How to Build an Empire with Twitter Tools?

twitter tools

Successfully manage your social media accounts are full of challenges. This is absolute, that if you want to build up decent and engage fan following you need to use various well known time-saving tools. There are several twitter tools in the market that make it difficult to which ones we trust. Therefore in order to leverage our twitter account, we need third party tool. There are many third party tools like social oomph, buffer, Tweetdeck, HootSuite. In this ocean of twitter tools, there are some good tools which people are mainly looking to increase their sales and reach. Here Come new ideas for Twitter Tools that boost your productivity on twitter.


 Tweeple Search
With the help of this tool you can:
*Find main audience or influencers in any domain sorted by follower count.
*Analyze your competitor’s Twitter followers to understand their marketing patterns.
*Find powerful Twitter influencers which are mainly based on keywords and the content they share.
*Tweeple Search helps you find the audience which is relevant &
*provide powerful impact for your business on Twitter.




It’s a Twitter growth tool which helps you get relevant followers with features like Copy followers and Keyword follow. -It assists you to Schedule your tweets so that you will get the maximum reach after publishing and also manage your followers who are in active or who unfollow you. It also engages your new users with the automatic direct message.
*First, it connects to your website, blogs, and social accounts and will help you grow using all of them.
*It takes you through a few tasks every time that is mainly personalized to your more goals, sales, visitors, clicks, and followers.


social oomph

This tool is also known as the “underdog of Twitter” bcoz of its simple design and powerful features. It offers both free and premium plans. This tool will take care of your Twitter profile’s automation and has been endorsed by many social media experts.
* It manages up to five Twitter profiles.
* Here you can automatically send a direct message to the new followers.
*social oomph automatically follows new followers.
* social oomph feature called Vet followers will help you to manually follow new followers.
*There is a feature called Purge Tweets that deletes all the tweets on your actual Twitter account. Always use this feature with caution, bcoz the purge is permanent.
*social oomph automatically unfollows users who unfollow you.
*Email Reply Digest is also one of the features of SocialOomph. that helps you to send a single Email Digest every day.
*It also comes with a tweet scheduling feature that helps you to schedule your tweets according to your choice.



hey, you can say triberr is a social media platform where bloggers join different tribes, and where tribe members share their posts, and followers decide whether they share it or not. It mainly connects you with other bloggers that can promote your content, as well as make it focus on sharing. In other words, if you want your content promoted to new circles, this is the right place.



follower wonk

*Followerwonk helps you to explore and grow your social graph.
* It mainly assists you to dig deeper into Twitter analytics and explains you who are your followers? where they are located ?and when do they tweet?
* With the help of this tool you find and connect with new influencers in your niche.
*with the help of this tool, you can use different visualizations and compare your graph with others.




TwtPoll is another great tool for gathering interactions with the followers. Here you can create polls or surveys, where you can set up multiple questions and interact in the form of feedback from your followers. This is the great platform where you ask questions and get feedback and always engage your users.
In twtpoll, you can type different type of questions in the form of multiple choices, matrix, ranking or rating scale. Here you can display your survey to everyone or just share it with your team.
With these powerful Twitter tools, you can manage your account and engage with your audience. Regardless of your goals, a strong Twitter campaign and with the help of these tools, you can boost your productivity on twitter.

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Recruitment strategies

Recruitment strategies 


Every agency that has the responsibility of hiring candidates and placing them uses the strategy that their boards agree upon. They have their own ways of selecting the candidates and placing them. They identify the candidates with the effective skills and talents preferred by them, check them through an online exam, test their aptitudes, screen them and only then select the best, as this is the job given to them by the companies. They have kept their job offers wide open to these website creators who give them with the best candidate to the job that they tend to be recruiting. This function mainly consist a lot of responsibility on the part of the online recruiters. They follow the Recruitment strategies; to make sure their beloved companies in partnership with them, get the best out of this facility. They target almost all candidates. However, select a few.


These strategies are the basis of selection to any kind of job today, there offers are kept up and many candidates are scrutinized by the online job board and considered at the final level. This is their function of bringing out the best talent to the companies and making their maximization of profits by increasing them at the international level. Recruitment strategies, select the cream they make sure their candidates give the best out of them and work hard for the future development of these companies. They ask the candidates as to how experienced they are they make sure they know their background well before placing them, this is the kind of strategy these organisat9ions prefer to take up. Recruitment strategies are sometimes hard to handle, but they make a big difference to the company that is seeking real good candidates to be enrolled in their team and work hard.


Article publié pour la première fois le 21/01/2012

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HR Assistant Resume Sample

HR Assistant Resume Sample

Your Full Name


Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional summary


  • 2+ year’s professional experience as an HR assistant with specific expertise in handling large scale Human Resource projects.
  • Superior technical, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Well versed in devising and implementing administrative clerical strategies to meet the needs of the department.
  • Strong organizational, customer service and communication skills with the ability to independently plan direct business affair.




  • Client Relationships
  • Talent acquisition and training
  • Organized and multitasked
  • Highly motivated
  • Payroll processing
  • Marketing / communication


Work Experience


Human Resource Assistant

Xyz Company, 2010-2012


Developed job postings, administered recruitment advertising and tracked results. Pre-screened qualified candidates for open positions, Scheduled interviews, and prepared regret letter.


  • Scheduled meetings and agendas as well as recorded and distributed meetings.
  • Assisted with developing on-boarding orientation program materials for managers and employees.
  • Maintained employee personnel files, recruitment files, and hourl time records.




Bachelors of science- Human Resource 2010

University of Delhi
Download HR Assistant Resume Sample.docx

Article publié pour la première fois le 05/03/2017

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Satellite Direct Scam – What is it

Some people complain that they could not watch the television programs that they want to watch after they have subscribed the programs like Satellite Direct TV. Well, they should understand that the programs should not be a scam and they actually should read the information carefully before they make the complaints.

In some of the cases, people cannot watch the television programs because of the problems related to the computer configuration. Therefore, they can actually watch the programs as long as they adjust the configuration of the computer and make the broadcasting software work.

You will find that Satellite Direct is not a scam. It is because there are many people who have posted comments and reviews about the wonderful programs provided by this method. They all love watching television programs in this way so that they would not need to pay a lot of money while enjoying a lot of television programs.

No doubt, people would enjoy a lot of wonderful programs compared with the traditional satellite television programs. The number of channel that you can watch from the satellite television program would be over thousands but you might only watch dozens in the traditional way. Therefore, the cost for hiring the satellite Direct program would be worthwhile and it would not be very difficult for you to see the supporter for this kind of new program in recent years.

The process for you to download the software to operate the Satellite Direct programs would be very simple and user-friendly. This is one of the misunderstandings that causes people think that it is a scam. Yes, some of the people would think that only scams would provide free downloadable programs for people to install. This is clearly not reasonable and it would not make sense. You can find that there are a lot of programs which can be downloaded in a free of charge manner and they are very helpful for you to have a wonderful experience in the computer operation. Therefore, it would not make sense if you think that satellite direct is a scam just because of the simple setup of the program installer.

If you have tried to find the information related to Satellite Direct before, you probably understand that there are many real benefits that you can enjoy. These real benefits are recognized by many users and many people have succeeded in watching their favorite programs through the satellite TV and there would be no reason for people to say that this kind of program is a scam.

To conclude, there is misunderstanding between some people because they might have some problems with their computer. Therefore, they can actually enjoy Satellite TV as long as they try their best to look for the relevant information related to it and correct the mistakes happened in their computer. It is not correct to say that Satellite Direct is a scam. Instead, it is a real product which can be used for watching the programs that people love enjoying.

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Photographer Resume Sample

Photographer Resume Sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


Creative photographer, passionate about photography of many different sorts and variations, acquired more than 5 years of professional photography experience working on exceptional inspiring projects intuitive and innovative styles.




  • Imaginative: out of the box critical thinking approach
  • Advanced knowledge of Photoshop and other editing software- Adobe, Mac and avid.
  • Vast experience in photographic principles.
  • Highly cooperative.


Specialties- Types of photography skills


  • Product shoots
  • Advertising
  • Commercial
  • Art   journalism  
  • space Landscapes
  • Environment
  • Animals  
  • Fashion motion
  • Day & Night
  • Macro
  • Lifestyle portrait
  • Lifestyle
  • Black & white

Professional Experience

Photographer may 2007- may 2008

A & B Media studios New York, NY

Highlights of performance


  • Discussed and advised clients regarding photo types.
  • Conducted researches, Best location of photo-shoots, backgrounds and positions.
  • Produced optimum photographs for clients using variety of technical equipment, including cameras, lighting equipment and accessories.
  • Edited and designed images: cropping the image, lighting/ brightness, technical effects and saturation levels.
  • Prepared slides and photographic templates specially required in presentations and official meeting of client.
  • Trained junior staff on the subject of photography- mentored and assisted them in projects.



BFA, Bachelor’s degree in photography

Professional photography course program

Download Photographer Resume sample.docx

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Publish Jobs in Jobisite

publish jobs via rest

Publish Jobs in Jobisite


Jobisite has opened his API’s for partner boards and they can easily post jobs in Jobisite using simple REST calls. We tried to keep most of the things easy for developers to  integrate the APIs


Post Jobs REST API accepts payloads in two formats : json and xml




Method : POST




XML Payloads:

Partners can use below xml payload to post jobs in


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<title>Job Title1</title>
<description>Sample job description</description>
<email>[email protected]</email>
<skill>java, web</skill>
<state>Rhode Island</state>
<country>United States of America</country>

<title>Job Title1</title>
<description>Sample job description</description>
<email>[email protected]</email>
<skill>java, web</skill>
<state>Rhode Island</state>
<country>United States of America</country>




Download sample xml



JSON Payloads:

Partners can use below json  to post jobs in


“id”: “CGF55C5JHV657611”,
“key”: “JHV6576LKJLJ12LKJLK9SLKJLJ1211”,
“jobs”: [
“title”: “Js Job Title1”,
“description”: “Sample job description”,
“state”: “Rhode Island”,
“country”: “United States of America”,
“email”: “[email protected]”,
“date”: “11/21/2011”,
“skill”: “java ,.net”
“title”: “Js Job Title2”,
“description”: “Sample job description”,
“state”: “Rhode Island”,
“country”: “United States of America”,
“email”: “[email protected]”,
“date”: “11/21/2011”,
“skill”: “java ,.net”
“title”: “Js Job Title3”,
“description”: “Sample job description”,
“state”: “Rhode Island”,
“country”: “United States of America”,
“email”: “[email protected]”,
“date”: “11/21/2011”,
“skill”: “java ,.net”



Download sample json


Notes :

Id and key are mandatory. You will get these values once you are member of Jobisite. You can contact at [email protected] for getting these values

All values are mandatory

Date is in format : MM/DD/YYYY





Please contact us at [email protected] for any integration requirements or issues.

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Truth About Six Pack Abs- Overview

There are many things that men would like to have more. One of the several things would include the abs. They would like to boost the abs so that they would become someone attractive to the women. Do you also want to have six pack abs at your abdomen? If you really want to have that, you should try to find some helps. Many people would want to have that kind of abs but not everybody would have it because there are actually some works that you have to do and if you do not find the guide book to help you, you probably cannot achieve that.

One of the books that you can find help from would be Truth About Six Pack Abs. You would find that there are many benefits that you can get as long as you try your best to look for the relevant information from this book. There are many types of information covered in Truth About Six Pack Abs. First of all, you would find that nutritional information provided.

Yes, the book of Truth About Six Pack Abs would tell you a lot about how you can do in an appropriate way to eat the right food. You need to bear in mind that you should try to eat something healthy. You usually need to do gym at the same time while you are trying your best to keep the diet healthy. If you do not keep your diet healthy, your efforts in doing the gym would not work actually.

Another thing that you might find from the Truth About Six Pack Abs book would be the proper exercises that you can do. You would find that there is complete detail about the things that you can do. Yes, you will find that there is a list of the appropriate exercises that you can do to keep fit. You need to remember that the balanced diet as well as exercising would be equally important.

Last but not least, you will find that there are a lot of pieces of information related to the way that you can use to cook the food. If you want to have abs, you probably need to take enough proteins and sufficient carbohydrates. But there should also be some vitamins that you need to take so as to keep the metabolism of your whole body functions. Therefore, you would find that it is important for you to use some cooking methods to make sure that the nutrients that you are going to take would be preserved in the cooking methods instead of being damaged. On the other hand, you should also follow the cooking methods so as not to add weight to your body. For example, you would find that deep frying would ruin your plan in the abs work.

Therefore, you need to find the relevant information from Truth About Six Pack Abs and then work out your own plan such that you can eventually have the wonderful body shape.

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Telephone Interview Questions

Telephone Interview Questions Hot Tips

Without any doubt, telephone interview is an integral part towards the successful recruitment of candidates into any vacancy in an organization. Prior to this time, prospective employers must have gone through the candidate’s resume and application while taking specific steps to know more about the candidates. Indeed, telephone interview most of the time is usually taking by candidates as do or die while it is an avenue for the employers to find the suitability of all candidates for the vacant positions. As a matter of fact both employers and the prospective applicant has equal right to ask questions during interview but at different times. While the employers are expected to ask their questions first and awaits reasonable questions from each candidate, the candidate are as well expected to ask for some clarifications in form of question towards the end of the interview.

The following are some of the telephone interview questions the employers usually ask, but the list is has not been exhausted:

Can you introduce yourself or tell me about yourself?

Please tell me about you’re your educational background.

Are you on the payroll somewhere? If yes can you tell me about the place?

If unemployed, since when have you been unemployed and what made you to leave the place?

If currently employed why are you planning to leave your job?

Can you itemize your routine responsibilities with your current employer?

When was the last time you received promotion in your place of work?

Have you worked in managerial capacity?

How many years of experience have you?

Can you effectively work under pressure or stress? Can you give an illustration relating to you past experience?

What are your strengths and weakness?

Why do you think you are the most qualified for this job?

Can you tell us about your greatest professional performance? Have you experienced any worst professional moment? When and how?


What gives you concern about your fellow member of staff?

Have you been fired by anyone?

Do you think you are an accomplished man or woman?

Can you tell me what you really know about this organization?

Is this the only place you are applying?

In what way have you gone through personal development in the last few years?

In case you are offered this job, how long do you intend to spend with us?

In most telephone interview question, candidates are most likely to be giving opportunity to ask questions. Hence, the following questions can be asked by the candidates:

Where is the last person that held this position and why did he or she left the job?

Are there any career steps in this job?

Please can you let me know the most challenging part of this position?

How many days do you fix overtime weekly?

What is the daily prospect of this job?

When next are you getting in touch with me?

What is the payment package?

Does the company have a training program for its staff?

Can you analyze the ideal candidates?

What is the next step following this interview?

In case you choose to hire me how soon can I start?

In the final analysis, the above outlined are some of the commonest telephone interview questions and they could be of help to both employer and the applicants.


Article publié pour la première fois le 28/03/2012

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How to Remove Asbestos on Pipes

How to Remove Asbestos on Pipes

For many years now health experts have advised people to stop using asbestos as it is considered to be harmful to health. Asbestos has been noted to lead to lung cancer, asbestosis, and cardiac arrest among others. The unfortunate thing about asbestos related illness is that they are yet to find a complete treatment. This means that if you are constantly being exposed to large quantities of asbestos over a long period of time, your chances of falling sick is quite high. It is for this very reason that this article is intended to equip you with the knowledge of how to remove asbestos on pipes.

This does not mean that the pipe itself has asbestos but rather the insulation on it. The removal of asbestos on pipes requires careful and cautious extraction. However hiring a professional is far much considered than doing it all by yourself, nevertheless if you follow the following instruction strictly, then you can also remove asbestos on pipes all by yourself. The process is rather challenging but the reward is pretty good. First and foremost when removing asbestos on pipes, ensure that you have in your possession a HEPA respirator, eye protection, disposable overalls, rubber gloves and boots. These will be able to protect you from direct exposure to asbestos. In addition to that, you are required to have a tank sprayer of approximately 2-3 gallons, a liquid dish detergent, 8-inch knives for removing the asbestos and a waste disposal bag for disposing the asbestos. After ensuring that you have all the necessary precaution materials, when removing asbestos on pipes ensure that you first of all remove all the furniture and shut off any windows or ventilation points. You should also turn off the electric power. By doing these things, you will be helping to minimize the exposure and contamination of asbestos. Secondly, attach a plastic sheet on top of the asbestos on pipes with a duct tape. After that build an air lock between the area that you have contained and other parts of your house, this will make it easier for workers to get out of their containment overalls without having them spread the asbestos on other parts of the house. Then you can mix few drops of the detergent that you had into the tank sprayer and soak off the asbestos.

Wait for about 30 minutes then scrap off some of the asbestos to check for any saturation. Last but not least, during the final stages of removing asbestos on pipes, seal the containment bag that contains the asbestos with duct tape. Then mark all the bags or papers containing the asbestos. Ensure you place the bags at the exit to reduce containment if any. After you have done all the aforementioned instructions, spray yourself and the containment area to remove any residue of the asbestos. After that ensure that you remove everything that you were wearing during the process and dispose of them. One thing to note, if you are unable to remove asbestos on pipes all by yourself just consult a expert to make things easier for you.

Article publié pour la première fois le 24/10/2013

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Customer lifetime value in social media

Customer lifetime value in social media : Is the calculation viable or not?

social customer

With specialization coming into everything that we can see, hear, feel or touch, the world looks set for specialists. And when we move into the spheres of marketing, we come across a term that is increasingly being used today – Customer Lifetime Value or CLV. Customer Lifetime Value can be broadly defined as the difference between the total revenue from the customer and the total costs on the customer. If it can be determined, it will prove to be the most important metric for any business.

The metric shows that not every customer is equal – some are in fact more equal than the other! Thus, apart from gaining more customers, the marketers emphasize on getting more valuable customers. They state that quality, will ultimate score over quantity. There is definitely some truth in this line of thought. But that truth starts losing its veracity when pulled too far. What do we mean by that?

Social media strategists are the ones who back CLV figures in a resounding fashion. They attempt to make gainful use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the likes to increase customers and also valuable customers for a business. The cost of such social media campaigns are not very high compared to, say, direct marketing via mail, telephone or company-representative visits. Thus, when the marketers and strategists present the customer lifetime values to add importance to the social media marketing campaign, you should keep your eyes and ears open.

Here are some hard truths about the calculation of the CLV. When it is being done for an individual, it works out fine but which company has the time to invest in each and every individual? That is where the average CLV in a business needs to be determined. And getting this value is simple mathematically, but very difficult realistically!

The average CLV calculation requires large sets of data on the customers. If the data set size is small, the results and conclusions cannot be called statistically sufficient. Again, there are highs and lows in businesses based on the time of the year. Christmas may see a surge in sales but the autumn may not! The calculation, therefore, needs to be done over an extended period of time. Again, one would have to consider many different key-performance indicators before drawing conclusions. And doing all this would require some serious brains!

Therefore, while the CLV is an awesome metric to obtain, it is definitely not meant for start-ups and beginners. This metric should be the crowning glory of all the statistics and definitely not the starting point! If one happens to be a start up, there are other simpler ways to evaluate the impact of social media campaigns. It becomes evident that CLV calculations are not viable for all.

The simplest way to evaluate impact, rather than use the CLV, would be to maintain a thorough log of all the social activities on a social calendar. Then, keep a track of all the possible social metrics like the number of likes, the new followers etc., as they evolve with time. Finally, as in Google Analytics, obtain all the metrics for the website over time. Overlap all these three – social activities, social metrics and website metrics – in a graph and you can draw some pretty decent conclusions.

HTC Sensation XE

“In regards to the post, I like it but you’re both right in that it doesn’t exactly tie in with a lot of our articles and doesn’t quite relate to our community, despite being a helpful post in general. If you could get Alia to add in or talk about the correlation with twitter as a designer might use it (or I could extend/alleviate some writing) I think that would add a lot of value to the post that would otherwise not relate a ton to our community of mostly designers and freelancers.”

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of cellphones. She recently bought a HTC Sensation XE herself. These days she is busy in writing an article on iPhone dock.

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Amazing 8 Viral Marketing Techniques to be Followed

Viral marketing refers to providing free services or products along with your contact information, link, email, etc. The recipients of your free product will pass it to their own clients, visitors and others as a freebie. This is the most effective and quick way of marketing, with no extra charges or extra efforts.

Some popular viral marketing techniques to be followed:

1.) E-books: Share your e-books with your website visitors. Tell the recipients to share the copies of e-book with their contacts.

2.) Free Software: Develop new software and share it with your visitors for free. You can even provide a trial version of your software. Don’t forget to include you contact information for your most popular product with links to your website.

3.) Web Hosting: You can even offer to host small business web sites on your server free of cost. In exchange, you can place your own banner ad at the top of the site.

4.) Templates: Create your own templates that will include your own marketing information. Give them away as free downloads and grant permission for recipients to pass them along to their contacts.

5.) Articles: Write articles about your business, services or products. Include your website and contact information in the byline and grant permission to readers or others to publish as long as they keep the byline in tact. Thus information about your business will spread like a wild fire.

6.) Set up a discussion board: Set up a discussion board on your website with your banner ad attached at the top. You can invite others to link to it.

7.) Free Games: Games carrying your ad or screen savers will work out in an efficient manner. People will e-mail games or graphic to their friends.

8.) Enable visitors to e-mail post cards or greeting cards from your website: Such scripts are not very expensive but you may carve out some real interest and traffic.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/04/2010

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Android Powered Bell Ringers

Android Powered Bell Ringers

There are many staples that come along with the holiday season. From yule logs to stockings, and even ugly sweaters, there are many recognizable icons that make Christmas what it is. This year however, one staple is going tech. The Salvation Army is dispatching their bell ringers with Android phones equipped with mobile credit card readers.

In the past years The Salvation Army has seen the times change. With most shoppers carrying credit cards instead of cash, there has been a decline in funds collected during the holidays. To help increase donations, The Salvation Army has decided to turn to tech and the growing popularity of mobile payment systems. They are testing the use of Square, a mobile payment company, to allow shoppers to swipe their credit cards and give a donation.

The Android phones have been donated by Nextel and will have the small postage stamp-sized card readers from Square. There will be two apps involved, one for Square and one for The Salvation Army. After the bell ringer gets the attention of the shoppers, the only thing they need to do is swipe their card and sign. The donation will automatically deposit into The Salvation Army’s bank account. The Salvation Army is confident the new method will increase the amount of donation due to the tech appeal and convenience. It will also reduce the amount of theft involved with collecting cash in small amounts.

This is not the first time The Salvation Army attempted to collect donations via credit cards. A few years ago the organization launched donation kiosks which allowed people to use credit cards. However, with cold weather conditions and the amount of time it took to process payments, it was not a big success.

Though The Salvation Army will be the largest non-profit organization to integrate this technology, it won’t be the first. Advertising Age reported on a Girl Scout troop in California that used a mobile payment system to sell around 400 boxes of cookies at Facebook’s headquarters earlier this year.

The Salvation Army plans to have the Android powered bell ringers at 10 locations each in Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. This year will still be a testing phase to see how the public reacts to the new donation method and whether it will increase donations. If all goes well, the sound of coins dropping in the bucket may be a faded memory in the oncoming years.

Square launched in 2010 and hit the ground running. Their small credit card reader has interested many investors, allowing Square to raise $100M in financing to get their company started. With the growing popularity in smartphones as a business solution, it was only a matter of time before they included point of sales. Now your phone can do it all.

Author : Scott Parker writes for an Australian comparison website, which gives side-by-side rates for all the popular credit cards as well as listing savings accounts with high interest offered by online banks.

Article publié pour la première fois le 27/11/2011

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Nurses resume objectives

Nurses resume objectives


If you want to apply for the nursing jobs, you would need to understand the importance of resume. Although you would need to work and gain experience in this field in order to be hired, you should know the way to write a good resume in order to present all these experiences and expertise to your recruiters. There would not be practical interview in most of the cases. In other words, you would not be invited to demonstrate your skills in front of the recruiters for their assessment. Instead, you would only have the chance to let them know your knowledge and expertise through writing these things in the resume. This is the important thing that you have to understand. If you do not understand this clearly, you probably would not get application done well.


To start with, you should write the good resume objectives. This part would help you show your passion and your understanding about the job. Therefore, you should never be lazy in doing this part of the resume. There are a lot of ways that you can use to package the information that you want to tell to the recruiters. There are several examples below.


–          To apply for the job of clinical nurse in a good clinic which cares for the benefits of patients

–          To work as the nurse in a promising hospital and be promoted to the senior level in 5 years of time

–          To start the career in a good clinic as a nurse and stay with the clinic to achieve growth together

–          To run for the position of nurse in the local hospital which value the contribution of nurses and doctors in the field


Since there are many types of nursing position available in the field, you would need to tell exactly the way that you want to go. If the job is for clinical nurse, you would definitely need to state this in your resume objective. If you state that you want to work in other areas of the nursing field, the recruiters would question your application. They would think that you actually do not want to work in the position that you are applying for but something else. Therefore, they would not let you proceed to the next stage of the recruitment. This means that your application will fail.


Another important thing that you have to understand is that you do not need to show your qualification in this resume summary part. Most of the nurses would have obtained a license and there is nothing special for you to show it in the resume objective part. But you should focus on elaborating your personal goal and career objective in this part. This would help you persuade the recruiters that you are willing to stay with the firm and you would like to be part of the clinic or hospital when you climb up the ladder of the nursing path. This is important and you should never miss it when you write the resume.


Article publié pour la première fois le 07/03/2012

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Jobs for expats in Australia

How To Become Successful In Getting Jobs For Expats



Expats are the people who leave their own country and come to live in Australia for a certain period of time, by taking a suitable visa from the Australian government. Many people from all over the world are attracted to work in different cities of this island country. Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney are the most popular destinations of the foreign candidates, looking for Australia jobs for expats. Even many rural areas of this country are inhabited by the jobseekers from other countries.


Different information about jobs for expats in Australia


  • Firstly, the foreign jobseeker should identify the industry or the sector, in which he wants to work in Australia, as per his qualifications and skills. Any candidate may acquire extra skills or gain more knowledge, for being able to work in different fields, through various vocational courses.
  • The jobseeker needs to apply for any suitable visa, for living and working in Australia. Temporary skilled work visa (457), Skilled independent visa (189), Temporary work Long stay visa (401), Work and holiday visa (462) and Business innovation and investment permanent visa (888) are the five visa options open for the ones searching for Australia jobs for expats.
  • The working environments in all the workplaces in Australia are very friendly and positive for the improvement of the workers, in their careers.
  • The minimum salary package in Australia is much more than most of the developed countries in the world; though the living expense is also more in major Australian cities.
  • The average working hours in a week is 36, along with enough time for meals and rest, in between the working periods. Usually, the working hours in any normal office are from 9 am to 5 pm; while the business working hours last from 7 am to 3.30 pm all over Australia.
  • A large percentage of the salary is deducted per month, for paying the income tax in Australia, from which 10% is credited to the pension fund of the employee. So the salary of the candidate should be negotiated accordingly.


Register here to find jobs using free  Job Board Australia



Australia State Jobs










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Software Engineer cover letter example


Software Engineer cover letter example



When preparing a cover letter for a software engineer position, it is important to keep in mind that there are a few essential criteria for the role. These include academic qualifications, which not only include university degrees, but also include technical qualifications such as Microsoft’s application developer and programmer certifications. The more the certifications, the better your position in the job market.



In addition to academic and technical qualifications, experience and expertise with a range of programming languages and systems is crucial for the role of software engineer. Therefore, the letter is your opportunity to highlight your skills, expertise and experience, and especially focus on the ones that would set you apart from competition. This is due to the fact that the software engineering career is pretty competitive, and so the more you know and have experience with, the better.



On a separate note, there are a number of personality traits that are desirable in a software engineer position, such as creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills. These would give you an added advantage, since there are highly sought-after skills when seeking a software engineer. As with many other fields, explaining and exemplifying your achievements in previous roles is a plus, and also highlighting your passion for software engineering. It also goes without saying that mentioning any program that you have innovated to solve an organizational problem will take you to the top of the list of shortlisted candidates.



Another key element in your letter is explaining your aspirations for the future and your willingness to learn new things, experiment new ideas, and be able to work in a team. Teamwork is an important aspect of software engineering, where not one individual takes all the credit for accomplished work. On a final note, conducting some research on the recruiting firm will show them that you are genuinely interested in working for the organization and contributing to its growth and innovation.


Sample of a cover letter: 


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing to apply for the Software Engineer position available at your esteemed organization. I especially admire the level of creativity, innovation and expertise exemplified by your company, which has induced me to apply for the said position. I feel that I have many of the skills required for the position, and I also feel that I would be able to complement your existing competencies and contribute to further innovations at your company.


I hold a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Silicon Valley, where all the innovation happens. This degree has enabled me to tap into some of the most exciting software engineering jobs in the world, where I could demonstrate my knowledge and abilities using a variety of software applications, including but not limited to Visual Basic, SQL, and Oracle applications.


I have also been able to exhibit my passion for the field by applying key problem-solving skills to solve complex problems. I enjoy challenges, which is another reason that pushed me to apply to your inspirational organization. Working for such large companies comes with its challenges, and I am not one to give up. I use my creativity and innovation to find unique solutions to problems, and thankfully, I have a track record of achievements, which are detailed in my attached resume. My resume also details my education and professional work experience.


I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my career prospects at your visionary organization.



Yours Faithfully,



Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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guide to physical therapy practice


Why do you need a guide to physical therapy practice?


Are you planning to make a career in physical therapy? If yes then you must know that guide to physical therapy practice is very important. If you don’t have proper guidance then there is nothing that you can do so, first of all you will need to find guidance. This guidance can be in the form of a book or a person. If we are talking about book then this book can be a unique book written on the subject and if we are talking about a person then let it be a teacher who acts like a guide. These teachers are anyone’s main source of information and education and if you will not respect the teacher then you may not get anything in your life.

That is why whenever you find a guide to physical therapy practice; you should start following him so that he can teach you many good techniques. Remember that you can’t learn anything about physical therapy on your own. Even if you will learn different things then that will be a guess work and this guess work doesn’t work in practical world. That is why you should always look for a solid guide in this field.


Book as a guide:

Some people live in an imaginative world where they have their own rules and regulations and they don’t want anyone to break those rules. If you are looking for a guide to physical therapy practice then you can find a good book that can serve the purpose of a guide as well. it is not easy to find someone who can act like a guide and help you understand different things but it is quite easy to find a good book that will not only guide you but it will be your companion too when you are alone.


Teacher as a guide:

Definitely a teacher can be a guide as well. If you want to get practical experience then you better stick with those people who are near to this real world. This will help you to din an appropriate person to whom you can follow. If you are taking training classes to become a physical therapist then you can simply make your instructor your guide. Once you will make your instructor a guide, he will start taking interest in your training and you will definitely learn all those things in just one month.


Learning to become a physical therapist is not an easy thing to do as there are many challenges in this field. However, if you will choose the right path then it will not be very difficult for you to choose your guide to physical therapy practice. With the help of this guide, you can learn about different things at a very fast pace. Once you will learn all those things that are required to become a good physical therapist then you will be ready to start providing your services in the field of healthcare.



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Friable asbestos

Friable asbestos Friable asbestos products are those that can easily release asbestos fibers. These Friable asbestos are really dangerous. Many a times, the tiny fibers from friable  Asbestos are released and inhaled by our lungs. This can happen when asbestos-containing ore or asbestos products are crushed or broken, and the asbestos becomes friable.

Friable asbestos can be defined as an material which contains asbestos and can be easily crushed to powder when it is dry. Friable asbestos can be generally seen in tiles, plasters, wall boards etc. Although use of asbestos in these products was banned by 1978 those already in the marketplace remained on the shelves and were used in construction for many years after. They are still commonly found in homes today Many asbestos  manufacturing companies claims that their products are non friable and are nicely embedded in the product and will not release any fibers. But this doesnot happen in reality.

With day to day tear and wear, the product is deteriorated enough to release  dangerous asbestos   fibers. Sometimes a product that appears non-friable will predictably release fibers when it is installed or removed. For example, asbestos-containing brake pads commonly had to be grinded to fit before being installed, exposing automotive brake mechanics to friable asbestos.

Article publié pour la première fois le 20/03/2013

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Developing .NET applications


.NET Application Development- An Emerging Trend


The .NET Framework gives a vast, easy and continuous programming model for the creation of apps which have a great look and feel. Developing .NET applications has become a trend due to its vast uses and benefits. The framework basically allows the users to have the software connected with other apps that have been created on different platforms, in a safe manner. It is a great platform having a changing environment for Windows and some other Web based apps as well. The framework has a firm network which has connected the people of different areas with each other, and there exist tip to tip solutions.


The pro software companies have got a vast knowledge of developing .NET Applications, they have the ability to create and deliver projects that have their base on the .NET Framework. When we look at the framework as business point of view we find that these apps give great benefits to the users and thus there is high productivity. A software development firm shall always have the goal of developing .NET applications so that they may not stay behind their competitors, as most of the customers in the market require great apps made on the .NET Framework.


Developing .NET applications that are created as desktop ones provide access to the very advanced databases and creation of maximum capabilities with the aid of the innovative tools. A great benefit of developing .NET applications is that they can be upgraded with ease and hold the ability to be integrated with other programs as well. Development of mobile apps has also become a huge business and there are various companies that use the .NET Framework in order to create mobile apps. Using cutting edge hardware technologies for the creation of .NET apps can aid a software company to deliver their projects on time and earn a lot of money.


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Advertising interview questions

Advertising interview questions


There are so many jobs available in the advertising field. Therefore, you would have to prepare the Advertising interview questions before you go.


Question 1: How would your colleague describe you?

This is a question which requires you to think of an adjective about yourself. There are a lot of people who would say a lot of things but they would not give a concrete adjective about themselves.


Question 2: Why do you think you are suitable for the job?

The job advertisement would usually state the qualities that the employees are expected to demonstrate. Therefore, people can mention these qualities when they answer the questions.


Question 3: What is the number of small and medium sized companies in your state?

When you work in the advertising industry, you have to get a basic understanding about the market information, including the target companies that you can locate in your state. Therefore, you should have a brief idea about that. The exact number would not be required but you have to give an appropriate range. s


Question 4: How would you advertise this product?

The interviewer would point at some products in the room. Then, you would need to use your skills to sell the product.


Question 5: What misconceptions would people have on you?

The misconception usually comes from the weaknesses that you have. For example, you may be weak at communication so other people may think that you are not interested in a particular issue. But you can talk a lot when you are invited to talk.


Question 6: What was the job that you worked for the longest time?

In the advertising world, the turnover rate can be high. If you have good capability to work, you would usually be able to work for a single firm for a long period of time. Therefore, you would need to explain if you have a very short term contract with many previous employers. Otherwise, interviewers may think that you are not reliable.


Question 7: What motivates you to work in this industry?

There can be a lot of reasons that you can use to explain for the choice. As long as you find the way to justify your decision to participate in the advertising field it would be fine.


Question 8: Introduce a project that you are proud of.

You need to prepare the basic idea about a previous project and the outcome. You have to mention any difficulties encountered and the way you did to solve the problem.


Question 9: Do you have any career path in this industry?

You can answer like ‘I would like to be the director in 5 to 8 years’ if you are a fresh graduate.


Question 10: How do you deal with stress?

Since the working hour of people working in the advertising industry can fluctuate a lot, it would be necessary for you to explain that you are able to cope with the stress. If you are newly graduated from college, this would usually be the question asked in the interview.


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Engineers resume example

Engineers resume example

 Working as the engineer is always regarded as a stable job. People might not earn a large amount of money and become the billionaire when they work as the engineer. However, they would usually be able to earn the stable income throughout the years because the industry of engineer would not have a lot of ups and downs. In other words, it would not be easy for people to be unemployed once they have entered the industry for the job.


But in order to get the job, people would have to spend the time to write good resume for that. They need to understand that there are a lot of applicants for the job and it would be important if they can have impressive resume for the job.


No matter whether you are the chemical engineer or the mechanical engineer, you would need to demonstrate that you are capable of your own expertise. Therefore, you need to focus on mentioning the information about your expertise field. This would impress the employers and make them think that you are the right person that they should choose.


If you want to make the good and unique resume, you can start by reading the Engineers resume examples available in the market. From information like the Engineers resume example below, you would understand the basic items that should be prepared in the resume. This would help you prepare for the resume for the later time.


Engineers resume example


Paul Johnson

CMA Drive,AXM City,AS31023

Cell Number: 042-120-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career Objective

To achieve the position as the chemical engineer for a company that is passionate in gaining success in the respective field


Key skills

–          Could work in tight schedule and finish the projects before deadline without sacrificing quality of work

–          Able to spot the mistakes made by others and make appropriate suggestion for improvements

–          Could communicate with others well for the betterment of the project

–          Is able to find creative solution to the problems

–          Is willing to learn from mistakes and willing to learn from others

–          Detail-oriented and is able to spot out mistakes in the projects

–          Dedicated to serve the organization with good prospect

–          Good time management in working and is able to handle multiple projects at the same period of time


Work Experience

Chemical engineer, CMLA Inc.

2005- Present

–          Investigated into the feasibility of several pilot projects on medicine development

–          Participated in the study of effect of some drugs on human body

–          Assisted the design of several drugs in human treatments

–          Communicated with a team of colleagues to ensure the progress of the project

–          Reported the situation of the project progress to management level continuously

–          Asked for clarification for project information before the launch of it and followed the clarification to improve the project progress

–          Kept the development projects within the budget


Educational Background

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering,CAMLUniversity




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Automotive cover letter Sample

Automotive cover letter Sample

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name,

I am interested in job opening for the position of automotive Engineer. I am writing this letter after getting to know of the vacant post of an automotive Engineer in your firm through the local newspaper. I am therefore sending you this letter along with my resume and reference letter for your inspection and review.

I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineer and have specialized in mechanical engineering. I have worked as an automotive engineer in wheel and motors. I can analyze, and develop new designs for different automotive equipment’s. I am always passionate about cars and love designing them. I was appreciated for my work and recently honored for my designs. I have built a strong business and developed a good reputation in my current firm.


I would love to show my work and will appreciate if you could conduct an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Article publié pour la première fois le 10/02/2017

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Job Board as a great tool for job seekers

job bord

Are you at the major point of your life where you need a job? You can even make your own income, pursue of education and as well make your survival from your own work. In case you are in search of job, then you should put lot of efforts in all means of getting employment. You can even widen your search by looking for the best place where you can search for jobs. You can begin from getting recommendations from the people, search for advertisement inside the magazines. You can also register with job fairs. From all these, you can increase your options for potential jobs that matches your qualifications by searching online. I mean through the internet.

Through a job board, you can browse   available vacancies across the globe. This can be easily done by typing your dreamed profession and before you know it, thousands of websites will show up through search engines. Through job board, you will be able to get the location of the company for the available position. With the help of the tools given in  job boards, you will be able to communicate and get in touch with the employers to know more about the vacancies. Job board is the kind of breakthrough in the technology that many people that are in need of job have been waiting for. This will save them a lot of stress in roaming about the street for. This will give them the opportunity to search for job prospects and at the end be able to get the dreamed job.


However, to get the right job board is not a difficult issue. Job board is highly valuable for those that are looking for where to submit their resume and as well as for the people that are searching for the future job. Therefore, this is the more reason why job board is indeed an important process in the employing search.  There are many job boards that could be found  on the internet which can enhance your employment search. By going for a single search, you can have endless result. Some of the job boards include:

–          Craiglist

–          Odesk

–          Freelance

–          Jobisite

–          Elance and many more.

You can get great opportunities to web designers, writers and some other freelancers that are into this kind of jobs. Besides, you can also get into professional job boards that are offering their services such as bookkeeping or accounting. In fact, the issue of searching for job opportunities has been simplified with the appearance of job boards. These days, internet is filled with various types of job boards which has widen the opportunities of getting job and thereby reduces the effect of unemployment.

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Behavioral interviewing

How to get through the behavioral interviews?

Today, the methods of behavioral interviewing are followed by more number of employers to screen the candidates for various jobs and as a result now it is all the more important for job aspirants to learn how to perform well in this type of recruitments.


While the traditional methods for screening the candidates are not so predictive in nature, the new method of interviewing which is adopted by many employers is found highly predictive of future behavior of the candidate on the job. When compared to other methods of interviewing, behavioral interviewing is found more objective. This new interviewing method is very different in nature and it looks highly probing. The new method of interviewing makes the candidate to expose his true nature and in this method it is very difficult to hide the truth. In this method it is very difficult or even impossible for the candidate to give answer just for the purpose of impressing the employer. From the answers given by the candidate the employer will identify the specific aspects of the candidate’s behavior.

Preparing for the interview

Behavioral interviewing is aimed to identify the experiences as well as behaviors of the candidate so as to decide whether he or she will be successful in a particular job in future. The interviewer will try to find out whether the candidate has the professional experience, capabilities, skills, behaviors and aptitude that are required for the particular position.

Behavioral interviewing enables the interviewer to assess the candidate on the basis of a set of characteristics that includes professionalism, self-confidence, critical thinking, leadership qualities, willingness to participate in teamwork, self-starter qualities, willingness to learn as well as travel and various other characteristics. Pointed questions will be asked to find out whether the candidates possess the qualities that are essential for the particular job. The rating system is used by many employers nowadays to evaluate the candidates.

The candidates are expected to give thorough answers. By way of knowing the types of skills that are required for the particular job, the candidate can prepare well for the interview. In order to find out the particular kinds of behaviors that the company requires, the candidate should research and gather maximum information about the company and also should discuss with people who are already employed by the same company.

Describe situations with apt examples

In behavioral interviewing, the candidates should avoid giving answers in general terms since the interviewer will be expecting specific and detailed answers. While speaking about a particular situation the candidate should provide a brief description and then highlight the action taken by the candidate that facilitated a positive outcome. The candidate should frame his answer in three different parts – task, action plan and outcome. The candidate can present his answer in the form of a story with apt examples. However, since a variety of questions can be asked in this type of interviews, it is not easy to prepare for the same.

The candidate can be equipped with a few stories that can be presented as the answers to various questions about behaviors. The candidate can prepare in advance a set of apt examples if he could find out the kind of questions that are going to be asked in the interview. The examples may be taken from his internships, previous jobs, school projects, team activities, community services, hobbies or any other activities.

Article publié pour la première fois le 31/01/2017

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Human Resource resume objectives

Human Resource resume objectives


As mentioned by many people, one of the most difficult jobs to apply for is the human resources job. The recruiters usually come from the human resources field. In other words, they experienced the position as what you are currently experiencing. Therefore, they may have a higher standard towards the application that you have made.


If you do not want to fail in the application for human resources post, you have to show the Human Resource resume objectives section in your resume. It is something that a standard resume would have. Some of the people would not include this when they apply for other jobs. It may still be fine if they do not work as the human resources field. But if you apply for the job in this field, recruiters usually expect you to show the traditional and standard form of resume, which would include the objectives part.


There are some common types of Human Resource resume objectives that you can include in the corresponding section.


–          To apply for a job in the human resources field which can enable me to practice the communication skills and the human resources management skills

–          To provide good human resource management techniques to facilitate the company operation by working as the human resources manager

–          To join an ambitious company as a human resources staff and be promoted to the human resources director in 10 years of time

–          To work as the human resources staff and learn in a fast-growing company in the market


There are many levels of human resources jobs that you can apply for. Therefore, you should state clearly in your resume objective. You should also state your expected future career path if you are a fresh graduate and you want to grow in the human resources field. Recruiters expect the applicants to know clearly about what they are going to do and their future in the industry. By listing the corresponding information in the Human Resource resume objectives section, recruiters would know that you have at least considered about your future while you make the application. This would be quite impressive to them and they would have the confidence that you can handle the job well.


You should always look for the background of the company before you apply for the job. You can mention a little bit of the background information when you write the Human Resource resume objectives. For example, you can write that you want to work in an international firm if you find that the firm is an international one. Of course, you should not make a mistake and mention this objective in the application for a local firm position. Otherwise, you must lose the opportunity to get that job because the recruiters would be angry by reading that objective. They would think that you would not stay with the firm a long time so they would not bother interviewing you. This is the very important tip that you need to know.


Article publié pour la première fois le 07/03/2012

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Amitriptyline Hydrochloride 25mg

Amitriptyline hydrochloride 25mg is an antidepressant drug that is prescribed only in case of severe and mostly chronic depression. When all other techniques and medicines fail, this drug is used for treatment. The dosage is increased with time depending on how the patient copes with the drug.

The 25mg of this drug is available in the form of tablets. The drug is given to the patient in three ways: injection, syrups and tablets. The tablet starts from 10mg and then moves on to a heavy dose of 25mg which is also not as high compared to the other amounts of this drug. Hydrochloride 25mg is composed of a tricyclic compound.

The neurotransmitter reabsorption is blocked by this drug which in turn makes the patient feel better for some time. The neurotransmitters include serotonin and norepinephrine. This drug also has anticholinergic, sedative and vasodilating effects.

Adults must be given the 25mg drug at bedtime. Initially the dosage may start with 10mg and then later on 25mg is slowly increased everytime so that depression is cured step by step. However, 25mg of this drug is given to regular patients but hospitalized patients are directly given 100mg drug which is slowly increased to 300mg.

Amitriptyline hydrochloride 25mg can also be used for treatment of phantom limb pain. This drug acts as a pain killer in case of extreme causalgic pain.

While using amitriptyline hydrochloride 25mg, the patient must be extremely cautious. In case the patient is already having seizures, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular diseases, bipolar disorder, paranoia, schizophrenia, urinary retention, liver dysfunction, closed-angle glaucoma and an increased intraocular pressure. Also, if the patient is old or incase of women, if they are pregnant or breastfeeding, then the drug usage must be curbed.

The drug must be administered carefully as well. While 25mg of this drug is being used, then the full dosage must be consumed before going to bed. This minimizes orthostatic hypotension. The drug must not be withdrawn immediately if any adverse reactions are noticed. It is worth remembering that the drug is often used together ith psychotherapy or relaxation techniques.

The side effects of this drug lie between less adverse reactions to acute reactions. The effects on skin include rashes, irritation, flushing and diaphoresis. Other reactions not related with skin are increased apetite, paralytic ileus, leucopenia, constipation, dry mouth, abnormal visual accommodation, high fever, causalgic pains, hypersensitivity reaction, agranulocytosis, difficulty speaking, hypomania, hallucinations, dizziness, suicidal behavior, ideation, extrpyramidal effects and too many other adverse rectons

The patient must immediately contact the doctor if the symptoms or side effects gain momentum. If these prevail, then the patient must be taught how to deal with it. The dosage must be taken exactly how the doctor has recommended. Overdosage or underdosage could cause the body to become immune to this drug so that the patient will be required to consume another heavy dosage and different amounts. Carelessness will be harmful for the life of the patient. It is essential that before consuming amitriptyline 25mg, the patient has had a detailed discussion with his or her doctor so as to prevent adverse reactions later.



Article publié pour la première fois le 09/07/2011

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Main Benefits of Using the Services of Job Portal Australia

Main Benefits of Using the Services of Job Portal Australia


The job portals are the essential part of online job search that provide the best platforms for the jobseekers and also provide great opportunities for the employers and the professional recruiters, to fulfill their manpower requirements through these online postings on the portals. If properly utilized, there can be many advantages of the job portal Australia, for everyone related to the local job market.


Prominent facilities obtained from job portal of Australia


  • Makes jobseekers exceptional – The most influential job portals help their candidates to become more notable in the eyes of the potential employers, by making their resumes look outstanding and also advice to hone their skills, for fitting into the suitable job requirements, posted in those job portals.
  • Online interaction with employers – The job portals help in making direct interactions with the employers or the managers of the companies, where the candidates wish to apply for the recruitment in their vacant positions. So the jobseekers find it easier to understand the job profiles and also what the employers are seeking for fulfilling their vacancies.
  • Presence of useful tools – A unique feature of the job portal Australia is the provision of a number of beneficial tools that can be applicable for searching the jobs more easily, as well as help the candidates to apply for high salary jobs, in their preferred fields. Sometimes, the job portals focus on the exact fields for each candidate, to make them recruited successfully in their desired jobs.
  • Provide effective job openings – These job portals match the qualifications and skills of the candidates with the available vacancies and offer only the most suitable jobs for each candidate, keeping in mind their location and other job preferences. So the candidates do not have to wait for long time, to get any suitable job offer now, due to the incredible services of these Australian job offers, both for inland and the foreign jobseekers.



Register here to find jobs using free  Job Board Australia

Australia State Jobs








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Salesman cover letter example

                                                                Salesman cover letter example



Working in sales requires a specific range of skills. Therefore, your job is to highlight those skills in every way possible in your cover letter in order to attract your reader’s attention and present a winning case. Similar to any sales process that you have encountered, your task in writing a cover letter is to sell your skills to the recruiter to create buy-in.


Therefore, typical skills employers are seeking in salespeople include negotiation skills, persuasive skills, excellent presentation skills, outstanding communication skills, persistence, patience, being able to work under pressure, can handle rejection, and being courteous at all times.


In terms of academic qualifications, you don’t necessarily need to have a degree in marketing or sales. As a matter of fact, many employers seek engineers and pharmacists. Interestingly enough, being a salesperson doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. Having said that, mentioning your academic background in your cover letter is a plus.


Being able to convince the employer that you are an excellent salesperson is actually not a difficult task. Thankfully, numbers and sales figures speak for themselves. So if you have a track record of outstanding sales achievements, then this is your chance to highlight those successes. Closing x number of deals or generating hundreds of thousands of dollars annually will definitely give you an edge. Therefore, detailing prior work experience is a must.


As with most cover letters, it is crucial to convey your passion for sales, because it is a career that requires patience, and if you don’t have a passion for the field, you will not survive in sales. Consequently, expressing your passion and determination to grow in sales will reassure employers that you will work hard and be self-motivated to achieve excellent sales records. Finally, an important element you need to highlight is that you enjoy working as part of a team, because most salespeople work in teams to generate team revenues.



Sample of a cover letter:



Dear Sir/Madam,


It was with great excitement that I learned about the Sales Representative position at your esteemed company. I was privileged enough to work in sales for more than 10 years, and I don’t see myself in any other career. Working in sales gives me the motivation to succeed and grow in the organization, and seeing my employers grow as a result of my efforts further motivates me to leap higher.


During my previous role at one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies, I managed to close more than 50 deals a day, generating 20% of the company’s annual revenues. Naturally, I was promoted to senior sales representative. This role enabled me to build my negotiation skills, persuasive skills, and interpersonal skills. More importantly, I was able to communicate effectively with customers from around the world and from different age levels. This role enhanced my confidence and pushed me to voluntarily train other sales representatives in the company in order to contribute to its growth and prosperity.


I feel that I would thrive in a fast-paced company such as yours, and be able to both learn a great and contribute a great deal. Please find attached my resume, which details my employment history and key achievements in my 10-year career. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my application.


Yours Faithfully,


Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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Librarian Resume Sample

Librarian Resume Sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Career Profile


Dedicated library manager with a natural love for book reading, recognized for being exceptionally organized, committed and personal with clients.


Objective statement


Looking forward to work as a librarian, with the prospect of utilizing my 6+ years of experience in managing and maintaining databases as well as accounting /spreadsheet related computer literacy for effectively managing the library.


Professional Experience



Community school [location] 2008-2014


Fulfilled the needs of the readers apropos any book or knowledge from database also assisted them in locating the database.


Performance Highlights


  • Documented proper record of books issued to readers as per current date, date for return and fine on overdue books.
  • Supervised the budget and cost for augmentation of library, with arrival of new books; made arrangement for new racks.
  • Classified books and categorized them according to publication houses, authors and releases dates.
  • Monitored the items in the library and kept records, removed the outdated item.
  • Created shortcut and indexes to ease users’ locating books in the library.
  • Established rules and regulations concerning the library to be followed by the readers.




Stella Maris College, Chennai

Bachelors of Arts

Download Librarian Resume Sample.docx

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Social marketing Concept

social marketing

Social marketing is an important part of SEO

The social marketing concept basically makes use of various commercial sector marketing concepts and technologies to solve social problems and achieve behavior change. Commercial marketing is the combination of 4 P’s i.e. product, price, promotion and place and is often used by most of the social marketers to achieve social marketing goals.

It is believed that anyone can become social marketer, who knows how to create landing pages in social networking sites, article writing, growing a number of friends, followers.

Social marketing concept is an old and proven marketing concept. The various factors that are required for anyone to become a social marketer is have a certain level of influence to motivate the people, to persuade them to ideas and products they intend to market.

SEO is actually a marketing concept which is derived from the social marketing. Search Engine should also know how to value trust and confidence as important elements in page ranking. When Google announces that it will integrate Facebook page updates in its search results, social networking has become more influential part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and this means that once a social media marketer gets successful in those social media sites then he/she could get into SERPs easily. SEO writers actually create the web content based on mixing and matching keywords. An SEO keyword tool named as Google Adwords make use of real time search results.

Social marketing is an important part of SEO as social marketing is moving behind the popularity of social networking which in turn is the part of SEO. Google Caffeine is in reality an assertion of the influence of social media marketing in SEO. In order to compete with the face book, Google has to make certain improvements in its search advertising model. Google actually needs the growth of quality web content. Moreover, Google will be provided more incentives if it make certain changes in its algorithm.

Visit this site for  social gaming statistics

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sample cover letter for job

How to write a sample cover letter for job that sells?

Job Application covering letter is the document that precedes your Curriculum Viate, in instances of applying for any job. This document gives the recruiter the first impression about the profile of the applicant. Hence, you need to give equal importance to the cover letter as you give in glorifying your resume. Remember, unless this document appeal to the recruiter, he/she will hardly proceed to your Biodata that follows this letter. Thus, if you have to win over the recruiter, the cover letter should do the trick. You may draw some idea from sample cover letter for job to draft the perfect cover letter to apply for jobs.


Key things to keep in mind while writing the cover letter

  • The cover letter should be written in style so that it gives a synopsis about you to the recruiter. Neither you should make it lengthy, nor you should eliminate the worthy points about your profile to make it extremely short.
  • You should ensure that the letter is presented in a structured and professional style. If necessary, use bullet points to form excerpt of the points for instance reference.
  • Mention about your academic qualification
  • Speak about your work experience and the special achievements as well as professional rewards you have won.
  • Include the workshops, training programs and the certifications that you have undergone.
  • Uphold your soft skills that the concerned job demands.
  • Emphasize on your ability to collaborate and coordinate with people
  • You should always mention your computer knowledge
  • Mention the activities that comes within the areas of interest. This will give the recruiter an impression about your personality.
  • Express your interest about the job and the company you are applying for
  • Even if you get a sample cover letter for job, you should not simply copy from the reference document. Draw the ideas from the sample and draft a unique letter.

Sample job application cover letters

Phone Number

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name)

I am expressing my interest for the position of XXXX (name of the post you are applying for), open with your organization. As on date, I am working with XXX (present employer’s name) as XXX (your designation).

I completed my XXX (your highest degree) from XXX (name of the institute) in the year XXX (year of passing). On completion of my academics, my career started with XXX (your first employer) and as on date am having around XXX years of experience. In between this time, I got exposure to areas like XXXX (state a few years of works that you have previously worked upon and is relevant to the job you are applying for). I believe these exposures developed in me, skills and competencies like XXXX (a few key skills and soft skills that the job demand), making me the ideal candidate you would be looking for. Needless to say, my value-based upbringing developed in me strong moral character and strong level of integrity, ethics and trustworthiness.

So far training and certifications are concerned, following are few of the programs, I have gone through:

(List a few training and certification program you underwent)

My latest Curriculum Vitae has been attached with this letter. I am looking forward to the meeting with you wherein we can discuss about the job opening and my suitability with the job.

Thanking You





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International Students And Work-Study Programs

More and more students are starting to receive their education in another country. There are plenty of perks to being an international student. You get to learn about a new culture, you get to receive memorable life experiences, and you will likely learn a new language. Some international students can then take these experiences back home and apply them to their future, and some international students decide to stay and work in the foreign country after graduation.

Along with all the benefits and perks, there are also some disadvantages to being an international student. You are often taking a journey alone without any friends or family by your side. You are asked to start a life on your own in a new country, and it can be difficult for you to communicate with other people.

Another disadvantage to being an international student is finding the funds for your education. Many of the traditional college funding programs have gone under due to the economy, and those that do exist either want you to have an American cosigner (if applying in the US) or are government funded and wont’ be given to foreign students.

But you can easily find other ways to help pay for college through a work-study program at your school.

What is a work-study program?

A work-study program is designed to help college students work part-time while attending school. These jobs can be off campus or on campus and typically only require about 10-20 hours per week so they don’t interrupt the student’s academics. In most cases, a work-study program will provide the student with minimum wage, but it could be more depending on the job at hand.

How does a work-study program benefit an international student?

Work-study programs are extremely beneficial to international students for a variety of reasons. First, international students are working with student visas. There are laws regarding student visas. International student are not allowed to work off campus during their first year of school, making it hard for them to find work. With a work-study program, international students will be able to find jobs on campus to adhere to their student visa regulations.

Second, work-study programs can help international students earn experience. Many work-study programs try to place students in jobs that are close to their area of study, so an international student will be able to gain first hand experience of their job field. Since many employers are hesitant to hire international students, the work-study program gives international students a change to gain real experience without being discriminated against.

Finally, work-study programs can help international students pay for school. Because many international students cannot find loans, they are forced to pay for school themselves. A work-study program allows them to be able to work to earn money to pay for school. In some cases, the student can give their paycheck back to the school to pay for tuition, books or other expenses. The student can also keep the money and use it to pay for other school necessities on their own.

Image Source: Flickr

Featured images:
  • License: Royalty Free or iStock source:

Carman Navaro is a bilingual student adviser. Carman utilizes her skills as a translator and transcriptionist to help international students with documentation and to secure employment while attending school.

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Why Do Nurses Quit?

Why Do Nurses Quit?

There is a rising level of unrest in the world of nursing that has seen many nurses change roles within nursing or quitting the profession all together, with the highest number leaving in just their first year in the job. Some say the figures may even be as high as 1 in 5.

Becoming a nurse is often something people dream of doing from when they are very young, especially as it is one of those professions that families tend to adopt as a tradition. Basically, if you are a nurse there is a good chance that your mother and your grandmother were also nurses and that helps drive you in that direction. Also, nursing is appealing because it is one of the most altruistic professions available, and it allows you to commit yourself to caring for others.

Nurses who have quit have given the following as their main reasons for leaving:

Poor Management

This was one of the most common reasons for nurses quitting. This is because there are some fundamental flaws in NHS hospital management that have led to nurses facing periods where they do not have adequate supplies, which can put patients at risk and nurses under pressure. Plus many nurses have had to do significant over time, both mandatory and voluntary which puts undue pressure on nurses both physically and mentally, and on their work/life balance.


Indeed another major factor for nurses quitting is stress. This can come about under perfectly normal working conditions, but when it is as a result of under staffing or inadequate resources it becomes the hospitals fault. Nurses who entered into the profession with a desire to help people have found themselves crying at the end of each day when they thought they would be feeling happy and proud of a hard day spent making people feel better.

Something Different

Often nurses who are new to the job may find themselves unprepared for the stress involved with working in particular departments. This is why many decide to leave for another area of nursing within the first year. Accident and emergency departments for example offer nurses things like verbal abuse, physical attacks and the potential for needlestick injuries that they may not have been prepared for, so they may look to move somewhere like surgery where situations like this are much less likely to happen.

Many nurses also want to try something different in another country, especially when their wage can be doubled by moving to the other side of the world.

Are you a nurse thinking about quitting? If so why?


Dylan Robertson is a registered nurse. He did many support worker jobs and mental health nursing jobs before he settled on a life in the trauma department.


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Job search when relocating

Job search when relocating

Job hunting becomes tougher than before when you start to search for job when you’re relocating to a new place and you have to confine your job search geographically.

But you can find under such circumstances strategically. Here are few things to consider as you get your bearing and begin the search for your next job:


Get local

Use the local job sites as well as the national job databases to find job listing in your area you want to relocate to. Linked group have made it insanely easy to connect with professional living in your geography of interest and working in the same industry sector as you.



Get the lay of the land

While you’re not yet working, relish the time to get to know your new surroundings. Get familiar with your surroundings and the people lives there. Get to know their community or basic thing like grocery shop and departmental store adjacent tour home where you are going to live. Choose area which is nearby your office to save time.



Be flexible

Today’s workforce needs you be more flexible. It means you can be migrated anywhere the place which you don’t like, the food it could be any reason. But remember the journey is enormous and arduous so you need to be more flexible to get success and to excel in life.


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SEO Guide

SEO Guide

seo guide

SEO guide is meant for everyone from seo noobs to seo professionals. You can use this seo guide to optimize your pages so that they rank high in Google search engine. Optimization doesn’t mean that you are doing something for just improving your rank in Google, but it also improves your website in terms of standards and performance.

Let me divide this seo guide into few levels based on priorities:

Level 1 SEO:

* Keyword selection: This is the most important and crucial part of SEO. You can refer Google’s keyword suggestion tool to find best keyword for your website. It should have low competition and high traffic and which your customers might be searching for.

* Your page name or website name: Many times, your website URL will not have your keywords, but that’s fine, you can have your keyword in your page name. (best) , (better)

* Tags: Your keyword has to be in your html title tag. This is very crucial. Apart from title tags, have your keywords in meta tags , image tags and h1/h2 tags.

* Density: It is good if you have 2-5% keyword density. In other words, it is good if you have repetition for your keywords 2-3 times in your web page.

This is all for level 1 or basic of on page SEO. You are in good position after completion of this section.

Now let’s move ahead to next stage.

Level 2 SEO :

* URL improvements : If possible have all static urls and no dynamic urls. For ex: you can convert this dynamic  url (  to static url like

Use the directory structure and you can easily convert these urls to static one using .htaccess file

* Sitemap and robots.txt : create these files and upload in your root folder. Sitemap.xml will tell Google about all urls of the website and robots.txt will tell   Google about which  folders to crawl and which not to crawl. It is also good if you have html sitemap also

* Wtiting SEO content: This is goanna play a big role now. Make sure keywords appear before any ‘fluf’.

Bad SEO Content: I am writing this seo guide to help webmasters.

Good SEO Content: SEO guide is written for webmasters.

This all again depends on your content and make sure that it goes with the flow.

It is good if you have your keyword in starting position as it gives more value.Other ways of giving value to your keywords is highlighting it.

* Inter linking pages: Now you can also link to other pages of your website. Here, you can use keywords for linking.

For example:

content  content   <a href=”page2,html” title=”page2keyword”>page2keyword</a>   content

I will be updating this guide with more advanced SEO Levels soon.

Don’t miss some proven SEO techniques of Zeustek.   Zeustek Technologies is now having a proven track record of getting all of its clients in top ranking position. References by email…

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Musicians cover letter

Musicians cover letter    Believe it or not, a cover letter is very important for any musician who is looking forward  for some good opportunity. Normally we attach a cover letter with the resume while  sending application for the desired post. At one or the other point of time you may  have got some doubt related to cover letter and its presence. You can ask is that  resume alone is not enough to impress the recruiter? Yes what you have asked is  right. If you don’t know much about the musician cover letter then read this article  by spending some time. Even though your resume gives enough information to the  recruiter, no recruiter will have the time to go through your resume in detail and in such  circumstances it is very important get the attention of hiring manager by making him to  read about you in short term. The only way to impress the hiring manager in short form  is by using the cover letter.    Any professional musician cover letter should contain information about candidates  work experience, educational qualifications, skills, any concerts given, opportunity he is  looking for, how he heard about this opportunity and how he can contribute his best to  the industry. It is also important to mention what kind of music learnt.    A cover letter is like first option to create good impression on the recruiters mind. A  majority of companies are found not accepting the resume without a professional cover  letter. Always don’t write cover letter in the same format of resume otherwise both will  make no difference. It is a waste to write cover letter without following its proper format.  Different people follow different formats and choose the one that best matches with  your requirements. Online is the best place to find quite good number of musician cover  letters and make use of them to enhance your career for the good cause.    Musicians cover letter example     Dear Sir/Madam,    Subject: Candidature for the position of musician    Allusion: Ad posted on    I recently saw your ad mentioning the vacancy for musician at www.  website. I would like to apply for the same position. I have been practicing violin from  past 10 years and also completed necessary qualifications and courses to become a  registered violinist.    I have respected music throughout my life and shown the interest towards it in both high  school as well as college. I possess liberal arts degree from the Akron University. My  experience in giving the musical concerts and qualification better suits your needs. I    have greatly inspired by my life to learn music all the way.    I would be happy if you consider my cover letter as the application for this post. I am  looking forward to meet you in person if you can arrange for the personal interview. It  will be honor and pleasure working with such a wonderful music institute. Thanks for  your consideration and time.    Sincerely,    Sunny Moran


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Recruitment services

Advantages of Recruitment Services for Getting a Job

When it comes to employ new employees in your organization or getting job yourself there are different ways in which you can fulfill your requirement. For recruitment in your organization you can ask your present employees to refer candidates or go to any recruitment services who will provide you with the skilled candidates.

Similarly if you are a candidate and is looking for a job there is no doubt that going to recruitment services has its own advantage. Let’s explore those

Advantages of hiring with the help of recruitment services

  • The best recruiters in the market have knowledge about the market and they know which company is looking for what type of candidate. So when you give them your profile they can provide you with a better opportunity that is not available online.
  • Recruitment services extend your reach when it comes to job search or candidate search. As they have experience of the job market they also have candidate profiles that are not easily available. Moreover, when you read a candidate profile online you may not be able to judge them totally. The recruitment agency works with them and thus knows where they can look for good candidates.
  • If you are a first time applicant then taking services from these recruiting agencies is best as they can even guide you through the recruitment process. They know how you can present your resume and how to make yourself appreciable at your interview.
  • By getting services from recruitment agencies you can also fix a budget. Depending upon your skill or requirement they will suggest you the total expenditure that will incur for getting the job or getting the right candidate. They are the best resource when you have specific choice.

Thus, next time when you start looking for a job make sure that you reach to any of these services who will provide you with exclusive service.

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Job search while pregnant

Job search while pregnant

Expecting a little bundle of job? Congratulations! Your life is about to change miraculously. Yet this needn’t stop you from job searching. Being pregnant may slow you down but it doesn’t bring things to a halt.

Don’t panic as there are plenty of jobs for pregnant woman and it’s illegitimate not to hire you because you’re pregnant. So go ahead and submit resume as your belly blossoms.


Manage your obligations

Before you start to begin your search make sure the current schedule accommodate job hunting duties while pregnant-related responsibilities. When you’re pregnant, you can apply for any job that suits you. There is no rule that says you can’t be a high powered executive or busy paramedic. Your health and mobility will decide what you can handle.


Start Early

To be honest the whole job hunting process, as well as your chances of scoring a new gig, will be easier the earlier on you are in your pregnancy  you’ll have more energy to put toward submitting resume and attending interviews. If you’re not overly showing, the hiring manager will be able to focus on you not your tummy.

By law, a company can’t deny you employment because you’re pregnant and you’re not legally required to let potential employers know that you’re expecting. But keep in mind if you waltz into an interview with a burgeoning bump, you may receive some raised eyebrows.


Great jobs for mothers to be

There are a variety of flexible jobs that pregnant women can do. Temporary or fixed jobs being a temporary means you can apply for lease on jobs or fixed jobs grant you officially six months leave till due date.


Objections you may encounter

There may be some arbitrary decision by employer that you may feel sluggish. It’s up to you to either seek work that accommodates these possibilities or be able to sell yourself to the employer.


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Job search when unemployed

Job search when unemployed

It’s true that finding a job is very difficult. Often job seekers deliberately destroy their job search process by making it more difficult.


If you want to find job now avoid these mistakes:


Being passive

Some of the worst thing a job seeker can do is to stay at home, avoiding network or just not following through. When you have a lead, you need to know how to use it well and follow-up professionally. Even if you’re unemployed keep your resume up-to-date, keep your network strong, continually growing and keep updating your skills and learning what is the demand of market.


Jumping to conclusion

Don’t jump to conclusion accepting that you’re not qualified enough, inexperienced sometimes it’s just a matter of time when your destiny changes you don’t know. You just need some encouraging friends who never give up on you to keep you motivated.


Holding out for the perfect job

If you are not getting job may be you are waiting for a perfect job but in search of waiting a perfect job you are forgetting that your resume is filling with gaps of unemployment. Take a job now excels at it may be you could do better in this or network until or unless you find your dream job.


Being inflexible

Today’s workforce needs you be more flexible. It means you can be migrated anywhere the place which you don’t like, the food it could be any reason. But remember the journey is enormous and arduous so you need to be more flexible to get success and to excel in life.


Making it all about you

Remember company need people who do selflessness work towards them. It’s not something like what you can make it or earn it, do selfless work and getting indulged in that work with full enthusiasm.


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sample cover letter for entry level job

How to write a convincing cover letter to apply for entry level jobs?

Writing the job application cover letter for entry level jobs can be quite difficult. It is mainly for the reason that you will not have a great deal of experience and exposure to the industry that you can showcase. However, being a bit wiser and tactical, you can overcome this shortcoming and the sample cover letter for entry level job will enable you to draft a document that will enable you to sell yourself to the recruiters. Let’s explore a few tricks and tips for writing the cover letter, while applying for entry-level jobs.


How to write the cover letters for entry level jobs?

  • Uphold your educational qualification. If you have a superlative academic track record, use it to impress the recruiter.
  • Mention the training and certification programs that you have undergone. Emphasis on those programs that will be especially relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Mention your volunteering experiences, projects as well as leadership experience as well as extra curricular activities. Assume, you are applying for a job with an event management company, mention your experience in arranging events in your schools, college or community.
  • Mention those experiences and exposure in personal life that relates to the job you are applying for.
  • You should mention about your computer knowledge
  • State that you are willing to learn new things, ready to take challenges, enjoy working as a team and mention your communication, interpersonal and soft skills.

The sample cover letter for entry level job will enable you to form a stand-out document with minimum personalization.

Here is a format that you can use while applying for entry level jobs

Your Name


Phone Number

Email address


Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs. (Last name)

This letter has reference to your advertisement for the open position of XXX(post you are applying for) with your esteemed organization.

I completed my graduation from the XXX (name of your college) in XXX (year of passing) with my specialization on XXX (area of academic specialization). This developed in me the understanding and knowledge of the job responsibilities and key skills for the position you have advertised for. In addition, I posses above par communication skill, strong interpersonal skills as well as the other soft skills that you feel important for this position. I  am a sort of a person who has got attention to detail, willing to love challenges and approach everything in life with due sincerity, enthusiasms and preparation that I feel  is the basic factors to taste professional success.

I have undergone training and certification programs like XXXX (training and certifications you underwent) that developed in me all the necessary skills and competencies that your job demands. In addition, I completed XXX (computer course you underwent) course that I feel will support me to perform my duties better, while on board with you.

I always have a special interest in serving a company like yours that have the reputation for assisting young talents like me to blossom to the full potential.

I am looking forward to a meeting with you to discuss more about the job and my suitability for the position.

Your’s sincerely


If you are writing an email to apply for the job, you should mention the position you are applying for in the subject line. You should include your contact details in the signature panel of the email.


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StumbleUpon Marketing

stumbleupon marketing

StumbleUpon is a social network around content. More like a social bookmark community and it is one of the best traffic generators among the top social media sites.
For a content promoter or a blogger, StumbleUpon is a MUST and if you have good quality and useful posts, you can get a very good traffic from StumbleUpon shares and likes.

Let’s see how can we generate traffic from StumbleUpon.

Create Account

Go to StumbleUpon, and sign up for a free account.Select your interests and follow people and learn the platform and how it works for 5-10 minutes.

Make sure that you complete your profile so that people can follow you back
-Complete bio information and write about yourself and your interests. Check Settings > Customize Profile
-Complete your interests. Check Settings > Manage Interests.
-Good profile picture. Check Settings > Profile Picture.
Because when a user likes, or stumbles, a particular page, it is put into the StumbleUpon lineup. As other StumbleUpon users are randomly searching
for new content on a specific topic using the Stumble button on their toolbar, any pages in the lineup for that topic will be displayed to them.


The main thing is good content. Lets not focus on sales pages or pages with lower content quality.
Bookmark your good quality pages. Focus more on nicely written articles and blog posts.

Use tags
Tags are powerful in StumbleUpon listings. They help to create new interests people can follow!
When tags exist on system, tags help you share your submission under more than one category.

Add StumbleUpon Badge
To increase chances of your content getting stumbled, one can add StumbleUpon badge to your website content. One can grab it from


Use is a shortening URL service from StumbleUpon. You can get a shortened URL from and use that URL in other social websites, like facebook, twitter.
For example, you can tweet like: Nice blog on employment Try signing it today.
If someone uses this link, it will open a website with StumbleUpon toolbar conveniently above the post making it easier for the user to vote up for that.


Create social network

Getting followers on StumbleUpon is much like getting followers on Twitter where in we can follow people of similar interests and rely on the fact that they may follow you back.
Find people of your interest. Finding followers interested in the same topics as you are simple. You can start by going to and replace the keyword with topics you are interested in.


Exchange shares

You can try StumbleUpon exchange shares with your followers. Try installing StumbleUpon toolbar plugin in firefox, a good one:
Whenever a mutual follower sends something to you, you will see a red number in your Stumbleupon toolbar and on click, it will open the page being shared and you can vote or send a reply that you like the page.
This will encourage them to like your pages also.


Stumbling own content

Your content needs to be stumbled before you can share it.You can ask your friend to stumble your page so that you can share it with your followers


Submit interesting web pages

Apart from just sending your own pages, try submitting other interesting web pages in the same niche also.StumbleUpon does monitor user activity and may prohibit activity if all you do is promote your own stuff.

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Custom Content Management for your website.

Content Management for your website :

* Can you manage your website by yourself?
* Can you easily change content /images of your website by yourself?
* Is your designer charging you a lot for small changes also?

Well,   not many designers can provide you with an option of managing websites. Not many of them will provide you with admin panel.

What if we provide you a solution where you can easily change your website very easily without calling your designer.

Rest all is explained in the below video.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/07/2010

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Symptoms and prevention of Heat stroke

Heat stroke is a form of  hyperthermia in which the body temperature is elevated dramatically.  body temperature is   greater than 40.6 °C (105.1 °F) due to environmental heat exposure with lack of  thermo regulation. The most important measures to prevent heat strokes are to avoid becoming dehydrated and to avoid vigorous physical activities in hot and humid weather.Heat stroke is a medical emergency and can be fatal if not promptly and properly treated.

 Symptoms and Sign of heat stroke

Symptoms of heat stroke can sometimes similar to those of  heart attack  or other conditions. Sometimes a person experiences symptoms of heat exhaustion before progressing to heat strokes. common symptoms include…

1) nausea

2) vomiting

3) fatigue

4) weakness

5) headache

6) muscle cramps, aches

7) dizziness

8) high body temperature

9) absence of sweating, hot red flushed dry skin

10) rapid pulse

11) difficulty in breathing

12) strange behavior

13) hallucinations

14) confusion

15) agitation

16) disorientation

17) seizure

18) coma

Infants and children are also at risk. In particular, infants or young children who are unattended in locked cars may suffer heat-related illness quickly, since the indoor temperature of a locked care can rise to dangerous levels even in moderate weather and infants  died of heat stroke

Prevention of heat stroke

  • Go to shady area, remove clothing, apply cool water to the skin.
  •  person is able to drink liquids, cool water or other cool beverages that do not contain alcohol or caffeine.
  • Monitor body temperature with a thermometer and continue cooling efforts until the body temperature drops to 101 to 102 F (38.3 to 38.8 C).
  • avoid vigorous physical activities in hot and humid weather.
  • Take frequent breaks to hydrate yourself. Wear hats and light-colored, lightweight, loose clothes.
  • Keep cars locked when not in use and never, ever, leave infants or children unattended in a locked car
  •                                                   Treatment of heat stroke
    •                                                                        Treatment involves rapid mechanical cooling.The body temperature must be lowered immediately. The patient should be moved to a cool area (indoors, or at least in the shade) and clothing removed to promote heat loss .   The person is bathed in cool water or a hypothermia vest can be applied. However, wrapping the patient in wet towels or clothes can actually act as insulation and increase the body temperature. Cold compresses to the foot , head, neck, and groin will help in cooling.. Fan or dehumidifying Air conditioners may be used to aid in evaporation of the waterImmersing a patient into a bathtub of cool (but not cold) water (immersion method) is a recognized method of cooling. This method requires the effort of 4-5 people and the patient should be monitored carefully during the treatment process. Immersion should be avoided for an unconscious patient, the patient’s head must be held above waterHydration is of paramount importance in cooling the patient. This is achieved by drinking water (oral rehydration) Intravenous hydration (via a drip) is necessary if the patient is confused, unconscious, or unable to tolerate oral fluids.

      Alcohol rubs will cause further dehydration and impairment of consciousness and should be avoided The patient’s heart rate and breathing should be monitored.


Article publié pour la première fois le 03/10/2011

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visual studio web developer


Visual Studio Express Versions


One of the best products in the visual studio web developer product line is the Microsoft Visual Studio Express, though this is a lighter version in the product line, but it is being extensively used by web developers. Microsoft has been the leader in providing the best tools for web development and the Express editions of the software were brought into the market in the year 2005 with Visual Studio 2005 and these editions had been brought in order to provide streamlined, very easy in use and easily learnable IDE for the people that do not have enough knowledge of software creation, thus students and hobbyists were primarily targeted users.


The very first express version of visual studio web developer software was released in the year 2005 and the SP1 version was also released in the same year, but at the end of the year. The initial editions could be run on Windows 2000 service pack 4 and above NT-based platforms of Windows. Due to the excessive demand of the software since the release in 2005, its makers decided that these editions shall be available totally free of cost. The Express editions of the 2008 version were released in Nov 2007 and the service pack 1 was released on in August 2008.


The 2008 and 2010 Express Editions had the requirement of Windows XP service pack 3 or latest versions, and the Windows 2000 is not supported anymore for development purpose, but it may still work as a target platform if the 2008 Express version is in use. The 2005 version of the visual studio web developer software is present on Microsoft’s website and can be downloaded free of cost, but there are certain chances that the makers shall make the older versions unavailable and anyone who wants to have a copy should download now.


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Resume Examples for Students

Resume Examples for Students


Resume Examples for Students 

 Resume Examples for Students

Resume makes your first image on the recruiter so this should be made with a great attention. Some people believe that this is not very important and you just have to write your qualifications so that the recruiter can see if they match their requirements. There is a great difference between just writing requirements and writing them in an impressive way. It can be your first tool to impress your recruiter without talking to him. Several students do not know the real purpose of resume so they don’t know how to make one.


How to construct a resume?


Some of the job seekers are adept at making their skills and experience to stand out among all the others. This skill I very important if you want a job call from your recruiter. This is not very difficult and you can learn it gradually. There are several websites, online, which show free resume examples for students. You can see all those examples and change them according to your own job requirement. You have to make your qualifications and skills to shine out in your resume. Just writing that, you did your graduation from a certain university, is not enough. You have to write all possible details of your education and job career. You must write your grades and all the extra circular activities which you participated in. Extra circular activities will imprint a pleasant image on the mind of recruiter. This makes them think that you are lively and ready to take risks. Every emerging company needs such type of employees.


Make new resume for every job:


Some people make a resume and use it for every company but they must know that this is not just one time job. Consider that you have experience of working with three companies. While applying for a job you must know the company is considered to be the competitor of the firm in which you are applying. Find it out and bold out the experience in that company because this will make your resume and personality more interesting for them. Just knowing that you have been working with their rivals will make them think about hiring you.


Similarly, while applying for another company, it may not be important for them that you worked with the above mentioned company. Every company has different requirements for their employees e.g. some are emerging and prefer risk taking so you have to mention yourself as per their requirements. Another company may not be risk taking and they just want their employees to be confident and cooperative because they prefer team work so you have to show your team work capabilities.


Understand the job nature:


While searching for resumes, online, you must know that it is not wise to just put in your qualifications in that document. You have to know the nature of job in which you are applying. A company will never be interested in your information technology or financial skills if they are hiring a human resource manager.


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Causes and complications of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ( ALS)

complications of ALS

The main cause of ALS is not clear. It may be discovered that mutations in the gene that produces SOD1 enzyme is associated with ALS. This enzyme act as  antioxidant that protects body from Damage due to radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules, produced by cells during normal metabolism of body. If not neutralized , these free radicals can accumulate and responsible for damage to DNA and proteins within cells. Yet it is not clear that how SOD1  gene mutation leads to motor neuron degeneration but it has been theorized that accumulation of free radical may result in faulty functioning of this gene.

Studies also foccused that role of Glutamate is also responsible for motor neuron degeneration. Glutamate is neurotransmitter in the brain and in ALS patients glutamate level is higher in serum and spinal fluid and the neurons began to die when they get longer period of exposure to glutamate. Auto immune responses suggest one of the important cause of motor degenerative disorders. Antibodies may directly or indirectly impair the function of motor neurons, interfering with the transmission of signals between the brain and muscles.

Other environmental factors is also responsible such as an exposure to toxic or infectious agents, dietary deficiency or trauma. Other research may show that genetic predisposition are also involved in the development of ALS.

complications of ALS



ALS degenerate the motor neurons and lead to the weakness of the muscles. Some common complications are as follows–

1) Problem in eating–

Patients with ALS, generally choke easily. Because of malnutrition, dehydration and weight loss occurs. These patients may aspirate their food or liquors and can cause pneumonia i.e. infection of the  lungs. Due to this infection  patient have shortness of breath, coughing, chills and fever. In order to overcome these eating problems, feeding tube is used, which delivers patient’s food right to the stomach.

2) Breathing problems–

In motor neuron disease due to degeneration of motor neurons, the muscles in the chest wall and diaphragm gets affected and leas to breathing problems. Due to this breathing problem, patient requires ventilator to breath properly or sometime surgical procedure like trachestomy in which opening of wind pipe help them to breathe is helpful. Studies show that ALS patients die from respiratory failure within 4-5 years.

3) Dementia–

ALS  patients have increased risk of dementia i.e. from fronto temporal dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. In fronto temporal dementia patients have shrinkage in the parts of temporal or frontal lobe and they find  difficulties in writing  speaking or in appropriate behavior and in Alzheimer’s disease, patient have memory problem or show withdraw towards society.

4) Inability to care–

As in ALS there is weakness in muscles that makes the patient finds difficulty in walking or climbing. Due to muscle problem  tremors, twitching or muscle spasm is also common.

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Cover Letter Sample for Surveyor

Cover Letter Sample for Surveyor

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name,

I was excited to read new parkland’s advertisement for a land surveyor as my qualification fit the position. I am fully licensed by the state of California and have a bachelor’s degree in surveying. Additionally I have nine years of experience working as a land surveyor.

After completing my land surveyor training and receiving my license I was hired by new city land as their land surveyor. In this position I have work closely with survey parties to correctly map land feature and to accurately develop data from photogrammetric records. I routinely collaborated with engineers and architects to communicate for successful completion of planned city projects and developments. I have exceptional ability to make sketches and to accurately determine methods and procedures to maintain survey controls. I am highly organized and produce great sketches.   

It would mutually benefit us if we could meet up for a follow up interview where I can show you some of my work. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,



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Increase Content on Your Site

5 Ways to Increase the Amount of Content on Your Site

content adding

Web experts often refer to traffic as “web currency”. In simple words, the more traffic you have on your website, the easier it will be for you to reach your objective. Increased traffic does not only indicate the sole objective to earn money; you might also want to spread your ideas and connect with people from various backgrounds.

Implementing a suitable marketing plan to divert more traffic towards your website and blog can be a difficult task if you are not aware of the tricks. There are many ways to do this; however, you will need to be patient and dedicated.

Most importantly, whatever you decide to blog about should be your passion and that must be evident from the quality of content. This will keep the users interested, which will result in increased content, as users will engage easily.

Here are some ways you can adopt to increase content on your web.

1. Update Your Previous Posts: A great and easy way to increase your web content is to revisit the older posts and make necessary additions where required. This will not only increase the amount of content within the post but will also garner new comments and posts from the readers.

2. Facilitate Guest Posts: You can ask your guests for blog posts to increase new content on your website. If you facilitate guest writers to post, they might be able to come up with unique and new content for your business. Sometimes, writing every post on your own can become tiresome and less interesting. In order to keep the posts interesting enough to retain the customer’s attention, unique writing will be able to divert more readers.

3. Brainstorm Your Ideas: This is also a unique way to create content for your blog. Revisit your past posts and see if you can come up with any related topics. You will find numerous things to write upon your previous ideas. In many posts, you will come across some very interesting and exciting material to write about. Here it is all about brainstorming the previous posts to develop some fresh content.

4. Ask The Readers To Submit Questions: You can also ask your readers and subscribers to ask questions. These questions will directly target the information about your business or other related content. This will not only answer the reader who asked for it, but will act as a source of information for the general reader. You may get some interesting answers from other users as well. A collection of new questions and answers can become a viable source of increased content on your website.

5. Hire Writers: If you are no longer available to write for the website or blog, you can hire a writer on your behalf. This should be done when you are busy with other marketing activities and cannot participate regularly. Hiring a writer also gives you an opportunity to maintain focus on other forms of marketing. You must make sure that the writer is an expert and knows the details of your business.

Richard is an ecommerce consultant specialising in Magento platform. Richard is also a regular contributor in tech blogs.

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Job search when depressed

Job search when depressed

Looking for a new job with filled with constant emotional highs and lows. Battling the fear of the unknown (will you ever find a job?) is enough to make anyone feel upset and vexed.

Job hunting is an intense process that can seriously mess with your mood. For most people your career is closely linked to your identity, so you may feel like searching for a job is like searching for a piece of yourself until or unless that piece isn’t found you fell incomplete or unsettled.

So, when you are feeling down about your job search, how you can cope up?







The good news is there are proven ways to manage your mood during your job search, so you can rock your interviews and land a new role you love.

  • Create Structure

Creating a schedule and boundaries for your job search can help add that sense to control your life, which can sustain your motivation and keep you thinking positively. For example, you might set aside one hour each morning specifically to work on updating your resume. By incorporating structure into your daily job search, you’ll accomplish small wins each day, which helps foster positive feelings. Knowing that you’re able to accomplish goals you set can help revive your waning motivation and flip your mindset around.

  • Stay Organized

The more organized you are the less likely you feel yourself as a victim. So, create step by step plans for tackling each piece of the job search like it’s any other work assignment. Breaking down the job search into smaller, more manageable task can help a big daunting process feel less overwhelming and more with in your control.

  • Take a hiatus

You may even want to take a break from interviewing or job search altogether. The length of your recovery will vary depending on your situation. Use this time to physically rest and focus on other priorities.

  • Seek out emotional support

The job search can stir up challenging emotion, fears and limiting beliefs that can keep you up at night. If you bottle up those reactions, you will perpetuate the production of stress hormone throughout your entire body, which will continue to bring you down.

Simply talking through your emotions with another person can be an effective way of processing messy, challenging emotions.


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Registered Nurse Resume

How to Write a Registered Nurse Resume    Being a registered nurse is a difficult task as it requires lot   much knowledge and training along with skills.But after that becoming  a nurse is not the difficult task but some people find it difficult to   apply for the job as they are not much knowledge about writing a resume   and just because of this reason they change their profession.But you can   use the below tips for writing a registered nurse resume.    1.Include an Objective  Must add your job title in the resume so that it will be easy for the   manager to know about your working field.Enlist  your objective and   indicate what you can bring to the position in the way of qualifications.    2.Which Resume Format Should You Choose  Next step is choosing the resume format.There are several formats available   for resume but which one suits the best,this is the only thing that you have   to decide.Formats like chronological,functional and combination of both is   good if you want to write one of the best resumes.    3.Emphasize Your Training   Prove that you are the best one in the class.Highlight your studies and tra-  ining programmes.Share all the previous ex[eriences as these all will help you   in getting in the top lists of the manager's mind.     4.Individual career-related courses taken  If you had done some additional courses related tonursing then do add them.Do   not fear that you got rejected for it.In fact, they are looking for the most   intelligent and educated one.

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Habits of a Successful Job Hunter

Habits of a Successful Job Hunter    We all think that we can easily pass the interview and will   be able to get the job but it is not so easy because the hiring   manager acts as a wall between you and job.It is only through   your qualities and habits you can overcome it.Herer are some   of the tips you can follow.    1.They’re Flexible  The best employee is the only one who is able to fit in every condition.  Hiring managers at the interview told you that there is too much work   load could you be able to handle it.The felixible one says yes and due   to this he might got selected.    2.They’re Confident  Confidence is the best weapon to face every problem regarding job but   you can make best use of it in front of the interviewer.In fact try to   smart and confident so that there will be no option for the manager to   reject you.    3.They Set the Terms  Told the manager about your work plans,how you will handle the team wor-  king under you,how you convience them to work for extra hours,how you help  them in achieving the company goals.Set different terms and conditions so   that the job will ultimately fall in your pocket.  


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Doctors interview questions

Doctors interview questions


There would be different types of questions that doctors may encounter when they want to have a job interview. Here are some of the typical Doctors interview questions.


Question 1: Tell me the way to treat common cold.

This question can vary depending on the specific field of medical practice that people apply for. If you apply for some other fields, you may be asked with different questions. The ultimate aim of the question is to test your understanding about the professional field that you would like to work in.


Question 2: How would you balance the work and life?

Many doctors have stresses in their work and this question aims at looking into your daily life and see if you are prepared for dealing with the stress.


Question 3: How much time would you spend for an appointment?

You are expected to give a suitable range of time necessary for you to finish the appointment. It should not be too short or you may look too casual in the work. If your answer is a long length of time, it may mean that you are not efficient. Therefore, you should try to use the real experience to judge the time.


Question 4: How do you see the health information in the internet world?

You can have your own view. Some of the doctors think the information is not reliable and regulations should be applied.


Question 5: How much did you earn?

Answer: If you have worked in other hospitals or clinics before, this would be the typical question for you. You just need to tell the truth.


Question 6: Did you make any serious mistakes?

If you have made any of the serious errors and the case was reported, there is no way for you to hide the truth.


Question 7: How would you distinguish yourself with other doctors?

You can mention some of the strengths that you have. The personalities that you have can also be mentioned. For example, you may be an optimistic person so you can comfort any unhappy patients.


Question 8: How would you get help when you need?

Some of the doctors refuse to admit mistakes or to get help even though they find it difficult to determine some of the medical cases. This is a very disadvantage point because it shows that you are not willing to cooperate with others. In the medical field it is always important for doctors to cooperate and share the experience for the betterment of treatments.


Question 9: How would you describe the relationship between physicians and patients?

Neither patients nor doctors should be superior. They are mutually exchanging the information about a disease and doctors should help patients to understand the full picture about the disease and their situations.


Question 10: What do you think about the current medical training system?

Some of the fresh graduates would be asked about this question. They can view the system from their perspective and see if the system is successful in training them to work in the real medical field.

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Job search when to follow up

Job search when to follow up

You sent your resume to a company you would love to work with, but you haven’t got their call. What should you do next? You are presuming thing that they’re going to call back and waiting eagerly for a call or you can choose to follow up with the hiring manager.

Following up in a courteous, professional manner can stand you out from others who are on the same track by showing the employer just how interested you are in the job. Reaching out to the contact person can help your resume to get a closer look.

Here are tips for the best way to follow up by phone or email.


How to follow up on your resume

If you don’t hear back from the hiring manager within two weeks, it may be worth following up. Employers and recruiters usually prefer by email. That way they have a record of correspondence and can respond at a convenient time. If no email address is listed, you can try sending a paper letter or calling the company. If no email address or phone no. is listed and posting says no to contact the employee, follow the instructions and wait to hopefully hear from them.


Send an email to follow up

When sending a follow up email message, put the title of the position that you applied for and your name in the subject line so that the hiring manager can see at a glance what the email is in reference to. Begin your email with a polite salutation, using the hiring manager’s name. If you are unsure of the gender, you can use their first and last name. Your signature should include a business closing, after thanking the employer for their consideration.

Make a follow up phone call

When following up with a phone call, try early or late in the day, because people are less likely to be in meetings then. Try calling once or twice before leaving a message with the name, and the job title you applied for. Thank the employer for their consideration, and say you would be happy to clarify any information on your resume. Leave your phone number so it’s handy for them to call you back.

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Teaching Assistant Tips

Teaching Assistant Tips

If you’ve been considering getting into teaching assistant work but are unsure where to start, the following tips should help you get on the right track.

1 – Understand The Full Scope Of The Job

If you’re fully up to date on all that a teaching assistant is required to do, as well as how that corresponds to your own experience and personal qualities, you should have a better grasp of what you have to offer in the field. You’ll also be able to find the right part of the sector and make your job hunt considerably more efficient.

Before you consider a serious pursuit of the teaching assistant profession, it’s important to understand how the role of assistants in the classroom can vary. For instance, the needs of the students can differ greatly depending on the grade level. Your potential role will also differ depending on how often you’ll be expected to provide one on one attention versus supporting the class in a general way. There are several different skill sets required of the job, so it’s best to be prepared for as many of these situations as possible.

2 – Pick A Specific Part Of The Sector

It’s best if you decide ahead of time if you want to work for a mainstream or specialist school. The role you will play will obviously vary a lot depending on the environment and nature of the school you’re in. If you’re best suited in a mainstream primary or even secondary school, you should make sure to apply exclusively to schools that fit that description.

Mainstream schools generally seek out those that can provide targeted curriculum support that includes subjects such as English, literature, math, and science. Make sure to illustrate your understanding of these areas in your applications. Specialist schools on the other hand will obviously favor those that only focus on one particular subject, so if you’re especially strong in one as opposed to having a level of general expertise, that might be the way you should go.

3 – Make Sure You Have A Good CV Or Resume

There’s all kinds of information out there detailing how to maximize the effectiveness of your CV or resume. Don’t focus on having a generalized one however; cater your submissions to showcase why you’d be an excellent teacher’s assistant in particular. You can even try crafting individual submissions to be more attractive to the specific location. Here are some good tips.

Previous teaching assistance experience will always give applicants a leg up over others seeking out positions, so be sure to highlight anything that applies. This includes the likes of volunteer work, charities you’ve been a part of, and coaching as well. Even if you only have personal experience that you feel would qualify you, list it. It’s better to put your cards on the table up front. There are some good tips here from Capita Education.

4 – Volunteer Or Work Through An Agency

If you happen to have a fairly sparse CV or resume, you can gain teacher’s assistance experience by electing to volunteer at local schools. There are also agencies that will allow you to do short term supply jobs. There’s a lot to learn through these opportunities, and your time with them will make you significantly more attractive to schools that are looking to hire.

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Tools everyone is using in digital marketing industry

digital marketing tools

In the digital era, marketer won’t keep himself away from the challenges of the tasks instead, he will utilize innovation to speed up his process. Today doing business means busy. There’s not enough time to do everything so how we can cope up with this situation. Therefore, planning and implementing certain tools not only will drive traffic to your website but also enhance your efforts towards digital marketing strategies. Here are various tools everyone in the digital marketing industry should be using to increase their productivity.



Everyone knows that infographics in their blog post or web page increases the click and engage their visitors. Canva, is an interesting online tool used by marketers to create different images, infographics, social media cover photos, eBook cover pages, and brochures. This is a tool which is very easy to use, even if you’re not a skilled designer you’ll still be able to produce a great picture in no time.  you can start with a free 30-day trial.



we always remain confused what type of content or what will be the blog topic we use? but with this blog topic generator tool, it’s not a problem. It will help you to compose good blog topics.



An effective email marketing campaign, which is mainly used as a digital marketing tool. The software yields affordable pricing, a highly intuitive interface, and great content.



Google analytics is the best way to analyze your website performance.  With this tool, you want to know from where your visitors will approach your website?  Which website pages are performing well and which pages of your website viewers viewing when they decide to click away to another site, you will know these answers by using Google Analytics.



If you are into digital marketing, twitter is another tool where you can easily gauge your buyer personas and sell your point to them. you just cannot avoid twitter. Twitter has an advantage where you can communicate with the users on one on one basis and engage your followers instead of spamming them with your one-way tweets of product and services.

Keeping in mind these tools provide success in the digital marketing industry and lead to happy business and happy customers.

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What are Microjob sites

What are Microjob sites

Micro Jobs:

As the name suggests, micro jobs are small jobs that can be done smoothly and without effort in

just a few hours. As soon as you finish your task, you get paid and the contract gets terminated.

This is a great way to work for those people who are otherwise busy with their personal lives as

it involves no commitment to a particular employer. As a freelancer, micro jobs might literally

be the best way to work. The right candidates for these micro jobs are students and home

makers. It gives freedom to work at flexible times and unlike a regular day job, there is no

pressure. Micro job sites are the best way to earn some easy money in a quick way without any

major, initial investment. Those companies that have small jobs, outsource it to people from all

over the world through these sites. You can actually do your work online, right from the confines

of your home. Micro jobs definitely add to your regular income. But these days for many, micro

jobs are taken as a full-time business where a team of workers are hired by them and they get the

tasks from micro job sites.

Today there are several micro job sites that it could actually become daunting for a newbie to

select the suitable ones. Most of these sites have free registration and after the initial sign up, you

can start doing the tasks. As long as you have a high speed internet connection and basic

knowledge of computers you are equipped to start working on these micro jobs. Most of the jobs

that are present on the micro jobsites include commenting on blogs, creating logos and banners,

writing articles, liking a page on facebook or befriending someone on the same, posting reviews,

being a virtual assistant etc. Even if you feel that you have no particular skill, you can still find a

weird job for yourself on these sites. Going to a grocery or doing the laundry can also help you

earn good money. Being cordial and delivering the work on time will add a lot of brownie points

and will help you get more jobs. In most of these sites, the payment will be made to you via

paypal mostly in US dollars.

Features of popular micro job sites:

a) Fiverr: In this site, the micro jobs are known as gigs. You can easily get your work done

by posting a gig or work for someone else’s gig for $5. A small portion of the earning is

taken by fiverr as part of commission. This is the best micro job site for those who want

to promote their hobbies.

b) Amazon Mechanical Turk: This is also called as Mturk and each task posted here is

known as Human Intelligence Task (HIT). The amount of time required to do each task is

mentioned next to the HITS. The payment is made in US dollars or in Indian Rupees.

c) Here you can find a lot of jobs that are technical in nature.

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Job search when fired

Job search when fired

You have been, or are about to be fired from your job. What happens when you are unfairly discharged? What do you say in your cover letters in job interviews?

How to handle getting fired

Here is not or say (or do) do when you’re fired: Although, it is painful to get under any situation, there is something you shouldn’t do to make it even more badly situation. Here’s how to make the best of a bad situation by circumventing:


Notice of termination

The majority of Americans are “at-will employees”. This means employer-employee relation can end up for any reason (or no reason) as long as the employee is not being fired for discriminatory reason such as race, gender, or sexual orientation, or is not covered by an employment contract.

For employees being hired at-will means they are able to leave or quit a job at any time or giving no notice at all.

For an employer, for any reason of termination from poor performance to company organize differently to the whims of upper management-is acceptable, so long as they are not defined discriminatory, and the employer is not protected by a contract or union agreement. There is no federal law that requires company to issue any sort of notification of termination.


Termination Checklist

When you have lost your job ‘it’s important to check your compensation due, benefits, reference and unemployment. If you have been fired and laid off and haven’t been informed about benefits, contact the Human resource department at your former employ or manager to request information on the status of your benefits. Your state department of labor may also be able to inform you about what you are entitled to receive.


Termination for cause

For cause termination is when an employee is fired on account of violating the rules by engaging in fraud, embezzlement, theft, willful misconduct, and more, Employers are not required to give any notice of termination in this case, but depending on the employment contract, severance pay or other compensation may still be owed to the employee, despite his or her wrongdoing.


Employee Rights when your job is terminated

Fortunately, employees have certain rights in addition to a final paycheck; employees could be entitled to things like continued health insurance coverage, extended benefits, severance pay, and unemployment compensation. It is important to know exactly what your rights as an employee are when you lose your job.


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Why is job search so difficult

Why is job search so difficult?

Are you grappling for a job? Have you been looking for a while? Is it difficult to find a new job when still employers need new employees?

This Highly competitive market

There are so many people grappling for jobs in this highly competitive market. You have to best among all your fellows. So, basically what you have to do is to prepare yourself as much as you can before interview and throughout your job search process may be one day you get call and second day is your interview.


Employers looking for Best Candidate

In this hard economy, employers are looking for best candidates they just want an opportunity to weed out people they don’t want to interview. With so many people laid off the skills and experience it is difficult to find a job because there are so many people highly qualified and skilled. It has become harder than ever to get a job with few skills and credentials.


Getting Noticed

You post a resume online. Guess what? Everybody does so. It’s so hard to stand out sometimes even get your resume glanced at. The key is here networking associate with people of same field and organization. You find out jobs through your network and you are referred to a hiring manager through your network. Networking is a key here. It doesn’t have to be hard to find a job but it TAKES hard work to get one.

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H-1 B work visa

H-1 B Visa to foreign workers for taking up temporary jobs in the US

The professionals from other countries who have either a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in any one of the specialized fields like IT, medicine, engineering or science or have not less than 12 years working experience or have educational qualification as well as work experience are eligible for the H-1 B work visa which enables them to stay in US and work there legally for a period of three years. The work visa can be renewed for another three years if required.


The H-1 B visa is the primary work permit issued by US to the workers from foreign countries to work in the US. An employer in US can sponsor a professional of a specialty occupation from a foreign country under the H-1 B visa program. These specialty occupations include different fields such as IT, medicine, education, engineering, architecture and various business specialties. Practical experience along with a Bachelor’s degree in the respective field is the minimum requirement for obtaining the H-1 B work visa.apply for H-1 B visa

Conditions pertaining to H-1 B visa

Initially the H-1 B work visa will be issued for staying and working in US for 3 years and it can be renewed for another three years. Once a professional from a foreign country has obtained the H-1 B visa, his spouse and unmarried children who are under the age of 21 years can also apply for the applicable visa with which they can go to US and stay there. However, the spouse of the H-1 B work visa holder is not eligible to work in the US during the stay. The workers from other countries are required to obtain the H-1 B visa prior to their entry into the US.


The workers should also provide the evidence to prove that the purpose of their temporary stay in the US is to take up a temporary job or a short term assignment which is related to their specialized field. The professionals who apply for the H-1 B visa must be already employed under a US employer or should have a job offer from an employer in the US.

Who are eligible for H-1 B visa?

The job for which the professional from a foreign country applies for H-1 B work visa must be one of the specialty occupations like engineering, IT, science, medicine, architecture, etc. The worker should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the same field or relevant work experience of at least 12 years. The worker should also meet certain requirements pertaining to his health and character. Professional nurses who want to stay in US and perform complex tasks or supervise nursing operations are eligible to apply for H-1 B visa. Those who are distinguished fashion models can also apply for H-1 B visa. Professionals from other countries who want to stay in US to provide exceptional services that are related to cooperative research and development projects of the US department of defense are also eligible to apply for H-1 B visa. The worker from a foreign country can stay in US and work legally under H-1 B visa for a maximum period of six years. Those who stay in US and work there under H-1 B visa are entitled to change their employer if a new employer files the petition for their H-1 B visa.



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Why is job search frustration

Why is job search frustration?

You have chosen every strategy but nothing worked out. Instead your head beating against wall think alternative. When you are feeling like you have tapped out of your last option, you need to think that product is launched in market but nothing seems to be taking up. At that time you have to pull out product and tweak it.


If you’ve been struggling tenaciously job search frustration, here are some tips for turning it around:


  • Don’t be so hard on yourself:

Many people often get frustrated during their job search process. They adapt a negative attitude. Instead of being negative thinker started thinking positive for what they have experienced and be grateful.

When job seekers starts thinking they’re unemployable this only adds to the stress of their job search.


  • Find a good support system

A strong support is must during the job search failure to keep you stay being motivated. It is a key to cop up with job search frustration.

A good friend, Family member and a mentor is necessary for emotional support reach out to those people. Be optimistic.


  • Pamper Yourself

When your job search becomes stall, it’s important to take time for yourself

Hang out with friends, Go out for some time don’t hesitate yourself with job search.

When one door closes, another opens: but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.


  • Change your perspective

Put new perspectives into action to enact positive change in your life. ”Perspective is everything” In relation to job searching, this means job seekers need to rebrand unemployment, view it differently, and then own it. Since perspective changes reality, it also changes the value of the things in your life. So, rather than despising job searching change your perspective to view a job search as something of value to get you to your next goal.



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Why use job search engine

Why use job search engine?

Job search engines like Monster and Indeed are commonly used which puts thousands of jobs in your hand. There are few tips to use these sites effectively and efficiently:

Posting a resume isn’t enough:

It’s not something like you have submitted resume and assume the job offers will come to roll over in. Be proactive.

Use Keywords

Make sure your resume contains specific keyword relevant to your current technology and platform for past work, degree and credentials. Include the more common terms like manager, accountant, and trainee if a company in your employment history used an unconventional title job. You just can’t rely on employers to stumble across your posted resume, when company do research they search for a potential employer they will likely use narrowly defined keywords.

Check formatting

When you print resume you have completed formatting according to your best look but what happens sometimes when you post resume online and when they open at their computer its formatting changes. Make use you have done indentation, spacing correctly pay more attention towards it. They’re often gets lost in translation across formats. Use PDF file to preserve your document.

Use telecommute position

Search jobs from which you can work from home. Search for positions with companies located outside of your local area.

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freelance web design jobs from home

Doing freelance web design jobs from home

Freelancing refers to the process of working on a contract basis for a multitude of companies. A

freelancer is basically not committed to a single employer. Mostly the clients land a job as a

freelancer by bidding on prospective jobs that have been posted online. A freelancer is provided

a job by means of a verbal agreement about the requirements. The payments are made per hour

and sometimes the earnings are even more than a standard full-time employment. You have the

ability to be flexible and can negotiate rates with the employers. Statistics state that nearly sixty

percent of the population in the United States is doing freelancing. In today’s technological

times, with the boom in the growth of the internet, web design and development jobs are very

lucrative. You can easily build a career with freelance web design from home.

Steps to follow to become a freelance web designer from home:

a) Improve and build your skills. For becoming a successful web designer, it is very

important to be up to date with current technological practices that are being followed.

Learn and relearn the necessary coding languages required to build a web page and

become equipped with an unique tool that will make you the most sought after in that

b) Build a portfolio and a personal brand to make you stand out from the rest. A portfolio is

the best way to showcase your best work and talent and should catch the eye of potential

clients. Do highlight your skills. Start networking and get in touch with everyone you

know to get referrals. You can even have business cards set up to distribute among

c) Upload your profile and resume on relevant websites, in order to let the clients know that

you exist. Make sure you promote yourself in the appropriate way.

Though there is a high chance for your income to be inconsistent and without stability there still

are a lot of benefits in opting for a freelance web design job from home. The major advantage

is that you can work the number of hours you want to work You are actually responsible and

accountable to your job, in other words, you become your own boss and you get to decide from

which part of the world you want to work. Also working from home, ensures that you do not get

involved in needless office debates or get involved with rude clients. You actually get to choose

whom you work with. Freelancing from home also adds to your savings as you can now forget

about spending all those bucks on your transport. You get to keep all the profits and earnings to

yourself and this gives you an opportunity to invest in another business to become an

entrepreneur. You get an opportunity for perfect work life balance too. Of course freelancing

translates to professional freedom and as long as you are willing to keep aside the risks involved,

this could be the best way to earn millions from home.

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Physiotherapy help in Lowering Backpain

How Physiotherapy can help in Lowering Backpain

Low?r ba?k p??n ?l?gues Am?ricans to th? ?xtent that 80% will suff?r fr?m ?t at som? tim? in their liv??. It is ?ne of the mo?t ?ommon re?sons pe??le vi?it the d?ct?r. F?r man?, th? probl?m ?s mor? than a ???s?ng in??d?nt; th?y n??d ph?si?ther??y.
Ph?s?oth?r??y ?f different t???s ?an b? u?ed to tre?t l?wer b?ck ???n. Acu?un?tur? ?? fa?t b??om?ng ?n im??rt?nt m?th?d f?r the r?li?f ?f ?u?h pa?n. The doctor h?s the pat?ent lie fac?-down and in?erts th? ?cupun?tur? n??dles a?r??? the ba?k. Th? d?ct?r then fini?h?? the ?r?cedure f?r lower back pain. Pa?n rel?ef after a s?r??? of tre?tm?nts u?ually l?sts months.
M???age is ?l?o us?d f?r l?w?r back ?a?n. The m?s?ag? used mu?t b? d?ne by ?om?one w?ll-vers?d ?n the treatment ?f lower back p?in. A m?ss?g? don? b? ?n untr??ned ??rson ma? do m?re h?rm th?n go?d.
Th?s? m?thods ?r? call?d ?a???ve th?r???e?, or mod?l?ties. Th?y ar? don? t? th? ??tient and not b? th? p?t??nt. Ther? are other m?d?l?ti?s th?t ?r? ?omm?nly u?ed. H??t and ?ce ?a?ks ar? ? well-known f?rm of ???s?ve ph?s??th?ra??. Th?y ??n b? u?ed sep?ratel?, ?r th?y ??n be us?d ?lternat?l? by ? p?rson wh? is suffering from ?cut? l?w?r back pain.
A tr?n?cutan?ou? ?lectrical nerve stimul?tor (TENS) ?an b? used ?? an?ther mod?l?ty for l?w?r b??k ???n. Th? p?t??nt w?ll feel th? ??n?ati?n ?f the ?t?mulat?r in?tead ?f hi? pa?n. If the TENS un?t se?m? t? work well for him, he will be s?nt h?me with ?n? to u?? ?t his ?onven?enc?.
Ultras?und is ??pe?i?ll? u??ful ?s a ???s?ve th?r??? for ?nyon? w?th ?cut? low?r back ?ain. It delivers h??t d?ep ?nto the mus?l?s of the lower b??k. Th?? n?t only reliev?? pain. It ??n al?? ??e?d heal?ng.
Ba?k exer??s?? may be ?s??gn?d by a ?hy??other?pi?t. Th?se ex?r?ise? w?ll h?lp with l?wer b??k ???n ?f one d??s th?m ??rre?tly ?nd f??thfull?. The only ex??pt?on is ?f the ba?k ?? ?n ?n ?cute c?ndit??n requiring ?m?rgen?? c?r? ?r surg?r?.
Th? ex?rc??e? that will h?l? w?th low?r b??k pain the m??t w?ll b? ?ss?gned ?nd supervis?d by a physiotherap?st. The? ma? b? done at home, but ?t will be nec??sary to f?ll?w ?n?tructi?n? ?nd check in frequ?ntly.
Th??? ?x?r?i??s ?n?lude on?? f?r lower ba?k p?in th?t ?tr?t?h ?r ?xt?nd th? back and ones th?t ?tr?ngthen ?t. One ?s an ex?rci?e wh?re ?ne lies prone and m?ve? a? ?f swimm?ng. This ?rotect? th? back wh?l? giv?ng th? surround?ng muscle? ? w?rk?ut.
Low?r b??k pain exer?i??s ??lled fl?xi?n exer?i??? str?ngth?n the mid?e?t??n to ?rov?de supp?rt f?r the ba?k. If the l?wer b??k ??in ?s reduced wh?n ?ne sits, th?se exer??se? are ?m?ort?nt. On? ?s ? kn??-to-ch??t ?xerc?s?.
A?rob?? ?x?r??s? ?uch as walk?ng i? excellent for r?du??ng and ?r?vent?ng low?r b??k ???n ?? w?ll. Ma??ag? ?nd a?u?un?ture ?an b? ?ounted ?n to rel??v? p?in for mo?t p?t?ents. Ex?r??ses can mak? th? b?ck str?nger to both rel??v? and ?revent l?w?r ba?k p??n. An? ?h???oth?r??y th?t ?an hel? r?liev? lower ba?k pa?n will hel? mill?ons ?f ????l?.



This article has been contributed by Amrita. She is a beauty and health blogger and is currently blogging about topics such as blackhead removal on her blog which she has just started named how to get rid of blackheads remedies.

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Asbestos Ban

asbesScientists at the Collegium Ramazzini in Modena, Italy have repeated calls for a total ban on all asbestos across the globe. Writing in the International Journal of Environment and Health, the Collegium points out that just 52 nations have banned asbestos but a large number still use, import and export asbestos and asbestos-containing products.
Health problems attributed to asbestos include
Asbestosis – A lung disease first found in textile workers,asbestosis is a scarring of the lung tissue from an acid produced by the body’s attempt to dissolve the fibers. The scarring may eventually become so severe that the lungs can no longer function. The latency period (meaning the time it takes for the disease to develop) is often 10–20 years.
  • Mesothelioma
  • Cancer
  • Diffuse pleural thickening
At least 125 million people around the world are today exposed to asbestos through their work with about 20 to 40% of adult men reporting past occupations that may have exposed them to the risk of mesothelioma, asbestos, and lung cancer due to asbestos
Asbestos was banned from commercial use in the 1970’s after it was declared a hazardous air pollutant. Friable asbestos products were banned immediately while non-friable products would be phased out gradually while replacements for asbestos products were developed.In 1996, the EPA lifted the total ban on asbestos allowing it to be used to a limited degree in non-friable products.[Non friable products are those which cannot be reduced to powder by hand pressure]


Worldwide, 60 countries (including those in the European Union) have banned the use of asbestos, in whole or in part.Some examples follow.

A nationwide ban on importing and using all forms of asbestos took effect on 31 December 2003. Reflecting the ban, the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) revised asbestos-related material to promote a consistent approach to controlling exposure to workplace asbestos and to introduce best-practice health and safety measures for asbestos management, control and removal. The ban does not cover asbestos materials or products already in use at the time the ban was implemented.

Although Australia has only a third of the UK’s population, its asbestos disease fatalities approximate Britain’s of more than 3,000 people per year.

The São Paulo State law 12.684/07 prohibits the use of any product which utilizes asbestos, this legislation having been formally upheld by the Brazilian Supremo Tribunal Federal.

The only asbestos mines still operating in Canada are in the Province of Quebec. They were owned by American and British Corporations until the Quebec government expropriated (for example) Asbestos Corporation Limited in 1981 from its American parent, General Dynamics. In the early 1990s all remaining mines and mills were sold by Quebec to the private sector . Quebec exports 95 percent of its chrysotile production, mostly to Asian and other poor countries.In 1999 the government of Canada went before the World Trade Organization to challenge, unsuccessfully, the ban on asbestos in France.

France banned the use of asbestos in 1997, and the WTO upheld France’s right to the ban in 2000. In addition, France has called for a worldwide ban.

On 21 January 2011, Indian Supreme court refused to ban Asbestos in India. This judgment was passed down for case filed by a NGO on 2004. In spite of all health hazards, Asbestos continues to be used in India widely without any restriction.

Italy fully banned the use of asbestos in 1992 and set up a comprehensive plan for asbestos decontamination in industry and housing.

Japan did not fully ban asbestos until 2004, and so its government has been held responsible for related diseases.

In 1984 the import of raw amphibole (blue and brown) asbestos into New Zealand was banned. In 2002 the import of chrysotile (white) asbestos was banned.



Check this site for asbestos class action lawsuit



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Top Most 8 Twitter Tips

TopMost 8 Twitter Tips

Twitter is the new darling of the Internet. This is an effective tool used for the purpose of business promotion. Some tips for using twitter as an effective business marketing tool are as:

  1. Active Participation in the Industry Conversation – The audience and the business competitors are on twitter sharing their experience. And now-a-days it is used for the business promotion at large. So be a part of it. It may be the best social mixer for you. This will help to promote your brand also. People will come to know about your business and brand name. And you can even look out for your competitors. You can monitor your competitors.
  2. Engage with your target audience – Twitter provides you with the facility of interacting with your targeted audience. You have the better opportunity to know your audience completely. You can re-tweet their posts or respond to their posts.
  3. Online Reputation Management – Information on Twitter breaks quickly. The Businesses can use Twitter to monitor their performance. People may tweet about your brand, if they find something negative about your brand. Transparency and honesty can be a good thing with twitter.
  4. Promote your Content – if your company has a corporate blog or various other blogs, you can make use of Twitter to promote your blog content. You can set up a feed to automatically post your blog post URLs directly to Twitter.
  5. Twitter and Mobile – Twitter is a simple tool to use and is limited to 140 characters. You can use twitter on your mobile to send tweets. You can both send and receive updates. Twitter can be a great mobile communication tool and thus it can be a pretty powerful thing.
  6. Promotion Tool– Twitter is used as a promotional tool to announce official endeavors or upcoming online events. Twitter provides the opportunity to promote your products or service and brand to your friends. A quick tweet with the URL can help you in getting additional traffic to your site to help coax the conversion on your site.
  7. Ask Questions Get Answers – You can use Twitter to ask the question and if your friends are remotely interested in the same question, you will receive a response. Someone will answer your question and at least point you in the right direction.
  8. Press Release – Use Twitter to promote your press releases and to communicate company news. Twitter is an information super-highway that can help communicate news quickly.

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Handling Recruitment


Handling Recruitment


“Buying a car is easy but maintaining a car is difficult”…this seems to be very true quote in all aspects of our lives. Let it a job. With ever-increasing demand for star talents in jobs, it is becoming really a tough task to get or maintain recruitment. Buying recruitment may be a tough task but maintain the recruitment seems to be the toughest! With the loads of targets to be fulfilled by the candidates, it becomes a real frustrating for a candidate to feel free and perform his other jobs at tierces. The candidates often have to face a monthly or weekly targets of finding jobs (or profit) for the concern they are working which if not  met results in loss of a recruitment. It seems that a simple mishandling of recruitment can cost you a lot. Not any worries as we are here to get you out off your mess. Follow the simple steps to get yourself free from the mess that your coleus would be facing. So here, we go with tips to success:-


When offered you a target, observe the exactly is it demanding from you.


When found out re-schedule yourself to divide the task into subparts that you would be performing in allotted time.


Well it may be included here that there are millions websites providing millions of job tie. This may be a good option for you.


Search out the appropriate job type you are wanting like Digital Jobs, Sales and marketing Jobs, media jobs etc.


When searched sort out the genuine ones and employing fakes ones may put you at stake your boss.


When sort the effective and genuine ones hire them to the lowest rate to enable as much company profit as you can. Do try to negotiate them a lot.


Attach their profiles and send it to your boss!


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Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Template


Cover Letter Template 

 Cover Letter Template

Are you worried about getting suitable job and your resume is always killing your chances? A resume may be a blessing for you because only a good resume will give you a chance to do your favorite job but on the other hand, a badly designed resume may kill your chances of getting a job. The role of a cover letter is very important because just mentioning your qualification in the resume may not be enough for getting an appropriate job. A cover latter is often attached along with your resume to explain some additional skills, achievements and qualifications which you have earned so far.


An effective cover letter will contain your reasons of applying for a certain job and your skills which are suitable for that job category. It will explain your interests in that company and why they should hire you and why you are qualified for this job? It is usually a brief document and it will give you a very prominent edge on all the other people applying for the job. Recruiter will get your introduction in the first brief page and it may be enough for your interview call. It sounds fair to devote necessary time to resume writing because it is important for getting hired.


Skills and company needs:


Cover letter is way to relate your skills with the needs of respective company. You can find out the needs of company through a thorough research on them and then you can explain all your skills related to those needs. The example for this is that consider a company needs to grow and there is a problem in their management style. While applying for a managerial job in the same company, you have to enlist all your management capabilities and then explain the facts that how they will be useful for that company. These capabilities can be your experience in certain field, your qualification and your skills to manage the situation which is threatening the company.


Make the recruiter to understand:


The recruiting job is a difficult one so you have to make sure that your cover letter makes it easy for them. They are very busy because they have to find a suitable candidate for their job form a lot of other people so should make it easy for them to decide and rank. A good and explaining cover letter will do the trick for you and they will be able to find out your usefulness in just reading out your short cover letter. It must contain skills needed for the company and you should avoid adding extra and useless details in there to save their time. You have to make them understand the point that in which way you are suitable for the job.


A cover letter template can be downloaded from any website in order to get the right details about what should be included in it. A cover letter template will restrict you to important details and help you to avoid extra details.


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java platform

Java platform has merged the world of programming languages

Java is one of biggest platform where a number of activities are performed. The java platform and language were developed during start of nineties. But in last few years it was re-designed to make its use through internet. And after this it has become too much popular in the world and its use has also reached to high ends. Due to ever increasing demand of java, many of the experts and experienced persons have come in this field and have turned the world of programming in an outstanding way.

Internet is best for beginners and advanced users

Moreover, many of the documentation can also be found on internet which has been written by the experts. If you have also come on java platform and thinking to learn something in a convenient and easy way, you can find the java tutorials through internet. Moreover, if you are advanced user and want to enhance your experience on java platform, you can find the large number of java tips which will help you in removing your problems and to make the perfect java programs. This is one of the famous languages which facilitate the user in a best way.

According to the experts, java platform has always been developed even in recession where other languages were remained silent. Different inventions and more uses in various sectors with various applications are being used through java platform. In big industries the programming and software through java has facilitated to large number of employees.

Java has streamlined the work

Moreover, it has proved very successful for business owners as well as it has reduced cost due to proper mechanism of work. All the activities have been streamlined on java platform and it has facilitated to mankind. If you discuss the java platform through internet then you can said it as a big platform where a large number of experts can help you about different things of java. You can also learn more and more through internet and can find the different experiences as well. If you are interested to join this field, then use of internet and reading of documentation of various experts would be much beneficial for you.

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Online Jobs

work from home

Online Jobs

work from home

Many companies are looking to cut their cost of work by allowing their workers to work from home. This reduces cost like infrastructure,electricity,security and many more.
And that’s why they encourage work from home of online jobs. Due to high computer Awareness among people in the recent years,
millions of people are ready to work in their free time that too from their home.Online jobs can be done from anywhere, you can stay at home every day, do your work, and get paid, just like that.Other kind of online jobs include data entry, search engine optimization, medical transcripts , web design any many more. Sometimes these jobs gets outsourced to some agency or freelancers.
No having to run to the office in the morning or dealing with temperamental employers, you can choose your work and how you do it.

Online jobs has lot of attraction for students also. Many students always seeks online jobs for pocket money and since they don’t have any job to impact.

Some of the most popular online jobs for students
-Article writing: Many online sites and researchers always look for article writing in affordable rates.
-Freelancing: Freelancing of web design, seo , data entry is very popular among computer students.
-Online Tutoring: Its new and getting lot of users for online teaching.
-Microjobs websites : Many microjobs are also getting popular among virtual assistants.
-Job boards: Many jobs boards list online/freelance jobs. Check some online jobs on GetSarkariNaukri also




Benefits of Online Jobsonline keyboard

Many people including housewives, students and retired people are earning good every per Day online by working from home.

It has many benefits which includes:

-In many cases prior experience is not required to work online. Access to the internet is all that you need.
-You can set your own hours to work. Work from your own home. Work wherever & whenever you want.
-You can set your own income level.
-Be your own boss.


Checklist to  Spammy online Jobs

Well, apart from good online making money, we need to be watchful of many spams also. Many companies have already cheated many online worker for that.

Few things to remember while accepting online jobs.
-Never pay any registration fee, upfront money for any reason.
-Check the authenticity of the company by searching it in Google.
-If the pay out is really high, then again its a red flag.
-If it asks for credit card information.
-Beware of vagueness and incredible claims.
-Warning signs like job offer claiming that you can make a lot of money

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sample cover letter for internship

How to draft the best cover letter for applying to internship programs?

If you have to impress someone, you need to do it  in the first instance. With that said, you need to create an impression in the mind of the recruiter about you.  Are you aspiring for applying for an internship program? The first move you need to take in this instance is to draft a quality cover letter that will get you an edge over other applicants. You can find out sample cover letter for internship, doing some online  research.


Key things that you need to keep in mind while drafting the cover letter

  • Accentuate your educational qualification. Not only for interns, educational qualification is the prime point to attract the attention of the hiring manager. While applying for an internship program, as you may not have sufficient work experience, let your educational qualification cover up the shortcoming.
  • Mention the skills and competencies that you have acquired from your course that makes you suitable for an opportunity for the internship.
  • Narrate your career goals and objective and state the ways the participation in the internship program will enable you to accomplish those goals.
  • Explain what you know about the company. Sound naturally to express your excitement for getting a chance for working with the concerned company.
  • Mention the details of the internship programs that you have attended (if any)

Remember, you need to uphold your potential as a candidate while writing the cover letter to apply for the internship program with any organization. You can refer to the sample cover letter for internship and personalize the template to form a suitable cover letter to serve your purpose.



A model cover letter for interns

Your Name

Your Postal Address

Your Telephone Number

Your Email Address



Mr/Ms./Mrs XXX (Full Name)


Organization Name

Dear Mr/Ms./Mrs XXX (Last name),


I am presently undergoing XXXXX (mention about the course) from XXXX (institute’s name) and am about to get my degree in XXXX (state the tentative time for receiving the result).

On completion of my course, I am looking forward to become a part of such an organization, wherein I will get the chance to utilize my knowledge and would get the adequate chances to brush my natural skills and abilities as well as gather real-time experience by executing the fundamentals and principles that I learnt during my course.

It will be relevant to state that I have participated in an internship program with XXXX (state the name of the organization/s), wherein I got exposure on areas like:

(State a few areas that you worked upon in the course of the internship program)

I am of the believe that should you allow me a chance to participate in your internship program, it will extend me the best chances to develop skills and expertise that will assist me to accomplish my career objective and goals.

I am looking forward to the meeting with you wherein we can discuss more about the internship program as well as discussing my career objectives and goals with you.

Thanking You




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Last month I relocated to Melbourne with my husband and son. I like the new place and new people. but as the day passes, I feel boring as my husband goes to the office and I am in the house to take care of my son. As we know it’s difficult to manage on one salary in this expensive city so I decided to do some work. in the very beginning, I don’t  know anything from where I start, then one of my friends called me and I discussed with her about my situation. She told me as I’m on a dependent visa so it’s an opportunity for me to work over here. so, I decided to apply for some part time jobs. I updated my resume and start applying for some jobs like the retail assistant, helper, in coffee shops etc, but after so many trials nothing happened.


Then one day my husband suggested me to try with online marketing, as with that I shall be at home to take care of my daughter and do work at the same time. here is my journey to be as online marketing begins.

Firstly, I had to search some online courses about marketing and SEO so that I gain some knowledge about it.  web facility helped me and through I can find some small online courses for marketing and how to generate traffic.  After completing my course on diploma in web business and the diploma in social media marketing through Alison I became the certified one.


Despite these courses, I am not ready to do online marketing so I decided to do some more course. then I joined the online course of inbound marketing through HubSpot Academy. its 4-hour course where you learn about inbound marketing methodology how to attract visitors and then convert them into leads and then make them customers and finally converted them into promoters. with the help of this course I understand the basics of inbound marketing and now I am confident that I will start as a consultant in online marketing.


The very first thing I started with BLOGGING.  I tried to write one blog a day. In the beginning, it will take some time for me to write because I don’t know how to write and what thing should be in my mind while writing. therefore, I started to think as a common people, not a blogger. the questions that come to mind as a common people.


1) why I read this blog?

2) Is this blog relevant to me in any manner?

3)  what are the benefits I will gain with this blog?

4) does the blog content give me any knowledge?

All these points keep in my mind I started writing a blog.  As a marketer, I begin with what are the demands of my buyer’s persons and what they like on my blog so that they go to my website and read my blogs. then I understand it’s the CONTENT that will attract the new visitors. so, your blog should be educational. Then I search various sites, forums, discussions to gain some content for my blog. I used for free images. picture my quote is also a great website where you can create your own quote and put them in your blog. I also used infographics, so that I can make good images for my visitors.

I hope you will gain some tips with my learning experience and it will help you in writing a good blog and attract your visitors.



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Eye stroke

 Eye stroke

When  an artery or vein within the eye becomes  blocked(also called an occlusion) referred to as an eye stroke. An eye stroke, otherwise known as anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) or a stroke of the optic nerve, is an ocular disease that begins suddenly and occurs without any warning.It will start out in one eye, either the left or the right, and regularly develops in the unaffected eye after a period of time. Just as strokes occur in other parts of the body because blood flow is blocked, our eye also may suffer damage when vital structures such as the retina and  optic nerve are cut off from nutrients and oxygen flowing through the blood. When a blockage  occurs in the blood vessels that supply the front of the optic nerve, an eye stroke occurs results in no nutrient and oxygen supply. Without nutrients and oxygen, nerve tissue is damaged and lost, resulting in vision loss.An eye stroke results in sudden, but painless, vision loss or distorted vision in one eye. The severity of the symptoms depends on where the blockage is located, and how much blood flow is blocked.

what causes Eye stroke

Trauma of the head or eye injury, are the main causes which  are associated with AION,other include  glaucoma, giant cell arteritis, lupus, Buerger’s disease, allergies, post-viral vasculitis, post-immunization, smoking, high blood pressure, syphilis, hypertension, migraines, diabetes, atherosclerosis, carotid occlusive disease, sickle cell disease, and acute hypotension.

Retinal artery occlusion

Retinal artery occlusion occurs when an artery to the retina is blocked. The retina is the light-sensitive lining of the back of the eye that records what we see. Retinal artery occlusions are typically caused when a blood clot (or embolus) from the heart or carotid artery in the neck travels to the eye.risk factors include

1)  high blood pressure (hypertension),

2)artery disease (especially in the carotid),

3)heart disease,

4)cholesterol problems, or


When the retina  is damaged,or   if  it is the central artery that becomes blocked (called a central retinal artery occlusion, or CRAO), the result is usually sudden, total vision loss, though some peripheral vision may be present.. If the blockage occurs in one of the arteries which branch off the central blood vessel (a branch retinal artery occlusion, BRAO), we will  experience a sudden loss of  peripheral vision , with central vision possibly being affected as well. In both cases, the loss of vision is usually painless.complications may include neovascularization of the retina or iris, neovascular glaucoma, or temporal arteritis.

 Retinal Vein Occlusion 

Retinal Vein Occlusion occurs when a vein within the retina is blocked  due to  blood clot (thrombus), this is called a retinal vein occlusion. It may be either a branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO) or central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO), depending on which blood vessel has the blockage. Retinal vein occlusion is most commonly seen in people with hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), high blood pressure, or glaucoma. Symptoms include sudden, painless vision loss which can be mild or severe and may include blind spots, distorted vision, or loss of peripheral vision.

Treatment of Eye stroke

It is important to  have  our vision should be  checked routinely.E arly detection can prevent  from getting serious vision impairments. Even with prompt treatment, a retinal artery occlusion  results in permanent vision damage. Possible treatment for  Retinal Vein Occlusion  is a laser procedure called pan-retinal laser photocoagulation, This can help to  repair some retinal  damage. During this procedure, a special laser is used to make tiny burns that seal the retina and stop vessels from growing and leaking.  The laser is used to destroy all of the dead areas of retina where blood vessels have been closed. When these areas are treated with the laser, the retina stops manufacturing new blood vessels, and those that are already present tend to decrease or disappear.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/10/2011

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Human Resource cover letter

                                                                                Human Resource cover letter

When it comes to writing human resource cover letter there is a need to impress employer from all different angles. Like any other cover letter, a human resource cover letter mainly focuses on technical specifications and educational qualifications of the potential job seeker. Writing relevant cover letter is more important because when employer goes through your letter he feels you are the best candidate for the position mentioned. In order to impress him in an effective way, be specific to the opportunity and focus on your achievements and skills.

The main job of any human resource person is to carefully handle various tasks like employee counseling, performance monitoring, staffing, investments and training and development.

Tips for writing human resource cover letter

Your cover letter should not just focus on qualifications but it should also deal with your other mentoring skills and abilities. Here are some tips to write a great cover letter.

  • Always follow a specific business format while writing the cover letter

  • Maintain the need, minimum to the size of the page

  • Send cover letter along with resume always

  • Address human resource cover letter to the specific person by mentioning his name, address and organization

  • Give importance to additional skills and educational background

  • Also mention the position you are applying for.

  • Try to maintain positive tone and subtle in the cover letter

  • Sign the cover letter personally

  • It would be a wise decision to write assertive sentences at the end of cover letter or while concluding

Cover letter outline: in order to get the employer attention easily you need to sketch it in a perfect way. Divide the entire cover letter into opening paragraph, second paragraph and final paragraph. Also mention the other enclosures you have included with the cover letter.

Human Resource cover letter example

Dear Ms. Haynes

Re: Human Resource Officer – Reference No.345

With reference to the advertisement posted in one of the local newspaper for the position of Human Resource Officer in ABC Corporation, I am here by sending my cover letter along with the resume.

I am an efficient and self motivated subtle human resource expert with more than 5 years of practice in the industry. I own a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from the University of Chicago. I believe my skills and strengths perfectly suit the position you have stated.

In my present position at XYZ Corporation, I have established a firm commitment with the office staff by carefully listening to their queries and complaints that resulted in the 40% reduction of personal leave in my organization. I have accepted the extra responsibility given to me by company management and completed it successfully within the time framework.

Looking forward to hear from your side at the earliest possible and thanks for the interest shown to me.


Anna Watson

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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Get started with your dream job: avoid making the common resume mistakes

You are done with your graduation and are eagerly waiting for that dream offer to strike
you. Lady luck will not help you crack that offer, you yourself will. And the first impression
you make to an employer is through your resume.

Resume errors that do not portray a good employee:

Resume mistakes include grammatical or spelling errors. Also long paragraphs speak a lot
about your disability to focus. And it is easy to land up in the dustbin in that way. Alignment
and spacing should also be kept in mind while making a resume. Focus area should depend
on what the employers are looking for. Resume should never get too boring or out of track
for the person reading it. And it is better to upgrade your resume with every new job offer
as requirements tend to differ. It is never very wise of you to summarize your career and
include achievements that do not suit the job profile that you are applying for.

Standing out of the crowd but in a creative way:

In a bid to stand out of the crowd many people tend to over decorate the resume that does
not any more leave it formal. This resume mistakes should always be avoided. Rather being
creative helps and showing your achievements in bullet points and short paragraphs get a
positive response. Whenever you are asked to forward your resume over the internet make
sure that you forward a cover letter to introduce yourself to them in a humble way, along
with the resume. The resume should not exceed 2-3 pages.

resume mistakes

Avoid speaking of references until asked for. This is a major turn off for the employers.
Another major resume mistake is to include anything and everything about your personal
hobbies and extra-curricular activities. Remember they are looking for an employee so
having related hobbies would give you an added advantage. But this does not provide you
with the chance to make up things to your own advantage. Your seniors are your seniors for
some true reasons. Lastly never really object oriented your resume or it gets cornered for a
specific designation only. Leaving your options open may get you a job opening at another
available field and you will not even sound too fussy.

Article publié pour la première fois le 02/02/2013

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pathophysiology of jaundice

pathophysiology of jaundice

Jaundice, is characterized by yellow discoloration of the skin, sclera, and mucous membranes, as a result of an increase in bilirubin concentration (hyperbilirubinemia) and subsequent tissue

deposition. .When red blood cells have completed their life span of approx. 120 days, and each red blood cell traverses through the reticuloendothelial system, as its cell membrane ruptures and become fragile and prone to rupture. Cellular contents, including hemoglobin, are subsequently released into the blood.

The hemoglobin is phagocytosed by macrophages , and split into its heme and globin portions.The remainder comes from prematurely destroyed erythroid cells in the bone marrow and form hemoproteins such as myoglobin and cytochrome. Due to imbalance in bilrubin formation and clearance there results in Elevated serum bilirubin occurs. Elimination of bilirubin requires conversion to water-soluble conjugates by the hepatocytes through the action of uridine diphosphate (UDP)-glucuronyl transferase (glucuronidation) and secretion into the bile. Conjugated bilirubin, along with bile salts, is then excreted via the biliary system into the duodenum and deconjugated by bacterial enzymes in the terminal ileum and colon. Approximately 20% of deconjugated bilirubin (urobilinogen) is reabsorbed and re- excreted in bile. Unconjugated bilirubin is mostly bound to albumin and is not filtered by the kidney; conjugated bilirubin, however, may be filtered and reabsorbed in the kidney, with a small fraction excreted in the urine. A significant amount of conjugated bilirubin in the urine suggests cholestasis and hepatobiliary dysfunction. The majority of this bilirubin comes from the breakdown of heme from expired red blood cells.

urobilinogen can take two pathways. It can either be further converted into stercobilinogen, which is then oxidized to stercobilin and passed out in the feces, or it can be reabsorbed by the intestinal cells, transported in the blood to the kidneys, and passed out in the urine as the oxidised product urobilin. Stercobilin and urobilin are the products responsible for the coloration of faeces and urine, respectively.

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Accelerate Your Mobile Sales

How to Accelerate Your Mobile Sales?smartphone583685_640

The age of mobile commerce is no longer just a prediction for the future, but it is a reality that sooner or later every online merchant will have to adapt to. However, many online entrepreneurs are not aware of the real potential of mobile commerce or they fail to understand the real benefits of going mobile. If you want to increase your mobile sales, here is a bunch of facts to consider:

Understanding how customers use mobile devices

Mobile shopping is significantly different from the desktop experience, first of all, because of the very nature of mobile devices. Although it is not uncommon to use mobile devices at home or at work, 42% of the time spent on mobile devices takes place on the go and away from both work and home. Many of these searches are conducted on the way to the local point of sale or service: 54% of mobile searches are conducted with local intent, while 78% of these searches lead to offline purchase a couple of hours later. All of it means that one of the strongest advantages of mobile commerce is the ability to research products on our way to the brick-and-mortar store or purchase products while commuting to work or home. How this information should influence your approach to mobile eCommerce?

Mobile sales optimization

If you sell your products in a local brick-and-mortar store, make sure that your customers can be automatically redirected to the nearest point of sale by enabling geolocation data. You should also make sure that your website is adjusted to the typical constraints of mobile platforms, such as small screens of smartphones or mobile browsers, which not always support commonly used formats. Responsive Magento website is a must, but you should also assess the design of your website and get rid of all unnecessary distractions, which can cause problems for mobile users.

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Pathophysiology of Stroke

Pathophysiology of Stroke

Stroke, a neurologic  disorder due to altered cerebral circulation. It  is the third leading cause of death .  there are many risk factors for stroke include hypertension, family history, and diabetes mellitus. The sub types of stroke are ischemia, infarction, and hemorrhage. Ischemia and infarction are the result of atherosclerotic development of thrombi and emboli. Decreased or absent cerebral circulation causes neuronal cellular injury and death. Intracerebral hemorrhage occurs from rupture of cerebral vessels which is mainly due to hypertension.                               The two major mechanisms which are mainly responsible for brain damagein stroke are,



The effects of ischemia are rapid because the brain does not store glucose(the chief energy substrate)

and is incapable of anaerobic metabolism.A thrombus or an embolus can occlude a cerebral artery and

cause ischemia in the affected vascular territory. Thrombosis of a vessel can result in artery-to-

artery embolism.

                         Normal cerebral blood flow (CBF) is approximately 50-to 60 ml/100g/ Min and varies in
different parts of the brain. when ischemia occurs, the cerebral auto regulatory mechanisms compensate for a
reduction in CBF by local vasodilatation, opening the collaterals, and increasing the supply of oxygen and
 glucose from the blood.Formation of microscopic thrombi is responsible for impairment of micro circulation in
cerebral arterioles and capillaries.Formation of a micro thrombus is triggered by ischemia-induced activation of
 destructive vasoactive enzymes that are released by endothelium, leucocytes, platelets and other neuronal cells.
At a molecular level,   hypoxic- ischemic neuronal injury is greatly influenced by “overreaction" of certain
  neurotransmitters, primarily glutamate and aspartate. This process called “excitotoxicity”  and is triggered
by depletion of cellular energy stores.Glutamate, which is normally stored inside the synaptic terminals,
is cleared from the extracellular space by an energy dependent process.The greatly increased concentration of
glutamate (and aspartate) in the extracellular space in a depleted energy state results in the opening of
 calcium channels associated with N-methy1-D-asapartate (NMDA) and alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxanole
 propionate (AMPA) receptors. due to Persistent membrane depolarization causes influx of calcium, sodium,and
chloride ions and efflux of potassium ions. In addition to contributing to mechanical obstruction of
microcirculation,the leucocytes also activate vasoactive substances such as oxygen free radicals,
arachidonic acid metabolites (cytokines), and nitric acid.
                                                     The cellular effects of these mediators include
vasodilatation, vasoconstriction, increased permeability, increased platelets aggregation, increased
leukocyte adherence to the endothelial wall, and immunoregulation. Morphologically, endothelial cells swell and
form “microvilli” at the luminal surface of the cell. This results in a reduction in the luminal patency of the
capillary vessel.Activation of endothelial adhesion molecules promotes leukocyte adherence to the endothelial
 wall, a key process in the initiation of the inflammatory process.
                                   Within an hour of hypoxic- ischemic ,there is a core of infarction
surrounded by an oligemic zone called the ischemic penumbra (IP).The pathophysiology of IP is closely linked to
generation of spontaneouswaves of depolarization (SWD). SWD can originate from multiple foci.  Sustained increases of
synaptic glutamate and extracellular potassium ions are closely associated with the development of SWD.
Glutamate receptor antagonists that block trans membrane calcium flux and prevent intracellular calcium
accumulation are known to suppress SWD.  Hypoxic or rapid depolarizations eventually supervene just before
irreversible neuronal death.The two processes by which injured neurons are known to die are
  a)coagulation necrosis   b) apoptosis.
                  Coagulation necrosis (CN) refers to a process in which individual cells die among living
neighbor cells without eliciting an inflammatory response.
                 apoptosis is also called “programmed cell death”, because the cells are programmed to
 die in response to certain conditions.

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Why is my job searching not working?

Why is my job searching not working?

Actually in today’s economy not getting a job lack of success has nothing to do with you. So many people are grappling for job in this tough economy, Right?

Actually No. in today’s economy people are getting jobs and calls for interview just after few days of applying. If you are not getting then there may be some fundamental issues.

Consider other job options

Consider other jobs when you are finding difficulties in your current job searching. May be you could find that job more interesting and you could end up doing this will fill your employment gap also. Don’t get indulged in one thing if nothing is working out then choose another field may be you could do better in this.

Get some job search help from library

Go to library many library offers job search classes. There you will find more job seekers interact with those people and get assistance from other fellows. Library is an excellent source of job search help.

More Options to get job search help

If nothing is working out then go to career counselor that might help you to figure out actual cause. That could give you an alternate way to find job.

Look for jobs in the right places

Are you searching for a job at the right place? Wrong search keyword or not using best job sites can make it difficult to find a job.

Try Temporary

Start working as a temporary there are many which offers training may be you could find permanent position. May be they could pay you or non-payable but start working at least it could fill your gap.

Unstick Your Job Search

If your job search halts or stop making progress then unstick it and get back on is simple as you are finding the right opportunities to apply.


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Cover letter sample for Dancer

Cover letter sample for Dancer

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name

I am pleased to submit my resume for consideration for the available Dance instructor position with your institution. Given my background in education and talent for working with diverse groups of students, I feel I am in a great position to make a positive impact with (mention the name of the institute).


In addition to my formal education and training, my 8 years history of hands-on experience as a Dance Teacher makes me an excellent match for the unique demands for this opportunity. For the past 5 years I have designed and planned curricula for all levels of students at (mention the name of the institute) prior to this, I was a dance instructor at (mention the name of the institute), where I trained students in the execution of dance steps, as well as the history of dance, theory and practice, with an emphasis on theatre dance performances.


The attached resume provides further details about how my qualification and background is a perfect match for your team’s needs in a Dance Instructor. I welcome the opportunity to further discuss how I can apply my strengths to your firm.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Article publié pour la première fois le 10/02/2017

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Hydrocephalus and its causes

Hydrocephalus is a condition in which there is excessive accumulation of fluid in brain and it  is mainly caused by an imbalance between how much cerebro spinal fluid is produced and how much is absorbed into the bloodstream.


Cerebrospinal fluid is produced by tissues lining the ventricles of the brain. It flows through the ventricles by way of interconnecting channels and eventually flows into spaces around the brain and spinal column. It’s absorbed primarily by blood vessels in tissues near the base of the brain. Cerebrospinal fluid plays an important role in brain

1)  It keeps the brain buoyant, allows heavy brain to float within the skull

2) Act as a cushion for  the brain to prevent injury.

3) It helps in the removal of  waste products of the brain’s metabolism

4)Flowing back and forth between the brain cavity and spinal column to maintain a constant pressure within the brain — compensating for changes in  blood pressure in the brain.


Excess cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles occurs because of the following reashydrocephalus ons….

1)  Obstruction. The most common cause of excessive CSF  is  partial obstruction of the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid, either from one ventricle to another or from  the ventricles to other spaces around the brain.

2)Poor absorption. Sometimes there  is a problem in  the mechanisms that makes  the blood vessels to absorb cerebral spinal fluid.This mainly occurs due  to inflammation of brain tissues from disease or injury.

3) Overproduction. In some of cases  the production of cerebrospinal fluid is  more than normal and more quickly than it can be absorbed.

   Congenital hydrocephalus  occurs at the time of birth or  during fetal development  . The main Causes include infections (e.g., cytomegalovirus [CMV], toxoplasmosis, rubella) and hemorrhaging or internal bleeding in the brain. Here are some of congenital malformations  that are commonly associated with CSF obstruction:

1) Aqueductal stenosis– It is narrowing of the pathway to the fourth ventricle

2)Arnold-Chiari malformations– condition in which small part of the cerebellum protrudes into the spinal canal

3)Dandy-Walker syndrome– There is enlarged fourth ventricle due to obstruction in pathway

4) Spina bifida–portion of the spinal cord is pushed through an abnormal opening between two vertebrae.

 Acquired hydrocephalus can occur at any age.  Some of the  conditions may cause CSF obstruction and leads to acquired hydrocephalus:

1)Bleeding (hemorrhage)

2) trauma of brain (i.e., result of injury)

3)tumor in brain

4)Cyst (i.e., a fluid-filled sac)

5)Infection (e.g., cerebral abscess, bacterial meningitis)





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Creating Mobile Presence

sales cover letter

Creating Mobile Presence

According to Pew Internet and American Life Project, over one third of Americans now have an internet enabled smartphone. Even more Americans have mobile phones with mobile web access that can access the internet. With such a large percentage of the population adopting the technology to have the internet in their pocket, it makes sense for a business to include expanding their mobile web presence in their marketing plans. Below are six of the most compelling reasons to have a mobile presence.


When customers are trying to find out information about your business on the go, they use a smartphone to search for your business information. Without a reliable website, they may find outdated and unreliable information from what is available online from other websites. Being able to search and find exactly what they need to know on the go makes life easier for your customers. Without the information they need, they may choose to go elsewhere, knowing that another business has what they want, whether it be menus, hours, services or directions to your location.
Ease of use:

Even if you already have a website for your business, it may not format properly on the small screen of a phone. One of the main problems smartphone users experience is accessing websites that are not properly formatted for their phones, making it difficult to use while away from their computers. Some websites are designed in applications like Flash that may not load on a phone, or use too much memory and crash the browser. Choosing to have a clean and simple mobile web site will make all of the information easy to view and access. Websites formatted for the mobile web prevent annoying navigation and loading problems.

Maintaining a mobile website is often very inexpensive, with the fees to design a mobile website also very modestly priced. For most businesses with a large web presence, the cost of developing and maintaining a mobile website will be a small fraction of hosting and server fees for the non-mobile website every month, while providing a useful tool to market your business online.

The number of smartphone and mobile web users grow on a daily basis. 7% of U.S. web traffic comes from mobile devices, and that statistic is expected to continue to rise. More users will be accessing mobile websites in the future, making it necessary to consider the expanding market of mobile web users.
Keeping up with the competition:

More and more businesses are seeing the use of a mobile website for users on the go and choosing to include it in their marketing and advertising plans. As more and more adopt this technology, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t be left behind in your competitor’s dust.
Reaching more potential customers:

Most large companies have a mobile website rather than a mobile application because they know the value in reaching as many segments of their market as possible. A well designed mobile website will attract far more interest and business than a mobile application, and be much easier to to implement. Separate mobile applications have to be developed for every different operating system, making it several times as costly and complicated to implement a system that will work for every mobile user.

Looking at more statistics of smartphone use, it is clear that smartphone users are using their phones as a mobile computer rather than a phone. At least two thirds of smartphone users use their phones to access the internet on a daily basis, and 25% of users report using their smartphone as the primary mode of accessing the internet. When choosing where to spend your marketing dollars, it makes sense to expand your business’s web presence to the mobile web.

Peter Tarkington is a website consultant and content contributor for, a site which lists wireless providers and tracks the latest advances in available web connections.

Article publié pour la première fois le 03/11/2011

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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

As the number of people are growing sharing their content in Twitter , its marketing can not be skipped by start up businesses and promoters.
Having a company twitter account is a MUST these days.

So lets see how can we promote our business /website in Twitter effectively.

Create Account

Start by creating a Twitter account and write a descriptive bio and add link to your website. Also , add a nice bio photo.

Strategically select the people you want to follow. For example, if you own a job board, then your audience will be recruiters and job seekers, so you can focus on them.

Create Twitter lists, For example here you can create list : “recruiter” , “Java candidates” , “New York .Net”, “Nurses” etc.
You can also use other people’s lists as a shortcut. (Note: Lists can be public or private.)

Follow People

These are Twitter users you want to follow. While Twitter lists can be as large as you want, keep the number of people manageable so you’re not overwhelmed with the stream. You don’t have to create lists from scratch. Use other people’s lists as a shortcut. (Note: Lists can be public or private.)

You can also search for people , with keyword “recruiter” and start following them.
Try following people rather than companies as they may not follow you back.
Find the influencers in your niche. A good tool for this is FollowerWonk.

Let’s Tweet

You can also plan your tweets in advance. Use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer to support your efforts.
Take advantage of hashtags. Hashtags are a shorthand way of capturing information and conversations.Try 1-3 hash tags in your tweets.
Example : #Job :Need #java developer in #NewYork. Your link.

Do not always promote links from your website. You should promote some good content from other websites.
Create or curate GREAT content to share. Use a tool like BuzzSumo to find out what content is the most popular.

Lets avoid tweeting style which is very common or that can not attract people to share it,

For example :
Tweet :
“Check out this ultimate guide to social marketing : {} by @twitterhandle”

It can be rewritten for more attention and sharing.

“Are you not getting social media traffic even after lot of sharing! Read this and get more shares and traffic: {} by @twitterhandle”


Use images if possible in tweets. You can use other media files also , like videos, presentations etc.Tweets with images attracts more re-tweets and sharing.

Make Other users to retweet your tweets as Traffic from Twitter doesn’t mainly come from your own followers. It comes from OTHER users who retweets your tweets.



Tweet often

Plan your tweets in advance. Use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer to support your efforts.

Tweet shelf life is very short , so try to extend the life of your content by creating several versions of your tweet to post.



Re-tweet your own content more than once, a good one will be to re tweet 3-4 times, once every 6-8 hours to attract a broader reach with limited overlap.


Follow ups

Converse with people tweeting about your topic. This can be as simple as favoring the tweet, or a reply “thanks for sharing!”


Some tips:

No need to read all tweets
Use a scheduler like Buffer
It’s okay to reshare the same content

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Resume Tips for childcare worker

Resume Tips for childcare worker

A child care worker takes care of children while their parents are way or working. As a childcare worker, you are expected to take care of children’s everyday needs and keep them safe. These needs may include grooming them, diapering infants and toddlers, feeding, medical appointments, and any other activities and making sure that children do their homework.


Childcare worker Resume Tips:


Your childcare worker resume is your only chance to show an employer the best of who you really are. It’s all about selling your skills and experience, and showing them that you are the best person for that job. Unlike most careers such as receptionist or an administrative assistant, a resume for a child care worker is different from any other profession. Apart from the applicant listing their professional accomplishments, a lot of emphasis is usually based on personality and understanding how the applicant relates with children in teamwork. For a hiring manager to evaluate adequately how well a daycare worker performs on the job, a childcare worker resume should have these main components: skills, certifications, work experience and recommendations.




This section should list a set of skills that are related to childcare such as preparation of meals, caring for children with special needs and ability to keep confidential information. A good childcare worker needs to be good in communication with not only children, but also with their parents.


Degrees and certifications


Your degrees and certification should be listed in reverse chronological order in your resume. Degrees that are related to childcare are the most sought in this field.


Work experience


You should list your work experience in your resume from the most recent to the earliest. Avoid listing babysitting jobs unless you were working in a professional organization.


Article publié pour la première fois le 10/02/2017

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job search email subject line examples

Meaningful Job Search Email Subject Line Examples 

Sending an employment resume email may be tricky. Hiring managers tend to receive several job applications every day, therefore it is important to grab the attention of the recruiter through an appealing job application email subject. Candidates can easily obtain meaningful job search email subject line examples on the web. The subject line of the email should be consequential. If a particular job application email subject line includes years of experience, job title, education, qualification and work experience, it will certainly attract the mind of the manager immediately. The hiring manager will be compelled to open your job application email.

Why Job Application Email Subject Line Should Be Meaningful?

Job email subject line must be appealing and refreshing to the employer. The recruiter should be forced to open your job application email instantly. The email subject line should include warm referral. Before sending your job application to a particular company, try to find a warm relationship with the company or human resource department. A positive warm introduction can go a long way in influencing the mind of the employer. The email subject line should be short and sweet. It should not be lengthy or cumbersome. Try to find alluring job search email subject line examples on the internet.

You need to convey your intended message in a few words. Thus, the subject line should be interesting and appealing to the employer. There is no need to include your name, age, marital status or religion in the email subject line. The subject line should be exact and to the point with clever incorporation of appealing words. The overall idea is to draw the attention of the manager instantly. Your job application email should stand out from the rest. You need to make the subject line unique and evocative for the hiring manager. 

Article publié pour la première fois le 25/07/2013

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Learn Ways to Improve Your Exam Grades with Easy Revision Tips

Learn Ways to Improve Your Exam Grades with Easy Revision Tips

Many students must have started their preparation for their approaching final examinations. It is the time of the year when students gear up their learning to cover the entire syllabus for getting good grades. Not only for people who are in schools or colleges but for every person who are preparing for some competitive exams, studying and revising can become nerve-racking and involves many sleepless nights just to go through the entire learning material. It is the period of nervousness and tensions before the exams arrive, and people try to learn faster than their normal speed. No doubt, it is important to start the exam preparation to get good results but you can make this activity easy and smooth with some effective techniques and revision tips so that you can avoid the stressful atmosphere.


Revision can make a big Difference!

Remember, try to follow one technique that comfort your learning speed and don’t rush to learn. If you will able to develop your own technique for revision then it help you cover your course systematically. You can easily become aware of different revision techniques for various types of learners that too depending on the type of subject which people want  to revise. Last minute revision if done systematically with proper guidelines then it will reduce much confusion during examination period for lots of students.


Tips to Do Effective Revision

Here are some simple but effective revision tips that will teach you how to take a sensible approach to exam revision study. Firstly, students must try o develop the habit of reading, writing short notes and then spend time to memorize them. If they will write the notes in the form of short abbreviations or lines from the main notes it will help them to revise before exams quickly without wasting a lot of time to read lengthy notes. Even students can make list of keywords for the main topics or write them in the forms of diagrams which is the most effective way to revise the entire syllabus. If possible you can revise with the company of your friends or colleagues then it will prove helpful as you can exchange your ideas, build strong understanding by asking questions from each other to clear doubts or acquire more clarity. You can make some flash or revision cards related to different topics because it will allow you to add details about the particular topics in your study material.


Always Do Planning of Timing and strategy   

Before planning to set revision regime, one must try to classify the topics or subjects that are more difficult and needs time to understand as compare to others. Difficult subjects require careful planning and revision tips to establish guidelines, make decisions and solve problems. If you give more concentration, time and efforts to troubled subjects with specific details of topics, then it will build your confidence to attempt those exams. With proper calculation of revision time schedule and tips gives you clear understanding about the topics, subjects or areas of study. The topics which less complicated or do not require a lot more learning can be taken later on. So good luck for your exam and try to develop best revision plan to make revision activity an interesting one and also do take care of your health by adopting healthy diet plan. It will help to increase your learning and getting through the exam period in an effective manner.


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Nurses resume example

Nurses resume example


Since there are a lot of positions in the nursing field, there are different types of jobs that you can consider. But when you prepare the resume for these jobs, you have to make the resume unique. In other words, you should try to let the readers know that you are applying for the clinical nurse field instead of the other positions in the nursing industry. If you cannot make the resume to this manner, it would be hard for you to convince the recruiters that you are the right person for the job.


In the normal resume for nurses, there would be different types of information that you need to include. For example, you need to tell the educational background of yourself because the recruiters would want to recruit somebody who is familiar with the local medical practice. In addition, you should let the recruiters understand about your personal strengths such that you would be the best candidate that they should consider.


If you have worked before as a nurse, you should not hesitate to include it in the resume. The previous working experience is always more important than other parts of the resume. You can put this at the higher position if you are prioritizing the resume items. Some of the people have suggested that people should explain the working background before introducing the educational background. This is one of the approaches that can work well. You would find the information from the Nurses resume example below and understand the steps to write good resume. With the help of it, the resume could be made easily.


Nurses resume example


Jack Wilson

S230 Drive, DACity,SD21031

Cell: 550-440-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To obtain the position as a clinical nurse in a clinic or hospital where the skills of mine could be demonstrated and polished through the work



–          Good at nursing and medical principles

–          Able to communicate with doctors and patients efficiently

–          Good skills in writing and oral as well as electronic communication

–          Can work in a flexible schedule and can work with high standard


Work Experience

Clinical Nurse,CMCAHospital

2009 – Present

–          Assisted the patient screening

–          Maintained the documentation of the hospital

–          Prepared reports for doctors to evaluate the cases of patients

–          Assisted the patient assessment in different departments

–          Reported to doctors in case of any emergencies

–          Participated in the peer evaluation of nursing staff in the hospital

–          Took part in the hiring process


Clinical Nurse, SDDO Clinic

2008 – 2009

–          Assisted the doctors to communicate with patients

–          Provided patients with corresponding medicines

–          Assisted the works of other colleagues

–          Took part in the recruitment process of the new nurses

–          Prepared daily maintenance for the clinic and assisted doctors to file the documentation

–          Built good relationship with patients


Educational Qualification

SDVCM Institute of Nursing, Diploma of Nursing and Health Care



CollegeofNursing, Certificate in Nursing




Available upon request


Expected salary


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Top 8 tips for Using Forums

The forums are the best place to talk about various subjects. You can consider forums as a place of sharing information and socializing. Forums provide an opportunity to express views, share ideas, thoughts or seek opinions from people. Forums are considered as the effective way to advertise your products or services and to drive high traffic to your web site.

There are different websites, and thus various forums. Mostly, Forums are of two types:

  • General forums: Here people can talk about everything.
  • Specialty forums: These forums are related to particular area.

Some tips to use the forums in an effective manner:

1.) Find the relevant forums: You should find forums related to your website, services you are offering or the products you provide. This can be done by searching in to Google.

2.) Read the forum guidelines, terms and conditions properly: Go through the guidelines properly, and read the terms and conditions also. Forum guidelines will tell you about the forum, how it operates, and what will get you banned. For example, some forums are interested in receiving welcome threads and some not.

3.) Join in forums: Join the forums but be sure that the forums where you join must allow signatures to your posts. This is quite simple. You can do this by checking out posted threads. And before registering, you have to agree to their terms and conditions. Once done, you can sign up, and post accordingly. But never add up signature while creating profile.

4.) Set up your signature: After your account has been created, and then you can you’re your profile, and add up your signature. In signature field, you can place backlinks to your site, and make use of keywords for your site.

5) Make Use of the Forum Features: With signature field, you can tell the members about your site. Make comments on posts, and create a thread if you wish to know about something.

6.) Do not promote your website directly: Most forums strictly prohibit direct promotion of a Web site. This can even get you banned from the forum. Do not use any links in your threads, they might not get approved by the moderators.

7.) Don’t Spam: Say no to spamming. Do not post anything you wish and that too in irrelevant categories. Wait for some time before posting, when you are newly registered to a forum. Wait for a week or so, otherwise you will get banned. And first reply to some existing threads.

8.) Always stay professional: Post the threads related to your area. Do not post irrelevant material on the forums.

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Writing A Personal Assistant Cover Letter

personal assistant cover letter


Guiding Principles When Writing A Personal Assistant Cover Letter 

personal assistant cover letter

Preparing a cover letter may be a daunting task especially if you have no idea on how to start. A personal Assistant job basically entails managing the boss’s diary as well as providing the necessary administrative support for the boss to be able to achieve their objectives. Some of the duties may include organizing travel arrangements, organizing conferences and meetings both internally and externally, preparing regular reports, analyzing documents, and correspondence among others.

It is a demanding but a well-paying job hence, if the barrier to that dream PA job is a personal assistant cover letter, then it is essential to look into it. Just like any cover letter, this particular one should also address the need of why an employer should consider you for the position and not the other candidates. The basic structure in regards to contact information, the salutation and the valediction is just like any other professional cover letter. The difference will come on the body of the cover letter. This is where you have all the liberty to market yourself for the position. Highlight your qualifications and skills in regards to the PA job.

Some of the skills that are associated with this particular job are good coordination and problem solving skills, high interpersonal and correspondence skills, resilient organization and management skills, good analytical skills, mathematical skills all these skills are necessary when it comes to making decisions that are right for the organization.


Tips to write quality personal assistant cover letter  

Carry out some research in regards to the position. The internet could come handy in this respect. Pick a suitable format to use to enumerate your skills and qualifications for the job.

As you try to be precise ensure there is no grammatical error because a cover letter is an official letter. It also shows how keen you are on details.

Ensure to mention supplementary knowledge that is relevant to the job as it will boost your chances of getting the job.

Make a request to the hiring manager to go through your resume on the cover letter.

A well done personal assistant cover letter will introduce your candidature for the position of a PA in an effective manner.


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Why use LinkedIn for job search

Why use LinkedIn for job search?

LinkedIn is an online directory of professional and companies. Individuals and company both use LinkedIn for hiring, Job search, and company research and associates. It’s also important to help and give advice to your referrals rather than asking for aid to build strong network. Here are some tips to get started.


1. Your Profile: One of the most important parts in LinkedIn is your profile. Treat it more like than CV which summons up your credentials. Recruiters use keyword for job search use the keyword and phrases they use.

2. Choose a professional photo for LinkedIn: Profile picture should be professional wear formal clothes and a plain background is must.

3. How to use LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn add connection feature when you are logged in into LinkedIn you can click on contacts and add them. It will give more suggestions related to this field and organization you can also connect with.


You can search for jobs on LinkedIn by keyword, country and zip code.

Use the Advanced Search Option to refine your search and to search by location, miles from a location, experience level, company, job title, job function, salary and industry.

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Windows Mobile Apps

Windows Mobile Apps :

Despite the proliferation of iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android-equipped devices,Windows Mobile cell phones are alive and doing well . Still many companies are looking for windows mobile apps and their development. We, zeustek, as an affordable mobile application development team in India gets inquiries for windows mobile app development on regular basis and we know the market will really grow beyond expectations in coming years.

windows mobile apps
windows mobile apps

There are many windows mobile apps  and I have tried to list our some of really good and free windows mobile app you should check:

Google Sync Sync your If you use Google’s Gmail, contacts, or calendar, sync them with your phone.

Skype A very user friendly skype app for talking.

Pandora for Windows Mobile Listen to music, rate songs, and bookmark your favorite artists and songs.

Tic Tac Toe Looking for a simple game to pass time? Play this classic against the computer.

AP Mobile Read international and national news from the Associated Press, plus local coverage from more than 1,200 newspapers.

TwitToday Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging client. With TwitToday, you can control all your twitter activities and tweet from your windows mobile easily.

Google Maps Mobile Google Maps is a free app which lets you determine your current location with or without GPS using Maps.

Windows Mobile Application Development Tools

There is no doubt that the popularity of mobile devices has gone beyond the limit.
You can see everywhere that people are constantly using iPhones, ipad, smartphones, blackberry or some other hi tech mobile devices. Windows Mobile platform is probably one of the most popular mobile platforms nowadays together with Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

The development tools and languages  for windows mobile app development  are very similar to regular embedding and application programming languages.
Some of latest developments tools for windows smartphones:

eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0
SDP functions
Visual Studio .NET
Microsoft SQL Server

Of course, that’s not the complete list of the development tools for Windows Mobile application development but they are probably the best.

Getting your own app for Windows Mobile

Our experience and expertise in windows mobile development makes us deliver you the quality apps for your windows mobile.
Now people have started recognizing us not only in India but across the world as a finest web, mobile and iPhone application developers and android application development team.

So if you are looking for a reliable and long lasting development partner, give us an opportunity to help you meet your marketing or production goals while still keeping a tight rein on your budget.
If you want to know more about windows mobile app development, feel free to contact us and our mobile developers will be glad to help you.

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Why should I hire you

Why should I hire you?

Even though this is a great opportunity but selling yourself can be an intimidating task. Not only you need to know your words carefully but the tone and attitude you are carrying.

Be confident. Be your own don’t be fake to impress as you will miss out the opportunity.


The interviewer wants to know how you stand out among the other applicants. Therefore, focus on one or two qualities you have that might be unique, or more difficult to find in other interviewees.

For example, if you are very experienced with a certain skill that the job requires, say so. This is your chance to tell the interviewer why you would be an invaluable employee.


The question is: why should we hire you? This is a great question. There is not one reason or one talent that fits me for this job because I am still learning. When it seems to hold a challenge that is close to what I have done before, but a step forward — otherwise I’d be repeating what I have already done before.

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Job site government of Canada


PSC and other websites for job search in Canada

In Canada, the Public Service Commission (PSC) is the authority that ensures proper recruitments for public service departments strictly on the basis of merit and equal representation. The job seekers who want to search job site government of Canada are able to gather information about public service job opportunities from the portal of PSC. The PSC is a federal institution which is under the direct control of the Parliament.


The process of including PSC also in the government website is already in progress and until it is completed the job seekers can visit the Public Service Commission website . In Canada, the job seekers have a lot of resources for their search for job opportunities. Those who want to visit the job site government of Canada can make their search in the following websites where they can find many useful links for finding employment opportunities in Canada.

Government of Canada

Living Abroad in Canada

Transitions Abroad

Government Publications and Manuals

From the Government of Canada website the job seekers can gather a lot of links that are very useful for finding suitable jobs in Canada. Job seekers can find a lot of resources from the Living Abroad in Canada website. Those who want to be an expatriate in Canada can get a lot of information from the Transitions Abroad website and the Government Publications and Manuals website is very interesting and useful to those who are very new in Canada. Though many applications and emails may not be responded, one may get positive response sometimes, which might not have been anticipated. Hence the job seekers may make it a point to conduct searches on all these websites as part of their job site government of Canada searches.


Temporary Foreign Worker Program

During the job site government of Canada searches the job seekers are likely to come across with the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program. Many employers in Canada meet their temporary requirements of skilled workers through the TFW Program. Anyone can apply for the jobs under the TFW Program. Almost all types of occupations as well as skill types are covered by this program. When permanent residents of Canada and Canadian citizens are not available, those positions are filled through the TFW Program. The job seekers have to obtain the work permit to work under the TFW Program and the work permit is subject to conditions regarding place of work, employer, type of work and how long the worker can work in Canada. Job seekers can make use of the Come to Canada Tool to find out whether they qualify for the TFW Program.


Opportunities in Canada for foreign professionals and skilled workers

In order to further boost up the already growing economy of Canada, the Canadian government offers job opportunities to skilled workers from other countries. During the job site government of Canada searches, the job seekers will come across with the details of Canada Skilled Worker Immigration. The government of Canada welcomes skilled workers and professionals who are ready to settle permanently in Canada and help to make the workforce more productive. The applicants who are selected for the Skilled Worker Immigration program will be provided with permanent resident visa thereby enabling them to immigrate to Canada with family.





Register here for Canada Job Board

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Why use twitter for job search

Why use twitter for job search?

Twitter is another social networking tool that has become extremely popular in which you can follow people and get their latest could be a great source for people who are looking for job if you know how to follow and filter.


The pre-eminent way for a Twitter user to find a job is by following fields and organizations they would like to work for they are usuallythe best source for insider information when those companies are hiring or preparing to hire.

Join the conversation by re-tweeting them offer the words of wisdom and let them get to know about you add them in your network.

Once you have identified some key people twitter make it easy for you to find more people relevant to this that might have something to offer you.


Twitter can be an excellent way for your job search introducing you to new people, organizations and ideas. Twitter also helps you to build your online reputation and bringing you to the attention of employers and recruiters.

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Identifying Asbestos in Floor Tiles


Identifying Asbestos in Floor Tiles 

Asbestos is a natural mineral that has nano fibers that cause lung disease when inhaled. This has led to the banning of asbestos as a construction material since the 1980s. Before this, asbestos was a common material in the construction industry as it has a high heat resistant quality that makes it a perfect material for insulation purposes. Asbestos in floor tiles was very common and also a preferred choice in manufacturing and installation with many vinyl tiles using asbestos as a filler material before they are installed in the floors of many houses.
 Asbestos in floor tiles was also widely favored due to the insulation quality of the material. Due to the risk factor posed by asbestos fibers, you need to identify the material in your home so that you can safely dispose of it and make sure that you and your family are safe from any health hazards that are presented by these fibers. The first place to start is by identifying asbestos in floor tiles. This is not as easy as it sounds and to be able to identify asbestos beyond doubt you need to conduct a test in a specialized laboratory.

There are however obvious ways to identify asbestos in floor tiles in your house. To be able to identify asbestos in floor tiles, you need to first of all know the types of tiles that have asbestos in them. One of the tiles that will contain asbestos is the asphalt asbestos tiles. The name is the first indicator that the tiles contain asbestos fibers in them. These tiles were very popular in the U.S from 1920s to the 1960s.

The first production of these tiles saw them come out with dark colors as more asphalt was used than asbestos fibers. They are still found today and if you want to identify asbestos in floor tiles, take a look at your floor tiles and confirm whether they are asphalt asbestos tiles. The second category of tiles that contain asbestos is the vinyl tiles that were featured in the late 1950s.
These tiles were laid in the same format as asphalt asbestos tiles. They normally feature a black and white color scheme and they are based on vinyl materials and asbestos was used as a filler agent. This asbestos in floor tiles can sometimes become loose and release fibers in the air where they pose a danger to the respiratory system of people within that vicinity.
Asbestos in floor tiles represents a great health risk to people but when they are intact and in good condition, they are non-friable and do not affect people. However due to wear and tear factors make the asbestos weak to a point where they can be dislodged and released in the air where they become friable. Any material that contains asbestos and can be crushed with normal hand pressure is friable hence very dangerous to the health of humans. Flooring which can be crumbled with normal hand pressure should therefore be treated with suspicion until it is proven to be safe.

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Are Resume summaries necessary

Are Resume summaries necessary?

Yes your resume needs a summary. In three to five sentences, explain what you’re best at, most interested in, and how you can provide value to a potential employer.

In a resume, this is called your professional summary.

Tailor your summary to each job application. Make a list of the three or four most vital responsibilities of each posting and then accentuate those in your summary.


This promptly tells the hiring manager that you’ve solved the same types of difficulty he’s dealing with. And it’s worth his time to keep reading and then interview you.


Unless you’ve followed a much uncomplicated career path, it’s not always clear by job titles alone what you might be targeting. And when you have

approximately 6 seconds to convey your message, it’s not a good idea to leave it to the recruiter to put the pieces together and figure it out as they’re scanning through.


This is another reason the summary statement is so important – it tells your audience what you’re qualified for and targeting before they even get to the experience section.

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Resume for Canada example

Writing Resumes for Canada

When we go through the resume for Canada example, we realize that the purpose of the resume is to highlight the particular skill of the applicant which will be appreciated by the employer. In the resume the applicant is translating his or her qualification, skills and expertise into catchy words or phrases to pull the attention of the employer. The employers in Canada will not read the resumes word by word. Hence proper as well as sufficient usage of the keywords in the resume is very important. The resume represents the applicant in front of the employer and hence it should effectively display his or her skills that are required by the employer. The resume for Canada example is prepared in such a way that it enables the applicant to get selected for the job for which he has passion. Instead of copying or making adjustments in the old resume, the resume must be fresh, original and unique. The applicant should ensure that the resume speaks for him or her.

Highlight relevant accomplishments

The resume for Canada example will invariably contain the key words that are searched by the employer. When keywords are used naturally as many number of times as possible in the resume, the accomplishments of the applicants are effectively brought to the attention of the employer and this kind of a resume will certainly impress the employer. The applicant should not overlook any of the accomplishments that are relevant to the position for which the application is made. The resume for Canada example demonstrates the importance of proper inclusion of the accomplishments in the resume. The C.A.R. method is widely used for highlighting the accomplishments of the applicant in the resume. The clear and brief description of the previous positions held by the applicant should contain the challenges faced by him or her in the previous job, the actions taken by him or her to overcome the challenge and the results of his or her actions. By way of proper presentation, the employer gets convinced about his or her skills as well as the ability to apply the skills in the proper way so as to get the desired results. The resume for Canada example will have bullets to highlight the accomplishments so as to effectively illustrate the skills that are listed in the resume.

Use keywords to highlight technical skills

Job seekers face the toughest competition in the Information Technology job market. The technical skills of the applicant are very crucial in this field and hence those skills are to be properly highlighted in the resume. After going through the resume the employer must be convinced that the applicant is capable of meeting all the job requirements and solving all the problems. Industry-specific keywords play a vital role in making the resumes impressive as well as effective.

Writing a proper resume

Here are the tips to write a proper resume:

  1. Make the resume easy to read and leave sufficient white space in between words, lines and paragraphs.
  2. Start the resume with the contact information of the candidate, the position for which the application is made and a list of qualifications, skills and work experiences of the applicant.
  3. Under the sub-heading “Qualifications” the candidate should provide details of his academic qualifications, skills and accomplishments that are relevant to the position for which the application is made.
  4. Under the sub-heading “Work Experience” the applicant should mention the previous positions held by him or her in chronological order. The most recent job of the applicant should be cited on the top and the previous jobs are to be cited in the descending order. The applicant should make it a point to describe his or her role in the previous jobs thereby demonstrating his or her skills and abilities. Keywords and bullets are to be used at appropriate places.
  5. Keep in mind that a professional candidate is effectively represented by a resume that is easy to read, clear and concise.



Register here for Canada Job Board

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Myths and misconception about job hunting


To understand myths or misconception about job hunting, first, it’s important to know what job board is? From a candidate’s point of view, a job board is a place where he looks for a job and from an employer’s point of view, it’s a place of advertisement for the job. In other words, it’s a term used to describe the collection of various sites where employers and job seekers connect.  It might be job site, job website or job portal. Therefore, the job board mainly deals with the hiring process.

                   Myths and misconception about job hunting

   1)Job-Seekers Who Change Jobs Very Often are considered by


It is the misconception that job seeker who had multiple jobs with their short stay listed on their resume or changes their company to take multiple moves for gaining experience or skills are recognized by their employers. If you have impressive qualifications and expensive experience it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will get the job. In fact, jobs are often offered who is the better communicator, or who can connect with the interviewer and discuss things with his skills and achievements in a professional manner.


2) A Cover Letter is Not as Important —

                                 A cover letter is a letter where you tell your employer exactly what type of job you are looking for and how you are qualified for the job. In case, if you apply for the job and it does not contain the cover letter it seems to be useless for the employer as he or she does not know what type of job you are looking for?

Therefore, a cover letter should be sent specifically to the company and position you are applying to.


3) Lowering Your Salary Will Make you eligible for the job —

                                 Job seeker never lowers their salary demands, if you do so it will make you appear desperate for the job and will result in losing job offer or if you will get the job, you are not happy with your job because you would feel sad about the salary you deserve. Therefore, whenever apply for a job never bring up salary issues, let the employer raise it.



4) When Times Are Tough, Take the First Job Offer You Get–

If you are out of work for some period, you become desperate for a job, but it does not mean you should accept the first job that comes to you if you know it’s not right for you. If you suffer some financial or emotional consequences, do some freelancing or some temporary work that best fits in the direction you want to move.


 5) Job search through agencies, web postings, and newspapers–

It is believed that the job opportunities advertised on newspapers and the internet only allow you to position yourself in front of a small percentage of opportunities. If you want to maximize your job search leverage your professional network of contacts.


 6) Unemployment is a disadvantage when looking for a new job-

It is a common misconception that it’s easier to get a job if you are already in the job. employers also understand that there are several reasons why you want to be out of the job.

To conclude this, it’s important that we don’t believe in all these myths and misconception, just believe in yourself and stay confident. Always remember the key to success is hard work.


key to success is hardwork













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Are Resume objective statements necessary

Are Resume objective statements necessary?

Objective statement isn’t necessary it is outdated. It is not about what you want. It’s about what the employer wants. Generally what an

employer sees your skills, qualifications and achievements. Your resume should be showing these rather than your objective. It always

contains nearly identical content.


You are applying for similar jobs from past few times. Your resume’s skills and qualification impress your employer; let them without an

objective statement.


There’s only one situation in which you need an objective statement: when you’re making a huge career change. Making the leap from business development to marketing means your resume could definitely use a clear explanation that you’re transitioning roles and have the necessary transferable skills.

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Sample cover letter for administrative assistant

Enhance your chances for a top job as administrative assistant with the best cover letter


Are you are aspiring for a job of an administrative assistant? This is a wonderful job opportunity that promises job stability as well as promises rewarding compensation package. But, getting a good job as an administrative assistant with a good company is going to take a good test of your Candidature. A perfectly and professionally written cover letter will get you the attention of the hiring manager and once it happens, you will have the best chances for getting the job. If you are finding it tough to draft the letter of your own, refer to the templates for sample cover letter for administrative assistant as an instant solution to your needs.


Points to highlight in the cover letter


  • Uphold your superlative organization as well as customer service skills
  • Mention those points that will establish the point that you given attention to detail
  • Mention the office suites and applications you are conversant with
  • Emphasize on your interpersonal, communication, negotiation and soft skills
  • Present yourself as a professional who is flexible, assertive, reliable and trustworthy
  • Mention your abilities to work as a team
  • Mention your achievements in the professional career till date
  • Show how you can add value to the existing process and methodology of the company, if you are selected for the job.


A model of a  cover letter while applying for an administrative assistant job


Your Name


Phone Number

Email Address




Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms.


This letter is to express my interest in being a part of your company, in the capacity of an administrative assistant.


Presently, I am employed with XXXX (present employer name) in a similar capacity, since (date of joining). This exposure developed in me the competence and skills that are necessary to perform in similar profile and am confident that I possess those qualities and abilities that you would like to see in the incumbent, filling up the position open with you.


As for my key skills, I am an individual who enjoys working as a team and I have got a natural abilities to collaborate and communicate with people around me. With attention over detail, and conservancy with various Office applications, I am in a position to handle the job demand with the highest efficiency. My passion for performing my assignments with flawless perfection and my ability to comply with the timelines has earned respect and recognition with my present as well as the employers I have served in the past.


With superlative communication, interpersonal and soft skills, in am rightly poised to do justice to my roles in the aspect of administrative tasks as well as customer service functions. Most importantly, I am an individual with a solid integrity background and worthy of trust and reliance.


I am excited about the job with your organization, as I am with your Company and am eagerly looking forward for the opportunity for a meeting with you to discuss about the job and my suitability as a candidate.


Thanking You



The sample cover letter for administrative assistant will enable you to draft a quality letter, putting the minimum effort and time.







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How to build your online career brand


If you are still wasting countless hours to post your resume or search for the jobs, if the answer is “ YES ” then you have to use web to build your  career brand, for that it is important to make a good resume and use online branding tools to build your online status. Job seeker presence can be  easily found by recruiters, managers,therefore you should be strong enough to make a positive impression on them. Here are some of the tools for job seekers to build online career brand—


1)      LinkedIn profile—

LinkedIn is a business oriented networking site in which experienced business professionals  around the world  represent their brands. You  have to create profile which act as resume or introduction to your career brand. After that try to make careconnection with other members also.


2)      Personal websites—

The other best way to promote  your career brand is to develop your personal website that show your achievements. You have to buy a domain with your name and publish your career resume, related articles that makes employers looking for jobs, directly approach you.


3)      Blog —

If you have habit to write, then create a blog that include news, job related links, discussions etc . Try to write related topics of your brand and also comment on other blogs so people will know the information you want them to know.


4)      Twitter account —

Twitter is a networking site that helps people to connect and communicate. Here, more and more people are tweeting information related to job links. So it is very easy to build your career brand and make connections.


5)      Google or other profiles—

Try to make Google profile which is eye catchy that makes it appears on the search page whenever search on Google profile. Also join  other social network sites such as face book , etc create a profile in relevant professional organizations if they allow you.


6)      Business week’s business exchange—

Try to post, share news in the business exchange this will help you to make new connections and updates.


7)      Use same photo—

Try to use same photo on all networking sites and blog that you use. This will help to increase your recognition by employers and help to build your brand.


8)      Use your name—

The goal of  professional brand is to increase your presence in search engine. So whenever employers search Google , yahoo or other search engines your rank is high. Always use your name as your URL to help to boost your rank.

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