Teaching Assistant Tips

Teaching Assistant Tips If you’ve been considering getting into teaching assistant work but are unsure where to start, the following tips should help you get on the right track. 1 – Understand The Full Scope Of The Job If you’re fully up to date on all that a teaching assistant is required to do, as well as how that corresponds …Read more »

Electricians interview questions

Electricians interview questions   There are a lot of Electricians interview questions that you would encounter when you apply for the job. Therefore, you should find the right help so you could prepare them easily.   Question 1: What lamp is that? When the interviewer asks you this question, you would usually be given the lamp. Then, you would need …Read more »

Cover letter sample for teacher with experience


Cover letter sample for teacher with experience When it comes to being a teacher, you need to not only be concerned about your resume, but also your cover letter. You need to have flawless cover letter and resume along with your work experience to get hired sooner. Thus the profile and the way of applying for a job require a …Read more »


Be Keen Of Your Health And Understand What Mesothelium is The cancer of Mesothelium is a very rare but insistent type of cancer that is said to be caused by being exposed to asbestos.  Nearly around 2500-3500 people yearly are diagnosed with this type of cancer. This article is dedicated to letting you understand everything regarding Mesothelium. First and foremost, …Read more »

Google Page Rank

INTRODUCTION TO GOOGLE PAGE RANK Google page rank is one of the important factors in SEO. It is a numeric value assigned by google to a web page. It is a logarithmic system that represents the importance of page. Back link is one of the factor on which it is based. Inbound link is the main thing with which links …Read more »

Information Technology- Start a career in it

information technology career

                                                                              Information technology is a fairly recent field of work. To start your career in it you will have to know various details …Read more »

Free Job Posting Boards Canada

Recruiters And Candidates Benefit From Free Job Posting Boards Canada There are certain rules and regulations with respect to free job posting boards canada. All the rules and regulations must be followed diligently both by candidates and recruiters if they use job posting boards in Canada. Though, the rules might differ by different boards, the conceptions can be easily implemented …Read more »

Fired from job? How do I explain


During an interview, hiring manager will ask about your last job and you will have an adequate answer. Well, its not  easy to answer  thta question. Therefore, in order to minimize the negative effects of being terminated or fires the key is 1) be honest 2) explain what happened 3) talk about what you learned 4) explain this won’t happen …Read more »

Causes and complications of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ( ALS)

complications of ALS

The main cause of ALS is not clear. It may be discovered that mutations in the gene that produces SOD1 enzyme is associated with ALS. This enzyme act as  antioxidant that protects body from Damage due to radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules, produced by cells during normal metabolism of body. If not neutralized , these free radicals can accumulate and …Read more »

Satellite Direct Review – A Wonderful Software

If you have tried to spend the time to read some Satellite Direct Reviews, you probably find that there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy from using the Satellite Direct. According to many of the Satellite Direct Reviews, the benefits of watching this type of TV would include the convenient setup. In the traditional way, you would …Read more »

Touch Typing Accuracy May Be More Important Than Speed

While speed may seem of the utmost importance when you think about typing skills, in many cases accuracy is even more important. Typing 150 words per minute is an impressive accomplishment, but if every other word is misspelled or filled with typos, no one is going to pay for this work. How to improve typing accuracy Though this will probably …Read more »

Stay Calm During Your Job Interview

How to Stay Calm During Your Job Interview 99% of us are not able to handle this situation just because of jitterness. As we are called for an interview there is a thinking in our minds that what will happen now and we get nervous just because of no reason.We try our best not to be nervous be cann’t get …Read more »

Android Powered Bell Ringers

Android Powered Bell Ringers There are many staples that come along with the holiday season. From yule logs to stockings, and even ugly sweaters, there are many recognizable icons that make Christmas what it is. This year however, one staple is going tech. The Salvation Army is dispatching their bell ringers with Android phones equipped with mobile credit card readers. …Read more »

Secure Your Future in Network Engineering


How to Secure Your Future in Network Engineering. Today, thanks to the rapid growth of technology, computers permeate almost every aspect of our daily lives. Businesses are also growing more and more dependent on data communication networks to manage the flow of their data. As a result of this, many companies require skilled computer network engineers to build and manage …Read more »

Amitriptyline Side Effects

Amitriptyline Side Effects Antidepressants are mainly used in curing depression. Amitriptyline is also one of the medications used for treating depression, migraines and neuropathic pain. The medication is usually given before going to bed and it helps make patients feel better. Amitriptyline acts by blocking neurotransmitter reabsorption. The drug is also prescribed to curb chronic pain symptoms. It is very …Read more »

Symptoms and diagnosis of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

symptoms and diagnosis of als

The symptoms may include muscle weakness and atrophy due to degeneration of upper and lower motor neurons. because of atrophy and weakness patient lose the ability to initiate and control the voluntary movements. The earlier symptoms of ALS also include  twitching, cramping or stiffness of the affected muscles. These may be slurred speech. The symptoms depend on which motor neuron …Read more »

Different ways to manage stress at work

stress manage

Different ways to manage stress at work   To find low stress job may be difficult for many  people. Job stress is normal but sometime the excessive stress can interfere with your health and how you can deal with it, makes a difference between your success and failure. So, at that time most  realistic choice  or strategy would be helpful to reduce …Read more »

Affordable Website Design Outsourcing

Top 8 Reasons Why Outsource to Zeustek for Website Design Website design outsourcing has taken the internet world by storm. May be small-scale or large-scale organizations, everyone wishes to outsource their website to a website design company. Zeustek is an affordable website development company that provides the best site outsourcing services to its client s globally. Below are some reasons …Read more »

Top 8 Tips for Blog Writing

Top 8 Tips for Blog Writing To improve your blog posts you need to follow certain steps that will make your blog a worthy one. Some of the tips for blog writing are mentioned below: 1 . ) Write about the topic that is important to you as well as the readers Write about the topic that matters to you. …Read more »

save money – no paid job posting.

  Are you paying too much for recruitment. Why not try Jobisite services where your job details are promoted for free and you just pay for the referral money if candidate joins your company. Jobisite.com services for Recruiters. – No upfront cost. Reduces the cost of paying many job boards – Recruiters can set any amount for referral of job …Read more »

Mesothelioma Facts

Mesothelioma Facts Mesothelioma is almost exclusively caused by asbestos exposure. Majority of mesothelioma patients get exposed to asbestos during work(roughly 80%) and few people get exposed to asbestos from family members via clothing, skin and hair. Most of the symptoms occur in last stages and patients gets diagnosed in later stages only. It is very tough to detect this cancer …Read more »

Human Resource cover letter

                                                                                Human Resource cover letter When it comes to writing human resource cover letter there is a need to impress employer …Read more »

Causes and Risk factors of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke sometime also known as sun stroke , which is a spectrum of disorders due to environmental heat exposure. It includes minor conditions such as heat cramps, heat syncope, and heat exhaustion as well as the more severe condition known as heat stroke.                                   …Read more »

Career Choices

Make Quality Career Choices In most cases, a lot of college students and several other people, despite their years of experience hurriedly or blindly choose just any career. They usually fail to closely examine their personal impressions and knowledge relating to a specific career. As a matter of fact, they are fond of relying on another person’s attitude in one …Read more »

Everyday asbestos uses

Everyday’s asbestos uses Asbestos is a kind mineral that is made up of six known compounds. These compounds include silicon, hydrogen, oxygen and magnesium. It also consists of other elements that give the asbestos its resistance to flame property. Asbestos use dates back to thousands of years when it was used to create fire proof materials and building materials as …Read more »

Whiplash headache

 Whiplash headache Whiplash is a non-medical term referred as  injuries to the neck caused by or related to a sudden distortion of the neck associated with extension.  People who experience whiplash develop a chronic headache also known as a cervicogenic headache. In some people this  symptom appear within the first couple of days after the accident and usually pass after …Read more »

5 Signs of a Winning Resume

5 Signs of a Winning Resume We usually write a resume to get a job but after sending our resume we still have a dount in our mind that whether uor resume is appreciated by the hiring manager or not.Well it depends on hiring manager’s mood but your resume should be good one so that hiring manager may find it …Read more »

Dentists resume objectives

Dentists resume objectives   Whenever you try to find a job in a professional field, resume and qualification count.  Some people think that qualification speaks louder than resume. However, it is necessary for you to write a good resume if you are not famous in that professional field. For example, dentists may need to write good resume unless you are …Read more »

Prepare for a job interview-Do’s and Don’ts

job interview

Prepare  for a job interview-Do’s and Don’ts   Job interviews are a must before you get the job. To prepare for a job interview you must some basic rules and guidelines. Most of the companies have similar hiring procedures. They may ask you to sit for a test or have a group discussion session with other competitors. Now, you can know all about job interviews and …Read more »

Jaundice Treatment

The treatment of jaundice normally depends on the underlying problem that lead to the symptoms in the first place. When the diagnosis of the problem has been made, then the treatment of the problem can begin. Sometime the patient can be required to be hospitalized or he can take the medicine home. The treatment can be watchful waiting in your …Read more »

General information’s for those who want to work in USA

want work in usa

In today’s scenario, employment is the most important factor that affects the economy of a country. However, IT is said to be one of the fastest growing industries all over the world but USA tops in various sectors including information technology. According to a survey, U.S is attracting a huge amount of immigrants in a single year. Moreover, USA has …Read more »

quality assurance definition

      Important Quality Assurance Definitions   Do you know about quality assurance definition? You can define the process of quality assurance as the techniques and activities that are necessary for a product to meet with customer requirements. There are available many definitions of this process of quality assurance. One of the important definitions is the activities and techniques …Read more »

Cover letter Dont’s

Cover letter Dont’s We often know that mostly in writing a cover letter we commit some mistakes and this will be the reason for the job rejection. It is only your cover letter through which you are able to get the job.So try to make your cover letter the best but as told before you will commit some mistakes. HERE …Read more »

visual studio web developer

  Visual Studio Express Versions   One of the best products in the visual studio web developer product line is the Microsoft Visual Studio Express, though this is a lighter version in the product line, but it is being extensively used by web developers. Microsoft has been the leader in providing the best tools for web development and the Express …Read more »

The Social Media Shift and Evolvement

With Social Media having gained enough traction in 2011, 2012 would see maturing of the market and players working on new strategies to gain and retain users. Social Media is an ever evolving space and this year would see a major shift from the basic presence on the Social Space to a more engagement driven model and one which works …Read more »


dedicated servers

BEST DEDICATED SERVER HOSTING For small web sites, wordpress and blogs, any one can use shared hosting. However, if you have a big web application and expecting huge traffic, then shared hosting will not work and you will need a reliable dedicated server which can support high volume with out performance issues. Again, selecting a good dedicated server is a …Read more »

Interview Advice You Need to Know

Interview Advice You Need to Know We mostly think that we are the best at our own especially when we have to face the interview but most of the succesful job applicants also take advice from most of the persons and also from internet as it will add a plus point to their profile. Knowing the basics can give you …Read more »

Stroke education

Stroke education Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to brain cells. stroke occurs when blood flow is interrupted to part of the brain. Without blood, brain cells quickly begin to die. it is estimated that the brain is deprived of oxygen, 32,000 brain cells die in every second.. stroke effect people in different ways. Greater the area of brain affected ,greater …Read more »

Graphic Designers resume example

Graphic Designers resume example   Resume is always a piece of good advertisement about yourself. With the resume, you can let the others know more about what you have done in the past and your goals in the future. Therefore, you would need to make sure that you have included the sufficient information in the resume such that other people …Read more »

Web Application

Web application Definition Any application which runs via internet/intranet and there is data exchange between remote application and  your local machine is called as web application. You can also call it as a software that uses HTTP as its primary communications protocol, and delivers web based information in HTML. Web applications can be either browser based or client based Browser …Read more »

Carpenters resume objectives

Carpenters resume objectives   If people want to work in some large companies as the carpenter, they would need to pass through the normal application procedures as those for other jobs. Therefore, it is necessary for you to learn the tips to write good carpenter resume.   In the part about objectives of the resume and also the career objective …Read more »

Job Search Email Message Examples

Job Search Email Message Examples Should Be Unique Human resource managers tend to receive numerous job applications everyday through post and email. Arranging and short listing several job applications can be an overwhelming task for hiring managers. They tend to ignore job search emails that are insignificant or monotonous. Job seekers should write evocative job email messages to obtain prompt replies. …Read more »

Basilar artery stroke

  Basilar artery stroke Basilar artery is the most important artery in the posterior circulation. It is formed at the pontomedullary junction by the combination of both vertebral arteries. It lies on the ventral buy viagra soft surface of the pons and, along  its course,  it gives off its median, paramedian, short, and long circumferential branches.The branch of the basilar …Read more »

iphone apps for travel

iphone apps for travel Vacations can be quite complicated. Finding flights, booking hotels, procuring transportation, scouting tourist locations, and grabbing a quick bite to eat are just some of the daily tasks you’ll have to juggle. Fortunately, your iPhone makes the perfect travel companion and can make all of these tasks a lot easier. Some of really nice Iphone Apps …Read more »

Amitriptyline Side Effects in Children

Anybody who intends to go for antitriptyline in order to cure depression must consult a doctor beforehand. Children and adolescents are especially informed that they must seek a doctor’s permission and only and if only the doctor allows, then they must use the drug. The drug, however, must not be given to children under twelve years of age because it …Read more »

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Template

  Cover Letter Template    Are you worried about getting suitable job and your resume is always killing your chances? A resume may be a blessing for you because only a good resume will give you a chance to do your favorite job but on the other hand, a badly designed resume may kill your chances of getting a job. …Read more »

Accountants resume example

Accountants resume example   When you want to work in the accounting field, you would need to understand the type of accountant that you want to work as. There are many types of accountants in the industry nowadays so you need to understand the nature of different types of accountants.   When preparing the resume, you would need to take …Read more »

Websites for Freelance Tasks

Top 10 Websites for Freelance Tasks, Be Your Own Masters: You have probably observed about many new freelance websites that give you various offers to generate income on writing and submitting articles. Keep in mind that not all of them are efficient and well organized. Some are good but competitors there is so high, that the prices are low and …Read more »

Customer Service Resume

Customer Service Resume

  Customer Service Resume    Before writing a resume on the customer service, one should find out the qualities found in a customer service representative. It is very essential for effectively presenting you and your stuff in front of a customer whom you are providing your services for sale. If you are not familiar with the features of any subject, …Read more »

The essential recruitment strategies


The essential recruitment strategies In case you secure any job in recruitment, what determines your success is to identify best was of choosing the suitable candidate for a specific job over and again, otherwise referred to as recruitment strategies. For this reason, very solid and confirmed technique is the most essential tool to put in place. If you can nurture …Read more »

Asbestos Meaning

Asbestos Meaning The term asbestos is traceable to Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder’s manuscript Natural History, and his use of the term asbestinon, meaning “unquenchable”. Asbestos is a  mineral fiber that can pollute air or water and cause cancer or asbestosis when inhaled. EPA has banned or severely restricted its use in manufacturing and construction. Asbestos properties: Asbestos is  fibrous …Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for SEO

New Year’s Resolutions for SEO Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. These small promises of change are seldom carried out. However, in SEO, the changes promised are often implemented and those in the biz are made aware of them. 2012 seems to be full of SEO promises that will change the way websites are marketed and ranked. …Read more »

Job Search Follow Up Email After Interview

                   Job Search Follow Up Email After Interview- An Essential Prerequisite Getting a dream job is a constant process. You should have ample patience and time if you really want your dream job. It has been recommended to pursue hard routes that other candidates do not wish to undertake. Once the personal interview is over, you still have additional work to …Read more »

Job Tips From Recruiters

Job Tips From Recruiters Here are some tips for those who are looking for job directly from the desk of a job recruiter. 1.Never think that the job posts available online are only jobs left in a firm sometimes recruiter close online applications just because of internet problem. 2.Learn more and more about the interviews on internet .Try to make …Read more »

neonatal jaundice

Neonatal jaundice Jaundice in babies usually occurs because of a normal increase in red blood cell breakdown and the fact that their immature livers are not efficient at removing bilirubin from the bloodstream.Most jaun cialis online dice in newborn babies is a normal event and is not serious. In most cases, this jaundice will disappear after a few days, often …Read more »


ASBESTOS: Asbestos is a greeck word meaning “UNQUENCHABLE”.In general if coal is lot of dust and little fibrosis,asbestos is little dust and lot of fibrosis prolonged exposure for number of years to asbestos dust produces ‘three’ types of severe diseases-‘ASBESTOSIS OF LUNGS,PLEURAL DISEASES and TUMOURS’. Due to its fibre strength and heat resistant properties,asbestos has been used for a wide …Read more »

Free Job Posting Sites For Employers In USA

Why Free Job Posting Sites For Employers In USA Are Useful There are many free job posting sites for employers in usa but it is very essential to select the perfect free job posting website according to your requirement. It must be noted that not all free job posting websites are appropriate. You need to assess the pros and cons of …Read more »

Job Board as a great tool for job seekers

job bord

Are you at the major point of your life where you need a job? You can even make your own income, pursue of education and as well make your survival from your own work. In case you are in search of job, then you should put lot of efforts in all means of getting employment. You can even widen your …Read more »

Doctors resume example

Doctors resume example   In the medical field, there are a lot of job positions. Among all, the doctors would usually be popular choices. There are many fields that a doctor can work in. Therefore, it actually takes time for you to study the information about the doctor position that you are applying and then prepare the right resume to …Read more »

SEO Guide

SEO Guide SEO guide is meant for everyone from seo noobs to seo professionals. You can use this seo guide to optimize your pages so that they rank high in Google search engine. Optimization doesn’t mean that you are doing something for just improving your rank in Google, but it also improves your website in terms of standards and performance. …Read more »

when asbestos was banned

When Was Asbestos Banned So that we can begin to identify when asbestos was banned we need to look at the history f the material in the construction industry. Asbestos related diseases were identified by scientists as early as in the 1920s. After this, workers started to file compensation cases in court which were resolved in secrecy and the cases …Read more »

Tetanus(lock jaw)


Tetanus(lock jaw) Tetanus is a serious bacterial disease that affects the muscles and nerves, which is mainly caused by contamination of wounds from bacteria that live in the soil, in animals and in human intestines. It is mainly caused by bacterium clostridium tetani(tetanus bacteria). The bacteria usually enter the body through a deep cut, or puncture wounds as caused by …Read more »

advanced physical therapy

  What are the advantages of advanced physical therapy?   Physical therapy is not a new field in the world. This field has existed since many years and its roots can be traced back in ancient times however, it is not sure that when it was finally called physical therapy. Today, we have another form of physical therapy and it …Read more »

8 Effective Ways to get more out of Linkedin

1.) Make your profile attractive and client focused Create a profile that grabs the attention of the other network connections. And add up new connections to your profile so that you are visible to others whom others wish to hire or to do business with. Completely fill your profile, to stand on the top. 2.) Make the Most of Your …Read more »

Top 8 Reasons for having a Website

Does your business really need a Website? Normally, the worst reason for doing anything is “because everyone else is…” So should your business have a website, even if your business is small and sells products or services you don’t think can be sold online? My answer in 2002 is the same as my answer today: Yes, if you have a …Read more »

Affordable Website design services


Affordable Website design services. For small businesses it is very important to have a good professional website. If business is looking for an initial website or to say a nice small presence then a 5-6 website with a blog will work. Again its very important to have a website. If you are looking for affordable solutions or designers then Jobisite …Read more »

Housekeeper resume example

Housekeeper resume example   If you want to have a job as the housekeeper, you need to prepare Housekeeper resume example well. Usually, the employers would look at the resume before they give you the chance of interview. In some of the cases, you may even be directly hired if you have good resume being submitted. Therefore, you should never …Read more »

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Also abbreviated as MS, disseminated Sclerosis or encephalomyelitis disseminated. It is an inflammatory(a protective response by the organism to the stimuli that causes injury and thus initiate the healing process) disease in which myelin sheath (usually layer around the neuron that is essential for the proper functioning of CNS) around the brain and spinal cord get damaged leading …Read more »

Sports Rehabilitation Training

Sports Rehabilitation Training Training is very important in any area but such needs to be suitable training. Proper training equips one with the necessary skills and techniques necessary for addressing and solving problems that arise in a particular area. As more sports personalities become health conscious and want to be active for a long time, sports rehabilitation has become very …Read more »

Easy Job Portal


Easy Job Portal in USA. There are many job sites here, but very few of them are really focused in making things easy and simple for recruiters.How many sites gives you automated features. www.jobisite.com is a USA based job site and currently its focus is to make things easy for everyone. It believes in simple and easy design and user …Read more »

symptoms and signs of jaundice

common signs and symptoms of jaundice Jaundice is not a disease, it is a sign of an underlying disease process. The best way to check for infant jaundice is to press your finger gently on your baby’s forehead or nose order cheap cialis online . If the skin looks yellow where you pressed, it’s likely that baby has jaundice. If …Read more »

Common Diabetes Myths

dabetes myth

Common Diabetes Myths I recently created a resource for people with diabetes which required me to surf through hundreds of different forums and blogs. In the process of researching and creating content, I saw a handful of statements that sounded humorous. Granted, I did a lot of research on the topic and consider myself quite knowledgeable on the disease, but …Read more »

physiotherapy in case of spinal cord injuries

Physiotherapists assist and treat patients with temporary or long-term physical injuries, movement disorders or disability, aiming to achieve the highest possible degree of recovery, activity, participation and quality of life . Physiotherapists are active  in the prevention of illness and injury and in the promotion of health. The initial process of evaluating the consequences of an internal injury in an individual is to ascertain …Read more »

Yellow jaundice

Yellow jaundice is the name given to jaundice and it is because of the yellowish pigmentation of the conjunctival membrane, of the skin or the white of the eyes. It can also cause mucous membrane to turn yellow in addition of hyperbilirubinemia. When the level of the bilirubin gets high, then the bilirubin can begin to get into extracellular fluid. …Read more »

Asbestos waste disposal sites


Asbestos waste disposal sites These are the dedicated locations for disposal of asbestos.Homeowners and asbestos contractors must dispose of waste asbestos materials properly. This is considered as solid waste.Solid waste regulations talks about  packaging of asbestos for disposal and disposal criteria for landfills. It is required for landfill opertaors to handle asbestos  waste in specific manner in asbestos waste disposal …Read more »

Recruiter resume

  Recruiter resume              Resume refers to the detailed description given by an individual about himself or herself in a simple manner while finding a job for them. A resume is the most significant certificate about people; it is the first thing that any company would consider while making an individual applies for a job. Every company asks for …Read more »

Benefits of Asbestos Paint

The Benefits of Asbestos Paint Asbestos was a commonly use material in the building industry before the 1980s. This is because the material exhibited a high resistant to heat and also it was very durable. As a result many old houses feature asbestos in their interior or exterior. However, scientist later discovered that asbestos fibers were responsible for crippling lung …Read more »

Time to Monetize your Blog

Deciding if it’s Time to Monetize your Blog In 2009 there were an estimated 126 million blogs on the internet. That number probably changed as they were posting their findings as new blogs are popping up all the time. The reason for the popularity of blogs is the following they receive. For every blog out there, there are readers that …Read more »

Cerebral vascular accident and its types

 Cerebral vascular accident It is defined as  damage to the brain caused by a disruption of the blood supply to a part of the brain. This disruption of blood supply can be caused by a blood clot, or by a ruptured artery. The symptoms of a cerebral vascular accident depend on the  part of the brain  affected.  CVA  are mostly related to heart …Read more »

Graphic Design Cover Letter

graphic designer cover letter

  Graphic Design Cover Letter – Tips To Note A graphic designer is an expert whose works entails enhancing the artistic value of any piece of material like brochures, advertisements, websites, TV promotions, and magazines layouts among others. These specialists’ know how to grab attention of viewers easily through the use of design software. However much that their works speaks …Read more »

Learning Through Play – Is It The Most Successful Teaching Method?

All studies show that during first 8 years of their lives children learn the most and develop some of the most crucial abilities. It is also a well known fact that the skills and knowledge gained during the first 8 years of life is most solid, abiding and fundamental for developing other, more advanced experiences. These facts caught the attention …Read more »

Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Do you want to have a great body shape? Many ladies would want to do that. But you can find that there are also many men who would like to have perfect body shape! The definition of perfect body shape varies from men to women. For men, body shape should be perfect only when they have the six pack abs. …Read more »

Doctors interview questions

Doctors interview questions   There would be different types of questions that doctors may encounter when they want to have a job interview. Here are some of the typical Doctors interview questions.   Question 1: Tell me the way to treat common cold. This question can vary depending on the specific field of medical practice that people apply for. If …Read more »

Athletes interview questions

Athletes interview questions   If you want to successfully enter the field of athletes, you need to answer some interview questions well. This also helps you evaluate your performance in the athlete field.   Question 1: What aspect do you perform best? You should explain your best part of the sports. If you are good at soccer tell the interviewer …Read more »

Jaundice in Adults

Talking about jaundice, the question that one needs to ask is that what  is pathological jaundice? What is the link between jaundice in newborn babies and adults based on the bilirubin levels in the blood? In the newly born, jaundice is not harmful mostly and is classified as neonatal type. Regarding pathological jaundice, whether it is in newborns or adults, …Read more »

Nurses interview questions

Nurses interview questions   Nurses interview questions would usually be asked when a nurse tried to apply for a new job. There are many types of things that they need to understand and prepare.   Question 1: Why do you want to change your workplace? If you have worked for other clinics or hospitals before, this would always be the …Read more »

Cover letter examples for cashier

                                                  Cover letter examples for cashier   Any job requires a faithful and honest person to deal with his work .when the matter of money comes every person want a good person on which they can trust …Read more »

Intracerebral hemorrhage

 Intracerebral hemorrhage It  is a subtype of intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding inside the skull) that occurs within the brain tissue itself. Most intracerebral hemorrhages occur in the basal ganglia, cerebral lobes, cerebellum, or pons. Intracerebral hemorrhage may also occur in other parts of the brain stem or in the midbrain .   intra cerebral hemorrhage is  divided into.. 1) intra-axial hemorrhage; that it occurs within the brain tissue rather …Read more »

Human Resource resume example

Human Resource resume example   If you have spent a lot of time to look for the useful pieces of information related to writing resume for human resource job, you may find that the Human Resource resume example here is very useful for you.   Human resource associate as well as other positions in the human resources department would play …Read more »

Symptoms and diagnosis of cerebral palsy

symptoms of cerebral palsy

  SYMPTOMS OF CEREBRAL PALSY–   Symptoms of cerebral palsy differs from person to person. These symptoms  ranges from mild to severe. It mainly involves one side or both sides of the body or involves both arms and the legs. These symptoms mainly seen before 2 years of age and sometimes it can be  seen as early as 3 months. …Read more »

Cerebral Meningitis

Cerebral Meningitis

Cerebral Meningitis   Meningitis is a serious inflammation of meninges, thin membranous covering of the brain and spinal cord. Since meningitis is very serious and dangerous infection because the brain cells are very delicate and if enough brain tissue is damaged by an infection, life-long handicaps will remain. Meninges are the three separate membranes of the brain.these are- 1)Dura layer(outermost …Read more »

what is asbestos used for

What is Asbestos Used For In order to understand what is asbestos used for, you first have to know first of all what asbestos is. Asbestos is a tough, fireproof, elastic and a good insulator. These qualities are what determine what is asbestos used for. Also due to its durable material, asbestos is used for thermal insulation, proofing of fire, …Read more »

Evaluate your SEO team

Evaluate your SEO team If you have a website, then it is required to have SEO for that website. Any website without proper search engine optimization and social media marketing cannot be much fruitful to your business. There is no other alternative to have a good SEO guy/team working for you to get traffic to your website. Its initial investment …Read more »

Top 8 Android Widgets

ANDROID WIDGETS A widget displays an application’s most important or timely information at a glance, on a user’s Home screen. The standard Android system image includes several examples of widgets, including widgets for Analog Clock, Music, and other applications. Widgets are a feature introduced in Android 1.5. Users will be able to pick the widgets by touching and holding an …Read more »

Education recruitment

education recruitment

Education recruitment    It is that kind of a requirement process where people are placed according to the education ability. There are a lot of organizations concerned and those who work hard on this process of recruitment through the proc education recruitments of education, the candidates who apply for jobs also mention their qualification and thereby, the recruitment is done …Read more »

Security Guard cover letter example

  Security Guard cover letter example     When applying for a position as a Security Guard, it is important to remember a number of crucial aspects. For instance, being a security guard requires special personality traits, including but not limited to patience, courteousness, friendliness, reassurance, and responsiveness. Therefore, when writing your cover letter, it is of utmost importance to …Read more »

developer Visual Studio

  Working in visual studio   Among the best products made by Microsoft is the Visual Studio Express, the product is a lighter version, but developer Visual Studio are really finding it helpful in creation of various different kinds of web sites. Microsoft is the king of the web development tool providers and there are various different versions of Visual …Read more »

Symptoms and Treatment of Whiplash


Whiplashes vary in their symptoms. Neck pains are the most common and the major symptoms of whiplash. Numbness of arms, shoulder or hands is most commonly seen in these patients. Headaches and vision related problems are other symptoms of whiplash which cannot be neglected and must be taken into consideration, and a few lots of people even experience hearing difficulties …Read more »

What Should Be In A Cover Letter

  Get To Know What Should Be In A Cover Letter Any job application entails two most crucial documents a cover letter and a resume. Some employers though also ask for testimonials. A cover letter is the door to your resume, it gives a potential employer the need to open and have a look at your resume and eventually call …Read more »

Symptoms of intra cerebral hemorrhage

                                   Symptoms of intra cerebral hemorrhage Symptoms  mainly depends up on the location of the bleed and the amount of brain tissue affected. The symptoms usually develop suddenly, without warning, often during activity and get worse with time. the common symptoms include 1) abnormal …Read more »

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