion on the way that you can follow to improve the weakness.


Question 2: Have you worked with Microsoft programs before?

The programs of Microsoft, such as Word and Excel, are the basic programs that people working in the data entry field would need to use. Therefore, you cannot say that you are new to these programs. Instead, you have to let the interview know that you are knowledgeable in these programs and you can master them well.


Question 3: What did you do in your previous work?

You just need to tell the truth and you can let them know the reason why you left as well.


Question 4: Why do you want to work here?

You can share with them the motivation for you to work in the company and it can be something passionate or realistic.


Question 5: How do you respond to changes?

In the data entry field, there can be a lot of changes in the programs or the codes that you use. Therefore, you have to be able to cope with changes.


Question 6: What are your strengths?

These strengths should be matched with the job requirement that you need to perform. You may need to be detail-oriented and deadline-oriented if you want to be the data entry staff.


Question 7: Do you have something interesting to share with us?

This question has to be prepared in advanced actually. It would be very difficult for you to generate one when you are nervous during the interview process. You need to recall your memory about a good or funny thing before you go to the interview.


Question 8: Which programs are you good at other than Microsoft Office?

You just need to explain the competencies in computer skills that you have got.


Question 9: What would you do in this company after 5 years?

You would need to find your career path in the company and you cannot say that you would stay at the same job title for 5 years.


Question 10: How would you contribute to this company?

Apart from working, you should also be responsible for teaching the newcomers and let them grow. In this way, the whole company would grow because everybody working in the company would be willing to share their knowledge and information to the others and work together instead of being very selfish or self-centered for themselves.

Diet For Pregnant Women With Jaundice

photo (17)

photo (17)

Causes Of Jaundice During Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman has jaundice, there are often a few underlying reasons why this is occurring. Among these are the following:

  • Acute fatty liver of pregnancy that occurs during the second trimester, which is fatal if left undiagnosed and untreated.
  • Viral hepatitis causes the inflammation of the person’s liver. It can be caused by different kinds of viruses that bring about the different types of hepatitis.
    • Choledocholithiasis is a problem that is caused by gallstones in the person’s bile duct.
    • HELLP Syndrome is a rare but very dangerously fatal condition is associated with pre-eclampsia.

What to Do to Avoid and Cure Jaundice During Pregnancy

Mothers should know how to prevent jaundice during pregnancy. If they do find themselves with this problem, they should know the right diet for pregnant women with jaundice. Here are some tips:

  • Get yourself vaccinated for hepatitis before you get yourself pregnant.
  • Pregnant women with jaundice should avoid fatty food and other sources like butter, lard, and other similar fatty substances.
    • Avoid spicy foods, too much sweets, pickles, alcohol, coffee, and salted meats.
    • Adequate care and precaution should be taken by pregnant women with jaundice to avoid foetal loss and worsening of the condition.
    • Seek immediate attention once jaundice is evident.
    A liquid diet consists mostly of fruit juices, vegetable soups and protein shakes. Rest is also an important part of being on the liquid diet. Pregnant women who have been diagnosed with jaundice are advised to sleep as much as they can throughout the day. Sleep helps in the development of the baby. Pressure and stress should be avoided as much as possible. Yoga and meditation can help immensely. Always speak to your doctor before making drastic changes to your diet and exercise routine, especially during pregnancy

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Gold Star Siblings inc

Gold Star Siblings Inc. was started in 2006 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, Due to the many Siblings needing support at the loss of their brother or sister being lost to War or to circumstances due to war. Gold Star Siblings Inc. is the only 501 c3 nonprofit organization, that supports Siblings but there also if the family may require something as well.

Karen Hickman started the Gold Star Siblings inc in Indiana after many years of being a Gold Star Sister herself, losing her brother Cpl. Thomas Steven Hickman in the Vietnam War, and for years feeling alone as a Sibling and having no one to talk with about being a sibling and how it felt, losing her brother.
The Parents come first, the Sibling, “takes care of the parents.” Siblings become lost and withdrawn and left out wanting to protect our parents. We lose our best friend, we lose the one we told our secrets to, we lose part of ourselves when we lose our siblings.

Part of us is gone, and we need support also. This is why Gold Star Siblings Inc was Started.

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Creating Mobile Presence

sales cover letter

Creating Mobile Presence

According to Pew Internet and American Life Project, over one third of Americans now have an internet enabled smartphone. Even more Americans have mobile phones with mobile web access that can access the internet. With such a large percentage of the population adopting the technology to have the internet in their pocket, it makes sense for a business to include expanding their mobile web presence in their marketing plans. Below are six of the most compelling reasons to have a mobile presence.


When customers are trying to find out information about your business on the go, they use a smartphone to search for your business information. Without a reliable website, they may find outdated and unreliable information from what is available online from other websites. Being able to search and find exactly what they need to know on the go makes life easier for your customers. Without the information they need, they may choose to go elsewhere, knowing that another business has what they want, whether it be menus, hours, services or directions to your location.
Ease of use:

Even if you already have a website for your business, it may not format properly on the small screen of a phone. One of the main problems smartphone users experience is accessing websites that are not properly formatted for their phones, making it difficult to use while away from their computers. Some websites are designed in applications like Flash that may not load on a phone, or use too much memory and crash the browser. Choosing to have a clean and simple mobile web site will make all of the information easy to view and access. Websites formatted for the mobile web prevent annoying navigation and loading problems.

Maintaining a mobile website is often very inexpensive, with the fees to design a mobile website also very modestly priced. For most businesses with a large web presence, the cost of developing and maintaining a mobile website will be a small fraction of hosting and server fees for the non-mobile website every month, while providing a useful tool to market your business online.

The number of smartphone and mobile web users grow on a daily basis. 7% of U.S. web traffic comes from mobile devices, and that statistic is expected to continue to rise. More users will be accessing mobile websites in the future, making it necessary to consider the expanding market of mobile web users.
Keeping up with the competition:

More and more businesses are seeing the use of a mobile website for users on the go and choosing to include it in their marketing and advertising plans. As more and more adopt this technology, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t be left behind in your competitor’s dust.
Reaching more potential customers:

Most large companies have a mobile website rather than a mobile application because they know the value in reaching as many segments of their market as possible. A well designed mobile website will attract far more interest and business than a mobile application, and be much easier to to implement. Separate mobile applications have to be developed for every different operating system, making it several times as costly and complicated to implement a system that will work for every mobile user.

Looking at more statistics of smartphone use, it is clear that smartphone users are using their phones as a mobile computer rather than a phone. At least two thirds of smartphone users use their phones to access the internet on a daily basis, and 25% of users report using their smartphone as the primary mode of accessing the internet. When choosing where to spend your marketing dollars, it makes sense to expand your business’s web presence to the mobile web.

Peter Tarkington is a website consultant and content contributor for wirelessinternet.org, a site which lists wireless providers and tracks the latest advances in available web connections.

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Software Engineer interview questions

Software Engineer interview questions


When you apply for a job as the software engineer, you would need to pass through the interviews. There are some typical questions that you can prepare for the interview.


Question 1: Indicate the mistakes in this piece of code.

At this time, you would be given a piece of paper. On the paper, there would be some types of codes and you have to identify the mistakes of the codes. Then, you would need to explain why the codes are faulty. You can also make correction on the codes.


Question 2: Explain the architecture of your last project.

You are expected to introduce the project that you have finished before you apply for this job. If you have just graduated, you can mention the project that you have done as the final year project. This would also be appropriate when you mention that you are a fresh graduate right before you answer this question.


Question 3: What is the hardest problem that you have solved so far?

You would need to describe some situations by recalling your memory. You need to let your interviewer know that you finally managed to solve the problem and the result was satisfactory. If you finally failed to solve the problem, it implied that you are not capable of dealing with stress and you may not be a good candidate to work there.


Question 4: Do you have any idol in the software engineering field?

This is s test on whether you know the industrial facts and information. You just need to tell a name and explain the reason why.


Question 5: What programming language can you work best?

You can introduce any type of programming language that you know as your best language. But if you find that there are requirement of particular language listed in the job advertisement, you need to make it your best language to impress the interviewers.


Question 6: Can you start working tomorrow?

You just need to tell your availability.


Question 7: What is your expected salary?

Before you go to the interview, you should have listed this down in the resume and you should also research for the information first.


Question 8: Explain what will happen when this program is launch.

You would usually be given a script with the language codes. You need to read through it and describe what would happen if these codes are input into the computer and run as the program.


Question 9: Use one word to describe yourself?

Think twice before you answer. One word is enough. You can wait for their follow up question and then make the explanation. If you mention one word without giving the explanation, they would always ask for explanation so you do not need to talk a lot at the beginning. You just need to wait for them to do the follow up.


Question 10: Can you tell me the latest program used by commercials in this aspect?

This question tests whether you are up to date with the market information. You have to search before you go to the interview.

Handling Recruitment


Handling Recruitment


“Buying a car is easy but maintaining a car is difficult”…this seems to be very true quote in all aspects of our lives. Let it a job. With ever-increasing demand for star talents in jobs, it is becoming really a tough task to get or maintain recruitment. Buying recruitment may be a tough task but maintain the recruitment seems to be the toughest! With the loads of targets to be fulfilled by the candidates, it becomes a real frustrating for a candidate to feel free and perform his other jobs at tierces. The candidates often have to face a monthly or weekly targets of finding jobs (or profit) for the concern they are working which if not  met results in loss of a recruitment. It seems that a simple mishandling of recruitment can cost you a lot. Not any worries as we are here to get you out off your mess. Follow the simple steps to get yourself free from the mess that your coleus would be facing. So here, we go with tips to success:-


When offered you a target, observe the exactly is it demanding from you.


When found out re-schedule yourself to divide the task into subparts that you would be performing in allotted time.


Well it may be included here that there are millions websites providing millions of job tie. This may be a good option for you.


Search out the appropriate job type you are wanting like Digital Jobs, Sales and marketing Jobs, media jobs etc.


When searched sort out the genuine ones and employing fakes ones may put you at stake your boss.


When sort the effective and genuine ones hire them to the lowest rate to enable as much company profit as you can. Do try to negotiate them a lot.


Attach their profiles and send it to your boss!


Hiring a recruiter


Hiring a recruiter


Be it a small concern or let it be a large firm; all of them do one thing in common! Both of them do demand a recruiting cell (or recruiter) to get the number of their working heads (employee) maintained. Nevertheless with competition of recruiting the best talent to an aspect is reaching the high skies, find a genuine and effective recruiter is also a tough task indeed. With the present days, proving many options when it comes to hiring a recruiter, but sorting out the best of them would be a difficult task to perform.  However as the saying goes” When there’s a Will, there’s always a way”, we are here to boon you with some of the tips and tactics that would be utter helpful to you while you hire a recruiter. Therefore, here are the ones: –


When hiring a recruiter for your organization, one of the significant parts is the Personal Interview. The advice would if you yourself should check some of the background yourself before you hire a certain recruiter.


Firstly, check how much attention they generally pay on the merits of the candidates when selecting them for a concern. A good recruiter would have the merit of  a candidate the first criterion to get selected for a any concern


Secondly, check what are the sources the recruiter does generally adopt when they are selecting candidates. A good recruiter would a have many genuine channels and networks to find the best candidates for you.


Then check how much experience are they domain employing in them. Check out what type of job-candidates is they having exactly! This would save your concern from having fake candidates who are sure to spoil your reputation if employed


Lastly ask them hat is the factor that motivates them a good recruiter would be very much motivated with fact of recruiting candidates and not with commission you would be paying to them!


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Rehabilitation and treatment strategy for stroke

Stroke patient may experience very difficulties and barriers to recovery of normal activities . These can take the form of impairments directly caused by the stroke. There are number of different approaches to treatment for patients with stroke.

These include

* Bobath( or normal movement approach)

* motor learning (or motor relearning or movement science)approach

*brunnstrom approach

* Rood approach

*proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

* johnstone technique.

Beside these techniques there are other general methods by which we can decrease the effects of stroke, these are as under:

1) Spasticity

Spasticity referred to as an unusual “tightness” of muscles referred to as an unusual “tightness” of muscles in which there is lack of inhibition from the CNS results in excessive contraction of the muscles, ultimately leading to hyperflexia( increase in reflexes). It can be reduced by neurological physiotherapy. Physiotherapy will use a combination of hands on treatment and exercise therapy to reduce spasticity…

a) Use of ice to decrease spasm and pain.

b) Stretching of muscles through range to relieve stiffness in the joint and surrounding tissues.

c) Exercise to increase muscle strength and functional performance. This may include regular standing and weight bearing.

d) Activity to improve range of movement.

e) Correcting and varying joint position during activities.

f) Hydrotherapy treatment to relieve muscle tension.

2) Gait disorders

It has been seen that treadmill training, particularly with partial(30-40%) body weight support may be effective in re-educating the patient in walking after stroke.

3 )Biofeed back technique

This provides a patient both auditory or visual feed back relating to movement or postures of their body or limbs. Feed back related to body positions for example weight distribution between the legs during standing or while rising to stand is beneficial.

4) Foot drop

Foot drop is inability to raise the foot at ankle joint.AFO”s (ankle foot orthoses) can be prescribed to patients with foot drop following stroke. It may help in maintaining ankle dorsi flexion , reducing spasticity and improves the patterns and safety of gait. Foot drop can also be treated by the use of braces. Exercise therapy to strengthen, that transfer tendons from stronger leg muscle is occasionally performed.

5) Electrical stimulation

In this there is bursts of electrical current to a muscle or a peripheral nerve, to create or assist a voluntary muscle contraction. It thus may improve muscle force, strength and function.

6) Communication skills

Aphasia an acquired impairment of cognitive system for comprehension and formulating language. symptoms such as communication deficit, affecting communication interaction, notably non-verbal communication occur following right hemisphere stroke. The role of speech and language therapist in aphasia include assessment, differentiation of aphasia from other communication difficulties ,advise and education, counselling and direct intervention

Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder affecting clarity of speech, voice quality and volume and over all intelligibility. It may be associated with aphasia. Patient with dysarthria refered to the speech and language therapist.

7) Nutrition and swallowing

Careful assessment of nutritional status and swallowing impairment should be done. Fluid management and routine use of I/V fluids should be early management in stroke. Advise of dieticians should be sought.

8) Urinary/faecal Continence

Anti cholinergic drugs to treat urinary incontinence must be prescribed. Urinary catheter should be used. Indwelling catheter should be used to treat painful urinary retention without delay. once precipitating cause has removed patient care plan should include planned trial without catheter . Regular use of constipating agent and bowel care with enema.

9) Pain

Most commonly patient having musculoskeletal pain and involving the hemiplegics shoulder. Central post stroke pain(CPSP) is characterized by partial or that deficit for thermal/or sharpness sensations. Use of hi-lo Transcutaneous electrical stimulation may help patient. Positive relaxation as an adjuvant therapy should be used

10) Shoulder hemiplegic pain

This problem contributes to poor upper limb recovery, depression, sleeplessness following stroke. Careful handling of affected upper limb along with consistent supporting positioning strategies should be practiced. Electrical stimulation, physical therapy, ultrasound, strapping and support should be used in the management.


11) Falls

Falls are the common features of stroke. Therefore treatment include muscle strengthening and balance retraining programme. Withdrawal of psychotropic medication shows benefit in reducing falls.


12) Pressure ulcer

Pressure ulcers can be prevented by changing the position of the patient regularly, making use of water beds. Positioning of patient is helpful to prevent complications such as contractures, pain, abnormal tone.


13) Depression and emotional liability

Stroke patient with depression should be offered a use of treatment with anti depressant drug therapy.










Objective statement for a resume

objective statement

objective statement

In order to write an effective objective statement for a resume is very tough. The hiring manager will read hundreds of resumes per day. An effective objective statement on resume can help you, get a close look from the manager. An objective should be clearly stated and really what you want the employer to read. Consider few points for objective statement..

1) Make it short—–

Recruiter does not want to read book of yours. Always make sure that your resume should be short and concise.

2) Content—

The main purpose of objective statement is ” what’s in that resume” . You just provide information about what job you are seeking for and about your potential for the job. The best way to do is to list some of your skills and achievements.

3)  Specific—

Whenever you are going to write an objective statement, it should be specific. It always describe what job do you want and why you are interested in this job?

By customizing  your objective, the manager may thought that you are fit for the position and you have to go through the next step. Some of the examples of objective statement are as follows______

a) I’m interested to join your company where i can utilize my skills and gain some experience and increase company’s productivity and reputation.

b) I’m pursuing my career as an engineer or related post that offers team oriented tasks, immediate challenges  or some career opportunities.

c) To secure part time position within travel agency to obtain knowledge and experience in sales and marketing field.

d) To participate as a sales position within electronic products, to utilize my outstanding communication skills.

e) To explore job opportunities for computer technician that reflects my experience, skills and creativity.

f) My objective is to leverage my experience while continuing to be challenged.

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Deals Websites

cover letter requirements


If you, like many of us, are shoppers at heart but have a pension for finding a deal, there are some websites set up to help satisfy both of these desires.Everyone wants to buy things at lower prices and that’s where these deals websites comes into place.I am a regular user of few deals websites like Yipit, Groupon and I generally look into these websites if I am going out.You can find unbeatable deals daily on the best stuff to do in cities across the world!
Many deals websites generally  handpick every deal to ensure that customers can confidently embrace salsa lessons, hot air balloon rides, and hand-tossed pizzas.

Here is the funny stuff.So far I didn’t have any success in getting  a deal from deals website.Say i am planning for fishing trip, and I start looking at the deals, I will not get any good deal for fishing in the desired location. No doubt its tough to match the deal available and location with your desires of location and to-do things.
But no harm in looking and saving some money.

So in all these deals websites can be good or bad.

Why deals websites are good:
1) Many of these deals are inexpensive and very affordable. You can really save good money here.
2) You can explore lot of activities that may be newer to you. Its fun anyways.
3) You can shop online. No need to be in any queue to buy tickets.
4) Good for gifting someone.

Why deals websites are bad:
1) Encourages Unnecessary Spending.
2) You can kill lot of your time in searching for deals.

My Top 5 Daily Deals Websites:

My Top 5 iphone Apps for Deals:
Living Social
Deal Drop Daily
Shopper free

My Top 5 Android Apps for Deals:
Google Shopper
Groupon – Daily Deals, Coupons
The Coupons App


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Write a Cover Letter for Experienced Professionals

How to Write a Cover Letter for Experienced Professionals    We often write cover letters so that we can impress the hiring manager  in order to get the job.But in this prcess we all do not know how to write   an experienced professional cover letter.Here are some points you can   follow to make a best cover letter.    1.Customize Each Letter  Customizing a cover letter is the best way to show your creative power.Try  to customize a letter in your own way because most of the job applicants  use tools to make it outstanding and hiring manager will eaily trace it out.    2.Be Tone-Appropriate  Its often that your cover letter speaks good of your abilties but someimes the  hiring manager wants to check our your real image.For this purpose he will make  several activties but you have to keep your tone appropriate.    3.Keep it Businesslike  Try to make a simple cover letter because the more you add some content the more  odd it will look.Stay away from uncommon fonts and sizes. Don’t do anything fancy   graphically. Write in paragraphs that are easily readable.    4.Intro  Fist add a lttle bit intro of yours in the cover letter and try to add some of your  best awards or some good experiences during the previous job.Add something about  your qualifications also and highlight it so that hiring manager will easily have a  look on it.    5.Closing  In the end must add action words that are compelling and memorable.So that it will  Close the deal by inviting the hiring manager to get in touch with you for an inte-  rview because this will prove that you have confidence to be in the inerview.

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Accounting and technology

Accounting and technology
accounting technology

Over the years,many tax and accounting have realized the need for funding technology in various manners. The world is changing and so as the needs, people like to do things sitting at home.Everyone is getting closer to the technology. No doubt its the time where Web-based financial and accounting applications are  becoming the norm.Even if growing numbers of internet users are not buying products , but they are asking about their availability.
Technology is certainly changing the way businesses are run. Thanks to technology, even online personal loans are now easier and more accessible. One business sector where technology is really improving business practices is in the accounting field.
Computers and new technology help accountants to be more accurate, predict results and keep budgets balanced. While most accounts are good with numbers and were succeeding without technology, the addition of new technologies makes the job easier and more efficient.
There are many good accounting softwares that you can see these days, like Quickbook.It just makes accountant’s job more efficient. They can be more productive and by easily looking into graphs and reports, they can be mire accurate in talking about and handling  money stuff. This helps company executives know how much cash flow is coming in and how much is going out.
There are many benefits of implementing technology in Accounting. Some of them are:
Increased Functionality
Computerized accounting systems can create lot of graphs and reports that can give companies a better insight of their investments and funds.Many accounting systems provides suggestions also on increasing financial investment performance. accounting systems
Improved Accuracy
Most computerized accounting systems have internal check and balance measures to ensure that all transactions and accounts are properly balanced before financial statements are prepared. many of these systems have been highly tested and they make sure that you donot enter any wrong data. Anytime this will be mor accurate than humans.When you use a computerized system, you make fewer mistakes in calculating totals or in typing, decreasing confusion. Invoice software usually allows you to include a tax percentage when appropriate, with the system performing all calculations.
Faster Processing
Computerized accounting systems allow accountants to process large amounts of financial information and process it quickly through the accounting system.I have seen some accountants taking few hours to calculate all data and show results , which is shown by accounting system in just few seconds.
Shortening this time period aids companies in cost control, which increases overall company efficiency.
Better External Reporting
computerized accounting systems allow users to create lot of reports and many customers can use these reports for various activities.
Increased staff performance
An accounting software solution minimizes the administrative burden placed on finance professionals by automating routine, repetitive manual tasks, allowing them to focus more of their time and effort on those processes that directly
Deal in multiple currencies
The ability to deal in multiple currencies easily – many computerized accounting packages now allow a business to trade in multiple currencies with ease.  Problems associated with exchange rate changes are minimized.
Security – Access to information should be managed in a thoughtful and logical manner. For many companies, accounting software security is based on a need-to-know basis. In addition to access management, the data itself should be secured from malicious activities, as well as system failure or natural disaster.
Now  lets look at some of good accounting softwares.
  • Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • Bookkeeper
  • AccountEdge
  • DacEasy
  • Simply Accounting
  • CYMA
  • NetSuite Small Business
  • Cougar Mountain

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young stroke

stroke in young adults

many of  adults in their 30s and 40s are being hospitalized for stroke,which  may be a sign that that rising rates of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure among teenagers and young adults . Ischemic stroke occurs when a clot or narrowing of the arteries decreases or stop the blood supply to the brain.  A rise in obesity and other related health problems may  explain some of the increase risk of stroke. some  hypothesis seemed to be that in young people with stroke of unknown etiology, the use of a statin agent would have an effect on the risk for recurrent stroke. . Furthermore, patients who took a statin agent intermittently, or discontinuously, in the follow-up had an intermediate risk of having a stroke. Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, lipid disorders and tobacco use were among the most common conditions found among young people for stroke.  strokes is related to atypical causes such as migraine, drug use, and carotid dissection.Although the primary causes of stroke — obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, and excess alcohol consumption — contribute as well, the atypical causes are more common in the younger age groups than in older individuals. In addition to the causes congenital heart disease, patent foramen ovale, and blood clotting abnormalities need to be considered in the younger population of stroke sufferers,Family history comes into play as well, and there is a history of cerebrovascular problems also.

symptoms of young stroke  – the common symptoms  of stroke that occur both in men and women are as under


Sudden weakness is a classic symptom of stroke. this  weakness can occur on either side of the body; affecting the arms, legs and face.  this type of weakness generally notice, when there is sudden difficulty in  moving  arms or legs, or  trouble grasping or holding onto objects.

walking  may become  difficult . In some cases, a facial droop will be noticeable. The mouth may sag on the affected side and smiling will be difficult. Women with stroke-induced weakness may lean toward her affected side when sitting and have trouble maintaining a seated position without assistance



patients  may experience a severe headache during the onset of stroke. stroke-induced headache can be sudden and have no apparent cause Blurred vision and dizziness may accompany  headache as well. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel bursts inside the brain, causing blood to leak into brain tissue, and is often responsible for stroke-related headache.


 3)Difficulty in Breathing

          women can feel unique stroke symptoms compared to men, including difficulty in  breathing. A woman may notice that her chest feels heavy and it is harder to take a satisfactory breath. She may also experience chest pain in addition to pressure, nausea and heartburn.


stroke is mainly due to  interrupt blood flow to vital organs, including the brain. Confusion often results  when  brain receives less oxygen and struggles to function. Memory loss, inability to recall events, and confusion over person, place and time can accompany a stroke.


Loss of Coordination

  • Sudden dizziness, problems in  walking and general loss of coordination or balance are classic signs of a stroke.

  Speech Problems

  • There is  sudden onsets of  problem in  speaking or understanding speech  which is  common  in stroke

Visual Impairment

  • There may be Sudden vision problems, including double vision, seeing spots or flashing lights, or experiencing a blind spot, can be indicative of a stroke.



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cholestatic jaundice

Cholestatic jaundice

Cholestatic jaundice is a condition in which there is a blockage in the flow of bile movement which then causes the overflow into the bloodstream. It is a condition where blockage of the flow of bile from t

he liver causes overspill of bile products into the blood and incomplete bile excretion from the body results.

Causes of cholestatic jaundice

There are several causes of Cholestatic jaundice, which are given as under

  • caroli’s disease ( congenital disorder characterized by multifocal, segmental dilatation of large intrahepatic bile ducts )
  • cystic fibrosis (an inherited disease of the mucus glands that affects many body systems causes progressive damage to the respiratory system and chronic digestive system problems)
  • choledocholithiasis (presence of at least one gallstone in the common bile duct)
  • hepatic adenoma (are uncommon benign epithelial liver tumors frequently located in the right hepatic lobe)
  • primary biliary cirrhosis ( irritation and swelling (inflammation) of the bile ducts of the liver)
  • sarcoidosis ( patches of inflamed cells — called granulomas , usually in the lungs and nearby lymph nodes occurs)
  • liver cancer
  • alveolar hydatid disease ( parasitic disease caused by the larval stage of a microscopic tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis)
  • combined oral contraceptives
  • gold salts
  • diazepam
  • phenyl butazone
  • para- amino salicylic acid
  • liver metastasis
  • lathosterolosis ( defect of cholesterol biosynthesis due to the deficiency of the enzyme sterol-C5-desaturase)
  • dubin-johnson syndrome ( rare genetic disorder, in which a child must get a copy of the defective gene from both parents)
  • pencillamine
  • oxazepam
  • citrullinemia type 2
  • pyritinol
  • primary sclerosing cholangitis ( disease that leads to liver damage and, eventually, liver failure)
  • indomethacin
  • choledochal cyst
  • cholangitis
  • pancreatic cancer
  • lorazepam
  • gall bladder cancer
  • rifampicin
  • mirizzi syndrome ( common hepatic duct obstruction caused by an extrinsic compression from an impacted stone in the cystic duct or Hartmann’s pouch of the gallbladder)
  • klatskin tumor(bile duct bifurcation)

symptoms of cholestatic jaundice

symptoms mainly include

  • dark coloured urine
  • pale stools
  • Yellow colouration of skin and eyes
  • itchy skin
  • fever
  • chills
  • rigors
  • Episodic right upper abdominal pain
  • weight loss
  • diarrhoea
  • Steatorrhoea
  • fatty
  • Smelly stools that are difficult to flush away due to fat malabsorption
  • excessive bleeding
  • brusing
  • Enlarged liver (tender mass under right rib cage)
  • Enlarged spleen (tender mass under left side of rib cage)
  • night sweats
  • anorexia
  • malaise
  • Xanthelasma/xanthomata (fatty yellow nodules under eyes/on wrists and hands)
  • abdominal distention
  • ascitis
Treatment of cholestatic jaundice
  • Surgical removal of obstruction – generally laparascopic surgery or ERCP should be done
  • stop the drugs that is suspected to cause liver inflammation – e.g. steroids, sulfonylureas
  • antibiotics
  • liver transplantation

Best interview questions for nurses


nurseOnce in your career, you’ll face job interview. During an interview you will be asked many questions and have only one chance to make your best impression. Here are some of the important interview questions..

1)  Tell something about yourself ?

Always be sure the interviewer never wants to listen your story. So, try to describe your personality , educational qualifications, your career goals and experiences.

2) Where did you get your training and what qualifications do you have ?

Be prepared and confident. Explain why you choose this practice. Describe your theoretical and practical component. Always keep your certificate copies with you. Explain your  responsibilities and skills with some examples. Your resume shows that that you have knowledge and  experience . Speak positively about your abilities and never ask anything bad about your previous  employer.

3) Why you are fit for this nursing job ?

Try to discuss why your training and your experience qualify you for this nursing job. Explain your abilities and skills with specific examples while answering these questions. Research the company and explain how you can help to meet the challenges of the company.

4) Why do you want to work in our hospital ?

Show your positive responses to this question. Try to make connection between your career goals. Try to use your skills and experience and explain how you will perform better under pressure.

5) Explain your strength and weakness ?

Be honest about your weakness and show your maturity. The interviewer wants to hear your strength and weakness and explain how you manage stressful conditions.

Practice these questions and feel comfortable about handling your nursing job interview.

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plan a surprise party

surprise party
Surprise Party:
It’s just like a regular party only with the element… of surprise!
Lets see how can we plan a surprise party:
Plan in advance! If you don’t everything could just be very disorganized,and you might even, for example, run out of food. Make sure it stays a secret… otherwise it could turn out boring.
It’s better if it’s a few days before/after the birthday- otherwise the birthday person might guess.
It’s helpful if everyone brings something, and that there are quite a few people organizing the surprise party.
Get people to help you with decorating… have balloons, tinsel, a banner, posters, party poppers, and invitations…
everything to make it look pretty
Just make sure your guest of honor has a good sense of humor and will appreciate being caught off guard.
If you’re planning a surprise party, be sure to make all of the guests aware that it’s a surprise and give them clear instructions on when, where, and how to show up.
When planning a party, any party, you’ve just got to have decorations, right? Many party supply stores offer a huge variety of decorations at a very reasonable price.
And the best advice from How to plan a party is, have fun! Whether for yourself, a client, or a friend,
planning a party can be great fun. Almost as fun as the party itself!
How to make sure that it is a real surprise:
There are some basic rules you should follow to ensure that your party goes well and without hitches.
Secrecy are the first and second words
Separate and isolate communications
Better to over-involve than under-involve
Be mindful of what you say
Cover your tracks
Make sure you have a backup plan
Since the element of surprise is the most important part of a surprise party, take care to check that your party decorations aren’t at all visible from outside the venue.
Some Tips for successful successful party:
Don’t all huddle in a group and say ‘nothing’ when asked what’s going on.
The person you’re planning it for will be suspicious.
Be careful if you can’t spend time with the person you’re planning the party for, because you’re too busy planning.
They might go off in a huff and not turn up to the party.
Make sure that no obvious clues are left lying around for the surprisee to spot.

check this website if you are looking for party planning. It has good information on how to plan a party.

Open e store

e store

Open e store

You might have heard a lot about e-stores and may be interested in knowing more about this. This article has all detailed information about e-store, their planning and the execution.

What is e-store?
e-store is a form of electronic commerce whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet without an intermediary service. An

online shop, eshop, e-store, Internet shop, web shop, web store, online store, or virtual store evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a bricks-and-mortar retailer or shopping centre.
e-store planning:
The first and foremost step that you have to start out with is making a plan. Decide what kind of product you want to sell. You should pick a product that is not only marketable but should be something you are interested in since you will be spending a lot of time learning about and dealing with it. Make sure that the product range is not too broad either.Buy a web domain.Make sure that you design a site that is easy for the customer to navigate and looks professional.
You can use a consultant or design it on your own using tools provided by your domain provider.

Expected e-store:
Now you have planned for e-store, the next step will be to sort out functionality or features for e-store.
The expected design and features of e-store should include:

  • Easy design.
  • Accept online payments.
  • Process ship orders.
  • Drive sales by cross selling
  • Sales Statistics.

How to make e-store:
There are are few ways to get your own e-store and start selling.

1) Use websites that allows you to create your own  e-store in their website. Websites like Yahoo store and ebay let you add your products and create your

own shopping cart in their website. They will handle all the payments , charge backs and shopping carts.

  • You may have to give some part of earned money or monthly service charges.
  • You will not be able to customize it that much.
  • Not good for branding since you are hosting it in some other website.

2) Use standard open source scripts. There are many open source scripts available online , like OSCommerce, that you can download and install. You have more

customization option as compared to showing your cart in some other website.You can host it in your domain, so good for branding.

  • You will need still little bit of technical knowledge to install it.
  • You will need developers to customize it.
  • Not good for branding since you are hosting it in some other website.

3) Create your own e-store. This option is considered by lot of big companies. You develop shopping cart from scratch with your own design and layout. You can have shopping cart in any manner you want and you can design it all for good user experience.

  • You will need developers to design this website.
  • Need to test all payments handling and shopping cart.

Market e-store:
You have created e-store and  are showing your products, now make sure that you market it properly. Optimize your website for search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing. Make sure that your designer follows all Search engine guidelines.
Create Facebook fan page and twitter account and promote your e-store.
Bookmark your e-store in social bookmarking websites like Digg,delicious and also post it in classifieds.

Check this site for having a good online shopping information . They have good information and products  for making  your  estore.

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pathophysiology of jaundice

pathophysiology of jaundice

Jaundice, is characterized by yellow discoloration of the skin, sclera, and mucous membranes, as a result of an increase in bilirubin concentration (hyperbilirubinemia) and subsequent tissue

deposition. .When red blood cells have completed their life span of approx. 120 days, and each red blood cell traverses through the reticuloendothelial system, as its cell membrane ruptures and become fragile and prone to rupture. Cellular contents, including hemoglobin, are subsequently released into the blood.

The hemoglobin is phagocytosed by macrophages , and split into its heme and globin portions.The remainder comes from prematurely destroyed erythroid cells in the bone marrow and form hemoproteins such as myoglobin and cytochrome. Due to imbalance in bilrubin formation and clearance there results in Elevated serum bilirubin occurs. Elimination of bilirubin requires conversion to water-soluble conjugates by the hepatocytes through the action of uridine diphosphate (UDP)-glucuronyl transferase (glucuronidation) and secretion into the bile. Conjugated bilirubin, along with bile salts, is then excreted via the biliary system into the duodenum and deconjugated by bacterial enzymes in the terminal ileum and colon. Approximately 20% of deconjugated bilirubin (urobilinogen) is reabsorbed and re- excreted in bile. Unconjugated bilirubin is mostly bound to albumin and is not filtered by the kidney; conjugated bilirubin, however, may be filtered and reabsorbed in the kidney, with a small fraction excreted in the urine. A significant amount of conjugated bilirubin in the urine suggests cholestasis and hepatobiliary dysfunction. The majority of this bilirubin comes from the breakdown of heme from expired red blood cells.

urobilinogen can take two pathways. It can either be further converted into stercobilinogen, which is then oxidized to stercobilin and passed out in the feces, or it can be reabsorbed by the intestinal cells, transported in the blood to the kidneys, and passed out in the urine as the oxidised product urobilin. Stercobilin and urobilin are the products responsible for the coloration of faeces and urine, respectively.

Freelance web design

Trying your hand at Freelance web design
What is freelancing and why you should be doing it?
Nowadays, you can find a lot of people doing freelancing and you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Well, a freelancer is one who actually works not just for one company but for multiple ones over a period of time. They can either be part time or full time and they are not considered to be an employer of a particular company. Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn quick and easy money. If you have a particular skill but do not have the time nor means to actually look for a day job, freelancing is the dream come true for you. These days there are a lot of online sources and websites that are specially meant for posting online jobs, and being an upcoming freelancer, you can bid on the task that you want to perform. The major advantage of freelancing is that you get to choose the kind of work that you feel is suitable.
In this modern era of technology, where the internet is taking the world by storm, needless to say, if you have the expertise to code and create web pages, you can think of freelance web design as a serious option. In fact, there is a lot of shortage of web designers all over the globe and you have good chances in showing of your capability. In order to try your hand at freelance web design, you must brush up your coding skills and should be proficient in writing scripts. You will be expected to prepare and create content for the web. The styling and format of the WebPages will have to be built by you. Be updated with technologies and resources including, but not limited to HTML and CSS. The CSS or Cascading Style Sheets helps to create a uniform arrangement of data throughout a website.
Advantages of doing a freelance web design:
a) In the current day scenario, the demand for web designing and developing is always on a high. In fact the demand is more than the supply, so you can always be sure of landing a perfect web designing job as a freelancer. You will actually become very responsible for the small company that you are doing freelancing for and this will give you a lot of importance.
b) You will never be subject to long hours of meetings and unnecessary discussions or office politics. You can work comfortably at your timings. The best thing is you can reach potential employers from all over the world.
It might be slightly hard for a beginner to land a chance at doing a freelance web design and this because it is extremely competitive. Therefore it becomes important for you to build a portfolio and populate it with your best designs to display your skills. You should be able to market yourself in the right way to get noticed but the effort and time spent is well worth it.

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Metformin Before And During Pregnancy

Is It Necessary To Take Metformin Before And During Pregnancy

There are many women use metformin to cure PCOS. But they don’t know metformin probably cause birth defects. We need to discuss whether it is necessary to take metformin before and during pregnancy.

When you get pregnant, it is important to keep blood sugar in reasonable levels. A moderate blood sugar level can reduce the opportunities of birth defects and other complications. Generally, it is widely recommended that pregnant women take insulin to control blood sugar. But, sometimes they take metformin to gain more control on blood sugar level; especially when they have diabetes, using insulin alone cannot guarantee a reasonable blood sugar level. If you become pregnant while using metformin, you should not stop your medication without first talking to your physician.

If you are using metformin to cure PCOS, please do not stop this medication without any reference to your doctors when you want to get pregnant. It is because some researchers find that those people who has PCOS and use metformin have more opportunities of conception. And those people who got pregnant and still taking metformin at first three months have less opportunities of miscarriage. Also, small studies have shown that continuing metformin throughout pregnancy may decrease the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes. Depending on your medical history, your physician might encourage you to continue your medication during pregnancy or to stop it when you learn you’re pregnant. It is best to discuss these issues with your physician before getting pregnant.

As far as we know, few studies find that there is a direct connection between metformin and probability of birth defects. And some medical experiments find there is a certain connection between taking metformin in first three months after got pregnant and opportunities of birth defects. However, it is not clear whether these were caused by metformin or poor control of the mothers’diabetes. More recent trials studying the safety of metformin during pregnancy, mostly when used to treat insulin resistance in women with PCOS, did not show an increased rate of birth defects or complications at birth.

It is appropriate to use metformin to treat gestational diabetes after you got pregnant. Until now, there is no study demonstrating those women taking metformin to cure gestational diabetes after getting pregnant are more at risk of birth defects than other women. Therefore, metformin use during the second or third trimesters is not expected to increase the risk of complications for newborns.

Those women taking metformin have a thought that it could have bad effect on baby. But there is no research demonstrating obviously it has bad effect on baby. Although one research found there is a connection beween metformin and hypertension, later research denied its validity. A few researches have certified that taking metformin don’t bring more bad effects on babies than not taking it. There have been some reports of jaundice in babies exposed to metformin during pregnancy, but these reports do not prove that metformin was the cause of the jaundice. One study looked at the outcome of pregnancy after treatment of PCOS with metformin throughout pregnancy. Infants were found to have normal birth weight and height. At 6 months of age, these infants had normal weight, height, and social and motor development.



I am an ordinary woman at 36 and I want to get pregnant. Hope you can get pregnant fast. You can search on the internet to find more tips on  http://www.i-want-to-get-pregnant.com

3 Most Exciting Medical Advancements

Top 3 Most Exciting Medical Advancements of the 21st Century

So far, the 21st century has brought a number of tragedies to the world, such as the devastating attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 and the economic crisis of 2008, but the past decade has not been entirely grim. In fact, the medical field has produced an astonishing number of advancements since 2000 that have already improved many lives. The following major medical breakthroughs show that working today in the healthcare industry has never been more exciting.

The Human Genome Project

Scientists involved with the Human Genome Project kicked off the new millennium by announcing the completion of an early map of human DNA. The U.S. government-funded project, which began in 1990, has revolutionized the field of genetic research by providing an indispensable gene database that scientists around the world can use for their own research.

Already, the project has led to a number of fruitful discoveries regarding the structure of human DNA and its origin. For example, geneticists can pinpoint the prehistoric origin of diseases by tracing the migration of minor gene variations between human populations. Not only does this enable people to learn more about their family susceptibility to certain diseases, but it will also allow drug manufacturers to design products tailor-made for an individual’s genetic makeup.

Stem Cell Research

The past decade has also brought many advances in stem cell research, especially when it comes to the method used to harvest them. Initially, viable stem cells could only be harvested from embryos that would be destroyed during the process. This has led to a great deal of ethical debate that has prompted governments to impose numerous restrictions that have slowed research progress.

Today, however, research organizations have discovered more ethically sound ways to harvest viable stem cells. One recent example involves scientists from the University of Central Florida, who have been able to transform umbilical cord stem cells into oligodendrocytes, the brain cells responsible for producing the insulating material needed for nerve cells to conduct electrical impulses. These findings represent a huge step in developing a cure for spinal cord injuries and debilitating nervous diseases such as multiple sclerosis.


Nanotechnology is no longer the stuff of science fiction, as it is now being used by the medical field to create more sophisticated delivery systems for drugs, vaccines and other substances. Unlike more traditional delivery systems, these molecule-sized nanoparticles target specific cells, which enable them to provide an effective dose in much smaller quantities.

One of the most promising examples of nanotechnology, for instance, is currently under development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using mice infected with malaria, scientists and engineers have designed a fatty molecule to provoke an immunological response similar to the harmless viruses used in traditional vaccines. Not only could these virus-free vaccines lead to safer immunizations, but they could also provide an answer to diseases (such as HIV) where the virus cannot be rendered harmless.

These examples are only a few of the many major inroads that the medical field has made over the past decade when it comes to treating diseases and other debilitating conditions. Every branch of the healthcare industry, from medical assistant training schools to research and development organizations, should expect to see significant changes resulting from these discoveries over the course of this century. By starting a career in healthcare today, you can be a part of this exciting future.


Brandi Tolleson is a prolific and dynamic freelance writer who covers topics from healthcare to entertainment.

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what is jaundice

Jaundice is the  yellowish colouring of the skin and sclerae (the white portion of the eyes) that is caused by high levels in blood of the chemical bilirubin( hyperbilirubinemia).

It  is not a disease but rather a sign that can occur due to manydiseases.  Jaundice can occur in babies, children, and adults.  The excess bilirubin  level causes the skin, eyes, and mucus membranes in the mouth to turn a yellowish color. Jaundice is often seen in liver disease such as hepatitis or liver cancer . It may also indicate obstruction of the  biliary tract, for example by gallstones or pancreatic cancer , or less commonly  may be congenital  The color of the skin and sclerae vary depending on the level of bilirubin. When the bilirubin level is mildly elevated, they are yellowish and when the bilirubin level is high, they tend to be brown.

what causes jaundice

Jaundice  is mainly caused by an increase in the amount of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a yellowish pigment that is produced from the breakdown of heme (blood), primarily from hemoglobin and red blood cells (RBCs).  When red blood cells get old, they are destroyed. Hemoglobin , the iron-containing chemical in red blood cells that carries oxygen, is released from the destroyed red blood cells after the iron it contains is removed. The chemical that remains in the blood after the iron is removed becomes bilirubin. liver  remove toxic chemicals or waste products from the blood, and bilirubin is a waste product. The liver removes bilirubin from the blood. After the bilirubin has entered the liver cells, the cells conjugate (attaching other chemicals, primarily glucuronic acid) to the bilirubin, and then secrete the bilirubinglucuronic acid complex into bile. The complex that is secreted in bile is called conjugated bilirubin. The conjugated bilirubin is eliminated in the feces, due to the presesnce of bilrubin in the feces it appears to be yellow in colour.

Jaundice occurs when there is

1)   large amount of  bilirubin is  being produced for the liver to remove from the blood . It commonly occurs in patients with  hemolytic anemia have an abnormally rapid rate of destruction of their red blood cells that releases large amounts of bilirubin into the blood

2)  There is  defect in the liver that prevents bilirubin from being removed from the blood, converted to bilirubin glucuronic acid (conjugated) or secreted in bile

3) There is  blockage of the bile ducts that decreases the flow of bile and bilirubin from the liver into the intestines. The bile ducts can be blocked by cancers gall stones, or inflammation of the bile ducts. The decreased conjugation, secretion, or flow of bile that can result in jaundice is referred to as cholestasis: however, cholestasis does not always result in jaundice.

Post stroke depression

Post-stroke depression (PSD)

It is considered as one of most frequent and important neuropsychiatric consequence of stroke..This condition can produce an adverse effect on cognitive functionand functional recovery and survival of the patient. post-stroke depression as “mood disorder commonly occur due to stroke having depressive features, major depressive-like episodes, manic features, or mixed features. Approximately one-third of stroke survivors experience major depression.
there are two types of depressive disorders associated with cerebral ischemia:major depression, which occurs in up to 25% of patients; and minor depression, as a depressed mood or loss of interest and at least two but fewer than four symptoms of major depression. Minor depression occurs in up to 30% of patients following
strokethe course of the depression generally after stroke is for 1-2 years, however, it was also noted that in few cases depression becomes chronic and may persist more than 3 years following stroke . On the other hand, minor depression appeared to be more variable, with both short term and long term depression occurring in these
patients .



what cause post stroke depression

the depletion of monoaminergic amines occurring after stroke play a role in post stroke-depression. There may be point that norepinephrinergic and serotonergic nuclei send projections to the frontal cortex and arc posteriorly,
running through the deep layers of the cortex, where they arborize and send terminal  projections into the superficial cortical layers. These norepinephrinergic and serotoninergic pathways are disrupted in basal ganglia and frontal lobe lesions – sites that are shown to be associated with post stroke depression.
Most of the patients donot have any history of depression before stroke Approximately 20 % will have a prior history.


Risk for Dependency
Most of the patients of the stroke who attain dependency are who become older or suffering from major health problems or severely depressed rather than those who are younger free from any health problem or less depressed , If
the.treatment and improvement of post-stroke depression does not directly influence recovery, it is extremely important for depression to be identified and treated, since it is associated with other health and social problems.”individuals who remain depressed three months after a stroke are more likely to have decreased functional
capabilities than those whose depression was successfully treated. Functional capabilities include getting dressed, feeding oneself, and accomplishing other tasks.

These capabilities increased significantly in those individuals who were treated for depression.”Post-stroke depression often impacts quality of life after stroke more than even functional impairments. Since it is treatable with common medications, cognitive behavioral therapy and exercise .Post stroke depression is commonly associated with higher levels of disability and low social support. Rehabilitation must not only focus on the physical recovery of post-stroke patients but also address mental health. Anxiety seems to get better over time, whereas untreated depression
remains an on-going burden to all persons concerned, patients and family. The type of rehabilitation therapies such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy not only treat the post stroke depression , their treatment is basically treated with the help of anti depressant medications.



Some of the symptoms of a stroke
stroke is a loss of blood supply to a region of the brain, caused usually
by the formation of a clot within an artery in the brain or by a blood clot, usually
from the heart, breaking off and traveling up the artery into the brain. These are
thromboembolic strokes.

There are also strokes due to bleeding inside the brain,
called hemorrhagic strokes. The most common place for a stroke to occur is in the
distribution of the middle cerebral artery. The middle cerebral artery supplies much
of the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes of the brain as well as the subcorticol

The symptoms produced by middle cerebral artery blockage include
a loss of ability to move the arm or the leg on the opposite side of the body. So, if
the left side of the brain suffers a stroke, the right side of the body shows physical
weakness. Another common symptom of stroke is loss of sensation, that is, sensation
on the opposite side of the body. A feeling of numbness on the right side of the body
may be the result of a left middle cerebral artery infarction or blockage. Another
common symptom that occurs with stroke is loss of language ability. Language is
predominantly localized to one side of the brain, which we refer to as the dominant
hemisphere. In the great majority of patients, the dominant hemisphere is the left
hemisphere. If a stroke occurs in the dominant hemisphere in the frontal area of
the brain, the patient will lose the ability to produce language. If a stroke occurs in
the posterior portion of the dominant hemisphere where the temporal and parietal
lobes come together, the patient will lose the ability to comprehend language that is
spoken to them. If a patient loses the ability to comprehend language and to produce
language with a very large middle cerebral artery stroke, we refer to that as a global
aphasia. There are quite a number of other symptoms that may be produced by stroke,
including the ability to see on one side of the body, the ability to swallow or to move
the tongue in a normal way.

Some of the signs of depression
In patients who have had a stroke, the
symptoms of depression include a sad mood, loss of interest or enjoyment in usual
activities, loss of energy, difficulty with concentration, decreased appetite with
weight loss, sleep disturbance (particularly waking during the middle of the night
and having difficulty getting back to sleep), a feeling of self-blame or guilt, feelings
of hopelessness about the future, a slowing of the thought process with slowing of
movement and thinking, and thoughts of death or suicide. Check this site for vitamin b complex depression.


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Can Web Design Be Wow

Can Web Design Be “Wow”?

Perhaps the most scary thing for a new businessman to consider is the web site that will house the first impressions of the business to most of the civilized world. The fact is that a web site is necessary for any business that wants to stay in business these days, and just putting a web site out there is suicide for a first impression.

Also, many people do not have the money to hire a professional web designer, especially on a start up budget, and so have to end up doing it themselves.

The good news is that there are more free templates and resources online for web site building than ever before, and sometimes, if you get a good web host, they can also help you with the web design. The problem with this is that if you attach your web design to another business, then you are at the whim of that business – either on the hook for monthly payments or obliged to accept a less than perfect design with watermarks all over it.

The solution for a professional business is to build a singularly unique web site, and this can be done, too.

Perhaps the best book that I have read on the subject, both in terms of tips and in calming the nerves of the new guy is “The Web Design WOW! Book” by Jack Davis. It definitely has its share of professional tips, but it does so in a way resembling the “Books for Dummies” series. And believe it or not, “The Web Design WOW! Book” is actually better than the “Web Design for Dummies” book.

Some of the tips from the “The Web Design WOW! Book” include:

1. Do not worry too much about flashy graphics.

What you want is professionalism. That can be done through simple things, like matching your font colors to your logo correctly, spell checking your web copy before you throw it out there, and making sure that you have simple links on your web site that lead the customer around in an intuitive fashion.

2. Many things are easier than you think.

It is easier than you think to set up a QR code that leads to your web site. It is easier than you think to optimize your web site for search engines. It is easier than you think to start affiliate sites and link them to your own. Just follow the directions!

3. Focus on the simple.

The best web sites are usually made from pieces of others. Anything can be taken from another web site, including background ideas, fonts, etc. Most of these resources are free anyway. Use them! All those expensive looking things are probably on a template site somewhere.

Find more computer aid with HP coupons from Fatwallet.com.

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5 Key Skill Areas that Influence Quality Management

5 Key Skill Areas that Influence Quality Management

Involved senior management are a key requirement for an effective quality management system and a continuous improvement program. A multi competence approach is important and management must not only demonstrate intelligence but must also be able to demonstrate competence in a variety of skills in order to be able to influence the quality management direction of a company.

Managers who have a key role in an organisation’s quality management and who also want to improve their ability to develop and implement strategies in quality management should consider training in the following key skill areas:

Technical Skills – understanding the company as a whole goes hand in hand with understanding the factors that influence implementation of tasks within the company, how these tasks interrelate, the required technical competence, the ability to solve problems and to anticipate potential problem areas. Together, these skills allow managers to intuitively plan quality management strategies that ensure effective results.

Reporting Skills – another important skill is the ability to gather and analyse quantitative and qualitative information in order to track, measure and predict trends and outcomes. This ensures that decisions are based on fact, and that processes are planned accordingly using the information that is collected.

People Skills – a good manager needs to understand what motivates people to perform their jobs and to contribute to the implementation of quality management strategies. These skills include empathy, coaching skills, influencing skills, inter-personal skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Operational Skills – these skills allow managers to see work processes as the aggregation of related actions and tasks. Planning, process alignment, improvement strategies, waste reduction strategies and the ability to provide staff with a process approach through the definition of rules, review and clarity at all stages of quality management planning and implementation.

Thinking Skills – it is not enough for managers to simply have ‘by the book’ thinking skills. Out of the box thinking skills are also essential in order to see the bigger picture as well as its component parts. The ability to visualise change, see new opportunities, apply ideas to goals, define future goals and experiment with strategies are all essential parts of the thinking skills required for an effective management process.

Pro-active leadership will play a key role in helping an organisation achieve the best results. But this leadership must be imbued with the above described skills as each will play a vital role in providing the best resources to plan and implement quality management strategies.

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Writing a Hr Cover Letter

human resource cover letter


Writing a Hr Cover Letter 

human resource cover letter

Writing a hr cover letter is a huge task in the sense that such a letter will be read by an expert in that particular field. This is one crucial thing that any person intending to make an application for a human resource position should be aware of. This is also boosted by the fact that most of job applications normally lands at the human resource department in most companies. Therefore, rest assured that they have come across numerous jobs applications and thus, have almost seen it all. This therefore, means that they have developed sharp skills when it comes to checking out resumes in search of relevant information to enhance their judgments in regards to shortlisting and eventually hiring. This also applies in the case of a cover letter since most of the resumes are normally sent together with cover letters.


Unlike other positions, which human resource managers will seek for second opinions from the line managers in those department, when it comes to human resource position they know exactly what is required of a candidate hence, have no intention of looking into cover letters which do not provide such. For the aforementioned reasons therefore, one need to write the best hr cover letter.


Basic principles


Do some research

Carry out some in-depth research about the company before even starting to write a cover letter. Know the position, the person, and the job descriptions of that particular human resource position. This will help you in customizing your letter to fit the job descriptions. In addition to that, also get to learn about the activities of the company, their strategies, and their products and services among others. Try to find out what they intend to solve by hiring another employee or they are just boosting their HR department with enough manpower. Most of the companies have websites which can be very useful in finding such information.


Show passion

Ensure to show passion for the position as this may just convince the employer that you are not only interested in collecting paycheck on a monthly basis but also to help the company grow.


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Breast stroke

A swimming stroke in which a person lies face down in the water and extends the arms in front of the head, then sweeps them both back laterally under the surface of the water.Also defined as stroke in which the arms are extended in front of the head and swept back on either side while the legs are drawn up beneath the body and thrust back together.  we also name it as, lazy breaststroke swimming style. We call it “paní Radová” breaststroke. In the olden days, the  wife of the town’s mayor used to be very respected individual, lazily strolling through the town with her nose held high. And this was translated into the swimming terms when someone swims very slow breaststroke with the head above the water at all times as if they are above anything else.  This type of breaststroke puts quite a lot of pressure on ones lower back since the swimmer needs to bend to keep the head above the water.

there are  four general principles for breast stroke

1) When a swimmer begins the stroke, they  “pulls” (sculls)themselves beyond the point where the hands began the stroke.

2) The hands and feet act like  wings creating lift and drag as they pull or kick through the water.

3) The weight of the water over the hands and the feet is important in keeping the hands and feet from slipping.

4) The hands and feet must be accelerated through the range of motion caring not to break the plane that they are sculling (pulling or kicking) on.                                                                              

                                                                           The swimmer should begin the arm stroke with arms extended at a slight angle down with the hands about 6 to 8 inches under the water. Hands should be side by side or slightly overlapping with the little finger pitched slightly up. The stroke begins with the little fingers leading the way and the wrists flexing outward. The arms sweep out and down. At the widest part of the stroke the fingers point down and the hands pitch in. The elbows are high with the hands below. On the insweep the hands accelerate to their fastest speed with the forearms and upper arms pressing in as one unit. The hands finish the stroke in a praying position and recover at the surface of the water. The hands should not be sculled past the shoulder.The head position is always in an up position with little up and down movement. Swimmers should look forward and slightly down during the arm recovery and kick portion of the stroke and above the water during the end of the insweep and breathing portion of the stroke.The first series of breaststroke drills focuses on proper kicking technique.  For the first drill, have swimmers insert a buoy between their knees before performing the breaststroke.  If the buoy slips or they are unable to hold it in place, wrap a large band around their knees.  The purpose of the drill is to keep the knees together which is an essential aspect of a successful breaststroke.  The Breaststroke is typically the most popular swim stroke among leisure swimmers and once perfected allows swimmers to enjoy swimming for a long time without tiring.

Housekeeper resume objectives

Housekeeper resume objectives


Are you interested in working as the housekeeper? There are many types of housekeepers that you can find in the job market nowadays. Many of the housekeepers work in the hotel and help to manage the hotel cleanliness. Since the salary paid for these people is attractive, there are more and more people who want to try applying for the job.


If you want to apply for the housekeeper job, you have to learn about how to write the good resume. Among all sections of the resume, the most difficult part would usually be the career objective. It is because you have to provide sentences to describe your career instead of telling some factual things like the schools that you have attended. Therefore, you may want to know the information related to Housekeeper resume objectives. There is information here and you may find the information helpful.


–          To work as a housekeeper in a hotel and grow with the hotel

–          To apply for the job of a housekeeper in an international hotel

–          Apply for the housekeeper job in hospital with the detail-oriented mindset and strong discipline

–          To help with the cleaning and arrangement of the house and make clients satisfied

–          To work as housekeeper and help the management level to monitor the operation of the hotel in a better way

–          By working as housekeeper, tries to provide more for the hotel group to grow, such as to provide more ideas on the management of the hotel

–          To apply for the job and work as housekeeper in the hotel and be promoted to the executive housekeeper in 6 years time


There are a lot of ways that you can describe yourself through writing the objective section in the resume. You can try to write the objective of submitting the resume and also the objective in your career path. You can try to state the timeline of your work and let the recruiters know your ambition in the future. They would then know that you are going to serve the organization in the long run instead of in the short term. This will persuade them further in giving you the chance to work in the organization. No company or hotels would like to hire short-term employee because they have to teach the staff a lot and they would not want these efforts to be wasted. Therefore, you can try to describe yourself in a way that you would be willing to stay with the firm a long period of time.


Apart from this, you should also pay attention to the role of housekeeper in the careers objective part. You must need to have some skills or mindsets such as the detail-oriented skills in order to obtain the job. It is because you have to be self-disciplined and work carefully. Otherwise, you would make some mistakes and this would lead to complaints from the clients. Then, you probably could not succeed in working for the hotel with customer satisfaction.



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C Sharp


C Sharp- a widely used language


C Sharp is basically a programming language that has been widely used by programmers in order to create the best quality programs. This multi-paradigm language was introduced by the world famous company Microsoft in the year 2001, since then it has influenced several other languages and another way of representing this language is C# and it is the more commonly used symbol for it. Initially this language was introduced by its makers within the .Net initiative of theirs, but later on it became a standard and got approved by ECMA and ISO. The language has been designed for Common Language Infrastructure, and launched as a simple, latest, common use, object oriented language and the latest version of the language was launched on the 12th of April, last year.


ECMA has a big name and in its standard list and some of the design goals for C Sharp are that it was intended to be simple, modern, common purpose and object oriented programming language. The language should be able to provide aid to the software engineers for strong type checking, array bounds checking as well as automatic garbage collection, programmer productivity is also really important in this regard. Software components that have been made to suit distributed environments can be made with the aid of this language.


The reference C Sharp compiler is the Microsoft Visual C#, but at the same time there are other types of compilers for the language as well, which often include implementations of CLI as well as the .NET type of libraries till the 2.0version. Overall the language has been a huge success, even though it had not been made as a competitor to the C, C++ or even assembly languages, but still the language is being used widely and people rely on the language for various different kinds of programs.



Submit Job Feed




Many job boards want to promote their job ads in www.Jobisite.com.

Jobisite currently offers below options for job board owners to include their jobs.


Direct inclusion of job Ads. Jobisite will fetch these jobs from feed daily.

If you own a Job Portal website or jobs listing in your website, you can now include your ads in Jobisite!

1) Prepare a XML feed in any format.
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Promote your RSS feeds

This is an another option to promote your rss feeds.
Create a group for your company, website or blog.
As an admin, you can add up to 4 rss feeds to the group. The data from these feeds will be shown to users all the time.

You can also add rss feed in your profile.


We will show jobs from your job board on search basis.

When jobseeker searches for any keyword, for example “java” , we will first show jobs from jobisite and then we will call your rss feed to get jobs from job board. We will need rss in search query format , like http://examples.com/rss.asp?search=java or similar formats.

This can bring good traffic to job ads or clicks from our website. Rather than charging for every click, we charge a very affordable fee every month. ($5 per month for inclusion)

1) Prepare a XML feed in any format.

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Amitriptyline Side Effects in Men

With the raid changes taking place in the world, diseases and disorders are on the rise. Depression is one psychological disorder that has taken its toll, engulfing nearly every man around the world. The increasing recession, war on terror and other daily life issues are frustrating people and thus taking them towards depression. Relaxation has vanished into thin air. In order to cure depression, various antidepressant drugs have been introduced. One such drug used to cure this disorder is called amitriptyline.

Amitriptyline is an antidepressant drug used to treat depression and other chronic pain. It affects the neurotransmitters and in turn helps to cope with the daily surmounting stressors. Amitriptyline is being considered by researchers to check whether the drug has similar effects on both men and women. They are investigating the varying side effects and have not found much difference in its gender response. The drug seems to have the same response on men and women but the only difference that has been found is that men are able to perform better under drug influence then women.

The major side effects that are specific in males are the premature ejaculation in them. Their sexual displeasure becomes erratic and they tend to respond strangely in theor sexual experiences. Men are recommended to lower their work load while under the drug influence because they might fall or faint due to the weaknesses that the drug induces. Other common side effects found in men are low suicidal tendencies compared to women. They try and successfully regulate their erratic mood swings. Men also tend to feel palpitations, tremors and weak muscular coordination. Their responses might also get delayed or very slow. Other side effects of the drug include mouth dryness and chest pain. Men might also have trouble putting up with the hormonal imbalances due to abrupt changes in the thyroid’s workings. Amitriptyline also causes breast enlargement in men which could cause body deformity in them. Irritation and numbness are also present in them. At times their irritation might increase so much that other family members will have to work a lot on their patience level. Men who consume alcohol and other similar beverages could even experience reduced reactions of the drug for their senses are already dulled. The drug might also incur delirium and other memory related disorders in men. They might stop urinating and could also sometimes in serious cases, have a heart attack. Men are more prone to heart attacks then women.

The researches have not found many differences in men and women. The drug seems to have almost the same effects on both genders. Though still researches are being done to see if the findings have changed and the result seems to have changed only a slight ignorable percent. Men and women both undergo similar side effects. Side effects of amitriptyline also depend on the strength of the person and also the kind of depression. If depression is chronic or not and if the person is able to cope with it or not. Men are generally able to cope well with the side effects of amitriptyline.


Graphic Designers interview questions

Graphic Designers interview questions


A lot of people would like to work as the graphic designers. Therefore, you would find that candidates have to pass through an interview in order to let the employers evaluate your suitability for the work. There are some questions that you can prepare beforehand.


Question 1: How do you get the ideas for your design?

You can share anything that can inspire you to get the designs. Designers usually love hearing the others about their idea generating process so you do not need to hesitate to reply your true answer.


Question 2: Can you tell me the patterns that you like most?

You can mention any type of patterns that you love. As long as you can explain well about your choice, you could speak for your favorite pattern.


Question 3: What software would you use for creating the designs?

There are a lot of sophisticated tools and programs that designers would use for graphic designs. Therefore, you need to tell the one that you know and that program should be something that you can master. If you fail to control the program, you would definitely be embarrassed because the interviewer may suddenly ask you follow up question regarding the use of those programs.


Question 4: How would you design a gift for your friend?

This is the question which aims at your immediate response and idea generation for some products.


Question 5: Why do you choose graphic design?

In the designing field there are many streams. Therefore, interviewers would like to know the reason why you would want to join graphic design so as to make sure that you would not have expectation mismatch between the work of graphic designer and the work that you love to do.


Question 6: How do you evaluate your work?

Designers have to listen to the comments from the others. Therefore, you may choose different methods to obtain feedback. You may choose to visit the shops and listen to the customers about the comments on the products.


Question 7: Do you think money-making and good designs are mutually exclusive?

It is hard to say yes because you can always generate good ideas which gain the support from the general public. In return, you would usually be able to earn money.


Question 8: Can you tell me the most interesting class that you have attended in college?

You need to think and recall your memory and tell something interesting and memorable. You have to provide sufficient information. For example, you may love the class because the instructors were inspiring. You could also say that you made a lot of friends in the class so you love it.


Question 9: What color tone do you love to include in your design?

Although it depends on the theme of the design, you may be used to use a certain color tone.


Question 10: Can you handle a project timely?

You need to cite some experiences that you have worked for some important or large scale projects and tell the way you managed to complete it without being late.


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Parkinson’s Disease

parkinsons disease


Parkinson’s  Disease


parkinsons disease

A progressive disorder of the nervous system that mainly affects elderly people most often after the age of 50, which is  associated with the destruction of brain cells that produce  Dopamine . dopamine is a neurotransmitter formed in brain which is essential for normal functioning of CNS. Parkinson’s disease is also known as Paralysis agitans, Shaking Palsy. Males and females are equally affected. Slowness of movement and an inability to start a movement are hallmarks of the disease.

The pathologic change ( which causes the disease ) is degeneration / depletion of a group of nerve cell deep within the centre of the brain in an area called  “Substantia Nigra “ substantia nigra is the layer of a large pigmented nerve cells in the mid brain that produces dopamine. These  cells  use  dopamine to signal other nerve cells. As these cells stop functioning, dopamine fails to reach the areas of the brain that affect  motor function.


What causes Parkinson’s disease

Low level of dopamine ,a chemical involved in controlling movement. The shortage of this chemical occurs when nerve cells in a part of the brain ( substantia nigra ) that produces dopamine fails and deteriorate. There is  link between the Parkinson’s disease and factors such as Genetics, aging , toxins in environment and free radicals to some extent.


Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

The type and severity of symptoms experienced by a person with Parkinson’s disease vary with each individual and the stage of Parkinson disease. Symptoms that develop in the early stages of the disease in one person may not develop until later or not at all in another person. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease typically begin appearing between the age 50 and 60. They develop slowly and often go unnoticed by family, friends and even the person who has them.

A small number of people have symptoms on only one side of the body that never progress to the other side. The most common symptoms include

1) Tremors

2) Rigidity

3) Bradykinesia

4) Parkinson’s mask

5) Flexed or stooped posture



Tremors( involuntary, shaking, rhythmic or twitching movements) or shaking occur most commonly in hands, arms or legs. These tremors occurs when the person is awake and sitting or standing still (resting tremors) and subsides when the person moves the affected body part. Initially  tremors may appear in just one arm or leg or only one side of the body . it also affects chin , lips  and tongue.  As disease progress spread to both sides of body , but in some cases it remains on just one side. Emotions and physical stress tend to make it more  noticeable sleep. Relaxation reduce or  stop tremors.


Stiff muscles (rigidity) and aching muscles

One of the most common early sign of Parkinson’s disease is reduced arm swing on one side when the person is walking that is caused by rigid muscles. Rigidity can also affect the muscles of legs, face, neck or other parts of body and may cause muscles to feel tired and achy.


Slow, limited movement ( bradykinesia)

When the person tries to move from a resting position ,there may be difficulty in performing tasks like difficulty in getting out of chair, or turn over in bed.


Weakness of face and throat muscles (Parkinson’s mask)

Due to the weakness of muscles of face and throat talking and swallowing becomes more difficult and person may cough, choke or drool. Speech becomes soft. Loss of movement in muscles of face can cause fixed facial expression often called Parkinson’s face.


Stooped or flexed posture

In such patients there is difficulty in walking and balance. patient usually take small steps and shuffle with his or her feet close together and bend forward slightly at the waist (called stooped posture)and have trouble in turning around.


In addition to these symptoms Parkinson’s patient show other features also

a)      Decrease coordination, changes in handwriting are common with writing become smaller . activities such as dressing and eating becomes difficult.

b)       There is cramps in the muscles and joints.

c)      Oily skin and increased dandruff

d)     Digestive and urinary problems are there, controlling urination may be difficult or sometimes there may be urgency . patient usually complaints of constipation.

e)      There is increased sweating, low B.P when person stands up(orthostatic hypotension). There is problem with sexual function.

f)       Freezing is common i.e. sudden inability to move.

g)      Problem in falling asleep(insomnia) which is due to depression or physical restlessness. These people may not be able to sleep because they cannot turn over or change position in bed.


Physiotherapy treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Exercise is an important part of treatment for the people with Parkinson’s disease. physiotherapist mainly focuses on

1)maintain muscle strength and improve coordination

2) maintain and increase endurance

3)improve flexibility and range of motion

4)improve cardiovascular fitness

5) control weight

6)reduce the likelihood of becoming constipated

7) improve balance and walking

8 ) use of walking aids correctly

Physiotherapy help to learn exercises and stretches to do at home to improve posture, strength, flexibility and endurance. Recognizing and dealing with depression is a important part of home treatment. Physiotherapy relieve muscle and joint stiffness and discomfort by the use of exercise, relaxation, physical treatment such as heat and cooling and by carefully moving joints and by stretching muscles(manipulation). People with Parkinson’s disease often develop difficulties with everyday actions such as walking, getting up from chair, turning over and getting in and out of bed. These teach how to get round these problems  and make it easier. They recommend any walking aids and appliances and other equipment that would be suitable.


Left hemispheric stroke

        Left hemispheric stroke

stroke occurs when blood supply is intrrupted to the brain. This is caused by a blood clot blocking a vessel in our brain, or a torn vessel bleeding into our brain. The left side (hemisphere) of our brain controls the right side of your body. It also controls our speech and language abilities. After a left hemispheric stroke, we may have trouble in  talking, swallowing, or walking. we become more slowly and our memory may be worse than before the stroke. A left-hemisphere stroke often causes paralysis of the right side of the body. This is known as right hemiplegia.

Causes of left side stroke

There are mainly two causes of stroke

 1)Ischemic stroke:   this mainly occurs when an artery to our brain gets blocked due to  plaque  in our artery. Plaque happens when fatty deposits and other things build up in an artery. It  can also get a blocked artery from a blood clot also. The clot can break loose from an artery somewhere else and travel to our brainstem. The clot may get stuck in a narrow blood vessel, stopping blood and oxygen from reaching our brain. This is called an ischemic stroke. Most strokes are ischemic strokes.

 2)Hemorrhagic stroke: A blood vessel may break and leak if a clot gets stuck in it, or the vessel wall is weak. Blood then flows out of the vessel and into brain tissue. This is called a hemorrhagic stroke

 Risk factors for left hemisphere stroke

  •  patient may be  55 years old or more than that..
  • Common in  woman  who  use birth control pills, or take  hormone replacement medicine after menopause.
  •  father or mother already had a stroke, or  had a low weight when we were born.
  • There is high blood pressure, or blood vessel or sickle cell disease that is not being treated.
  •  There may be atrial fibrillation, diabetes or other heart or blood vessel conditions.
             Effects of left hemisphere stroke

                                         The effects of a left hemisphere stroke may include the following:

  •  There may be right-sided weakness (right hemiparesis) or paralysis (right hemiplegia) and sensory impairment.
  •  Difficulty in  speech and understanding language (aphasia)
  • visual problems are common , including  inability to see the right visual field of each eye (homonymous hemianopsia)
  • impaired ability to do math or to organize, reason, and analyze items
  • behavioral changes such as depression, cautiousness, and hesitancy are common
  • impaired ability to read, write, and learn new information.
  • memory problems are common
             Treatment of left side stroke

                                   Treatment mainly depends  causes of stroke, and  signs and symptoms of the patient. we  need the following medicines:

  • Cholesterol medicine: This type of medicine is given to  decrease (lower) the amount of cholesterol (fat) in our blood.
  • Other medicines: You may need medicine to  treat diabetes or to prevent seizures. Medicine may be given to keep our blood pressure at a certain level if it is too high or too low.

                                                                    If  stroke was caused by a blood clot, you may also need the following medicines:

  • Thrombolytics: This medicine is given to break  blood clots and help blood flow more easily.
  • Aspirin: This is medicine that may be given to help thin the blood to keep blood clots from forming.
  • Antiplatelets: This medicine is given to prevent formation of blood clots
                                                Other treatment include
  • Ventilator: A ventilator is a special machine that can breathe for us, if  we cannot breathe  we may have an endotracheal tube (ET tube) in our mouth or nose. A tube called a trach may go into an incision (cut) in the front of our neck. The ET tube or trach is hooked to the ventilator. The ventilator can also give oxygen
  • Surgery:
    • Ventriculostomy: If  there is  too much fluid and swelling around  brain, a tube may be placed through skull to drain the fluid. This tube also checks the pressure in  brain.
    • Craniotomy: If  stroke was caused by bleeding into brain tissue,  surgery  should be done to remove the blood or fix a damaged blood vessel.
        • Carotid endarterectomy: Blocked carotid arteries can cause poor blood flow to our brain. If our carotid arteries are blocked, surgery called carotid endarterectomy may be done. This surgery widens the arteries so that blood can flow through more easily.
        • Blood vessel filter: If we  are at high risk of getting a clot in our leg (DVT) we  may need to have a filter device placed in our blood vessel. This is called an inferior vena cava filter.Go to your rehabilitation sessions:
        •                        Rehabilitation (rehab) is an exercise and activities program. Rehab can help to  return to our usual activities and prevent problems, such as muscle shortening (contractures) and  skin  breakdown (bedsores). Physical therapists may work  to strengthen arms, legs, and hands. They may help relearn or improve how  we walk (gait training). Occupational therapists may teach tthe  new ways to do daily activities, such as getting dressed. A speech therapist may help  in  relearn or improve our ability to talk and swallow
        •                                                   rehab program may include functional electrical stimulation that  help our muscles work better.  weight lifting to increase our strength.  exercises to improve our balance and movement to decrease risk of falling. Stretching exercises, riding a bike, or walking can also help to recove

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Make more customers

Make more customers:
Here I will like to talk about increasing your business revenue.The main focus is only on expanding your business. The main part of expansion of any business lies on number of customers and even quality of your product. People really miss the opportunities to make more  customers. Word of mouth is definitely  the biggest factor to make more customers but again if you don’t provide easy access to information or services they are looking for , you may end up with losing potential clients.

Lets start with making more customers

Step 1 -Web presence : Open your business to a new world of online customers. If you are selling anything or even you have a small business , then start with a website at-least. Do not go crazy for a flashy website, people wants a simple clean look and they want to know about your services. Even if you are not selling anything, provide people with information about your services and contact location. Start with a 4-5 page website which talks about your business, services, offers(if any) and contact information.  You can get a good ,simple and professional website within few hundreds. Check  Zeustek web design if you are looking for very affordable  5-6 page website.

Step 2 -Make more visitors to your website : Now you got a website but no one knows about your website , still it is of not much use. You need people to visit your website. How and why they will visit?

website seo
website seo

Lets talk about How they will visit your website
Search Engine Optimization : Every second thousand of users are searching for services that your provide in search engines. You definitely need to make your website optimized for major search engines. The search engine optimization is not that expensive and it provides you a real boost to your online presence.This will get your website in good ranking in search engine results  when people are searching for your services. Do that at-least for 5-6 months which will cover your basic website optimization and link building.
Social Media Presence : Your customers are there are in social networks, so get benefit of that. Bookmark your website in major social bookmarking website and market your products/services via facebook pages or tweets.

You can consider us for  free site analysis and affordable seo solutions.Our Confidence level- pay us only if you are happy and seeing the results 🙂

Now lets talk about Why customers will visit your website
– Brand: You have to make a good brand name in real and web world. People will search for your brand name also.
– Blog : Write something useful and people will be interested in knowing more about you and your services.
– Offers :
Publish some real good offers or discounts in Internet and people might be searching for your website.

Step 3: Make more customers: One more challenge is to convert these visitors to customers. Now with the help of good search engine optimization , you got people visiting your website, now if they don’t buy or don’t contact you for services, then whats the fun?

Some factors which will be helpful in converting these visitors to customers are :
– Easy access to contact information or call of action.If your page is long and requires scrolling, consider having your call to action button repeated several times on the page. …which reminds us, have you claimed your copy of our “SuperConverters” newsletter yet?
– Describe bnefits of your product and not just product features.
– Minimize your website’s loading  time.
– Show some security verified seals or skill certifications.
– Keep your forms small and simple. Do you really need fax number?

Mobile apps
Mobile apps

Step 4: Make more customers from mobile world : It is a huge opportunity to get more customers via mobile  and the potential is really high after coming of smart phones like iphones and androids. You can provide solutions to users via mobile world. A small example will be making a app to provide free tips to make a pizza and then include a feature to let users buy your pizza from there. You can show your featured products and some new offers/discounts.This is just an example, but many businesses have started focusing on having a good mobile app. You can consider Zeustek if you are looking for affordable iphone or android apps.

Follow these tips and you can really beat your competitors.

Why You are not getting job offers?

job offers

job offersIn today’s market one of the toughest thing is job searching. You can apply for many jobs, but there is no response from the employers. Sometime if you ask the hiring manager why you weren’t selected for the job, you received  some meaningful answers. Therefore before making any decision, have you thought may be something wrong during the interview. well, just sitting in front of the computer and wonder why you are not getting job is not the right way, its time to make some change . Here are some of the changes you have to focus on..

1) Job requirements–

If you think ,most of the time you were rejected because not having extra years of experience or lack of higher degrees, think again. Today companies are going to pick the best candidates  and the candidates that match their requirements get the job easily, therefore you have to meet the single job requirements. But , that doesn’t mean you give up. Ty to find the job that match your skills and apply for that job.

2) Right keywords on your resume–

Most of the time you have very clear resume free of all errors, still you didn’t get the job. The most important thing is to phrase your resume with the right keywords. Try to use some meaningful and impressive words that imply action and sell your experience with your achievements. Make sure your keywords help you to get job.

3) Poor appearance–

During an interview, if you dress your best, arrive on time and fully prepared for the interview but still not get the job. Its just matter of personality .If you don’t look presentable its of no use,  hiring manager won’t like you and you are not going to get the job.

4) High expectation–

We all want to work at our dream job with high level of salary, but we have to do job that’s good enough . Low down your expectations , Be honest ,prepare your mind and broaden your job search results.

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Looking to Outsource your IT work to an Indian Company ?

Outsource your IT work to an Indian Company

Indian offshore companies are considered a viable outsourcing option today. What they offer is a strategic initiative to cut costs and access to intellectual capital not available in-house. Many entrepreneurs from western countries always look for a   good and  reliable Indian offshore company and this helps them to have an upper edge over their competitors with regards to quality and price.

India has become the leader in offshore contracting services (India owns around 80 percent of this market) because of –

  • A highly trained work force
  • Low labor costs
  • Appreciation for software development disciplines
  • A widespread use of the English language
  • High qualification level

Many new entrepreneurs have various questions in their mind regarding indian offshore companies. Some of them are :

  • How to Outsource IT work to an Indian Company without meeting them?
  • How to find contacts of good Indian companies?
  • How to know if this particular  Indian company is really good?

The type of company that you should be looking for really depends on your business.If you are a starter company or a small business, then probably small or new start ups will be a good option for you. These small Indian companies will work closely with you and help you in building your business and they may be more interested in growing you because it will grow themselves in return. You can find these contacts via various social networks like linkedIn, ryze or you can go for word of mouth also. For small startups , I would recommend Zeustek here, we really take our client’s business very seriously and work very close with them. The best part is flexibility of our business models or the way we partner with starter companies giving them more benefits in terms of pricing and delivery models which really helps them to accelerate their growth.

For very bigger companies, I will recommend to for Indian companies which are in business for about 10+ years ,have more than 100+ clients and very big  infrastructure. Look for companies who have worked with few forture 500+ companies and have their own stocks. Also check their balance sheets of last few years.

Why Outsource to Zeustek?

  • High-quality and cost-effective services.
  • Flexible business models.
  • Best Customer satisfaction.
  • Skilled, talented and experienced professionals.
  • Wide range of services.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Latest software and technologies.

Key points to look out for in a face to face interview

face to face interview

face to face interview                                                       

  Personal interview or face to face interview is the last hurdle you need to cross before you are selected into the company. After you get past the telephone interview and head for the personal interview, it’s a lot tougher and you need to prepare properly.

About the prior research you need to do

Researching on various topics before you head for your interview is essential. The particulars you need to keep a check of include the following:

  • Know your company

Keep a well researched paper about the company for which you would be giving an interview. Having half knowledge about the company depicts you to be too casual with the job.

  • Know your interviewer

He has picked out your resume out of piles of other resume to consider it. He knows you partly. You should return the favour. Knowing about the interviewer can give you an upper hand in your favour.

  • Know the job designation and requirement

Showing yourself under-qualified or even over-qualified for a job is not good for your job prospect. Study the requirement of the company properly and shape yourself accordingly in the professional achievements.

About the personality you need to carry

You have qualified beyond telephone interview. Now you do need to give your attention to your body language and behaviours. The things you need to keep in mind before and during the interview are:

  • Reach your destination with sufficient time in hand. Do not be too early for the interview. It depicts you to as desperate which act as a negative point.

  • Wear formal dresses and look confident. Dressing casually is taken as disrespect to the interview and considered it is not important for you.

  • Most important. Maintain a good sitting posture when you are sitting with your interviewers. Have a confident smile on your face. While answering try to maintain eye contact with your interviewers. It represents you as a confident candidate.

Keep a look out for the above said preparations and do expect lots and lots of questions in your face to face interview. Do not look nervous at any point of time. Be confident throughout. And do not forget to firmly shake hands and thank your interviewer for their time.

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Marketing Tips Free

Top 8 Online Marketing Tips Free

Designing a website alone is not sufficient. To drive the sufficient amount of traffic to website is of major concern. There are various marketing tips to promote the website and get listed in the SERP’s. Know about the best marketing tips free of cost. There are various ways to promote your site, some are free and some are paid.

In this online marketing tips free article, we are going to look at how to promote a site online.

  • Article Marketing

One of the best strategies is article marketing. The articles should be on relevant topics. Article writing is not the only task to do, but the articles have to be submitted in the article directories in relevant categories. The author resource box provided will help you mention about you and your company. The article will work wonders for you. But bear in mind that the article should have the fresh content, and try to be simple with your language.

  • Blogs

The blog is the most efficacious way for business promotion. Make use of the website link in your blog and by doing this high traffic could be generated to your website. Blog writing is an easy way to promote the website, and easily accessible and easy to edit also.

  • Press Release

To tell about the new product launch or new service, press release is used. Writing a good press release and then submitting the press release in various press release sites can prove to be an effective marketing way. But as the press release is provided to media, the press release has to be well written.

  • Link Generation

To generate more traffic, link building is another method that is used. But the links should be from relevant sites, i.e. sites those are related to your business, product or service. Links have to be worthy for more effective results.

  • Forum Marketing

Forums are the discussion boards. There are numerous forums, so choose the relevant one. Be active over there and participate there. You can even place links in the signature box. While commenting or posting anything your signature will also be displayed.

  • Directory Submission

Submit the website to various directories. But choose the appropriate category for directory submission.

  • Offer Some Special Services

Try to provide some free services to those who link to your site. You can even offer free software/application downloads. It will really be a gainful method for your business.

Top 5 CV Writing Mistakes Article


Top 5 CV Writing Mistakes Article



A poorly written CV will greatly decrease your chances of getting your dream job. Think of it as your introduction to a potential employer; it’s your first impression, so make sure it’s a good one. By avoiding these top 5 CV writing mistakes, your CV will be sure to impress anyone who sees it.


Mistake #1 – The CV contains spelling and grammatical mistakes

Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Nothing makes a worse impression than misspellings on the page and simple grammatical errors. Handing in a CV with spelling and grammatical errors is the same as turning up to the interview not wearing any trousers – potential employers aren’t going to be impressed!

Mistake #2 – The CV is too long

Employers/HR recruiters are flooded with hundreds of CVs from potential applicants for certain jobs – make their life easier by making your own CV short, concise and to the point. Your skills and experience should be plain to see at a glance and it shouldn’t take longer than a minute to skim through the CV. As a simple rule of thumb, a CV should be no longer than two sides of A4 paper. A CV that fits onto one page would be even better.

Mistake #3 – The CV contains lies or half-truths

Before taking on an employee, companies carry out detailed background checks to ensure that the information they have been given about a candidate is correct and accurate. The internet has made it easier than ever to check for lies and exaggerations – if your CV does contain these, they will be found out. Be as honest as you can on your CV and give your potential employer a clear idea of who you are as a person, your skills and your accomplishments.

Mistake #4 – The CV is too generic and embraces a ‘one size fits all’ approach

Potential employers aren’t just looking for any person for the role – they’re looking for the right person for it. Grab their attention by tailoring each CV to the each particular job role. This may seem time consuming, but this strategy has proven to be very successful. It’s much better to send out 10 clear and concise CVs designed for a specific role than it is to send out 100 generic CVs.


Mistake #5 – The CV has distracting formatting with multiple fonts, images and colours

A CV has to be simple and easy to read at a glance. The goal is to gradually lead the eye from the top of the page to the bottom. By using multiple fonts, garish colours and other distractions, your CV will be much more difficult to read. The best CVs have a simple (but not ugly) design. Microsoft Word, Open Office and other word processing suites contain multiple templates to make simple, attractive CVs. Ignore these at your peril.

Bonus Mistake; references have names listed;

Nothing is worse than a potential employer calling your current employer to ask for a reference. Unless your goal is to create tension in the workplace, avoid listing your references and simply state that ‘references can be provided upon request’.

By avoiding these top 5 CV writing mistakes (and our bonus mistake), your chance of scoring an interview with your CV will increase dramatically!





This guide was written in association with Office Angels, the UK’s leading recruiter for receptionist jobs in the UK

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Top 8 ways to get Fast and Instant Traffic

Top 8 ways to get Fast and Quick Traffic.

This article is for getting quick traffic to your website without SEO. Sometimes, you have clients who want traffic to   their website in a week or 10 days and they are not actually looking for long term traffic or SEO . At that time onpage and   regular offpage optimization will not be an ideal solution.

We can try following ways to get instant traffic

1)search engine submission : Submit to all search engines

2)Local Listing

a)create a free listing for your local business on Google Maps Local Business Center (www.google.com/local/add) and   Yahoo! Local (listings.local.yahoo.com). That way your business can show up on a map when people do a local search.

b) Don’t forget to put your web address in your Yellow Pages ad.

3) Press Release/Articles – Post few press releases with back links to your website Try prlog. Post few articles with back links to your website .Try ezine.

4)Social Media

a) blogs – create small blogs with similar content. Use  wordpress , blogger

b) social networking sites   – twitter, facebook, linkedin ,ryze

c) social bookmarking sites  -digg, delicious, linkhello, linkpostdirectory ,stumpleupon, reddit,Netscape, Slashdot

d) forums – Try posting links  all related forums

5) Ads/Classified posting – use free ads/classified services. Try regional base  classifieds website also – like for   usa  prefer  craigslits.com

6)Questions and Answers services – such as Yahoo Answers attract many people looking for a particular solution, product   or service.

7) Opinion websites – such as ePinions.com

8 ) Blog Commenting

Amitriptyline Side Effects in Women

Amitriptyline side effects vary from one person to another. The drug is basically used as a cure for depression. The drug is heavy in its influence and must only be consumed after seeking a doctor’s assurance. The drug must be used with great caution especially by pregnant women because it could have adverse effects on their health. Even women who are planning on pregnancy should be cautious. In case of the latter condition, the recommendation is only made by physicians if the negative effects do not outweigh the positive ones.

The common side effects of amitriptyline which are present in all women are the common symptoms of this drug. These include dry mouth, disbalance, seizures, convulsions and hallucinations, dizziness, fluctuating blood sugar levels, palpitations and tremors and many more.

However, the side effects that are associated with only women are that lactating mothers should orthodoxly avoid taking this drug because the chemicals present in it may pass into the mother’s milk and create complications for the child. Consumption of amitriptyline might also affect your periods because of the chemicals and reactions it has on the body. Women might have disturbed menstrual cycles. The drug is something serious and women should be fully aware of its effects before they plan to consume these. Apart from menstruation, the drug also results in decreased feeling of sexual pleasure sometimes no orgasm at all. Sexual displeasure in women is also characterized by swelling in women and decreased lubrication in the vagina. Weight gain is also unstoppable and sudden among women undergoing amitriptyline drug therapy. This abrupt gain in weight is actually followed by irregular menses.

Suicide is also one problem that may reach its peak at the time of the usage of this antidepressant drug amitriptyline. Women and especially young girls may feel prone to committing suicides. Suicidal feelings will mostly result due to extreme mood swings. Mood changes are quite abrupt in these women. The drug also induces sleeplessness in women and could also cause memory degeneration. Women who are used to consuming cigarettes are also susceptible to its various side effects. The nicotine and other cigarette chemicals cause a reduction in the level of blood after using this medication.

The remaining side effects of amitriptyline in women are irritability, increased sensitivity to sun, unusual sweating and uninformed bodily changes. Women are also more susceptible then men to be affected by amitriptyline and the changes that this drug causes in pregnant women could prove disastrous for their new born.

Women must consult the phycisian and have a detailed discussion with their doctors, gathering enough information as possible on the issue. It is advisable that they consult before concluding on their own. The drug is not a candy but has a strong impact on whole bodily functions. The drug attempts to cure depression and is powerful in its action so caution on the part of women is essential if they want to save themselves from the serious side effects of amitriptyline.

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Know Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization should be done before we write one line of code.So how do we do that?

  • First of all decide what you  want your site to discuss or sell to your customers.
  • Plan how your Web site may appear to your customers (home, about, news, contact, etc).
  • Try to make content for the pages and sections of the site with keywords  in mind which you want to target.
  • Review your page content again. Try to make it  short, sweet, informative and to the point which will help your visitors.

Now  you’ve chosen how your Web site will look , now you have to focus on the site’s development. All a search engines prefer  indexing simple pages, so try not to use flash or any complex dynamic features.

Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing is the process of filling the webpage with keywords so as to get high rankings in the search engine results. Often we see websites stuffing keywords which are irrelevant to their website content but could rank them good in the search engine results.

Try to  blend the keywords in with the content as much as possible. Always remember that having too many keywords can dilute the strength of the keywords you have. Filling pages with keywords can also annoy user , and can harm your site’s ranking. Focus on Create useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.

The Truth About Page Rank
PageRank is all about links. Google always prefers  natural links and will give them more weight if used properly. The more natural links point to your Web page, the higher your page rank will  be. The more links pointing from your page to other pages, the lower your page rank will most likely be. Ideally, you want MORE links pointing to your page than you want pointing out. Bear in mind this works for EACH page, not your whole site or domain. Google doesn’t care about your whole site’s PR (which doesn’t exist).

What about META tags?
It would take your 5-10 minutes at most and are  practically worthless, but they would  remind you what keywords you’re targeting. In the past Search Engines gave some weightage to these but spammers and black-hatters abused these elements so much that the search engines started giving them less weight or totally ignoring them.

The TITLE Element
Keep them short, to the point, and make sure the page title comes first. You can (and should) put your site title afteword, but use a delimiter so people can tell the difference between the page title and the site title.

Now your site’s done, so go out there and promote it. Submit the site to the search engines (preferably by hand, it only takes a couple minutes), include a link to the site in your forum signatures, comment on blogs (leaving a link to your site in the “Your Web site” form input field if it’s related to the blog and not otherwise spammy), submit your website to various directories. Be patient, because SEO is not rocket science, it will take time the key to SEO is to keep on keeping on. Don’t give up. If you keep at it and put in the time, you will be well rewarded for your effort.

Teaching Assistant Tips

Teaching Assistant Tips

If you’ve been considering getting into teaching assistant work but are unsure where to start, the following tips should help you get on the right track.

1 – Understand The Full Scope Of The Job

If you’re fully up to date on all that a teaching assistant is required to do, as well as how that corresponds to your own experience and personal qualities, you should have a better grasp of what you have to offer in the field. You’ll also be able to find the right part of the sector and make your job hunt considerably more efficient.

Before you consider a serious pursuit of the teaching assistant profession, it’s important to understand how the role of assistants in the classroom can vary. For instance, the needs of the students can differ greatly depending on the grade level. Your potential role will also differ depending on how often you’ll be expected to provide one on one attention versus supporting the class in a general way. There are several different skill sets required of the job, so it’s best to be prepared for as many of these situations as possible.

2 – Pick A Specific Part Of The Sector

It’s best if you decide ahead of time if you want to work for a mainstream or specialist school. The role you will play will obviously vary a lot depending on the environment and nature of the school you’re in. If you’re best suited in a mainstream primary or even secondary school, you should make sure to apply exclusively to schools that fit that description.

Mainstream schools generally seek out those that can provide targeted curriculum support that includes subjects such as English, literature, math, and science. Make sure to illustrate your understanding of these areas in your applications. Specialist schools on the other hand will obviously favor those that only focus on one particular subject, so if you’re especially strong in one as opposed to having a level of general expertise, that might be the way you should go.

3 – Make Sure You Have A Good CV Or Resume

There’s all kinds of information out there detailing how to maximize the effectiveness of your CV or resume. Don’t focus on having a generalized one however; cater your submissions to showcase why you’d be an excellent teacher’s assistant in particular. You can even try crafting individual submissions to be more attractive to the specific location. Here are some good tips.

Previous teaching assistance experience will always give applicants a leg up over others seeking out positions, so be sure to highlight anything that applies. This includes the likes of volunteer work, charities you’ve been a part of, and coaching as well. Even if you only have personal experience that you feel would qualify you, list it. It’s better to put your cards on the table up front. There are some good tips here from Capita Education.

4 – Volunteer Or Work Through An Agency

If you happen to have a fairly sparse CV or resume, you can gain teacher’s assistance experience by electing to volunteer at local schools. There are also agencies that will allow you to do short term supply jobs. There’s a lot to learn through these opportunities, and your time with them will make you significantly more attractive to schools that are looking to hire.

Panic Away Scam

In recent years, you can find that there are some people who want to find methods to treat problems like panic disorder. The problem of panic disorder would get more and more serious if you do not tackle it in a positive manner. In other words, the situation would become worse if you do not find methods to cure the problem as soon as possible.

Therefore, you can probably find that there are some books in the market for you to read and understand more about how to manage your emotion and get rid of the panic order. You would find that some of the books like Panic Away would be quite popular among the readers. Even though some people do not believe that this kind of book would help, the fact is that many people get the help already.

Yes, you can find that Panic Away Scam is impossible. Instead, this kind of book is awesome and it would not be difficult for you to understand more about how to control yourself as long as you try your best to read and follow the tips stated in the books.

In fact, it is very easy for you to find information about how to deal with anxiety if you try to search online. However, those methods are not the reliable methods because they might not be comprehensive enough. Yes, you might find that the information would be rough and it would be quite difficult for you to follow some tips step by step. This would certainly hinder your process of learning because you will not be successful in understanding the whole process of curing panic disorder.

If you read Panic Away, you certainly find that it is not a scam. It is because the writer also encountered the panic disorder disease when he was young. Therefore, he knew well about the world of the patients and he would always be able to describe the information and the problems encountered by the patients accurately so that the patients would be able to understand a lot about the situation.

The suggestions provided by the author in the book of Panic Away are insightful and they are not fake. Many people have tried to use this kind of methods to relax themselves and the result is that most of them are very happy with the treatment stated with the book. Therefore, you can find that there are really a lot of supporters of this book who have tried to use the methods stated there before and they have got a new life after reading the book.

You would find that there are more and more people who are interested in reading the book. Therefore, you can try to find the information related to the book if you want to have a nice experience about curing panic disorder. If you find that your friends are suffering from this kind of illness, you can try to help them by giving them this book. They would certainly thank you a lot.

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Interview with Toni Adewunmi founder of nigeriabestjobs.com


Interview with Toni Adewunmi founder of nigeriabestjobs.com


Jobisite:  Can you give me a brief overview of your background and what it is you do in your work?rsz_my_pix

My name is Toni Adewunmi. I’m the Founder of www.nigeriabestjobs.com. I have a background in HR consulting and psychometric exam administration.In the past, I worked in customer service and tax administration at HMRC UK. I also worked at British Council and the Aviation Industry.


Jobisite: What inspired you to create your job website?

The idea of starting a jobsite came up when I was working in HR consulting. I became aware of the problems organizations had getting right candidates for their job openings.I was also aware of candidates having problems getting information about open job opportunities. In those days, organizations relied exclusively on newspaper advertisements while potential candidates relied on information from those papers and word of mouth information from friends and families. I couldn’t understand why many candidates complained about lack of job opportunities while potential employers complained about lack of availability of suitably qualified candidates.I decided that I can do something. That is how the idea of starting Nigeriabestjobs.com came about.

I was inspired by the desire to connect jobs with candidates. Since then, candidates have received job information from our website, mailing list, Twitter and Facebook feeds.


Jobisite: Are you working at the moment and do you blog full time?

Yes, I work at a Multinational Company whilst administering the blog side by side.


Jobisite: What advice would you give to job seekers?

I’ll advice jobseekers to have a positive mindset, be enthusiastic and to never miss an opportunity to learn and update their skills. The CV is the jobseekers’ shop-window;hence, it should be written in such a way that the job-seeker stands out from the competition. Professional certifications do help. They show that you are committed to your career and make you stand out from the competition.
EDX courses are available online, delivered by the best universities in the world and they are free and they issue certificates.

The foregoing might seem intuitive; however, while reviewing and short listing candidates for employers, it became apparent that very few people know how to write CVs and application letters. This, along with interview skills are things that I think should be taught in schools.

Stay current with latest jobs in Nigeria by visiting our site www.nigeriabestjobs.com
You can also follow us on twitter @nigeriabestjobs
Facebook www.facebook.com/nigeriabestjobs

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Guest bloggers wanted

Guest bloggers are wanted to contribute useful articles to this website.


Guest Bloggers Wanted – Guidelines:

It must be a useful and informative post.

The article you submit must be original and should not have been submitted anywhere else before.

You must not put the article anywhere else (E.g. On your own website or article submission websites).

You may include two of your own links in a brief “About The Author” section at the bottom of the post.

You may send any supporting images along with the article. These images however must not be copyrighted.



Guest Bloggers Needed – Ready To Submit?

Then email us at vinay.145@gmail.com with your article and your links. We will also market your article along with other posts.


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Engineers interview questions

Engineers interview questions


Before you can work as the engineers, you need to answer well for the Engineers interview questions during the interview session. Therefore, you may find that the following information is helpful.


Question 1: Are you fluent in English?

This question sounds silly. However, it is important because engineers need to communicate with others a lot. They would need to do the communication work either verbally or written. Therefore, they have to be fluent in both ways. When they answer the question, they have to show that they are fluent in English speaking.


Question 2: Do you have past working experience?

Some of the interviewers may not spend time to look at your resume. Therefore, this would be the time for you to introduce your past work experience so they would be interested to know more from you rather than looking at the resume.


Question 3: Tell me an experience in which you failed?

You would have to prepare for this because you need to make sure that the failure gave you a lecture. You need to tell the thing that you have learnt from this failure.


Question 4: Have you worked as intern before?

Fresh graduate would encounter this question usually. If they participated in the internship program before, they would usually have a higher chance of being admitted.


Question 5: How much do you know about the control limits?

This requires people to answer something related to the engineering field and candidates need to use the professional knowledge to answer the question.


Question 6: Can you share with me a successful project that you have worked?

You need to recall your memory and find out a good experience which is attractive. You need to elaborate the details and let the interviewers understand why you consider it as something successful.


Question 7: How would you deal with conflicts in a team?

Conflict management is something important for engineers because they usually need to work in a team. If they are not able to come up with an agreement during the work, the projects would not be completed easily.


Question 8: What would you say if you find that there is a loop in the linked list?

As mentioned above, communication skill is something important for engineer. Thus, you have to prepare for this type of question and be prepared to answer them well.


Question 9: Why did you choose to study this field?

Engineering is perceived to be something cool from some people so interviewers would like to know the reason why you join the industry.


Question 10: How do you know this job?

Some of the jobs use different ways of promotion for the vacancy. Therefore, the interviewer is somehow finding a way to understand the channel of information that you use to obtain the news about this company and the job vacancy. You just need to tell the truth and let them know more about the progress of job application that you have gone through in the previous days.

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speculative cover letter

 Writing the best speculative cover letter


A well written speculative cover letter can give you the job even before the proper general interview. This is because you are always seen as the most serious person. That you are really in love with the firm and because of this will make extra efforts to produce results. So you would not scuttle these chances by throwing in a very badly written speculative cover letter.


This is a letter you write to a firm that you really want to work with even when they have not advertised any vacancy. When you are writing a speculative cover letter, you are telling them that you will like to work with them and that they should consider you whenever the job comes out. It should be precise and straight to the point with about 3 or 4 paragraphs. Don’t be ambiguous about anything. Research well about the company and write in compliance with the values of the company. Keep the speculative cover letter creative or conservative depending on what the firm is about.


Avoid addressing the letter without specific names. Go and research the name of the person to read your letter and address the letter directly. You have to write out those skills you posses that are very relevant to the job you are applying for and that will benefit the company. You should be very assertive in what you write. Be very confident tell them why and how they will need you. But avoid bragging about anything.


Let them know what attracts you to the firm, what you are doing currently, your qualifications and what you are specifically looking for. Also make yourself so marketable by letting them know you can do many tasks. Proof read the speculative cover letter well, and if you are emailing it, write with good fonts that are readable. End the letter with what you expect from them and normally sign off with “Yours sincerely” and your name.



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Techniques deals with hemiplegia in stroke

Techniques  deal with hemiplegia in stroke

Hemiplegia is the term which is mainly  used to describe paralysis of one side of the body. The term can be broken down into “hemi” means “half,” and “plegia,” means paralysis.  The most common cause of hemiplegia is  stroke.   .  After stroke, the next most common cause of hemiplegia in adults is trauma. In hemiplegia one side of the body can become paralyzed or weak after a stroke. One sided paralysis or weakness occurs when a stroke affects the corticospinal tract of one side of the brain. The right side of the brain controls the motor function of the left side of the body. The left side of the brain controls the motor function of the right side of the body. Thus when one side of the brain is damaged, it causes only one side of the body to be affected. There are certain techniques which helps an hemiplegic patient to become mobile  and help to perform their functional activities. These include

a) range of motion

b) orthotics

c) slings

d) positioning

e) strengthening

                                                           Range of Motion – Moving the paralyzed or weak limb or extremity can help  to prevent stiffness and muscle contractures. Range of motion can be passive, active-assistive, or active depending if the extremity or limb can voluntarily produce any movement or if it has to be moved by an external factor such as a caregiver.

                                      Orthotics (Braces) –  sometimes braces may be prescribed  such as wrist and hand orthoses (WHO), elbow brace, or ankle foot orthoses (AFO)  which help  to maintain proper joint alignment and provide support to weak muscles, and prevent contractures.

                             Slings – There are various arm slings that help  to support the arm when subluxation  occurs. Subluxation commonly caused  when the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) has dropped out of the shoulder socket due to weakened ligaments and musculature.

               Positioning – It is important to position the weak arm or leg appropriately. When sitting, one can support the affected arm on a pillow, lapboard.  The leg during sitting should be positioned comfortably without too much rotation at the hip. Try to position the knee where it is facing forward and not out to the side or turned inward. The foot should be flat on the floor or footrest with no rolling of the ankle.

When lying on back, place a pillow by  side (parallel to your body) and place the weak arm out straight on the pillow. If there is edema in the hand,  we can use an extra pillow to elevate the hand to decrease swelling. When lying on  non-affected side, support the weak arm and leg on pillows in front of the body. If lying on the weak side, just make sure the affected shoulder is slightly forward and we are not lying directly on the shoulder joint.

Strengthening – Strengthening and active range of motion exercises can be done with stroke patients who  generaaly have  weakness . Patients with more severe paralysis may have some small individual movements that can be strengthened as well.

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Top 8 Ways for Good Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is considered an excellent method to get one-way links pointing back to your site. The greater number of one-way links to your site the higher rankings for that site. Though it may seem to be simple and easy but it is a powerful tool. Blog comments can really bring good PR juice to your pages.

Blog comment requires the name of the commenter, e-mail id, website URL. Once these fields are entered, then you can post your comment.

Below are some tips mentioned that will help to be a good blog commenter.

1.) Go through the Comment Policy

Blogs do have some “Comment Policy”. Never violate the rules of the comment policy. If you violate the rules, you might be marked as spam and your comment would also not be approved. Read and understand the comment policy first of all.

2.) Read the Blog Post Carefully

Read the blog post, and understand it. Never comment without reading the post. No doubt it will take time, but at the same time, it will provide a good reward. Read the post so that you can be able to join the discussion. Post relevant comments, and never comment on irrelevant things. This can be done only if you have read the blog post carefully.

3.) Avoid Short Phrases Comments

Avoid comments like “Cool Post”, “Nice Post”, “Thanks for the Post” etc. These comments indicate about your unawareness about the blog post. It leaves a bad impression of yours, and also indicates that you are just trying to get the back links to your website. Always post a comment that has relevance to the blog post.

4.) Ask questions

Ask questions, to show that you are listening. Show that you are interested in the blog post and not alone in the link-building.

5.) Be humble

Try to be humble. Even if you know everything about the topic, try to appreciate the skills of the writer, and never offend anyone, by writing, “This is just stupid…” or “You are so wrong…” etc. Tell the blogger about the mistakes in a humble manner.

6.) Comment on Relevant Blogs

Comment on the blog posts that are relevant to your blog or website. This way you will be getting back links from relevant sites that is of great importance in the eyes of search engine.

7.) Make a Comment that is Valuable

Make comments that are useful and help you participate in the discussion. Comment only when you know about the post. Be active. And you should be in the reach.

8.) Comment only when you can contribute to the Post.

Comment for the blog post when you can add up something to the knowledge of the visitors. Your comment once approved will be visible to everyone. So, place a comment that is informative. It should not be the spam, like “cool post”, “nice post” etc. Never try to spam the blog. Write a comment that is related to the post and is valuable to the readers.

By following all of the above mentioned tips you are increasing the chances of approval of your comments and you can get a back link as a reward. So do keep all these points in mind while commenting on blogs.

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popular interview questions

Most popular interview questions you should expect


There are some questions about yourself and the job you are looking for that you will always expect when you are preparing for the interview. These questions might also border on the company that is offering you the job and in most cases these questions have been so asked and answered that they become very dogmatic. You need to find new ways of giving out the same answer to these popular interview questions in a more creative and excitingly intelligent manner.


Why do you want this job? This is one of the most popular interview questions. Answering this, you only need to tell them how you like the responsibilities the company brings and how you want to give yourself the challenge of working with them. You should also expect questions about other firms you have applied with. Make sure you tell them they are your first choice in everything or that you have not, but only intend to apply to other firms


Other popular interview questions are what your greatest achievements were. Here, you only need to tell them what you have achieved in your last job in very humble and simple language. If you have not done any, tell them how you overcame some difficult situation in life, probably in your university days or community. When asked about your strength, try telling them those skills that sells you as a person.


What your weaknesses are will see you telling them those things you do in excess or better still, the weaknesses you have overcome and now use as strength in achieving results. Why you choose your university for studies will hinge on the availability of the course you wanted to read and how good they are at it. Where you expect to be in 5 years should be in their firm in a higher post. When asked about your team work, you should tell them how you helped the team succeed. Popular interview questions will also include how you work under pressure etc.


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Diagnosis andTreatment of basal ganglia stroke

Diagnosis and treatment of basal ganglia stroke

Diagnosis of a stroke is based on

1)individual’s history,

2)neurological examination

3)brain imaging.

4)CT scan

During the acute phase of a stroke, treatment ranges  from conservative treatment  to  invasive treatment. conservative treatment consisting of:

1)Pain medication

2)Stabilizing vital signs

3)Lowering pressure inside the head

 invasive treatment  consist of:

a)Surgery to remove any blood to relieve pressure

b) shunt operation to drain the system

After the acute phase Rehabilitation therapy plays a vital  role to getting the patient back to health as quickly as possible.

  Basal ganglia stroke recovery

Most of the individual start  recovery process from a stroke virtually moments after the stroke happening. Recovery which is spontaneous usually explains the  progress in the first month after a stroke. Recovery mainly depends upon

  • Brain damage extent
  • Individual’s attitude
  • Skills of the medical professionals
  • Assistance of friends and family
                                  Basal ganglia stroke prognosis                          person will progress from basal ganglia stroke depends on several factors – such as:

  • Severity of any impairment
  • Exact location of injury to the brain
  • Individual’s age
  • Individual’s general medical condition

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Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

1.Format Your Resume Wisely
-Use a logical format and wide margins, clean type and clear headings
-Selectively apply bold and italic typeface that help guide the reader’s eye
-Use bullets to call attention to important points

2.Identify Accomplishments not Just Job Descriptions
-Focus on what you did in the job, not what your job was there’s a difference
-Include a one or two top line job description first, then list your accomplishments
-Accomplishments should be unique to you, not just a list of what someone else did

3. Quantify Your Accomplishments
-Include and highlight specific achievements that present a comprehensive picture of
your marketability.
-Quantify your achievements to ensure greater confidence in the hiring manager and thereby
generate interest percentages, dollars, number of employees, etc.

4. Cater Your Resume for the Industry
-Your accomplishments, error-free writing, grammatically-correct, clean, crisp type and
paper will make the impression for you.
-Grab a hiring manager’s attention right from the beginning, remembering you.
-Personal business contacts, people you’ve worked for or who worked for you

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The Cover Letter Requirements

cover letter requirements


Knowing The Cover Letter Requirements

cover letter requirements

The cover letter is one weapon that helps in a job hunting mission. The format of your cover letter plays a crucial role in doing the necessary marketing you as a package and thus, puts you above the rest. The cover letter basically acts as a bridge that fills the gap between you and employer. The essence of a cover letter is not only to guarantee you that job, but also to raise the employers urge to always have you on board. Therefore, it is essential to enumerate some of the essentials of cover letter requirements.


The contact section

The first how one puts the necessary contact information varies with the mode that is used to send the cover letter. However, regardless of the method you are using to send the cover letter, the first part should always consist of your contact details. This is the surest way that the potential employer will be able to contact you. If you also have the employer’s contact details you can as well include them.



This is mainly greetings it normally follows immediately after the contact details have been written. If you know the person that you are writing to then, and then include their name in the salutation for example, “Dear Mr. Steve Jobs”. However, if you are not quite sure of the recipient of your cover letter then you can put the salutation as “Dear Hiring Manager”.


Gender is one thing that is important hence, when you are not sure about the gender of whoever might read your letter then just use the names and live out the Titles such as Mr., Mrs., Ms. and so forth.


Cover letter body

This is the part of the letter that tells the employer of the position you are applying for as well as the reasons why they should hire you instead of the other applicants. You can break it into three paragraphs as it needs not to be too long. The final paragraph should talk more of appreciation to the employer for the position.

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Pharmacists interview questions

Pharmacists interview questions


When you work as the pharmacists, you would have a lot of tough moments. Therefore, the Pharmacists interview questions would usually aim at testing whether you are able to cope with the challenges ahead.


Question 1: How will this job affect your family life?

When you work as the pharmacists, you may need to work overtime. Thus, you have to mention some feasible steps that you would take in order to work well and enjoy family life. For example, you can mention that you will write something to your kids and maintain the communication even though you cannot see them face to face.


Question 2: Do you still think that you can work well?

This question is usually for those who have left the field of pharmacists for several years. They may go to work or to stay at home to take care of children for several years and they would like to enter the field of pharmacists again. Then, they have to mention that their experience and knowledge do not fade despite the several years of gap.


Question 3: Did you challenge your supervisor before? If yes, how?

Sometimes, the decisions made by pharmacists can contain error, despite the senior position in the field. Therefore, you would need to voice out when you discover the mistake, regardless of the title of the person.


Question 4: Do you have anything not satisfied with the job of pharmacists?

No doubt, you can answer that you are perfectly fine with the job of pharmacists. But if you have any general comments on the job of pharmacists, you can always raise the issue.


Question 5: Tell me your strength?

This question is a very typical one. Instead of mentioning things about your experience in pharmaceutical field, you should mention something personal. For example, you may be cheerful do you can deal with stress well. You may also have good time management so you can finish the project on time.


Question 6: Why did you choose this company?

It is not a difficult question. You just need to search for the background information of this company and praise some of the unique points.


Question 7: Are you a teamwork person?

Apart from answering simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you should give further explanation and quote experiences and examples to support it.


Question 8: Did you solve a problem creatively?

The definition of creativity varies from person to person. Thus, you may choose to answer some memorable problems that you have encountered beforehand and tell the way you reacted to it in a unique way.


Question 9: What is your expected salary?

You need to answer honestly and this is the last chance that you can negotiate for the salary.


Question 10: How would you lead a team?

Sometimes, you may need to give instructions to the others. Apart from mentioning that you are a teamwork person, you may be required to give further explanation on the way that you would do to lead a team in an efficient way.

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Customer lifetime value in social media

Customer lifetime value in social media : Is the calculation viable or not?

social customer

With specialization coming into everything that we can see, hear, feel or touch, the world looks set for specialists. And when we move into the spheres of marketing, we come across a term that is increasingly being used today – Customer Lifetime Value or CLV. Customer Lifetime Value can be broadly defined as the difference between the total revenue from the customer and the total costs on the customer. If it can be determined, it will prove to be the most important metric for any business.

The metric shows that not every customer is equal – some are in fact more equal than the other! Thus, apart from gaining more customers, the marketers emphasize on getting more valuable customers. They state that quality, will ultimate score over quantity. There is definitely some truth in this line of thought. But that truth starts losing its veracity when pulled too far. What do we mean by that?

Social media strategists are the ones who back CLV figures in a resounding fashion. They attempt to make gainful use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the likes to increase customers and also valuable customers for a business. The cost of such social media campaigns are not very high compared to, say, direct marketing via mail, telephone or company-representative visits. Thus, when the marketers and strategists present the customer lifetime values to add importance to the social media marketing campaign, you should keep your eyes and ears open.

Here are some hard truths about the calculation of the CLV. When it is being done for an individual, it works out fine but which company has the time to invest in each and every individual? That is where the average CLV in a business needs to be determined. And getting this value is simple mathematically, but very difficult realistically!

The average CLV calculation requires large sets of data on the customers. If the data set size is small, the results and conclusions cannot be called statistically sufficient. Again, there are highs and lows in businesses based on the time of the year. Christmas may see a surge in sales but the autumn may not! The calculation, therefore, needs to be done over an extended period of time. Again, one would have to consider many different key-performance indicators before drawing conclusions. And doing all this would require some serious brains!

Therefore, while the CLV is an awesome metric to obtain, it is definitely not meant for start-ups and beginners. This metric should be the crowning glory of all the statistics and definitely not the starting point! If one happens to be a start up, there are other simpler ways to evaluate the impact of social media campaigns. It becomes evident that CLV calculations are not viable for all.

The simplest way to evaluate impact, rather than use the CLV, would be to maintain a thorough log of all the social activities on a social calendar. Then, keep a track of all the possible social metrics like the number of likes, the new followers etc., as they evolve with time. Finally, as in Google Analytics, obtain all the metrics for the website over time. Overlap all these three – social activities, social metrics and website metrics – in a graph and you can draw some pretty decent conclusions.

HTC Sensation XE

“In regards to the post, I like it but you’re both right in that it doesn’t exactly tie in with a lot of our articles and doesn’t quite relate to our community, despite being a helpful post in general. If you could get Alia to add in or talk about the correlation with twitter as a designer might use it (or I could extend/alleviate some writing) I think that would add a lot of value to the post that would otherwise not relate a ton to our community of mostly designers and freelancers.”

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of cellphones. She recently bought a HTC Sensation XE herself. These days she is busy in writing an article on iPhone dock.

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Satellite Direct Scam – What is it

Some people complain that they could not watch the television programs that they want to watch after they have subscribed the programs like Satellite Direct TV. Well, they should understand that the programs should not be a scam and they actually should read the information carefully before they make the complaints.

In some of the cases, people cannot watch the television programs because of the problems related to the computer configuration. Therefore, they can actually watch the programs as long as they adjust the configuration of the computer and make the broadcasting software work.

You will find that Satellite Direct is not a scam. It is because there are many people who have posted comments and reviews about the wonderful programs provided by this method. They all love watching television programs in this way so that they would not need to pay a lot of money while enjoying a lot of television programs.

No doubt, people would enjoy a lot of wonderful programs compared with the traditional satellite television programs. The number of channel that you can watch from the satellite television program would be over thousands but you might only watch dozens in the traditional way. Therefore, the cost for hiring the satellite Direct program would be worthwhile and it would not be very difficult for you to see the supporter for this kind of new program in recent years.

The process for you to download the software to operate the Satellite Direct programs would be very simple and user-friendly. This is one of the misunderstandings that causes people think that it is a scam. Yes, some of the people would think that only scams would provide free downloadable programs for people to install. This is clearly not reasonable and it would not make sense. You can find that there are a lot of programs which can be downloaded in a free of charge manner and they are very helpful for you to have a wonderful experience in the computer operation. Therefore, it would not make sense if you think that satellite direct is a scam just because of the simple setup of the program installer.

If you have tried to find the information related to Satellite Direct before, you probably understand that there are many real benefits that you can enjoy. These real benefits are recognized by many users and many people have succeeded in watching their favorite programs through the satellite TV and there would be no reason for people to say that this kind of program is a scam.

To conclude, there is misunderstanding between some people because they might have some problems with their computer. Therefore, they can actually enjoy Satellite TV as long as they try their best to look for the relevant information related to it and correct the mistakes happened in their computer. It is not correct to say that Satellite Direct is a scam. Instead, it is a real product which can be used for watching the programs that people love enjoying.

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How Temporary Work Can Benefit Your Business

temporary work

Many people, at some point in their lives, have worked as a temp. A temporary worker, or temp, is a person who works for a staffing agency and is “hired out” to different companies, depending on need. From a business standpoint, working with a temporary staffing agency can provide some incredible benefits.


temporary work

Temporary Workers are Fantastic for Short Term Projects

Sometimes your business might have a temporary project that requires special attention. These short term projects can be the manufacturing of a seasonal item, special in depth cleaning tasks, construction or remodeling. While often simple in nature, it doesn’t benefit to take the attention of seasoned employees away from their usual jobs. Here is where temps start to shine. Training the temps for a specific short term project is quick and easy, allowing you to set them to task, without the concern of regular production value slipping.

Fill in the Gaps with Temporary Laborers

Sometimes your business might have holes in the workforce. Whatever the reason, whether it be a new project or line, employee turnover or coverage for absences, a Staffing agency can help you fill in the gaps. Some temp agencies have workers on call, to fill in on short notice in case of illness. Another advantage is the ability to scout talent. By using temporary workers, you always have the option to offer them a position with the company. This is a great way to find quality employees that have proven their ability to preform.

Save Money on Labor

The advantage here is twofold. Rather than paying a wage to a worker, your business pays the staffing agency, who then pays their employees. This cuts down on payroll processing and costs as temporary labor is often less expensive than hired labor. Health benefits and vacation time is also paid by the Staffing Agency further allowing you to lower the labor costs for your business.

There are Several Different Business that can Benefit from Temporary Labor

Manufacturing Plants often come to mind when someone says temp work. Here, they are given a quick safety overview and the overall job training and put on a line position. Some companies will rarely hire workers that haven’t worked as a temp for them before.

Call Centers and Office Environments also frequent Staffing Agencies. The agencies that they contract with impose a mandatory aptitude test for their employees before sending them to the office. This often includes basic computer usage, typing proficiency and basic conflict resolution strategy. This not only ensures quality workers, but cuts down on what would as otherwise be additional training hours.

Food Service and Catering is another industry that draws on a large amount of temporary workers as their main wait staff. In this instance, rather than special projects or covering shifts for various companies, workers are trained as wait staff and called in for special events depending on size.

These are just a few of the reasons why working with a staffing agency is incredibly useful to your business or company. By cutting costs, finding quality and skilled workers and having the ability to do so on short notice, you can increase the efficiency of your business and continue to grow and develop profitably.

William Toth is a freelance writer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who has been published across the web for a multitude of topics, some of which include: manufacturing, economical trends, and business strategies. Pioneering companies like LaborSMART specialize in temp labor services. LaborSMART is dedicated to skilled, professional, and always ready workers.

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