interview etiquette

Interview etiquette to imbibe


There is no gainsaying that nowadays what gives us the job are not just the degrees we were able to get from the university or the experiences we had in the previous jobs. If we consider this, then it will be very true to note that we will always find people better than us in this. What matters in the job is the character and skills of the employee. This is just the reason why the interviewers will look at your interview etiquette thoroughly during the interview.


Due to this, you have to imbibe good interview etiquette to beat them and they include coming with a very clean mouth without any dirt or odor by brushing your teeth well with the help of a mouth wash. Then make your hair clean and comb it well. Your nails should be completed trimmed to give a very clean look. You should always go with the company’s dress code, and if they don’t have one, get the general code. Overdress instead of under dressing. Be professional in your attire and wear dress shoes. Interview etiquette will include being at the interview arena 15 minutes earlier. It is always good to leave your phone behind, but if you must go with it, switch it off or in the silent mode.


If eventually they take you on a lunch, they are not doing this to feed you, but to know how relaxed you can be and your table etiquette. So apply all relevant interview etiquette in form of table manners. Be assertive and greet the interviewers with firm hand shakes when necessary. Always have a mild smile on you. Speak clearly and directly, avoid stuttering. Make use of technical terms when needed and ask questions when confused. When you are through with the interview, shake every interviewers hand and great them. Then you might send a thank you note when the interview is over.


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Asbestos floor tiles removal

Asbestos floor tiles removal

There are documentation showing how dangerous asbestos is, as a result of that, many home owners are looking for a way to remove asbestos floors or ceilings. Removing asbestos floor tiles is not as easy as it sounds. For one to be able to successfully remove the asbestos floor tiles, you ought to have enough knowledge regarding what you are planning to remove. It is for this reason that this article is meant to guide you on how to go about it. In order to be able to remove the asbestos floor tiles, you first have to know what it is. It is a silicate material that is toxic and it occurs all by itself. This means it is not manufactured. It is attributed to be fire proof and as such is resistant to electricity, heat and cold. Its strength quality has made it favorable to many house builders and building material manufacturers. It is also used in the textile industry to manufacture fire proof apron that is used by fire fighters. Asbestos has also been said to be a health hazard if inhaled over a long period of time. One can develop lung cancer, if the asbestos thread finds its way into your lung tissues. Long exposure to asbestos can also lead to one contracting asbestosis, which makes the victim have difficulty in breathing.  It is for this single reason that asbestos should be avoided hence; you should never install asbestos floor tiles in your house or even office. After being able to understand what asbestos is and how it is used. The next time is to know how to remove asbestos floor tiles.

The first step in asbestos floor tiles removal is to ensure if the tile is in non friable condition. This means that you should be keen to note if the asbestos material can transcend into the air. If it is can then it is said to be in a friable state and at that point, you might inhale it and in the end it will cause damage to your lungs. Before you begin with the procedure of removing asbestos floor tiles, you should ensure that you have worn a protective mask such as a safety goggle. Then as you remove it, make sure that you are removing the tiles in small pieces. The reason for this is to prevent the tiles from crumbling and changing to a friable nature.  As such you should not use equipment such as hammer, or grinder as it will fully crush the asbestos floor tiles. If you feel you cannot be able to remove the asbestos floor tiles without making it in a friable state, then it is advised that you consult the services of a professional. There are licensed contractors for asbestos who are fully equipped with the knowledge and are well sufficient in removing and disposing the asbestos floor tiles in a safe manner. Most of the time the asbestos expert will come with a plastic material which will be used to store the asbestos floor tiles so as to avoid making it airborne. If you feel you want to remove asbestos or suspect that you have installed asbestos floor tiles, you should be quick in consulting an expert to help you remove it.

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Stroke complications

Stroke complications

A stroke cause temporary or permanent disabilities, depending on how long the brain suffers a lack of blood flow and which part of the brain was affected.

The most common complications are: • Brain edema  —  In this swelling of the brain  occurs after a stroke. • Seizures —  There is abnormal electrical activity in the brain causing convulsions. • Clinical depression — a treatable illness that often occurs with stroke and causes unwanted emotional and physical
 reactions to changes and losses. • Bedsores —  After stroke pressure ulcers occurs due to decreased ability to move and pressure on areas of the body
because of immobility.
• Limb contractures —  There is shortness of  muscles in an arm or leg  because of  reduuced range of motion or lack of
• Shoulder pain — common due to hemiplegia or exercise of an arm. This usually is caused when the affected arm hangs
 resulting on pulling of the arm on the shoulder.
• Deep venous thrombosis — This is because of  blood clots form in veins of the legs because of immobility  due to stroke. • Urinary tract infection and bladder control —  such as urgency and incontinence are common. • Pneumonia — causes breathing problems, a complication of many major illnesses.
   .   Paralysis or loss of muscle movement. Sometimes when there is  a lack of blood flow to the brain  person become paralyzed on one side of the body, or lose control of certain muscles, such as those on one side of the face
  • Difficulty talking or swallowing. A stroke may cause a person to have less control over the way the muscles in the mouth and throat move, which makes it difficult to talk, swallow or eat. A person may also have a hard time in speaking because a stroke has caused aphasia, a condition in which a person has difficulty expressing thoughts through language.
  • Memory loss or trouble with understanding. It’s common that people who’ve had a stroke has some memory loss. Others may find difficulty in making judgments, reasoning and understanding concepts. These complications may improve with rehabilitation therapies.
  • Pain. Some people who have a stroke may have pain, numbness or other strange sensations in parts of their bodies affected by stroke. For example, if a stroke causes lose feeling in left arm, you may develop an uncomfortable tingling sensation in that arm. It may also be sensitive to temperature changes, especially extreme cold. This is called central stroke pain or central pain syndrome (CPS). This complication generally develops several weeks after a stroke, and it may improve as more time passes. But because the pain is caused by a problem in the brain instead of a physical injury, there are few medications to treat CPS.
  • Changes in behavior and self-care. People who have a stroke may become more withdrawn and less social or more impulsive. They may lose the ability to care for themselves and may need a caretaker to help them .


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Free Site Analysis

Free Site Analysis

If you have a website, then I  want you to answer some of my below questions:

1) Are you getting enough traffic to your website ?

2) Are you getting RIGHT people  to your website and they are getting converted to customers?

3) Are you happy with weekly SEO reports that your SEO team is giving you ?

4) Is your SEO guy marketing your website in Social media networks like facebook, twitter etc?

5) Is your SEO team affordable?

If any of your answer is NO, then you need to revisit your SEO plan or SEO team.

Our SEO experts can create a FREE SEO plan for your website that will help you  in ranking and getting good traffic.

We can also analyse your website for FREE and provide you with SEO suggestions.

Mail us at   [email protected] for FREE SEO report  or FREE  SEO plan for your website.

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Athletes resume example

Athletes resume example


When you want to write good resume to get good job, you would find that it takes time. Resume writing requires people to write in a specific way to fit the job. In other words, you would need to tailor-make the job application resume such that you can demonstrate the features required for the job.


For people who are applying for the athletes industry, there are many jobs that they can apply. For example, they can apply as the coach of the certain sports team. They can also work as the supervisor for a particular team instead of a coach. Therefore, it is all about the position that you apply in the industry. If you can choose the right position and tailor-make the application resume to the position, you would usually have a higher chance of getting the job in the end.


Apart from the skills that you have technically, you should demonstrate that you have the ability to motivate the teams to work hard and achieve the good result in the work. If the team is able to work under pressure with your motivation, the chance for the team to be successful would usually be higher. When you are writing the experience of your previous employment, you can always include this type of information there such that the employers would have more faith on you.


Athletes resume example


Fred Champion

Address:20 CM Road, AD 33023

Phone Number: 203-503-XXXX

Email: [email protected]




To take up the role of the athletic coach and to train the people who are interested in playing sports and to treat sports at their future career


Key skills


–          Good physical skills

–          Experienced in different forms of sports, including ball games, dancing, etc

–          Highly efficient in communicating with players and other people

–          Able to report to the management continuously to ensure the quality of coaching

–          Able to review the work and adjust right strategies to train the athletes

–          Able to organize training sessions


Work Experience

Athletic Coach, MMC Sports Club

2008 – Present

–          Provided coaching for enthusiasts of sports such that they could participate in different types of sports events

–          Conducted the exercises for warm up and provided sessions to help the players develop physical strength

–          Motivate players to join the competitions and guide them through the competitions


Athletic Coach, MWO Sports Club

2006 – 2008

–          Handled the department of athletics in the organization

–          Trained the athletes and helped them perform simple sports like running and throwing

–          Coached the players to keep their toughness in games

–          Maintained the well-being of the sports equipment in the company


Educational Qualification

–          Diploma of Sports Management,SMCCollege




–          Won the National Athletic Meet in 2004

–          Participated in various sports team from 2000 to 2004 and won several team awards during that period of time



Carmen Milan



Telephone number: 230-110-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Expected salary



Earliest start date of work




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Email cover letter format

email cover letter

 Email  cover letter format

email cover letter                            


     Email cover letter is the best way to impress your employer. Here are some of the way how to format and craft an email cover letter.

1) Use some creative line–

Your subject line should be attractive to the employer. For example ” Experienced IT professional, available to start immediately

2) Find out specific person–

First of all indicate who helped you to make connection. If you are writing first do your research so that you obtain name, rather than writing title or department or you can also make aphone call to the organization to find the name of the managers.

3) Introduction paragraph–

First introduce yourself who you are and what job you are applying for. If someone refers you or if you have anycontact with the someone who knows the recruiter, refer that in this paragraph

4) Your education, skills and experience–

In the next paragraph, highlighten your work experience and your current employment. also, refer them how many years of experience you have. Conclude your sentence with your education. If you have any volunteer experience, refer that also. Make it clear and concise.

5) Why you are fit candidate for the job–

Use some key words in your message thaat match  employer’s job need . Explain what your future plans for the company. Give some examples how you made difference in the coming projects. Try to show your abilities to the position you are applying for.

6) Having passion and energy–

Be sure that your words communicate that you would be strong and energetic. Be sure that your grammar is correct. Even an awkward sentence can make a difference.

7) Closing Paragraph–

Close your letter with ” SINCERELY” and type contact information below that.

                                   Once you’ve written an email cover letter, paste it in word processor. If week goes by after  you’ve sent it out, its appropriate to send follow up email to make sure that they recieved your material.

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Architects cover letter example


Architects cover letter example



When preparing a cover letter for an architectural position, it is crucial to acknowledge that technical experience and expertise, coupled with a positive attitude and personality traits, is what could get you a potential position with your employer of choice. Your cover letter is your means of communicating your technical experience, outlining your key clients and employers you have worked for, and highlighting your key achievements.



In the world of architecture, knowledge and practical experience using architectural software, including Auto CAD, is definitely a plus. An explanation of major projects will most definitely add to your resume. On another note, in order to satisfy clients’ needs, architects need to be patient, courteous, friendly and attentive. Therefore, these traits need to be showcased and exemplified in your cover letter. Examples of satisfied clients, demanding clients and challenging projects that you have handled seamlessly will enhance your credibility.



As with many fields, employers need to sense a candidate’s passion for architecture, and their ambitions for the future of both their careers and the company’s goals and objectives. An explanation of the links between your skills and qualifications and the needs and requirements of the recruiter will make it easier for the company to determine why you would be suitable for the position. Moreover, it is important for recruiters to get a sense of your academic qualifications and how they have assisted you in gaining knowledge in the field of architecture, and how you aim to use your education and work experience in order to contribute to the employers’ goals for growth and success.



Finally, it is of utmost important for recruiters to sense that you have some knowledge about the position and the company’s profile, and that you have conducted some research about the organization to determine what gap you would need to fill in. Highlighting all this information in your cover letter in an articulate and persuasive manner will surely take you to the top of the shortlisted candidates for any architectural position.



Sample of a cover letter: 



Dear Sir/Madam,



It gives me great pleasure to apply for the Senior Architect position at your esteemed organization. I am a passionate and eager architect with more than 7 years experience in the field, characterized by several successful projects with various clients. These projects ranged from hospitals and universities, to major hotels and touristic villages. I hold a master’s degree in architecture from one of the world’s leading architectural schools.



I was privileged enough to work for a number of leading global architectural firms, and have served as a Senior Architect in my previous role. My work experience, coupled with an expertise in a number of software programs including but not limited to Auto CAD, Adobe applications and computer graphics software, have enabled me to excel in my career and showcase outstanding artistic and computing skills. More importantly, I have worked for demanding clients and have been able to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure. Furthermore, I have an eye for detail and possess sound decision-making skills that have enabled me to satisfy all the clients and employers that I have worked for. Other key attributes that I consider to be key determinants of my successful career are my patience and communication skills.



I feel that I have the creativity, loyalty and drive to take on the Senior Architect role available at your reputable organization. Attached is my resume, which demonstrates my skills and experience in architecture. I look forward to hearing from you to proceed with my application, and to be able to contribute to the growth and prosperity of your organization.



Yours Faithfully,








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interview mistakes

 Avoid these interview mistakes


It is very obvious that each particular firm does its own interview according to some things it deems fit, and in most cases, there are lots of individual elements and differences as it comes from the interviewers. All these have a very good bearing on the interview process. But again, there are some general interview expectations from the interviewed and failure on these will amount to some interview mistakes. There are some general things that are expected from you as the person going for the interview to avoid loosing the chance of landing your dream job.


First of all, make good research about the company, how long they have been here, what they are really into and maybe the names of their top directors and other staff. Know their history, goals and current projects. On the day of the interview, try everything possible to make sure you come early to the interview arena and compose yourself well in preparation for the interview. You should inquire about the type of attire the firm will cherish for interviews. When you already know this, find the attire which most times will include a pair of pants and matching shirts with good jackets and matching ties. Try everything possible to make sure you choose the simplest of colors for this.


When you are in the interview room, make sure you put a very happy face. Don’t make the interview mistake of giving the impression that your old employers were so bad to you.  Because the interviewers will also think you will talk the same way about them. When you are asked questions during the interview proper, try and answer with the simplest of languages and do not talk too much interrupting the interviewers. Never lie when you are not sure of anything but give clues about how you will try in solving problems with your skills. Don’t fall into the interview mistake of making the interview too informal even when the interviewers try so. Also expect likely questions about your strength, weaknesses etc.


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What Is Robots.txt?

robots txt

Robots.txt is a text file which users put on their websites to tell search engines which pages on the site should not be visited. This text file is kept on the server and it controls the various features of our website.It is like telling a child not to do some thing. If the child is good he will follow your instructions but if he is too naughty then he will surely disobey you. So if you have sensitive data then it is very stupid of you to relay fully on robots.txt files. To better understand it, first you must be aware What Robots is .

A robot is a program which is used by search engines to find new websites on the internet. This search is carried out in order to index these websites and to gather information from them. Various terms are used for referring them such as “spiders” , “crawlers” and “bots”

Working of Robots. Working of Robots is categorized into four steps.

Step 1 :-Site Indexing : It finds new websites and stores them in search engine servers.

Step 2 :- Validate Site Content : Here Robots analyze the content of the site and sees them whether they are following the standards or not. If they are properly working as per the laid standards then grade them according to their performance.

Step 3 :- Link Checking : Here robots analyze all the incoming and outgoing links from the website. This analysis help them to grade sites based on their relevancy. various algorithms are used for this purpose.

Where you can find Robots.txt file? You can find Robots.txt file at the root folder of your website.A folder that forms the top most directory on the website and which is accessible to public. It is very important that you should pact the robot.txt file in the root directory because palcing it some where else will not have any effect.

What is the importance of Robot.txt files for webmasters ? For website owners or for webmasters Robort.txt file is very important. As it helps to index the websites in a better way. Robots help to pass information of the website to search engines and search engines can then rank them in a better way. It also helps web site owners and gives them completer control of the website as they can control how a search engine can visit their site, which content to made available to them and which one to hide.

Structure of a Robots.txt File

The structure of a robots.txt is pretty simple – it is an endless list of user agents and disallowed and allowed files and directories. Basically, the syntax is as follows: User-agent: Disallow: Here, User-agent this specifies the search engine spiders. e.g.

User-agent: Google (Means robots/crawlers from Google)

User-agent: * (Means all search engine robots/crawlers) Allow/Disallow this command tells the search engine spiders which pages to crawl and which one not to crawl. e.g.

User-agent: * Disallow: /temp/ (Means all All user agents are disallowed to see the /temp directory.

Author: Check these website for free link building linkhello and xixxi.

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Careers Australia Sydney

Useful Courses Offered to Shape up Careers Australia Sydney



Sydney is a prominent port city of Australia that is well known for its industrial growth. So plenty of people from all over Australia and from other countries are now arriving here to get new scopes for shaping up their careers Australia Sydney. As a result, various educational institutions have started operating in this city, to provide required courses to the interested job seekers, to begin their professional life in this city.


The renowned vocational institutions located within the city of Sydney are provided with modern computer lab, laptop lab and Wi-Fi connection for imparting proper training to the registered students. They can also rest and chat among themselves in the students’ lounge and even avail the facility of online training from their own place. There are many well educated and experienced trainers, who take care of the vocational education of the students in their chosen courses and also their employments in respective careers Australia Sydney. The excellent transport system and connectivity in Sydney help the students to travel to their chosen institutions very easily.


Prominent courses offered for building up careers in Sydney


  • Certificate in Early Childhood Education is meant for the people who want to educate the little children as a part of their career. These students are taught here to deal with the emotions of the infants and how to take care of the educational and mental welfare of the children. These aspiring teachers are taught in details about the childcare and how to create healthy environment for the growth of the children. This course is completed within a year, if taken from the institution campus; but it needs around 2 years if a corresponded course is pursued.
  • The people interested in telecommunication industry can undertake Advanced Cabler Registration course for building their careers Australia Sydney in this sector. As this course involves high technical lessons, it cannot be offered as a correspondence course and the students have to attend the classes in the campus of the institutions.
  • Certificate in Hospitality services is another popular course in Sydney that enables the students in taking up various jobs in this sector, mainly in hotels and restaurants of this city. The students are taught the settings of hospitality industry and how to handle the hectic schedules of these jobs, while fulfilling all the given tasks successfully. As there is no technical lesson involved here, this course is imparted directly from the workplaces, like the hotels, restaurants or hospitals, to give a feel of real work environment to the students.


The students taking up any course in Sydney are free to join the institutions, if they really wish to make their careers Australia Sydney.  As it is a lively city, the foreigner students also enjoy the various points of interests around this place, apart from being involved in the lessons only. Similarly, they love their jobs too in this city and work in various positions, earning lot of money and prestige in life.

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How Temporary Work Can Benefit Your Business

Many people, at some point in their lives, have worked as a temp. A temporary worker, or temp, is a person who works for a staffing agency and is “hired out” to different companies, depending on need. From a business standpoint, working with a temporary staffing agency can provide some incredible benefits.


temporary work

Temporary Workers are Fantastic for Short Term Projects

Sometimes your business might have a temporary project that requires special attention. These short term projects can be the manufacturing of a seasonal item, special in depth cleaning tasks, construction or remodeling. While often simple in nature, it doesn’t benefit to take the attention of seasoned employees away from their usual jobs. Here is where temps start to shine. Training the temps for a specific short term project is quick and easy, allowing you to set them to task, without the concern of regular production value slipping.

Fill in the Gaps with Temporary Laborers

Sometimes your business might have holes in the workforce. Whatever the reason, whether it be a new project or line, employee turnover or coverage for absences, a Staffing agency can help you fill in the gaps. Some temp agencies have workers on call, to fill in on short notice in case of illness. Another advantage is the ability to scout talent. By using temporary workers, you always have the option to offer them a position with the company. This is a great way to find quality employees that have proven their ability to preform.

Save Money on Labor

The advantage here is twofold. Rather than paying a wage to a worker, your business pays the staffing agency, who then pays their employees. This cuts down on payroll processing and costs as temporary labor is often less expensive than hired labor. Health benefits and vacation time is also paid by the Staffing Agency further allowing you to lower the labor costs for your business.

There are Several Different Business that can Benefit from Temporary Labor

Manufacturing Plants often come to mind when someone says temp work. Here, they are given a quick safety overview and the overall job training and put on a line position. Some companies will rarely hire workers that haven’t worked as a temp for them before.

Call Centers and Office Environments also frequent Staffing Agencies. The agencies that they contract with impose a mandatory aptitude test for their employees before sending them to the office. This often includes basic computer usage, typing proficiency and basic conflict resolution strategy. This not only ensures quality workers, but cuts down on what would as otherwise be additional training hours.

Food Service and Catering is another industry that draws on a large amount of temporary workers as their main wait staff. In this instance, rather than special projects or covering shifts for various companies, workers are trained as wait staff and called in for special events depending on size.

These are just a few of the reasons why working with a staffing agency is incredibly useful to your business or company. By cutting costs, finding quality and skilled workers and having the ability to do so on short notice, you can increase the efficiency of your business and continue to grow and develop profitably.

William Toth is a freelance writer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who has been published across the web for a multitude of topics, some of which include: manufacturing, economical trends, and business strategies. Pioneering companies like LaborSMART specialize in temp labor services. LaborSMART is dedicated to skilled, professional, and always ready workers.

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Financial Analyst cover letter

Financial Analyst  cover letter

cover letter is the important part of your job. it is the letter where you show your talents and skills in a best possible way to get attention of the hiring person. here are some of the tips while writing a financial analyst cover letter.

1) Be concise–

try to make your letter concise by highlighting your skills and education, avoid extra information. be straight and clear.

2) Be personable—

never try to be so generic in your cover letter. be personable. put your correct address on your letter. show your personality and not being too formal.

3) Stand out—

don’t use different ink to sign your name or spray some perfume to make yourself different. the good way is to show the employer, what a financial analyst need to know about the company.

4) Write facts—

always stick positive to your letter and highlight your strength. be positive and clear.

5) Style—

if you feel that your writing skills are not good, take the help of career coach to make it better. don’t allow coach to build false statement.

6) Close the letter—

when you close the letter, say “THANKS” to the recruiter for his time and concern. try to write that you are commit ed , interested and professional.

7) Follow- up—

End your  statement with detail that you are intend to follow up with a cell or e-mail.

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what to wear to interview

Do you know what to wear to interview?


The office and work place prescribes and abides by the act of dressing with codes.  They will always like their prospective workers to show them that they understand this and are always ready to queue into the dress style.


When considering what to wear to interview, you should be aware of the fact that the first impression you make to the interviewers is very important to the success and failure you will expect. This first impression is given by your dress code even when you are very far from the office in question. What to wear to interview should completely be dependent on the job role you are applying for and the dress code of the firm. You should also consider what your interviewer will wear.


A two piece suite with dark colors will be good for men. Never combine pants and jackets of different colors. White or sky blue long sleeved shirts with matching solid striped ties and belts that are very conservative will do. Wear black or navy blue shoes that are well polished with the lightest forms of perfume that will smell fresh and clean. Don’t go for the heavy ones. Trim you facial hair and make sure you shave well. Do not wear heavy jewelries except your wrist watches, cufflinks and wedding bands. No tattoos at all.


Women should wear a two piece suite of dark grey, brown or black with matching shirts or blouse. Your skirt should get to the knee to allow you sit and stand. Consider conservative and non heeled shoes. Apply less makeup and good manicure with light perfume. Avoid heavy jewelries. Even if you are going to the companies that will not necessarily allow you to wear suite. You still need to look very nice and sharp. If you get what to wear to interview right, you have passed more than half of the interview.



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Spina bifida or Cleft Spine


Spina bifida or Cleft Spine


Spina bifida is a birth defect that involves the incomplete development of the spinal cord or its coverings. The term spina bifida means “split” or “open” spine. Spina bifida is part of a group of birth defects called neural tube defects. The neural tube is the embryonic structure that eventually develops into the baby’s brain and spinal cord and the tissues that enclose them. Most children who have spina bifida do not have problems from it

Spina bifida occurs at the end of the first month of pregnancy when the two sides of the embryo’s spine fail to join together, leaving an open area. In some cases, the spinal cord or other membranes may push through this opening in the back. The condition usually is detected before a baby is born and treated right away. Other neural tube defects include amencephaly, a condition in which the portion of the neural tube which will become the cerebrum does not close, and encephalocele, which results when other parts of the brain remain unfused.


What causes spina bifida

The exact cause of this birth defect is not known. Genes and environment factors are said to be the most important cause women who have had one child with spina bifida are more likely to have another child with the disease environmental factors, such as nutrition and exposure to harmful substances, probably contribute to spina bifida. Spina bifida does seem to run in families, spina bifida can be prevented by adequate intake of folic acid. Folic acid, one of the B vitamins that is a key factor in the synthesis (the making) of nucleic acid (DNA and RNA).   before and during early pregnancy people with spina bifida appear to have abnormal  metabolism of folic acid. spina bifida may be an inborn defect in folic acid metabolism rather than a simple deficiency in this nutrient. A high fever during pregnancy may increase a woman’s chances of having a baby with spina bifida. Women with epilepsy who have taken the drug valproic acid to control seizures may have an increased risk of having a baby with spina bifida.


Types of spina bifida


The different types of spina bifida are—-


1) spina bifida occulta

2) spina bifida cystica

3) meningocele

4) myelomeningocele



spina bifida occulta


“occulta means hidden, defect is not visible or without symptoms. This is the mildest forms of spina bifida.  In occulta, the outer part of some of the vertebrae are not completely closed. The split in the vertebrae is so small that the spinal cord does not protrude. The skin at the site of the lesion may be normal, or it may have some hair growing from it; there may be a dimple in the skin, or a birthmark Most children with this type of defect never have any health problems, and the spinal cord is often unaffected. Spina bifida occulta is rarely linked with complications or symptoms. Spina bifida occulta is usually discovered accidentally when the person has an x-ray or MRI for some other reason


Spina bifida cystica

In spina bifida cystica, a cyst protrudes through the defect in the vertebral arch. spina bifida cystica may result in hydrocephalus and neurological deficits



The least common form of spina bifida is a posterior meningocele (or meningeal cyst involves the meninges, the membranes responsible for covering and protecting the brain and spinal cord. If the meninges push through the hole in the vertebrae (the small, ring-like bones that make up the spinal column), the sac is called a meningocele Fluid leaks out of the spine and pushes against the skin. You may see a bulge in the skin. In many cases, there are no other symptoms..In a posterior meningocele, the vertebrae develop normally, however the meninges are forced into the gaps between the vertebrae. As the nervous system remains undamaged, individuals with meningocele are unlikely to suffer long-term health problems, Symptoms can vary from none to partial paralysis, but these cysts can sometimes be removed with surgery, allowing the child to develop normally.




is the most severe form of spina bifida. It occurs when the meninges push through the hole in the back, and the spinal cord also pushes though. Most babies who are born with this type of spina bifida also have hydrocephalus, an accumulation of fluid in and around the brain. ecause of the abnormal development of and damage to the spinal cord, a child with myelomeningocele typically has some paralysis. The degree of paralysis largely depends on where the opening occurs in the spine. The higher the opening is on the back, the more severe the paralysis tends to be. Part of the spinal nerves push out of the spinal canal, and you may see a bulge in the skin. The nerves are often damaged, which can cause problems with walking, bladder or bowel control, and coordination. In some babies, the skin is o pen and the nerves are exposed . this is the type of spina bifida that causes the vast majority of disability. The exposure of these nerves and tissues make the baby more prone to life-threatening infections. Many individuals with spina bifida will have an associated abnormality of the cerebellum, called the Arnold Chiari II malformation In affected individuals the back portion of the brain is displaced from the back of the skull down into the upper neck.


Risk factors of spina bifida

  • Race. Spina bifida is more common among whites and Hispanics.
  • Family history of neural tube defects. Couples who’ve had one child with a neural tube defect have a slightly higher chance of having another baby with the same defect

Folate deficiency. Folate (vitamin B-9) is important to the healthy development of a fetus. Folate is the natural form of vitamin B-9. The synthetic form, found in supplements and fortified foods, is called folic acid. A folate deficiency increases the risk of spina bifida and other neural tube defects

  • Some medications. Anti-seizure medications, such as valproic acid (Depakene), seem to cause neural tube defects when taken during pregnancy, perhaps because they interfere with the body’s ability to use folate and folic acid.
  • Diabetes. Women with diabetes who don’t control their blood sugar well have a higher risk of having a baby with spina bifida.
  • Obesity. Pre-pregnancy obesity is associated with an increased risk of neural tube birth defects, including spina bifida.
  • Increased body temperature. Some evidence suggests that increased body temperature (hyperthermia) in the early months of pregnancy may increase the risk of spina bifida.


Signs and symptoms of spina bifida

child’s symptoms will depend on how severe the defect is.

Spina bifida occurs in three forms, each varying in severity:

Spina bifida occulta. This mildest form results in a small separation or gap in one or more of the bones (vertebrae) of the spine. Because the spinal nerves usually aren’t involved, most children with this form of spina bifida have no signs or symptoms and experience no neurological problems. An abnormal tuft of hair, a collection of fat, a small dimple o a birthmark on the newborn’s skin above the spinal defect may be the only visible indication of t he condition.



Meningocele. In this rare form, the protective membranes around the spinal cord (meninges) push out through the opening in the vertebrae. abies who are born with the meningocele form have a fluid-filled sac visible on the back. The sac is often covered by a thin layer of skin and can be as small as a grape or as large as a grapefruit.

Myelomeningocele n myelomeningocele, the baby’s spinal canal remains open along several vertebrae in the lower or middle back. Because of this opening, both the membranes and the spinal cord protrude at birth, forming a sac on the baby’s back. In some cases, skin covers the sac. Usually, however, tissues and nerves are exposed, making the baby prone to life-threatening infections.

Neurological impairment — often including loss of movement (paralysis) — is common. So are bowel and bladder problems, seizures and other medical complications. Many children who have severe spina bifida develop an allergy to latex (a type of rubber) Spine, hip, foot, and leg deformities are often due to imbalances in The most common bladder and bowel problems are inability to voluntarily relax the muscles (sphincters) that hold urine in the bladder and muscle strength and function resulting mostly from residual paralysis .  there is foot or leg deformities, hip dislocation, or scoliosis.

Diagnosis of spina bifida

Pregnant woman can have a blood test (maternal serum triple or quadruple screen) and a fetal ultrasound to check for spina bifida and other problems with the fetus.

If test results suggest a birth defect, she can choose to have an amniocentesis. This test helps confirm if spina bifida exists. But the test also has risks, such as a chance of miscarriage.

Treatment of spina bifida

Treatment depends on how severe the defect is. Most children with spina bifida have only a mild defect and may not need treatment. But a child with a severe defect may need surgery. If child has problems from nerve damage, he or she may need a brace or a wheelchair, physical therapy, or other aids. If y child has bladder control problems, he can use a catheter each day. It can help prevent infection and kidney damage in the child , child has little or no feeling in the limbs and can’t sense pain, he or she may get injured and not know it. the need  is to check the child’s skin each day for cuts, bruises, or other sores. A baby who also has hydrocephalus will need an operation to place a shunt in the brain. The shunt is a thin tube that helps to relieve pressure on the brain by draining and diverting extra fluid. Most affected individuals will need to  use braces, crutches walkers or wheelchairs to maximize their mobility



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QA manager job description




Duties of a Quality Assurance Manager


You should know that a quality assurance manager is called a quality manager. You can say also quality control manager. The quality manager is a very important person for a firm because to handle various matters related to the quality is the responsibility of a quality manager. A quality control manager is also responsible for the development of various quality management procedures. Therefore the job of a quality manager is very critical therefore a quality manager should be responsible, skilled and experienced so that he can handle the various problems in a better way. Therefore QA manager job description is very long because he is responsible for various matters. It is not easy to perform the duties of QA manager rather it is very difficult. A quality manager should have following properties and abilities because these are very important for a quality manager.


A quality manager should have best analytical skills so that he can filter key points from the very complex details. Similarly he should have excellent skills of communication because it is very important. The negotiating skills are also very important for a quality manager. He should have good writing skills so that he can write various descriptions in a better way. The important factor is that he should have knowledge about various methodologies and tools of quality control because it is very necessary for a quality assurance manager. If you want to have information about QA manager job description then you should use the source of internet. The quality manager is responsible for the flawless production of various products. A good quality manager should explain the requirement of clients to the marketing department. Similarly a quality manager should analyze the statistics of business. He should examine previous and existing policies and introduce new and better business policies.


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Temporary employment

Fields Where One Can Get Temporary Employment

There may be situation that you are looking for a temporary employment as you are not able to take up permanent employment then. Like, suppose you will be getting married soon or will be shifting your location. In such case it is better to get a temporary employment so that you can work for a short period.

Luckily nowadays there is different industry where you can look for temporary employment. Here let’s discuss about them in details.


Sales of any industry offer you temporary jobs. Rather it is one of the fastest growing job areas where you can work temporarily. There are different festivals all over the world and during this time the total number of customers increases. During such time every business requires more workforces to support their customers. Hence, the scope of temporary job increases.

When it comes to sales you may include counter sales, business sales, and door to door sales and so on.

Event Management

Compared to sales event management is quite new. In it a particular event is undertaken by someone and they do the event management of the function. In this job there are different department that are required to make arrangements for any event. In such job employees with service background are needed.

While managing an event smoothly, these event management companies requires person who can handle each event successfully or complete a given task successfully. Thus, this is also a good opportunity for people looking for temporary jobs.

Apart from these there are many seasonal jobs that are floated by the government as well as local business. Someone who is interested in temporary employment can look forward to such opportunities and work for few months or a short period till they get permanent employment or change their location.






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Advertising cover letter example


Advertising cover letter example



A resume is certainly not enough in today’s competitive world. A creative and persuasive cover letter is a must in order to create a name for yourself in the job market. And this applies particularly to the advertising industry. Since advertising is all about communicating a message to a target audience, a cover letter for an advertising role should do the same job: communicate your skills, competencies, abilities, achievements, experience and qualifications to recruiters.



Basically, through the cover letter, you should market yourself, as this will reflect your presentation skills. The cover letter is your opportunity to write in the first person, and actually give yourself credit for your achievements. It is your chance to win the hearts and minds of recruiters. So it is really up to you to showcase your talent, passion, creativity, experience and achievements in the advertising industry.



The key to a winning cover letter in advertising is to be articulate and succinct without boring the reader. You can tell your story to the recruiter from the day you graduated till the day you decided to apply for a position in their company. You can brag about yourself – of course, without overdoing it – and at the same time explain how your skills and abilities will be valuable for their firm, and how your creativity has taken you far in your advertising career.



Another key aspect of any advertising career is communication skills. Sound communication skills are essential in order to find a place in the advertising industry. Therefore, the cover letter is your chance to showcase your very best written communication skills in order to impress the recruiters. The success of your cover letter relies on your ability to engage your audience and relay your message in an attractive, catchy and succinct manner. As an advertising person, you should realize that less is more; the cover letter is not a listing of your work experience; rather, a highlight of your skills, abilities and key milestones.



Sample of a cover letter: 



Dear Sir/Madam,



It was with great excitement that I learned about the Advertising Specialist position at your esteemed organization, which is a leading advertisement agency in the EMEA region.



I pride myself in having worked for a global advertising agency for more than 6 years in the capacity of Communications Specialist. Working for such a reputable firm has offered me the opportunity to grow and learn a great deal about the world of advertising. I was privileged to represent more than 150 global brands in terms of crafting their communications strategies, tactics, and key messages, preparing creative briefs, and representing them at major events and press conferences. This role has empowered me as an advertising and communications specialist, and has given me the confidence to present ideas, information and major announcements in front of key audiences from around the world.



I hold both a bachelor and master’s degree in advertising communications, and have written more than 10 academic journals about global advertising strategies. This experience has inspired me to coach and develop talent within the organizations that I have worked for, in order to inspire people who are as passionate about advertising as I am to innovate and come up with creative ideas that further contribute to the advertising industry.



I have attached my resume, which outlines my employment history, education and key milestones in my advertising career. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my career prospects at your reputable organization.



Your Faithfully,



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Career Advice Become A marketing Manager

There are many different avenues you may follow when it comes to choosing a career. This will depend on what your strengths are and where your passion lies. In this article we look at how to become a marketing manager and discuss some steps to help you along the way. Whether you are just starting out and have just finished school or you would like to embark on a new career path, becoming a marketing manager may be for you.

The opportunities in marketing and what becoming a marketing manager entails

Our society has become an incredibly consumer driven one and brands, their products and companies need to be marketing in an efficient manner. That is where becoming a marketing director comes in. Becoming a marketing manager means finding and facilitating a customer base for a specific company. A marketing manager together with other people in the company will make sure the marketing plan and roll out plan is sound and has an impact. The downfall of becoming a marketing manager is the long hours, the  travel and having to acquire many years experience. The up side, if you have a passion for marketing and are good at your job, you could enjoy much success and a high salary.

Steps to take in how to become a marketing manager

1. You should start off on your career to become a marketing manager by acquiring the right education. The minimum education requirement is a bachelor’s of arts and then specializing in Marketing or business. Some companies may require an MBA.

2. The importance of interning at a specific company is high. This can be done while you are studying and then you will complete a longer internship at the end of your studies. This will enable you with much knowledge and real life experience and will look favorable on your resume.

3. You will need to spend some time in the lower levels and junior positions and work your way up. All this essential experience will benefit you in the long run in becoming a marketing specialist.

4. You should be proficient in any means of communication both written and oral so taking courses and seminars will further benefit you.

5. Show flexibility in terms of relocation as this will show eagerness and will improve your chances at promotion.

6. Lastly, you should try and participate in management training programs and other courses that will further your knowledge base.

Good luck in your dreams to become a marketing manager. Work hard, innovate and get all the knowledge you can and you should enjoy much success.



Jemma Scott is an avid writer of career developments and different career paths. Her interest stems from her time working in commercial property for rent and later in her Office London Bridge.

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ( ALS) and Risk factors

Risk factors of ALS

This disease is also known as GEHRIG”S syndrome. It is  disease  that progresses rapidly and mainly attacks the neurons ( nerve cells) of the brain which is responsible for voluntary contraction of muscles  and hence belongs to group of disorders called as motor neuron  disease , in which there is gradual degeneration and death of the neurons takes place and results in muscle weakness, disability and death of the person.

Motor neurons reaches from brain to spinal cord and from spinal cord to the muscles of the body. During this disease when the motor neurons die, the ability of brain to control movements are lost  and voluntary muscle action get affected results in total paralysis.. In Greek language word amyotropic means  ” No muscle nourishment.” when there is lack of  nutrition to the  muscle , it atrophies means waste away and ” lateral ” describes the area in the  spinal cord where the nerve cells are located which is mainly responsible for control the activities.  This disease was diagnosed in 1939 in a famous base ball player. Most commonly this disease occur between the ages of 40 and 70 years. this disease occur in 1-3 people/100,000 and 90-95% of doctors donot know why ALS occurs. Men are affected slightly more than women. Patients  do not have family history of disease are not considered to be the increased risk of ALS. Specific genetic defects lead to mutation of the  enzyme known as Superoxide di mutase 1 ( SOD1) is found to be a possible  cause of motor neuron death in ALS.


Risk factors of ALS
Risk factors of ALS

There is no clear risk factors associated with ALS. In most of the cases ( 90-95%) diseases occurs randomly. This is called as sporadic ALS. Some other risk factors are–

1) Neurotoxin exposure or exposure to heavy metals or viruses are believed to be the trigger factor.

2) sometime damaging nerve fibers during surgery is also responsible for causing ALS.

3) Recent studies showed that people who are in military are of higher risk of ALS. The exact cause of development of ALS in military people is not sure but it may be due to certain traumatic injuries, some kind of viral infections, exertion or exposure to  certain metals or chemicals

4) There is possible connection between the disease and exposure to pesticides may be evident due to increase in incidence among soccer players.

5) smoking increase the risk of ALS  than in non smokers.

6) Age factors is also responsible. People between 40-60 years of age are of higher chances to have ALS.

7) Before age of 65 more  men than women develop ALS, but the sex difference disappears after age of 70 years.

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Customize Your Resume

How to Customize Your Resume Based on Your Experience    Making a resume is not the difficult task as we all now are   provided with internet facility at all.But to design in that   way to impress the hiring manager is the difficult one.So,  what to do in order to make a resume good one .Here are the   some points listed below:    1.Avoid mentioning time in your qualifications or career summaries  Try to tell more and more about the qualification inspite of writing   about the timw you need to complete it.For example if it took 7 years  for you to be qualified one then ultimately you havedecreased  7 years  of your job.    2.Avoid reaching way back in your professional experience  Never write short stories related to your experience in the company coz  the hiring manager is no more interested or is not paid to read stories  just make a relevant data about the companies in which you had worked.    3.List your educational experience, but avoid putting any dates  Mention about the qualifications is good but if you are also writing dates  with them might it shows that you are new or may be old for this job and will  create an misunderstanding in the hiring manager's mind.    4.Let your resume tell a story about list of the things you’ve done  Yes try to make a resume a self speaking one so that a hiring manager may ask   questions related to comapny not to your experience or past job.Highlight specific   areas where needed.The less time your interview takes the more relaxed you will be.

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Human Resource interview questions

Human Resource interview questions


If you want to work in the human resources field, you would need to be familiar with interviews. When you apply for the job, you would need to answer the Human Resource interview questions. When you work for your company to recruit new people, you would need to ask the questions.


Question 1: What motivates you to work in this field?

Human resources field is usually regarded as something routine. Therefore, you need to tell the interviewers that you have a particular career goal so that you would be motivated to work through the human resource work.


Question 2: What does KPI mean to you?

KPI means key performance indicator. This would be something important for the organization to measure the successfulness of the company achievements. Therefore, you would need to stress the importance of this thing to the growth and sustainability of the organization.


Question 3: What is MBO?

MBO generally means management by objective. It means that the company would set some goals and targets for employees to achieve. The objectives would be something related to work and it could also be something not related to the work. As long as people have their incentives to work and to achieve the objectives, they can put down these things.


Question 4: When was the time that you were not satisfied with your performance?

You would need to cite an experience in which you performed badly in some of the projects or issues. You can also tell the reason why you did it badly and the way that you managed your emotions.


Question 5: How would you ask questions?

As mentioned above, people working in the human resources department would have a lot of chances to ask questions to the candidates. Therefore, the tone and the manner of asking question would be checked when you do the interview.


Question 6: How will you work in a team?

There are a lot of projects that the human resources department needs to handle and they would need to cooperate in a team. Thus, you have to be teamwork-oriented.


Question 7: What do you expect to learn from this job?

You may want to learn about the way to assess people and the way to understand people or to evaluate people.


Question 8: Is first impression important?

You would need to explain the importance of first impression and how it would affect the feeling of the others. As the human resources personnel you would sometimes be required to use short time to decide on whether you would hire the others. Therefore, first impression should be important.


Question 9: Name three key strengths of yourself?

You need to list them one by one and provide sufficient explanation for the choice.


Question 10: How do you reduce stress?

Sometimes, people working in the human resources field need to release their stress well. They may have a lot of stresses during the peak season of recruitment so they need to have a way to make themselves relax. Otherwise, they could not finish the work with good quality.


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How to Start Teaching Math to Kids

Introducing Children to Math: How to Start Teaching Math to Kids


As a parent, you are probably aware of the well-known scientific fact that early development of math skills leads to better understanding of complex math principles when the child gets older. It is possible to teach basic math concepts to toddlers, although it is also important to have realistic expectations and to not put the child under too much pressure.

Math exercises for toddlers

Children of age 2 to 3 years old can develop basic mathematical skills, such as sorting, comparing and matching objects, shapes and colors. The best way to practice these skills is to work on a group of objects, such as blocks or cutouts in different shapes and colors. Show your children how to organize those objects and encourage them to try to match similar objects.

Introducing more advanced concepts

Children, who have learned how to organize objects will move faster to the next stage. Children of age 4 to 5 years old can not only group objects, but also recognize patterns. The best way to practice these skills is to repeat the same sequence of blocks (for example, red – yellow – green) a few times and ask the child to guess which color comes next. 5 year old children can also learn how to count and they are capable of understanding that numbers represent the amount. Most children of this age struggle with the concept of time, so it takes more practical exercises to teach them how to measure, compare and estimate time.

What’s next?

As you can see, all these aforementioned skills are very concrete, that’s because it takes quite a lot of time, before a child develops an understanding of abstract concepts. If you want to continue to teach your child practical math skills, before moving to abstract concepts, send your child to a school, which applies Singapore Math curriculum or join one of many Singapore Math conferences to learn how to homeschool your child following the Singapore Math method.

Link and anchor to include to the article:

Singapore Math conferences

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Google Position

Google Position


Google is no doubt the most popular search engine in the world. It’s popular because it seems to rank pages so accurately and quickly, time and time again. It also updates its algorithms periodically so that it is up to date with latest trends.

Google has almost 90% of market share in terms of search engines and that’s why all companies mainly focus on Google positions for their website.

Why Google Position matters ?

I ran a small campaign for one of my website and for marketing I used below strategies

  • Bulk Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media (Facebook , twitter , LinkedIn)
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Flyers
  • Cold Calls
  • Free Classifieds (craigslist)

This is the result I have got:

*Bulk Email Marketing   ( 3 people responded after sending 5000 emails . 1 converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $500 )

*SEO ( 24 people came to website , out of which 23 were referred by Google and 1 by Yahoo. 5 converted to customers. Campaign Cost : $400 )

*Social Media [Facebook , twitter , linkedIn]  ( 87 people came to website , out of which none was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $400 )

*Radio Advertisements  ( 7 people came to website , out of which none was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $1000 )

*Flyers   ( 9 people came to website , out of which 1 was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $200 )

*Cold Calls  ( 28 people came to website , out of which 1 was converted to customer.Campaign Cost : $650 )

*Free Classifieds [craigslist]  ( 34 people came to website , out of which 1 was converted to customer.Campaign  Cost : $180 )

So definitely Google SEO was the most productive strategy for my campaign that time.

How to increase Google position of your website?

Getting a good Google position is really important .It is not that easy and you will not see results in just few days. It generally takes 2-3 months for getting good ranking for keywords. You have to pay initially for getting the rank but once it is ranked, then you can enjoy for some time and you just need to maintain your position at that time.

Some important steps for having a Good Google Position:

1. Content : Content is the main key. Make sure that you have a quality content and try to avoid duplicate stuff. Try to add more content related to topic and make sure the topic helps both users and search engines.

2. Back Links : You need thousands of backlinks here. People say that you need to focus on quality backlinks and not on quantity. However as per my experience and my research , I believe we need both. You just make sure that links are not coming from banned websites. Low quality links, having no page rank or no traffic can also be vital if you anchor it with your keywords

3. Tags : Make sure that you have a good title tag. Its very crucial to have your top 3 keywords of that page to be  your title tag. The other important tags are H1, bold and anchor.

Questions received last week:

Hi Vinay,  I am in good Google ranking for   many keywords. Now , I want to  redesigned my website and I am just afraid that my Google ranking will go away. Can you  please let me know if I have to take any additional steps.regards


Hello Linda ,

You may see a little shift , may be good or bad as you are changing your website. However please make sure that you consider below points so that you maintain your Google Positions.

  • Keep your Title tag unchanged.
  • Use 301 to all redirects.
  • Try not to change your url structure.
  • If you are adding images, then add alt tags,  and also try to manage or keep same quality content

Thanks, vinay

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Matthew David Parker

Matthew David Parker

Matthew David Parker Information

Matthew David Parker is a seasoned professional photographer who is located in New York, New York. The Big Apple in many ways defines his vocation. Parker is a hard-working artist who has a true zeal for the vast city. He also has a zeal for all things beautiful in general.


What made you want to become a photographer?

I’ve wanted to be a professional photographer for as long as I can remember. I can’t remember the exact thing that instilled the desire in me. The desire seems to have always been there. It’s like breathing! All I can say is I can barely remember being alive and not thinking about photography. I’ve always been enthralled by beauty. I’ve always been mesmerized by the things that make life visually interesting and appealing. My enthusiasm for aesthetics has been with me since day one. That’s how I feel. I feel like I came out of the womb with a desire to snap photographs of everything interesting.


Could you imagine ever pursuing a career other than photography?

I honestly cannot. That wouldn’t feel right. When something’s right, you just know. Being a photographer feels comfortable to me. Although it gives me a sense of comfort and ease, it also keeps me on my toes. Photography is never a boring or unpredictable field. It’s always fresh. It’s constantly changing, evolving and growing. There’s simply never a dull moment. I don’t want to be anything other than a photographer and I’m 100 percent comfortable admitting that. There are definitely some other professions that seems interesting and rewarding. I can’t say that I want to go after them, though. I’d love to be a painter in Italy, but just for a day. I’d love to teach young children about art and design. Again, I’d only want to do that for a day. Photography is the only calling I have. That’s why I know I’m doing the right thing. The thought of waking up in the morning to do anything other than photography seems practically unbearable to me!


What do you love most about New York City?

Where do I begin? It would probably be easier for me to make a list of the very few things I don’t like about New York City. New York City is the universe to me. I adore its energy and enthusiasm. When I’m roaming free in the city, I feel so much promise and hope. I feel like anything in the world is possible. I feel like I can seize the day and take control of the planet. It’s honestly a powerful emotion. The city has a vibe that’s incomparable. I’ve been to many great places. I can honestly say, however, that nothing holds a candle to The City That Never Sleeps. That’s why it isn’t easy for me to envision working anywhere else on a permanent basis. New York City is my best friend in many ways. It’s been a loyal companion to me for a long time as well.




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QA analyst resume


Quality Assurance Analyst Resume


If you are going to apply for a job then the resume is very necessary for you. The resume should contain information about your academic records. You should also provide information about your experience in the resume. If you are a quality assurance engineer then you should provide information about your experience related to the quality assurance. QA analyst resume should contain information about experience related to the quality assurance and quality control. Therefore a resume is very necessary for you if you are going for a job or interview. If you want to write your resume then it is necessary for you to have information about it.  First of all you should write your objective in life because it is very necessary for you. You can write as my objective is to obtain a position as quality assurance engineer.  Similarly if you are applying for any other job then you should write objective relevant to post you are applying for.


If you are applying for quality assurance job then you should write QA analyst resume so that you can achieve your goal in a better way. It is better to provide your relevant experience if you are applying for a technical job. It is better to include all information about your academic records in details. If you have any skills related to computer and other activities then you should write about it in detail. If you want to have information about how to write a better resume then you should use the source of internet because it is a big source. You can download a sample resume for this purpose. Therefore it is necessary for you to have information about resume writing.  The resume of a quality assurance engineer should contain information about experience relevant to the post applied.


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8 Useful iphone applications

8 Useful iPhone applications

Generally, the best iPhone apps tend to consist of some entertaining applications. While there are many more serious applications that are known as the best iPhone apps, they aren’t nearly as popular as the applications that are much more popular because they are that much more useful in everyday life. Listing down are some of the iPhone applications you should install, or at least try using them.
Customize– This is cool application that you can use with your iphone as customize gives you more control over your phone. You can customize your default iphone assets like background, images, alarm icon, Bluetooth icon, sound images, main slider, call slider, calculator background. bar images etc

  • Isplit– This is a very handy tool for the people those who like to go dutch on meals with friends but having problem calculating how much each individual have to pay. So, this application really helps you especially when you are with your friends.
  • ToDolist– Keep your to do list organized, with functions like priority settings, categorizing, etc.
  • Sketches-It gives you an option to sketch and send photo instantly to friends via email. A Sketch allows you to do more than just snapping photos.
  • Lockbox– Lockbox helps you in maintaining important information like account username/password, credit card information etc all behind a password protected screen.
  • Dictionary-It not only contains dictionary, but also a thesaurus. So, wherever you are you can easily find the meaning of everything you want.
  • iDoodle– With iDoodle, you can guile away the hours drawing on your iPhone – circles, polygons, many colors. Designed specifically for the iPhone.
  • iBay– Search eBay on your iPhone.

Instead of the above applications, some of the best features of iphone pc suite are:

  • Download & Upload pics to and from PC and iPhone
    · Camera, calendar, SMS.
  • Photos- works 100% all in full resolution (upload or download)
    · ebook, notes, Call log.
  • SMS Chat- works 100%, send SMS to someone from PC through iPhone
    · Safari, bookmark management, sound themes, backup.
  • Ring tones.

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Gold Star Siblings inc

Gold Star Siblings Inc. was started in 2006 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, Due to the many Siblings needing support at the loss of their brother or sister being lost to War or to circumstances due to war. Gold Star Siblings Inc. is the only 501 c3 nonprofit organization, that supports Siblings but there also if the family may require something as well.

Karen Hickman started the Gold Star Siblings inc in Indiana after many years of being a Gold Star Sister herself, losing her brother Cpl. Thomas Steven Hickman in the Vietnam War, and for years feeling alone as a Sibling and having no one to talk with about being a sibling and how it felt, losing her brother.
The Parents come first, the Sibling, “takes care of the parents.” Siblings become lost and withdrawn and left out wanting to protect our parents. We lose our best friend, we lose the one we told our secrets to, we lose part of ourselves when we lose our siblings.

Part of us is gone, and we need support also. This is why Gold Star Siblings Inc was Started.

Join us in Facebook:

Join us in Twitter:

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How to write a report

How to write a report

A report is a short, sharp, concise document which is written for a particular purpose and audience. It generally sets outs and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action. It is a factual paper, and needs to be clear and well-structured, which may contain:

  • the record of a sequence of events
  • interpretation of the significance of these events or facts
  • evaluation of the facts or results of research presented
  • discussion of the outcomes of a decision or course of action
  • conclusions
  • recommendations

Part 1 Selecting your Topic

  1. Understand the assignment. If your teacher, professor, or boss gave your guidelines for your report, make sure you read them (and reread them). What is the assignment asking of you? Generally if you are writing a report for an elementary, middle or high school class, you will be asked to present a topic without inserting your opinion. Other assignments might ask you to persuade your audience about a certain way of perceiving your topic, or analyze a topic. Ask your teacher about any questions you might have as soon as possible.
  2. Choose a topic that interests you. Use the following questions to help generate topic ideas.
  • Do you have a strong opinion on a current social or political controversy?
  • Did you read or see a news story recently that has piqued your interest or made you angry or anxious?
  • Do you have a personal issue, problem or interest that you would like to know more about?
  • Do you have a research paper due for a class this semester?
  • Is there an aspect of a class that you are interested in learning more about?
  1. Focus on Your Topic.
  • Choose a broad topic based on the requirements of your assignment and your own interests.
  • Quickly read up on the broad topic to find the issues and controversies.
  • Now choose your focus tactic.
  • Remember that a topic will be more difficult to research if it is:
  • Very locally confined
  • Very recent
  • Broadly interdisciplinary
  • Too “Popular”
  1. Be Flexible. It is common to modify your topic during the research process. You can never be sure of what you may find. You may find too much and need to narrow your focus, or too little and need to broaden your focus. This is a normal part of the research process. When researching, you may not wish to change your topic, but you may decide that some other aspect of the topic is more interesting or manageable.

Keep in mind the assigned length of the research paper, project, bibliography or other research assignment. Be aware of the depth of coverage needed and the due date.

Part 2 Researching your topic

  1. Research your topic. Divide the work into a number of tasks, develop a schedule that leaves lots of time for revision, and stick to your schedule. Choose a topic that interests you. Define it as precisely as you can before beginning your research, but be prepared to modify, adapt, and revise it as you research and write your paper.
  2. Finding Sources. Finding books and articles for your research can be quite a challenge – especially if you’ve not yet familiarized yourself with the library and its resources. If you’re not sure where to start, try looking at the library’s Resources by Subject, on the library home page. These resources include advice regarding the key resources (both print and electronic) in a subject area, written by reference librarians.

Librarians are available to help you no matter what you’re looking for. Check the Reference and Research page, and ask a Librarian for help

  1. Summarize Your Sources. Before you attempt to use a source in your paper, you need to be sure that you understand it. The best way to make sure that you understand a source is to summarize it. In summarizing, you accomplish a few things.

First, summarizing a source requires you to put this argument in your own language. Some of your sources might use language that puzzles you. When you summarize, you are in a sense translating an argument into language that you understand and can work with.

Summarizing also enables you to see if there is any aspect of the argument that you don’t understand. If you find yourself stumbling as you attempt to summarize, go back to the original source for clarity.

Summarizing also allows you to restate an argument in terms that are relevant to your paper. Most texts that you encounter are very complex and offer several ideas for consideration. Some of these ideas will be relevant to your topic; others will not.

Summarizing can help you in the organization process. If you’ve used ten sources in a research project, you’ve probably taken a lot of notes and have gathered several quotations for your paper. This can amount to pages and pages of text.

  1. Make Your Sources Work for You. Beginning students often make one grave mistake when they write their first academic papers: overwhelmed by what their sources have to say, they permit their papers to crumble under the weight of scholarly opinion. They end up writing not an informed argument of their own, but a rehash of what has already been said on a topic. The paper might be informative. It might also be competently written. But it does not fulfill the requirements of a good academic paper. We have said it before and we will say it again: a good academic paper must be analytical. It must be critical. It must be a well-crafted, persuasive, informed argument.

Part 3 Writing your Report

  1. Executive Summary. The executive summary or abstract, for a scientific report, is a brief summary of the contents. It’s worth writing this last, when you know the key points to draw out. It should be no more than half a page to a page in length. Remember the executive summary is designed to give busy ‘executives’ a quick summary of the contents of the report.
  2. The introduction sets out what you plan to say and provides a brief summary of the problem under discussion. It should also touch briefly on your conclusions. Your intro is where you introduce your topic and state your thesis. Your intro should be engaging but not corny–the goal should be to hook the reader so that they want to read the rest of your report. You should provide some background information on your topic and then state your thesis so that the reader knows what the report is going to be about.
  3. Report Main Body. You should split it into sections using numbered sub-headings relating to themes or areas for consideration. For each theme, you should aim to set out clearly and concisely the main issue under discussion and any areas of difficulty or disagreement. It may also include experimental results. All the information that you present should be related back to the brief and the precise subject under discussion.
  4. Conclusions and Recommendations. The conclusion sets out what inferences you draw from the information, including any experimental results. It may include recommendations, or these may be included in a separate section.

Part 3 Finalizing Your Report

  1. Read through your report from an outsider’s perspective. Does the point you are trying to make come across clearly? Does all of your evidence support your thesis? If you were someone reading your report for the first time, would you feel like you understood the topic after reading the report?
  2. Disseminating the final report. Having a second pair of eyes can be helpful to make sure your point is clear and your writing doesn’t sound awkward. Ask your helper, do you understand what I am saying in my report? Is there anything you think I should take out or add? Is there anything you would change?
  3. Supporting the implementation of recommendations made in the final report. Recommendations made in the report are implemented in a timely fashion. The recommendations should include specific timelines and deliverables. It may be useful if reviewers prepare a budget listing the main activities that need to be implemented. Each activity should be specific, achievable and linked to output or process indicators. Estimates of the additional resources required to implement the activities (that is, the funding gap), and possible sources of funding, must be highlighted.













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Graphic Design Cover Letter

graphic designer cover letter


Graphic Design Cover Letter – Tips To Note

graphic designer cover letter

A graphic designer is an expert whose works entails enhancing the artistic value of any piece of material like brochures, advertisements, websites, TV promotions, and magazines layouts among others. These specialists’ know how to grab attention of viewers easily through the use of design software. However much that their works speaks volumes about them when it comes to applying for a job they still need to write a captivating graphic design cover letter. Though it might be pretty overwhelming to transfer the design skills right on a plain paper, there are still helpful tips that can help one, go through cover letter writing with lots of ease. There is one mistake that most designer are fond of when writing a cover letter. They tend to showcase and use graphics right on the cover letter as well as the resume.


It is without a doubt that your resume and the cover letter should somehow display your personality nonetheless, it is important to keep it average. This means that one can as well utilize some graphics though in regards to the job being applied for and the organization. However, if you are not quite sure of some of these things then the cover letter should be simple. In as a much as you are a graphic designer your cover letter should not only talk about your graphics prowess but, also other skills and qualification. Prove how your creative works have had a great impact in other organizations that you have worked for. Basically you need to show how your work has led to immense success. Mention these aspects but, ensure to be precise.


To those who are just beginning their careers and might have no work experience to back their applications, one needs to stress his or her expertise on particular design software. The final and most important tip is to do some research to find more about the organization, get to understand the job descriptions that they have advertised, and the contact person who will receive the application. Having some information about the organization at hand will sell you as a candidate who is really interested to work for the organization.



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Tips for how to Dress for an Interview

dress during an interviewFor all of us job interview can be frightening moment. During an interview you have to meet with new people, answer their questions, but the first judgement on interviews makes is going to be based on your looks and what you are wearing. Based on your dressing the manager might drawing conclusions to your education, intelligence etc. As we know first impression are the last ones and it is extremely important when it comes to find a good job.

Here are some of the important tips for how to dress for an interview.These are as follows

1) Properly fit—

Always make sure that the clothes you are wearing in an interview properly fits you. During an interview you looks traditional and conservative.

2) Prefer long sleeves—

Lack of sleeves on a dress proves that you are not serious business person and you are best suited as back up choice.

3) Shoes—

Most of the people while going for an interview completely ignore what they are wearing on their feet. Shoes are one of the best indicator. Your shoes should be properly polished and laced-up

4) Accessories—

Women tend to wear more accessories than men but it doesn’t mean that men can ignore this. Men prefer simple and plain watch. Carry a briefcase that hold copies of your resume and note taking.In case of women long earrings or dangles are out. Avoid  jewelry , wedding band etc. Little perfume is acceptable. Never overpower anyone with aroma. If you have any tattoos or body piercings it should be taken out or covered with clothing.



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Interview with PHINOVA & ANFISA


Interview with PHINOVA & ANFISA

Last week , we got a chance to meet  EDM duo and they were kind enough to have a short interview with us and tell us more about their work


Jobisite : We been hearing a lot about your EDM duo, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

Phinova & Anfisa : It is awesome to hear all the support from every places in the world specially edm lovers so we feel so happy and thank GOD for that


Jobisite : Please tell us more about your first official independent release “With you” ?

Phinova & Anfisa :’With you” is the expression of our collaboration we wanted to create passion wit love in a same track and that why we reached the number 1 in electro house chart on spinning record


Jobisite : What motivates you to do your best work  ?

Phinova & Anfisa : passion is the main key and Anfisa always bring that energy to create great music



Jobisite :  What kind of training have you had, if any  ?

Phinova & Anfisa: we use to have resident job in china for me and Japan Korea and china also for her so that a lot of experience


Jobisite : : What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years.

Phinova & Anfisa : we are working in a new project and preparing  a Russian and Malaysia tour


Jobisite : :  If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

Phinova & Anfisa : ibiza


Jobisite : : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

Phinova & Anfisa: food , football and I love to make by myself some special food


Jobisite : : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you ?

Phinova & Anfisa : just follow me on Instagram:






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Objective statement for a resume

objective statement

objective statement

In order to write an effective objective statement for a resume is very tough. The hiring manager will read hundreds of resumes per day. An effective objective statement on resume can help you, get a close look from the manager. An objective should be clearly stated and really what you want the employer to read. Consider few points for objective statement..

1) Make it short—–

Recruiter does not want to read book of yours. Always make sure that your resume should be short and concise.

2) Content—

The main purpose of objective statement is ” what’s in that resume” . You just provide information about what job you are seeking for and about your potential for the job. The best way to do is to list some of your skills and achievements.

3)  Specific—

Whenever you are going to write an objective statement, it should be specific. It always describe what job do you want and why you are interested in this job?

By customizing  your objective, the manager may thought that you are fit for the position and you have to go through the next step. Some of the examples of objective statement are as follows______

a) I’m interested to join your company where i can utilize my skills and gain some experience and increase company’s productivity and reputation.

b) I’m pursuing my career as an engineer or related post that offers team oriented tasks, immediate challenges  or some career opportunities.

c) To secure part time position within travel agency to obtain knowledge and experience in sales and marketing field.

d) To participate as a sales position within electronic products, to utilize my outstanding communication skills.

e) To explore job opportunities for computer technician that reflects my experience, skills and creativity.

f) My objective is to leverage my experience while continuing to be challenged.

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Architects interview questions

Architects interview questions


If you want to get the job of architect, you need to prepare the answers for some Architects interview questions in advance.


Question 1: Why do you apply for this job?

If you have previously worked as the architects and you have a lot of experiences, you can mention that this field is the field that you are experienced in. You can mention that you love this career and give appropriate explanation if you are new graduate to the field.


Question 2: How long did you work for your last project?

This question is usually a question for people who have worked as architects before. They need to give an appropriate length of time. It should not be too long unless the project is a very large scale one.


Question 3: How would you distinguish yourself from other candidates?

Answer: You should let the interviewers believe that you are the unique one in the work. Therefore, you need to showcase your ability to convince that you can work better than the others.


Question 4: How would you present your project to the others?

You do not need to exactly tell the words that you speak during the presentation. But you have to let your interviewers know that you would follow some sets of procedures to prepare for the work and let them know that you would think carefully before you do the presentation.


Question 5: What is your career goal?

You need to mention the years that you would like to work in this position and the number of years that you would take for promoting to senior levels.


Question 6: Tell me your weakness?

You have to let your interviewer know that you understand your weakness. If you show that you have nothing weak at all, it means that you are too proud of yourself and you would not be able to work in a humble manner and reflect any of your mistakes.


Question 7: How would you balance between spending and creativity?

Some of the architectural projects may bring wonderful designs and building but they may also be expensive. Therefore, it is necessary for you to mention the way that you would do in order to find a balance between these things.


Question 8: Will you give up easily?

Obviously the answer is no. But you need to tell the reason instead of simply saying ‘no’.


Question 9: How would you rate yourself with the score out of 10?

If you give 10, it would be very risky because there would be some questions following this and you may find it difficult to answer those questions. Thus, 7 to 8 with appropriate explanation would be good.


Question 10: How will you improve yourself in the work?

If you rate yourself perfectly in the previous question, you would be speechless in this question. Thus, you are not advised to mention that you are perfect. Otherwise, it would only lead to many troubles for yourself, which are not necessary if you answer well in the previous question.


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Accounting and technology

Accounting and technology
accounting technology

Over the years,many tax and accounting have realized the need for funding technology in various manners. The world is changing and so as the needs, people like to do things sitting at home.Everyone is getting closer to the technology. No doubt its the time where Web-based financial and accounting applications are  becoming the norm.Even if growing numbers of internet users are not buying products , but they are asking about their availability.
Technology is certainly changing the way businesses are run. Thanks to technology, even online personal loans are now easier and more accessible. One business sector where technology is really improving business practices is in the accounting field.
Computers and new technology help accountants to be more accurate, predict results and keep budgets balanced. While most accounts are good with numbers and were succeeding without technology, the addition of new technologies makes the job easier and more efficient.
There are many good accounting softwares that you can see these days, like Quickbook.It just makes accountant’s job more efficient. They can be more productive and by easily looking into graphs and reports, they can be mire accurate in talking about and handling  money stuff. This helps company executives know how much cash flow is coming in and how much is going out.
There are many benefits of implementing technology in Accounting. Some of them are:
Increased Functionality
Computerized accounting systems can create lot of graphs and reports that can give companies a better insight of their investments and funds.Many accounting systems provides suggestions also on increasing financial investment performance. accounting systems
Improved Accuracy
Most computerized accounting systems have internal check and balance measures to ensure that all transactions and accounts are properly balanced before financial statements are prepared. many of these systems have been highly tested and they make sure that you donot enter any wrong data. Anytime this will be mor accurate than humans.When you use a computerized system, you make fewer mistakes in calculating totals or in typing, decreasing confusion. Invoice software usually allows you to include a tax percentage when appropriate, with the system performing all calculations.
Faster Processing
Computerized accounting systems allow accountants to process large amounts of financial information and process it quickly through the accounting system.I have seen some accountants taking few hours to calculate all data and show results , which is shown by accounting system in just few seconds.
Shortening this time period aids companies in cost control, which increases overall company efficiency.
Better External Reporting
computerized accounting systems allow users to create lot of reports and many customers can use these reports for various activities.
Increased staff performance
An accounting software solution minimizes the administrative burden placed on finance professionals by automating routine, repetitive manual tasks, allowing them to focus more of their time and effort on those processes that directly
Deal in multiple currencies
The ability to deal in multiple currencies easily – many computerized accounting packages now allow a business to trade in multiple currencies with ease.  Problems associated with exchange rate changes are minimized.
Security – Access to information should be managed in a thoughtful and logical manner. For many companies, accounting software security is based on a need-to-know basis. In addition to access management, the data itself should be secured from malicious activities, as well as system failure or natural disaster.
Now  lets look at some of good accounting softwares.
  • Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • Bookkeeper
  • AccountEdge
  • DacEasy
  • Simply Accounting
  • CYMA
  • NetSuite Small Business
  • Cougar Mountain

Check this site if you are looking for  north london accountants. Visit lermer for  accountants north london.

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Top Most 8 Twitter Tips

TopMost 8 Twitter Tips

Twitter is the new darling of the Internet. This is an effective tool used for the purpose of business promotion. Some tips for using twitter as an effective business marketing tool are as:

  1. Active Participation in the Industry Conversation – The audience and the business competitors are on twitter sharing their experience. And now-a-days it is used for the business promotion at large. So be a part of it. It may be the best social mixer for you. This will help to promote your brand also. People will come to know about your business and brand name. And you can even look out for your competitors. You can monitor your competitors.
  2. Engage with your target audience – Twitter provides you with the facility of interacting with your targeted audience. You have the better opportunity to know your audience completely. You can re-tweet their posts or respond to their posts.
  3. Online Reputation Management – Information on Twitter breaks quickly. The Businesses can use Twitter to monitor their performance. People may tweet about your brand, if they find something negative about your brand. Transparency and honesty can be a good thing with twitter.
  4. Promote your Content – if your company has a corporate blog or various other blogs, you can make use of Twitter to promote your blog content. You can set up a feed to automatically post your blog post URLs directly to Twitter.
  5. Twitter and Mobile – Twitter is a simple tool to use and is limited to 140 characters. You can use twitter on your mobile to send tweets. You can both send and receive updates. Twitter can be a great mobile communication tool and thus it can be a pretty powerful thing.
  6. Promotion Tool– Twitter is used as a promotional tool to announce official endeavors or upcoming online events. Twitter provides the opportunity to promote your products or service and brand to your friends. A quick tweet with the URL can help you in getting additional traffic to your site to help coax the conversion on your site.
  7. Ask Questions Get Answers – You can use Twitter to ask the question and if your friends are remotely interested in the same question, you will receive a response. Someone will answer your question and at least point you in the right direction.
  8. Press Release – Use Twitter to promote your press releases and to communicate company news. Twitter is an information super-highway that can help communicate news quickly.

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Human Resource resume example

Human Resource resume example


If you have spent a lot of time to look for the useful pieces of information related to writing resume for human resource job, you may find that the Human Resource resume example here is very useful for you.


Human resource associate as well as other positions in the human resources department would play an important role in the whole company. They would be responsible for managing the staff of a company and they would need to recruit new members. Therefore, the resume that you submit for the human resources job actually would be evaluated by other human resource staff in the company. They usually have a high standard for the resume because they have read a lot of resumes before and they would like to recruit the best for the company.


Therefore, you need to make sure that you would not make mistake in the resume. There are some types of common mistakes that you may find in a resume. For example, some people would make grammatical mistakes in the resume while some of them would fail to list the items of their qualifications according to the timeline approach. Therefore, these mistakes can all ruin your career in the job application of human resources field.


If you want to know more about the exact Human Resource resume example, you can read the information below. You probably would know more about the way to create a good resume as well as the way to impress the recruiters by using the resume.


Human Resource resume example


Annie Johnson

20SS Street,MDCity,CA21030

Cell: 330-440-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To obtain the position in the human resource field as the human resource associate

To work in an organization that is willing to provide opportunities for employees to grow


–          Comprehensive experience in using human resources information systems to keep track with the progress of staff

–          Experienced in solving various types of problems

–          Excellent in relationship building and maintaining communication with the others

–          Extensive knowledge about the techniques of recruitment

–          Familiar with different laws and regulations about recruitment in theUS

–          Work according to instructions within the certain deadline

–          Complete several projects at the same time and finish them with quality


Work Experience

Human Resource Associate, AS Corporation

2010 – Present

–          Supported the human resource department to complete administrative work such as newcomer orientation

–          Handled the work of assisting the managers and senior member of human resources department to implement the people development procedures

–          Attended the seminars and staff meeting to report the human resource department operation

–          Prepared reports and submitted for managers to review

–          Evaluated the performance of different employees in the human resource department

–          Coordinated the work of supervising employees in the human resources department and reported the progress


Expected salary



Earliest date to start work

Immediate but preferred to be one month later



The reference will be available upon request

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Hydrocephalus and its types

Hydrocephalus is  defined as a condition which is mainly characterized by excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain.Hydrocephalus can be classified as congenital or acquired. The  indication of hydrocephalus in children and infants is  rapid increase  circumference of head  or an unusual increase in head size.  Hydrocephalus is mainly  derived from the Greek words “hydro”  which means water and “cephalus” means  head.  Hydrocephalus  is a condition in which there  is excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain. Although hydrocephalus was once known as “water on the brain,””water actually means  cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) — It is  a clear fluid that  mainly surrounds the brain and spinal cord.Due to the excessive accumulation of CSF there is  abnormal widening of   spaces in the brain called ventricles. This widening creates  harmful pressure on the tissues of the brain.

The ventricular system is made up of four ventricles  which are connected by narrow passages.. Normally, CSF flows through these ventricles, exits into cisterns,  at the base of the brain, bathes the surfaces of the brain and spinal cord, and then reabsorbs into the bloodstream. CSF performs many functions

1)  It act as a cushion or “shock absorber”

2)It  helps to  deliver  nutrients to the brain and remove wastes from body

3)It helps  to maintain  flow between the cranium and spine and compensate for changes in intracranial blood volume (the amount of blood within the brain). The balance between production and absorption of CSF is critically important. Because CSF is made continuously,  medical conditions that block its normal flow or absorption will result in an over-accumulation of CSF.  The resulting pressure of the fluid against brain tissue is what causes hydrocephalus.


Hydrocephalus may be  classified as congenital or acquired.


Congenital hydrocephalus is  mainly present at birth and it may  be caused by  events or influences that occur during fetal development, or genetic abnormalities.


Acquired hydrocephalus develops at the time of birth or after sometime. This type of hydrocephalus can affect individuals of all ages and may be caused by injury or disease.

Hydrocephalus can  also be divided into communicating or non-communicating


Communicating hydrocephalus occurs when there is blockage in the  flow of CSF  after it exits the ventricles. This form is called communicating because the CSF can still flow between the ventricles, which remain open.


Non-communicating hydrocephalus – also called “obstructive” hydrocephalus –  It mainly occurs when the flow of CSF is blocked along one or more of the narrow passages connecting the ventricles. One of the most common causes of hydrocephalus is “aqueductal stenosis.” In this case, hydrocephalus results from a narrowing of the aqueduct of Sylvius, a small passage between the third and fourth ventricles in the middle of the brain.

Other forms of hydrocephalus are  hydrocephalus ex-vacuo and normal pressure hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus ex-vacuo occurs when there is  stroke or some  traumatic injury  to the brain and causes damage . In these cases, brain tissue may actually shrink. Normal pressure hydrocephalus can happen to people at any age, but it is most common among the elderly. It may be due to sub arachnoid hemorrhage, head trauma, infection, tumor, or complications of surgery.


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plan a surprise party

surprise party
Surprise Party:
It’s just like a regular party only with the element… of surprise!
Lets see how can we plan a surprise party:
Plan in advance! If you don’t everything could just be very disorganized,and you might even, for example, run out of food. Make sure it stays a secret… otherwise it could turn out boring.
It’s better if it’s a few days before/after the birthday- otherwise the birthday person might guess.
It’s helpful if everyone brings something, and that there are quite a few people organizing the surprise party.
Get people to help you with decorating… have balloons, tinsel, a banner, posters, party poppers, and invitations…
everything to make it look pretty
Just make sure your guest of honor has a good sense of humor and will appreciate being caught off guard.
If you’re planning a surprise party, be sure to make all of the guests aware that it’s a surprise and give them clear instructions on when, where, and how to show up.
When planning a party, any party, you’ve just got to have decorations, right? Many party supply stores offer a huge variety of decorations at a very reasonable price.
And the best advice from How to plan a party is, have fun! Whether for yourself, a client, or a friend,
planning a party can be great fun. Almost as fun as the party itself!
How to make sure that it is a real surprise:
There are some basic rules you should follow to ensure that your party goes well and without hitches.
Secrecy are the first and second words
Separate and isolate communications
Better to over-involve than under-involve
Be mindful of what you say
Cover your tracks
Make sure you have a backup plan
Since the element of surprise is the most important part of a surprise party, take care to check that your party decorations aren’t at all visible from outside the venue.
Some Tips for successful successful party:
Don’t all huddle in a group and say ‘nothing’ when asked what’s going on.
The person you’re planning it for will be suspicious.
Be careful if you can’t spend time with the person you’re planning the party for, because you’re too busy planning.
They might go off in a huff and not turn up to the party.
Make sure that no obvious clues are left lying around for the surprisee to spot.

check this website if you are looking for party planning. It has good information on how to plan a party.

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Why is my job searching not working?

Why is my job searching not working?

Actually in today’s economy not getting a job lack of success has nothing to do with you. So many people are grappling for job in this tough economy, Right?

Actually No. in today’s economy people are getting jobs and calls for interview just after few days of applying. If you are not getting then there may be some fundamental issues.

Consider other job options

Consider other jobs when you are finding difficulties in your current job searching. May be you could find that job more interesting and you could end up doing this will fill your employment gap also. Don’t get indulged in one thing if nothing is working out then choose another field may be you could do better in this.

Get some job search help from library

Go to library many library offers job search classes. There you will find more job seekers interact with those people and get assistance from other fellows. Library is an excellent source of job search help.

More Options to get job search help

If nothing is working out then go to career counselor that might help you to figure out actual cause. That could give you an alternate way to find job.

Look for jobs in the right places

Are you searching for a job at the right place? Wrong search keyword or not using best job sites can make it difficult to find a job.

Try Temporary

Start working as a temporary there are many which offers training may be you could find permanent position. May be they could pay you or non-payable but start working at least it could fill your gap.

Unstick Your Job Search

If your job search halts or stop making progress then unstick it and get back on is simple as you are finding the right opportunities to apply.


Article publié pour la première fois le 28/07/2017

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Freelance web design

Trying your hand at Freelance web design
What is freelancing and why you should be doing it?
Nowadays, you can find a lot of people doing freelancing and you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Well, a freelancer is one who actually works not just for one company but for multiple ones over a period of time. They can either be part time or full time and they are not considered to be an employer of a particular company. Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn quick and easy money. If you have a particular skill but do not have the time nor means to actually look for a day job, freelancing is the dream come true for you. These days there are a lot of online sources and websites that are specially meant for posting online jobs, and being an upcoming freelancer, you can bid on the task that you want to perform. The major advantage of freelancing is that you get to choose the kind of work that you feel is suitable.
In this modern era of technology, where the internet is taking the world by storm, needless to say, if you have the expertise to code and create web pages, you can think of freelance web design as a serious option. In fact, there is a lot of shortage of web designers all over the globe and you have good chances in showing of your capability. In order to try your hand at freelance web design, you must brush up your coding skills and should be proficient in writing scripts. You will be expected to prepare and create content for the web. The styling and format of the WebPages will have to be built by you. Be updated with technologies and resources including, but not limited to HTML and CSS. The CSS or Cascading Style Sheets helps to create a uniform arrangement of data throughout a website.
Advantages of doing a freelance web design:
a) In the current day scenario, the demand for web designing and developing is always on a high. In fact the demand is more than the supply, so you can always be sure of landing a perfect web designing job as a freelancer. You will actually become very responsible for the small company that you are doing freelancing for and this will give you a lot of importance.
b) You will never be subject to long hours of meetings and unnecessary discussions or office politics. You can work comfortably at your timings. The best thing is you can reach potential employers from all over the world.
It might be slightly hard for a beginner to land a chance at doing a freelance web design and this because it is extremely competitive. Therefore it becomes important for you to build a portfolio and populate it with your best designs to display your skills. You should be able to market yourself in the right way to get noticed but the effort and time spent is well worth it.

Article publié pour la première fois le 27/03/2016

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best job search engines

The Outstanding Job Search Engines

The job seekers who search for suitable job opportunities everyday want to prepare a list of the best job search engines in order to make their job search easier, faster and more productive. The most advanced job search engines provide various job search tools with exciting features that help to streamline the job search and make it more productive.

LinkedIn, Craigslist, Career Builder, USA jobs, Dice and Indeed are among the best job search engines that are widely used by job seekers who search for job opportunities in different fields. These advanced search engines enable the users to access the major job sites, the sites of reputed companies, various associations and also many other job sites that are to be accessed by keyword and location. The job search engines provide numerous job listings from job boards as well as company websites unlike the job boards that provide the listing of only the jobs offered directly by employers. Hence, the number of jobs shown by the job search engines will be much more than those shown by job boards.


Advantages of using selected job search engines


Those who have a list of the best job search engines need not spend time for searching too many job search sites. They need to search only two or three search engines which are their favorites. The selected job search engines may be niche job search engines and also they may provide various advanced search options. The advanced job search options enable the users to narrow down the job listings and they can search by keyword, industry, company or location. Job search based on salary is also possible. The best job search engines provide the facility to have an account and upload the application letter as well as resume of the candidate. The selected job search engines will not show repeated listings as well as listings that are expired. The users can also bookmark the jobs as well as emails with the job listings. These job search engines ensure that the users look only for good and suitable jobs.


Linked In serves the users in two ways – provides the job search engine and also enables the users to have the network with like-minded people thereby enabling them to widen their job search. The job listings that are provided by Linked In are of the best quality. The users of Linked In can also check out the “How to Use LinkedIn” which is a detailed user guide.



Indeed is a highly advanced job search engine that compiles resume and forward the same to employers on the basis of keywords, jobs and niches. On this job search engine the users can find a very wide variety of jobs and industries. The job search feature is very simple and easy to use. Users can subscribe to email job alerts.



Jobisite is a free USA job board and getting very popular these days . It has some nice features are recruiters and job seekers  to do job posting and job search



On Craigslist, the users can find out the jobs of their choice. Pertaining to the jobs they are searching, the users can set up RSS feeds also. Jobs offered by government departments, companies, non-profit organizations and writing jobs are listed by this job search engine.

Career Builder

Career Builder is considered as one among the best job search engines since it helps the users to search for their preferred job, post their resumes and get job alerts. Users can also get various resources for job search, job advice and information about job fairs from this search engine.

USA jobs

Those who want to search US government jobs find this search engine very useful as well as informative. Users can make the search worldwide within all countries that are announcing job opportunities. Users can have free user account also.

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3 Most Exciting Medical Advancements

Top 3 Most Exciting Medical Advancements of the 21st Century

So far, the 21st century has brought a number of tragedies to the world, such as the devastating attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 and the economic crisis of 2008, but the past decade has not been entirely grim. In fact, the medical field has produced an astonishing number of advancements since 2000 that have already improved many lives. The following major medical breakthroughs show that working today in the healthcare industry has never been more exciting.

The Human Genome Project

Scientists involved with the Human Genome Project kicked off the new millennium by announcing the completion of an early map of human DNA. The U.S. government-funded project, which began in 1990, has revolutionized the field of genetic research by providing an indispensable gene database that scientists around the world can use for their own research.

Already, the project has led to a number of fruitful discoveries regarding the structure of human DNA and its origin. For example, geneticists can pinpoint the prehistoric origin of diseases by tracing the migration of minor gene variations between human populations. Not only does this enable people to learn more about their family susceptibility to certain diseases, but it will also allow drug manufacturers to design products tailor-made for an individual’s genetic makeup.

Stem Cell Research

The past decade has also brought many advances in stem cell research, especially when it comes to the method used to harvest them. Initially, viable stem cells could only be harvested from embryos that would be destroyed during the process. This has led to a great deal of ethical debate that has prompted governments to impose numerous restrictions that have slowed research progress.

Today, however, research organizations have discovered more ethically sound ways to harvest viable stem cells. One recent example involves scientists from the University of Central Florida, who have been able to transform umbilical cord stem cells into oligodendrocytes, the brain cells responsible for producing the insulating material needed for nerve cells to conduct electrical impulses. These findings represent a huge step in developing a cure for spinal cord injuries and debilitating nervous diseases such as multiple sclerosis.


Nanotechnology is no longer the stuff of science fiction, as it is now being used by the medical field to create more sophisticated delivery systems for drugs, vaccines and other substances. Unlike more traditional delivery systems, these molecule-sized nanoparticles target specific cells, which enable them to provide an effective dose in much smaller quantities.

One of the most promising examples of nanotechnology, for instance, is currently under development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using mice infected with malaria, scientists and engineers have designed a fatty molecule to provoke an immunological response similar to the harmless viruses used in traditional vaccines. Not only could these virus-free vaccines lead to safer immunizations, but they could also provide an answer to diseases (such as HIV) where the virus cannot be rendered harmless.

These examples are only a few of the many major inroads that the medical field has made over the past decade when it comes to treating diseases and other debilitating conditions. Every branch of the healthcare industry, from medical assistant training schools to research and development organizations, should expect to see significant changes resulting from these discoveries over the course of this century. By starting a career in healthcare today, you can be a part of this exciting future.


Brandi Tolleson is a prolific and dynamic freelance writer who covers topics from healthcare to entertainment.

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/02/2012

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Sample Resume for Computer Hardware Engineer

Sample Resume for Computer Hardware Engineer


Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


  • Experienced and reliable computer Hardware Engineer with an excellent customer satisfaction record.
  • Thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of hardware design and development.
  • Able to explain complex technological concepts and processes in a clear and accessible manner.


Core Qualifications


  • Extensive project leadership and hardware development experience.
  • Superior skills in microprocessors and digital data communication design hardware.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Experienced with embedded processing.
  • Familiarity with the wireless standard protocols.
  • Adept in analyzing and de-bugging new products.


Work Experience


Computer Hardware Engineer

Xyz Technologies, some town



  • Research, design, develop, and test computer hardware equipment for commercial purpose.
  • Monitor the production and installment of components &hardware.
  • Design machines according to customer’s specifications.
  • Analyze and estimate viability and feasibility of new hardware.
  • Plan, Design, built, and test Digital control logic.
  • Modify existing computers and enhance their performance.
  • Build more advanced computer systems that exceed all expectations.


Computer Hardware Engineer

Xyz group, some town



  • Designed and tested electronic components and circuits.
  • Evaluated and modified design as necessary.
  • Providing cost and time estimations for delivering projects.
  • Analyzed and specified configuration and power supply requirements.
  • Tested and verified hardware and peripherals.
  • Studies user needs and suggested appropriate hardware.
  • Assembled and modified machine components and hardware.




Bachelor’s Degree- Electronics Technology

University Of Southern California, LA


Download: Sample Resume for Computer Hardware Engineer.docx


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The term recruitment has been a part of every nation or to be specific every individual since ancient times. With the evolution of humankind, the process of recruitment has been a part of our lives.  When it comes to gain knowledge about the process of recruitment, the first and foremost task that one has to know about is the definition of recruitment to be simple, the term recruitment May be defined a process for a hiring or identifying among the best qualified faces to perform certain jobs for the hirer (or employer) and to get paid instead of their performance. The term that co-relates the recruitment is Employment. These two terms go hand in hand, as they mean almost similar. Employment defines the status of the people being recruited in some or the other organizations. Like if it is said that a country’s employment status is 80%, it means that out of every 100 people of the country’s population 80 peoples are being recruited in some or the other organization based in the concerned country.


Recruitment creates a pool of specialized employees that carry their perfect existence when it comes to perform various jobs that they are expert in. well the recruitment may be classified as few types like –


Casual or contingent recruitment: – This type is a form of temporary recruitment where the employee is paid based on the piece of work performed by them.


Full time recruitment: – When recruited under this type, the employee has to work for 8 hours at least and have to follow all the regulations of the concern they are working under.


Part time recruitment: – This type of recruitment enables a few hours of job to be performed by the employee recruited under this category.


Self-Employment: – This type allows one to work for their own profit and earn their living. For instance a business man is a self-employed man


Employed on wage basis: – this type recruits works that have a fixed wage pay based on their work load


Temporary recruitment: – This type includes recruitment of the employees where job security lacks. They are employed for certain period of time and are then sacked later on


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General classification of jaundice

General classification of jaundice

Jaundice is a term  which is mainly used to describe an increase in the amount of bilirubin in the body, which results in the  yellow colouration of white area of eye, and skin . jaundice can be categoriz

e into three different types; each results in yellowing pigmentation but for different reasons.

Physiologic Jaundice

Physiologic jaundice is common in newborns whose livers have not fully developed the ability to process bilirubin. This period of jaundice usually resolves itself within two to three days. A type of exaggerated physiologic jaundice is referred to as “breastfeeding jaundice,” which usually appears during the first week of a newborn’s life., breastfeeding jaundice is believed to be a result of inadequate breast milk intake, leading to dehydration or low caloric intake. Breastfeeding jaundice usually peaks during an infant’s second or third week of life, and providing the infant is ingesting sufficient calories usually resolves itself without causing any medical problems. .


Pathologic Jaundice

Pathologic jaundice can occur in children and adults and is diagnosed when jaundice presents a health risk. In infants, pathologic jaundice can occur when physiologic jaundice becomes exacerbated by dehydration or a premature or complicated birth. In adults, there are several causes of pathological jaundice, including blood incompatibilities and diseases, and hereditary syndromes. Several forms of hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver and other liver diseases, bile duct blockage, along with infections and medications, can also cause pathological jaundice

Gilbert Syndrome

Gilbert’s syndrome is a harmless hereditary condition that results in mild jaundice. During times of illness or stress, people with Gilbert’s syndrome will experience low levels of some bilirubin-processing enzymes in their livers.

the other  types of jaundice are:

  • Hemolytic Jaundice: Hemo means ‘blood’ and lytic means ‘breakdown of cells’; together ‘hemolytic’ means breakdown of red blood cells. In hemolytic jaundice or pre-hepatic jaundice, the bilirubin level is raised due to excess breakdown of red blood cells.In this form, overproduction of bilirubin results from excessive breakdown of red blood cells (hemolysis). For this process to cause jaundice, the degree of hemolysis usually has to be severe enough to produce a degree of anemia as well.

    Causes  include defects in the structure of the hemoglobin (thalassemia), faulty red blood cell membranes (spherocytosis) and infection in the blood cells (malaria). Each of these make the red blood cells more fragile and susceptible to hemolysis.

  • Obstructive Jaundice: Also known as post-hepatic jaundice is caused by obstruction of bile flow from the liver. This increases the level of bilirubin in the blood, thereby causing obstructive jaundice. Obstructive Jaundice can cause extreme pruritus (itching) due to build up of salt and other biles constituents.When the bile duct is blocked, bilirubin builds up in the liver. As it no longer being excreted from the body the level in the bloodstream then rises and produces jaundice. The most common cause of obstructive jaundice is a gallstone leaving the gall bladder and becoming lodged in the bile duct. In older people, cancers of the gall bladder and pancreas may also obstruct the duct.
  • Hepatocellular Jaundice: This type of jaundice is very common and occurs due to inability of the liver to metabolize and remove bilirubin from the biliary system.Damaged liver cells cannot remove and conjugate the normal quantity of bilirubin circulating in the blood, thus causing the level of bilirubin in the blood to rise. Viral hepatitis  is the most common liver disease that causes jaundice. Liver inflammation caused by certain toxic chemicals, alcohol (alcoholic hepatitis), and glandular fever may also be associated with jaundice.
  • Neonatal Jaundice:. Neontal jaundice is marked by yellow discoloration of skin and other tissues of a newborn. The symptoms generally become apparent on the second or fourth day after the baby is born and disappear on it own within two to three weeks.

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How to write an Entry level cover letter

How to write an Entry level cover letter    Well most of us know that when we write our first cover letter   we write it with utter understanding and much care because we   know that if we do anything wwrong in writing it we have to suffer  a job loss.So try to make a good cover letter,also try to add som-  ething different in it that will make your cover letter outstanding  First add your contact information  like address,phone number etc.  Keep in mind that you have to keep the writing pattern same as the   different pattern will look odd one.Mark bullets at the desired p-  oints or use semi colon.Make the paragraphs required because it shows   the pattern you use for writing.Mark the each paragraph with a heading  so that it will be easy for the hiring manager to find out.Must add some   keywords related to your job post so that hiring manager think that you   have enough knowledge about that field.Also write something interested   about that company because he will be able to know that you had made enough  research about the company.Always write with a simple language never use some   other writing fonts while writing because this directly shows that your motto   is to impress the hiring manager.There are several articles related to cover   letters you can find it easy to check about more cover letters at

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Ideas for Pinterest Marketing

pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a platform for crowd sourced visual content grouped into topics (mostly lifestyle at the moment).
It is a social network that allows its users to share visual content ,like images or videos to their own boards. If you are a regular facebook user/promoter, you can think of board here same as facebook page.

Before you jump into Pinterest marketing, you can ask yourself if you have enough visuals or medias in your website to promote? Will that audience matters to you ?
Some good example sites that can use pinterest heavily may be ecommerce stores, blogs will nice images, media, etc.

Ready to start?

You can register with your business email (and Twitter) on account set-up


Below are some of the pinterest marketing ideas for content promoter


– Include Price Tags
If it is ecommerce store then it is very helpful to add price tag to it. Many pinterest users are looking to buy products also.
Make sure you include a price tag in the pins you create or repin. Pinterest pins with prices get a lot more likes than those without.


-Find Popular Group Boards
There are not many search features currently available to search good group boards, so you can use external website to find out some nice boards. If you go to PinGroupie site, you can search boards by filling up category and then filter result by collaborators, repins, Likes and followers.Try using more repins option as the more repins the board gets the more engaging.
-Cross promote
Choose something fun or engaging that fits your theme or trend and cross-promote it on your other social media platforms and may be on new boards you created in Pinterest also.
A good promotion may be to tweet about Pinterest 4-5 times a week and try posting in facebook for 6-8 times a week.
You can also add pinterest app to your facebook pages


-Try Blog boards
Promoters can create a blog board, a place for your followers to find all your blog posts.
Followers also automatically see any new blogs you pin on their homepage


-Check Pins from Competitor Domains
Users who have pinned items from your competitor’s websites are more likely to pin items from your board.
Promoters can use ,which can tell about pins for your competitors website. Find pinners who are actively pinning items from your niche and then start following them and repin from their boards.


-Share videos
While videos are not as popular on Pinterest as images are, creating a board with videos is a great way to increase engagement with your Pinterest followers.Some nice videos, how to do things, video testimonials in your pinterest boards is a great way to drive traffic back to your website or your YouTube channel.


-Highlight books/blogs worth reading
Its not always to promote your own website, but educating yoru audience with some nice blogs, articles, books will be a good idea as a content marketer.
Also provide some comparision blogs, some Dos and Donts or pros and cons content.


-Highlight your peers
Why not set up a Pinterest board to highlight other content marketers or entrepreneurs in your niche to drive traffic and build relationship


Infographics attracts lot of audience and sharing, so its worth creating some infographics. There are many online sites for creating infographics.


Everyone loves quotes, especially Pinterest users.Try online sites for getting quotes like


-Pinterest contest and promotions
Designing your own Pinterest promotion is pretty straightforward. You need to select a way for participants to enter, and then select a way for participants to win. You can find some nice tools and tips for creating Pinterest contents and content for that.

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Breast stroke

A swimming stroke in which a person lies face down in the water and extends the arms in front of the head, then sweeps them both back laterally under the surface of the water.Also defined as stroke in which the arms are extended in front of the head and swept back on either side while the legs are drawn up beneath the body and thrust back together.  we also name it as, lazy breaststroke swimming style. We call it “paní Radová” breaststroke. In the olden days, the  wife of the town’s mayor used to be very respected individual, lazily strolling through the town with her nose held high. And this was translated into the swimming terms when someone swims very slow breaststroke with the head above the water at all times as if they are above anything else.  This type of breaststroke puts quite a lot of pressure on ones lower back since the swimmer needs to bend to keep the head above the water.

there are  four general principles for breast stroke

1) When a swimmer begins the stroke, they  “pulls” (sculls)themselves beyond the point where the hands began the stroke.

2) The hands and feet act like  wings creating lift and drag as they pull or kick through the water.

3) The weight of the water over the hands and the feet is important in keeping the hands and feet from slipping.

4) The hands and feet must be accelerated through the range of motion caring not to break the plane that they are sculling (pulling or kicking) on.                                                                              

                                                                           The swimmer should begin the arm stroke with arms extended at a slight angle down with the hands about 6 to 8 inches under the water. Hands should be side by side or slightly overlapping with the little finger pitched slightly up. The stroke begins with the little fingers leading the way and the wrists flexing outward. The arms sweep out and down. At the widest part of the stroke the fingers point down and the hands pitch in. The elbows are high with the hands below. On the insweep the hands accelerate to their fastest speed with the forearms and upper arms pressing in as one unit. The hands finish the stroke in a praying position and recover at the surface of the water. The hands should not be sculled past the shoulder.The head position is always in an up position with little up and down movement. Swimmers should look forward and slightly down during the arm recovery and kick portion of the stroke and above the water during the end of the insweep and breathing portion of the stroke.The first series of breaststroke drills focuses on proper kicking technique.  For the first drill, have swimmers insert a buoy between their knees before performing the breaststroke.  If the buoy slips or they are unable to hold it in place, wrap a large band around their knees.  The purpose of the drill is to keep the knees together which is an essential aspect of a successful breaststroke.  The Breaststroke is typically the most popular swim stroke among leisure swimmers and once perfected allows swimmers to enjoy swimming for a long time without tiring.

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Facts and tips to help with interview questions


To answer a job interview question usually a help with interview questions are necessary. It is
not possible to predict the type of questions you may be asked. You need to be prepared for
any type of question which may be asked by the employer. For this you need to know all about
your employer. The employer may ask tricky questions about the company or yourself or the
job for which you are applying. Make sure to make a list of possible questions which can be
asked and to write an answer for each of the questions. This will help you to be more free with
the questions and will bring you in a better position to answer more questions like this.

How to answer

To answer questions you must be confident and sure. Help with interview questions may be
needed to know how to answer questions. Question related to yourself must be answered with
confidence and with full surety. Try not to use maybe and if in your answers. Also never use
two negative words in your questions. Questions regarding your job positions must be well
informed. Make sure you know all about the job profile. A well researched answer is sure to
get you hired instantly. Questions related to the company must also be well researched. You
must not be vague in your answers. If you don’t know much, end your answer with a positive

When answering

Questions from the employers must be answered at the appropriate time. You must seem
eager but not rush things. Some help with interview questions will make you a master
in answering questions. Research well on the internet so as not to make a blunder while
answering question. You need to be completely honest and truthful while answering your
questions. Answering questions at the right time in a right way will surely make a good
impression on the employer.

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Cashier resume example

Cashier resume example

Some people think that it is very troublesome and difficult to write good resume. However, you actually can find that there are many things for you to rely on when you construct your resume. You would find that there are some useful resume examples for you to follow whenever you write the resume. With the resume example, you could have a good experience with that.


When you apply for a job like cashier, you would still need to prepare and submit the resume. Therefore, you need to learn the right approach to write the good resume for cashier job. You need to state all the previous work experiences that you think are relevant. If you cannot find a lot of job experiences which can show that you are capable for the job, you can try to mention some of the projects that you have done in school. These projects should demonstrate that you are a careful person and you have good ability to calculate basic things. When you work as the cashier, the ability for you to calculate things accurately and quickly is very important so you should not ignore it.


You do not need to use a lot of complicated structures to write the resume sample. Instead, you can simple go straight to the point and mention everything in your mind. Your employers would not want to spend a lot of time to find the hidden meaning of the resume so you should always find the right approach to mention things directly.


Cashier resume example


Milton Henderson

320 SDD Street,

230, NY

Cell number: 230-230-XXXX

Email: [email protected]




To pursue a position of cashier with good ability in math


Key skills

–          Good mathematical skills and is able to manage the daily transactions well

–          Willing to take up further roles to manage the workplace

–          Good analytical skills and is able to express ideas

–          Good communicate skills which can help communicate with clients and colleagues

–          Could get well in a team and can work independently as well

–          Willing to learn from examples and lead the others

–          Could learn things fast and teach the others efficiently

–          Able to manage integrate technology with cashier job


Work Experience


Cashier, SDE Mart

2010 – 2011


–          Received training for cashier role

–          Managed cash transactions 8 hours a day

–          Balanced the inventory of cash every day

–          Assisted the manager to keep the accurate of cash balance of the shop

–          Helped the administrative work


Cashier, SDDC Mart



–          Handled transaction with cash and credit cards

–          Assisted the head cashier to keep good inventory of cash

–          Regularly helped the stock-taking of the whole store

–          Maintained the accounts of the shop with the team

–          Participated in the design of accounting system of the shop


Educational Qualifications


High Diploma fromSDNHigh Schoolin SDM,Florida

Basic Office Course fromCSDCenter



Available on request


Expected salary

Upon negotiation

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Resume sample for Environmental scientist

Resume sample for Environmental scientist


Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional summary


  • More than 8 years of experience in environmental research and analysis.
  • Excellent knowledge of legal documents, legal processes, and legal strategy relating to complex litigation matters.
  • Excellent analytical skills, communication skills.
  • Knowledge of environmental laws and its safety.
  • Ability to work effectively with in a team environment and to work proactively.


Professional Experience


Environmental scientist 2011 to be present

Xyz Inc.  


  • Conducted research to find pollutants or hazards in environment.
  • Developed and maintained databases.
  • Researched and reviewed technical reports.
  • Worked with Internet communication staff to maintain up to date information on websites.
  • Developed and produced project materials such as videos, case studies, PowerPoint and other visual presentations.

Environmental specialist 2008-2011

Xyz Inc.


  • Researched about the environmental hazard project requirement and made technical report.
  • Identified the source of hazard, analyzed it and recommended a solution to it.
  • Built a good relationship with environmental groups and agencies.
  • Advised clients on how to deal with the problems so that environmental damage and financial loss are kept to minimum.




Masters of Science degree in Environmental science 2008

University of California


Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental science 2006

University of California


Download Resume sample for Environmental scientist.docx

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/02/2017

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C Sharp


C Sharp- a widely used language


C Sharp is basically a programming language that has been widely used by programmers in order to create the best quality programs. This multi-paradigm language was introduced by the world famous company Microsoft in the year 2001, since then it has influenced several other languages and another way of representing this language is C# and it is the more commonly used symbol for it. Initially this language was introduced by its makers within the .Net initiative of theirs, but later on it became a standard and got approved by ECMA and ISO. The language has been designed for Common Language Infrastructure, and launched as a simple, latest, common use, object oriented language and the latest version of the language was launched on the 12th of April, last year.


ECMA has a big name and in its standard list and some of the design goals for C Sharp are that it was intended to be simple, modern, common purpose and object oriented programming language. The language should be able to provide aid to the software engineers for strong type checking, array bounds checking as well as automatic garbage collection, programmer productivity is also really important in this regard. Software components that have been made to suit distributed environments can be made with the aid of this language.


The reference C Sharp compiler is the Microsoft Visual C#, but at the same time there are other types of compilers for the language as well, which often include implementations of CLI as well as the .NET type of libraries till the 2.0version. Overall the language has been a huge success, even though it had not been made as a competitor to the C, C++ or even assembly languages, but still the language is being used widely and people rely on the language for various different kinds of programs.



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Jaundice in Adults

Talking about jaundice, the question that one needs to ask is that what  is pathological jaundice? What is the link between jaundice in newborn babies and adults based on the bilirubin levels in the blood? In the newly born, jaundice is not harmful mostly and is classified as neonatal type. Regarding pathological jaundice, whether it is in newborns or adults, this is a condition that poses a risk to health and sometimes it may be harmful. In the neonatal jaundice, it takes few days for liver to adjust and work properly after birth. Until the liver adjusts, the bilirubin is not removed effectively, so, it builds up in the body and causes symptoms like yellowish tone of skin and yellow eyes.

If one suffers from the pathological jaundice, then this condition can follow through his entire life. In this condition, bilirubin level is not being handled correctly and it builds up in the body. This condition can result due to blood transfusion incompatibilities, viral infections, Hepatitis, blood diseases, genetic disorders, infections, blocked bile duct and drug and medications. The link between jaundice and every age group is the excessive level of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is pigment produced in body by liver when red blood cells are recycled. The normal level of the bilirubin in blood is one milligram per deciliter (1mg/dl) but if it exceeds this amount the one may see yellowing of skin and eyes. Unlike neonatal type of jaundice, pathological jaundice will take time to get better.

The link between neonatal type of jaundice and pathological jaundice is that there is something wrong with the body in handling the bilirubin and body cannot effectively remove it due to some disease or any underlying condition. Conditions like Hepatitis and damage to liver by virus are life threatening conditions. If the cause of jaundice occurs in childhood and cannot be corrected, then it follows the person in the adulthood as well.


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Submit Job Feed



Many job boards want to promote their job ads in

Jobisite currently offers below options for job board owners to include their jobs.


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Recruitment and selection


Recruitment and selection


The process of recruitment includes encouraging employees or job seekers to apply for a particular career, in the USA website. They attract individuals towards them through the given criteria on the website, thereby helping them apply for the job according to their preferred qualification and work for it. The selection is the next round after applying.Thgey select candidates accordingly on a timely basis, encourages them who meet their requirements; there are many rounds in the selection and recruitment process. There may be written round and then an interview or in case of many folks applying for the job there may be as many as three or four written rounds, the cream is been selected and the best candidate is taken from the rest and is placed in the best job that they offer. This is the quality 0f selection and recruitment process done in most countries of the world.


In every recruitment and selection process, it is the value and the skill of the candidate that has been given, a lot of significance. The way the candidate speaks, the way they approach the panel in the interview board makes them score good marks for the selection of the job. Talented people in all fields find it easy to get in; they face the interview bravely, as if it is a cakewalk. Candidates who fear talking and lack communication, will be unable to stand firm and bring out their ideas towards the building up of the company in the interview panel. There are innumerable USA websites that help an individual find the job of their kind, these websites post the entire available job in the country and post the details of the Recruitment. One needs to just log in and check out for these jobs, which could change the very fate of an ordinary person.


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Jaundice in Pregnancy

jaundice in pregnancy

Jaundice in pregnancy

Jaundice in pregnancy, whilst relatively rare, has potentially serious consequences for maternal and fetal health. It can be caused by pregnancy or occur intercurrently. Causes of jaundice specific to pregnancy include:

  • pre- eclampsia associated with HELLP syndrome (= haemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelet count).
  • Acute fatty liver of pregnancy.
  • hypermesis gravidarum
  • Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

Approximately 3-5% of pregnant women may have abnormal liver function tests.

Acute viral hepatitis 
                                                   This is the most common cause of jaundice in pregnancy with infections due to hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D and hepatitis E viruses. The incidence of hepatitis in pregnancy varies greatly around the world; in developed countries the incidence is around 0.1%, whilst in developing countries it can range from 3-20% or higher.
The course of most viral hepatitis infections is unaltered by pregnancy – the exception is hepatitis E , where pregnant women who contract the disease exhibit fatality rates of 10-20%.

Hepatitis A


  • Isolate the infected patient to prevent spread.
  • Symptomatic treatment includes maintenance of adequate hydration and nutrition.
  • Pregnant women exposed to the virus can be given immune globulin within 2 weeks of exposure, together with vaccine.
  • It is not clear if the virus is transmitted from mother to baby but, if the illness has occurred in the final month of pregnancy, the neonate should receive immune globulin.

Hepatitis B


  • This is the most common cause of acute viral hepatitis in pregnancy and can occur in acute, subclinical or chronic form.
  • The presence of HBeAg is associated with a very high risk of neonatal infection.
  • All women should now be offered hepatitis B screening as part of routine antenatal screening
  • Infants of HBsAg-positive women should receive hepatitis B immune globulin immunoprophylaxis at birth and hepatitis B vaccine at one week, one month and six months old. This regime reduces the incidence of hepatitis B vertical transmission to less than 3%.
  • The prevalence of neonatal infection depends on the time during gestation that maternal infection takes place: rare in the first trimester, 6% in the second trimester and 67% of those in the third trimester.

Hepatitis C


  • No therapy has been shown to influence the neonatal transmission of hepatitis C virus.
  • Interferon should not be used during pregnancy because of possible adverse effects on the fetus.

Hepatitis D

This develops as a co-infection with hepatitis B. When present, it increases the incidence of acute hepatic failure.

Hepatitis E

  • This is rare in the developed world but, in developing countries (where it is more common), it is responsible for a high level of fulminant hepatic failure and mortality in pregnant women.
  • In India it appears to be associated with a higher maternal mortality rate and worse obstetric and fetal outcomes compared with other causes of acute viral hepatitis in pregnancy.


This may affect as many as 6% of pregnant women but jaundice occurs only in about 1 in 20 of these women. Pregnancy alters bile composition and gallbladder emptying slows in the second trimester, increasing the risk of gallstones.

Individual risk factors are multiparity and previous gall bladder disease


Obstructive jaundice requires surgical intervention, usually via laparoscopic cholecystectomy. There is an associated fetal loss of approximately 6%.

Chronic liver diseaseChronic liver disease in pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of fetal loss:

  • In patients with primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), ursodeoxycholic acid can be safely continued. Cholestasis may worsen during pregnancy with PBC.
  • Infants of patients with marked hyperbilirubinaemia during pregnancy may require exchange transfusion at birth.

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Housekeeper resume example

Housekeeper resume example


If you want to have a job as the housekeeper, you need to prepare Housekeeper resume example well. Usually, the employers would look at the resume before they give you the chance of interview. In some of the cases, you may even be directly hired if you have good resume being submitted. Therefore, you should never underestimate the power of the resume.


The job of housekeeper is more than simply packing things around. Instead, you would need to show that you can communicate efficiently. If you are not able to convince the employer that you can communicate well, it is usually difficult for you to get the job so you need to communicate well.


The coordination between housekeeper and other parts of the hotel or service location would be important. Therefore, you would need to show that you can learn quickly and perform the orders quickly. If you need to spend a long time to listen to the others before you can understand the instructions, you usually would not be able to get the job. Therefore, you should also find some methods to show that you can listen quickly and work out the plans accordingly in your resume.


Since there would be a general average salary in this market, you are advised to search well before you write down your expected salary. If you do not want to state it in the resume it is fine. Therefore, you can choose the best way to present the resume according to your own wish.


Housekeeper resume example


Sandy W,

22 SNK AS Street,

NY, 202030,

(283) – 392 – XXXX

Email: [email protected]




To obtain the position of housekeeper in a reliable hotel



–          Experienced with handling clients in 5 star hotels

–          Knowledgeable in handling problems and emergencies

–          Strong ability to work in team and alone

–          Could lift up loads and work hard

–          Can communicate with others fluently in several languages, including Spanish, English, German and French

–          Able to handle stress under harsh conditions


Work Experience


Housekeeper, TS DNS SN Hotel, New York

2010 – 2011

–          Handled the cleanliness of rooms and also the management of rooms.

–          Helped manage the public area in the hotel

–          Arranged accommodation for guests occasionally

–          Assisted the laundry work for other colleagues

–          Maintained the wellness of the equipment


Housekeepers, NSN SKD CN Hotel, Washington



–          Acted as the representative of a housekeeper team

–          Maintained the cleanliness of different functional areas of the hotel

–          Provided customer services for clients with question in mind

–          Handled complaints from clients and seek advice from managers regarding the solution to conflicts

–          Prepared reports for the team activities and helped managers to view and do presentation of the report to the senior management



University of Washington,

Bachelor of Hotel Management

2006 – 2009


College of Washington SN,

Diploma of Hotel Management

2005 – 2006



Available upon request


Expected salary

Upon negotiation


Additional request for the job


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Interview with Amila Gamage – Contracts Engineer and Founder of Sihela Consultants

Interview with Amila Gamage – Contracts Engineer and Founder of Sihela Consultants


  1. Can you tell us more about Sihela Consultants and yourself?

Sihela Consultants is a place that anyone can find services related to Construction Cost Management. Our services include ranging from Quantity Surveying, Contract Administration and Construction related document preparation.

Well, I am Amila and I graduated as a Civil Engineer from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Working in construction sector from 2003, now I have almost 14 years of experience in large scale construction projects including high rise building construction.


  1. Can you briefly explain the services that you offer in Sihela Consultants?

I offer mainly Quantity Surveying and Contract Administration service for construction sector. Work includes preparing of tender documents, Quantity takeoff and preparation of claims. Other than that I also offer writing services for construction sector including method statements, safety plans and articles. Even if you need my service for a residential project including preparation of contract agreement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Conducting workshops is my favourite way to share my expertise with others. At present I am based in Singapore. You can contact me for arranging Contract Administration workshops in Singapore, Malaysia or Sri Lanka with the availability of time.


  1. Do you think you are qualified enough to deliver Contract Administration work for other construction companies?

Yes, I am. I have over 14 years of working experience in large scale projects. In every project I worked full time in both Sri Lanka and Singapore, I worked as an active team player making the project a successful completion.

As a freelance Quantity Surveyor, I worked in projects all over the world including Australia and US. Most of my clients are returning back with new projects and that gave me confidence to start my own Quantity Surveying and Contract Administration firm, Sihela Consultants.

I also own relevant qualification to work as a Contracts Engineer with both Civil Engineering degree from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and a Specialist Diploma in Building Cost management from the BCA Academy, Singapore.

Other than that I have followed various CPD courses to enhance my working skills. Still I continue learning to deliver the best work to my clients.


  1. What inspired you to create a Contract Administration service like Sihela Consultants?

Actually, from the day I graduated I was with an idea of having my own business. Although I didn’t get the opportunity to develop my idea, I always worked in large companies and large scale projects which allowed me to learn and practice both Civil Engineering concepts and business strategies.

When I started working with Singapore companies as a full time Quantity Surveyor, the doors were opened to enhance my skills in cost controlling of high rise building projects. I found Contract Administration as a responsible part of any project. As a result, I learned more on Contract Administration which ended up earning a Specialist Diploma in Building Cost Management from the BCA Academy, Singapore.

However, I had to leave my full time job at the end of 2012 to take care of my infant and to build a family life. That can be a turning point for any Female Engineer like me. Although I supposed to be a stay at home mom, I wanted to work in my career. I started working as a freelance Quantity Surveyor while taking care of the baby.

After 5 years working as a freelance Quantity Surveyor and having clients around the world who look for my services for their construction projects, I decided to create a business that I can develop over the time. As a result, Sihela Consultants was born!


  1. What are the biggest challenges that you faced in developing your entrepreneur dream?

Well, as mentioned above I left my full time job to take care of my kid. Living in Singapore away from parents, I struggled finding enough time for my work while doing household chaos. I did everything on my own same as many other ‘work from home moms’ do.

On the other way, having a rented place as my business office was a challenge for me as Sihela Consultants is still in earlier stage. Staffing solutions is another big challenge because I wanted to hire talented people who dedicate to the assigned tasks.

Next challenge was to find clients and orders. However as I worked as a freelancer from 2013, I have developed my business to some stage including the clients. I only had to create a clear system to deliver work on time with the help of my virtual staff.


  1. We also heard that you write some popular blogs. Can you share a bit about your life as a blogger?

Yes, I write few blogs. J My first blog was started in around 2011 as a hobby. That time I was working full time and this blog helped me to connect with the world. In a short period of time, this blog Food Corner was popular as a trusted recipe source for Sri Lankan recipes. Until today, I enjoy my free time updating the blog considering it as a free recipe sharing source for Sri Lankans around the world.

However, if you want to find some expert advice related to construction, I suggest you to check my construction advice blog The Contracts Engineer


  1. What specific advice would you give for women entrepreneurs? Especially for moms who dream in becoming entrepreneurs?

I think women are capable of doing more tasks at the same time. If you are a mom, I am sure you struggle with finding time for both your profession and for your family. Don’t get stressed or don’t quit. Plan your entrepreneur goals wisely. Don’t worry even it is a slow journey. Just make sure it is steady and focused on your goals. Remember the popular quote of Vince Lombardi “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win”!!


  1. Are you active socially and how clients can reach you easily?

Clients can easily reach me via below sites and links. I also like to invite you to connect with me via LinkedIn.









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resume for the first job-no experience

How to write your resume for the first job ( with no experience)


The word resume does not mean “who are you?” or “ why you want this job?” . Resume is that where you answer the question of employer “ why he will hire you for this job?” . Many of us are worried how to write a resume for the first job without experience. Its not a simple task. Make your resume on simple white sheet and should not be more than a page . It should be in such a way that within four  five lines , it makes clear to the interviewer why you will be hired for this job?


1)      Correct  Information

 Always try to list your name, address, contact number or email address correctly. Never use your nick name (  for example super stud Rajiv) in your email address, it puts bad impression on the interviewer. Always use simple or professional email address. If you don’t have, make it.


2) Experience

When you start thinking about your experiences from background, you have lots of          experiences to refer. Never try to mix your hobbies with your experiences. For example if   you have applied for job in education department ( professor or lecturer) for that you are good in  knowledge, language  or communication skills . If you have some experience in debate competition, it will be helpful for you .


3) Make it your own

      Always try to make your own resume, never copy it from internet, just pick your style and make it by yourself. Always make it clear, eye- catching and easy to read. While you are finishing your resume always refer   “what kind of work you are going to do , if you are hired for this job?”


4) Refer your talent

         If you have no experience, list your volunteer experience and some community activities. Specify your talent For example if you know more than one language always refer it. It makes good impression for your job. If you won any award or certificate related to your field always mention that in your resume.

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Make more customers

Make more customers:
Here I will like to talk about increasing your business revenue.The main focus is only on expanding your business. The main part of expansion of any business lies on number of customers and even quality of your product. People really miss the opportunities to make more  customers. Word of mouth is definitely  the biggest factor to make more customers but again if you don’t provide easy access to information or services they are looking for , you may end up with losing potential clients.

Lets start with making more customers

Step 1 -Web presence : Open your business to a new world of online customers. If you are selling anything or even you have a small business , then start with a website at-least. Do not go crazy for a flashy website, people wants a simple clean look and they want to know about your services. Even if you are not selling anything, provide people with information about your services and contact location. Start with a 4-5 page website which talks about your business, services, offers(if any) and contact information.  You can get a good ,simple and professional website within few hundreds. Check  Zeustek web design if you are looking for very affordable  5-6 page website.

Step 2 -Make more visitors to your website : Now you got a website but no one knows about your website , still it is of not much use. You need people to visit your website. How and why they will visit?

website seo
website seo

Lets talk about How they will visit your website
Search Engine Optimization : Every second thousand of users are searching for services that your provide in search engines. You definitely need to make your website optimized for major search engines. The search engine optimization is not that expensive and it provides you a real boost to your online presence.This will get your website in good ranking in search engine results  when people are searching for your services. Do that at-least for 5-6 months which will cover your basic website optimization and link building.
Social Media Presence : Your customers are there are in social networks, so get benefit of that. Bookmark your website in major social bookmarking website and market your products/services via facebook pages or tweets.

You can consider us for  free site analysis and affordable seo solutions.Our Confidence level- pay us only if you are happy and seeing the results 🙂

Now lets talk about Why customers will visit your website
– Brand: You have to make a good brand name in real and web world. People will search for your brand name also.
– Blog : Write something useful and people will be interested in knowing more about you and your services.
– Offers :
Publish some real good offers or discounts in Internet and people might be searching for your website.

Step 3: Make more customers: One more challenge is to convert these visitors to customers. Now with the help of good search engine optimization , you got people visiting your website, now if they don’t buy or don’t contact you for services, then whats the fun?

Some factors which will be helpful in converting these visitors to customers are :
– Easy access to contact information or call of action.If your page is long and requires scrolling, consider having your call to action button repeated several times on the page. …which reminds us, have you claimed your copy of our “SuperConverters” newsletter yet?
– Describe bnefits of your product and not just product features.
– Minimize your website’s loading  time.
– Show some security verified seals or skill certifications.
– Keep your forms small and simple. Do you really need fax number?

Mobile apps
Mobile apps

Step 4: Make more customers from mobile world : It is a huge opportunity to get more customers via mobile  and the potential is really high after coming of smart phones like iphones and androids. You can provide solutions to users via mobile world. A small example will be making a app to provide free tips to make a pizza and then include a feature to let users buy your pizza from there. You can show your featured products and some new offers/discounts.This is just an example, but many businesses have started focusing on having a good mobile app. You can consider Zeustek if you are looking for affordable iphone or android apps.

Follow these tips and you can really beat your competitors.

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Resume For Job Interview

Resume For Job Interview


Resume For Job Interview 

 Resume For Job Interview

There are millions of people that are applying for various kinds of jobs in the world. Do all of them get employed? Or do all of them get the jobs that they wanted to do? Certainly the answer is a big NO. Not all of the applicants get the jobs. Neither are they employed in the desired fields all the time. Reasons behind these are some common mistakes that are being done by the applicants and are needed to be carefully noticed in order to get recruited by the desired organizations.


Important things to be considered:


People must formulate their resumes very carefully in order to get a call for the interview. Sometimes, applicants ignore some of the highly important factors to consider while designing their resumes and resultantly, they keep on waiting for the call for many months. That is why one has to consider following things very carefully before he or she applies for a specific post.


One must notice prior to applying for a specific job opening whether the requirements by the employer are being met by the applicant or not. If there is a marginal difference between the requirements posted by the employer and skills possessed by the applicant, then one must include in his or her resume that how is he or she going to cover the difference positively.


Secondly, one must not mention idle time span in his or her resume. An employer does not want to hire a person who has done nothing even for a couple of years. So try to explain it well if there is any gap in your academic period or in your professional career. Even if one had run his or her own business in the past in that time, then he or she is supposed to mention the activities that have been done by them and also the achievements that they have made.


One must use only positive language in the resumes. Even if one has quit the previous job due to the rude behavior of the employer or the organization, yet he or she is supposed to explain the termination in a positive way without talking badly about the employer.


One must include in his or her resume where he or she wants to see him after few years. Short term and long term, both the goals of the life must be clearly mentioned in the resumes so that employers may get an idea about the kind of personality that you have.


In order to get a call for the interview from the employers, people must include in their resumes how they will prove themselves as a valuable asset of the firm. They must show how they will increase the productivity or the efficiency of the company. People must show their flexible personality in their resumes as this is the one of major aspects that employers look for in their employees. If people will consider the above mentioned issues noticeably, they will sure get an interview call from the employers after the submission of the resumes.


Article publié pour la première fois le 06/01/2013

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SEO Guide

SEO Guide

seo guide

SEO guide is meant for everyone from seo noobs to seo professionals. You can use this seo guide to optimize your pages so that they rank high in Google search engine. Optimization doesn’t mean that you are doing something for just improving your rank in Google, but it also improves your website in terms of standards and performance.

Let me divide this seo guide into few levels based on priorities:

Level 1 SEO:

* Keyword selection: This is the most important and crucial part of SEO. You can refer Google’s keyword suggestion tool to find best keyword for your website. It should have low competition and high traffic and which your customers might be searching for.

* Your page name or website name: Many times, your website URL will not have your keywords, but that’s fine, you can have your keyword in your page name. (best) , (better)

* Tags: Your keyword has to be in your html title tag. This is very crucial. Apart from title tags, have your keywords in meta tags , image tags and h1/h2 tags.

* Density: It is good if you have 2-5% keyword density. In other words, it is good if you have repetition for your keywords 2-3 times in your web page.

This is all for level 1 or basic of on page SEO. You are in good position after completion of this section.

Now let’s move ahead to next stage.

Level 2 SEO :

* URL improvements : If possible have all static urls and no dynamic urls. For ex: you can convert this dynamic  url (  to static url like

Use the directory structure and you can easily convert these urls to static one using .htaccess file

* Sitemap and robots.txt : create these files and upload in your root folder. Sitemap.xml will tell Google about all urls of the website and robots.txt will tell   Google about which  folders to crawl and which not to crawl. It is also good if you have html sitemap also

* Wtiting SEO content: This is goanna play a big role now. Make sure keywords appear before any ‘fluf’.

Bad SEO Content: I am writing this seo guide to help webmasters.

Good SEO Content: SEO guide is written for webmasters.

This all again depends on your content and make sure that it goes with the flow.

It is good if you have your keyword in starting position as it gives more value.Other ways of giving value to your keywords is highlighting it.

* Inter linking pages: Now you can also link to other pages of your website. Here, you can use keywords for linking.

For example:

content  content   <a href=”page2,html” title=”page2keyword”>page2keyword</a>   content

I will be updating this guide with more advanced SEO Levels soon.

Don’t miss some proven SEO techniques of Zeustek.   Zeustek Technologies is now having a proven track record of getting all of its clients in top ranking position. References by email…

Article publié pour la première fois le 24/02/2011

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sample cover letter for journal submission

Sample cover letter for journal submission- the perfect format to opt for

Are you an aspiring author and you are planning to submit your journal with the editor or a publisher? In those instances, the cover letter will be playing a crucial role to impress the editor or the publisher. Remember, this document will act as the preface of the following documents and if it fails to impress the editor or the publisher, there are hardly any chances for the journal to get considered for publication. Thus, a convincing cover letter is extremely important to decide the fate of the journal. The sample cover letter for journal submission will help you to draft a convincing and compelling cover letter.

Model format for cover letter for Journal submission


Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs. (Last name),

Paragraph 1

Start with the introduction of the author and give an excerpt of the journal. It should include the purpose of writing the journal, its objective as well as the probable outcome.

Paragraph 2

This paragraph should cover the journal topic. The description should be given in maximum of 5 to 6 sentences that will come with a title and then explains the topic, list the specific data/material covered, the theoretical approach for the journal as well as the core argument for the journal.

Paragraph 3

This paragraph should include 3 to 4 sentences and describe the contribution that the journal is likely to make to the domain that the journal targets. You need to provide references to other scholarly works, published in the journal in recent times.

Paragraph 4

This part of the letter should include a few reviews on the journal and should thank the editor for taking time out to go through the document and considering it. You can include your contact details here.

Closing salutation and Signature


Tricks and tips for writing a compelling cover letter for journal submission

  • You should preferably draft the letter on your letterhead
  • The cover letter has to reflect the key points in the following documents, but, you should not get into unnecessary detailing.
  • Include the key points that make the journal unique and engaging.
  • Illustrate how this journal is likely to benefit the readers.
  • Give a strong value proposition about your profile that will make you credible as an author.
  • Give references of journals and articles that have been published previously in other publications.
  • The cover letter has to be professionally written and it should be presented in a style that it triggers interest in the mind of the editor/publisher.

You can refer to the templates for the sample cover letter for journal submission that will give you an idea about the structure and the content of the letter. In this regard, it will be wise to draft separate letters for each submission will make your cover letter more appealing to the editor/publisher. Likewise, ensure that you are not just copying and pasting the cover letter format as it would make the document cliché. Follow these tips to make the cover letter the most effective and impacting.


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Doctors interview questions

Doctors interview questions


There would be different types of questions that doctors may encounter when they want to have a job interview. Here are some of the typical Doctors interview questions.


Question 1: Tell me the way to treat common cold.

This question can vary depending on the specific field of medical practice that people apply for. If you apply for some other fields, you may be asked with different questions. The ultimate aim of the question is to test your understanding about the professional field that you would like to work in.


Question 2: How would you balance the work and life?

Many doctors have stresses in their work and this question aims at looking into your daily life and see if you are prepared for dealing with the stress.


Question 3: How much time would you spend for an appointment?

You are expected to give a suitable range of time necessary for you to finish the appointment. It should not be too short or you may look too casual in the work. If your answer is a long length of time, it may mean that you are not efficient. Therefore, you should try to use the real experience to judge the time.


Question 4: How do you see the health information in the internet world?

You can have your own view. Some of the doctors think the information is not reliable and regulations should be applied.


Question 5: How much did you earn?

Answer: If you have worked in other hospitals or clinics before, this would be the typical question for you. You just need to tell the truth.


Question 6: Did you make any serious mistakes?

If you have made any of the serious errors and the case was reported, there is no way for you to hide the truth.


Question 7: How would you distinguish yourself with other doctors?

You can mention some of the strengths that you have. The personalities that you have can also be mentioned. For example, you may be an optimistic person so you can comfort any unhappy patients.


Question 8: How would you get help when you need?

Some of the doctors refuse to admit mistakes or to get help even though they find it difficult to determine some of the medical cases. This is a very disadvantage point because it shows that you are not willing to cooperate with others. In the medical field it is always important for doctors to cooperate and share the experience for the betterment of treatments.


Question 9: How would you describe the relationship between physicians and patients?

Neither patients nor doctors should be superior. They are mutually exchanging the information about a disease and doctors should help patients to understand the full picture about the disease and their situations.


Question 10: What do you think about the current medical training system?

Some of the fresh graduates would be asked about this question. They can view the system from their perspective and see if the system is successful in training them to work in the real medical field.

Article publié pour la première fois le 02/02/2012

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sample cover letter for project manager

Cover letter to apply for the job of a project manager- the best practices

The job as a project manager is extremely rewarding and companies keep looking for the right professionals for the candidates who can drive and deliver the projects successfully. This makes it highly competitive to bag a job as a project manager with a good company. If you are applying for similar jobs, use your application cover letter as a tool to impress the hiring manager. You may refer to the sample cover letter for project manager to get an idea about the structure and the key points that you should highlight.


Checklist for drafting a perfect cover letter to apply for a project manager job

  • Did you mention your educational qualification?
  • Did you include the project management certifications that you have undergone?
  • Does your letter speak about the total years of experience you hold in executing projects?
  • What is your experience in leading projects?
  • What types of projects you have previously handled?
  • What are your special achievements in delivering projects?
  • Did the cover letter speak of the rewards and recognition you have won?
  • Did you mention your communication, collaboration, coordination,interpersonal, and soft skills in the cover letter
  • Did you include the project-specific tools you have handled?

For assistance and guidance for drafting a cover letter to apply for project manager job, you may refer to the sample cover letter for project manager that you will be getting online.


Sample cover letter for project manager jobs

Your Name

Postal Address

Phone Number

Email Address

Dear Mr/Ms./Mrs. (Last name),

The letter holds reference to your advertisement for the position of Project Manager with your Company.

I believe my passion to become a committed and effective project manager is my strongest skill. In the contemporary industry that is highly dynamic and competitive, companies need competent project managers for meeting ever-changing business goals. I am confident I can extend superlative performance to your organization, and I am inviting you to consider my Candidature and accomplishments for the position of the Project Manager, lying open with your company.

Following is the excerpt of my professional vitae:

  • Start with your educational qualification
  • Certifications you hold
  • Project Management Training(s) you underwent
  • Experience: state the total years of experience you hold in working on projects, span of leading a project as well as the types of projects you have worked.
  • Outcome: list how the projects benefited the clients and the company
  • Performance: narrate how your leadership, enabled, your company to execute the project perfectly and in adherence to the timeline.
  • Special Achievements and Awards: list some of the special achievements you made and awards you won, if any
  • Knowledge of Project applications and tools: include the names of the key project-based tools and applications that you have worked with

A round of personal discussion, I feel, will enable me to establish my suitability for the position of project manager with you. Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanking You,




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Musicians resume example

Musicians resume example


When you read the resume for musician, you would find that there are several points being highlighted.


There would be the common items of a resume, such as the objective in the career, the job profile, the educational background, etc. But among all these items, you should let the recruiters know more about your qualifications. If you have got some awards and these awards can show that you have good talents as a musician, you would usually have a higher chance to be recruited


Of course, you need to know about the exact field of musician that you are working for. If you work as the music producer, the resume may be slightly different from the one that you need to prepare for the composer job in the musician field. Thus, you have to understand the differences and prepare for the best. Otherwise, you simply would not be able to get the good job.


If you apply for the job at the senior position, you would also need to tell the recruiters that you have the ability to manage a team. Musicians are usually regarded as people who have stranger temper. Therefore, you would need to show that you can manage such a team. Otherwise, you would fail to become the one that they want to hire.


By reading the Musicians resume example below, you may have a better idea about the things that you need to list in your resume in order to get the job as the musicians. But you have to understand that you should include your own elements and strengths into the resume.


Musicians resume example


Ronald Paulson

2394 West 23 Street, SS 23010

Cell: 550-770-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career goal

To obtain the position as the music producer in a good organization that allows me to use my techniques and experience to produce music


Summary of skills

–          Experienced in acoustic design and sound recording

–          Comprehensive skills in studio operation and is able to operate digital as well as analog equipment for recording

–          In-depth experience in different genres of music

–          Possesses good knowledge of budgeting from the business perspective

–          A Good communicator to communicate with the others about the project

–          Good management skills and is able to lead a team


Work Experience

Music Producer, SAWL Music World

2009 – Present

–          Handled the planning and coordination work for creating musical recording

–          Handled the tasks of operating the production and recording of songs

–          Assisted the manager to control the budget spending on the projects

–          Responsible for supervising the recording session and trained musicians to cooperate with the artists

–          Checked the quality of music and the effects of sound after the recording session

–          Communicated with the financial controller regarding the budget for the recording session before the commencement of the session

–          Evaluated the performance of artists and musicians and reported to the managers regularly


Educational Background

Bachelor of Music and Arts,UniversityofLSDO

2007 – 2008



Available upon request

Article publié pour la première fois le 11/02/2012

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sample cover letter for resume

Drafting a job application cover letter that will impress the recruiter

While applying for a job, you take every care to make your Curriculum Vitae attractive so that it gets you the attention and focus of the hiring manager. However, you don’t give enough attention on the job application cover letter, a document that actually acts as the preface to your resume. Thus, it will be right to say that job application cover letter is your first representative and if you have to impress the recruiter, you inevitably need to make it attractive. Wondering how to accomplish this task? The sample cover letter for resume will extend you much assistance to the job seekers in these instances.


Important points to keep in mind while drafting a cover letter

  • Always prefix your resume with a cover letter: you should ensure that each time you are sending your resume to any company, you prefix it with the cover letter. Do this, unless the advertisement clearly states that you don’t need to send one.
  • Even if it takes time and you require putting significant effort to customize the cover letter for each application, still you should do that. It will make your cover letter unique and a stand-out among the bunch of the applications that the recruiter will receive.
  • You need to highlight your qualification that holds relevance to the position you are applying for. This will make your profile more appealing to the recruiter.
  • Use the cover letter to explain some of your key skills, competencies and experience that makes you the ideal candidate for the job.
  • Highlight your professional achievements and the awards you have won.
  • Mention the details of the training and certification programs that you have undergone. This will automatically trigger interest about you in the mind of the hiring manager.
  • You should uphold your communication, interpersonal and soft skill in the job application cover letter. While screening application, a hiring manager would give equal importance to these aspects as he would be giving to your academic profile or job skills.

While drafting the cover letter, ensure it is presented in a tidy and professional style. You may refer to the sample cover letter for resume for worthy assistance in this regard.



Sample of job application cover letter

Phone Number

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name)

I am interested in the (state the position you are applying for), as advertised in XXX. I am presently employed as  XXX (state your job title) with XXXX (your present employer’s name). I believe that the experience and skill I have accumulated from this profile, makes me the perfect candidate for the job you advertised.

(State a few skills, expertise, competence you hold that are relevant to the job you are applying for. State few of your achievements, rewards and recognition. Explain how this experience will enable you to perform better in your new job and how you feel it would add value to the existing standards of the new employer).

My latest Curricualm Viate is attached along with. I am looking forward to the meeting with  you and interact on this matter in details.

Your’s Sincerely,



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Top Job Sites in Australia

An in depth analysis how to find Top Job Sites in Australia


The job is very much important. Nowadays the internet is the best source to get all the information regarding a job. It is important for the people should find the Top Job Sites in Australia . All the jobs sites are for working professionally in Australia.


SEEK has become one of the Top Job Sites in Australia. The organization has grown excessively over the years. The company has grown in other countries also. It is one of the best job sites in Australia. Applicants can use this sites to find jobs by salary location, and classification. People can store their resume in the site take, and it will take them to get a job.


This site offers many job vacancies for jobs across Australia. In this site, the user can post or apply for jobs and moreover they can register for job alerts. Its totally free..


Gumtree is one of the Top Job Sites in Australia. It offers tens of thousands of job classifieds across Australia. In Gumtree, there is a different kind of jobs like health, construction, retail, sales and much more. There is no resume upload function available in the Gumtree. However, the user can access the contact details of employers and contact them directly.

Australian Job Search

Australian Job Search is a government initiative. It is an Australian job site which provides the nice service for the companies who are looking for the employees. Government jobs are also promoted in the Australian Job Search portal. There are local government jobs regularly advertised on this site. The users can find jobs by keyword, postcode, location, and occupation. There are also apprenticeships and traineeships available.


MyCareer is of the Top Job Sites in Australia. It offers the people to find the job. In this site, the user can sign up the special email alerts to find upcoming job notification. In this site, it offers some special tools like salary calculator, resume builder, skill-based job recommendations, and application tracker.


Jobseeker is one of the best job sites in Australia. Jobseeker provides thousands of jobs from websites and newspapers across Australia. The user can use the Jobseeker very easily just simply enter a keyword and location to find jobs.


In the GradConnection user can find hundreds of jobs. Users can upgrade graduate profiles to allow employers to find them, and use the CV generator tool to build their profile. is one of the top job searches. It provides thousands of job listings from across Australia. Users can use the site for jobs, create job email alerts, manage and build their resume.


APS Jobs

APS Jobs is providing the jobs, especially in art sectors. It provides job advertisements for roles in industries such as visual arts, performance, publishing, architecture, and design.


Careerjet is one of the job sites in Australia. It provides job advertisement with nearly 40 million jobs around the world. Through Careerjet the users can search jobs in Australian metropolitan and regional areas, as well as overseas locations.







Article publié pour la première fois le 17/05/2017

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sample cover letter for job application

Sample cover letter for job application- instant solution to your need

When you are applying for any job, you need to prefix your Biodata with a covering letter that actually acts as the preface of resume that follows. As a matter of fact, your covering letter forms the first impression about your Candidature to the employer. Hence,  it is crucially important to use this document in a style that it triggers interest about you in the mind of the recruiter. The sample cover letter for job application may come as a gallant resource in these instances. Using these resources, you can form a perfectly structured job application cover letter, with the minimum customization.


The points to emphasize on while writing the cover letter

  • If you are an experienced candidate, uphold your experience, skill, and competencies that will hold relevance to the job you are applying for
  • Fresh Graduates should narrate their potential and explain the knowledge they have acquired from their course.
  • Special Emphasize should be given on the academic track record, both for fresh and experienced candidates.
  • Present yourself as a candidate who loves to take challenges, enjoys working as a team, and is willing to go beyond the comfort zone, if the job demands.
  • Uphold your reliability and present yourself as trustworthy
  • Fresh candidates should mention the internship and industrial training that they have attended.
  • You should mention the awards you have won as well as special achievements in the professional life
  • Explain what makes you the ideal candidate for the job you are applying to

Sample of cover letter while applying for a job

Phone Number

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name)

I am interested in the (state the position you are applying for), as advertised in XXX. I am presently employed as  XXX (state your job title) with XXXX (your present employer’s name). I believe that the experience and skill I have accumulated from this profile, makes me the perfect candidate for the job you advertised.

(State a few skills, expertise, competence you hold that are relevant to the job you are applying for. State few of your achievements, rewards and recognition. Explain how this experience will enable you to perform better in your new job and how you feel it would add value to the existing standards of the new employer)

My latest Curricualm Viate is attached along with. I am looking forward to the meeting with  you and interact on this matter in details.

Your’s Sincerely,


You can opt for the templates of  sample cover letter for job application that you will require personalizing to form a unique document to suit your needs. These resources come for competitive price and hence, you will not find it difficult to afford these resources. Alternatively, you may refer to the web sources, wherein you can find such resources, absolutely free of cost. Irrespective of the sources from where you collect these samples, these are quality resources to form an appealing cover letter for applying for any job.




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sample cover letter for medical assistant

The best cover letter that will get you a rewarding job as a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants play a crucial role in delivering superlative health care services, and hence, health care providers, keep looking for competent and skilled professionals for these positions. These jobs are extremely rewarding and hence, it involves significant competition as well. The perfect cover letter will get you an edge over your competitors while you apply for these jobs. The sample cover letter for medical assistant will help you in drafting a convincing document while applying for the position of a medical assistant.


Tricks and tips to draft the cover letter to apply for medical assistant jobs

  • Mention the qualification/certification you hold that relates to the job
  • Mention the types of medical cases you are handling/have handled.
  • Include your overall experience in handling such job profiles
  • Explain your routine and special assignments in your existing job.
  • Emphasize on your communication, interpersonal, and soft skills
  • Provide your key skills and competencies that makes you a good hire for these jobs.
  • Mention your rewards, recognition as well as awards you won for superlative performance.
  • State your computer knowledge

While writing these letters, keep it to the ideal length so that it provided in-depth insight on your candidature, without getting into the detailing of irrelevant points. For assistance, you may refer to sample cover letter for medical assistant. These resources are available online and free of cost.


Sample of cover letter to apply for a Medical Assistant profile

With years of extensive experience as a medical assistant and proven track record for substantial contribution in administration and services of health care, I am writing this letter to express my interest for the position of the medical assistant with your organization, as listed on your website.

As you can make it from my resume along with, I possess extensive knowledge and experience on medical methodologies, working knowledge on process related equipment, operation management, and customer service to significantly enhance productivity and performance and promoting optimal results. My innovative and analytical skills enable me to make a worthy contribution to the sustained growth of your organization.

Specific highlights on my qualification and accomplishments include:

  • I delivered robust administrative, medical and operational services.
  • Improved patient relationship, providing important information and communication.
  • Superlative quality as well as performance of health care, Maintenance, and prevention.
  • My superlative patient handling skills downsized the critical wait times for students.
  • Initiated and developed cost-effective and time-saving methodologies.
  • Trained staffs for elevating the quality of the health care services delivered.

I am optimist that my technical skills and expertise will come highly beneficial to your organization and it would enable me to perform to the optimal level in the capacity of a medical assistant with your organization. Should you hold any question or you feel like discussing about my credentials and profile, please feel free to reach me at the contact details, mentioned above.


I thank you in advance for your precious time and kind consideration. I am looking forward for a round of discussion with you to explore the opportunities.

Thanking you




Article publié pour la première fois le 15/03/2017

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sample cover letter for customer service

The perfect cover letter while applying for a job for customer services

These days, companies, across the world, give equal importance to the aspect of customer services, as they emphasize on delivering superlative products and services. Hence, you will be getting significant career  prospects, pursuing career as a customer service professional. However, considering the cut-throat competition that the professional domain feature these days, bagging a good job is not a simple task. A robust cover letter for your job application can enhance your chances of getting a good job. The sample cover letter for customer service jobs will assist you to draft the best document in this regard.


How to impress the hiring manager with the job application cover letter?

Remember, it is the capacity of the customer service professionals to empathize with the customers that makes them the most aspired candidates. Following are the key points that you should include in the cover letter:

  • You should express your passion for empathizing and assisting customers. Present things in a way that it would suggest that you love doing it naturally and not just to comply with the demand of the job.
  • Uphold your skills and competence that will enable the company to bring improvements in its customer support services.
  • Explain how you can make major contributions to the advancement of the company, by bringing improvement in the customer support services.
  • Present yourself as a personality who enjoys helping others without expectations
  • State your achievements and the awards you won for your performance.
  • Narrate a few instances wherein you added value to the existing operations of your present and past employers.

You may avail the templates for the sample cover letter for customer service jobs and personalize the same with the necessary alterations.


An idea of the cover letter while applying for customer service jobs

Your Name

Postal Address

Phone Number

Email address


Dear Mr/Ms./Mrs (Hiring Manager’s Name)

I am writing this letter to place my Candidature for the position of Customer service professionals, you advertised on XXXX (ad source).

I am presently serving XXX (present employers’ name) as a Customer service officer, since (joining date with the company). In between this span, I had the opportunity to interact and communicate with  innumerable customers of our company, extending them gallant solutions to their needs. Being Humble, I have the pleasure to state that there have been several instances wherein my efforts not only addresses the needs of the customers, but, most importantly, strengthened the engagement of the customers with the brand. I am confident that in the days to come, I will be producing more such instances that will produce the same outcome for the employers I will serve.

To me, empathy is the key for success for professionals like me and to me, it is not something that I do just for the sake of the job, but, you may say that it comes spontaneously to me. Like many others, it really gives me a nice feeling when my efforts bring solutions to people’s problem and I see them smiling.

I am confident that my skills, expertise, and capacity to empathize with the customer’s problem will enable me to bring further improvements on the standard of customer services for which your organization holds a reputation.

Looking forward to the meeting with you and discuss the job opportunities and my suitability for the same profile.

Thanking You




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Truth About Six Pack Abs- Overview

There are many things that men would like to have more. One of the several things would include the abs. They would like to boost the abs so that they would become someone attractive to the women. Do you also want to have six pack abs at your abdomen? If you really want to have that, you should try to find some helps. Many people would want to have that kind of abs but not everybody would have it because there are actually some works that you have to do and if you do not find the guide book to help you, you probably cannot achieve that.

One of the books that you can find help from would be Truth About Six Pack Abs. You would find that there are many benefits that you can get as long as you try your best to look for the relevant information from this book. There are many types of information covered in Truth About Six Pack Abs. First of all, you would find that nutritional information provided.

Yes, the book of Truth About Six Pack Abs would tell you a lot about how you can do in an appropriate way to eat the right food. You need to bear in mind that you should try to eat something healthy. You usually need to do gym at the same time while you are trying your best to keep the diet healthy. If you do not keep your diet healthy, your efforts in doing the gym would not work actually.

Another thing that you might find from the Truth About Six Pack Abs book would be the proper exercises that you can do. You would find that there is complete detail about the things that you can do. Yes, you will find that there is a list of the appropriate exercises that you can do to keep fit. You need to remember that the balanced diet as well as exercising would be equally important.

Last but not least, you will find that there are a lot of pieces of information related to the way that you can use to cook the food. If you want to have abs, you probably need to take enough proteins and sufficient carbohydrates. But there should also be some vitamins that you need to take so as to keep the metabolism of your whole body functions. Therefore, you would find that it is important for you to use some cooking methods to make sure that the nutrients that you are going to take would be preserved in the cooking methods instead of being damaged. On the other hand, you should also follow the cooking methods so as not to add weight to your body. For example, you would find that deep frying would ruin your plan in the abs work.

Therefore, you need to find the relevant information from Truth About Six Pack Abs and then work out your own plan such that you can eventually have the wonderful body shape.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/07/2011

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Sample cover letter for students

Sample cover letter for students- the best options to choose


Are you a student or a fresh graduate, applying for your first job? If so, it is obvious that you will not have such gallant experience to showcase that can win you the attention and focus of the prospective employer? But, to gather experience, it is obvious that you should get the first break In these instances, the cover letter for your job application can offer you significant impetus. Fortunately, you can download the sample cover letter for students from web and make it unique with adequate personalization.


The key points to include in the cover letter of your Job application


  • The letter has to start with your introduction and it should state the purpose for writing the letter.
  • Narrate how you got to know about the job opening
  • Narrate about your academic background and explain how your academic specialization will enable you to cope up with the challenges in the same jobs.
  • State your natural abilities, your areas of interest, factors that make you interested about the job. It will be wise to state a few information that you know about the company
  • State the factors that boost your candidature for this profile. In this regard, you can describe a few of the internship or training programs that you have undergone. Ensure, you are stating those details that relate to the job.
  • Describe how this job will assist you in accomplishing your career objectives.
  • Ensure that the letter includes all the necessary information about you
  • Ensure the letter is presented in a tidy style and it reflects professionalism
  • Don’t forget to share information about your hobbies and likings.


An ideal sample of cover letter for students and fresh graduates




Phone Number

Email address






1st Paragraph


Your introduction and the purpose of writing the letter. Mention your name, state the position you are applying for as well as the source from where you got to know about the job opportunity.






Middle Paragraph(s)


  • You need to explain your academic background, training undergone, skills and abilities that make you suitable for considering for the position, you are applying for. Remember, this is the section that the reader will give the maximum importance.
  • Explain the factors that makes you passionate and interested to the job and the company.
  • State details of a few projects and training programs you have participated. Explain how those exposures and experience will enable you to address the call and challenges of the job.
  • Highlight your special achievements


Final Paragraph


End up the letter with an advance thanks to the employers, anticipating that you will be getting a call for a personal round of interview. In this context, you may restate the purpose of applying for the job and the attributes that makes you special as a candidate.


Closing salutation


(Your signature)


If you need the best sample cover letter for students, you may opt for the model templates or you can download a format from the web.


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A Day In The Life Of A Civil Servant


A Day In The Life Of A Civil Servant




One of the best things about being a civil servant is that there is no such thing as a typical day. There is an enormous amount of variety both within job roles and between them.

It’s true that some civil servants spend their days advising ministers, and yes, it can be slightly like ‘Yes, Minister‘, though that’s by no means the whole story, and the people staffing your local Jobcentre are all civil servants too, as are British Embassy staff throughout the world, Crown Prosecution Service lawyers and even intelligence officers at MI5. As well as in offices, you will find civil servants in laboratories carrying out scientific investigations; on farms, ensuring food safety and of course in the Houses of Parliament, supporting the passage of new legislation.

Let’s take the example of a London-based civil servant who is leading on a particular area of policy. It’s your job to work with colleagues to supply ministers with the right information to make the right decisions about one particular aspect of your department’s work. Your day might begin with reading emails and media coverage concerning your department’s business. Some civil service work is very high profile and attracts a lot of journalistic attention. If there’s something unexpected covering your policy area, you might have to spend the morning working with Press Officers to draft a response to the media coverage. You know when an article says: “a Government spokesperson said …”? That Government spokesperson is a civil servant too.

Perhaps one of the emails in your inbox is about a meeting that your Minister is attending tomorrow. The Minister’s private office has got wind of the fact that she is likely to be asked about your policy area, and you will need to provide her with some urgent briefing. Some of this might be able to be taken from documents you have already prepared, but other parts will need to be drafted, and you will have to get contributions from several other colleagues. Once you have a complete draft, you will need to get it cleared by your superiors, all to meet the minister’s midday deadline.

After lunch, you have a meeting yourself, with colleagues from several other Government departments. You’re discussing a new cross-government strategy. Your job is to represent your own department’s interests, while at the same time looking for a win-win situation that works in everyone’s favour.

The last item in today’s diary is a visit to one of your department’s ‘operational’ areas, a call centre where members of the public can ring up for information. You meet the frontline staff who will be carrying out the policy you will help to make, and learn from their everyday experience.


This article was written in association with Badenoch and Clark, leading recruiters for council jobs in the UK.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/02/2012

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sample cover letter for internship with no experience

Cover letter for internship with no experience- tips to write the most appealing cover letter

The Cover letter of application towards internship programs is somewhere different from the regular job application cover letter. As a prospective intern, you may not have any work experience. But, you should ensure that you are upholding your potential and explain what makes you the ideal candidate for getting a chance of participation in the internship program. You can find a sample cover letter for internship with no experience online that can serve your purpose in this regard.


The ideal cover letter for applying for Internship programs

  • Start with an introduction and mention the position, you are applying to. Provide an excerpt of your academic background as well as your career goals and objectives. Do mention if you have some information and knowledge about the company, you are applying with.
  • Briefly explain about your career plans and explain how the internship program will assist you to accomplish those plans.
  • Mention a few of your academic awards and list a few worthy extra-Curricular activities and volunteer works that you have done.
  • Always narrate your qualities that will accentuate your potential. If you don’t have work experience, never try to win over the recruiter with achievements, but, you can certainly mention those experiences wherein you made a major contribution to accomplish team objectives.

The template of sample cover letter for internship with no experience will extend you the necessary assistance in these instances.


A model cover letter for applying for internship Program

Your Name


Phone Number & Email address


Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms.

This letter is to express my interest for an internship program with your organization. I got to know about this opportunity from the Training & Placement officer of my college.

I am presently undergoing XXXXX (mention about the course) from XXXX (institute’s name) and am about to get my degree in XXXX (state the tentative time for receiving the result).

On completion of my course, I am looking forward to become a part of such an organization, wherein I will get the chance to utilize my knowledge and would get the adequate chances to brush my natural skills and abilities as well as gather real-time experience by executing the fundamentals and principles that I learnt during my course. I am of the believe that should you allow me a chance to participate in your internship program, it will extend me the best chances to develop skills and expertise that will assist me to accomplish my career objective and goals.

  • (Mention a few of the awards that you have won for superlative academic performance)
  • (Narrate about the things you learned from participations in previous intership programs, if any)
  • (Explain a few of the volunteering works that you have done previously as well as explain a few activities that comes within your areas of interest)

I am excited and passionate about participating in this program and am looking forward for the opportunity for a meeting with you to discuss about the program in details.

Thanking You






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Resume Canada Vs USA

How resumes are prepared in Canada and in USA


While in Europe CV and Resume have the same meaning, they have different meanings in the US and in Canada. When we consider Resume Canada Vs USA, we come to know that only in the US and Canada, there is difference between CV and Resume. In Canada as well as USA, the applicants prepare Resume when they want to apply for jobs in the private sector and also for non-academic professions.


The applicants are required to submit the CV when they apply for academic professions and also for jobs in the field of scientific research. In USA as well as Canada resumes are used more when compared to CVs. When we go through Resume Canada Vs USA, it is understood that the applicants submit CVs in the functional format when they change employers. The functional CVs in Canada and US highlight the skills that the candidate could develop from his previous jobs instead of highlighting the employers.

Use of catch phrases

When we go deep into Resume Canada Vs USA, we come to know that when it is prepared for the private sector jobs, it just provides the information that is relevant to the position advertised by the employer. Resumes in Canada as well as the US may not highlight the specialized areas of the applicant when he was in the college or when he made his publications.


The most outstanding similarity that one can find in Resume Canada Vs USA is that active catch phrases or keywords are used instead of detailed text so that the employer need not go word by word in the resume. Listing of previous positions held by the applicant in chronological order with the latest position at the first place is another common feature that catches our attention when we consider Resume Canada Vs USA. The various aspects that are directly relevant to the specified job will be focused in the resumes.

Less number of words

In Canada as well as US, the applicants prepare their resumes to highlight only the relevant strengths to the prospective future employer. Accordingly, they mention the selected aspects of their previous jobs and internships. By writing down in detail each and every aspect of their work experience they make a weak resume since it fails to effectively reflect the truly relevant achievements of the applicant. In both Canada and the US, less number of words makes the resume more impressive. They deliberately avoid detailed formulations for preparing resumes.

As concise as possible

In Canada as well as USA, the resumes are concise. The typical resume in these countries are just one page long. In rare cases, they make resumes that have two pages. In order to provide concise information, bold letters and bullets are incorporated in the resumes. According to the type of jobs for which the application is made, the job seekers in Canada and USA choose either of the three formats for their resumes – chronological, functional and combination. In Canada as well as USA, sometimes Resumes and CVs are interchanged. While resume is for highlighting the skills of the applicant, his or her academic accomplishments are highlighted in the CV.


Register here for Canada Job Board

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Sample cover letter for job application

Sample cover letter for job application

Boost the chances for bagging your dream job with the best Application Cover letter

Are you about to apply for your dream job? In those instances, you take every care to make your resume such attractive that it gets you the attention of the recruiter. This is obvious as these days, the professional domain features cut-throat competition and to bag the job, you will require competing with a good number of candidates who will be equally good as you are. How to win over this intense competition? One of the most effective ways is to prefix a comprehensive and appealing cover letter to your Biodata. Fortunately, you can download a sample cover letter for job application pdf online that will serve your purpose gallantly.


What is a job application cover letter and its importance?

Put in simple words, this the application that you will prefix to your Biodata, while applying for any job. Thus, it is a document that the recruiter will get to see, even before they are having a look over your Resume. This is a document that briefly describes your candidature and hence, it will be right to say that this serves as a preface for your Curriculum Viate that follows this document. In other words, this is a communicative document that will narrate your eligibility to the prospective employer and before they move to your Biodata, this document will create some interest in their mind about your profile.Sample cover letter for job application

The discussion made above, establishes the point that this is the most important documentation when you apply for a job. It gets said that the first impression is always the lasting impression. With that said, if the cover letter triggers interest about you in the mind of the recruiter about your profile, they will move to your Biodata with a positive impression that will significantly boost your chances of getting the interview call. Thus, it will be right to say that the Cover letter for the job application is actually the key to open the employment potential.


How to make the cover letter attractive for the recruiters?

Before all other points, ensure that the document reflects tidiness and professionalism. It has to read in a style that  it accentuates your dignity, maturity and above all, your good taste and careful. Refrain from sending a cover letter that is absolutely generic. Hence, even if you can download the sample cover letter for job application pdf from the internet, ensure that you are personalizing it to the extent that it becomes unique for you. In addition, you need to ensure that the language is engaging yet professional and the presentation appeals to the recruiter.



Sample of job application cover letter

Phone Number

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name)

I am interested in the (state the position you are applying for), as advertised in XXX. I am presently employed as  XXX (state your job title) with XXXX (your present employer’s name). I believe that the experience and skill I have accumulated from this profile, makes me the perfect candidate for the job you advertised.

(State a few skills, expertise, competence you hold that are relevant to the job you are applying for. State few of your achievements, rewards and recognition. Explain how this experience will enable you to perform better in your new job and how you feel it would add value to the existing standards of the new employer).

My latest Curricualm Viate is attached along with. I am looking forward to the meeting with  you and interact on this matter in details.

Your’s Sincerely,





Advertise jobs

Advertise carpenter job  | 
Advertise catering job  | 
Advertise chef job  | 
Advertise childcare job  | 
Advertise cleaning job  | 
Advertise construction job  | 
Advertise designer job  | 
Advertise electrician job  | 
Advertise hairdresser job  | 

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When job search expenses deductible

When job search expenses deductible?

Searching for a job can be frustrating and time consuming experience and worse yet, it can be extremely expensive. But if you are tax-savvy, you may be able to recoup some of your job search expenses in the form of tax deductions.  Follow the rules regarding what you can write off, and save all documentation related to every write off you take.

Expenses with in your field

Job search deduction applies only if you’re seeking job in your field. For example, you wouldn’t be able to go from a job in finance to one in education and write off those job search expenses. But if you need to take a part-time job to support yourself while you look for a job in your field, you can take deductions related to the part-time job search.


Resume preparation

The costs to prepare your resume can be deductible for example if you hire a professional resume writer that’s a deductible expense. Have you sent resume via snail-mail? You can write off the cost of postage and envelopes. Did you fax your resume? Keep the receipt, because the cost to fax is deductible too. Remember those evidences should be concrete to write off.


Moving Costs

If you live in an area that doesn’t offer substantial paying jobs in your field, you may find it necessary to relocate to some other city with more pays.


You can claim 24 cents to the mile for moving purposes in a car. You can also deduct plane tickets and lodging expenses, and the cost of packing and shipping items to your new home, plus up to 30 days of storing them. Furthermore, costs incurred for shipping a car and pets to your new home are also deductible. Just be sure to begin looking for a job immediately after you move if you don’t already have one.


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Key points to look out for in a face to face interview

face to face interview                                                       

  Personal interview or face to face interview is the last hurdle you need to cross before you are selected into the company. After you get past the telephone interview and head for the personal interview, it’s a lot tougher and you need to prepare properly.

About the prior research you need to do

Researching on various topics before you head for your interview is essential. The particulars you need to keep a check of include the following:

  • Know your company

Keep a well researched paper about the company for which you would be giving an interview. Having half knowledge about the company depicts you to be too casual with the job.

  • Know your interviewer

He has picked out your resume out of piles of other resume to consider it. He knows you partly. You should return the favour. Knowing about the interviewer can give you an upper hand in your favour.

  • Know the job designation and requirement

Showing yourself under-qualified or even over-qualified for a job is not good for your job prospect. Study the requirement of the company properly and shape yourself accordingly in the professional achievements.

About the personality you need to carry

You have qualified beyond telephone interview. Now you do need to give your attention to your body language and behaviours. The things you need to keep in mind before and during the interview are:

  • Reach your destination with sufficient time in hand. Do not be too early for the interview. It depicts you to as desperate which act as a negative point.

  • Wear formal dresses and look confident. Dressing casually is taken as disrespect to the interview and considered it is not important for you.

  • Most important. Maintain a good sitting posture when you are sitting with your interviewers. Have a confident smile on your face. While answering try to maintain eye contact with your interviewers. It represents you as a confident candidate.

Keep a look out for the above said preparations and do expect lots and lots of questions in your face to face interview. Do not look nervous at any point of time. Be confident throughout. And do not forget to firmly shake hands and thank your interviewer for their time.

Article publié pour la première fois le 31/01/2013

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Professional Athlete Resume sample

Professional Athlete Resume sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address




  • High energy professional baseball player with over 5 years of experience in athletics and experienced in coaching who aims to inspire athletes to do their best.
  • Offers a background in sport medicine, sport psychology, fitness and injury prevention and motivational technique.


Areas of Expertise


  • In-depth knowledge of baseball rules and regulations.
  • Health and wellness expert.
  • Weight training
  • Nutrition expert
  • Strength coaching
  • Sports medicine knowledge
  • Self-motivated
  • Dedicated
  • Personable and friendly




Professional athlete

MlB Baseball League 2015-2016


Completed in weekly sporting competitions throughout the 2015-2016 session


  • Contributed to success to bring the team to the first Baseball cup final.
  • Remained consistent and committed to keeping physicality in peak condition, while constantly refining and developing technique, building strength, increasing stamina, and working on tactics.
  • Managed Die, trained Daily.
  • Maintained drive and determination to obtain personal and team objectives and goals.




  • Force enhancement via strength training.
  • Energy system improvement via sport-related conditioning runs or drills.
  • Skill improvement via sport specific skill training.




Bachelor of commerce 2010

DG Vaishnav College, Chennai


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Top 8 ways to get Fast and Instant Traffic

Top 8 ways to get Fast and Quick Traffic.

This article is for getting quick traffic to your website without SEO. Sometimes, you have clients who want traffic to   their website in a week or 10 days and they are not actually looking for long term traffic or SEO . At that time onpage and   regular offpage optimization will not be an ideal solution.

We can try following ways to get instant traffic

1)search engine submission : Submit to all search engines

2)Local Listing

a)create a free listing for your local business on Google Maps Local Business Center ( and   Yahoo! Local ( That way your business can show up on a map when people do a local search.

b) Don’t forget to put your web address in your Yellow Pages ad.

3) Press Release/Articles – Post few press releases with back links to your website Try prlog. Post few articles with back links to your website .Try ezine.

4)Social Media

a) blogs – create small blogs with similar content. Use  wordpress , blogger

b) social networking sites   – twitter, facebook, linkedin ,ryze

c) social bookmarking sites  -digg, delicious, linkhello, linkpostdirectory ,stumpleupon, reddit,Netscape, Slashdot

d) forums – Try posting links  all related forums

5) Ads/Classified posting – use free ads/classified services. Try regional base  classifieds website also – like for   usa  prefer

6)Questions and Answers services – such as Yahoo Answers attract many people looking for a particular solution, product   or service.

7) Opinion websites – such as

8 ) Blog Commenting

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Athletes resume objectives

Athletes resume objectives


When you apply for the jobs at the athletes field, there are many positions available for you. Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand the nature of different jobs. After you have read through the information of the job advertisement, you should state clearly in the resume about the career objective of yourself. By doing this, you would show that the job is related to your career goal and you would show your commitment to finish the job.


When recruiters read the information on resume, they would pay attention to the top of the paper. Therefore, you should state your personal summary and career objective in those areas. This will help you get their attention. Some people think that the recruiters would only look at the academic study result. However, this is misleading. Instead of looking at your academic performance or previous work experience, the recruiters would like to know more about your personal goals nowadays. It is because they would like to know whether you would work in the company happily. If you do not have your career objectives being related to this job, you probably would not enjoy the work.


When you write the Athletes resume objectives, you would have different ways to present yourself. Here are some examples.


–          To look for the opportunity to work as the athlete coach and guide a group of athletes to achieve success

–          To work in college and provide quality education to students regarding the physical education course

–          To apply for the job as sports trainer in a reliable sports school

–          To apply for a job in a promising company as the athlete trainer



After you finish writing the information about your objectives, you can introduce yourself through the personal summary. Throughout these sections, you have to show that you have the passion to work in the job. A lot of sports trainers are criticized as short-term focus. They would not work loyally in a company or center and this is frustrating from the perspective of employers. Therefore, recruiters always want to ensure that the employees would work as the athlete jobs at a long-term basis. If you can show that you are passionate to the job and you are always willing to learn through your work journey, you would be able to impress the recruiters.


Since the most effective way to spread your passion in the resume is the career objectives and the personal summary, you should not miss the chance to tell your career objectives. For example, you can state the timeline of your career promotion. You can tell the number of years that you want to work as the junior level and get promoted. Of course, this depends on the actual type of athlete jobs that you are applying for. However, there would usually be such a career path in many of the jobs. Thus, you could always figure out the particular career path in your ideal job and state it in the career objective sections of the resume.






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Know Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization should be done before we write one line of code.So how do we do that?

  • First of all decide what you  want your site to discuss or sell to your customers.
  • Plan how your Web site may appear to your customers (home, about, news, contact, etc).
  • Try to make content for the pages and sections of the site with keywords  in mind which you want to target.
  • Review your page content again. Try to make it  short, sweet, informative and to the point which will help your visitors.

Now  you’ve chosen how your Web site will look , now you have to focus on the site’s development. All a search engines prefer  indexing simple pages, so try not to use flash or any complex dynamic features.

Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing is the process of filling the webpage with keywords so as to get high rankings in the search engine results. Often we see websites stuffing keywords which are irrelevant to their website content but could rank them good in the search engine results.

Try to  blend the keywords in with the content as much as possible. Always remember that having too many keywords can dilute the strength of the keywords you have. Filling pages with keywords can also annoy user , and can harm your site’s ranking. Focus on Create useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.

The Truth About Page Rank
PageRank is all about links. Google always prefers  natural links and will give them more weight if used properly. The more natural links point to your Web page, the higher your page rank will  be. The more links pointing from your page to other pages, the lower your page rank will most likely be. Ideally, you want MORE links pointing to your page than you want pointing out. Bear in mind this works for EACH page, not your whole site or domain. Google doesn’t care about your whole site’s PR (which doesn’t exist).

What about META tags?
It would take your 5-10 minutes at most and are  practically worthless, but they would  remind you what keywords you’re targeting. In the past Search Engines gave some weightage to these but spammers and black-hatters abused these elements so much that the search engines started giving them less weight or totally ignoring them.

The TITLE Element
Keep them short, to the point, and make sure the page title comes first. You can (and should) put your site title afteword, but use a delimiter so people can tell the difference between the page title and the site title.

Now your site’s done, so go out there and promote it. Submit the site to the search engines (preferably by hand, it only takes a couple minutes), include a link to the site in your forum signatures, comment on blogs (leaving a link to your site in the “Your Web site” form input field if it’s related to the blog and not otherwise spammy), submit your website to various directories. Be patient, because SEO is not rocket science, it will take time the key to SEO is to keep on keeping on. Don’t give up. If you keep at it and put in the time, you will be well rewarded for your effort.

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Tennis recruiting


Tennis recruiting


With the employment feature of a country being significantly dependent on the recruitment factor, it is becoming  very significant day by day for a country’s population to be literate about the recruitment processes and types that the famous and well established concerns of the country are upto. When it comes to type of the recruitment, there are a lot that most of the concerns carry on to get their organosation and the contry going. One of the most famous and genuine type that has been a very effectve method top reduce the rate of unemployemnt is the tennsis recruitssssing. To be truthful enough,this type of recruiting has been maintainnig a perfect reputatio among the other compentents of it by  facilitating a a lot of the candidates to get recruited and hence get employed under this category.


Tennis recruiting is athe act (or rocess) of recruiting sportsmen who are knowningly students( be it of a school or a college) showing extra ordinary talents n playing professioanl tennis. The tennis recruiting cell recruits these type of sportsmen and ffacilitaes them by allowing them to play various well established tournaments that would be a lot helpful in shining their telents in ennis playing. One may also apply online get recruited online via the official site of tennis recruiting. This has effectively catalyzed the talents togrow higher utilising the exticetment and enthusiasm that they receive while palying tournaments due to tennis recruiting. This type has not only brought a lot of tennis-talents into lime light but has also organise a media of arranging monetary funds that would help them keep going. So the canditaes who feel condifident enough about thir temnnis talents may apply online via the official site of tennis recruiting. Consequently when selected they do not have to look back upon those sooryful days.


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26th Jan 2011- India’s Republic Day

?Wish You Happy India’s Republic Day 2011 – Ganatantra Divas

26th Jan 2010 -India republic day
India republic day

India is a nation where humanity has lived since ages. The country  is blessed with different religions, societies, cultures and languages, all interplaying with each other in harmony.

The month of January creates an aura of patriotism as Republic Day of India falls in this month. It was on 26th January, 1950 that Republic of India was formed and the Constitution of India came into force.In this day India became a totally republican unit. The country finally realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters who, fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of their country.
This day also marks the recognition that we Indians thrive in a sovereign,
secular, and democratic land that stands for the principles of justice, liberty,  equality and fraternity, the golden words that form the essence of our    Preamble.
The patriotic fervor of the people on this day brings the whole country together even in her essential diversity.

We at Zeustek wish everyone  a Happy Republic Day…!!!!



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Pharmacist cover letter

                                                                       Pharmacist cover letter

These days a majority of pharmacists are taking the help of cover letters to express themselves best in terms of experience and educational qualification at the time of interview. A cover letter best shows what a candidate can possess both professionally and technically. Always write a cover letter by keeping recruiter in the mind. It should be simple and effective to impress the employer. The main purpose of writing a cover letter is to get the interview call from the employer as soon as possible. Explain the purpose and why you are looking for this particular post.

Before start writing the pharmacist cover letter know your duties and responsibilities.  A clinical pharmacist is the one who gives guidance and information about all types of prescribed drugs and their side effects. He also mentions the dosage amount to each and every patient. Clinical pharmacist closely works with health care providers and patients most of the times.

A clinical pharmacist is also experienced in non traditional and traditional therapy programs and performs extensive search to prevent and treat the diseases effectively. Labeling various medications, organizing pharmacy technician duties and drug recommendation are some of the general duties of pharmacist.

As a Pharmacist you should write cover letter to describe your professional goals, objectives and educational certifications. Also include your work experience and other strengths. Effective written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills and outstanding people skills are some of the strengths you can include in your cover letter. Irrespective of whether you are experienced or fresher, it is always a good practice to write the cover letter that can increase you odds of getting the right job. Clearly mention what attracted you to apply for this job and how you can deliver best in it. Always follow a business format while writing the cover letter.

Pharmacists cover letter example

Mr. David Smith

Hiring Manager


Franklin road

E34 6DD

18th February 2012

Dear Mr. Smith

I am Richard, a Certified Pharmacy Technician, writing this letter after going through your ad posted in one of the local newspapers for the position of Pharmacy Technician. I am here by expressing my strong interest in applying for this post as I feel my experience and skills come handy in dealing with this work effectively.

Highlights of my qualifications

  • Seven years of experience in pharmacy tech

  • practiced both hospital and retail pharmacy operations

  • complete knowledge of plan limitations, metric systems, third party formularies, pharmaceutical calculations and medical terminology

  • performed excellently in all types of pharmacy tech positions apprehended

I have completed my Pharmacy course from the University of Cambridge in the year 2004. The resume included with the cover letter give more detailed information about my work experience, interests and education. It would be great if you can arrange for face to face meeting at the earliest possible to discuss the opportunity further.

I am expecting your call as soon as possible. Thanks for considering my application and spending your precious time in reading this cover letter.


Richard David


F3 3BC

M: 0003 666 XXXX

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speculative cover letter

 Writing the best speculative cover letter


A well written speculative cover letter can give you the job even before the proper general interview. This is because you are always seen as the most serious person. That you are really in love with the firm and because of this will make extra efforts to produce results. So you would not scuttle these chances by throwing in a very badly written speculative cover letter.


This is a letter you write to a firm that you really want to work with even when they have not advertised any vacancy. When you are writing a speculative cover letter, you are telling them that you will like to work with them and that they should consider you whenever the job comes out. It should be precise and straight to the point with about 3 or 4 paragraphs. Don’t be ambiguous about anything. Research well about the company and write in compliance with the values of the company. Keep the speculative cover letter creative or conservative depending on what the firm is about.


Avoid addressing the letter without specific names. Go and research the name of the person to read your letter and address the letter directly. You have to write out those skills you posses that are very relevant to the job you are applying for and that will benefit the company. You should be very assertive in what you write. Be very confident tell them why and how they will need you. But avoid bragging about anything.


Let them know what attracts you to the firm, what you are doing currently, your qualifications and what you are specifically looking for. Also make yourself so marketable by letting them know you can do many tasks. Proof read the speculative cover letter well, and if you are emailing it, write with good fonts that are readable. End the letter with what you expect from them and normally sign off with “Yours sincerely” and your name.



Article publié pour la première fois le 24/03/2012

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Get a job in Australia

An overview how to get a job in Australia


There are lots of opportunity in Australia. It is one of the efficient job markets in the world. There are many jobs in Australia. People should know the right way how to get a job in Australia.

Visa Work

Visa should be the priority how to get a  job in Australia. People have to submit an application to the relevant embassy, and it should be a priority for the people. The employees will ask about the immigration status, and the visa process is a prerequisite for most job vacancies. The priority of the visa is imperative. It is given to the people who have skills, qualifications, and experience in shortage occupations.


Qualification is very much necessary how to get a good job in Australia. People should verify their qualifications which are valid in Australia. The people should consult and gather the information from the relevant website or consult the professionals. Depending on the profession it is necessary to complete a bridging course or additional study. When you apply for jobs, it will be important that you can state your qualifications regarding their Australian equivalents.

Apply in industry or economic sector

There are employment opportunities in Australia and the people should know the right way how to get a good job in Australia. As well as there are many major industries in Australia such as agriculture, mining, tourism, and manufacturing. People have to choose wisely their job according to their qualification. In Australia, the industries like mining, financial services, tourism, and telecommunications are highest in growth.

Search Jobs in a proper way

Beside qualification, a searching job is one of the top priority. People have to seek proper kind of jobs in Australia according to their qualification. There are millions of job vacancies in Australia which are posted online.

There are some advertisements which are not published online. So it is very much essential to check the newspaper daily. Moreover, people can consult the job supplements for the recruitment.

Choose alternatives

Many graduates want jobs in Australia. They can apply for the graduate scheme. There are many opportunities for the recent graduate also they can check the websites, or they can choose career fairs.

Make a resume

A resume is crucial for the candidate how to get a job in Australia. The resume should have all the correct information. Moreover, the candidate should use simple fonts in the resume. The candidate have to very much careful while making the resume. There should be no mistakes in the resume. The candidate should mention their contact number and the phone number on the resume. The template cover letter is very much important because it will create a personality and moreover it will provide a great platform to the candidate, and it will help them to get a job.



Use Right Contacts

There are varieties of jobs which are not announced by the media. So the candidate has to use their personal information to get the job. It is very paramount to create a right kind of network which will be helpful for them to get a good job.

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Top 8 Ways for Good Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is considered an excellent method to get one-way links pointing back to your site. The greater number of one-way links to your site the higher rankings for that site. Though it may seem to be simple and easy but it is a powerful tool. Blog comments can really bring good PR juice to your pages.

Blog comment requires the name of the commenter, e-mail id, website URL. Once these fields are entered, then you can post your comment.

Below are some tips mentioned that will help to be a good blog commenter.

1.) Go through the Comment Policy

Blogs do have some “Comment Policy”. Never violate the rules of the comment policy. If you violate the rules, you might be marked as spam and your comment would also not be approved. Read and understand the comment policy first of all.

2.) Read the Blog Post Carefully

Read the blog post, and understand it. Never comment without reading the post. No doubt it will take time, but at the same time, it will provide a good reward. Read the post so that you can be able to join the discussion. Post relevant comments, and never comment on irrelevant things. This can be done only if you have read the blog post carefully.

3.) Avoid Short Phrases Comments

Avoid comments like “Cool Post”, “Nice Post”, “Thanks for the Post” etc. These comments indicate about your unawareness about the blog post. It leaves a bad impression of yours, and also indicates that you are just trying to get the back links to your website. Always post a comment that has relevance to the blog post.

4.) Ask questions

Ask questions, to show that you are listening. Show that you are interested in the blog post and not alone in the link-building.

5.) Be humble

Try to be humble. Even if you know everything about the topic, try to appreciate the skills of the writer, and never offend anyone, by writing, “This is just stupid…” or “You are so wrong…” etc. Tell the blogger about the mistakes in a humble manner.

6.) Comment on Relevant Blogs

Comment on the blog posts that are relevant to your blog or website. This way you will be getting back links from relevant sites that is of great importance in the eyes of search engine.

7.) Make a Comment that is Valuable

Make comments that are useful and help you participate in the discussion. Comment only when you know about the post. Be active. And you should be in the reach.

8.) Comment only when you can contribute to the Post.

Comment for the blog post when you can add up something to the knowledge of the visitors. Your comment once approved will be visible to everyone. So, place a comment that is informative. It should not be the spam, like “cool post”, “nice post” etc. Never try to spam the blog. Write a comment that is related to the post and is valuable to the readers.

By following all of the above mentioned tips you are increasing the chances of approval of your comments and you can get a back link as a reward. So do keep all these points in mind while commenting on blogs.

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Android Powered Bell Ringers

Android Powered Bell Ringers

There are many staples that come along with the holiday season. From yule logs to stockings, and even ugly sweaters, there are many recognizable icons that make Christmas what it is. This year however, one staple is going tech. The Salvation Army is dispatching their bell ringers with Android phones equipped with mobile credit card readers.

In the past years The Salvation Army has seen the times change. With most shoppers carrying credit cards instead of cash, there has been a decline in funds collected during the holidays. To help increase donations, The Salvation Army has decided to turn to tech and the growing popularity of mobile payment systems. They are testing the use of Square, a mobile payment company, to allow shoppers to swipe their credit cards and give a donation.

The Android phones have been donated by Nextel and will have the small postage stamp-sized card readers from Square. There will be two apps involved, one for Square and one for The Salvation Army. After the bell ringer gets the attention of the shoppers, the only thing they need to do is swipe their card and sign. The donation will automatically deposit into The Salvation Army’s bank account. The Salvation Army is confident the new method will increase the amount of donation due to the tech appeal and convenience. It will also reduce the amount of theft involved with collecting cash in small amounts.

This is not the first time The Salvation Army attempted to collect donations via credit cards. A few years ago the organization launched donation kiosks which allowed people to use credit cards. However, with cold weather conditions and the amount of time it took to process payments, it was not a big success.

Though The Salvation Army will be the largest non-profit organization to integrate this technology, it won’t be the first. Advertising Age reported on a Girl Scout troop in California that used a mobile payment system to sell around 400 boxes of cookies at Facebook’s headquarters earlier this year.

The Salvation Army plans to have the Android powered bell ringers at 10 locations each in Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. This year will still be a testing phase to see how the public reacts to the new donation method and whether it will increase donations. If all goes well, the sound of coins dropping in the bucket may be a faded memory in the oncoming years.

Square launched in 2010 and hit the ground running. Their small credit card reader has interested many investors, allowing Square to raise $100M in financing to get their company started. With the growing popularity in smartphones as a business solution, it was only a matter of time before they included point of sales. Now your phone can do it all.

Author : Scott Parker writes for an Australian comparison website, which gives side-by-side rates for all the popular credit cards as well as listing savings accounts with high interest offered by online banks.

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The Cover Letter Requirements

cover letter requirements


Knowing The Cover Letter Requirements

cover letter requirements

The cover letter is one weapon that helps in a job hunting mission. The format of your cover letter plays a crucial role in doing the necessary marketing you as a package and thus, puts you above the rest. The cover letter basically acts as a bridge that fills the gap between you and employer. The essence of a cover letter is not only to guarantee you that job, but also to raise the employers urge to always have you on board. Therefore, it is essential to enumerate some of the essentials of cover letter requirements.


The contact section

The first how one puts the necessary contact information varies with the mode that is used to send the cover letter. However, regardless of the method you are using to send the cover letter, the first part should always consist of your contact details. This is the surest way that the potential employer will be able to contact you. If you also have the employer’s contact details you can as well include them.



This is mainly greetings it normally follows immediately after the contact details have been written. If you know the person that you are writing to then, and then include their name in the salutation for example, “Dear Mr. Steve Jobs”. However, if you are not quite sure of the recipient of your cover letter then you can put the salutation as “Dear Hiring Manager”.


Gender is one thing that is important hence, when you are not sure about the gender of whoever might read your letter then just use the names and live out the Titles such as Mr., Mrs., Ms. and so forth.


Cover letter body

This is the part of the letter that tells the employer of the position you are applying for as well as the reasons why they should hire you instead of the other applicants. You can break it into three paragraphs as it needs not to be too long. The final paragraph should talk more of appreciation to the employer for the position.

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Resume Action Verbs

Resume Action Verbs


Resume Action Verbs 

Resume Action Verbs

A resume is an official page that describes the characteristics of a person to an employer who is looking to hire new people for organization’s growth. So, in order to enter the organization where a person always wishes to work in, a resume comes out to be the most important tool to tell about the strengths a person possesses. For this reason, one has to prepare his or her resume in such a way that it must portray the skills and experiences of that individual making him differentiated from others.


What are resume action verbs?


One has to focus on some of the action verbs that give strength to the resume of that person. These action verbs can be considered as the catalyst that activates the reaction. Without these action verbs, human resource managers may neglect the potential capabilities of a person due to a weak resume formulation. These action verbs turn out to be the best terms that can be used to leave your image in the minds of recruiters more like professional instead of like ordinary people. These action verbs are the concise and comprehensive description of the past experiences and expertise of the people that make them able to lead in a race for hunting for employment.


Action verbs: a professional approach for recruitment


With the advanced level studies and differentiated workforce requirements, people have to show the human resource managers that they are not like the other ordinary people that have studied the courses in general. Now a day, organizations seek for the specialized people that have the capabilities to handle the whole field related to one specific department. So, people must consider the post they are applying for. Then according to that post, they must formulate their resumes by using appropriate action verbs that are suitable for that post. Sales people are supposed to use sales related action verbs in their resumes and similar is the case for the people applying for the other fields.


In this way, action verbs give a feeling to the recruiters’ minds that the applicant has got some professional know how with this field and will turn out to be a valuable asset for the growth and performance of the organization.


Differentiation: the best characteristic of the action verbs


There are many reasons that give rise to the idea of using action verbs in a resume, but differentiation is the most striking feature of these verbs. One can describe himself or herself in a better way by using these action verbs in the resume. In this way, recruiters do not feel any difficulty in getting to know the idea about the personality, experience, and the capabilities that a person possesses. These action verbs in resumes makes the people differentiated from others and hence one gets the greater chances for the selection as compared to others that do not use these action verbs. So, it is always suggested to include the proper action verbs in your resumes in order to make yourself differentiated and unique from others.


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PSD 2 Interview December 2017 by Daniel Wicharz

Today we speak with Daniel Wicharz. He is currently Vice President of an international acquiring bank in Germany. We will speak about the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD 2) which will change the way we pay even further. Having worked for well known brands like Google, Skrill and PayPal Daniel Wicharz knows the Payment Industry very well and will elaborate on what changes to Payments we can expect in the credit card and also online banking industry.

Moderator: Daniel thanks for joining us. We want to speak to you about the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD 2) and how it will impact the industry and everyday life. Please clue us in. What impact will it have for the average person shopping online?

Daniel Wicharz: Yes thanks for taking the time. PSD 2 indeed is a very important directive from Brussels. Actually it dates from 2015, however the implementation process took plenty of time and is still ongoing. One can expect it to be fully implemented by 2019. You can look up the entire wording here: .

Not many people speak about this subject, however I find it very important that consumers like you and me understand that with PSD 2 they get full ownership of their banking data. This is really new. One might ask: Do I not have the ownership already? The answer is: No. So far the data is controlled by the banks you work with. Meaning: If for instance I want to apply for a car loan today my bank will certainly not forward my bank statements, approved overdraft limits and entire scoring history to another bank from which I want to get a quote. This of course is a big advantage to the house bank. Imagine now I want to buy a fancy Mercedes. Costs me 60.000 € .

Now my house bank won’t give me a great deal, they still might charge me more than a small bank which is specialized in car loans. But moving to a competitor is difficult because any bank will demand to see my financial status. They won’t approve 60.000 € just without any kind of financial history. So I will need to copy my bank statements, payslips and other documentation that proves that I am worthy of the loan I apply for. This is a big deal and certainly encourages consumers to stick with their house bank, because this house bank will just need to look in the existing data of the consumer (which they already have on file anyway) and they can tell if one has a regular income and in general which kind of financial situation he or she is in. So they can grant or reject a loan in the blink of an eye. But this advantage of the house bank is now going to disappear. Meaning that I now can share this information my house bank has with any financial institution inside the EU which is registered.
API standards are applicable across the EU and since I am the owner of the data I as a consumer can also share it with any registered institution. So now it is much easier and faster to get a loan, mortgage, etc. from another bank or Fin-Tech. Also cross border business becomes much easier.
This is a major change and increases the competition in terms of lending.

Moderator: Does this mean lower prices to the customers?
Daniel Wicharz: Yes for sure. Increased competition will mean less margin and thus cheaper prices for consumers. Also the approval speed will go up because everything will be done through an API which has the same standards across the EU. And remember: This is not optional. It is a requirement for all banks and financial institutions. So all people that have an EU bank account can avail of that. By the way: PSD 2 does not only change the way we get a loan from the bank. It also changes the way we pay.


Moderator: What does it change in terms of payments?
Daniel Wicharz: Due to PSD 2 also the so-called Online Bank Transfers get regulated. So far they operated in kind of a grey area without any proper regulation. One person I met at an Anti-Fraud Conference even called it “legal phishing”. Now this gets fully legalized and regulated. With PSD 2 all banks also need to grant access to regulated Online Bank Transfers. This means further competition to those providers and also a better consumer protection.


Moderator: Can you name some of these Online Bank Transfer providers?
Daniel Wicharz: Sure, from the top of my head I can name for example SOFORT. This would be one of the large providers in Germany, but nowadays they also operate in other countries such as UK, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, etc. In the Netherlands you have iDeal which is the market leader in Holland. From Scandinavia many people know Trustly. And a typical German Online Bank
Transfer would be Paydirekt, which only operates in Germany.


Moderator: Which impact will this PSD 2 have on these companies you just mentioned?
Daniel Wicharz: Well for them it is good and bad news at the same time. Good because on the one hand side they finally get fully regulated and therefore have it easier to gain trust from the buyers and merchants. Also banks cannot deny the initiated payments anymore without no reason. In the past some banks even tried to block these payment initiators. Now this is not going to happen anymore.

On the other hand side these Online Bank Transfer market leaders also lose a lot of their current competitive advantage. They have invested heavily in getting access to all the different thousands of online banking systems of the many banks in EU to make the payment initiation possible. With PSD 2 you will not need so many connections anymore. It will be just one standard API with which you can access all the banks, so for new Startups it is an ideal situation. The heavy investment won’t be necessary anymore and regulation also makes it easier to avoid unpleasant surprises. Therefore I can imagine that there will be more providers in this Online Bank Transfer market in the near future. More competition means better prices for the merchants which they can pass on to the consumers by reducing prices.


Moderator: That is good news for the buyers side and Startup Fin-Techs. For the large institutions it means a difficult change, right?
Daniel Wicharz: Yes absolutely. The large providers and especially the large banks in EU will need to make sure that they do not become the provider of a pure commodity. We are about to see the unification of the EU finance market and this is a big step for the unification of our continent and also financial harmonization between the 28 EU member states. However not all banks have yet started positioning themselves towards the new rules of the market.


Moderator: What will the banks need to do in order to avoid becoming the provider of a pure commodity?
Daniel Wicharz: The banks need to be quick. So far they have the relationship with the consumers but once this is gone they really have no big advantage towards Fin-Techs anymore.
Therefore they will need to start seeing PSD 2 as a chance, because also they can access the bank details from another banks customer, given the consumer permits them to share the data. This means: The large banks will need to become even larger and also less domestic and more European than in the past. Cross border business is the new standard. They will also need to work together with Fin-Techs to profit from these new developments and to be able to influence the developments happening in the market. Fighting matters of fact won’t change anything, but using
new technologies and investment in the own infrastructure will give the early market movers a competitive advantage. Moreover the investment in the infrastructure will be necessary anyway.


Moderator: Can you give us an example why the current banking infrastructure is not sufficient?
Daniel Wicharz: Sure; first of all we all know that banking gets more and more mobile. So here banks can get their share in terms of opening the mobile apps for POS (Point of Sale) payments. We call know that the cashless society is happening and I am confident that with these Apps banks can get a new revenue stream, very similar to the EC Card (national debit card) model we have in Germany now. If I was a bank I would not leave this source of income to for instance Apple Pay. But also in terms of instant payments and real time settlement many banks need to
do heavy investment in order to fulfill regulation. With PSD 2 the times of next day settlement will be over soon. Instant transactions become the new standard and I am sure this can also increase the acceptance of Online Bank Transfers as well as Point of Sales App payments. Banks that want to be successful should invest in this segment and begin monetizing it.


Moderator: Thanks Daniel for this interesting insight.

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Post stroke depression

Post-stroke depression (PSD)

It is considered as one of most frequent and important neuropsychiatric consequence of stroke..This condition can produce an adverse effect on cognitive functionand functional recovery and survival of the patient. post-stroke depression as “mood disorder commonly occur due to stroke having depressive features, major depressive-like episodes, manic features, or mixed features. Approximately one-third of stroke survivors experience major depression.
there are two types of depressive disorders associated with cerebral ischemia:major depression, which occurs in up to 25% of patients; and minor depression, as a depressed mood or loss of interest and at least two but fewer than four symptoms of major depression. Minor depression occurs in up to 30% of patients following
strokethe course of the depression generally after stroke is for 1-2 years, however, it was also noted that in few cases depression becomes chronic and may persist more than 3 years following stroke . On the other hand, minor depression appeared to be more variable, with both short term and long term depression occurring in these
patients .



what cause post stroke depression

the depletion of monoaminergic amines occurring after stroke play a role in post stroke-depression. There may be point that norepinephrinergic and serotonergic nuclei send projections to the frontal cortex and arc posteriorly,
running through the deep layers of the cortex, where they arborize and send terminal  projections into the superficial cortical layers. These norepinephrinergic and serotoninergic pathways are disrupted in basal ganglia and frontal lobe lesions – sites that are shown to be associated with post stroke depression.
Most of the patients donot have any history of depression before stroke Approximately 20 % will have a prior history.


Risk for Dependency
Most of the patients of the stroke who attain dependency are who become older or suffering from major health problems or severely depressed rather than those who are younger free from any health problem or less depressed , If
the.treatment and improvement of post-stroke depression does not directly influence recovery, it is extremely important for depression to be identified and treated, since it is associated with other health and social problems.”individuals who remain depressed three months after a stroke are more likely to have decreased functional
capabilities than those whose depression was successfully treated. Functional capabilities include getting dressed, feeding oneself, and accomplishing other tasks.

These capabilities increased significantly in those individuals who were treated for depression.”Post-stroke depression often impacts quality of life after stroke more than even functional impairments. Since it is treatable with common medications, cognitive behavioral therapy and exercise .Post stroke depression is commonly associated with higher levels of disability and low social support. Rehabilitation must not only focus on the physical recovery of post-stroke patients but also address mental health. Anxiety seems to get better over time, whereas untreated depression
remains an on-going burden to all persons concerned, patients and family. The type of rehabilitation therapies such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy not only treat the post stroke depression , their treatment is basically treated with the help of anti depressant medications.



Some of the symptoms of a stroke
stroke is a loss of blood supply to a region of the brain, caused usually
by the formation of a clot within an artery in the brain or by a blood clot, usually
from the heart, breaking off and traveling up the artery into the brain. These are
thromboembolic strokes.

There are also strokes due to bleeding inside the brain,
called hemorrhagic strokes. The most common place for a stroke to occur is in the
distribution of the middle cerebral artery. The middle cerebral artery supplies much
of the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes of the brain as well as the subcorticol

The symptoms produced by middle cerebral artery blockage include
a loss of ability to move the arm or the leg on the opposite side of the body. So, if
the left side of the brain suffers a stroke, the right side of the body shows physical
weakness. Another common symptom of stroke is loss of sensation, that is, sensation
on the opposite side of the body. A feeling of numbness on the right side of the body
may be the result of a left middle cerebral artery infarction or blockage. Another
common symptom that occurs with stroke is loss of language ability. Language is
predominantly localized to one side of the brain, which we refer to as the dominant
hemisphere. In the great majority of patients, the dominant hemisphere is the left
hemisphere. If a stroke occurs in the dominant hemisphere in the frontal area of
the brain, the patient will lose the ability to produce language. If a stroke occurs in
the posterior portion of the dominant hemisphere where the temporal and parietal
lobes come together, the patient will lose the ability to comprehend language that is
spoken to them. If a patient loses the ability to comprehend language and to produce
language with a very large middle cerebral artery stroke, we refer to that as a global
aphasia. There are quite a number of other symptoms that may be produced by stroke,
including the ability to see on one side of the body, the ability to swallow or to move
the tongue in a normal way.

Some of the signs of depression
In patients who have had a stroke, the
symptoms of depression include a sad mood, loss of interest or enjoyment in usual
activities, loss of energy, difficulty with concentration, decreased appetite with
weight loss, sleep disturbance (particularly waking during the middle of the night
and having difficulty getting back to sleep), a feeling of self-blame or guilt, feelings
of hopelessness about the future, a slowing of the thought process with slowing of
movement and thinking, and thoughts of death or suicide. Check this site for vitamin b complex depression.


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How to build and expand your career network

How to build and expand your career network

The best way to find a new job is  through networking. The main problem for job finder is from where  all these  network contacts come from and how they can be part of that network. The important key factor to build  network is mainly through relationship. The network mainly consist of people  you  have met  personally or through online and build network to meet more people. the network often consist of your friends and family, but you have to expand your circle beyond what you have normally. Some of the techniques for building and expanding career network-


1)      Expand local network or ask your current members for referral—

The best way to expand your network is to simply ask your  friends or  relatives for the contact information of others who seems to be beneficial for you.

Organize small get together for making new career network, impression, contracts or jobs.

2)      Join trade organizations or professional organizations

Try to find out the people who share the same professional intrests and goal. Many organizations arrange meetings or seminars for building your network of contacts.


3)      Using social networking tools-

First of all try to find out which networking sites are commonly used by

your friends, then chat with your colleagues  or friends to share your experiences.

The “ friend of a friend” is strong and successful contact network. Tap into social

network sites like face book , LinkedIn or  twitter and join some groups online to

meet  new people. Take part in discussions events to make contact with new people.


      4) Attend trade or professional meetings-

During company meetings, you will  interact with other new people.

try to make good relations with more experienced members.

5)      Become source of information—

Try to remember people interest  and send them articles on these subjects. This will make you to remain in touch with your contacts or making new contacts.


6)      Contact your former professor or career service office-

This is one of the strongest method that help you in building new and strong network. Make additional contacts with people of same college or university and share experiences with them to make good connections.


7)      Make contact with former colleagues or clients—

When we change our job , we lose our contacts with the former

Co workers or clients. Try to stay in contact with them.


8)      Look out for opportunities—

If you see opportunities that will be good for someone in your career network , let them know that makes good relation  with you




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Front Desk Assistant interview questions

Front Desk Assistant interview questions


If you wish to have good prospect as the front desk assistant, you have to learn about the way to answer some Front Desk Assistant interview questions.


Question 1: How well are you trained?

Although the question does not require you to cite an example, you are actually expected to provide some answers supported by real life example. You would need to think about the work experiences that you have got related to personal interaction and choose the right way to use the example to show that you are well trained.


Question 2: Tell me little bit about yourself?

This is a very typical question when you interview for a job which requires you to talk. You would need to grab this opportunity to introduce yourself and to let the interviewers think that you are talkative and you are able to communicate with the other efficiently.


Question 3: What are the responsibilities of front desk assistant?

To many of the people, this type of question may seem to be silly. They may think that they must know clearly about the job description of the front desk assistant before they apply for the job. However, there are some people in this world who are not that well-prepared for the interview. They would not look at the job description carefully and they may answer something irrelevant.


Question 4: Did you encounter difficulties in your previous work? Share some.

You need to share the real experiences that you have got. The experience should indicate the difficulties that you have encountered. You are also expected to share your solution to the difficulties. If you do not mention about this, you would be very likely to receive a follow up question on this and you would still need to elaborate more on that.


Question 5: Where did you attend schools?

This is a basic and factual question. You just need to answer the information mentioned in your resume.


Question 6: How do you relate your study to the job?

This question is common when you are a fresh graduate. If you study some of the curriculums which are not related to communication or businesses, you would typically be asked about this question.


Question 7: How long can you work in a day?

You just need to follow the normal statutory working hours in your workplace and it would be fine.


Question 8: Why do you want to work in this company?

Since the job of front desk assistant is almost the same in all companies, it is inevitable that you would be asked about this question. You should search for the advantages of joining the company instead of others before you have the interview.


Question 9: Share with me an experience that you are proud of.

You should find some experiences which show that you tried your best to communicate with the others and make your guests satisfied.


Question 10: What do you want to learn from this job?

You can answer things like “I want to grow with the firm” if you are joining a small or medium sized company.



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Simple SEO

How to do Simple SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to increase the traffic and SEM is the process of getting traffic from PPC, CPC. The difference between the two terms is that SEO is the long term solution along with the long lasting results where as SEM provides the results faster as pay for the service. Investing in SEO is profitable because it could reduce your costs by provide your web site with free traffic from organic searches.

Basically two techniques are used in SEO namely Black Hat and White Hat techniques. Black hat techniques includes many components like hidden text, links in the footer, use of CSS styles. White hat techniques focus on the “how to provide value to the web”.

Some of the useful tips on doing simple seo are listed below:

  • The first thing to be done in Simple SEO is to analyze the website. It involves analyzing the basic things of a web site like internal linking, basic SEO rules for pages, anchor text, file name, image alt property, sub headings, title for the menu pages etc.
  • The second step involves the keyword research. If you want to make your content fresh on web site then it should be based on a list of keywords. Moreover, this list should also contain information about the monthly search volume and competition.
  • After doing the keyword research we must check its relevancy. For example, if your blog is about jobs then it doesn’t necessary means that the keyword “state jobs” is relevant.
  • The next step is to find out the content for the searched keywords. Once you have your keyword list you have to know how to use it in content and how to link between articles.
  • The next step is to provide many links as possible. By providing proper linking, it ensures a complete indexing of your web site by search engine and moreover you can also push forward your content.
  • Competition Ranking is the most important part of a simple seo. You have to know what your competition is doing, how they are targeting your keywords and why they’re ranking better.
  • You should be fast enough to read reports and know how to interpret it, and how to make decisions based on that report.
  • You can also use various tools like Google Alerts, Google Keyword External Tool etc. These tools will help you to pick up the best keywords and stay ahead of the competition by knowing the rising trends.

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