Top 8 Reasons-Why We Are Different From Rest of the Companies

Zeustek is a global IT service provider company. We have been consistently delivering the best services to our clients’. We make use of the latest technologies to achieve these goals. We have a successful record of delivering the best to our clients. And thus our customers have a competitive advantage.

The company has established its name in the field of offshore Application Development. Our Application Development model is a result of various inventions and the product thus delivered not only fulfils clients’ requirements, but also clings to global standards of software engineering. We try hard to deliver superior quality and cost effective Web Design development solutions to our clients.

In addition to our Custom website design and development and Online Promotion services, Zeustek provides IT Consultation and SEO Services. Zeustek has a team of experienced professionals, and thus the project failure risk is reduced, and because of the fact the company has build a good reputation in a short span of time. The company delivers cost effective products.

  1. Commitment towards quality and the value of the product or the service is one of the important principles.
  2. We make use of ethical search engine optimization techniques.
  3. All the content generated may be for articles, blogs, press releases etc is manually prepared. We do not make use of automated software’s.
  4. We are having various specialists for various tasks, like we have specialist for link building, article writing etc.
  5. We are having robust local affiliations.
  6. We have an experienced team of professionals, having expertise in internet marketing, social media and much more.
  7. We are having strong affiliations with our professionals in the industry.
  8. You can contact us anytime.

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top interview questions

Always be ready for these top interview questions


When you attend a job interview, there might be some questions thrown at you that are not among the normal and rampant interview questions you should expect. The way you answer these questions matters a lot because most of them are very intelligent questions that does not have any yes of no answer. Most of them are just to trick you and you should make sure you get them right.


But apart from these questions, there some top interview questions that you must expect whenever you are getting ready for any form of job interview. Most of these questions are meant for beginners while majority are made for people with some work experience.


No matter the category you fall into, there are some top interview questions you should always expect from the interviewers. The interviewer will always ask you to tell him about yourself and here, you should be humble enough to summarize the necessary answer. Don’t be too expository in this and give him information about yourself that are relevant to the job and interview.


You will be asked whether you are happy with your present carrier, your most difficult situation in life, what you think about your present job, why you dislike your present job, why you want to leave your current employer, why you applied for the job, what you can do better than other candidates, what your goals are, your strength and weaknesses, and eventually the salary you are seeking for.


It is good to note that all these top interview questions do not have specific answers and should not be memorized. You answer according to what is obtainable and what they will like to hear from you. On the issue of salary, you should get a clue of what is paid around before going for the interview, so that you don’t make wrong demands.


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Risk factors, types and diagnosis of Autism—

                                              There is no main reason for autism, but still research is going on . Some of the risk factors that may increase the
chances of autism. Some of the important risk factors are as follows–
1) Dietary factors
2) mercury poisoning
3) Inability of body to make proper use of vitamins and muscles.
4) Vaccine sensitivity owing to thimerosal
5) Breech position of baby
6) Low apgar score( Apgar score is an index which is mainly used to assess the condition of newborn at birth and five minutes after birth)
7) Birth before 35 weeks of pregnancy
8) Parental history of schizophrenia or psychosis, depression and bipolar disorder.

Types of Autism—

Autism classified as Pervasive development disorder which is category of disorders that are interchangeably with broad spectrum of
disorders mainly affecting young , children and adults called as ” Autism spectrum disorders(ASD).
Autism can be associated with other disorders like mental retardation and other medical conditions. Autism
ranges from mild to severe.

Diagnosis of Autism—

Diagnosis of autism is important because if autism is diagnosed early, more will be the chances of improvement. When there is
developmental delay in a child,further testing can help doctor whether problem is related to autism or other developmental disorder.
Therefore certain assessment has to be followed. Assessment include–
1) Behavioral assessment
2) Developmental or intelligence tests
3) Physical assessments or lab tests

Behavioral assessment include —
a) Medical history— During this part, doctor generally ask questions about child’s development.
b) Observation— Doctor want to observe the child in different situations.

Developmental or intelligence tests–
Certain tests should be done in order to check where developmental delay affects the thinking ability of the patients.

Physical assessments or Lab tests–
Physical examination can be done which include the measurement of weight, height or circumference of head in order to check the normal
growth. Hearing tests should be done especially related to social skills. Other tests like testing for lead poisoning also known as
PICA ( in which person crave for substances other than food like flecks of old paint etc). Children having delayed milestones
usually continue put items in their mouth even after this stage has passed in normally developing children.
Lab tests like chromosomal analysis may be done if there is history of intellectual disability.
Electroencephalograph is done, if there are symptoms of seizures. MRI may be done, if there are signs of difference in structure of

Early detection should be helpful. If certain signs should be discovered–
__ No babbling, pointing by 12 months.
__ No single words by 16 months.
__ Loss of language or social skills at any age.

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Chemical formula of asbestos

Chemical formula of asbestos:
Many people have questioned regarding chemical formula for asbestos.
Asbestos is composed of minerals, known since antiquity, with long, thin fibrous crystals. It is not an element.
well it depends on the type:
Chrysotile,(white in color) , CAS No. 12001-29-5, is obtained from serpentinite rocks which are common throughout the world. Its idealized chemical formula is Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4.
Amosite, (brown in color) ,CAS No. 12172-73-5, is a trade name for the amphiboles belonging to the cummingtonite-grunerite solid solution series, commonly from Africa, named as an acronym from Asbestos Mines of South Africa. One formula given for amosite is Fe7Si8O22(OH)2.
Crocidolite, (blue in color) ,CAS No. 12001-28-4 is an amphibole found primarily in southern Africa, but also in Australia. It is the fibrous form of the amphibole riebeckite. One formula given for crocidolite is Na2Fe2+3Fe3+2Si8O22(OH)2.
Check this nice article on class action asbestos.

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quality assurance role



Role of a Quality Assurance Manager


Quality assurance role is very significant in the maintenance of various products. This process is necessary to check the performance of a product. Similarly you can use this process for testing equipments. Therefore the process of quality assurance is very important and beneficial for companies and industries. The main objective of this process is to achieve customer satisfaction because it is very necessary. Without customer satisfaction it is very difficult to achieve you goal. It is a real fact that without customer satisfaction any company or firm cannot progress. Therefore the customer satisfaction is very important for a company. The important question is that how to achieve customer satisfaction? You can achieve this goal by various methods but important way is the use of quality assurance process. You can measure the defects of a product with the help of this process. You can remove the source of errors with the help of quality assurance process.


Therefore you can say that the quality assurance role is very important to get customer satisfaction. You should know that quality control departments are present in most of the companies. The quality assurance department produces various software and programs. You can catch the errors with the help of quality assurance before they appear. It is better to know that only a quality assurance engineer can perform the process of quality assurance in a better way. A skilled QA engineer can locate the source of error in various products. The source of error should be eliminated before their appearance because it is very important for a company. An experienced QA engineer can understand the problems that user can encounter. Software testing is also includes in quality assurance process. You can say that the quality assurance role is very important for a company because this process can eliminate the chance of error.


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salary negotiation tips

 The most important salary negotiation tips


You cannot run away from this as you will always encounter some period of negotiations for your salary. Salary negotiation might come within the period of the interview proper. Sometimes it might come after the interview has been concluded and you are among the shortlisted for the job, but any way it goes, these salary negotiation tips will help you.


It helps in determining whether you will land the job or not. The company knows what you are worth and what they will pay you. But they will always like to hear from you as it concerns the salary you will demand. One of the first salary negotiation tips is, never demand the salary first. Allow the employer to ask you about this before you say anything about it. But if you are already working and want a raise, you can as well make the first move. Another salary negotiation tip is that you should try to avoid making comparisons both in your mind and to the employer as it concerns how much your friends in other fields are making. This is not good for your job and salary.


Then you need to make good research from colleagues, friends, trade union congresses and online on how much people in your grade in similar jobs are earning. This will help you get the proper landing and some compromise. You should also hinge your demand mainly on the level of experience you have.  if need be, let them know about your experiences and accomplishments both in former jobs or even in the present one as the case may be. Avoid talking too much about money and the things you need money for. This will be a sort of nagging and transferred demand that is not good. Bottom line of all the salary negotiation tips is trying to make them see that you deserve the salary and how you will earn it with the job. Be flexible in the whole process of negotiation.


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Matthew David Parker

Matthew David Parker

Matthew David Parker Information

Matthew David Parker is a seasoned professional photographer who is located in New York, New York. The Big Apple in many ways defines his vocation. Parker is a hard-working artist who has a true zeal for the vast city. He also has a zeal for all things beautiful in general.


What made you want to become a photographer?

I’ve wanted to be a professional photographer for as long as I can remember. I can’t remember the exact thing that instilled the desire in me. The desire seems to have always been there. It’s like breathing! All I can say is I can barely remember being alive and not thinking about photography. I’ve always been enthralled by beauty. I’ve always been mesmerized by the things that make life visually interesting and appealing. My enthusiasm for aesthetics has been with me since day one. That’s how I feel. I feel like I came out of the womb with a desire to snap photographs of everything interesting.


Could you imagine ever pursuing a career other than photography?

I honestly cannot. That wouldn’t feel right. When something’s right, you just know. Being a photographer feels comfortable to me. Although it gives me a sense of comfort and ease, it also keeps me on my toes. Photography is never a boring or unpredictable field. It’s always fresh. It’s constantly changing, evolving and growing. There’s simply never a dull moment. I don’t want to be anything other than a photographer and I’m 100 percent comfortable admitting that. There are definitely some other professions that seems interesting and rewarding. I can’t say that I want to go after them, though. I’d love to be a painter in Italy, but just for a day. I’d love to teach young children about art and design. Again, I’d only want to do that for a day. Photography is the only calling I have. That’s why I know I’m doing the right thing. The thought of waking up in the morning to do anything other than photography seems practically unbearable to me!


What do you love most about New York City?

Where do I begin? It would probably be easier for me to make a list of the very few things I don’t like about New York City. New York City is the universe to me. I adore its energy and enthusiasm. When I’m roaming free in the city, I feel so much promise and hope. I feel like anything in the world is possible. I feel like I can seize the day and take control of the planet. It’s honestly a powerful emotion. The city has a vibe that’s incomparable. I’ve been to many great places. I can honestly say, however, that nothing holds a candle to The City That Never Sleeps. That’s why it isn’t easy for me to envision working anywhere else on a permanent basis. New York City is my best friend in many ways. It’s been a loyal companion to me for a long time as well.




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Security Guard resume example

Security Guard resume example


Security guard is a job which requires people to perform individual work. They could work for different organizations, including the private corporation or the public services. Therefore, security guard actually has a wide scope of work location.
However, the job duty of security guard would be similar in nature. They would need to show that they can have good skills to deal with emergencies and they may sometimes need to work in different shifts. They would need to rotate to other working time slots and other work locations so you would need to prepare for that. Moreover, the security guards would need to work with some basic weapons in order to protect themselves. Therefore, the skills that security guards have related to the use of weapons would also count when they want to get the job.


There are a lot of things that you would need to pay attention to if you are interested in working as the security guard. When you prepare the resume for security guard interview, you need to prepare well and list the relevant skills which can help you get the job and do the job well. No doubt, you are advised to show your criminal record if you have any. This would help your employer think thoroughly whether he or she would employ you. If you deceive them by not listing those records in the resume, you would be regarded as cheating and you would still lose your job in the future. Therefore, you should not risk for that type of employment.


Security Guard resume example


Sam Morgan

2293 SDD Drive


Phone: 223-312-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



Dedicated to work as the security guard with the experience in protecting security for equipment and real estate



–          Good at maintaining the security of building

–          Familiar with the procedures necessary for keeping security of a building

–          Have in-depth knowledge about federal traffic rules and local regulations about the operation of vehicles

–          Excellent ability to analyze problems and find the right way to deal with them

–          Good ability to resolve complaints from others

–          Able to work under stress and is able to maintain the safety procedures despite stress conditions

–          Good ability to collect data and prepare reports

–          Good communication skills to communicate with clients and also colleagues


Work Experience


Security Guard, SDCM Store

2007- Present


–          Prepared reports for management review purpose and routine for security guards to patrol

–          Kept reporting and suspicious behavior from the customers

–          Informed the violators with the rules, like anti-smoking rules

–          Provided services for answering questions from customers

–          Handled customer complaints

–          Provided escort services for customers and other visitors

–          Checked the gates and windows every day before leaving the job

–          Checked the emergency call boxes to make sure that it works



Diploma of Management,SDSNCCollege




Available upon request


Expected Salary



Language Ability

English (Fluent), Spanish (Basic), German (Intermediate)

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Dentists resume example

Dentists resume example


Many people have said that it is a very good to be a dentist. It is because whenever people have problems with their teeth dentists would be the only solution that they can look for. Therefore, a lot of people would like to study the dentistry subject, hoping that they could be the good dentist when they graduate.


But if you want to be hired as dentist by some clinics, you have to let the employers know that you are capable of joining them. Therefore, you would need to tell them the work experience that you have and the related works to the job that you are currently applying for. All the information should be shown clearly in the resume or otherwise you cannot get the support from your recruiters and you would not be hired.


If you are not sure about the exact way to write the resume for dentists, you would find that the Dentists resume example below is useful. In the example, you would find that there are several key points that you need to highlight. If you have worked as the dentists before, you have to list clearly the job responsibilities that you have handled in that period of time. If the recruiters find that you have done many of the similar responsibilities as the job that you are applying for, they would have the confidence that you can handle it well and they would have a higher chance to hire you.


You need to know that the resume of dentists would be slightly different from the resume of other jobs. You would need to show that you are professional and you have the sufficient qualification to fit for the job.


Dentists resume example


Mitch Jackson

404,Sdl Street

LC 03502

Cell: 064-101-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career objective

To obtain the position as a full time dentist such that I could demonstrate the skills that I have learned from the school


Educational background

–          Doctor of Medicine,SDNKSchoolof Dental Science


–          Bachelor of Medicine,SDNKSchoolof Dental Science



Professional Background


Dentist,DTTAUniversityDental Medicine Unit

–          Worked with a team of 10 dentists in the University

–          Took the steps to evaluate the dental condition of the patients

–          Taught a group of students studying dentistry in the university

–          Provided supervision work for the dentistry students to practice their skills

–          Formulated the budget of the Unit and reported to the school management regarding the budgeted spending of the Unit in the next term

–          Trained some of the staff of the Unit about basic dental care for the patients


Computer skills

–          Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Access

–          Able to work in different operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, MS DOS, Unix, Linux


Professional Accreditation

–          Obtained authorization from SNC Association of Dentist

–          Obtained the authorization from SMSD Board of Professional Dentists

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book reading apps

Ebooks are a popular pastime on smart phones. We continue our look at the some of the best iphone and android apps for  book reading.

book apps

Iphone book reading  Apps
B&N eReader
This free app from book selling giant Barnes & Noble comes with five free “classic” e-books (which we’d probably save for those so-bored-you-could-poke-yourself-in-the-eye-for-amusement moments) and a free copy of Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary. Any titles you download are stored in the cloud, so you can access them from a Mac or PC as well as different handheld devices.
Kindle for iPhone
This app can be used by those who are Kindle-less, but really shines for those that have bought into the Kindle ecosystem, as it offers Amazon’s clever “Whispersync” feature. It allows for seamless switching between the Kindle device and Kindle for iPhone.
Highlights of the Amazon-owned app include the ability to slide your finger across the screen to turn the page — a real winner for those not quite prepared to turn their back on the paper book experience. The option to make the background black and text white, therefore allowing you to read in the dark, appears to have saved many a marriage if the reader reviews are to be believed.
eBooks by Kobo
One to watch, with its Borders team-up promising new e-reading hardware in the future, Kobo is a good looking e-library with a focus on new books and best-sellers. Its glossy, image-laden interface is backed up by discounts on current titles (“up to 65% off!” claims the blurb) while one new (and current) e-book is offered as a free download each week

Apple’s entry into the ebook space is very polished. With its excellent typography–especially when combined with the hi-res Retina Display screen, its ability to annotate text, and its flashy page-turning animations, iBooks (Apple, free) a compelling option.
The Nook app for iPhone is a major improvement over Barnes & Noble’s earlier effort, called Reader. Nook delivers all the basic reading and customization features you’d expect from a good ebook reading and app and integrates nicely with Barnes & Noble’s webstore.

Android book reading apps
This is an official app for the social reading network called Goodreads. This app comes in very handy when you’re browsing a ‘real library’ and quickly want to look up the reviews for a particular book.
Google Goggles
While Goodreads allows you to lookup books by scanning their barcodes, Google Goggles lets you scan a book by taking its picture. Just snap a picture of the book and results for it show up instantly. You’ll get a synopsis of the book along with its search results.
Book Catalogue
This is an open source application that allows you to catalog your read, unread and to-read books. You can search for a particular book using Amazon, Google Books or LibraryThing and add it to your collection.
FBReader is an opensource e-book reading application that works across almost all the major platform, including Android. The free app sports a minimalist User Interface allowing readers to start reading their books instantly.

Author: Please visit this website for selection of  rare and challenging books and   Books that can change your life

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Front Desk Assistant cover letter example

                     Desk Assistant cover letter example




When writing a cover letter for a desk assistant position, keep in mind that there are a number of skills that recruiters are looking for. Most importantly, employers are seeking organized and presentable individuals who can multitask and work under pressure. The more you can exemplify this in your cover letter, the better you will be positioned for the job.


Moreover, your time management skills will be highly desirable, and also your interpersonal skills. Therefore, qualities such as patience, persistence, hard work, dedication, honesty and integrity are implicitly required in order to succeed in getting on the top of the recruiter’s list of shortlisted candidates.


Also, it goes without saying that prior secretarial or administrative experience is a plus, in addition to a mention of a typical scenario at work, or an achievement that you are particularly proud of. Typical tasks that you need to demonstrate proficiency in is answering calls, scheduling meetings, booking travel, managing expenses and assisting a manager in all of his or her affairs. You also need to be dependable and competent in order to gain your manager’s trust. Examples of such experiences should be mentioned in your cover letter.


On another note, you need to be convincing and justify to the reader why he or she should select you for the job. Therefore, the cover letter is your opportunity to explain to the potential employer the strengths, competencies, skills and achievements that you have on your plate in order to set you apart from competition. A definite plus would be some background knowledge about managerial affairs, and familiarity with dealing with other administrative departments such as human resources and finance. Finally, in today’s fast-paced technological marketplace, computer literacy and proficiency is a necessity. Consequently, you should list all the computer software that you are aware of, have experience using, and have used in practice in previous roles.





Sample of a cover letter:




Dear Sir/Madam,



It gives me great pleasure to apply for the Desk Assistant position available at your reputable organization, especially since I feel I have many of the skills and competencies required for the position.


In addition to a bachelor’s degree in managerial studies, I have undertaken a number of office management training programs, where I have sharpened my time management, organizational and multitasking skills. The training has also offered me the opportunity to master the use of a number of computer programs including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Access.

On the professional side, I have worked for more than 6 years as a Desk Assistant for the Financial Manager at a large multinational organization, where I was in charge of travel and hotel bookings, scheduling meetings using Oracle Calendar, managing his email, and answering his phone calls. This was a challenging yet exciting role since I was able to multitask and exhibit a high level of interpersonal skills, and I am now comfortable with working under pressure. I consider myself to be a hardworking and dedicated individual who has a deep passion for administrative affairs.



Please find attached my resume, which details my entire employment history, skill set and academic qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my application.



Yours Faithfully,


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The Long term Benefits To Quitting Smoking

By now, everyone knows that cigarette smoking can be a very dangerous pass-time. Smoking causes many strokes, cancers, and health issues in society, and puts a definite strain on the health system. Every smoker has been bombarded by facts and info

rmation on the effect that smoking is taking on their body, but they often still choose tobacco over their health on a daily basis. For many people, the risks of smoking just don’t seem to register. As smokers age, however, they can start to feel the effects on their bodies of a lifetime choice to smoke tobacco. If you’re a smoker, you may feel like the withdrawals are not worth stopping smoking, but you may not realize how quickly and efficiently your body can start to recover from a long-time tobacco habit.

Within One Week of Quitting Smoking

You lungs will begin to heal and repair themselves, making bronchioles relax and allowing for easier breathing. Food will begin to taste and smell more strongly, allowing you to use less salt and other harmful seasonings. Your body oxygen levels even out to where they should be, ridding your blood of harmful chemicals it has been relying on. You also decrease the likelihood of a heart attack nearly instantly.

Within Three Months of Quitting Smoking

Your body starts to change as your lungs continue to heal, and you may notice more energy as your airways and muscles become stronger and healthier. This means that you’ll be less likely to suffer from infection, as your body becomes better equipped to handle illness. You will also find your circulation improving, meaning less temperature regulation issues, and less will lead to fewer health complications down the road.

After Five Years Smoke-Free

Not only will your risk of smoke-related cancers be cut in half by the five year mark, your chance of getting other cancers which are not considered smoke-related will also fall to match the rate of a non-smoker. Risks of heart disease and strokes are also lowered drastically compared to someone who is still smoking.

Quitting smoking also lowers the risk of diabetes, and has proven benefits which add years on to your life. You will find that simple tasks which tire you out start to become easier after just a short period of time. Socially, you will also notice a benefit in that you no longer have to step outside to curb your cravings, and you will never miss a nit of conversation at a party. The benefits to quitting smoking don’t stop there, as this lifestyle change also is often accompanied by other positive lifestyle changes. You will also start to reap such rewards as lowered health insurance rates.

This guest post is from Allison with, where you can find more tips on lowering your health insurance rates.

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Graphic Designers resume example

Graphic Designers resume example


Resume is always a piece of good advertisement about yourself. With the resume, you can let the others know more about what you have done in the past and your goals in the future. Therefore, you would need to make sure that you have included the sufficient information in the resume such that other people would be impressed by your work.


You have to put yourself into the shows of the recruiters or other readers of the resume. If you are reading the resume of the others, you would not want to see something unclear. You would try your best to read the information and to make sure that the information in the resume would be understandable. This is going to be the way that you need to do when you write the resume. In other words, you have to tell the truth in a clear way such that the recruiters would understand the meaning of the whole thing clearly


As a graphic designer, people would always want to make some funny things in their resume. But they are not advised to do so. It is because the resume would need to be professional and it would not be good if the graphic designer include a lot of new graphics into it. The format of a graphic designer resume should remain professional and plain in design.


If you are not sure about what information should be put in the resume, you can try to read the Graphic Designers resume example below and you may have more idea on the way that you need to follow in order to create good resume.


Graphic Designers resume example


Henry Henderson

23 Drive, DD 21030

Telephone number: 449-230-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To obtain the position as the senior graphic designer in a growing company that can allow me to use my skills to create the designs comfortably

Personal Summary

–          Willing to learn from others and teach the others

–          Able to communicate with clients and media well

–          Have good experience in working within budgeted spending



–         Third Place, Graphics division award, FFM Fine Arts Competition

–          EREIR Award for Graphic Design

–          Managed a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for the company


Work Experience

Graphic Artist, CCM Corporation

2008 – 2010

–          Coordinated the freelance artists to create the photo shoots

–          Cooperated with managers to work for several projects about product advertisements

–          Negotiated with the media about the publication of the graphic design in the local media sites

–          Provided guidance for newcomer of the company


Graphic Artist, RRO Corporation

2005 – 2008

–          Supported several projects about product advertisement

–          Learned the use of several software to create graphic design

–          Assisted the senior graphic artists to create the layout of the project graphic design

–          Designed several product advertisements in local newspapers

–          Developed basic idea about website media graphic promotion


Educational summary

Bachelor of Fine Arts,DSAMUniversity



Expected salary




Available upon request


Article publié pour la première fois le 11/02/2012

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Career Planning – When To Start And How To Do It Right

Modern educational system is designed in a way, which supports early career planning. Children are encouraged to think about their future, while teenagers are often asked to choose individual pathways and focus more on the areas, which they would like to major in. In result, many students feel the pressure to know what they want to do with their lives very early on. How important is it to start planning your career as early as possible and how to avoid common mistakes when choosing your area of expertise?

First career choices

Making the first career decisions in high school has its advantages – it helps determine which academic fields will be most useful in achieving your goals and what you should major in. However, teenagers with no professional experience often fail to imagine what their future career will be like. The job they imagine to be exciting and challenging might turn out to be repetitive and boring, which is something they realize only when their get their first job.

Before you make any serious decisions regarding your future, such as choosing what you want to major in, it would be great if you could first check how working in that area of expertise looks like. If possible, try to find a summer job as a volunteer at a company with similar profile to your area of interest. Sometimes having a gap year is the best option, provided that you will focus on gaining new, professional experience. If you can’t find a job as a volunteer or don’t want to take a year off, try and talk to professionals representing the area of your interest to have a more accurate vision of what this kind of work entails.

Exploring your interests

Learning more about ourselves helps determine what we are really interested in. A direct transition from hobby to profession might not be that easy, however exploring your hobbies and interests should make it easier to decide on the most important features of your future job. For example, if you are a big fan of computer games, then working in IT department will probably suit you better than a career in medicine. It is also good to ask yourself a question what kind of skills will be required to do the job of your dreams and do you have these skills?

For example: is your dream job all about cooperating with other people or working on the project independently? Which types of job suit you more: the ones, where you need to manage people and take responsibility for the completion of a task, or jobs, which require close communication with the client? If you are not sure what kind of skills you already have, work on figuring it out first.

You can start planning or redesign your career at any point in your life. Starting earlier is not a guarantee of success – effective career planning is always based on the best possible choices, which are a result of understanding who you are and what kind of skills you already posses or can develop easily.

The article was provided by Irina Kovalyova – blogger, marketer and Internet lover who is now working on educational project iSingapore Math providing math help for kids.

Article publié pour la première fois le 22/11/2013

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Accountants interview questions

Accountants interview questions


When accountants want to apply for a job, they would have to attend interviews. There are some Accountants interview questions for people to prepare.


Question 1: How do you manage your time at work?

The accounting field requires people to do a lot of works from time to time. Therefore, time management would be very important or otherwise people would fail to start the next stage of work. Therefore, you need to tell the interviewers that you have good planning of work stages so you can finish them on time efficiently.


Question 2: Do you dominate the others in a team?

When you work as accountants, you need to work in a team instead of working individually. Thus, you have to prepare answers for questions like this. You need to mention that it is important to collaborate rather than to dominate in a team.


Question 3: How would you deal with conflicts?

There are always some types of conflicts that you may encounter during the work. It is because you would usually have arguments with the others regarding the entry of accounting records. Therefore, you need to tell the way that you use to solve the conflicts.


Question 4: Guide me to read through the resume

Some of the interviewers would ask this question and it is quite challenging indeed. You are expected to mention some key things on the resume rather than talking about everything. Therefore, you need to be familiar with your resume beforehand.


Question 5: Why do you choose to work as accountants?

This question is very common for people who did not study accounting or finance in their university. Interviewers want to make sure that people have the basic idea about the accounting world and they would not prefer somebody to work in their company if he or she does not know the ordinary procedures and life of accountants.


Question 6: List 3 objectives about yourself?

There is no need for you to give detailed explanation. You just need to mention the keywords, which are the adjectives.


Question 7: How would you reverse a wrong journal entry?

This is something more technical and you have to answer it if you want to work as an accountant. There can be some different approaches and you can mention the ones that you believe are correct.


Question 8: How much do you know about the accounting standards?

This is also a basic question that you must be able to answer if you want to be chosen for the job. You should be familiar with some of the key principles and standards in different countries, like the US GAAP and the IAS.


Question 9: How do you cope with ethical problems?

There are some ethical issues which come with your work. You would need to know the way to report to the seniors and then provide appropriate solution to the problem.


Question 10: How will you interact with clients?

If you work in the auditing or tax field of accounting firms, you would need to ask questions to your clients. Therefore, you would know the communication techniques.

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Is asbestos a mineral

There are many people searching answers for this question. Is asbestos a mineral?

The name asbestos came from ancient times from a Greek word meaning unquenchable in reference to its resistance to fire and heat.
Asbestos is a natural mineral which was formed during intense volcanic activities millions of years ago. But it wasn’t until the late 1800s that asbestos was mined commercially for its fireproof and virtually indestructible properties.
Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals exploited commercially for their desirable physical properties.
“Asbestos” refers to a small number of minerals that are formed of flexible fibers, and have the useful physical property of being very heat resistant. Because asbestos forms as flexible fibers, it is woven to make fabrics for heat-resistant and insulating materials.

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Top 8 ways to get Traffic without SEO

There are some other ways to get traffic also other than SEO.

Here’s my top 8 ways to promote your website with out relying much on SEO and PPC.

Well this is for those who are   really not interested in SEO and just want fast traffic for short duration. Example you host a website for a season or   for a 3-4 months time, say for elections 2010, cricket world cup 2010. These websites have value for that time period   only and it doesn’t make much sense to spend much on SEO for these websites. Social Media marketing and PPC will be   ideal for these websites.

1. Twitter – Create few twitter accounts and start following many people belonging to similar category or demography. Tweet sensibly and don’t spam. You can get   lot of traffic from twitter.

2. Blogging – You can meet many interesting people by blogging. Start blogging. Write good content and tell about   your website  and try to meet or interact with other bloggers.

3. Youtube – Start using YouTube. Upload your website videos, if your site don’t have, then create some videos by   combining images or use slide show. There are plenty of tools available.

4. Social networks – Join social networks.  Be active in social networks like facebook, orkut , ryze , linked in. You   can get lot of traffic from these social networking websites.

5. Free Ads/Classifieds – Post in free classified websites like craigslist, kijiji . I know there are plenty in   internet for specific demography also.

6. Questions and Answers services – be active in major question and answers services like partnerup , yahoo.

7. Social Bookmarking – Submit your website to all major social bookmarking websites like digg, delicious, reditt .

8. Forums – Participate in discussions, add your valuable inputs and be active in good forums like digitalpoint. You   can keep your website link in your signature

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Are you looking for a Job in America?

People are seen shifting to America in search of jobs, out of which

most comes under IT sectors. Well, in America, you can find plenty of jobs in IT industries

As America is one of the biggest recruiter in IT sectors, it demands good IT candidates

with strong professional skills in technology.

Can you just believe that America attracts a huge amount of immigrants in

the field of information technology in a single year! But it’s not that easy to get a job in

America. In order to work in America, you should be a permanent resident of America,

get a permit to work and have a work visa, which is otherwise known as Employment

Authorization Document.

How to get a job in America?

If you are a non-resident of America, then you have to follow the USA visa regulations in
order to enter to USA. However, on the basis of preference the employment-based visas
are ranked into five categories. Well you should satisfy the following background details
while applying for a job in USA:

• Is your job offered by an American sponsor/employer? Because getting a visa
depends on this.

• The needs that (US citizenship and Immigration Services) USCIS applies on the
sponsoring employers.

However, there are different types of work visas that are available to work in get a
job in USA like exchange work visas, seasonal work visas and temporary work visas.
Even through green cards, you can become a permanent resident of America.

How to get a job in America on the basis of green card?

With the help of green card, you are officially allowed to work and live in America
permanently. You can even apply for the US citizenship after being a permanent us resident.
However, you can get the green card through a self-petition, investment, job offer or special
category. Well, by following all these guidelines, one can move forward for a job in in america

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Online Tools for Job Seekers

The Internet is a great place for job seekers to find the tools they need to find a job. Businesses are putting more and more job opportunities online for job seekers to find. Therefore, it is important that you understand how to use the Internet as a tool to conduct a successful job search. What online tools are available to job seekers?

Post Your Resume Online

There are many sites that allow you to post your resume online. The vast majority of these sites allow you to do so for free. Posting your resume online allows for your resume to be found at any time. You never know when an employer is going to stumble across your resume. Placing your resume on a social networking site can further increase your odds of having your resume found.

Social Media Can Empower You

Having a professional presence on a social media site can work wonders for your job search. Employers are on Twitter all the time trying to find new employees. Having a professional Twitter account can make it easier for those employers to find you. Make sure that everything you put out to the social media world is as professional as possible. Everything you do should be aimed at getting a job. This means that your bio should also come across as professional at all times.

Turning your Facebook page into a digital resume can be a creative way to get yourself noticed. You can list all of your interests, contacts and personal contact information on your profile. Attaching photos and documents can help you round out your resume. It is the perfect way to use technology to achieve your goal of getting an interview.

Companies May Place Job Listings Online

Go straight to the website of any company you might want to work for. They will typically have an expanded offering of jobs that need to be filled. You might be able to find a listing for a job that you didn’t know was available before. It never hurts to check to see what the company might be listing on their own website.

Online Forums Can Help

Chat rooms and professional forums could be great places to network with other professionals. You never know when a simple message in a chat room can lead to a job opportunity. Simply ending up with a new contact can help in your job search. Contacts that you make today could very well land you a job tomorrow. It pays to talk to as many people as possible.

There are many online tools that a job seeker can use to help find a job. You have the power to expand your network while finding job opportunities you never knew existed. All it takes is a willingness to embrace the tools that are available in the 21st century. Getting creative with your job search can be just what you need to find that great job you deserve. You owe it yourself to find as many job opportunities as you can.

Dame is freelance writer and part time blogger. Damian contributes on several websites, including mining recruitment agencies, which is considered as one of the best Australian recruitment websites.

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iphone apps-printing

printing apps

It may not be easy to print from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, but it can be done–provided you seek out the help of a third-party app. But which one should you turn to for help? Here’s a look at three apps vying to assist you with all your mobile printing needs.

Some good iphone apps for printing:

iPrint by Epson: If you own an Epson printer this app may work for you. However, this app is designed to print ONLY photos. We’ve only been able to use it over WiFi, since the iPad 3G won’t be out for another week. Unlike your laptop, there are no drivers to install. Simply install the app, and start printing your mobile photos immediately. This app can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

PrintCentral by EuroSmartz: This app allows you to print from your iPad to any printer connected to your computer (over WiFi). PrintCentral comes with several features – you can print, save, email web pages as you’re browsing; select and print multiple photos from your album; print your contacts as a list, card, or custom layout; mount your iPad as an external hard drive on your Mac or PC; view documents stored on your home computer.

ePrint by Microtech Corp: This app can print web pages, downloaded images, and even PDF files. ePrint offers several printing formats, including some photo-friendly options like border and time stamps. While ePrint is compatible with the iPad, it has one big drawback, it doesn’t support document sharing so you won’t be able to print directly from your other apps. One unfavorable workaround is to take screenshots of your documents, then proceed with printing. Adding document sharing capabilities to this app will certainly improve its rating.

ACTPrinter by Houdah Software: This app is a virtual printer. In other words, it acts as a reverse printer for your iPad. You do not print documents from your iPad to paper. Instead, ACTPrinter “prints” from your computer right onto your iPad screen. This could be an easy way to carry around coupons and to-do reminders. However, you can always argue that emailing files is easier.

Print Magic by Wellala, Inc.: This is an iPhone app, but compatible with the iPad. Print Magic allows you to print web pages, text, and images without installing additional software. The app works with HP printers and several OEM printers such as Epson, Brother, Canon, amongst others. This is a good choice for easy printing. However, I recommend you first download their free test app, “Printer Test for PrintMagic”, since it allows you to test if your network printer is compatible with Print Magic

Print Utility for iPad by Dar-Soft :Print Utility is a very simple app when it comes to printing. After installing the desktop software you can use the “Open In” feature to import files from other apps for printing. You can also print files from Dropbox, iDisk and the photo gallery from within the app itself. If you want a simple app for printing a wide variety of file types, then Print Utility may be the app that you are looking for.

Print Sharing by Avatron Software, Inc: Print Sharing is quite a capable app. You can print to some WiFi printers, printers connected to a Mac, and even through CUPS. However, its main strength is all of the modifications that you can make to a document before printing. These options include watermarks, tray, page owner, and size. Unfortunately, there have been reports of this app having poor support for WiFi printers, although it supported mine.

Print Agent PRO for iPhone by Dar-Soft:Print Agent Pro is very much like many of the other apps listed here in terms of features. You can print files from other apps as well as from Dropbox and iDisk. You can print to printers connected to a Mac or PC using software. You can’t print to WiFi printers that are not AirPrint compatible. Printer Agent Pro is a good app for those who do not have a WiFi printer. It is reliable and gets the job done well.

Author:  Please visit this website for print and design professionals. A good website for printing needs.

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Facts and tips to help with interview questions


To answer a job interview question usually a help with interview questions are necessary. It is
not possible to predict the type of questions you may be asked. You need to be prepared for
any type of question which may be asked by the employer. For this you need to know all about
your employer. The employer may ask tricky questions about the company or yourself or the
job for which you are applying. Make sure to make a list of possible questions which can be
asked and to write an answer for each of the questions. This will help you to be more free with
the questions and will bring you in a better position to answer more questions like this.

How to answer

To answer questions you must be confident and sure. Help with interview questions may be
needed to know how to answer questions. Question related to yourself must be answered with
confidence and with full surety. Try not to use maybe and if in your answers. Also never use
two negative words in your questions. Questions regarding your job positions must be well
informed. Make sure you know all about the job profile. A well researched answer is sure to
get you hired instantly. Questions related to the company must also be well researched. You
must not be vague in your answers. If you don’t know much, end your answer with a positive

When answering

Questions from the employers must be answered at the appropriate time. You must seem
eager but not rush things. Some help with interview questions will make you a master
in answering questions. Research well on the internet so as not to make a blunder while
answering question. You need to be completely honest and truthful while answering your
questions. Answering questions at the right time in a right way will surely make a good
impression on the employer.

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quality assurance definition




Important Quality Assurance Definitions


Do you know about quality assurance definition? You can define the process of quality assurance as the techniques and activities that are necessary for a product to meet with customer requirements. There are available many definitions of this process of quality assurance. One of the important definitions is the activities and techniques essential to provide the confidence that the product will fulfill the requirement of customers. The process of quality assurance is very important for the all industries and firms because it is necessary to maintain the better quality of products. The most important factor is the customer satisfaction because it is necessary. Most of the companies try to fulfill the requirement of their customers so that they can achieve more benefits. Therefore the process of quality assurance is very important for you.


Quality assurance definition includes a process of checking the quality of a product and to determine whether it is meeting customer requirements or not. The quality assurance department is a essential part of most of the companies. The major objective of quality assurance process is to increase the customer confidence and to enhance the company progress. Therefore the process of quality assurance is very necessary for a company. Without quality assurance process it is very difficult to meet with customer requirements. The process of quality assurance was first time introduced in the Second World War. There are many principles of quality assurance principle and the first important principle is fit for purpose.  It means that the product of company should be reliable and suitable for intended purpose. The objective of second principle is to eliminate the chance of mistakes. These two principles are very important for the people. Mostly the quality of a product is determined by a customers and clients. The process of quality is very necessary to maintain the better quality of products.


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Common Diabetes Myths

Common Diabetes Myths

I recently created a resource for people with diabetes which required me to surf through hundreds of different forums and blogs. In the process of researching and creating content, I saw a handful of statements that sounded humorous. Granted, I did a lot of research on the topic and consider myself quite knowledgeable on the disease, but I realized that others were starting to believe them as facts. Here are the top myths we came across:dabetes myth 

  1. Once you have diabetes, you have the disease for life: There is a bit of truth to this in that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that is irreversible. Unfortunately, the body is unable to produce insulin on its own and those with type 1 diabetes will require insulin until a cure is found. However, 95% of those with diabetes have type 2, which is reversible! With a healthy diet and exercise program that promotes weight loss, one can eliminate their dependency on insulin. This will only happen if the diabetic loses a considerable amount of weight, which a doctor and dietitian can help with.
  2. People with diabetes shouldn’t play sports: I saw several people ask whether those with diabetes should play sports and saw several people respond that they shouldn’t for a wide variety of reasons. This is completely not true! People with diabetes can play sports just like everyone else. In fact, playing sports is a great form of exercise which can help with your weight loss goals and make managing the disease easier. There are several famous athletes that have led exceptional careers with diabetes, including:
    • Jay Cutler- Quarterback for the Chicago Bears
    • Wade Wilson- Was an NFL quarterback for 17 years
    • Jerry Stackhouse- Won the NBA championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011
    • Walt Frazier- NBA legend
    • Mark Lowe- current pitcher for the Texas Rangers
    • Jackie Robinson- First African American baseball player and MLB legend
  3. Eating too much sugar causes diabetes- This is simply not true. Eating a diet that is high in sugar and fat can ultimately cause one to be overweight, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. However, there is no direct link between a diet that is high in sugar and developing diabetes.

There are several other rumors that our team saw during the creation of our diabetes guide that frighten us. Some of the answers people posted to questions contained information that was very false and could have serious consequences if readers interpret them to be facts. We hope to help de-bunk these myths so that people have a better understanding of the disease.

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Cover Letter Sample For Resume

Productive Cover Letter Sample For Resume General  

The job cover letter is the first thing through which you can easily make a positive impact on the mind of the employer immediately. Your cover letter sample for resume general should highlight the ability and skill to manage and handle multiple tasks at work. It is essential to customize the job cover letter. Several companies looking for potential employees hire candidates not that expansively. This denotes that some hiring companies can easily understand the ability of the candidate by merely focusing on their cover letters and resumes. Due to extensive experience in hiring, several hiring departments know all the propensities of different candidates.

Why You Should Include Cover Letter For The Job?

At the moment, several applicants ignore the advantage of having efficient cover letters. The majority of candidates tend to depend on cover letter samples. A resume without an appropriate cover letter denotes that the job seeker is not fully aware of the business or job protocol. Recruiters tend to ignore resumes without suitable cover letters. Therefore, it is compulsory on the part of job seekers to incorporate appropriate cover letters. The cover letter should include all the important details like name of the company, name of the designated person, title of the job and your education, skills and qualification.

There are different variations in cover letter sample for resume general on the internet. A prospecting cover letter for the job is utilized when you are submitting the resume in a particular company and inquiring if they could employ your skills and experience. A second form of cover letter utilized for resumes is actually network cover letter. Networking cover letter is a formal request for professional assistance and prominent insight in your intended job search efforts. Candidates can easily use network cover letters through their friends and companions on different social networking sites. 

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Data Entry resume example

Data Entry resume example


Data Entry staff would need to show that they are capable of working in an efficient way. This is probably one of the most important points that they need to bear in mind.


When they are trying to write the resume for the job, they could choose to use different approaches. However, they should all try to mention that they are capable of working in a detail-oriented way and they would not make mistakes easily. Otherwise, they would not gain the confidence from the employers and it would not be easy for them to get the job.


If you have worked in the field of data entry before, you can list the detailed information about your previous employment. This would let your employers know that you have received certain type of training from the job before and you are able to do the job well in their company.


For people who have not worked in the industry before, they can mention the educational background of themselves. If they have won any of the awards, they can list the awards in the resume and impress the recruiters.


If they are required to find references for the application of the job, they should find the information beforehand and attach any possible reference letter together with the resume. They can also choose to attach the cover letter and reference letter with the resume. This would provide comprehensive information for the recruiters to view your application and see if you are eligible for the next round of interview.


Data Entry resume example


Richard Johnson

399, 302 West Street,

CSM, SO 23030

Cell Phone: 230-550-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To obtain a position in the data entry field and work as the data entry operator in a good company which can grow well in the future


Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts, ADMN University



Work Experience

Data Entry Staff

2009 – Present

–          Maintained the accuracy of information of the company

–          Received documents from other departments and processed the data entry part

–          Assisted the managers to perform documentation of the files, including scanning and arranging the documents into the corresponding files

–          Cooperated with the front office to see if there would be any mistakes in the data


Summary of skills

–          Able to use Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

–          Expert in using the internet for searching information as well as other basic computer software

–          Good knowledge about data handling as well as data entry

–          Able to work with efficiency

–          Can type 60 words per minute

–          Detail-oriented with good communication skills to tell the problem or mistakes made

–          Fluent in English and German

–          Willing to learn and could efficiently apply the learning into real practice

–          Good listening skills to listen to the instruction from senior and could perform the corresponding actions without mistakes

–          Able to handle complaints and work under pressure


Expected salary



Earliest date of start of work




Available upon request

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what is asbestos used for

asbestos uses

What is Asbestos Used For

In order to understand what is asbestos used for, you first have to know first of all what asbestos is. Asbestos is a tough, fireproof, elastic and a good insulator. These qualities are what determine what is asbestos used for. Also due to its durable material, asbestos is used for thermal insulation, proofing of fire, roofing, flooring and also in other building materials. The answer to what is asbestos used for can be traced back to over a thousand years ago. Nevertheless people have started using it in building in recent years. Historically, asbestos was used in cheap building materials. It was done by mixing asbestos with many other building materials to create a strong product. It was also added to building supplies to give them strength and make it fire resistant.  It is due to this usage that almost all building materials being manufactured during that period contained asbestos. In determining the importance of the answer to what is asbestos used for, the United States government banned manufacturers from using the product as it was deemed to be harmful to human beings. Despite its harmful nature, some manufacturers still insist on using as asbestos arguing that they have found no other better replacement for asbestos.

asbestos uses

asbestos uses

The other answer to what is asbestos used for is in textiles. Textile products such as aprons and glass blower are made with asbestos compounds to make the product fire resistant. Take a look at what fire fighters normally wear at work, what makes their cloth fire resistant is the addition of asbestos in the textile. It is also used in paint wear. Most house paints have a drop of asbestos; also adhesives have been added with asbestos. The other answer to what is asbestos used for is in friction merchandises such as linings for brakes, assemblies for clutch and gaskets. Some manufacturers use high percentage of asbestos while others use small amount of it. Either way, its help in braking is very important. They were mostly used in the United Kingdom when it had not yet been banned. After asbestos was considered to be a health risk, most state government issued the directories to stop manufacturer from using asbestos when making any product that will expose human beings to dangers. Another answer to the question what is asbestos used for is in insulation of thermal to be used as lagging in products such as boiler pipes and heaters. It is also used in hot water tank to retain the warmth or the coldness of the water. It was also used as decorative finishing in walls and even ceilings, in addition to that some people use asbestos in their wall to make them fire resistant or rather fire proof. Last but not least, the answer to the question what is asbestos used for can be said to be in water pipes. It is assumed it is used to in water pipes to prevent the pipes from rusting. If the statement is true, then it is yet to be confirmed by experts.

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Signs and Symptoms of a Thrombotic Stroke

Signs and Symptoms of a Thrombotic Stroke  The symptoms of a thrombotic stroke may vary, depends upon the area of brain is affected, because different areas of the brain are responsible for different functions. For example, different areas of the brain control movement, sight, speech, balance and coordination. Greater the part of brain is affected greater will be the functional disability. The various symptoms include..  1) numbness or weakness – the patient experience weakness on one side or that side may even be completely paralyzed. 2) Slurred speech- the patient may not be able to speak properly or total inability to talk. 3) Movement problems - A thrombotic stroke can cause a number of  movement problems, including an inability to coordinate one's arms or hands. A person may also have difficulty walking including staggering or veering  Headache Dizziness or confusion Visual disturbance, including sudden loss of vision  Coordination problems in the arms and hands  If any of these symptoms appear suddenly, then patient is suffering from thrombotic stroke or any other kind of stroke. Symptoms, once begin, can quickly become less prominent, stay the same or gradually get worse over hours or days.  Classic stroke symptoms can be recalled as FAST  Face — Sudden droopiness of the face or weakness or problems with vision  Arm — Sudden numbness or weakness of one or both arms  Speech — Difficulty in speaking, slurred speech, or garbled speech  Time — Time is very important in stroke treatment  Sometimes, episodes of stroke-like symptoms occur before a stroke. A short episode of stroke-like symptoms is called a transient ischemic attack (TIA). Symptoms appear suddenly and then get better over several minutes to a couple hours. Most TIAs last less than 30 minutes. One or more of these attacks occurs before more than half of all strokes.
Check this website for alternative cures

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PLR Articles

What Are PLR Articles

plr articles

PLR or private label articles are written by various Authors and published in market for website owners or webmasters to use. Many companies writes these articles for selling purpose. They are written once and sold out to many users.

Well, in online business, you need content for your website. If you don’t have any blogger/content writer for you, you can pick these PLR articles. This is why PLR articles were developed.

The emphasis of PLR service is to provide users with fully developed material that becomes the ownership of the buyer.
These PLR articles comes in various flavours when you talk about rights.Some PLR distributors allow you to just post the article and some allow modification also  and some allow your to resell also.

A very common or standard rule for rights in case of PLR articles:

PLR can Be Edited Completely and Put Your Name on it.
PLR can be used as web content
PLR can be submitted to article directories (rewrite suggested).
PLR can’t be re-sold unchanged
PLR can’t be added to paid membership sites.
Can’t sell Resale Rights.
Can’t sell Master Resale Rights.
Can’t sell Private Label Rights.
PLR can’t be published offline

There are many benefits of using PLR articles:
– Thse PLR articles are very cost and time effective.On average you may get good PLR artcile for few bucks only.
– While licenses differ with each author and seller, the basic premise is that the license permits buyers to re-brand the content under their own name and brand.
-Private Label Rights Articles provide the opportunity to key in on ideas and subjects you want to talk about and then customize an existing work to conform to your business goals and objectives.
-Decreased need to hire a writer for site or business content

What Can I Do With All These PLR articles?

Keep your own web site fresh with new content.
Start Mini Sites quickly and easily.
Make “feeder” sites to drive traffic to your main web site or blog.
Start your own adsense empire.
Sell niche content to your customers.
Sell complete PLR packages on your own site or even ebay.
Read the article and make your own podcast or video series.
Sell Master Resale Rights Packages
Compile multiple articles and make your own information products.
Use these as a bonus to your main product and sell more.

So far , we have covered all the advantages of PLR articles.

Now lets some disadvantages also

-PLR articles are not unique and sold to many website owners.As per Google SEO, you have duplicate content and may not be that helpful.
-Even if you use article rewriter or spinning tool, it still wont be that much unique, since many webmasters may also
had tried the same trick with same spinnig tools.
The best way is the refer the PLR articles, get the concept and theme and write in your own words.
This will really be unique, custom and also google friendly.

Author:   You can visit here for  plrarticles and internet marketing in 5mins.

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migraine and stroke

Migraine and Stroke

Stroke and migraine share certain symptoms, which may lead someone with a migraine to fear they are having a stroke. A migraine is a type of headache, caused by spasms of the arteries leading into the head and  stroke is the interruption of blood to the brain, which kills the cells in the immediate area and affected those in the surrounding areas. The most common type of stroke is the ischaemic stroke, which is caused by an embolism (clot or debris) blocking a blood vessel in the brain. A migraine doesn’t cause brain damage, either in the short or long term. A stroke results in brain damage that varies from mild to disabling. In severe cases, a stroke can cause coma or death. Migraine with aura has been consistently associated with increased risk of ischemic stroke. Most studies suggest that this association is particularly strong for younger women

Migraine aura often causes visual disturbances, such as   1)flashing lights,

2)zigzagging lines or

3)partial loss of vision. Other symptoms may include



6)speech difficulties and

7)muscle weakness on one side of the body.

These disturbing symptoms usually disappear within an hour. but in case of stroke ,  similar symptoms are caused by an interruption of blood flow to the brain. Migraine aura is thought to be caused by over-activity of the brain cells. The gradual onset of migraine aura is due to the slow spreading of hyperactive nerve activity across the brain surface.

Stroke and migraine aura can have similar symptoms mainly depends upon the area of brain affected, the symptoms of stroke may include:

  •  There is Problem in vision, such as vision loss
  • Numbness and tingling of the face, sometimes on one side only
  • Speech disturbances are common
  • Muscle weakness, sometimes on one side of the bodyoccur
                                      Many times, transient ischaemic attack is mistaken for a migraine. A transient ischaemic attack (TIA) is a minor stroke and a warning that a severe stroke may follow. The symptoms of a TIA are identical to those of a full stroke, but disappear within 24 hours. TIAs can appear hours, days, weeks or months before a full stroke.  TIAs need emergency treatment. It seems that TIAs are caused by tiny blockages to blood vessels. These blockages cause temporary symptoms before they dissolve. Migraine aura and TIAs share similar symptoms, such as speech disturbances, weakness and problems with vision. Since the symptoms of TIAs go away within hours, the person may mistakenly believe they suffered from migraine. The broad differences between a migraine and a TIA include:

  • Visual disturbances – in TIA, the only disturbance is vision loss, whereas visual disturbance in migraine includes flashing lights and zigzagging lines as well.
  • Speed of attack – in TIA, the symptoms occur suddenly. In migraine, symptoms spread slowly over a few minutes.
  • Age of onset – migraine tends to first occur when an individual is young, whereas stroke is more common in older people.

Article publié pour la première fois le 13/10/2011

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Panic Away Review – Yes It Works

There are a lot of people suffering from various types of pains in recent years. They might have tried to use some methods for relieving from the pains but they failed. Therefore, you certainly need to learn a lot about how to reduce the pain.

Panic Away Review would help you in understanding more about the performance of Panic Away. It is one of the popular products in the market in recent years.

According to many people, the product like Panic Away would not be very costly. Therefore, many of the patients are interested in trying this product. They would be able to bring a better mindset to the patient and many people have reflected that patients taking the Panic Away products would have a peace of mind and they would also have a reduced fear of dying. They would not think of getting sickness easily after they have taken the products as well.

You would find that more and more people would need to take these products in recent years. The economic downturn is something not acceptable to people. Therefore, it would be easy for you to find people working hard to find the information for them to get rid of the panic feeling. They have lost their confidence in their job and their life and they would want to die. But with Panic Away, the whole situation would be changed.

You should understand that Panic Away is a kind of multi-step program. In other words, it would take time for the program to show the effectiveness. Therefore, you should be patient when you try to use this product and you should not give up the treatment if you have not given enough time to try it first.

If you try to find information related to Panic Away in the internet world, you can easily find that there are plenty of users praising the product. They have found that this is one of the natural treatments that they can take and children can also understand about how it would work to help people. Therefore, you can give Panic Away a try and use it now.

To conclude, panic attack is something horrible and you can find that there are a lot of people who are not used to these things. Ignorance about the illness could yield more serious illness. Therefore, you certainly need to understand more about the way that you can do so as to remove the panic attacks. If you want to find efficient methods, you can find Panic Away for help. Compared with other treatments, this would be a relatively natural one and it would not involve a lot of difficult tasks for you to experience in order to resolve the panic attacks problems. Therefore, you should devote your time and efforts to search for the relevant information related to it and learn about how you can do to relieve yourself once the panic attacks occur on you. You should always keep this in mind so as to help yourself whenever necessary.

Article publié pour la première fois le 16/07/2011

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Tennis recruiting


Tennis recruiting


With the employment feature of a country being significantly dependent on the recruitment factor, it is becoming  very significant day by day for a country’s population to be literate about the recruitment processes and types that the famous and well established concerns of the country are upto. When it comes to type of the recruitment, there are a lot that most of the concerns carry on to get their organosation and the contry going. One of the most famous and genuine type that has been a very effectve method top reduce the rate of unemployemnt is the tennsis recruitssssing. To be truthful enough,this type of recruiting has been maintainnig a perfect reputatio among the other compentents of it by  facilitating a a lot of the candidates to get recruited and hence get employed under this category.


Tennis recruiting is athe act (or rocess) of recruiting sportsmen who are knowningly students( be it of a school or a college) showing extra ordinary talents n playing professioanl tennis. The tennis recruiting cell recruits these type of sportsmen and ffacilitaes them by allowing them to play various well established tournaments that would be a lot helpful in shining their telents in ennis playing. One may also apply online get recruited online via the official site of tennis recruiting. This has effectively catalyzed the talents togrow higher utilising the exticetment and enthusiasm that they receive while palying tournaments due to tennis recruiting. This type has not only brought a lot of tennis-talents into lime light but has also organise a media of arranging monetary funds that would help them keep going. So the canditaes who feel condifident enough about thir temnnis talents may apply online via the official site of tennis recruiting. Consequently when selected they do not have to look back upon those sooryful days.


Article publié pour la première fois le 21/01/2012

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SEO Definition

SEO Definition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality of traffic. The process of getting your website to the top of the search engine, this is the basic seo definition. SEO basically makes use of effective keywords, blogs and other related techniques to make the website be ranked higher. But all you need is to just stay away from the bad practices of SEO as they might land you in trouble.

SEO definition – SEO can also be defined as the process of improving web pages with the ultimate goal of generating more services for the website. Once a website has been optimized for effective search engine, it can stay at the top for a long time. Today, a large number of users find websites through search engines. It helps to provide:

  • Increased traffic.
  • Increased ranking.
  • Increases link popularity.
  • Key word research.
  • Website in a top position.
  • Customer satisfaction.

Search Engine Optimization also helps in finding various business opportunities. Today, a large number of people are searching for various local services and the rating of these people has been increasing day by day.

Basically, SEO is divided into two:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

SEO consultants will optimize your site on a set of keywords, so that your site appears at the top of the search engine. When someone is searching for information on the web, they usually visit a search engine and type words that describes what they are looking for. The search engine check its database and return the result pages that meet the users requirement, what they are looking for. These words used by people for searching can be considered as keywords. Thus, keywords play an important role in search engine optimization.

SEO works in a simple way but it is time consuming a bit and requires a lot of patience. The web designer without the knowledge of SEO is not going to work as it won’t help you attract the visitors to the website and you get lower rank. The website has to be properly optimized for the search engines. SEO is the method that just works out for free.

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Advertising resume example

Advertising resume example


When people work in the advertising field, they usually need to show that they are very capable of doing so. There are a lot of ways that people would like to use for advertising something. Therefore, they would need to be creative in doing the advertising campaigns.


When they come to writing resumes, they would have a little bit confusion. They may not understand the right way to create the resume because they do not know whether they should keep their resume professional or not. If you have this type of doubt, you can try to learn about the necessary steps for writing advertising resume. There would also be the Advertising resume example here for you as the reference.


You should try to make sure that your resume is similar to the traditional one. Some of the people prefer to use creative way to make their resume but this is not necessary in some of the firms. If you have heard that the firm is famous for adopting those new ideas of resume, you may try to switch. But if you do not know whether those advertising firms love the ideas of using extraordinary resume, you are not advised to do so.


Apart from the use of visual aids, there are actually other ways that you can use for proving that you are creative. As long as you can show that you consistently participate in some programs about advertising or creativity, you would be able to get the respect of the employers and the offer for the job


Advertising resume example


Andy Smith

239 SMC Street,MDS City,California

Cell: 330-111-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career goal


To find a challenging position in the advertising field which could widen the knowledge in business world and use creativity to resolve the problems


Key skills


–          In-depth knowledge about graphic design and is able to use various programs to do design

–          Outstanding skills in communicating with others

–          Able to write project reports and explain to the managers regarding the design in the report

–          Able to prioritize work and work efficiently

–          Extensive knowledge about making advertising copy

–          Comprehensive experience in applying different strategies for advertising


Work Experience


Advertising Specialist, SCC Group

2010 – Present


–          Handled tasks related to graphic designs and composed information about new products

–          Handled design and drafting of mass mailing

–          Provided instructions for communication in different areas

–          Handled the work of designing layouts and composing newsletters

–          Assisted the management to handle projects and strategic planning for the advertising campaigns

–          Undertook special projects

–          Communicated with accounting department to discuss the budget spending on the advertising campaign

–          Performed evaluation on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign

–          Coordinated the work of artists, copywriters and researchers in order to develop comprehensive package for advertisement for several advertising campaigns


Educational background


Bachelor of Advertising

UniversityofCalifornia, 2007-2010



Available upon request


Relationship status



Employment status

Full Time


Article publié pour la première fois le 10/02/2012

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Montezuma’s Revenge Covers More Than Just Travel Only to Mexico

Montezuma’s Revenge Covers More Than Just Travel Only to Mexico

It seems that mankind is wanderlust.  Even with high fuel surcharges for air travel in 2012 people seem to be traveling and traveling abroad more and more. Although pleasurable, traveling to different countries also pose high probability of contracting diseases. Thus it is important that we prepare ourselves before we take off. First aid kits and travel medicines can provide the solution for this.


Buy or Prepare a Basic First Aid Kit:


Get the readily purchasable first aid kits or take the time to personally prepare one for yourself. Bring along all the medication that you take-in in a regular basis. However check if your meds are permitted in the country destination and do not require actual doctor’s authorization and documentation. It is also wise to invest extra dollar on travel insurance that can come very handy in case you contract infection during your trip.

Traveling Off the Beaten Track – Make an Appointment With a Travel Medical Officer:


Developing countries can offer a lot of health hazards. It is therefore important that we set an appointment with a travel medicine expert that can assess the possible health risks and create essential counter. To ensure appropriate work against health risks is enforced for you, visit travel expert around 21 to 32 days before your travel date. This gives an ample time for your immune system to be boosted and well-prepared against certain disease agents.


Which Vaccines Are Necessary For Your Specific Travels:


To boost your immune system and make it work against specific pathogens, immunization is carried out. The usual vaccines recommended by experts to tourists are Hepa A and typhoid. Yellow fever vaccine on the other hand is among the mandatory vaccines for people who are planning to enter South America and sub-Saharan Africa.


Tropical Countries – Think Malaria Prevention:


Malaria is one of the most deadly diseases in tropics and it is increasing in frequency in the past few years. That should make you think twice when planning to visit tropical countries. This disease can lead to complications in the kidney, lungs and livers that can kill the infected individual if not properly treated. No effective vaccine has been developed against malaria however this can easily by avoided. The disease is acquired through mosquito bite so keeping away from mosquito bite can also keep you away from malaria. The use of repellants, mosquito nets and long sleeved tops and pants especially during the sunset can effectively shun one from infection. Prophylactic medication is available too which can be discussed more effectively by travel medicine expert.


Traveler’s Diarrhea or Montezuma’s Revenge – Not Only in Mexico:


Traveler’s diarrhea is obviously a disease contracted by tourists during their trip. This is acquired through ingestion of virus, bacteria or protozoan contaminated food and drinks.  Thus this can be successfully prevented by taking only bottled or purified water and sanitarily prepared food. Symptoms of this disease can range from mild to severe and last only for several days despite no medication. However you can take in loperamide to aid in the healing process thus shortening the duration of the disease. If the symptoms do not stop after several days and you are already having bloody stool it is better to consult a doctor.


Consult Your Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist & Other Health Care Providers:


Preparing for a health risk free trip is easy as long as you take advices of the right people like your doctor, pharmacist and travel medicine expert.  Another option is you can log on to any travel medicine website which can also provide wide-ranging information for health secured travel.



Laura Morelos

Laura is an experienced & competent medical /dental vacation organizer as well as being fluent in the concepts and logistics of medical tourism with a specialty in medical tourism travels to Cancun Mexico
Being bilingual in both Spanish & English languages has its benefits

Laura can locate for you an English speaking Cancun dentista or alternatively provide riki reflexology beachside in Cancun , Playa del Carmen and indeed the whole Mexican Rivera in either the English or Spanish languages

Laura es un organizador de vacaciones con experiencia y competente médico / dental, además de ser fluido en los conceptos y la logística de turismo médico con una especialidad en turismo médico viaja a Cancún, México
Ser bilingüe en ambos idiomas, Inglés y Español tiene sus beneficios

Laura puede encontrar para usted uno de habla Inglés Cancún dentista o, alternativamente, dar riki junto a la playa de reflexología en Cancún, Playa del Carmen y de hecho toda la Rivera Mexicana, ya sea en los idiomas inglés o español

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/02/2012

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beat your Competitors

Sick of hearing about Recession?

You want to beat Your Competitors?

Making no business …

The unemployment rate in USA is highest in decades..

People are not ready to go out even..

If they dont go out , they wont buy anthing..

If people are not coming to you , then you need to go to people.

This is totally an internet era, people do search for things in internet and tries to buy it from there.

If you are a businessman or selling anything, then its really important for you to have a selling website.

I tell you about my story:

I dont have a car and whenver I havent cooked anything , I look for restaurants near to my place in Google , and call them if they deliver.If you have internet presence, you will not loose that business.

Even when I have to buy anything  like laptop, ipod, I do it online. I can compare prices from different vendors and then can buy from one.

I am fully dependant on internet and so is the upcoming generation.

People looking for classifieds or ads in newspapers/ magzines/brouchures are moving towards internet.

So if somebody is saying , I am not making good business, then just find out reasons and fix them.

Who says , having website is expensive??? Can you afford couple of hundreds ??

You can go to any company who can provide low cost and high quality website.

Talk to them and get more business.

We are just one in this list, and will be happy to work with you for your business.

Note: We want you to grow, so we can go to any extend to get you in top…..

Just talk to us.

Lets rise:


[email protected]

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Free Job Posting And Resume Search Sites

Finding Appropriate Free Job Posting And Resume Search Sites

You can easily get to know about different free job posting and resume search websites on the internet. However, not all of them are suitable and professional. It is essential to select the most appropriate free resume search and job posting website according to your requirement. Before moving ahead, you need to assess the website carefully. All these websites would request employers and candidates to publish personal information. Therefore, it makes sense to evaluate the website’s past and current credentials before taking a decision. There are many prominent and reliable resume search and job posting websites on the internet like Monster, Times Jobs, Craigslist and others. You do not need to worry anything about these sites. Employers and job seekers do not have to pay money for registration. Personal information of the candidates and employers is kept secret. Both job seekers and companies can look for possible openings by state and industry in the most perfect manner on these free jobs posting websites.

Important Characteristics Of Prominent Free Jobs Posting Websites

Candidates can easily store their resume online on these sites. Potential employers will be in a good position to look and assess different stored resumes on free job posting and resume search sites. However, it is important on the part of candidates to update relevant information in their resume. Candidates can easily look for specific jobs according to their qualification, education and skills. They can save specific job search elements according to their employment need. Free resume search and job sites on the internet allow employers and candidates to hunt for possible openings in big and small cities without any restrictions. You just need to type the city’s name in the column provided in the website. At the same time, there are several job areas like accounting, hospitality, medical, sales, marketing, aviation and others that are listed on these free websites.


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Mobile Marketeer – Your strategic mobile tool

Mobile Marketeer

In our endeavor to create innovative ideas that empower today’s mobile workforce with leading edge tools, Zeustek  presents Mobile Marketeer, an innovative application to access critical company information on the fly and effectively communicate with peers. It is a next generation application that boasts of reducing time to information significantly thus enhancing your productivity. It’s a handy application that puts information on to your finger tips.

It’s ease of use features makes key information like Corporate profile; Products & Services; Social Media; Contact-Us etc. easily accessible in a fast paced work environment. See for yourself as We encourage you to try this tool for 7 days absolutely free.


With growing number of smart phone users among the corporate world, Mobile Marketeer is an absolute necessity. This application is gaining popularity among the organizations who value creative use of technology. Our easy to customize functionality offering helps our clients tailor the feature to realise true potential of this tool  thus making it an integral part of their startegic plans. Growing number of our customers includes Aker Solutions, BalanceCO2, eCore to name a few.

Key features include:

  • Company Profiling
  • Integrated audio-video presentation to facilitate spot on demos
  • Sending important information to reach out to target audience is now just a click away
  • Dynamic Communication feature that enables integrated emails
  • Upload on app store within minutes with client company display
  • Compatible with leading smart phones i.e iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Try this tool for free now. mobile-markeeter-contact

Contact us at [email protected] for more information on this product.

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Recruiter resume


Recruiter resume         



Resume refers to the detailed description given by an individual about himself or herself in a simple manner while finding a job for them. A resume is the most significant certificate about people; it is the first thing that any company would consider while making an individual applies for a job. Every company asks for a resume which mainly consists; the name of the candidate, residential address, educational qualification, marks, hobbies etc, this gives an outlook about the candidate to the company. These entire criterions makes up the resume complete and this is what really explains an individual to an unknown company where they apply as a candidate. A resume is the first impression given to the company by individuals’ themselves; it is mostly in the typed format while applying through the website. Writing a resume is one of the simplest tasks to do. It is the freedom of expression by a person.



Recruiter resume is the first impression, people in a company go through the candidate’s resume carefully before calling them for the interview, it is what one writes in the resume that matters a lot to the company and the interview panel. However, some of the candidates’ who find it very hard to write a resume may simply log in to one of the website. They can seek help from resume experts who will render a hand in writing a safe and an excellent resume to the candidate this is one of the ways to make a candidate feel very contented about what they will present in the interview. Resume is a serious presentation about their achievements in life, a candidate who does not know how to write a resume will never qualify in any of the jobs. There are innumerable websites online, which give in their best to write a person’s resume.





Article publié pour la première fois le 21/01/2012

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Athletes cover letter

                                                                                            Athletes cover letter

These days’ athletes are going professional in presenting themselves to the reputed sport bodies where they can find good opportunities to enhance their career. A cover letter is an official business letter that comes handy at the time of creating best impression on the employer. A well written cover letter distinguishes you from rest of the athletes. It should explain your educational qualification, soccer program, scholarship requirements and financial need.

A potential athlete’s cover letter let you:

  • To articulate your interests to the employer in detail

  • Highlighting relevant items needed

  • To explain your skills particularly to the employer

  • Helps to give the detailed picture of your resume

Athletes cover letter writing tips

  • Always write the cover letter specific to the position you are applying in the organization.

  • Limit the length of cover letter to single page

  • Target letter to the particular person in the organization

  • The cover letter should be brief with 3 to 4 paragraphs

  • 8 ½” x 11” bond paper should be used

  • Always send cover letter with resume

  • Don’t make any mistake while writing the cover letter

  • Include the address where it is necessary

  • Sign with your original signature.

Cover letter format

Athletes’ cover letter is mainly divided into three parts namely introductory paragraph, body and closing paragraph.

Introductory paragraph consists of name; address and phone number etc. All this information should be mentioned towards left side of the page. It is followed by body of the cover letter. The body starts from Dear Mr. /Ms Keyword. It is always recommended to divide body into three to four small paragraphs and give detailed description of why you are applying for this particular job. The body is followed by closing paragraph. Thank the employer for spending his precious time in closing paragraph which is followed by your signature.


Athletes cover letter example

In this example the applicant is interested in applying for fitness director position in some sports organization

Applicant Name


City, State ZIP code



Name / Address of Receiving person

Dear Person’s Name:

I am very captivated in applying for the position of ‘Fitness Director’ at Los Vegas sports organization. Strong educational backdrop and professional fitness experience I posses may uniquely identify me for this opportunity. I am currently working as a personal trainer and completed degree from New Mexico University.

My professional background and educational qualification provided me extensive managerial and organizational experience. During my curriculum I have successfully established a fitness class program in internship with CitiWorld and also involved in marketing of it.

My Exercise Science Bachelor’s Degree is a complete education of fitness settings, fitness assessment, kinesiology, athletic training and stress testing and management concepts. I have also taken elderly fitness courses.

I enjoy myself in working with the fitness industry as I am capable of building good relationship with people I am dealing. I am dependable, reliable and committed to work. Thank you for giving this opportunity. Looking forward to hear from you




Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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Easy Hair Styles For Long Hair

Many people have begun to keep their hair long as in the 1970’s. Even if you will find out that many people like the idea of having their hair long, it can become too hard to keep them. The hair can be twisted, curled, straightened or braided. There are many styles that you can use when you have long hair.  Protecting long hair is to protect it from dry ends, frizz, heat, ends and split ends. You have also to make sure that your hair is protected against any environmental damages such as cold or heat.

First, you have to get your hair trimmed and it is better if you do this every 8 weeks.  If the end of your hair has split, then you should never let it go up to reach the shaft. Getting it cut is the best thing that you can do.

Ensure that your hair is always moisturized. It is advised if you use moisturizing mask regularly. you should wet your hair before applying the moisturizer, if not the moisturizer will not hold. Use a flat iron to tap foiled section for few times. This method is used to smoother the ends and to provide deep conditioning. If you do not want to use the heat, then you should use oil mask and you can wrap the hair into a bun and leave the hair to dry for around 15 minutes. Make sure that you hair is protected from breakage and tangle to keep them long for a long time.


Article publié pour la première fois le 04/08/2011

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.Net Framework


.Net Framework- a Magical Tool for Programmers


Microsoft started to work on .Net Framework during the last quarter of the 1990s; it was originally being worked on as the Next Generation Windows Services and in the year 2000 the initial version of the software framework was available in the market. After the release of version 1.0, several other versions were introduced into the market and they were a huge success. 3.0 version of the software framework came along Windows Vista, 3.5 was launched along Windows 7 and version 4 got released along with the 2010 version of Visual Studio.


With the increase in usage of smartphones and androids, there has been a demand of versions of .Net Framework that can be run in devices that lack resources and that is why .Net Compact Framework and Micro Framework version got released and programmers have been using those software frameworks in their mobile devices. A great thing about the Framework is that it has given language independence to the programmers by the introduction Common Type Independence, which is responsible for defining all the different kinds of data and programming that are supported by Common Type Independence and whether they might or might not interact with each other complying with CLI. This feature is the reason why this framework has been able to provide support to exchange of types and objects between the different apps and libraries that have been written with the aid of .Net Language.


Along the good things, .Net Framework has also got certain features that make it worth criticism. An app that is run in managed environment requires more system resources as compared to similar kind of apps that take their resources directly from machines. Overall the software framework is a huge success and programmers just love it and it is being used widely by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the globe.




Article publié pour la première fois le 30/09/2011

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Educational apps for tablets and smartphones

Educational apps for tablets and smartphones

education-appsDo you know that your knowledge, hardwork, dedication and thinking approach can even make your smartphone or tablet a full-fledged learning tool as well? Yes, it is going to open barrage of learning ideas and platforms to help you gain extensive knowledge and information both as a student or while you want to gain worldly knowledge. Yes, considering the massive platform where you can simply “Google” any sort of education apps within few clicks, I am compiling 5 educational apps for tablets and smartphones to broaden your horizons which will create a positive difference towards enhancing your personality further:-


This is the new educational app which I came across. They are updating the site with wonderful information and I must say its reliable too. You can download this app on Google Play and start learning. Apart from this, you can also play educational games, quizzes and much more.


You would have heard many times, that learning is fun. Now, re-live this saying here with EduDroid. Yes, here you will witness tools, quizzes, games to be used in your Android device which enhances power of knowledge in such an exciting and engaging manner, that you never feel that you are actually studying. Specifically, it teaches students with respect to their writing skills, spellings, reading, maths, (to name a few) as there are wide areas for gaining your knowledge, like never before.

Amazon Kindle

Learning things isn’t age specific. Yes, that’s what the ideology, we have been brought up as well. Yes, the app specifically helps you to learn new things, thanks to wide range of books at your rescue belonging to different genre. You can equally enhance your grammatical skills, spelling with vocabulary too.


Well, amongst the apps which created a “fun” quotient is none other than Duolingo. It shows how “learning can actually be fun” as well. Thanks to whole sort of features relating with mini-games where your vocabulary becomes better. It has more than 6 languages at your rescue.


Are you planning to learn a new language with precision in a speedy manner? Well, if yes then use the app as it promises to help you learn something new easily. There are different courses with various languages to get you the option to choose likewise.


SoloLearn is designed by software professionals with the desire to help those who are motivated enough to learn various programming languages. Yes, I am talking about C++, HTML, Java, Python, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and Swift etc. You will check the authencity and utility of the app yourself, to know what I am talking about.

Final thoughts

Well, let’s dive deep into the world of knowledge and information with the aforesaid mentioned apps. Yes, they are designed keeping in mind the requirements of students who will get wings to enhance their professionalism further.

Article publié pour la première fois le 30/11/2016

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Reasons for Hiring a SEO Company

Top Most 8 Reasons for Hiring a SEO Company
The most profitable technique to achieve search engine top positioning, is SEO.
SEO brings in the organic traffic and even increases the visibility of an organization among its
target audience. It is considered as the most preferred tool to acquire online sales. Firms
even outsource SEO Services in order to reach customers globally and attain their targets.
If you wish to make sure of your success in the business with the implementation of
internet marketing then you have to hire a SEO company that will take care of it for you.
An SEO company offers you the services of experts.
Zeustek is an affordable SEO company that provides SEO services to its clients all over
the world. Zeustek does aim at providing the best and affordable SEO services. SEO
experts first start by making changes in website content, design and keywords, and then
market the website.
Why Hire Zeustek?

1 . In-Depth Research
Zeustek does the in-depth research before implementation of SEO strategies. Here at
Zeustek, SEO experts will be handling your website, and thus they will research about
your business, competitors, website and the target audience. Then, the team will start up
working on your website.
2. Internet knowledge
A SEO expert should have the proper knowledge about the techniques and strategies to
be applied. At Zeustek, the staff is well-trained and has up-to-date knowledge of the latest
SEO techniques. SEO experts at Zeustek have the knowledge of SEO as they are already
into this field and without wasting any time, they just move into the right direction.
3. Guaranteed Results
Zeustek is an affordable SEO firm that provides guarantee for the results. It will not offer
its services blindly to promote a business without guaranteed results. The company does
its research with the team of experts. If they are not confident about their results they
never send you proposal to boost your site’s online ranking.
4. Firm Deadline
By outsourcing your SEO services to Zeustek, the company will meet your deadlines, and
start the work as per the requirement specified.
5. Implementation of Variety of Resources and Ideas
Outsourcing SEO services to Zeustek will help you to merge different ideas and thoughts
before implementing finally to optimize the website. This is the main advantage that you
direct the project to Zeustek.
6. Reduction in Cost Factor
Zeustek will charge you the nominal rates, rather than charging so high amount. It will
charge you only for one time and will do the optimization along with the maintenance.
You will get the guaranteed results and services with variable resources.You can improve
ranking in the search engine ranking results with the affordable SEO packages provided
at Zeustek.
7. Targeting the Niche Customers
Zeustek will target the right kind of audience for your website. Zeustek knows how to
get the top rankings in the search engines, and how to turn online visitors into customers,
who really are interested in the services that you provide.
8. Dependable SEO Services Providers
The SEO Company Rhode Island is dependable service provider. The SEO
professionals ensure that the contents are fresh and the number of inbound links is also
ideal. Zeustek constantly keeps on exploring advanced techniques in the field of search
engine optimization to help improve your website ranking.

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Five Tips For a Succesful Phlebotomy

Five Tips For a Succesful Phlebotomy


1. A comprehensive knowledge of the human body is required to locate a suitable vein


There are three veins found in the cubital fossa which are considered to be the most favorable sites for phlebotomy. Those three veins are; Basilic vein, Median cubital vein, and the cephalic vein. Due to how thin the superficial skin of the area is, these veins can be easily located by anyone, it is simple to insert a needle and draw blood. Phlebotomy can only be mastered when you have fully learned the basic physiology and anatomy of the human body. You can do a course, though many suggest getting real phlebotomy experience while working.
2. Phlebotomy operation tips to collect a specimen

For patients, the procedure of collecting blood should be a fast and simple one. Make sure that the proper track is being followed. It is important to remain steady and go slow. The blood pressure must be measured and the physiological condition of the patient in question must be inspected and assessed. During this procedure, you must remain in a relaxed mood. Keep in mind that if you were not able to collect the specimen during your first attempt, you should never puncture the same suite twice, doing s could cause the patient to panic.


3. During and after a phlebotomy, proper safety precautions should be taken

Once intact skin has been punctured by a needle, the internal tissues have become exposed. The vulnerability of a patient is increased. It is important to maintain hygiene, disinfection and sterilization are crucial. Prior to the procedure, always disinfect the skin. A sterile and disposable syringe should be used to draw blood and you should never exceed the recommend amount of blood.
That being said, make sure that the amount of blood needed by the laboratory technicians and pathologists is drawn and prepared to match the profile requested. Once the procedure is completed, a band aid should be used to cover the area, this will prevent any microorganisms to enter the body.
4. Keep patients and their families well informed

Before any medical procedures are performed, it is important to inform, explain and get the patient’s consent. It is crucial to properly inform your patient, you can advise them as to how best relax their muscles and set their mind at ease. It is also important to explain the procedure or any of the patients family members who are with them. The art of counselling your patients is one that after time,and through experiences, you will come to master.
5. Provide warning about possible side effects and offer dietary suggestions

Any side effects which could occur should be explained to the patient. It is your duty as a phlebotomist to explain side effects that could occur after blood is drawn, such as a hypersensitive reaction, weakness and fatigue. The patient should be told about the importance of increasing their water intake, at least for a week and to eat foods that are rich in iron and proteins.
Although phlebotomy is a routine procedure which should not cause any medical emergencies, there are times when something could go wrong, especially if proper care isn’t taken throughout the entire procedure. By keeping the above mentioned tops on phlebotomy in mind, you can avoid unwanted accidents and have a successful procedure. It is important to be properly trained in phlebotomy, this can help you to further your career.

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professional physical therapy

Where to Find Professional Physical Therapy Services

Sustaining injury that leads to pain and impairment of any body part definitely requires medical attention. Although many people embark on searching for a physical therapist, it is highly recommended that you consult your regular physician before you do so. It is your physician who is responsible for referring you to a physical therapist. In any case, you will give your physician the opportunity to address other medical issues that may not be addressed by a physical therapist. Note that there are different types of physical therapy and your physician is better placed to know which type is appropriate for you. Orthopedic, pediatric, heat, geriatric and neurological physical therapists are available and your physician will be able to refer you to the appropriate physical therapist.

It is important to point out that your physician may refer you to more than one physical therapist, depending on your injury. This is in case your injury requires a combination of physical therapies. Certain situations do however arise where you do not have the time to consult reach your regular physician and you need to find a physical therapist fast. It is always important to search for a professional physical therapy practitioner. Where do you find a professional practitioner? There are several places where you can find a professional physical therapy practitioner who will address your particular physical therapy need. Such include:

  • Local public hospital – Many governments around the world have taken measures to train physical therapists who are posted to public health institutions upon graduation to manage rehabilitation centers. In case there is none, you will be referred to appropriate physical therapist.
  • Local private hospitals – Private hospital are in most cases well equipped than public hospitals and do have different professional physical therapy practitioners. Some private hospitals engage the services of locally available physical therapists in private practice.
  • Local health clubs – Local health clubs, whether public or private are some of the places you are likely to find a professional physical therapist. However, you may need to be a member of such a club in order to receive physical therapy services.
  • Yellow pages – You can easily get information on physical therapists from yellow pages including where they are located, hours of operation and their contacts. You however need to establish if one you engage is approved before committing yourself.
  • On the Internet – Many professional physical therapists and in particular professional therapists have their websites online from where you can get valuable information regarding their services.
  • Local association of physical therapists – It is a common practice throughout the world for medical practitioners including physical therapists to form associations. You can find valuable information on physical therapists in your locality and pick the most suitable one.
  • From friends – You can get useful information from friends who know or have received physical therapy. Being referred by friends can prove valuable because of the already established relationship between your friend(s) and the physical therapist.

It is always important and beneficial to both you and your professional physical therapy practitioner to divulge all information regarding your injury and the problems that you have. This informs your physical therapist on the best physical therapy techniques to employ for fast recovery and restoration.


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Dentists resume objectives

Dentists resume objectives


Whenever you try to find a job in a professional field, resume and qualification count.  Some people think that qualification speaks louder than resume. However, it is necessary for you to write a good resume if you are not famous in that professional field. For example, dentists may need to write good resume unless you are the top one in the market.


When a dentist tries to write resume, they would need to pay attention to the resume objectives section. In this section, it would be important for people to tell more about themselves and their objective of applying for the job. They are also expected to write about their career objective. This is something that dentists may find the difficulty. Dentists may not have many ideas about the career goal especially if they are the fresh graduate. Therefore, you can take a look at the following samples of Dentists resume objectives.


–          To become a professional dentist specialized in dentist bleaching through working in a promising clinic

–          To participate in the daily operation of a clinic as the role of dentist and become a partner of the clinic in 10 years of time

–          To apply for the dentist job and hope to become a senior dentist in the clinic group in 5 years of time

–          To run for the position of senior dentist in the clinic with growth potential and promising prospect

–          To work with a team of professional dentists in a local hospital


There are different career paths that a dentist can go to. Therefore, you can choose the right path and describe it in the resume. You may prefer to work in a clinic or you may prefer to work in a hospital. Therefore, it is always up to you to make the decision and choose to work in the right place. If you have chosen the path to go to hospital and work as dentist, you can state it in the resume when you apply for the job in the hospital. If you prefer to join some clinics, you can choose to tell the recruiters that you want to work in a clinic. As long as you state clearly in the objective section of the resume, it would be fine and recruiters would understand you more.


Some of the dentists would prefer not to mention their career goal or the objective of the resume. But this would make recruiters think that they are not professional enough. Usually, people would not prepare the resume objective section only when they did not tailor-make the resume. They may have a template and they may use this template for every job that they apply. They would not try to make the necessary adjustments to the resume to make it sounds more suitable for the particular job. No doubt, you would do this because of the time constraint. However, recruiters do not like this. Therefore, you should try to use the resume objective section to customize every job application.


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asbestos Canada

The environmental Safety of Asbestos in Canada There has been recommendation in Canada to assess the safety of asbestos. The recommendation came as a response in opposition the proposed opening of Jeffery mine-an asbestos Canada town.


Asbestos Canada like all asbestos occurs naturally as a mineral in the earth’s surface. It contains strong fibers that are resistant to fire, is highly durable and was widely used in residential houses until 1978 when it was banned. Fibers of asbestos are very thin and in fact are more than 150 times thinner than the human hair. They can even float in air and not be visible to the eye thereby making it easy to be inhaled. Scientifically, it has been shown that living in a building that has materials made of this fiber is not harmful except it is damaged or disturbed. It may be difficult to notice products within your home that are made of these materials by just looking. However you may identify them because they are bound in a few products that were once used in the construction industry. These two ways may be helpful in identifying them: Firmly bound or bonded asbestos Canada is a fiber cement product that is embedded firmly in a cement medium that is hardened however new fibers especially those made of cellulose are now used today as replacement and you can find them around homes that have been built before the 1970s in some of the following materials: vinyl floor tiles, textured paints, plaster patching mixtures, the backing of vinyl floor coverings, flat or corrugated sheeting, roof shingles, limitation brick siding and water or flue pipes. The loosely bound asbestos is described as friable. This type is found in older types of household insulations used on heater, stoves and ceiling insulation materials. But today they have replaced by glass fibers. You do not need t panic when you find materials containing asbestos as you may even leave the materials in place. For instance if there is an internal sheet walls made of them and the sheet walls are in good condition and possibly coated with paint, then there is no cause for alarm as there is no health risk posed and the external cement roofs and siding may not have need to be replaced except their surfaces are damaged or are broken. Furthermore cement construction products can be disposed or removed safely provided you take the proper precautions in order to prevent the release of the poisonous dusts

However as stated earlier asbestos Canada is not exempted from danger every asbestos possess to people when it is exposed or disturbed, which happens especially during renovation and it is quite costly to remove because the procedure is no ordinary one that should be handled by individuals whenever they wish. It is mandatory to get the attention state licensed technicians who will handle the processes in a specially sealed environment. Also the removal may be dangerous since if done improperly may contaminate the air further. Encapsulation which is the sealing off the disintegrated materials may be good alternative method or control.

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QA analyst



Responsibilities of a QA Analyst


Do you know about QA analyst? It is called software quality analyst and it is responsible for applying various type of principles of software quality assurance. The role of a software quality analyst is very important and it is similar to the software testing role. There are many responsibilities of a quality analyst but some important tasks of quality analyst are followings. It is very necessary for QA analyst to join various meetings related to the QMS management. Similarly it is also a duty of an analyst to approve the various QMS documents. Therefore you can say that the role of a quality analyst is very important for a company. Quality assurance analyst always handles various matters related to the management. A quality assurance analyst should be responsible and hardworking so that he can achieve the targets easily. The important duty of a quality assurance analyst is to identify the deficiencies in the products. Quality analyst should perform the testing of several products. It is necessary for an analyst to remove the chance of error before the release of a product.


It is very necessary to remove the chance of error before the release of a product. There are many ways to eliminate the chance of error but the important method is testing of products. You can perform quality testing for this purpose. Therefore it is also a responsibility of QA analyst to eliminate the chance of error in the product or software. You can say that the job of quality assurance analyst is not easy to perform. The progress of a company is directly associated with the performance of a quality assurance analyst. Therefore a quality assurance analyst should be responsible and experience so that he can perform his job in a better way. The quality analyst is an important part of any company.


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interview mistakes

 Avoid these interview mistakes


It is very obvious that each particular firm does its own interview according to some things it deems fit, and in most cases, there are lots of individual elements and differences as it comes from the interviewers. All these have a very good bearing on the interview process. But again, there are some general interview expectations from the interviewed and failure on these will amount to some interview mistakes. There are some general things that are expected from you as the person going for the interview to avoid loosing the chance of landing your dream job.


First of all, make good research about the company, how long they have been here, what they are really into and maybe the names of their top directors and other staff. Know their history, goals and current projects. On the day of the interview, try everything possible to make sure you come early to the interview arena and compose yourself well in preparation for the interview. You should inquire about the type of attire the firm will cherish for interviews. When you already know this, find the attire which most times will include a pair of pants and matching shirts with good jackets and matching ties. Try everything possible to make sure you choose the simplest of colors for this.


When you are in the interview room, make sure you put a very happy face. Don’t make the interview mistake of giving the impression that your old employers were so bad to you.  Because the interviewers will also think you will talk the same way about them. When you are asked questions during the interview proper, try and answer with the simplest of languages and do not talk too much interrupting the interviewers. Never lie when you are not sure of anything but give clues about how you will try in solving problems with your skills. Don’t fall into the interview mistake of making the interview too informal even when the interviewers try so. Also expect likely questions about your strength, weaknesses etc.


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Free Site Analysis

Free Site Analysis

If you have a website, then I  want you to answer some of my below questions:

1) Are you getting enough traffic to your website ?

2) Are you getting RIGHT people  to your website and they are getting converted to customers?

3) Are you happy with weekly SEO reports that your SEO team is giving you ?

4) Is your SEO guy marketing your website in Social media networks like facebook, twitter etc?

5) Is your SEO team affordable?

If any of your answer is NO, then you need to revisit your SEO plan or SEO team.

Our SEO experts can create a FREE SEO plan for your website that will help you  in ranking and getting good traffic.

We can also analyse your website for FREE and provide you with SEO suggestions.

Mail us at   [email protected] for FREE SEO report  or FREE  SEO plan for your website.

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Carpenters resume example

Carpenters resume example


Working as a carpenter can give people a stable job. In recent years, there are more and more people who consider working as the carpenter. Therefore, they would like to find some ways to ensure that they can get the job in the fierce competition.


It is always necessary for you to write good resume in order to impress the employers. If you fail to do this, you probably cannot have the good job.


A carpenter would usually need to be careful in working under different conditions. They should also have the ability to work overtime and they would need to be detail-oriented. When they try to cut the woods, they have to pay full attention to the process or otherwise they would hurt themselves very easily. Therefore, they need to take a look at many things when they want to be carpenter. If you think that you are capable for the job because you have the relevant skills, you should not hesitate to let them know that you have those skills. The way that you can do in order to persuade them is to include some of the projects that you have done in the previous time. You can also list the previous work experience such that your future employers know that you are the experience carpenter who can fit for the job well.


Carpenters resume example


Steven Taylor

SDK Street, LS City, AA 20143

Cell Number: 230-100-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career goal


To obtain the job as carpenter in a reliable and prospectus firm such that I could utilize the skills learnt from school and growth together with the firm


Summary of skills

–          Familiar with different methods about carpenter work

–          Have in-depth knowledge about equipment installation, machine operations, etc

–          Able to write reports to meet the needs of management level

–          Possesses knowledge about carpentry tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, etc

–          Good listening skills and is able to exercise the orders effectively

–          Good physical strength and is able to work undress tight schedule


Educational Qualification


Diploma of Science,AMCSchool



Work Experience


Junior Carpenter, CAAW Inc,


–          Assisted the senior carpenters to finish construction projects

–          Performed maintenance and repair work for the basic structures of the building

–          Checked to ensure the accuracy of number of equipment materials

–          Removed imperfections of the wood work

–          Assisted the foundation of building as well as to establish the building lines

–          Ensured the project was within the budgeted spending


Junior Carpenter, SAMO Inc


–          Assisted the carpenter to hold lumber, timber and penal

–          Handled the responsibilities for shoring and helped to make the braces safe for users

–          Selected equipment under the supervision of managers and reported to managers in case of any deficiency of tools

–          Fastened the limber with the use of nails, pegs, screws, glue, etc.



Available upon request


Expected salary



Marital Status



Employment Status

Full Time


Other question for the job


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Why Is A Covering Letter Vital?

Applying for a job is more than just filling out an application form or forwarding a copy of your most recent CV. There is a lot of competition out there these days, with hundreds of people applying for the same role. Which is why you need to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to work in Spain then you will need to ensure that you have done as much as you can to give yourself the best chance possible.

A covering letter is vital. Whilst your CV will explain your employment history, your education and any qualifications you might have, a covering letter can really draw attention. It is your chance to really separate yourself from the rest.

Think ahead

Before you put pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard, you should think about what it is that you want to say and how you want to get it across. Employers will be receiving hundreds of CV’s and covering letters so you will want to evoke interest or intrigue.

Practice makes perfect

You may find that in order to get your covering letter right you will want to draft a few copies. Ask someone to read them and to see if you are getting the right message across.

Read it aloud

One good habit to get into is to read your work aloud. Once you have written your cover letter you may find that reading it out loud will help you to see how it comes across. Is there a sentence in there that is too long or doesn’t make sense? This may not be apparent when you read it in your head, but it will come to light when you read it out loud.

Do it anyway

Unless you are asked to not send a covering letter or the prospective employer wants only to see your CV then make sure you send one. It can appear lazy if you only send across your CV. It can show a lack of interest or that you are simply not that bothered.

Don’t be too conventional

There are a lot of basic cover letter templates out there. But try to move away from these. If a prospective employer has hundreds to read through they will soon realise when they all sound the same. Make it slightly different or unique and try and get a little of your personality across.

Don’t forget to proof your final copy and ensure that the formatting is correct. Again, as with a CV, if you don’t proof it and it is packed with mistakes you might find that you are disregarded instantly.

Tailor your covering letter to the role that you are applying for. It can look extremely obvious if you have used a generic letter template. You will also want to limit it to just one page. Any more and you may have lost your reader. Don’t be afraid to use emotion such as ‘I’m really excited by the prospect’ or ‘Your company really interests me because…’

Bill Turner is a free-lance writer who enjoys traveling and sending time with his dogs at the beach.

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General classification of jaundice

General classification of jaundice

Jaundice is a term  which is mainly used to describe an increase in the amount of bilirubin in the body, which results in the  yellow colouration of white area of eye, and skin . jaundice can be categoriz

e into three different types; each results in yellowing pigmentation but for different reasons.

Physiologic Jaundice

Physiologic jaundice is common in newborns whose livers have not fully developed the ability to process bilirubin. This period of jaundice usually resolves itself within two to three days. A type of exaggerated physiologic jaundice is referred to as “breastfeeding jaundice,” which usually appears during the first week of a newborn’s life., breastfeeding jaundice is believed to be a result of inadequate breast milk intake, leading to dehydration or low caloric intake. Breastfeeding jaundice usually peaks during an infant’s second or third week of life, and providing the infant is ingesting sufficient calories usually resolves itself without causing any medical problems. .


Pathologic Jaundice

Pathologic jaundice can occur in children and adults and is diagnosed when jaundice presents a health risk. In infants, pathologic jaundice can occur when physiologic jaundice becomes exacerbated by dehydration or a premature or complicated birth. In adults, there are several causes of pathological jaundice, including blood incompatibilities and diseases, and hereditary syndromes. Several forms of hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver and other liver diseases, bile duct blockage, along with infections and medications, can also cause pathological jaundice

Gilbert Syndrome

Gilbert’s syndrome is a harmless hereditary condition that results in mild jaundice. During times of illness or stress, people with Gilbert’s syndrome will experience low levels of some bilirubin-processing enzymes in their livers.

the other  types of jaundice are:

  • Hemolytic Jaundice: Hemo means ‘blood’ and lytic means ‘breakdown of cells’; together ‘hemolytic’ means breakdown of red blood cells. In hemolytic jaundice or pre-hepatic jaundice, the bilirubin level is raised due to excess breakdown of red blood cells.In this form, overproduction of bilirubin results from excessive breakdown of red blood cells (hemolysis). For this process to cause jaundice, the degree of hemolysis usually has to be severe enough to produce a degree of anemia as well.

    Causes  include defects in the structure of the hemoglobin (thalassemia), faulty red blood cell membranes (spherocytosis) and infection in the blood cells (malaria). Each of these make the red blood cells more fragile and susceptible to hemolysis.

  • Obstructive Jaundice: Also known as post-hepatic jaundice is caused by obstruction of bile flow from the liver. This increases the level of bilirubin in the blood, thereby causing obstructive jaundice. Obstructive Jaundice can cause extreme pruritus (itching) due to build up of salt and other biles constituents.When the bile duct is blocked, bilirubin builds up in the liver. As it no longer being excreted from the body the level in the bloodstream then rises and produces jaundice. The most common cause of obstructive jaundice is a gallstone leaving the gall bladder and becoming lodged in the bile duct. In older people, cancers of the gall bladder and pancreas may also obstruct the duct.
  • Hepatocellular Jaundice: This type of jaundice is very common and occurs due to inability of the liver to metabolize and remove bilirubin from the biliary system.Damaged liver cells cannot remove and conjugate the normal quantity of bilirubin circulating in the blood, thus causing the level of bilirubin in the blood to rise. Viral hepatitis  is the most common liver disease that causes jaundice. Liver inflammation caused by certain toxic chemicals, alcohol (alcoholic hepatitis), and glandular fever may also be associated with jaundice.
  • Neonatal Jaundice:. Neontal jaundice is marked by yellow discoloration of skin and other tissues of a newborn. The symptoms generally become apparent on the second or fourth day after the baby is born and disappear on it own within two to three weeks.

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Job Tips From Recruiters

Job Tips From Recruiters    Here are some tips for those who are looking for job  directly from the desk of a job recruiter.    1.Never think that the job posts available online are only jobs left in a firm   sometimes recruiter close online applications just because of internet problem.    2.Learn more and more about the interviews on internet .Try to make use of good    keywords as it shows your communication skills.    3.Prepare yourself for an interview by practicing a lot at home or at place where    you find yourself comfortable.    4.Never try to prepare for some questions ,try hard to find difficult question on   internet such as your worst experience etc.    5.Make a overall reasarch about the job post and about the company also coz this     might help you a lot in making good impression in front of the interviwer.    6.Develop your social network so that you may also havee a chance during interview    to share social life experiences.    7.Make sure that your resume is good enough and it must include a cover letter.    8.Write your e-mail,phone number and address correctly    9.Try to make a one page resume,The resume should be an average one in length     not too long and not too short    10.Try to remind something good about you that is not good in others because your   outstanding behaviour is the best thing to ghet a job.

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Graphic Designers resume objectives

Graphic Designers resume objectives


If you want to be professional graphic designer, you would usually need training. Therefore, you should find a job in the firms about advertising or graphic design. It would help you grow by gaining the practical experience in the industry.


However, it is not easy to get a job in this industry today. There are a lot of people who have lost their job due to the bad economy. This means that you have to be smart and you have to show that you are very strong in order to get the job.


You should also let the recruiters know that you are ambitious in working for the company. In order to achieve all these types of effects, you can start by writing good Graphic Designers resume objectives. There are a lot of resumes which include the objectives of the resume as well as the career objective of the person as a whole. These types of information would be critical in helping you to get the trust from the recruiter because you can let them know more about yourself. There are some types of examples of the Graphic Designers resume objectives that you can refer to.


–          To work as a graphic designer in a large company which would enable me to work in different projects over the long run and become a professional designer

–          To apply for a graphic designer job such that I can gain practical experience in working for various projects

–          To obtain the opportunity to work in the international graphic design companies and get the experience in handling various graphic design projects


Some people prefer to play with graphics in the resume for the job. It is actually not necessary because recruiters expect something professional and plain in the resume. Even if you type something with the beautiful fonts and make graphic designs for the resume, it makes no difference in the eyes of the recruiters because they may be the human resources personnel rather than the real designers of the company. Thus, you may be screened out if you do not use the plain tone to write the resume and the Graphic Designers resume objectives section.


You have to find the characteristics of the company in order to draw the attention of the recruiters. If you can show that you understand the firm well in the objective section, it is easier for the recruiters to be impressed.


To conclude, you should look for the information about Graphic Designers resume objectives if you really want to get a job. The jobs would require people to prepare well in the resume writing part because recruiters would not have a lot of time being wasted for some rubbish resumes. If you do not state your career goal right at the beginning of the resume, your resume could hardly be read. If you can show in the objectives that you are the suitable person, they would have more time spent on reading your paper and let you go to the interview in the end.




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Ideal Resume

Ideal Resume


Ideal Resume 

 Ideal Resume

An ideal resume is one of the tolls that can be utilized to get into any organization where new employees are being sought. People need to include all necessary information in their resumes in order to make their employers and HR managers able to get an idea about the type of personality and characteristics that he or she possesses. However, it depends upon the category of the job one is applying for, that determines what kind of resume should be presented to the employers.


Content for the ideal resume:


An ideal resume always starts with one’s brief introduction and a glimpse of the past experiences.


Personal information


An ideal resume starts with the brief information about the personal details of an applicant. It must include the name, cell number or any other contact number, email address, and the residential address.




Then it comes the section for the objectives of the applicant that make him/her differentiated from others. One has to be very clear while writing down his/her objectives.




This is the most important part for many employers all over the world as there are numerous employers look for the experienced employees that do not require much training for the work assignments to be accomplished by them.


Qualification and skills:


This section includes the academic qualifications achieved by the applicants. Moreover, people are supposed to include the training programs as well that they have gone through. Next to this comes the part for the skills that a person possesses.


Other information:


Rest of the resume must include the hobbies, interests, and achievements made by the applicant and these must be highlighted as well in order to leave an impressive impression on the eyes of the employers.


Significance of the ideal resume:


People must try to come up with the ideal resumes before applying for any job as this is the gateway to enter any organization. During the hiring process, managers assess the capabilities of the applicants of a post by looking into their resumes. Due to increasing unemployment rate, people need to apply for the jobs with impressions that are competitive in their nature and make people excel in the race for the employment.


Another reason why people need to formulate their resumes like the ideal one is that there are large numbers of applicants that compete for the same job posting. In order to compete with them all, applicants must come up with the resumes that highlight their strengths well and explain why employers would need them.


An ideal resume explains the managers how important you could be for the organization and increases your worth. In the last, managers do not want to see the resumes that have been written n in non-professional approach and that contain a lot of spellings and grammatical mistakes. In the hiring session, an ideally formulated resume will sure turn out to be a good source to enter any leading organization. So, instead of coming up with the ordinary approach, people must look forward to formulate an ideal resume for the job postings.




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Cute Hair Styles For Long Hair

Regardless of the style that you choose to use, you have to ensure that it keeps the breakage and tangle away for your hair especially if your hair is long. You can do this by keeping away from using a brush on wet hair after conditioning or washing it. You should use a smooth and a wide set teeth to detangle the hair from the root of the hair. You should also keep away from blow-drying wet hair. This will cause thermal damage for your hair. You should wrap your hair into a towel before you use any hair dryer.

To make the style you want, you should always use the spray on or leave in conditioner to protect your hair especially when you are using heat tools. You should not wash your long hair on daily basis, since the more you wash it the harder it will be to hold in the texture or style. If you have a fine and thin hair, wash it every two days. If you have a thick hair you should take at least five years to shampoo it.

You have many style to choose from when you have long hair, you can make it in a curly ponytail, into beaded ring, into ponytail flip twist, into a hair roll and into a French braid headband. Regardless of the style you want to use, you should always keep in mind that excessive heating, brushing, teasing, backcombing can damage the hair so keep them in minimum.


Article publié pour la première fois le 04/08/2011

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The Good And The Bad Of Job Hopping

By and large, when baby boomers got a job, they tended to stick with it for life – or at least for periods exceeding ten years. Job hopping was a term filled with negative connotations. It spoke of frivolity, instability, fickleness, and lack of dedication and ambition. These days, job hopping is almost the norm with most people staying jobs for between three to five years before moving on and moving up.

But, has job hopping lost its stigma? Is it really an acceptable practice? It seems that the jury is still out. We look at some of the views on the matter.

The facts

In August 2013, Forbes writer Jacquelyn Smith cited stats from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics which show that the on average, young employees (between 20 and 34 years old) in the US have spent about 2.3 years in their current job. The average goes up to 4.6 when all workers in the US are taken into account.

In the article, Frank Dadah, a recruitment specialist, defines job hopping as moving from one company to another every one to two years, due to personal reasons. In other words, job hoppers haven’t been fired or retrenched and the company hasn’t closed.

Job hopping can be good

Laurie Lopez, another recruitment specialist, says that job hopping can be beneficial for certain types of careers, specifically those in technology, as it allows people to gain different knowledge in different environments. It can keep skills sharp and fresh, as people don’t become complacent or stagnant in one place.

In addition to keeping job skills fresh, it also keeps people skills sharp, because you’ll be exposed to many different people in many different contexts. You’ll have to learn to work effectively with each of them. You’ll also be able to learn different things from them, which gives you access to a potential pool of mentors. And, it allows you to grow a wide network of contacts.

On a personal note, job hopping allows you to try out several different positions and directions to see where you’re happiest. And, it allows you to earn more money. You might not get big salary increases in every job you go to, but little increases along the way can add up to a lot. However, make sure that you’re not just chasing money, because that will come across and put off many employers.

But job hopping can also be bad

Employers are often nervous about hiring people who tend to spend only a year or two in a job. Granted, they can benefit from your diverse skills and experience, but they know that the chances are good that they will then lose those skills and experience, as well as any investments they make in you, a couple of years down the line. It simply doesn’t make financial sense to keep hiring people every one or two years, so companies may look for people with a more dependable track record.

In tough times, when retrenchments are inevitable, companies exercise a last in first out policy. If you only spend a year or two in a job, chances are good you were one of the last in. Also, the fact that you seem to thrive on the job market will make you seem more expendable.

According to a survey by Bullhorn, job hopping can have particularly negative consequences for future employment prospects. Of the 1500 recruiters and hiring managers who took part in the survey, 39% say that job hopping is the biggest obstacle to finding employment, especially when applicants tend to spend less than a year in positions.

And in the end

In the end, job hopping (intentional job hopping) is a personal decision – a life choice. You either find the risks worth it, or you don’t. Erik Dietrich says that you should ask yourself several important questions when you’re deciding whether or not to leave a job. For example:

1) Are you happy where you are? (Arguably the most important question)

2) Do you have time to hunt for a job properly?

3) What are your family/financial commitments?

4) Can you save up enough money to carry you through several months of unemployment?

If you do decide to leave, Steve Kasmouski says that you need to ensure that you can prove that you were an essential part of the company. If you can prove that you were an important cog in the machine then, no matter how many jobs you’ve had, your worth should speak for itself.

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With five jobs in seven years, Jemima Winslow can definitely be considered a job hopper. It’s not a label she’s ashamed of, however and doesn’t feel it should count against her if she were ever to move abroad and find a job using a niche international job board, like

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Right hemisphere stroke

Right hemisphere stroke

stroke occurs when blood  flow to our brain get compromised. This is caused by a blood clot blocking a vessel in our brain, or a torn vessel bleeding into our brain. The right side (hemisphere) of  brain controls the left side of your body. . It also controls certain calculation tasks, such as judging distance, size, speed, or position A stroke in the right hemisphere often causes paralysis in the left side of the body. This is known as left hemiplegia.

what causes  Right hemisphere stroke 
                              Ischemic stroke: when an artery to our brain gets blocked which may be caused by having plaque in an artery. Plaque  occurs  when fatty deposits and other things build up in an artery or blood clot  blocks the artery.The clot can break loose from an artery somewhere else and travel to the brainstem. This clot may get stuck in a narrow blood vessel, stopping blood and oxygen from reaching our brain. This is called an ischemic stroke. Most strokes are ischemic strokes.

Hemorrhagic stroke: some times,  blood vessel may break and leak if a clot gets stuck in it, or the vessel wall is weak. Blood then flows out of the vessel and into brain tissue. This is called a hemorrhagic stroke

Risk factors of Right hemisphere stroke

1) older people of or above 55 years of age

2) women using birth control pills, or  take  replacement medicine after menopause.

3)  father or mother had a stroke,

4) have high blood pressure, or blood vessel or sickle cell disease that was not treated.

5)  have atrial fibrillation, diabetes or other heart or blood vessel condition

Signs and Symptoms  of right sided stroke

the common symptoms of right sided stroke are

a)  these people generally  have problems with their spatial and perceptual abilities due to which they  misjudge distances (leading to a fall) or be unable to guide their hands to pick up an object, button a shirt or tie their shoes.  Due to  their impaired ability to judge spatial relationships, survivors of right-hemisphere strokes often have judgment difficulties that show up in their behavioral styles.

b)  these patients  also experience left-sided neglect.. left-sided neglect causes the survivor of a right-hemisphere stroke to “forget” or “ignore” objects or people on their left side.

c)  they may be unable to remember what they ate for breakfast that morning.

d)  Vision problems are common these people  may not see objects to their left.

e)  Language and speech problems are present.they   may not be able to understand what others are saying. these people  may have trouble in  reading ,  writing and speaking. When  they talk, they  may not show any feeling.

 Treatment of right hemisphere  stroke

Treatment depends on what causes stroke, signs and symptoms of the patient
1) Cholesterol medicine should be given to  decrease (lower) the amount of cholesterol (fat) in the blood.

2)  if stroke was caused by a blood clot,  following medicines should be given

Thrombolytics: This medicine is given to break apart blood clots and help blood flow more easily.

                Aspirin: This is medicine that may be given to help thin the blood to keep blood clots from forming.

                 Antiplatelets: This medicine is given to prevent blood clots from forming.

3) sedation  medicine will  help  to decrease the pressure in our brain. It can also help to decrease pain

4) other medicine to treat diabetes, high blood cholesterol,  high blood pressure or to prevent seizures

5) surgery should be done if medication is not include

Ventriculostomy:  it should be done if  too much fluid and swelling around our brain is present, a tube may be placed through skull to drain the fluid. This tube also checks the pressure in our brain.

Craniotomy: If  stroke was caused by bleeding into brain tissue,  surgery on our brain is done  to remove the blood or fix a damaged blood vessel.

Carotid endarterectomy: Blocked carotid arteries can cause poor blood flow to your brain. If such  carotid arteries are blocked, surgery called carotid endarterectomy may be done. This surgery widens the arteries so that blood can flow  more easily.

  • .

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Agricultural interview questions

Agricultural interview questions


If you apply for the positions related to agricultural field, you may encounter several types of Agricultural interview questions. In order to answer well, you have to prepare in advance.


Question 1: Why us?

It is a question with simple wordings but you have to answer comprehensively. You should state the reason why you would like to work in this company instead of the others. When you apply for some multi-national companies, you would usually be asked to make this type of comparison.


Question 2: Describe the project or event in which you led a group of people.

This is the question which gives you the chance to demonstrate your personal competencies. You need to tell the interviewers and let them know that you are able to work well in a team.


Question 3: Tell me some experiences in which you solved some technical problems.

The meaning of ‘technical’ problem should be defined as the technical problems in the agricultural field. Therefore, you should follow this definition to find the relevant experience for sharing.


Question 4: Describe the time that you disagreed with the policy of the management.

When the interviewers are the employers, they would want to know whether their officers or staff would have a strong opinion on some types of issues. This would help them get prepared for the communication between employers and employees. Therefore, you can feel free to make comments.


Question 5: How did you solve the conflict with the management?

If you have answered that you encountered a disagreement with the management of your previous company, this question would be the follow up one. Peaceful negotiation and continuous communication should be the key instead of strikes.


Question 6: What motivates you to work in this career?

This has to be something true from the bottom of your heart if you want it to be convincing.


Question 7: What is your strength which helps you work in this job?

Mentioning your strength is something that typical interview would cover. Therefore, you should always prepare for the answers. When you work in the agricultural field, you may find that some physical works may be required. Therefore, physical strength may be one of the attract reasons explaining why people would choose you.


Question 8: How would you ensure efficiency of work?

This asks you for the action steps that you would take to keep the work efficiency high. Therefore, you need to give a concrete plan, like the way to manage time way.


Question 9: Were there any difficulties in your previous job?

There must be some frustrations in your previous work. Thus, you have to recall your memory and mention something that you found difficult to cope with.


Question 10: How do you achieve job satisfaction?

If you think that the work is boring, you would not be able to enjoy the job. Then, you would not have the motivation to work hard. Therefore, the employers would usually want to know whether you can have some ways to find the meaningfulness of the job and work hard for that.


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Mobile Point of Sales

Small Businesses Implementing Mobile Point of Sales

In today’s business we strive for convenience, options, and customer satisfaction. With small businesses we are sometimes limited in our technology. As larger corporations have millions of dollars backing their ideas, smaller businesses must cut corners and find low cost solutions. For those in a market where point of sales are concerned, the low cost solution for high tech payment processing has arrived. With the innovations made by iPhone and the Android market, small businesses have more options than ever to create a business that is seamless. Now with the integration of mobile card readers, even the smallest business owner can take credit card payments into the future.

A mobile card reader is an attachment for the iPhone and Android powered phones.  When used with the corresponding app, it allows customers to swipe their credit cards on the phone to make payments for products or services. The app then tracks the sales and e-mails a receipt to the customer instantly. This makes it easy to take advantage of impulse buying when the feeling is at its peak. With the ease of just swiping and signing, the sales are easily closed.

With the arrival of several companies offering mobile card readers, their main target is small business owners. Whether you are a landscaper, pizza maker, or even a used item reseller, taking credit card payments are easier than ever.  Here is a breakdown of the two leaders who offer free mobile card readers when you sign up.


Square is a new startup company, which has taken the mobile payment processing business by storm. Their innovative stamp sized card reader easily attaches to the phone and allows for quick payments. They offer a free card reader when you sign up, allowing small businesses to get started with no initial costs.

Unlike other companies offering mobile payments, their innovation includes their fees. There is no charge for their app and their fee is set at 2.75% of all swiped payments and 3.5% + .35¢ of all charges entered manually.  There are no monthly maintenance fees and no addition fees for high volumes of sales.


Like Square, Intuit offers their card readers free with signup. However, their fees are set in two groups. For monthly sales up to $1,000, their fees are 2.70% for card swipes and 3.70% for manually entered payments. For monthly sales exceeding $1,000 their fees are dropped to 1.70% for card swipes and 2.70% for manually entered payments. However, it also includes a $12.95 monthly service charge.

The use of mobile payment processing isn’t new to the sales world; however, it has never been easier for the small business owners to utilize the convenience and technology until now. The system has been proven useful earlier this year when a Girl Scout troop in Silicon Valley used the mobile payment service to sell around 400 boxes of cookies to Facebook’s headquarters.  Later this year this technology will be seen as The Salvation Army uses Square’s mobile payment dongle on Android phones to accept donations with their bell ringers. If the test proves successful in the limited launch, bell ringers of the future will trade their red buckets for an Android powered phone.

Author Scott Parker is a financial consultant and content contributor to various websites, including Money Choices a comparison site with credit card reviews and great side-by-side rates and fees for many popular card companies.

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quality assurance engineer



Characteristics of a Good Quality Assurance Engineer


Quality assurance engineer is a very important part of any company or industry. The QA engineer handle the whole process of quality assurance therefore the role of engineer is very important for this process. The successful completion of the project totally depends upon the engineer therefore an engineer should be responsible and hardworking so that he can achieve better results. A quality engineer should ensure better relationship between various departments and he should perform his world within deadline because it is very necessary. Any delay in the project may leads to significant loss for a company. Therefore a quality manager should be responsible so that he can achieve better results. He should monitor the different types of business activities to locate the main reason of delay in delivery. He should solve the problems related to the quality of products. Therefore the role of quality assurance engineer is very important for a company. He should create better relationship with vendors because it is necessary. These vendors provide raw materials to company therefore if you have a better relation with them they will provide you better quality of raw material. A quality engineer should keep all these things in his mind so that he can avoid from any problem later.


It is also the responsibility of a quality engineer to prepare a plan to improve the quality of products. The quality of product is a very important factor therefore you should not compromise on the quality of a product. If you want to work as a quality engineer then it is important for you to have information about duties of a quality engineer so that you can avoid from any confusion later.  The role of a quality assurance engineer is very important. If you want to have information about the duties of a quality engineer then you can use the source of internet.


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Teaching Cover Letter

teacher cover letter


Requirements In A Teaching Cover Letter

teacher cover letter

As you apply for any given job in any particular field, one is expected to present a cover letter that is well-written together with a resume. Placing the right emphasis to the recruiter is the main objective here. How do you do this? One may ask. Ensure to outline your skills and experience well enough to capture the attention of the employer. The cover letter is meant to be a representation of your resume and not an exact copy. For a teaching cover letter for example, one needs to provide information that depicts one’s experience as well as participation in a number of workshops. Therefore, one needs to first of all gather this information before opting to write a cover letter of this nature.



Immediately after putting the necessary contact details on the right part of the cover letter, one should go ahead and specify the particular teaching job applied for. This is because in a teaching career there are multiple jobs each of which has particular skills that are required. Go right ahead and mention the level in which you are interested to teach in, for example low, middle or better still high level in respect to the school.


Cover letter body

This is the area where all your educational information should be provided though in brief because your resume will have sufficient information on this. Ensure to provide the schools that you have taught at as well as the subjects that you were teaching.



This should be the last paragraph where you thank the hiring manager for taking time to go through your letter. You also need to indicate your willingness to attend an interview with them.



Try as much to include all the documents that have been requested by the employer together with your teaching cover letter.


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Common phrases ruining resume

common phrases ruining resume

Common phrases or words that could ruin your resume or CV

      There are so many ways to make a good resume and we may be wonder as which aspect of our CV make good impact. We have mainly 30 seconds to impress the manager, could our CV be failing because it contain full of meaningless phrases or words that put bad impact on our career history. Lets kick some of the phrases;

common phrases ruining resume

1)      I have strong work experience-  Avoid using this phrase on your  CV. Give an example, whenever you got chance to work late in office to meet the demand or going out of your way to get the sale for the company.


2)      I’m self motivated- by self motivated, what you are going to explain that you are motivated enough to get up from bed early morning and day’s work. Avoid  such type of phrases on your resume.


3)      I’m team player- try to avoid , the phrase itself if you can. If you are team player that’s fine but never try to mention that I am team player , who works very well in this group.


4)      I’m detail oriented-It won’t work if you assume it as one of your skill on your resume , don’t expect much.


5)       I have great communication skills- some of users put this as  a piece of terminology in their CV without any real thought of what it means . If you are eagerly to wrote  then try to wrote “ I have skills to wrote documents which reduced customers service call by 50 %”


6)       I’m hard worker- with such type of phrases  on your resume  or CV,  never expect to see your CV into  “ YES “ pile.  In spite of  writing this always try to make why people consider yourself to be hard working people.


7)      I’m responsible for- never make use of such words on your CV . always use numbers to quantify your achievements. For example always written as I achieved 92 % of my sale target rather than I was responsible for achieving  sale targets


8)      Utilized my skills- of course who else  skills would we be using? It’s wiser to use  direct language on your CV.


9)      Problem solving skill- never make use of such type of phrases. Rather than you can explain it by  giving examples in your career, other than it will  irritates the recruiter that who else has problem solving.


10)   Salary  negotiable- if you are going to write such line on your resume that means you waste your time, it looks as you have run out of things to talk about,

if you are going to write this line, that would be somewhat usual.


11) Experience working in-   experience  refers to  something you achieve, it does

Not means something that happens to you , try to refer your achievements.


12) “Objective”-   if you want  to get  job you have applied for, the word “ resume

objective” is replaced by “ career summary”.

13) I like fast paced environment- today’s time all business should be running at

good speed, don’t try to make use of such words or phrases just a waste of

Space on your CV.


14) Reference or request- Recruiters will ask for reference before take you on for

The job. It may be pointless to put it on your resume.


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Improve Your Chances Of Securing A Job In Finance

How To Improve Your Chances Of Securing A Job In Finance


If you are interested in starting a career in finance, you need to prepare yourself for some intense competition. Entry-level jobs can be extremely difficult to come by since there are so many candidates competing for these positions.


The number of jobs available also hinges on how well the stock market is doing at any given time. When the stock market is up, more jobs are generally available. When the market is struggling, on the other hand, jobs in finance become few and far between. If you want to improve your chances of finding a job in finance, try using the following suggestions:


  1. Get Started As An Intern


The vast majority of financial companies hire new recruits with the idea that they will go through a company-approved training program before they begin working on the job. Although candidates are expected to have general knowledge of the financial industry, they are not expected to know everything on their first day.


Working as an intern can be a great way to get your foot in the door at these companies. You generally don’t have to have a lot of experience to get one of these positions. Instead, they are designed to provide on-the-job training by exposing you to the day-to-day operations of the business.


In most cases, you will not work directly with financial data as an intern. Instead, your job will be more of a support role, performing essential office duties such as copying documents. However, internships can be extremely beneficial in terms of helping you get insight into how financial businesses work. They can also help you grow your network and gain experience so that you can set yourself apart from other applicants when you do apply for a job.


  1. Don’t Wait To Get Started


The sooner you apply for internships, the more experience you can have under your belt by the time you graduate. You may even want to consider applying to work as an intern during the summer between high school and college. A lot of times, you will get paid for working as an intern. This can make it a good summer job since it is relevant to your field of study. Instead of wasting your summer working at a throwaway job, it makes far more sense to try to get an internship so that you can gain beneficial experience toward your chosen career. If you are looking for jobs then IFDS is a good site.


  1. Aim For Getting A Well-Rounded Experience


Consider mixing up your internships a little bit. Don’t go for the same role every year. Instead, look for a variety of internships that fall under the larger umbrella of finance. This will give you a much more well-rounded experience, allowing you to determine which path you really want to take in the world of finance. The additional experience can also make you more attractive to potential employers. After all, employers like to see people who take the initiative to try out multiple roles so they can determine which one is the best fit.


When you do manage to get an internship, it is important to give it your all. Being a hard worker can go a long way toward helping you get positive references. If you really stand out from other interns, you may even be able to get hired directly by the company after you graduate.


  1. Learn Financial Terminology

It goes without saying that you should get a finance-related degree if you plan on working in the world of finance. Although it is possible to get one of these jobs with an unrelated degree, you will have the best possible chance of securing employment if you have a degree that is relevant to the position that you are applying for. The more time and effort you can put into honing your skills before graduation, the more likely you are to find a good job right out of school.


You should also focus on expanding your knowledge of the financial world as much as possible. Be proactive and educate yourself about what is happening right now. Subscribe to popular financial magazines or newspapers so that you can keep up-to-date with the latest happenings. In some cases, you may even be able to save money on your subscription by proving that you are currently going to school.


The more time you spend reading financial publications, the more likely you are to pick up on common financial terminology. There are a lot of acronyms used in the financial world. Understanding what these acronyms mean can put you in a much better position when it comes time to get a job.


Although you may study some of this terminology in your classes, it can still be beneficial to see it being used in the real world. You can also visit the library and pick up some books on investing or finance to get a more detailed look at any topics that you find particularly interesting. When you happen upon a term that you aren’t familiar with, be sure to look up what it means to further expand your financial knowledge.


  1. Work On Becoming A Chartered Financial Analyst


It goes without saying that financial jobs can be extremely competitive. The majority of applicants that you will be competing against will also have solid educational backgrounds and a few internships under their belt. If you really want to set yourself apart from everyone else, you should consider becoming a chartered financial analyst (CFA).


The CFA credential is widely recognized throughout the financial world and can help improve your chances of securing a job. The program itself provides education that can benefit you throughout your career. In order to obtain the credential, you will need to pass a series of exams. The exams are broken down into three levels. For the second and third level exams, you need to have work experience. However, you can take the first level exam during your final year in school.


If you are able to pass the first exam before graduating from school, it can really set you apart from all of the competition. It takes a lot of hours of studying in order to pass the exam. Taking the exam before graduation shows employers that you are truly serious about pursuing a career in finance and that you will do whatever it takes to succeed.


No matter how many jobs are currently available, starting a career in finance can be challenging. There is a lot of competition for entry-level jobs. Instead of getting lost in the shuffle, it makes far more sense to do everything that you can to set yourself apart. By working to get relevant internships, going above and beyond to educate yourself about the current financial climate, and entering the CFA program during your final year of school, you can really differentiate yourself from other applicants.

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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions


Job Descriptions 

 Job Descriptions

Why is job description important? Before answering this, you must know that what exactly is job description? This is a very important thing to mention before any job opening in your company. It is the thing to be mentioned by the recruiter. It describes the major areas of the employee’s position or job. A careful analysis of all the important facts of job must be done before explaining the job description. This analysis will allow the recruiter to understand the needs of a certain job position. These needs will allow him or her to find out the characteristics of a person to be hired for the job. The four basic things to be mentioned in a job description are:


Tasks involved


Methods used to complete those tasks


Purpose of job


Responsibilities of job


Why is job description important?


This will help every potential employee to find out that whether or not he can do this job. Mentioning job description with every job opening will also give you an initial filter of suitable employees. Some of the people will withdraw the thought of applying for this job after finding them different from the person required for the job. Job description is very important for the person who is applying for the job. He can understand the nature of job and requirements after reading this.


Important requirements for a job description:


You must not stick with inflexible job description because this is the property of poor job description. This must be flexible because a flexible job description will inspire you and your employee to try new things and be innovative. This dynamic environment requires every organization to be innovative in every field of its operation. With every little change in information technology and management rules, you have to change yourself, your strategies and the way of working. This shows that a job description must be dynamic, current and functional.


Revising job decryptions:


As mentioned above, a job description must be current, so it should be changed according to the change of organizational and competitive environment and rules. You may have a detailed job description from two years ago but that cannot be used for current perspective because work requirements change every day, with the change of technology so revising the job description is very important. A brand new and improved job description can be designed by this procedure with some addition or removal of responsibilities.


Detailed job description:


A detailed job description must contain following things:


Job Title


Job Objective or Overall Purpose Statement


List of Duties or Tasks Performed


Description of the Relationships and Roles


Job Specifications and Requirements


Job Location


Equipment to be used in the performance of job


Collective Bargaining Agreements


Non-Essential Functions


Salary Range


In the above mentioned requirements non essential functions means all the tasks and functions which are not important to perform for a specific job position. Collective bargaining agreements are in terms of job function.



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Posterior circulation stroke

posterior circulation stroke

a type of cerebral infarction affecting the  posterior circulation that supply one side of the brain.            Posterior circulation ischemia can range from brainstem symptoms, caused by reduced posterior circulation,

to the “locked-in syndrome,” which is caused by basilar artery or bilateral vertebral artery occlusion.

                                           The posterior cerebral arteries (PCAs) are paired vessels,
 usually arising from the top of the basilar artery and curves laterally, posteriorly, and superiorly
 around the midbrain. The PCA  mainly supplies midbrain, subthalamic nucleus, basal nucleus, thalamus,
medial inferior temporal lobe, and occipital and occipitoparietal cortices. PCAs, via the posterior
 communicating arteries (PCOM), may become sources of collateral circulation for the middle
cerebral artery (MCA)

PCA is divided into P1 and P2 segments by the PCOM. Penetrating branches to the mesencephalon, subthalamic, basal structures, and thalamus arise primarily from the P1 segment and the PCOM. These penetrating arteries include the thalamogeniculate, splenial (posterior paricallosal artery), and lateral and medial posterior choroidal arteries.

The P2 segment  is divided into the posterior temporal artery and the internal occipital artery. The posterior temporal artery further divides into anterior, middle, posterior, and hippocampal branches. The internal occipital artery divides into calcarine and occipitoparietal branches.

                                                   Posterior Circulation Stroke Syndrome (POCS) refers to the symptoms of a patient who suffered from a posterior circulation infarct, but clinically no diagnosis is there. PCA stroke syndromes comprises of

    • Paramedian thalamic infarction
    • Visual field loss
    • Visual agnosia
    • Balint syndrome
    • Prosopagnosia
    • Palinopsia, micropsia, and macropsia
    • Disorders of reading
    • Disorders of color vision
    • Memory impairment
    • Motor dysfunction
                        etiologyof posterior circulation stroke  
                         Ischemic stroke occurs when a region of cerebral blood flow is suddenly limited.. Common  causes of PCA stroke include
cardiogenic embolization,
atheromatous disease of proximal vessels resulting in occlusion and/or artery-to-artery embolization,
dissection of proximal vessels resulting in occlusion and/or artery-to-artery embolization,
intrinsic PCA atheromatous disease.
                                                                     Less common etiologies include
 migrainous cerebral infarction (which preferentially affects the PCA distribution),
anterior circulation disease (when fetal PCA variant is present),
hypercoagulable disorders,
illicit substance use,

   signs and symptoms of posterior circulation stroke

Patients present with a wide variety of syndromes. Neurological dysfunction includes
 1) hemi or quadriparesis,
 2) cranial nerve deficits (III-XII),
 3) respiratory difficulty,
 4) altered sensorium,
 5) vertigo  6) ataxia.
        As the posterior circulation supplies the brainstem, cerebellum, and occipital cortex,
 the symptoms frequently involve the "5Ds": dizziness, diplopia, dysarthria, dysphagia, and dystaxia.
                             Wallenberg Syndrome or Lateral Medullary Syndrome is characterized by
 sensory loss. Vertebral artery and posterior inferior cerebellar artery occlusion causes
 nystagmus,vertigo, ataxia, hoarseness, dysphagia, Horner's Syndrome and loss of pain and temperature
sensation in the face on the same side of the lesion, and loss of pain and temperature on the opposite side of the body.               Basilar Syndrome (Anton Syndrome) is caused by occlusion of the basilar artery tip as it bifurcates into the posterior cerebral arteries therefore also affecting the occipital lobes and
deeper structures which results in somnolence, memory defects, confusion, mutism, visual hallucinations, and bilateral loss of vision with unawareness or denial of blindness, as well as vertical gaze paralysis and deviation of the eyes.
              Weber Syndrome is caused by vascular occlusion to the midbrain  which may be due to aneurysm
or tumor resulting in ipsilateral oculomotor palsy  with contralateral hemiplegia.                                Dejerine-Roussy Syndrome occurs due to ischemia or malignancy causing a
hemi sensory loss  on one side of the body, contralateral to the side of the lesion. Position sense is
affected more than any other sensory function, and deep sensory loss is  more than cutaneous sensory loss.
    The most dreaded posterior circulation infarction is the "Locked-In Syndrome," which is caused by basilar artery occlusion. The syndrome is characterized by a progression of symptoms leading to
quadriplegia with paralysis of horizontal gaze and bilateral facial and oropharyngeal palsy.  The patient
is awake and is only able to move his or her eyes vertically.Patients become stuporous or comatose as the
reticular activating system becomes involved.
                       Treatment of posterior circulation stroke
  anticoagulants of the heparin and warfarin types were being used to treat patients with myocardial
infarction and pulmonary embolism. management of hypertension, hyperglycemia, cerebral edema with
increased intracranial pressure, hemorrhagic transformation of cerebral infarction, infections aspiration,
 deep venous thrombosis, myocardial infarction, and other stroke-associated conditions.
 recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator( rtPA) should be  administered within 3 hours of stroke onset
 Extracranial bypass may be undertaken by connection of the occipital artery to the vertebral, superior cere
bellar, anterior ICA, or posterior ICA. The superficial temporal artery has also been used as a donor artery.
Shunting to the PCA may be accomplished by using veins or synthetic grafts.
                                      rehabilitation should begin early. Involvement of a speech  therapist may be required if alexia is present, with or without aphasia. The occupational therapist should be able to help in  teaching patients to turn to look in the blank visual hemifield. Recreational therapy helps patients with posterior cerebral artery (PCA) stroke to adapt to visual deficits and facilitates a healthy affect (since depression is a common occurrence in stroke.Nutrition may need to be provided by alternative means, such as a nasogastric device or a percutaneous enteric gastrostomy tube in patients who have severe dysphagia. revascularization procedures in the posterior circulation is the prevention of vertebrobasilar ischemic stroke.

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Musicians resume example

Musicians resume example


When you read the resume for musician, you would find that there are several points being highlighted.


There would be the common items of a resume, such as the objective in the career, the job profile, the educational background, etc. But among all these items, you should let the recruiters know more about your qualifications. If you have got some awards and these awards can show that you have good talents as a musician, you would usually have a higher chance to be recruited


Of course, you need to know about the exact field of musician that you are working for. If you work as the music producer, the resume may be slightly different from the one that you need to prepare for the composer job in the musician field. Thus, you have to understand the differences and prepare for the best. Otherwise, you simply would not be able to get the good job.


If you apply for the job at the senior position, you would also need to tell the recruiters that you have the ability to manage a team. Musicians are usually regarded as people who have stranger temper. Therefore, you would need to show that you can manage such a team. Otherwise, you would fail to become the one that they want to hire.


By reading the Musicians resume example below, you may have a better idea about the things that you need to list in your resume in order to get the job as the musicians. But you have to understand that you should include your own elements and strengths into the resume.


Musicians resume example


Ronald Paulson

2394 West 23 Street, SS 23010

Cell: 550-770-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career goal

To obtain the position as the music producer in a good organization that allows me to use my techniques and experience to produce music


Summary of skills

–          Experienced in acoustic design and sound recording

–          Comprehensive skills in studio operation and is able to operate digital as well as analog equipment for recording

–          In-depth experience in different genres of music

–          Possesses good knowledge of budgeting from the business perspective

–          A Good communicator to communicate with the others about the project

–          Good management skills and is able to lead a team


Work Experience

Music Producer, SAWL Music World

2009 – Present

–          Handled the planning and coordination work for creating musical recording

–          Handled the tasks of operating the production and recording of songs

–          Assisted the manager to control the budget spending on the projects

–          Responsible for supervising the recording session and trained musicians to cooperate with the artists

–          Checked the quality of music and the effects of sound after the recording session

–          Communicated with the financial controller regarding the budget for the recording session before the commencement of the session

–          Evaluated the performance of artists and musicians and reported to the managers regularly


Educational Background

Bachelor of Music and Arts,UniversityofLSDO

2007 – 2008



Available upon request

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Stroke education

Stroke education  Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to brain cells. stroke occurs when blood flow is interrupted to part of the brain. Without blood, brain cells quickly begin to die. it is estimated that the brain is deprived of oxygen, 32,000 brain cells die in every second.. stroke effect people in different ways. Greater the area of brain affected ,greater will be the extent of functional disability. Stroke is the number one cause of serious permanent disability. Disabilities commonly caused by stroke .  1) decreased or loss of sensation 2)partial or complete paralysis (hemiplegia) 3) loss of bowel and bladder control 4)difficulty in walking and problems with coordination and balance (ataxia) 5)visual disturbances 6)sexual ability is decreased 7)loss of balance 8)loss or decreased muscle tone 9)spasticity(increase in muscle tone) 10)central pain syndrome (thalamic pain) 11) difficulty in speech and understanding language (aphasia) 12)shortened retention spans and difficulty learning new information 13)inability or difficulty with swallowing(dysphagia) 14) impaired ability to do calculations or to organize, reason, and analyze  15)loss of short-term memory 16) Behavioural changes are common, such as lack of concern about situations, impulsivity, inappropriateness, and depression 17)coma 18)death can also occur  Emotional disturbances are also common in stroke. It can cause lack of control emotions and an improper response This is called the pseudo bulbar affect (PBA). PBA is also known as emotional liability, which is a neurological disorder that causes sudden and unpredictable episodes of crying, laughing, or other emotional displays. Every 45 seconds someone suffers a stroke. Stroke kills nearly 160,000 people each year. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in this country. individuals who generally affected from stroke are under 65 years of age. men affected more as compared to women and blacks almost twice more often than whites. Stroke is the third- leading cause of serious, long-term disability. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel (artery) that supplies blood to the brain leaks, bursts or is blocked by a blood clot. Within an hour, the nerve cells in that area of the brain become damaged and may die. As a result, the part of the body controlled by the damaged area of the brain cannot work properly.  Stroke requires immediate treatment. The sooner treatment is received, the better the chances of survival. . Thrombolytic therapy is the use of drugs to break the clot that is the main cause of stroke. patients who come to hospital  within 3 hrs of the first sign of a stroke occur they have the possibility to receive Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA). There are many factors that determine whether or not a patient is able to receive thrombolytic therapy. Mostly it depends upon the amount of time between the onset of symptoms and presentation to the hospital.

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Stroke in Dogs or Canine stroke

Stroke in Dogs or Canine stroke

A “stroke” is the sudden and severe attack  in which there is rupture of a blood vessel in the brain that deprives parts of the brain of their normal blood supply,results in  loss of consciousness, paralysis and perhaps other symptoms depending upon the site and extent of the brain damage.

In dogs, strokes occur when the normal blood supply to the brain has been compromised,When dog has a stroke, they don’t show signs such as paralyzed like human.At that time we  have to  help,  pay attention, right care and treatments for the dog  to get back to normal condition within a short period of time. If the treatment is delayed or if proper treatment is not provided, then it can surely lead to the death of the dog. If the dog is has had a stroke,we can immediately observe a change in the dog behavior. Bull dogs and pugs are more prone to stroke. Since, the respiratory pathway of these dogs is extremely narrow, they are prone to strokes.  Very old and very young dogs are also susceptible to strokes.

                           Types of  canine stroke 

                                          There are  mainly two types of canine stroke

              1) ischemic

               2) hemorrhagic

                                                  Ischemic stroke is caused by sudden stop of blood flow feed to the brain and hemorrhagic stroke when blood vessels in the brain start to  bleed  and blood actually starts pooling around and in the brain. Both of these types of stroke are very serious.

                        Causes of canine stroke

                                           Ischemic stroke occurs when the blood flow to the brain is disrupted due to a blocked artery. the main causes of ischemic  stroke include

                   a) any type of Kidney, liver, heart or cushing’s disease



                   d) tumours

                  e) hypertension (High blood pressure )

                  f) Over or under active of thyroid

                                                                   Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when  blood vessel  get ruptured lead to bleed in the brain. The following conditions are the main causes:

                     1)  All types of diseases that can lead to high blood pressure such as kidney, heart, cushing’s, blood                               clotting diseases etc.

2) Head trauma

3) brain tumour

4) consumption of rat poison

5) inflammation of arteries(vasculitis)

6) Lung worm (angiostrongylosis)

7) Immune-mediated thrombo cytopenia

8) Abnormal blood vessel development in the brain

                                How stroke happens?

Strokes happen when blood flow get  disrupt in the brain. The disruption causes the nerves and neural pathways in the brain to stop working properly, which can create serious problems with coordination, vision and general behavior. If left untreated, a canine stroke will almost certainly result in death.


Article publié pour la première fois le 04/10/2011

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Prepare Architects resume objectives Prepare Architects resume objectives

Prepare Architects resume objectives

It is not easy to be an architect. In recent years, the world is suffering from the financial crisis and there are a lot of architect firms which would try to cut the head count. Therefore, it takes time for people to look for the jobs related to architectural field. If you are interested in spending the time to apply for the architect job, you have to make sure that the resume you submit would be perfect. Otherwise, you may fail to attract the recruiters to hire you.


There are many sections that you have to include in the resume. The objective of resume and career objective are the important aspects that you must include in the good resume. If you do not get the good Architects resume objectives written in the resume, you would fail to draw the attention of your recruiters and then you would not be hired eventually.


Although there are a lot of ways that you can follow to write the resume objectives, you would find that many of these tips are similar to one another. You would find the examples of possible Architects resume objectives that you can write on resume.


–          To apply for the position in the architect firm as the junior associate

–          To apply for the full-time graduate position in the architect firm which allows me to take part in different projects and learn

–          To grow in a architect firm which could provide support for me to exercise my ideas and arts in creating a architecture

–          To build good relationship with colleagues through working as the junior architect in a fast-growing firm

–          To apply for a architect position in which I can participate in large-scale projects with other colleagues

–          To run for the job of architect in an international firm such that I could gain global perspective in the design


When you are preparing the Architects resume objectives, you would not need to include all of the above information as the objectives. You just need to select some of them and make your own modification. You must make sure that you know clearly about the information related to the job requirement. Then, you can base on the job requirement to create the career objective. For example, you may try to mention that you are eager to work in a firm as the architect and be promoted soon, if you know from the job advertisement that the firm guarantees good career path. You are always advised to provide information for the audience to know that you have deep knowledge about the career as well as the job requirement. This is impressive and you should always try to show this when you compose the career objective section.


To conclude, it is great if you can write good resume objectives to introduce yourself and explain the reason for your application. You would let your recruiters know that you are prepared to work well and perform excellently if you can show the professional side of you in the objectives section.


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Important tips to achieve your career goals

Goals play an important role in achieving your career dreams. These goals helps  you to motivate and to get what you want in your life. If you want to achieve your goal first of all identify them what these goals are, why you are striving for these goals. We all have our aims and targets in life so ,in order to fulfill your dreams here are important   tips to get success or achieve your goals.

1) Proper planning—

First of all identify your plan, whether its long term or short -term plan, then make the strategies and directions to achieve it. Well though plan gives you confidence and try to stick with it. Your confidence will give you good focus.

2) Be simple—

Try to remain calm and be patience towards  your plan. Stick to it and take your time to work hard and make the things better. Face every problem that comes in your way.

3) Work hard—

Always put best in your work. Take time to search for the company or write cver letter for the job application. The more effort you will put , better will be the chance of job openings for you.

4) Accept criticism—

Sometime criticism distract you from your goal but other times it can be valuable and helps you to make you to do work better. Accept criticism and always respond in a positive way.

5) Be passionate—

Find something interesting to achieve  your career  goal. Search the possibilities and do exactly that will help you to achieve your goal.

6) Get informed— 

Search online or consult human resource department about your career . Contact people , friends and relatives to get information as much as you can.

7) Positive attitude—

Always believe in yourself and make honest goals. Stay focus on your plans and try to fulfilltips to achieve goals it. Accept criticism in a positive manner.



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Entry Level Sales Representative


Job Title: Entry-Level Sales Representative
Company: The Reynolds and Reynolds Company
Location: Dayton, OH
Req’d Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Req’d Experience: See Below
Req’d Travel: See Below
Relocation Covered: No

Entry-Level Sales Representative Needed in Dayton, OH.

Founded in 1866, The Reynolds and Reynolds Company provides document and software solutions to the automotive industry. Our offerings cater to the very specific needs of the various dealership functions, from parts and service, to accounting and sales. With more than 4,300 associates, worldwide, we were recently ranked 3rd in the “50 Best Companies to Sell For” by Selling Power magazine. Throughout the nearly century and a half Reynolds and Reynolds has been in business, we’ve built a strong, recognizable brand of trust among our customers and our people.

As an Entry-Level Sales Representative, you will conduct daily sales calls to established contacts at automotive dealerships to create awareness of our products, upcoming events and special promotions. Importantly, you will work with assigned product specialists and account managers to drive additional revenue growth. Full training, consisting of classroom lectures and on-the-job mentoring, will be provided. This position will help jump-start your career in sales and your future potential for unlimited earnings.

At Reynolds and Reynolds, we will reward you with: Sales_Rep_Acct_Mgr_Jobs_Dayton_OH_Employment
• Competitive pay
• Excellent employee benefits that include:
– Medical/Dental/Vision
– A 401(k) plan, matching up to 6%
– Paid vacation and sick days
– Eight paid holidays
– On-site cafeteria, fitness center, and medical clinic
• Advancement opportunities—we promote from within!
• Much more!

To qualify, you should hold a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in experience, excellent customer service skills, and strong written/verbal communications skills. Periodic travel may be required.

Build a challenging and rewarding career with an established and growing company! Apply easily and conveniently online at:

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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There are nine important elements of on-page website optimization.It include
1) title of page
2) meta data and meta description
3) headings
4) image
5) google crawl date
6) cascading style sheets
7) MOZ rank
8) domain info
9) URL structure


It is one of the most important factor. Title of the page is a text that you can see on the top window of your browser when viewing a web page .Title of your page can be edited in your HTML page.You can make your page impressive by following certain important tips like …
a) Your page title should contain your keywords.
b) Make sure your page title should not be so long , as longer page titles cannot be search by search engines.
c) Try to keep your keyword in the beginning of the page title.
d) If you are a big rand ,include your company name at the end of your page title so that people can search you via brand name.

Meta data is defined as a text which is mainly seen as the description of site in search results. These words mainly attract the attention of visitors.
Metadescription refers to the short summary of the your web page .Meta description is mainly used to provide a small description of the page to the searcher. If meta description is not used in the source code ,then search engine will display any part of content from the page.

Heading refers to text which appears to be larger or more prominent than other texts on your page. In your HTML page you can check it by looking for <h1,h2,h3>tags surrounding it.You should include keywords in your headings.<h1> text is more bigger than <h2>text ,<h2> text is bigger than <h3>. Therefore we only use <h1 > tag for the headings and <h2>,<h3> tag is mainly used for paragraph writting.


Images on web page makes your page more impressive.Some times more picture on your webpage slow down the loading of your page and thus put bad impact on users .Always use ALT text while using image on your page . ALT text is an Html attribute that can add to your picture so that when search engine is not able to read image ,it can replace the image with some associated text, Always use keywords in your image file name that will help you draw some traffic from image searches.

Always make sure google crawl your site more often and this can be done by updating fresh content and publish it in your website.

Search engine extract important content such as keywords from HTML page .CSS define as a style ,how your headings,links and other elements of the text should look.

MOZ rank is a measure that shows how much online authority your site has. Higher MOZ rank is good for your web page. Improvement on your ON-PAGE SEO helps you to improve your rank.

search engine favors that sites that are registered for a long period of time. Long domain registration indicate that this site has lower chance of being spam . Thus try to extend your website registration.

URL refers to your web address of your web page . The URL structure of a website is about how different URL’s connect with each other .Improving your URL structure is one of the most difficult aspect of ON-PAGE website optimization and the fixing of these issues mainly depend on the back end parts of your website such as content management system or programming framework.


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.NET Framework Development


.NET Framework Development History


.NET Framework Development is only done on the Microsoft Windows operating system as Microsoft has kept this product to work as a package for its operating system. There is a huge library in this framework and compatibility with several different programming languages, this aid in interoperability of languages. The programs that have been written for this kind of framework execute in a software based environment instead of hardware environment and are known as CLR, which is an application virtual machine which gives several important services like security, memory management as well as exception handling. The basic constituents of the .NET Framework are the libraries and the CLR.


The .NET Framework Development Base Class Library can give user interface, data access, web app development, network communication, database connectivity and some other things as well. The programmers construct the software with the combination of own source code along the .NET Framework and other libraries too. The .NET Framework Development is basically intended for use by the latest apps that are made for the Windows Platforms. Microsoft is also the maker of a very famous IDE for the .NET software which is known as Visual Studio.


Microsoft .NET Framework Development started in the end of the 1990s and the concept kept in mind was the Next Generation Windows Services, in the end of 2000 the very first beta version had been released and became a success. The version 3.0 of the .NET Framework is a part of the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. The version 3.5 is in the Windows 7 and may also be installed and run in the Windows XP as well as the 2003. Windows Server family .NET Framework Development is being done on a wide span and the people that have the skills to create apps on this platform are being paid really well.



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Physical Therapy Terminology

Understanding Physical Therapy Terminology

Physical therapy is a specialized medical field that involves many players including patients with physical injuries, government regulatory agencies, physical therapy associations and medical training institutions that train physical therapists. Physical therapy is not however restricted to enabling individuals with physical injuries to regain the use of their injured body parts; healthy individuals and in particular athletes receive physical therapy in order to keep fit and enhance their performance.

Like in other medical fields, physical therapists use varied terminologies in their practice and it is always good to have an understanding of any physical therapy terminology a therapist uses. Some of the most common terminologies include:

  • Angular kinematics – This refers to the study of angular motions within the body.
  • Active motion – This is the motion that results from the construction of body muscles.
  • Agonist – This refers to the principle muscle that establishes motion in the joints.
  • Arthrodial joint – This is one of the various non-axial joints that have their surfaces almost flat.
  • Arthrokinematics movement – This describes the movement between any joint surfaces within the body.
  • Aponeurosis – This refers to the dense tissues or membranes that connect body muscles to bones.
  • Acromioclavicular (AC) joint – This refers to the joint in the shoulder where the scapula and distal end meet.
  • Balance – Like in other areas, the term refers to body dynamics that enable for appropriate posture.
  • Biaxial joint – This is a term that refers to any joints in the body that allow movement in a perpendicular axis.
  • Composite impairment – This is a term that physical therapists use to refer to an impairment caused by direct and indirect effects of original cause.
  • Concentric contraction – Body muscles contract in different ways and this term specifically refers to one type of muscle contraction where the rate of movement is constant while the body is in motion.
  • Cancellous bone – This does not refer to bones but rather loose bone tissue consisting of branching trabeculae.
  • Diarthrosis – This refers to articular cavity between any two bones.
  • Displacement – This is the most common physical therapy terminology physical therapists use. Displacement refers to change in position of any body part.
  • Electromyogram (EMG) – This is a common test that physicians do recommend to establish a patient’s nerve function before referring a patient to a neurotherapist.
  • Fracture – This is the other physical therapy terminology that is mostly used by both physical therapists and others to refer to a break or crack in bones. The term is also used in physical therapy to refer to crack in cartilage.
  • Kinesiology – This is a physical therapy terminology that refers to the movement of human body.
  • Orthogonal axis – This refers to the axis where two planes cross at right angles.
  • Parallel fiber motion – This refers to body muscles whose fibers are in parallel to its axis from where the muscles obtain necessary force.
  • Peak torque – This describes the maximum extent a muscle can contract.

Understanding physical therapy terminology is at times beneficial to a patient as it informs a patient on the kind of injury sustained.


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Guest bloggers wanted

Guest bloggers are wanted to contribute useful articles to this website.


Guest Bloggers Wanted – Guidelines:

It must be a useful and informative post.

The article you submit must be original and should not have been submitted anywhere else before.

You must not put the article anywhere else (E.g. On your own website or article submission websites).

You may include two of your own links in a brief “About The Author” section at the bottom of the post.

You may send any supporting images along with the article. These images however must not be copyrighted.



Guest Bloggers Needed – Ready To Submit?

Then email us at [email protected] with your article and your links. We will also market your article along with other posts.


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Job Search Guide Strategies

Effective Job Search Guide Strategies For Professionals Is A Must

If you are searching for a decent job, you need to prepare an effective job search guide. The prepared job search guide should be detailed. You should follow each and every step written in the guide in the most professional manner. Getting a good job can be a herculean task. By making a job strategy, you tend to obtain a decent road map that must be followed with full diligence. Proper job search guide strategies for professionals helps in assessing and earmarking time management, skills and expertise. Every candidate should devote adequate time and effort to each activity in order to obtain fruitful results. It has been recommended to dedicate sufficient effort and time for appropriate job openings. Every job seeker should work assiduously from Monday to Saturday in order to get an appropriate job. At the same time, he must engage in detailed job hunting from 9am to 5pm. These useful techniques will surely provide desired results for candidates.

Why You Need To Have Comprehensive Job Search Guide Strategy

It is important to search for jobs that best suit your skills, education, qualification and experience. Adequate job search guide strategies for professionals must incorporate spending proper time every day on networking with professionals, researching companies, getting in touch with new employers, following up, meeting corporate’s, mailing resumes and cover letters, appearing for different interviews and interview coaching. It is very important to keep yourself motivated to obtain a decent job. These effective techniques will definitely give positive results. It must be noted that it might take time before you obtain desired results. Many scholars have suggested to network with former colleagues, friends and alumni to get some positive leads. Job seekers should research 10-12 new companies every day. You need to contact new multinational companies and new recruiters every day to obtain desired job results.

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Electricians cover letter

                                                                                    Electricians cover letter

Like other professional cover letters, electrician’s cover letter must be prepared with full care by mentioning all necessary information that can impress the employer. The cover letter should always be accompanied by resume to gain more attention. If you have written carefully then you can definitely look forward for a good opportunity with a reputed organization. The basic work of any electrician is to repair and install the electrical wirings, cables, fixtures and other electrical equipments. He has to check the electrical functioning in both residential complexes and commercial sites. A good electrician is the one who has the practical and conceptual knowledge about his field.

With many electrical companies minimizing the intake and downsizing the workforce, it is a tough way ahead for all aspirants who want to become electricians. But it does not mean that you can’t find the suitable job. If you are right in your approach then finding any job is not a difficult task and electrician job is not exceptional to it. Approaching employers through cover letters is the new tendency which is happening in the market today. These day’s electrician job aspirants are taking the help of cover letters to express their full expertise and experience effectively.

The cover letters come handy for both first timers as well as experienced electricians. Some times it is difficult to find the relevant job you are looking for. In some other times even if you found, you are failed to get that job. The main reason behind this is failed attempt to reach the employer. In circumstances like this it is recommended to use cover letters as no hiring manager has time to read your resume in detail. Instead of writing lengthy stories, prepare a short and sweet cover letter which is more than enough to get an interview call.

Electricians cover letter example

Dear Mr. Bidden,

I am Peter Sidle, a skilled electrical engineer with 10 years of experience that consists of industrial installations, fire protection systems, data systems, commercial installations, data systems and maintenance.

I worked at 2 leading production companies as Senior Lead Electrical Engineer on industrial, leisure, residential and commercial projects.

I have completed my Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering from University of New South Wales. In my professional career I have not only gained technical experience but also well versed in project managerial skills. I have handful of experience in human resources, equipment management and book keeping.

I feel my experience and skills suits for the position you have mentioned. I don’t have any issues in working for long hours. Customer satisfaction is always my first priority. I am a hard working, dedicated and sincere person from whom you can expect social and organizational outstanding skills. I hope, you will read my cover letter with full interest. Thanks for the opportunity provided to me.

Looking forward to hear from you soon


Peter Sidle

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when asbestos was banned

When Was Asbestos Banned

So that we can begin to identify when asbestos was banned we need to look at the history f the material in the construction industry. Asbestos related diseases were identified by scientists as early as in the 1920s. After this, workers started to file compensation cases in court which were resolved in secrecy and the cases came into light in the 1970s.

The health issues that asbestos presented to anyone who was exposed to the material for significant periods of time. The main reason that led to the banning of asbestos as a construction material was due to its close affiliation with asbestosis. This is a lung disease that was first noticed in textile workers. The disease scars the tissues in the lungs due to acid produced by the body’s attempt to dissolve the asbestos fibers in the lungs. The scarring with time becomes severe and the lungs can no longer function. The disease takes 10 to 20 years to develop and when asbestos was banned this contributed to the decision greatly. Another disease related to asbestos that affects the respiratory system is Mesothelioma.

It is a kind of cancer that affects the mesothelial lining in the lungs and chest cavity. It also affects the abdominal cavity and the sac surrounding the heart. This particular cancer has no association with smoking like lung cancer. The only factor that causes this type of cancer is asbestos fibers that contain carcinogens that are associated with lung cancer.

When asbestos was banned this was cited as a chief health risk to individuals who were exposed to asbestos fibers and the latency period of the disease was put between 20 to 50 years after which it becomes fully blown. After a patient is diagnosed with this terminal cancer, the life expectancy is 12 months after diagnosis. Asbestos is also associated with cancer of the lung, gastrointestinal tract, kidney and larynx cancer. This link between asbestos and a wide range of cancers led to its ban in the late 1970s after the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) declared that asbestos should not be used in wallboards, patching compounds and gas fireplaces because the use of asbestos in these places led to asbestos fibers being released in the environment. This did not constitute an actual ban and manufacturers voluntarily withdrew electric hair dryers that had asbestos in their components.

The actual time when asbestos was banned was July 12 1989 when the EPA issued a final banning on most products that contained asbestos in them. However, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans overturned this decision and allowed asbestos to be used in materials that had been manufactured prior to 1989. However, after the court’s decision, flooring felt, roll board and corrugated materials that had asbestos in their structure remained banned. This ban was also applied to products that did not historically contain asbestos which are referred to as ‘new uses’ of asbestos.  Regulations from the EPA require schools to inspect for damaged asbestos and eliminate them so that the fibers are not released into the atmosphere. These regulations are still in force today.

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Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurial skills
Entrepreneurial skills

So now you’ve decided that you want to get out of the corporate rat-race and be your own boss.

As you start planning on how to start your own business, you need to know where you want to see your self after 10 years. Plan for longer terms.

You need to be strong yourself before even thinking of business. Think of all the skills you really need to be a successful entrepreneur. You really need a broad array of entrepreneurial skills to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Some of important entrepreneurial skills that you can start with :

Time Management:

Every minute is valuable. The most important skill any entrepreneur needs is the managing his time. Many first timer entrepreneurs find themselves wasting their time on phone, talking to clients,  filing and developing binders for clients that do not exist, inability to delegate,  poor planning or lack of objectives. Schedule your day and stick to your schedule.

Keep a slotted time for all important calls and meetings. Focus on business plan rather than activities.

Knowledge :

Every entrepreneur needs to have good knowledge of their product and their business. You need to know how your product can help users and how it works. Note down all the points where your product is better than others in market.

Sales and Marketing:

As an entrepreneur, you need to figure out what type is best for your services or products. All entrepreneurs will benefit from sales seminars, books and motivational programs.

Try not to stick with just one sales strategy. As the market keeps on changing, the effect of sales strategy will also change.


As an entrepreneur, knowledge of finance is a must. Track all expenditures and invoices. Track your growth, account for future expenditures and returns on investment.  Keep record of every single penny you are spending and along with time you are putting in.

Know the Numbers:

Do a good research while coming up with prices for your product. Do not jump start with high prices when your product is new. Start with market price  or may be little lower initially till you have a good word of mouth or people start considering you as a brand and wont hesitate in buying your services.


Networking is an important part of marketing and sales. People like to communicate with people and a good entrepreneur needs to have a good network. Making a network is lot easier and cost effective now as it was before with the help of networking sites like linkedIn, ryze and many more.

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Employment Agency

Employment Agency – Make an Immense Difference to Your Job Search


In this world of fierce competition, not all the individuals are able to get their dream jobs. A job seeker sends his or her curriculum vitae to the many companies and waits for feedback. Besides, employers spend countless number of hours scanning piles of CVs to find a perfect candidate for the vacant position. The overall process of analyzing the resumes, short listing the candidates and calling them eats up a lot of time. Due to this the employers are not able to devote their attention towards the core operations of the business. In such a situation, it is important that both the job seekers as well as the employers must contemplate using the efficient services of an employment agency recruitment to find out exactly what they are looking for? However, the main question that pops out here is that how you can benefit by hiring the job recruitment agencies and what are pivotal things you must take into the account to select the best agency?

There are plenty of employment agencies in the market who brag about their superior services and it is vital to select an excellent agency that can leave no stone unturned to help you get the perfect job according to your qualifications and climb the ladder of success. The recruiters generally have all kinds of positions, from mechanic to administration. Some renowned agencies also arrange training for the job seekers so that they can sharpen their skills and grab their dream job in a hassle-free manner.

One of the best ways to make sure you select the renowned agency is to take the useful advice of the family members, friends and relatives. Find out whether they have availed the employment services of an agency before and if yes, then they are satisfied or not. You must search for the agencies online, shortlist three to five companies; contact them to fix up an appointment. By taking this particular step, you can not only get a good information about the credibility of the company, but also make sure the agency you are selecting is not fake. The best agencies have excellent openings with the top-notch companies and also help in improving the resume of a job seeker so that he or she can get the job without any bottlenecks.

Once you have taken a decision to hire an employment agency after a comprehensive research work, then there are some of the prominent points you must consider to increase your chances of getting a dream job:

  • Make sure that the resume you are submitting to the recruitment agencies must not contain any kind of the incorrect or false information. You must tell them in detail about the kind of position, salary and sector you are scouting for. Providing wrong information will only lessen your chances of getting a job according to your needs.


  • You must not have a perception that by taking the services of an employment agency, you can just sit idle in your home and wait for the response from the agency. There is no doubt that you will get a call from when a suitable job opportunity will arise, but it is also important that you must follow up with your agency and inquire about the new openings that matches your qualifications and experience levels.


  • You must ask for some tips from the recruitment agencies for improving the communication skills so that you go on to create a sound impression in front of the interviewer and grab the job offer.  Some of the agencies also provide expert advice on the clothing that should be worn on the day of an interview.

Therefore, it is crystal-clear that selecting the best employment agencies, you can materialize your dream of working in a first-class renowned company and touch the pyramid of success.

About the Author:

Will Smith is a professional blogger who has written many articles on education, career, best employment agencies and much more.



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Important telephone interview questions you need to prepare


The interview is the most important part of the employment process. The phone interview
is generally followed to shortlist a group of candidates who have submitted their CVs to
select the final candidates who will get the job. The phone interview is a bit different from
normal interview. Facial expression and body language are cut off and only content of the
reply and voice tone matters. You need to give more importance to the telephone interview

What are the topics to focus on?

Telephone interview helps the employers to get a proper idea about your personality before
they actually talk to you one-on-one. The questions are generally related to the following

About your professional background and qualifications

About the utility that you can provide to the company, the reason why should you be

About your professional weaknesses and strengths

Finally they ask you what you are expecting from the job, professionally as well as

Some of the most frequently asked questions

In an interview you do not need to expect something very strange to be asked. They are just
trying to know you and see how fit you are for their job. A question that has been observed
to be important are:

Tell us something about yourself

It is the question aimed to know your professional background. Try to keep it short
and clean. You may include the positions and responsibilities you had taken.

Your abilities

You need to display your strengths, but do not completely forget your weak points.

Keep the strengths and qualifications in relevance to the job requirement.

What do you know about us

Having knowledge of the company you are applying to, is very essential. Keep a short
note about the company especially their positive effect in the world.

What are you expecting in the future

Mention the financial part in very short part and keep the rest for the professional
achievement you will gain.

 Keep yourself well prepared for the telephone interview questions.

You do not need to prepare your expressions and body language as it will be just on the phone

Do research about the company properly and their job requirement. A wrong answer in

this segment can be treated as flattery.

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Tips for Turning Facebook into a Profitable Marketing Tool

Tips for Turning Facebook into a Profitable Marketing Tool

Internet has taken several businesses and their outlooks to a whole new level because of the fact that there are so many benefits and advantages involved and associated with it. So taking assistance from social networks for business is a brilliant opportunity because it has multiple ways through which one could encounter getting exposure to their profits. You can get several of the investors to boost up your sales and not just that, the page ranking and search engine optimization are also ruled out with the help of these social networks and their interlinking and communication forms. Websites like Facebook and Twitter these days are probably the best means and examples of social networks for business without a doubt. In this article we will be having a look on how you can use Facebook to market your business.

Facebook these days have created hype among people to be attracted towards the things they want to have or for the things they want to look up online for a very long time. It gives them an ease and comfort to think of things in an easier manner and that too with the interaction of their friends and family at the same time.

Video Sharing

Turning Facebook into a profitable marketing tool is a good idea because there are various forms of marketing forms you can do. Video sharing is one of the things you could do for it and also the written forms of content and information. For the new singers, comedians and several other artists that are probably the best place to be looking out for chances and things which could get done within a short time span. For professional companies they usually get their graphs and several other pictorials to arrange within a suitable parameter of the video and accommodate it with the content they have put up on their websites.

Facebook marketing is really popular as well in terms of social media marketing as well. Being concerned with the email marketing and several other forms of internet marketing you can have anything and everything done in a conventional method.

Facebook Page

Through Facebook applications you can have a page made for your followers, fans and subscribers for everyone to have a look and get to know about your affiliation some more. Targeted ads and products are made for several individuals to notice and take interest in for multiple benefits. Feedbacks and impacts are also included in the things that Facebook could bring to your website.

Kenny is a contributor for where you can get some useful resources on how to sell my car.

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iphone apps for travel

iphone apps for travel
Vacations can be quite complicated. Finding flights, booking hotels, procuring transportation,
scouting tourist locations, and grabbing a quick bite to eat are just some of the daily tasks you’ll have to juggle.
Fortunately, your iPhone makes the perfect travel companion and can make all of these tasks a lot easier.
Some of really nice Iphone Apps that can be helpful in your trips:
TripDeck – Travel Itinerary Manager
Manage your hotel reservations, car rentals, flights,
cruises, restaurants, meetings and more with easy-to-read Trip Decks for each itinerary. You can also view your entire
itinerary on a gorgeous map. And now you can add some amazing flight tracking features to make your itinerary managing even better
The Landmark Finder
Whether you’re on vacation in a new city or just have a day off in yours, use the Landmark Finder to get yourself exploring.
The Bar Findr App
The Bar Findr was born for Cinco de Mayo drinking, but year-round it’s just a regular bar locator so you can easily
find your next margarita or frosty bee
Travelocity (free): Speaking of never ending flights, one can keep track of our flight numbers, departure times,
layovers and connections with the Travelocity app. The flights  booked using the discount travel site automatically
downloaded to our iPhone
KAYAK Flight, Hotel Search
KAYAK for the iPhone connects to, the best travel search engine in the world. Compare hundreds of
travel sites at once. Find airfares and hotel prices quickly, for free! Why pay for looking up airfares when
Kayak gives it to you for nothing
GateGuru – featuring Airport Maps
Do you get frustrated in airports? Not sure where the freshest food is or where the closest
gift shops are located? Stuck with a long layover only to have a terrible meal? Walking around aimlessly in hopes of finding a good book for your flight or that last minute souvenir for your loved one? Standing on the security line forever only to find your best food options were pre-security?
Author: Check this website for   Jamaica  air shuttle charters and  Jamaica  air shuttle flights.

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Why Your CV Just Isn’t Cutting It


When you are looking for a job, your CV or resume is the window through which employers can look at you in order to determine whether you are appropriate for the role. They have nothing else to go on other than the words on the page and so, unless they are well-crafted and advertise you in a good light, you don’t stand a chance of being successful.

In the current climate, any job opening is going to attract multiple applications and therefore there is going to be keen competition for any role you apply for. Can you really afford to be making mistakes on your CV in such a competitive environment? After all, this is only the first hurdle and any busy employer will not be willing to consider anyone who has made a glaring error straight from the off.

So what are the most common reasons for a CV ending up in the bin without even so much as a second glance?

Spelling/ Grammar Errors –

Even if the actual job you are applying for will never require you to write anything; employers want to know that you have an excellent grasp on language. Therefore a spelling or grammar mistake anywhere in your CV is going to have them reaching for the bin faster than you can say ‘I am writing to apply for the position of…’ These mistakes do happen to the best of us but modern spell checking capabilities and the fact that you should really check and double check your application before sending it means these are unforgivable.

Too Long Or Too Short –

There are no set rules for the length of a CV but ideally it should be kept to one page. Any longer and the person reading it will be reluctant to read the whole thing and may end up not reading any of it. Anything shorter than a page will also be cause for concern as it shows a lack of experience and will look empty compared to others. If you have too many previous jobs to fit them all on one page then consider only including the relevant or important ones. You can always talk about the others when asked at the interview.

A Poor Cover Letter –

A lot of applicants will be so worried about their CV that they forget to put just as much effort into the cover letter. 77% of employers have stated that they didn’t even look at a CV which was preceded by a bad covering letter and so neglecting this part of the application could put you in the bad books from the start. Common mistakes include failing to find a suitable addressee for the letter, writing in a generic way which shows you haven’t tailored your application to the specific job role and even forgetting to attach the CV to the email.

Being Too Honest –

Don’t get me wrong, honesty is a great trait to have but there are times when it may be detrimental for you to be completely open. For example, if you left your last job because you hated it and didn’t get on with your boss then there is no need to mention this in your application for a new job. Never mention why you left your previous job unless you are asked at the interview stage. Doing this could highlight the fact that you could be a problem employee and this will raise alarm bells with the employer. Another example of being too honest is over selling yourself in your CV.

It is natural to have a few lines about what sort of person you are and why you would be a great choice for the role, but this is not a space in which you can blow your own trumpet. If you think you’re great then that’s fine but tone it down a bit so that you don’t come across as cocky or arrogant.

Writing a CV is by no means easy and so if you are struggling to create one that really makes an impact with potential employers then there are many places you can turn to for help. Recruitment agencies, like this, will be able to give you some great pointers and there are also many online resources that can help you with this.




Featured images:

Chris Mayhew did a lot of work on his CV when he was out of work and it ultimately paid off. He would recommend that anyone on the lookout for a new job uses a helpful recruitment agency such as Ashley Associates.

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Teaching Assistant Tips

Teaching Assistant Tips

If you’ve been considering getting into teaching assistant work but are unsure where to start, the following tips should help you get on the right track.

1 – Understand The Full Scope Of The Job

If you’re fully up to date on all that a teaching assistant is required to do, as well as how that corresponds to your own experience and personal qualities, you should have a better grasp of what you have to offer in the field. You’ll also be able to find the right part of the sector and make your job hunt considerably more efficient.

Before you consider a serious pursuit of the teaching assistant profession, it’s important to understand how the role of assistants in the classroom can vary. For instance, the needs of the students can differ greatly depending on the grade level. Your potential role will also differ depending on how often you’ll be expected to provide one on one attention versus supporting the class in a general way. There are several different skill sets required of the job, so it’s best to be prepared for as many of these situations as possible.

2 – Pick A Specific Part Of The Sector

It’s best if you decide ahead of time if you want to work for a mainstream or specialist school. The role you will play will obviously vary a lot depending on the environment and nature of the school you’re in. If you’re best suited in a mainstream primary or even secondary school, you should make sure to apply exclusively to schools that fit that description.

Mainstream schools generally seek out those that can provide targeted curriculum support that includes subjects such as English, literature, math, and science. Make sure to illustrate your understanding of these areas in your applications. Specialist schools on the other hand will obviously favor those that only focus on one particular subject, so if you’re especially strong in one as opposed to having a level of general expertise, that might be the way you should go.

3 – Make Sure You Have A Good CV Or Resume

There’s all kinds of information out there detailing how to maximize the effectiveness of your CV or resume. Don’t focus on having a generalized one however; cater your submissions to showcase why you’d be an excellent teacher’s assistant in particular. You can even try crafting individual submissions to be more attractive to the specific location. Here are some good tips.

Previous teaching assistance experience will always give applicants a leg up over others seeking out positions, so be sure to highlight anything that applies. This includes the likes of volunteer work, charities you’ve been a part of, and coaching as well. Even if you only have personal experience that you feel would qualify you, list it. It’s better to put your cards on the table up front. There are some good tips here from Capita Education.

4 – Volunteer Or Work Through An Agency

If you happen to have a fairly sparse CV or resume, you can gain teacher’s assistance experience by electing to volunteer at local schools. There are also agencies that will allow you to do short term supply jobs. There’s a lot to learn through these opportunities, and your time with them will make you significantly more attractive to schools that are looking to hire.

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Worst body language mistakes during an interview

If you have an impressive resume and flawless cover letter, fully researched company and good preparation for the interview but not able to keep smile on your face  or forget to make eye contact with your manager, then you will be out of job. During the first few minutes of interview, the candidates can give hundreds of non-verbal expressions to the hiring manager and those expressions make more  impact on recruiters than your words. Therefore proper use of body language during the interview show that you are physically or emotionally engaged  and different from others.

1) Eye contact–

Eye contact is the best way to connect people. That’s why you have to make balance. Sometime when you look too much it seems you are agressive and if you look very little makes you dishonest and have something to hide.  Eye rolling should be avoided. Most of time people roll their eyes when they disagree with someone. You have to maintain your eye contact but not staring at the person.

2) Your posture–

Once you greet with the interviewer, relax your body. Try to find appropriate place for your belongings. Never put your purse on your lap or on table. Sit straight and avoid to touch your face and hairs.

3) Handshake–

Once you are in seat, make eye contact , offer palm to palm handshake. Your handshake can leave employer with impression , depending upon how you do. Soft and firm handshake provides a positive attitude.

4) Avoid tapping–

If you are tapping  your fingers or toes , manager may get the impression that you are not interested in job.

5) Voice–

Try to speak polite, not so fast or slow. If your tone is not good, employer believe that you are over confident  and try to avoid words “um,ah.or like” words as these words show that you are not interested.

Here are some of the ways by which you can figure out those clues and correct them..

a) work with friend– Try to interview with your friend who will tell you what kind of impression you have to give.

b) Practice yourself– Try to videotape yourself and it show you what non-verbal ticks you have  to practice.interview

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SEO Guide (continued)

seo guide
Let’s move to Level 3 of SEO guide. You should have decent knowledge of HTML for this.
Level 3 will work on your content.
* Let’s give a anchor link to your content also. You can create a anchor link to your page with your keyword.
Make sure that you add a css class  to that link which is almost same as the content, so that for user, it doesn’t look different. This is a way to create additional internal anchored link to your post. Just one is enough , don’t overdo.
Sample : content content <a href=”#keyword” title=”keyword”>content</a> content
* The website should perform well. Keep your javascript at the bottom of page, after end of body .Many of designers will do this mistake and they will keep javascript includes in head tag.That is old way of coding.Adding javascript at the bottom will improve page rendering. Another thing you can do is to use image sprites.
* Add a canonical tag, dont exceed 52 characters for title tag , include meta tags for indexing and caching,keep short and descriptive urls.
* Avoid flash
* Avoid links created using javascript
* Avoid frames
I think we are done with onpage optimization now. Now let’s move to off page optimization. This is again very crucial factor in getting good rank. By doing onpage  optimization , you tell Google that you are ready and you deserve  the top position.
By doing off page optimization and backlinking, you kill your competitors and move ahead to top position.
Offpage will be having many more levels.
level 4 :
* Directory Submission: I haven’t seen this working, but anyways, let’s do this also. SUbmit your website to all SEO and same niche related directories.
* Pinging/indexing : Now get your website indexed.Try feedping , ping goat or similar pinging websites and let search engines know about you website. There are also indexing websites.
* Stats Websites : There are tons of stats website which can give you fast backlinks. There are many services which will submit your website to all stats websites.
* Avoid link exchanges.
* Submit your RSS feed to few top RSS directories.
* Submit it to 3-4 social bookmarking websites like twitter, digg, reditt , facebook
You are done with indexing of your website now. Google have indexed your website. If you do above , your pages are indexed.Twitter posts have really great effect, I have seen my posts getting indexed within a hour if you have tweeted.Again it depends on how frequently you update  your content.
I will be updating this blog with higher Levels soon. It will have some new and innovative ideas of getting backlinks. Stay tuned.

Article publié pour la première fois le 13/04/2011

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Role of Physiotherapy in treating stroke

Stroke may be defined as the abrupt onset of the neurological disorder that may occur due to some vascular cause. It occurs if an area of brain tissue is deprived of its blood

supply, causing brain cells to lose their supply of oxygen. Without oxygen, brain cells can become irreversibly damaged within minutes. Stroke is mainly caused by disruption of blood flow to the brain as a result of blockage or leakage in a blood vessel. The effects of stroke vary depending on the severity of the blockage or leakage.

Stroke commonly causes an arm , leg weakness, facial weakness and speech problems. This may lead to decreased mobility, balance problems and difficulty in performing everyday tasks. Unlike other cells in the body, if brain cells are irreversibly damaged then they are unable to heal themselves. The brain, however is capable of learning new tasks to compensate for the areas that have been damaged and physiotherapy thus encourages the learning and help the body relearn normal movement patterns.

Types of strokes

Stroke is mainly of two types

a) Ischemic stroke

b) Haemorrhagic stroke

Ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke is usually caused by a blockage within an artery. This blockage results in decreased blood flow to an area of brain and therefore the brain cells in that area are damaged due to the lack of oxygen.

Haemorrhagic stroke

It is also called as “brain haemorrhage”. This occurs when blood vessels in the brain ruptures causing bleeding into the area of brain. This causes a build up of pressure and damages the delicate tissues of the brain. Blood flow to the neighbouring brain cells also reduced and these cells get damaged due to lack of oxygen and causes stroke.

Common physical limitations during stroke

the common physical limitations that occur during stroke are as follows;

a) stair climbing

b) bathing

c) walking

d) feeding

e) urinary/faecal incontinence

The brain is however, very adaptable i.e. capable of relearning new tasks and, with physiotherapy recovery can take place. Patients often have recovery in first few months, followed by slower recovery over the following years. With the correct physiotherapy input and advice patient have lots of potential to improve from the condition. Physiotherapy will assist in regaining as much movement and function as possible. Treatment often focuses on sitting, balance, standing, walking, using affected arm/hand, managing any change in the muscle tone , pain or stiffness. After stroke many people experience difficulties in performing tasks that were previously simple. Therefore physiotherapist will advise the patient the use of walking aids like crutches, sticks, splints and supports.

Manual handling training service should be done. This training involves teaching safe therapeutic handling and positioning techniques that will promote normal movement patterns and normal postural alignments of patients. Use of slings and wheel chair can also be taught.


Article publié pour la première fois le 13/01/2012

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Define physical therapy

How would you Define physical therapy?

If someone asked you to define physical therapy then what will be your answer? Well, you may have some kind of answer in your mind but unfortunately many people in our society don’t even know about physiotherapy, how and why it is done. If you are also from one of those people who don’t have sufficient knowledge about this therapy system then you are at the right place at the moment. In this article you will get information about physical therapy and how it is done. There are vast uses of this technique and it is used all over the world.

If someone asked to define physical therapy then I would present its definition in such way. Physical therapy is a therapeutic system in which a patient is treated in physical manner. There are different exercises and massages involved in physical therapy. If I say that almost every person in this world needs a physical therapy then I will not be wrong but the truth is, not all of the people in this world want to go thorough physical therapy. The main reason behind is not any kind of painful process but they don’t want to accept the change in society.

If someone doesn’t even know about the function of physical therapy then how can he define physical therapy? Well, there is no need to define a system nowadays because things are being generalized and people are living a casual life not an official life. However, it is very important for a person to know about this therapy system and how it is carried out. It is not easy to treat someone who has one or more physical parts totally impaired. Such patients that have impaired physical organs are normally treated with the help of this method.

A person may define physical therapy as; it is a system that treats physically disabled people and try to give them a new life. There are certain diseases and disabilities that can be treated very easily with the help of physical therapy but still there are different disabilities that require a surgery process or proper medication. For example; if an aged person is not able to move his hands properly then he can be treated with physical therapy. In this therapy, that old person will be taught to do different simple exercise that can help him to lead a good and healthy life.

It is not easy to define physical therapy because there are different processes involved in it. Only a person can understand about the therapeutic system once he enters into it. if you will not enter in to physical therapy system then you will not get a proper understanding about this system. However, all those people who have information about this therapeutic system are spending their lives with peace because they know that if there will be any physical problem with them then they can easily go for physical therapy and get rid of that problem in a few days, weeks or months.



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100 Power Resume Words

100 Power Resume Words    Some times we make resuem to impress the interviewer but was not   able to do so.It is just because of irrelevant data and unapprop-  riate words.Here is the list of some words that you can use while  writing your resume and cover letters.You can also make use of these   words during interview.      Advance  Assigned  Assessed  Absorbed  Accelerated  Attained  Attracted  Announced  Appraised  Budgeted  Bolstered  Balanced  Boosted  Bargained  Benefited  Beneficial  Comply  Critiqued  Closed  Collaborated  Designed  Delegated  Demonstrated  Developed  Detected  Efficient  Enhanced  Excelled  Exceeded  Enriched  Fulfilled  Financed  Forecasted  Formulated  Generated  Guided  Granted  Helped  Hosted  Implemented  Investigated  Increased  Initiated  Influenced  Integrated  Innovated  Instituted  Justified  Listed  Logged  Maintained  Mentored  Measured  Multiplied  Negotiated  Observed  Operated  Obtained  Promoted  Presented  Programmed  Provided  Projected  Qualified  Quantified  Quoted  Recommended  Refine  Revamp  Reacted  Retained  Recovered  Reinstated  Rejected  Sustained  Skilled  Saved  Scheduled  Supported  Secured  Simplified  Screened  Segmented  Streamlined  Strengthened  Triumphed  Troubleshot  Taught  Tutored  Translated  Trained  Uncovered  United  Unified  Updated  Upgraded  Validated  Viewed  Worldwide  Witnessed

Article publié pour la première fois le 31/10/2015

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interview strength

Knowing and using your interview strengths


One of the questions you will always expect whenever you are getting ready for an interview will always come in this form. What are your greatest strengths? If you are coming to the interview table for the first time without good preparation and research, this might put you off immediately. But a good answer to this will immediately draw you closer to the job. Interview strengths are mostly hinged on those things you are born or blessed with. Remember, they are not your skills. Skills are those things you have leant in the course of life or you have really developed out of experience. There are two things you are tested about with this question. The first is to know how well you know yourself and the other is to know how you can express your self.


There is no absolute answer to what your strengths are, but you have to search inside and know those things the employer will find very interesting about you and those things that are very important or even needed in the job you are applying.

You can tell them you are a strong and natural leader or you have good sense of initiative.  Your interview strengths can be that you are very creative in any field you find yourself or that you are the type of person who will make sure you take any job you start to a very good conclusion. Your interview strength can be a good deadline beater, quick leaner, problem solver, and conflict resolver. It can also be that you can work with articulation and precision even when you are under pressure.


There is also the act of trying to turn your weaknesses into strengths. This will include telling them you are too helpful, a hard worker that works too hard or even a perfectionist that will always want things done the perfect way even at the first time. Try not to be boastful about this but in a very assertive mood, give it to them in the most precise and humble way.



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Looking For A Job? Keep These Job Contracting Tips In Mind!

We know that you are excited about landing a job and you might want to sign the contract as soon as you can but don’t be too hasty! If you end up signing something you don’t want, you get stuck with it for a long time. So bring the contract home, prepare a cup of coffee and make sure you comply by the following job contracting tips.

Go Through the Contract Thoroughly

This is the basic job contracting tip that you should follow. You need to go through the contract in detail and understand what your employer is offering you in return for your services. Make sure you go through each and every point in detail; so that you can avoid signing up for something that you do not want to. Look out for the loop holes and phrases with double meanings in the contract, they can create some serious problems for you!


If you cannot understand any part or clause of the contract, don’t hesitate to ask your potential employer. With the help of this job contracting tip you can make sure that there are no confusions left and that they won’t create any problems for you in the later phase of the job. You can also hire a lawyer to go through the job contract but it is better if you communicate with the employer and let them know the concerns you have regarding the job. Remember, precaution is better than cure!

What Is The Nature Of The Job?

Make sure that you have a written proof of the nature of your job. Do not rely on the word of mouth or you’ll end up providing more than you bargained for. Make sure that each and every thing about the job is entailed in the contract including the salary. All the terms and conditions regarding the salary should be included in the contract too.

Length of the Contract

We know that you will be cautious enough to abide by this job contracting tip on your own but still we should remind you that you need a written document of the starting and termination date of your contract. Moreover, it is even better if you discuss the leaves and holidays beforehand to save your job from further trouble.


Most people just omit this job contracting tip because they are too afraid to voice their objections. If you do not agree with any part of the contract then you should negotiate with the employer. Convince them that having you will be beneficial for their organization and explain them why should they remove the certain clause from the contract. If it’s something major then you should continue your job search and avoid signing the contract.

If you follow the above mentioned job contracting tips then you can be sure that you have made the right decision at the right time. Your job will be safe and secure as long as your contract lasts. So all the best with your contracts!

Ben is Greek contracting consultant, providing his services to individuals or business who need to make contracts in Europe or other international destinations

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Wrist Splints as good as a cast for Children

This post send by Lucie Crouch

Wrist fractures are the most common injuries in children, and frequent trips to the A&E department of the local hospital. The arm is treated with a cast which stays on for normally four to six weeks, then a follow up with the orthopaedic surgeon. But this has been the standard treatment for so long it has only recently been questioned with the use of an alternate remedy- thewrist splint.

A study randomised and controlled with 100 children aged five to twelve years old, half with wrist fractures (distal radius) were treated with splints and half treated with a cast. The splint group could only remove it to wash, and like the others had to keep it on for the rest of the trial duration. After six weeks, each participant was assessed by a physiotherapist who did not know which treatment they had received.

Dr. Kathy Boutis, Staff Physician and Associate Scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) explains that:

\\\"Our results support the growing body of evidence that promote splinting as a suitable alternative to casting for specific distal radius fractures”.

As well as patient and parental satisfaction with the splint being much higher, 68% of children with casts say they’d much rather have had a splint, and only 12% would rather have the cast.

\\\"There were no differences in maintaining fracture stability, complications, and the splint was shown to be superior in terms of family preferences.

\\\"Inherent benefits of a pre-fabricated splint include easier hygiene, eliminating discomfort and anxiety associated with cast saw use, and easy application and removal. Thus, evidence from this research combined with the advantages of the splint advocate for this device in the treatment of these fracture cases\\\".

Another benefit of the splint is that it allows the wrist to move a little more, so muscle wastage and weakening is reduced so after treatment the patient is able to resume normal tasks at a higher rate.

Lucie writes on behalf ofPhysio-Med, leaders in physiotherapy equipment, with a wide range of stock for any business or home.

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Recruitment magazine


Recruitment magazine


With the ever-increasing demands for jobs, it is really getting tougher day by day to get a perfect job for you! However even if he or she gets them it is really gets tougher to maintain them. Well there are in recent days who appear completely frustrated with the fake jobs that are readily available online at several of the sites. Well to them, it may include here that there are a lot genuine and effective jobs too that waiting o hire talents but to get one has to perfect in their way. Following some genuine tips may be a helpful way out of the mess. So read the mentioned below tips to get you hired by the best recruiter. Read them out!


No deniable a fact that there are no less the amount of fake jobs that are available in the world market which would get a candidate a lot of work to do without a pay. So adopt the genuine websites to trust on when you are searching for the jobs. The internet has been the working ground for many genuine concerns too. Just you have to be a bit of practical.


Second option may be a good option for many as it defines the use of a recruitment magazine. A recruitment magazine is magazine that comes handy with a lot of information’s for the readers. Utilizing the information is provided on the recruitment magazine is one of the effective ways to search out a job. The recruitment magazine is also available online. A candidate may get them downloaded online from its official sites of the recruitment magazine and get them availed to one’s needs.


Te above mentioned are the most effective tips that a candidate may easily avail them to get vacillated with the best jobs in UNITED KINGDOM!


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Graphic Designers cover letter

                                                                            Graphic Designers cover letter

When you are applying for any graphic designer job there is a need to send the cover letter to the employer stating your full attention. The cover should focus on the relevant job opening. Irrespective of whether you are fresher or experienced it is always good to go with cover letter. When writing cover letter you need to consider lot of things into your account with experience and skills being the major factors. It should be professional and well written. A graphic design cover letter provides enough space to express your personal attributes.

Graphic designer cover letters does not require graphics

Some times graphic designers misunderstand the need of cover letter and they make it more colorful by adding some graphics which is their regular work. The actual fact is you do not need any graphics while writing the cover letter. It should be as simple as possible. Here you are trying to create the good impression by mentioning your skills and experience and not the graphics. If you are a graphic designer and looking forward for some big boost then by writing cover letter you can win an edge over others especially while competing.

A typical graphic designer cover letter contains 3 to 4 paragraphs. It is divided into Introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction contains position you are applying for along with other job details. The body should include skills, relevant experience and qualification information. Conclusion includes action request and thank you note.

A graphic designer cover letter should directly and clearly illustrate why you are best and how you can make a difference. This also increases the chance of getting interview call from recruiter. A great cover letter first grabs the reader’s attention and stands out from the rest. All the information mentioned in the cover letter should be correct and up-to-date.

Graphic Designers cover letter example

Dear Mr. Messy,

I saw your ad posted in the local newspaper for the post of Graphic Designer. I am looking forward for the same job opportunity. I feel my skills and qualifications would definitely become an asset for your organization.

I possess more than 4 years of experience in page layout techniques, visual arts, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress and typography. After reviewing my resume you will come to know the contributions that I have made to my present organization.

I take this opportunity to introduce my self the best for the position you have stated as my skills and experience matches with your requirement exactly. I hope to become the part of your organization in the coming days. If you are interested in discussing further about the same then you can contact me through the address mentioned.

Some of my sample works are attached with the resume. I am eagerly awaiting your response. Thanks for the interest shown to me.


David H. Hussey

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interview etiquette

Interview etiquette to imbibe


There is no gainsaying that nowadays what gives us the job are not just the degrees we were able to get from the university or the experiences we had in the previous jobs. If we consider this, then it will be very true to note that we will always find people better than us in this. What matters in the job is the character and skills of the employee. This is just the reason why the interviewers will look at your interview etiquette thoroughly during the interview.


Due to this, you have to imbibe good interview etiquette to beat them and they include coming with a very clean mouth without any dirt or odor by brushing your teeth well with the help of a mouth wash. Then make your hair clean and comb it well. Your nails should be completed trimmed to give a very clean look. You should always go with the company’s dress code, and if they don’t have one, get the general code. Overdress instead of under dressing. Be professional in your attire and wear dress shoes. Interview etiquette will include being at the interview arena 15 minutes earlier. It is always good to leave your phone behind, but if you must go with it, switch it off or in the silent mode.


If eventually they take you on a lunch, they are not doing this to feed you, but to know how relaxed you can be and your table etiquette. So apply all relevant interview etiquette in form of table manners. Be assertive and greet the interviewers with firm hand shakes when necessary. Always have a mild smile on you. Speak clearly and directly, avoid stuttering. Make use of technical terms when needed and ask questions when confused. When you are through with the interview, shake every interviewers hand and great them. Then you might send a thank you note when the interview is over.


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